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Page I14 - I want to make love to I wish to weep

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Tune nameSessions
I want to make love1
I want to make you smile1
I want to marry1
I want to meander in the meadow2
I want to play with your poodle1
I want to please you baby1
I want to prove I love you2
I want to rest1
I want to ride like the cowboys do1
I want to ride or fall1
I want to ring bells4
I want to rock4
I want to rock n roll1
I want to say hello4
I want to say so much1
I want to say thanks1
I want to scream1
I want to see a little more of what I saw in Arkansas3
I want to see my baby1
I want to see my child3
I want to see my daddy1
I want to see my Tennessee4
I want to see you1
I want to see you every day of your life2
I want to see you tonight1
I want to see you when you weep1
I want to shout about it1
I want to sing1
I want to sing a song1
I want to spend my life with you1
I want to spend my lifetime loving you1
I want to spend the night3
I want to stay here4
I want to stay the night1
I want to take you higher1
I want to take you there1
I want to talk about God1
I want to talk about me1
I want to talk about you145
I want to talk to you3
I want to tell the story1
I want to tell you5
I want to tell you bout that1
I want to testify1
I want to thank ya1
I want to thank you2
I want to thank you folks2
I want to thank you for loving me1
I want to thank you girl1
I want to thank you pretty baby1
I want to thank your folks6
I want to thrill you1
I want to vanish2
I want to walk through this life1
I want to walk with Jesus1
I want to walk you home1
I want to weep no more1
I want to wrap you up1
I want to yawn1
I want what they want1
I want women1
I want ya I want ya1
I want ya to sing1
I want you44
I want you all for me3
I want you all the time1
I want you and I need you2
I want you baby1
I want you back13
I want you back old pal1
I want you everyday2
I want you for Christmas4
I want you for myself2
I want you I need you12
I want you I need you and I love you1
I want you I need you I love you4
I want you in my arms2
I want you just by myself1
I want you just for myself2
I want you just myself12
I want you more1
I want you so bad3
I want you to be happy1
I want you to be my baby41
I want you to be my guy1
I want you to be my man1
I want you to be the first one to know1
I want you to come back home1
I want you to give me some1
I want you to know2
I want you to know that today is his birthday1
I want you to love me4
I want you to marry me1
I want you to remember1
I want you to stay1
I want you to want me to want you1
I want you tonight5
I want youI need you2
I want your love5
I wanta be with you1
I wanta love you1
I wanta rock1
I wanted it too2
I wanted more1
I wanted to be home soon1
I wanted to say8
I wants my ice cream1
I wants to stay here5
I warm up1
I warn you2
I was2
I was a celestial body in a contents sale1
I was a child till tonight1
I was a fool10
I was a fool to fall in love1
I was a fool to let you go2
I was a fool to want you1
I was a girl1
I was a good little girl till I met you1
I was a good loser until I lost you1
I was a little lonely1
I was a little too lonely13
I was a little too lonely and you were a little too late2
I was afraid youd never call1
I was an absent alien1
I was asking1
I was at the door1
I was basking in it1
I was beaten because1
I was behind the couch all the time1
I was born2
I was born 10000 years ago1
I was born a brownskin and you cant make me blue1
I was born in love with you9
I was born in Virginia1
I was born that way2
I was born to be blue2
I was born to love you4
I was born to rock1
I was born to sing your song1
I was born to swing2
I was born under a wandrin star1
I was brought to my senses4
I was country when country wasnt cool1
I was doin all right2
I was doin alright1
I was doing all right63
I was doing allright3
I was doing alright8
I was driving 160 miles per hour from Turku in the midnight when I felt the time was slowing down1
I was fooling you1
I was good enough for you until your friends butted in1
I was here before2
I was here when you left me6
I was hoping2
I was I am Ill always be1
I was in love dear1
I was in the mood1
I was informed to dance like lovers1
I was just a stupid dog to them1
I was just dreaming1
I was just here1
I was just hoping youd have me again1
