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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page I1 - I to I believe in rainbows

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Tune nameSessions
I 18821
I 19861
I 20 sosia di Saddam1
I 53 giorni1
I 81
I 8 da whole half thing1
I a robot1
I acquiesce1
I Activewear1
I admit1
I adore1
I adore mi amor1
I adore you9
I aften7
I aften ma du ta mig1
I agapi mas1
I aint afraid of girls1
I aint bad1
I aint being done no more1
I aint blue1
I aint broke but Im badly bent1
I aint comin2
I aint doin too bad2
I aint doing too bad1
I aint down yet3
I aint drunk2
I Aint en got en no time to have the blues1
I aint fakin1
I aint fattenin frogs for snakes2
I aint feeling so good2
I aint foolin1
I aint gettin any younger2
I aint gettin nowhere fast1
I aint getting any younger1
I aint give nobody none of my jelly roll1
I aint givin nobody none1
I aint givin none1
I aint givin nothin away3
I aint giving nobody none of my jelly roll1
I aint go nothin but the blues1
I aint goin for that2
I aint going to play no second fiddle1
I aint going to sell you none1
I aint gonna ask no more5
I aint gonna be no topsy1
I aint gonna be nobodys fool1
I aint gonna be your fool2
I aint gonna blame it on the blues1
I aint gonna cry1
I aint gonna cry no more2
I aint gonna do it2
I aint gonna do it no more2
I aint gonna give nobody none o this jellyroll308
I aint gonna give nobody none of this jelly roll1
I aint gonna grieve no more3
I aint gonna let nobody break my heart1
I aint gonna let you break my heart2
I aint gonna let you break my heart again1
I aint gonna let you in1
I aint gonna let you see my Santa Claus1
I aint gonna marry2
I aint gonna marry aint gonna settle down1
I aint gonna open that door1
I aint gonna play no second fiddle12
I aint gonna sin no more5
I aint gonna study war no more1
I aint gonna take it settin down1
I aint gonna tell3
I aint gonna tell it1
I aint gonna tell nobody45
I aint gonna tell nobody the dream I had last night1
I aint gonna tell you1
I aint gonna wait too long3
I aint gonna worry my life anymore1
I aint gonna worry no more1
I aint good looking1
I aint got it bad no more1
I aint got much1
I aint got much but what I got oh my1
I aint got no gal no more1
I aint got no gal now1
I aint got no man2
I aint got no money1
I aint got no shame8
I aint got no special rider now1
I aint got nobody344
I aint got nobody blues1
I aint got nobody but you1
I aint got nobody nobodys got me1
I aint got nobody to love9
I aint got noboy1
I aint got none1
I aint got nothin1
I aint got nothin but the blues134
I aint got nothin but time2
I aint got nothin for you to do1
I aint got nothin to lose1
I aint got nothin yet1
I aint got nothing but the blues1
I aint got nuthin but the blues1
I aint got the man I thought I had1
I aint got you3
I aint here6
I aint hurtin1
I aint in the mood2
I aint jivin1
I aint jivin Im jammin2
I aint jiving baby1
I aint just a pretty face1
I aint lazy Im just dreaming4
I aint looking at you1
I aint lyin1
I aint mad1
I aint mad at nobody1
I aint mad at you15
I aint mad at you pretty baby2
I aint mad with you1
I aint named it yet1
I aint necessarily so3
I aint never been satisfied1
I aint never had nobody crazy over me7
I aint never loved nobody1
I aint no bulldog3
I aint no fool1
I aint no ice man1
I aint no mans slave2
I aint no real cowboy I just found this hat1
I aint no watch dog1
I aint nobody1
I aint nobodys darling1
I aint nothin but the blues1
I aint ready1
I aint ready for that1
I aint rough1
I aint scared of you1
I aint sonna give nobody none of my jelly roll1
I aint sorry1
I aint superstitious2
I aint takin orders from no one1
I aint talkin1
I aint tellin5
I aint that kind of a baby7
