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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page I2 - I believe in reincarnation to I cant say

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Tune nameSessions
I believe in reincarnation1
I believe in spring1
I believe in you104
I believe in you and me2
I believe it2
I believe my man is got a rabbits leg1
I believe she was talkin bout me1
I believe that you will come1
I believe the sun is gonna shine1
I believe theres gonna be a flood1
I believe this belongs to you1
I believe to my soul14
I believe what I feel1
I believe when I fall in love2
I believe when I fall in love it will be forever1
I believe ya1
I believe you6
I believe youre trying to make a fool out of me1
I believed you1
I belong1
I belong in the USA1
I belong to a world thats destroying itself1
I belong to Jesus1
I belong to the USA1
I belong to you4
I belong with you1
I bet you shut your big mouth1
I bet you tell that to all the girls1
I bet you thought1
I bet you thought Id never find you2
I bet you want blood1
I bet you wonder1
I betcha a rainbow1
I betcha gonna like it1
I betcha I getcha1
I betcha never thought1
I better not1
I better thank her1
I bid1
I bid you goodnight1
I bin a froh2
I bin a Hallodri1
I bin a Madl1
I bin a Schlimmer1
I bin da Wirt von Stoa1
I blame the moon1
I blew a little blast on my whistle1
I blomsterhaven1
I blowed and gone1
I blues1
I bongo you1
I boogied when I should have woogied1
I borneteater1
I botten pa glaset1
I bought a wooden whistle6
I bought it on the moon1
I bought myself a book1
I bowed on my knees1
I brake 4 monster booty1
I brake for truth1
I brauch di zum redn1
I breathe you in1
I bring a song1
I bring love1
I bring sadness1
I bring you spring1
I broke down1
I broke the jazz1
I brought you flowers1
I bruise easily1
I brung you finjans for your zarf4
I buom1
I buri1
I burn for you3
I burn the silence1
I burned your letter1
I buttikens skoger1
I By twilight1
I caint say no1
I call her1
I call in love too easily2
I call it Jimi Hendrix1
I call it morning1
I call it pretty music1
I call it trouble1
I call Lalanin1
I call on you1
I call you2
I call you now1
I call you Sonny1
I call you sugar3
I call your name3
I called and no one answered1
I called the rain and the clouds answered1
I camaleonti1
I came back for you1
I came back to see youYou were not there1
I came by to see how you were doing1
I came from Sunday1
I came here to talk for Joe1
I came home to a sky that1
I came home unexpectedly1
I came I saw I congad2
I came like water1
I came so far to meet you1
I came to Jesus1
I came to play2
I came to say goodbye1
I came to see her1
I came to visit here for a while1
I can4
I can always dream1
I can always tell when a man is treatin me cool1
I can always tell when my man dont want me round1
I can be nice1
I can beat you doin what youre doin me2
I can beat you doing what youre doing to me3
I can beat you plenty1
I can come to you1
I can cook too10
I can count the times1
I can dance with everyone except my wife1
I can deliver1
I can dig it1
I can dig it baby1
I can dish it can you take it1
I can do a trick1
I can do bad all by myself1
I can do it4
I can do most anything for you2
I can do that1
I can do this all night long1
I can do what you do1
I can do whatever I want2
I can dream5
I can dream cant I66
I can drive1
I can explain3
I can fathom it1
I can feel a heartbeat1
I can feel it2
I can feel the heat closing in2
I can feel you standing near1
I can fly3
I can get it for you wholesale2
I can get no sleep1
I can get the one I want1
I can give you1
I can give you everything1
I can give you love2
I can give you what you want1
I can groove you1
I can hardly see you1
I can hardly wait1
I can hardly wait till Saturday night1
I can hear a jazz band playing2
I can hear her through the thin wall singing1
I can hear music1
I can hear my name a ringin1
I can hear my savior calling1
I can hear nobody pray1
I can hear that1
I can hear the grass grow1
I can hear the music2
I can hear the rooms choir1
I can hear you1
I can hear you calling1
I can hear you dreaming1
I can hear you waiting1
I can hear your body talk1
