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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page I10 - I mouvement to I really want to know

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Tune nameSessions
I mouvement2
I mouvement Prologue Les neuf Pierres Epilogue1
I mov1
I move and set the ways1
I move you move1
I movement of Sugar is a friend1
I Movimento2
I Mr Neptune1
I mrket med dig1
I music1
I must at least have tariffen because Im pretty famous1
I must be doing something right3
I must be dreaming10
I must be home by twelve oclock2
I must be in a good place now1
I must be in love2
I must be mad1
I must be out of my mind1
I must be talking to myself1
I must believe in spring1
I must confess Im a cannibal1
I must forget1
I must get mine in front2
I must get on that ship1
I must go you must go1
I must have a hole in my head1
I must have been a fool1
I must have been an ugly baby1
I must have company1
I must have done somebody wrong1
I must have it13
I must have Jesus1
I must have left my heart2
I must have my baby back1
I must have my boogie1
I must have one more kiss1
I must have one more kiss kiss1
I must have that gal1
I must have that love1
I must have that man110
I must know1
I must mustnt I1
I must return1
I must see Annie tonight6
I must stop eating chocolate1
I must tell Jesus5
I must try1
I nadens ar1
I nan djole1
I naranjo1
I nasta stad1
I natten1
I nattens stilhed1
I nearly forgotbut I went back1
I nearly let love go slippin1
I nearly let love go slipping through my fingers2
I nearly let love go slipping thru my fingers1
I nearly lost my mind1
I need4
I need a dream1
I need a drum1
I need a gig1
I need a girl1
I need a girl like you1
I need a good man bad1
I need a good woman1
I need a good woman bad1
I need a kiss1
I need a knife fork and spoon2
I need a lift6
I need a little sip1
I need a little something1
I need a little spirit1
I need a little sugar2
I need a little sugar in my bowl9
I need a lot of love1
I need a lover not a friend1
I need a man7
I need a manicure1
I need a plenty of grease in my frying pan1
I need a push1
I need a real man1
I need a rock1
I need a should to cry on1
I need a shoulder to cry on3
I need a sight1
I need a whole lot of everything1
I need an exit1
I need blues1
I need help1
I need it1
I need it bad2
I need Jesus1
I need love4
I need love right now1
I need love so bad1
I need love so badly1
I need lovin27
I need money1
I need more of you1
I need more time1
I need my baby1
I need one more chance1
I need rest1
I need romance1
I need some1
I need some long greens1
I need some lovin2
I need some loving1
I need some money4
I need some pettin12
I need somebody4
I need somebody to love1
I need someone2
I need someone like you3
I need someone to protect me from all1
I need someone who really will love me1
I need something1
I need thee2
I need thee every hour7
I need to be beed with2
I need to be in love2
I need to be loved1
I need to believe2
I need to see you again1
I need ya3
I need ya like I need a hole in the head1
I need you39
I need you baby2
I need you by my side5
I need you here3
I need you in my life1
I need you more than ever now1
I need you now9
I need you so11
I need you so bad1
I need you to drive my blues away2
I need you to turn to1
I need you tonight3
I need you too1
I need your home1
I need your key1
I need your kind of lovin3
I need your love15
I need your love so bad8
I need your love so bad Im about to lose my mind1
I need your love so much1
I need your love to carry on1
I need your lovin baby1
I need your loving2
I needed a friend1
I needed it yesterday1
I needed somebody1
I needed you1
I needs to be bed wid1
I needs to be beed with16
I never1
I never call my mans name1
I never care about tomorrow2
I never care bout tomorrow as long as Im happy today1
I never changed my mind1
I never could grow tired1
I never danced before1
I never did want you1
I never died1
I never do anything twice2
I never dream1
I never dreamed4
I never dreamed youd leave in summer3
I never dreamt10
I never drink behind the bar1
I never ever wanna go home1
I never felt that way before1
I never felt this before1
I never felt this way before15
I never fool nobody but me1
I never forgot1
I never found a man1
I never get enough of you3
I never get enough of your love1
I never get tired3
I never get tired of doin it1
I never get to play the melody1
I never go1
I never go back to1
I never go there anymore1
I never got to say goodbye1
I never had a chance26
I never had a dream1
I never had a dream to my name1
I never had a woman1
I never had a worry1
I never had a worry in the world1
I never had it so1
I never had it so good2
I never had my second breakfast1
I never had nobody crazy over me1
I never had the blues3
I never has seen snow3
I never have seen snow2
I never heard a man speak like this before1
I never heard you say1
I never held one before1
I never held your heart1
I never knew375
I never knew a love like this1
I never knew at all1
I never knew Clifford1
I never knew heaven could speak5
I never knew her name1
I never knew how much I loved you1
I never knew how wonderful you were2
I never knew I could1
I never knew I could love anybody5
I never knew I could love anybody like Im loving You1
I never knew I had the blues1
I never knew just what a girl could do4
I never knew love till you1
I never knew till now1
I never knew what a gal can do1
I never knew what a gal could do20
I never knew what a girl could do10
I never knew what a girl like you could do2
I never knew what a good gal could do1
I never knew what a good girl could do1
I never knew what love could do1
I never knew what the blues were2
I never knew what the moonlight could do5
I never knew what you were up to2
I never know2
I never know what a gal could do1
I never know when1
I never know when to say when3
I never left1
I never let me go1
I never lied to you1
I never liked that guy2
I never looked away from you1
I never looked for you1
I never loved a man3
I never loved a woman1
I never loved anyone8
I never loved anyone but you3
