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This index refers to the 550,388 individual tune titles (1,638,898 total entries) included in over 249,436 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2021.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page H22 - High brow country affair to Highway of sound

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Tune nameSessions
High brow country affair1
High brown3
High brown babies ball1
High brown blues5
high brown stomp1
High butterfly1
High calorific people1
High camp1
High capacity1
High card1
high castle2
High chant2
High class baby4
High class brass suite1
High clouds4
High clouds and a chance of Wayne tonight1
High clouds and a good chance of Wayne1
High cold country part one1
High collage1
High collie Carlos1
High contrast2
High cost low pay blues1
High cost of loving2
High cotton2
High council1
High country1
High coup1
High crime3
high cross1
High cry1
High dark sea1
High dee1
High definition truth1
High density1
high desert1
High desert songs1
High dives1
High do1
High down1
High drama3
High dudgeon1
High dynamic1
High energy4
High energy jive1
High entropy1
High expectation low return1
High expectations1
High falutin3
High falutin blues1
High falutin stomp1
High fashion mutiny1
High Febvre1
High fell1
High fever13
High fever blues1
High fi1
High fidelity1
High fidelity improvisation1
High five10
High five blues1
High five boogie1
High flight2
High flow1
High flutin1
High flutin blues1
High fly1
High flyers1
High flyin3
High flying adored1
High flying bird3
High flying woman1
High force1
High frequency1
High fry1
High gear1
High grass1
High groove low feedback1
High groovin1
High ground4
High handed1
High hat3
high hat a piccolo and a cane9
High hat Harry1
High hat trumpet and rhythm3
High hattin1
High heart1
High heat1
high heaven of Ettore1
High heel blues4
High heel sneakers34
High heeled sneakers2
High heels11
high heels stained with blood1
High higher her1
High higher highlands1
High Holborn1
High hopes11
High horns1
High humidity1
High I1
High in a basement1
High in the clouds1
High in the sky6
High intensity vehicle1
High jazz1
High jingo1
High jinks2
High jinx1
High jivin1
High jump2
High lam earth3
High land1
High lands2
High life41
High life rag1
High lift1
High light at the waterfall1
High lights2
High lights from Treemonisha1
High likeability factor1
High line5
High lines1
High livin papa1
High love4
High low3
High luminent silver patterns1
High maestro1
High maintenance4
High modes2
High modes Vision as ritual confirmation1
High moon4
High mountain blues1
High mountain pines1
High mowing orchestral suite1
High noon32
High noon cha cha1
High note highlife1
High notes4
High number1
High octane2
High octane no caffeine1
High off the hog1
high old time1
High on a cloud1
High on a hill2
High on a hilltop2
High on a mountain3
High on a open mike1
High on a windy hill27
High on a windy trumpet6
High on altitude1
High on an open mike9
High on hope1
High on life1
High on moon1
High on sunshine1
High on the funk1
High on the hill1
High on the hog1
High on the list1
High on you16
high one1
High over sand1
High pass tipped red1
High passage1
High peaks1
High place3
High places4
High plains1
High plains drifter2
High plains guitarra1
high plains landscapes1
High plains riffer1
High point3
high point of this dichotomy1
High powered gal1
High powered mama1
High prairie1
High pressure4
High pressure zone1
High price2
High price blues2
high price of real estate in the simulation1
High priced woman1
High priest17
High priestess6
high priestess of cognac1
high priestess of gone1
high priests sermon1
High rainbow1
High rate1
High ratio1
High red center1
High red table1
High relief1
High retreat1
High rhythm and low moanin1
High rider1
High rise6
High rise blues1
High rise drifter1
High risk2
High river1
high road6
High roller6
High room with candles1
High sailing1
High sax1
High school2
High school affair1
High school cadets11
High school cadets march1
High school dance2
High school daze1
High school fantasies1
High school fantasy1
High school hero1