I can hear your eyes1
I can hear your heart1
I can hear your smile1
I can hear your voice1
I can hold my breath for a whole minute1
I can hold my own1
I can honestly say its a lie1
I can hop1
I can hop I can run6
I can laugh about it now1
I can lay it on down1
I can let go now15
I can live with that1
I can live with the blues1
I can live without it1
I can love a woman1
I can love you like that1
I can make believe2
I can make it by myself1
I can make it if I try1
I can make it throughout the days1
I can make it thru the day1
I can make it with you1
I can make love to you1
I can make most anything but I cant make a man1
I can make you love me5
I can never get enough1
I can offer you my love2
I can only be me1
I can only free myself1
I can only pretend1
I can only say I love you1
I can pull a rabbit out of my hat2
I can read between the lines3
I can read too1
I can recall2
I can remember4
I can scat1
I can see1
I can see a thousand miles away1
I can see clear out of this world1
I can see clearly2
I can see clearly now30
I can see everybodys baby2
I can see for miles1
I can see forever4
I can see Heaven from here1
I can see her1
I can see humility1
I can see infinity from here1
I can see it3
I can see it from here1
I can see it in your eyes1
I can see it your way baby1
I can see my desk from here1
I can see myself again1
I can see Tarifa1
I can see the bright islands1
I can see the sea from here1
I can see the statues1
I can see things you cant see1
I can see you2
I can see you all over the place3
I can see you from here1
I can see you now3
I can see you passing by1
I can see your dreams1
I can see your house from here1
I can see your rainbow1
I can sew a button1
I can sing1
I can sing a rainbow3
I can smell it1
I can smell you listening1
I can stand a little rain1
I can stand to see you die1
I can stop1
I can swing a sousa1
I can take it1
I can take you1
I can take you there2
I can taste your DNA1
I can tell7
I can tell blues1
I can tell by looking in your eyes1
I can tell you exactly1
I can touch the stars1
I can understand it1
I can wait2
I candelieri1
I cannot commit1
I cannot fail the Lord1
I cannot make her jealous1
I cannot play1
I cannot see1
I cannot sleep1
I cant1
I cant afford my lawyer1
I cant afford to do it7
I cant afford to dream3
I cant afford to lose him1
I cant afford to miss this dream1
I cant be all bad1
I cant be bothered2
I cant be bothered now10
I cant be new1
I cant be satisfied4
I cant be too happy1
I cant be worried blues1
I cant be worried long1
I cant be wrong2
I cant beat you doin what youre doin me3
I cant begin to tell how much you mean to me1
I cant begin to tell you27
I cant believe14
I cant believe but I do1
I cant believe I am here1
I cant believe Im addicted to the OC1
I cant believe it3
I cant believe it baby1
I cant believe it but I do1
I cant believe it was all make believe2
I cant believe its happening again1
I cant believe its true6
I cant believe its you1
I cant believe my eyes2
I cant believe shes mine2
I cant believe that Im in love with you1
I cant believe that its you2
I cant believe that you are in love with me1
I cant believe that youre in love with me461
I cant believe that youre in love with me variations1
I cant believe you1
I cant believe youre in love with me17
I cant belive that youre in love with me2
I cant bet started1
I cant blame them for trying1
I cant break away1
I cant break the chains1
I cant break the habit of you4
I cant breathe1
I cant carry a tune1
I cant change1
I cant change it1
I cant change my heart1
I cant change you2
I cant control your heart1
I cant cry anymore1
I cant cry for you1
I cant cry over you any more1
I cant dance47
I cant dance I got ants in my pants5
I cant dance Ive got ants in my pants4
I cant decide1
I cant deny1
I cant do anything at all1
I cant do it without you1
I cant do that2
I cant do this1
I cant do this anymore1
I cant do without you3
I cant eat1
I cant erase you from my heart1
I cant escape3
I cant escape from you147
I cant espcape from you1
I cant ethno1
I cant even finish1
I cant exactly tell you how it came about but suddenly it had happened1
I cant explain10