I was just looking for my pants1
I was just one more for you6
I was just thinking about you1
I was last1
I was like1
I was looking back to see if she was looking back to see if I was looking back at her1
I was looking for you1
I was lost1
I was lost I was drifting2
I was lost in her love1
I was lucky8
I was mad1
I was made for loving you1
I was made to love her10
I was made to love him1
I was made to love you2
I was meant for you1
I was never loved by anyone1
I was no angel myself2
I was of three minds1
I was old1
I was once1
I was only a child1
I was only in your mind1
I was only playin1
I was only teasing you1
I was only window shopping1
I was ready3
I was right after all1
I was saying to the moon2
I was sinking deep in sin2
I was sleeping1
I was so in love with you2
I was so much older then1
I was so seldom alone1
I was so weak love was so strong1
I was so young4
I was sorta wandring1
I was stuck in1
I was surprised to know1
I was taken1
I was taken by storm2
I was telling her2
I was telling her about you12
I was telling him about you16
I was the last one to know3
I was the last to know1
I was there4
I was there when the spirit came1
I was told again and again1
I was too young1
I was under the impression1
I was very tired and lonely1
I was wagling my magical wand1
I was wonderin1
I was wondering1
I was wrong13
I was yours1
I wash my hands1
I wash my hands in muddy water1
I wash the city off my skin1
I wasnt able to feel the magic anymore1
I wasnt dreamin last night1
I wasnt looking for a love affair1
I wasnt looking for love1
I wasnt lying when I said I love you1
I wasnt meant to happen1
I wasnt ready for you1
I wasnt scared but I just thought that I had better go1
I watch from the window1
I watch the clouds1
I watch you sleep6
I watched father open1
I watched father pour1
I watched her walk away1
I Watershed1
I wave for you1
I wearing glasses1
I weep over you1
I went all hot and cold2
I went down to Brother1
I went down to Virginia3
I went out my way1
I went out of my way9
I went out of my way to see you1
I went out this morning over the countryside1
I went out this morning over the countryside symphony no 2 resurrection andante moderato1
I went to Atlanta1
I went to bat for you1
I went to bed with the blues1
I went to heaven1
I went to sleep1
I went to the city1
I went to your wedding4
I werde jede nacht von ihnen traumen1
I whipped my woman with a singletree1
I whisper a prayer for peace1
I whisper your name1
I whist I was in Peoria1
I whistle a happy tune7
I who have nothing13
I Why do I1
I will50
I will always1
I will always be in love with you1
I will always be there1
I will always love her1
I will always love you8
I will always loves you1
I will be blessed1
I will be done1
I will be fine1
I will be free1
I will be grown out of your face1
I will be happy soon1
I will be here1
I will be here for you4
I will be like it used to be1
I will be sad2
I will be sad in this life1
I will be there5
I will be white black1
I will be with you1
I will be your baby tonight1
I will be your light1
I will bless the Lord1
I will build myself a nation1
I will catch that train1
I will come1
I will come back2
I will die for you1
I will fear no evil1
I will find a place2
I will find a way1
I will fly1
I will follow him2
I will follow my heart1
I will follow spring1
I will follow you2
I will follow you till1
I will give it to you1
I will give my love an apple1
I will give you1
I will give you all my love2
I will go1
I will go all alone1
I will go sailing no more1
I will go there1
I will go to sleep on my back and roll myself in your curtains oh refreshing shadows1
I will go with Jesus1
I will go with my father aploughing1
I will greatly rejoice1
I will have love in my life1
I will I do1
I will if you will1
I will keep searching1
I will know1
I will leave you1
I will let go now1
I will let the spring to explain2
I will live1
I will live next to the wrecking yard1
I will look after you1
I will love you1
I will love you always1
I will love you just the same1
I will meet you again1
I will miss you1
I will never be with the one I love1
I will never fall in love again1
I will never forget1
I will never forget Jesus1
I will never leave again1
I will never love you1
I will never say I love you1
I will never tell1
I will never walk away1
I will not apologize for my tone tonight1