I aint that kind of baby1
I aint the worryin kind1
I aint thinkin bout you1
I aint your fool no more1
I aint your fren1
I aint your hen Mr Fly Rooster1
I ain’t gonna give nobody none of this jelly roll2
I ain’t gonna tell nobody1
I ain’t got nobody1
I ain’t got nothin’ but the blues2
I akrene gule1
I al slags vejr1
I Allegro2
I Allegro inquieto1
I Allegro moderato1
I Allemande1
I almost believed you1
I almost lost my mind30
I almost remembered1
I almost said goodbye4
I alone1
I alone The everlasting beauty of monotony1
I already love you1
I also know how to live like stars1
I always dream after you1
I always dream of you3
I always get lucky with you2
I always had a thing for you1
I always knew6
I always seem to wind up loving you1
I always shake the tree1
I always stay until the end1
I always think about Chicago1
I always think its love1
I always think of you1
I always thought the world would catch your fall1
I alwayssay hello1
I am9
I AM 31
I am a a leaf for today1
I am a bowl1
I am a Canadian1
I am a centaur1
I am a cloud1
I am a cowboy in the boat of Ra1
I am a Delta terrorist1
I am a different kind of being1
I am a fine musician1
I am a freud1
I am a jelly doughnut1
I am a leaf1
I am a leaf for today2
I am a lushhead1
I am a man1
I am a member of the club1
I am a negro1
I am a note1
I am a pilgrim2
I am a poor wayfairing stranger1
I am a poor wayfaring stranger2
I am a rising phoenix1
I am a rock2
I am a sentimental fool1
I am a singer1
I am a sojourner1
I am a soldier AfricanAmerican spiritual I1
I am a soldier AfricanAmerican spiritual II1
I am a song1
I am a stranger3
I am a superstar1
I am a swan1
I am a trumpet1
I am a walrus4
I am a woman1
I am a woman again1
I am a woman who knows what to do1
I am a Yankee doodle boy1
I am afraid the masquerade is over1
I am all right1
I am alone1
I am always in the mood for you1
I am an African1
I am an American3
I am an evil gal1
I am an Indian too2
I am an instrument1
I am are1
I am ashamed that women are so simple1
I am asking the winter stars1
I am awake1
I am because you are1
I am bewildered1
I am Bird1
I am blessed1
I am blue1
I am broken1
I am Buffalo Bill today1
I am burning1
I am but a wonderer on earth1
I am calling blues1
I am changing1
I am coming home1
I am complicit in the murder of our oceans1
I am content1
I am dancing at the feet of my Lord1
I am doing very well2
I am done1
I am dwelling in this land of infidels1
I am everyman2
I am falling for you1
I am filthy1
I am fine1
I am fond of music1
I am for you2
I am free2
I am glad there is you2
I am going1
I am going back again to old Nebraska1
I am going to like it here3
I am going to steal somebodys man1
I am gone sir1
I am gonna go fishin1
I am happy1
I am happy and you are happy1
I am happy in Jesus1
I am having a good time1
I am here1
I am here for you1
I am here where are you1
I am here you are there1
I am his brother3
I am his lady2
I am home2
I am I am1
I am I am I am1
I am in a consumption1
I am in love9
I am in the wrong bar1
I am inside looking out1
I am Jackie Chan1
I am James Bond2
I am just an angel1
I am leaving1
I am lonely1
I am looking for strength1
I am love2
I am loved4
I am map1
I am melting1
I am missing her1
I am missing you1
I am mothers1
I am music2
I am my own class1
I am myself the instrument thou playest1
I am Neil Diamond1
I am New York City1
I am no exception to the rule1
I am no shining star1
I am nobody but myself1
I am nobody who are you1
I am not a crook1
I am not a data point1
I am not a farmer1
I am not a lizard1
I am not a swan1
I am not a van1
I am not about to rip masks off anyone1
I am not an animal I am a human being1
I am not dumb now2
I am not interested in love1
I am not really here1
I am not seeing that you are here2
I am not the only one1