I cant explain my love to you1
I cant face the day1
I cant face the music21
I cant face the music without you1
I cant feel frisky without my liquor1
I cant feel it anymore1
I cant fight the time1
I cant figure it out1
I cant figure out1
I cant figure you out1
I cant find a name sweet enough for you1
I cant find a reason1
I cant find a reason for spring1
I cant find my baby1
I cant find my mind1
I cant find my other brush1
I cant find my way home1
I cant fool around with someone whos fooling around1
I cant forget5
I cant forget about you2
I cant forget you3
I cant forget you now1
I cant forget your lovely smile1
I cant get along with you1
I cant get along without my baby3
I cant get away from the blues1
I cant get back to Tucson too soon1
I cant get enough3
I cant get enough of that stuff1
I cant get enough of you6
I cant get enough of your love1
I cant get finished1
I cant get Indiana off my mind1
I cant get Mississippi off my mind5
I cant get next to you7
I cant get no satisfaction14
I cant get over a boy like you1
I cant get over a girl like you6
I cant get over him1
I cant get over the bossa nova1
I cant get stared1
I cant get started1127
I cant get started either2
I cant get started over you1
I cant get started with you8
I cant get started without you2
I cant get the one I want16
I cant get through life without you1
I cant get to first base with you1
I cant get to sleep1
I cant get up the nerve1
I cant get up the nerve to kiss you5
I cant get you off my mind3
I cant get you out of my mind5
I cant get your lips1
I cant give you5
I cant give you anything4
I cant give you anything But laugh baby1
I cant give you anything but love1006
I cant give you anything but love )1
I cant give you anything but love baby3
I cant go2
I cant go for that1
I cant go for you2
I cant go home1
I cant go on9
I cant go on Ill go on1
I cant go on like this1
I cant go on living1
I cant go on living baby without you1
I cant go on this way2
I cant go on without you1
I cant go on without your love1
I cant go this way1
I cant go through life1
I cant go through life alone1
I cant grow peaches on a cherry tree1
I cant hardly see1
I cant hardly walk1
I cant hear a word you say1
I cant hear for listening1
I cant hear you1
I cant help1
I cant help falling in love1
I cant help falling in love with you3
I cant help it59
I cant help it if Im still in love with you4
I cant help lovin that man o mine1
I cant help lovin you1
I cant help loving you1
I cant help myself10
I cant help remembering1
I cant help singing1
I cant hold it anymore1
I cant hold on1
I cant hold out1
I cant hold out any longer1
I cant keep from cryin sometimes2
I cant keep from crying sometimes1
I cant keep from loving that gal1
I cant keep from weeping1
I cant keep up with you1
I cant keep you out of my dreams1
I cant kick1
I cant know everything1
I cant land1
I cant last long1
I cant laugh1
I cant leave Myrtle alone2
I cant leave your love alone1
I cant let go2
I cant let you go2
I cant lie to myself1
I cant lie to you1
I cant look at you1
I cant loose that longing for you1
I cant lose that longing for you2
I cant lose with the stuff I use1
I cant love without you1
I cant love you1
I cant love you any more1
I cant love you anymore12
I cant love you anymore than I do1
I cant love you enough1
I cant make a man1
I cant make her happy3
I cant make it2
I cant make it alone1
I cant make it myself1
I cant make you love me37
I cant Mother1
I cant my mouth is already full1
I cant pay the rent1
I cant play anything but blues1
I cant pretend5
I cant put my arms around a memory2
I cant puzzle this thing out1
I cant quit her2
I cant quit my baby1
I cant quit that man2
I cant quit you baby2
I cant quite1
I cant reach your heart1
I cant realise1
I cant realize4
I cant realize you love me2
I cant recognise the tune1
I cant recognize the tune1
I cant refuse1
I cant remember7
I cant remember a thing1
I cant remember loving you1
I cant remember my dreams2
I cant remember to forget6
I cant remember when1
I cant resist you13
I cant rest1
I cant rock and roll1
I cant rub you out of my eyes1
I cant say20

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