I will not be free1
I will not change my mind1
I will not forget you1
I will not stand still1
I will not waste another day1
I will not write in your book though you do kill me1
I will possess your heart2
I will put my ship in order1
I will Raincheck1
I will remember6
I will remember you1
I will remember youfields of gold1
I will return1
I will return to Paris2
I will rise1
I will satisfy1
I will say good bye1
I will say goodbye21
I will see you1
I will see you again1
I will sing me a parable under water1
I will sing of freedom1
I will sing of you1
I will sing to you1
I will sing you a lullaby1
I will sing you of the moments1
I will speak I will say1
I will stay the way I am2
I will still have you1
I will still love you1
I will surely come again1
I will survive9
I will take you back home again Kathleen1
I will take you home again Kathleen1
I will take you there2
I will tell her2
I will tell him on you1
I will trust in the Lord1
I will trusting go1
I will wait1
I will wait for love2
I will wait for you195
I will walk like a crazy horse1
I will weather the storm1
I will wipe you off the face of this earth1
I will write a book1
I will write to you on the leaves of trees1
I willHere there and everywhere1
I win anyway1
I wish47
I wish for you1
I wish I chould shimmy like my sister Kate1
I wish I could3
I wish I could be blue1
I wish I could believe your words1
I wish I could fish2
I wish I could forget1
I wish I could forget you3
I wish I could go traveling again1
I wish I could go travelling again1
I wish I could have known you better1
I wish I could have skipped today1
I wish I could make you cry1
I wish I could shimmy like me sister Kate1
I wish I could shimmy like my Sister Kate449
I wish I could stop loving you1
I wish I could tell you6
I wish I could walk away5
I wish I didnt know1
I wish I didnt love you1
I wish I didnt love you so28
I wish I didnt love you so much1
I wish I had a choice1
I wish I had a motorcycle1
I wish I had a name for this1
I wish I had a record1
I wish I had a snowman1
I wish I had a sweetheart3
I wish I had an evil twin1
I wish I had died in my cradle before I grew up1
I wish I had died in my cradle before I grew up to love you1
I wish I had known you Sanny1
I wish I had listened to you1
I wish I had my time to spend again1
I wish I had never met sunshine1
I wish I had somebody1
I wish I had the blues again3
I wish I had wings1
I wish I had you5
I wish I had you now1
I wish I hadnt forgotten1
I wish I has a record1
I wish I knew304
I wish I knew her name1
I wish I knew how it feels to be free6
I wish I knew how it felt to be free4
I wish I knew how it would be to be free3
I wish I knew how it would feel to be free37
I wish I knew the name1
I wish I knew the name of the boy1
I wish I knew you1
I wish I lived in LA1
I wish I never met you2
I wish I new1
I wish I played guitar1
I wish I was1
I wish I was a bird1
I wish I was a punk rocker1
I wish I was a rock1
I wish I was back in my babys arms3
I wish I was in Dixie1
I wish I was in Dixies land1
I wish I was in New Orleans6
I wish I was in Peoria15
I wish I was in Walla Walla1
I wish I was the willow1
I wish I were1
I wish I were a princess1
I wish I were a witch1
I wish I were a wombat1
I wish I were Aladdin4
I wish I were back in Peoria1
I wish I were in love again65
I wish I were single again1
I wish I were twins51
I wish I would1
I wish I would know how1
I wish Id done it my way1
I wish Id known1
I wish Id met you12
I wish Id met you now1
I wish Id never loved you at all1
I wish Id never met you1
I wish Id never seen New Orleans1
I wish it so2
I wish it was1
I wish it was me1
I wish it werent spring1
I wish it would rain2
I wish mama could see me now1
I wish my baby2
I wish my heart could fly to you1
I wish my motherinlaw dont visit us this Christmas1
I wish my Uncle Toby had been a water drinker1
I wish right now would never end1
I wish somebody cared enough to cry1
I wish someone could care1
I wish that I could learn to fly1
I wish that I could shimmy like my sister Kate3
I wish that I knew magic1
I wish that I were twins4
I wish that I were young again1
I wish that love would last1
I wish that your picture was you1
I wish there was a nowhere1
I wish there was a radio1
I wish those days were back again1
I wish to be there1
I wish to weep1

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