I am not your fantasy1
I am not your sugar1
I am nothing1
I am old fashioned1
I am only human after all2
I am past sixteen1
I am Pecan Pete5
I am plant2
I am Rose1
I am sad2
I am sailing1
I am searching1
I am seven1
I am sin1
I am singin1
I am singing7
I am singing one of these songs1
I am so excited by you1
I am so lonely1
I am so lonesome I could cry1
I am so proud1
I am so thirsty1
I am somebody4
I am strange1
I am sucking for a bruise1
I am surprised1
I am that5
I am that I am3
I am that little girl again1
I am the alterdestiny1
I am the arm1
I am the blues5
I am the brother of the wind2
I am the captain of the Pinafore1
I am the founder of this place1
I am the fungus1
I am the girl1
I am the hareman1
I am the heavenly way1
I am the horrorbut for the light of Heaven1
I am the host1
I am the impostor1
I am the instrument1
I am the light of this world1
I am the locust1
I am the Lord1
I am the love1
I am the Mercury1
I am the police1
I am the power1
I am the Resurrection1
I am the sail1
I am the spring you are the earth1
I am the tempter1
I am the very model of a modern major general1
I am the walrus10
I am the wind1
I am they1
I am thinking of my pickanniny days2
I am thou1
I am to you1
I am too shy1
I am totally controlled by radar1
I am trapped on a ship that has already sunk1
I am very bushful1
I am victorious1
I am village idler1
I am waiting1
I am waiting for my laundry in the sun and have lost you Laundry Gang1
I am walkin1
I am we are I1
I am wearing a velvet jacket1
I am well1
I am what I am1
I am what you see1
I am who I am2
I am who sings1
I am with you always1
I am woman2
I am woman man1
I am yearning1
I am yellow1
I am you1
I am your animal1
I am your child1
I am your dream1
I am your fantasy1
I am your host1
I am your mind2
I am your song2
I am yours1
I am yours you are mine1
I an the one1
I and I1
I and I inventions1
I and me1
I and my friends1
I and thou4
I and you and me1
I Angelico1
I Anton von Webern Five sets for string orchestra op 51
I aphorismus1
I apologise3
I apologize38
I appreciate so much1
I Aqua1
I arrive1
I ask myself1
I ask the stars3
I ask you1
I ask you for the last time1
I asked a flower1
I asked and she said yes1
I asked for a blues1
I asked for water1
I asked God1
I asked my love1
I asked the Lord2
I askew1
I Askew again1
I aspire1
I ate one two1
I ate up the apple tree17
I await thee love1
I Awaken1
I B 4 U1
I baci di lesbia1
I Backlash1
I Ballad1
I balladetone1
I bare hore pa1
I be blue3
I be cold3
I be hooked on ebonics1
I be serious bout dem blues3
I be sowing1
I be your water1
I bear my burden1
I been down in Texas2
I been dreamin1
I been keepin company with the layaway man1
I been through this before1
I beeped when I shoulda bopped2
I before E before I1
I beg to be excused1
I beg you1
I beg you pardon Mademoiselle1
I beg your pardon11
I beg your pardon Mademoiselle3
I began to fall so low1
I begged and begged you1
I begged her3
I begin to understand1
I Beginning1
I begynnelsen av oktober del I og II1
I bei legami1
I believe51
I believe Anita1
I believe I been hoodood1
I believe I believe1
I believe I can fly10
I believe I can make it by myself10
I believe I cant make it by myself1
I believe I could fall in love again1
I believe Ill dust my broom1
I believe Ill fall in love1
I believe Ill find happiness1
I believe Ill go back home2
I believe Ill go downtown again1
I believe Ill make a change2
I believe Ill settle down3
I believe in2
I believe in a woman1
I believe in Father Christmas2
I believe in Him1
I believe in love9
I believe in love again1
I believe in me1
I believe in miracles63
I believe in music6
I believe in my soul1
I believe in myself1
I believe in rainbows2

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