I never loved but one womans son1
I never make my move too soon1
I never meant to dream of you2
I never meant to hurt you5
I never meant to love him1
I never mention your name6
I never met a stranger1
I never mind the rain1
I never miss the sunshine11
I never missed someone before1
I never new1
I never noticed until now2
I never played with Miles1
I never purposely hurt you2
I never realised2
I never realized1
I never said goodbye1
I never said I would be leaving1
I never saw a better day1
I never saw a better night1
I never saw my parents dance1
I never saw that you did painting need1
I never say goodbye4
I never see Maggie alone4
I never shall forget16
I never should have told you2
I never slept a wink last night4
I never spoke with God1
I never talk to strangers1
I never think of him at all1
I never thought2
I never thought Id be here1
I never thought Id break2
I never thought Id leave you1
I never thought Id see the day1
I never thought Id sing the blues6
I never thought that you could be left in my chest1
I never thought that you would go1
I never told you12
I never took a lesson in my life3
I never wanna look into those eyes again1
I never want1
I never want to miss last fall1
I never want you1
I never was a cowboy2
I never was a young man1
I never was like that1
I never was loved by anyone1
I never was so surprised1
I never went away16
I never will forget1
I never will marry1
I never would have made it1
I new knew1
I Night rain at Karasaki1
I no em1
I no u1
I Nocturne1
I nodi al Pettine1
I nodi e il pettine1
I Noldes landskab1
I nomi delle cose1
I nostri occhi i nostri pensieri1
I not thnkng1
I now get eyes for back1
I now set out1
I nuvoli allarba1
I of Hurricane Sue5
I often dream of how we went together and spring wind played on your golden hair1
I often think they have merely gone out2
I often thought youd never leave me1
I ohm consciousness1
I ola dalom1
I once had your love1
I once knew a fella1
I once knew a man named Brubeck1
I once was vaccinated with a phonograph needle1
I once was yours Im somebody elses now1
I One our waiting1
I only care for you1
I only dance samba3
I only dance the samba1
I only eyes for you1
I only feel good with you2
I only found you for somebody else1
I only get this feeling1
I only had a little2
I only have chicken eyes for you1
I only have eyes1
I only have eyes for you444
I only have one lifetime1
I only have rice for Wu1
I only hear the song1
I only heard you once1
I only knew1
I only know2
I only know how to cry1
I only know I love you1
I only know I loved you2
I only love because of you1
I only miss her2
I only miss her when I think of her4
I only miss her when shes gone1
I only miss him when I think of him1
I only remember the good times1
I only saw him once1
I only see you after dark1
I only trust my heart1
I only wanna be with you1
I only wanna laugh1
I only want a baby1
I only want a buddy not a sweetheart4
I only want a sweetheart1
I only want one girl1
I only want some7
I only want to be with you5
I only want to be with you tonight1
I only want to love you2
I only want to say2
I only want your love1
I only we knew1
I open my eyes1
I opened to my beloved1
I Opening1
I osten stiger solen op1
I ought to know more about you3
I oughta bite you1
I overheard my mothers death1
I owe a kiss to a girl in Iowa1
I owe everybody1
I owe it all to you2
I owe me heart to you1
I owe this dream to you1
I owe you8
I owes ya2
I Owls nightmare1
I pack jetzt ei1
I packed my suitcase started to the train1
I pagliacci2
I paid my dues1
I paid my income tax today1
I paint his face1
I paint you1
I Paris utan dig1
I passed through Memphis last night1
I passi de Silvia1
I Passkontrolle1
I Pastoral1
I Pastoreta1
I Patience is more important now1
I pensieri di amir1
I Pentagon1
I Perennial1
I Persiani1
I persuaded the atoc1
I Phantasm1
I Pharaoh2
I Pharoah1
I piaceri damore1
I picked a flower the color of your eyes1
I picked the wrong one to love1
I piedi1
I pini del gianicolo1
I pit the poor Bunny1
I pitty the fool1
I pity the fool3
I pity the poor bunny1
I pity the poor immigrant2
I Plankton for lunch1
I play blues1
I play first OK1
I play for you1
I play tennis and blues1
I play therefore I am1
I play to stay a believer1
I play to win1
I play with satisfaction1
I played fiddle for the czar2
I played the fool1
I plead da fif1
I poem variation1
I Porcellini1
I poured my heart into a song10
I pray for your love1
I pray on Christmas4
I Prayer of thanksgiving1
I predict3
I prefer the company of birds1
I prefer you1
I Prelude2
I Preludio1
I Preludio de bombo leguero1
I pretend1
I probably shouldnt have done that1
I profess1
I promise6
I promise not to come in your mouth2
I promise to try1
I promise you5
I promise you something1
I promise you the moon1
I promised a hundred times1
I promised not to holl but hey hey1
I promised not to holler but hey hey2
I ptitschka1
I public person1
I pull the strings1
I Punkari altoflute1
I put a fourleaf clover in your pocket1
I put a spell on him1
I put a spell on you31
I put down our ring1
I put her out1
I put it in a dark area where I cant remember no more1
I put my hand in1
I put my life in your hands1
I put myself together1
I quadri di miro1
I quattro con lave Maria1
I quit my pretty mama1
I quite like men1
I ragazzi1
I raise hell1
I raise my glass2
I raise my hat1
I raised my hat2
I raised the roof1
I rampelyset1
I ran all the way home4
I ran into you1
I ran out of reasons1
I rapide1
I rarely whistle1
I rather call you baby1
I reached for a tear1
I read it somewhere1
I read my sentence1
I read the book1
I realise1
I realize now7
I really couldnt love you1
I really didnt think that2
I really dig your skin1
I really do not see the signal1
I really dont know1
I really dont love u1
I really dont want ot know1
I really dont want to know6
I really hope its you2
I really like it1
I really love my Hammond1
I really love you4
I really love you baby1
I really miss you baby1
I really tied one on1
I really wanna be with you1
I really want to know1

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