High school shuffle1
High school sweetheart1
High school then and now1
High score2
High seas4
High season1
High selva1
High sense of adventure1
High sheriff1
High sheriff blues1
High side of lowdown1
High sidewalk1
High Sign theme1
high sky3
High sky the elegant universe1
High society881
High society blues6
High society calpyso1
High society calypso15
High society hill street blues1
High society march4
High society rag15
High sound1
High southern Norway1
High speed chase2
High speed gas1
High speed pursuit1
High spirits3
High spot paradox1
High St1
High stakes2
High stakes woman1
High standard1
High standards2
High steak1
High steak bis1
High steel1
High step5
High steppers1
High steppin6
High steppin woman1
High stepping bizzes1
High street4
High street blues1
High street steps1
High streetpart pedestrianised1
High strung1
High summer3
High sun2
High T1
High tea1
High tea for Stephany1
High tech3
High tech 11
High tech 71
High tech accelerando1
High tech ages2
High tech emergency1
High tech emergency theme1
High tension11
High tension lines1
High tension wires1
High tide29
High tide boogie1
High tide low tide1
High tide low tide the breath of time1
High tide mark1
High tide on the ebb1
High tideManhattan ecstasy1
High tides1
High time9
High time we went1
High times4
High tops2
High tor1
High tower drive1
High tower drive )1
High towers1
High trapeze1
High treason1
High trees & a few birds The dolls reflection1
High up1
High up in the sky2
High up on a hilltop6
High up on the mountain1
High up to the sky1
High velocity1
High vibration1
High visibility2
High voltage7
High voltage at Rudys1
High volts1
High vortex1
High waist drifter1
High wall1
High water5
High water mark1
High water rag1
High wide and handsome3
High wind2
High wind in Hollywood1
High window1
High windows1
High winds1
High wire33
High wire act1
High wire dancer1
High wire the aerialist3
High wire waltz1
High yaller party1
High yellow4
Highball for Gate1
Highballin daddy1
Highbridge lullaby1
Highbridge Park1
Highbrow on the waterline1
Higher and higher5
higher calling2
Higher definition1
Higher depths1
Higher faith2
higher fire1
Higher ground54
Higher ground Stevie Wonder1
Higher grounds3
Higher highest1
Higher hunger1
Higher learning1
Higher level1
Higher levels1
Higher life1
Higher love2
higher Nile1
Higher places1
Higher plains1
higher plane1
higher plane intro1
Higher power2
higher purpose1
Higher reaches1
Higher regions1
higher road1
higher standard1
Higher than1
Higher than all mountains1
Higher than anyone can count1
Higher to Hayastan1
Higher vibe1
Higher watters1
higher we fly1
higher we jump1
Higher wisdom1
Higher worlds1
highest building in the world1
Highest Chakra Sahasrara1
highest fly1
Highest migration over the Himalayas1
highest mountain20
highest one1
highest peaks2
highest pleasure1
highest point in Brooklyn1
Highest spot1
Highest thought1
highest tides in the world1
highest we know1
Highflying Phyllis1
Highgate village1
Highhat ratation1
Highhattin Hattie2
Highheel sneakers1
Highheeled lady1
Highhighhigh up in the hills8
Highland aire1
Highland ballad1
Highland calls1
Highland cathedral1
Highland crossing1
Highland groove1
Highland hip hop1
Highland park3
Highland ride1
Highland song1
Highland stroll1
highland swing7
Highland walk1
Highlander swing1
Highlanders dance1
Highlanders walk1
Highlands and islands1
Highlands lowlands2
Highlight blues1
Highlight in swing1
Highlights of George Gerswhins an American in Paris1
Highly adjacent1
Highly emotional state1
Highly perpendicular1
Highly questionable1
highly strung trapeze artist1
Highly varnished academic realism1
Highpants Bob1
Highrise riff1
Highrise Riff Part I Part II Part III Part IV1
Highrock way1
Highs and lows1
Highspeed kindergarten1
Hightech nun1
Hightest fish line1
Hightime keepsakes2
HighTop sneakers1
Highvalued mama papas gonna lowrate you1
Highwater blues1
Highway 13
Highway 1 for Christine Matthey1
Highway 1331
Highway 141
Highway 371
Highway 491
Highway 51 blues1
Highway 541
Highway 581
Highway 591
Highway 611
Highway 61 revisited3
Highway 702
Highway 751
Highway 91
Highway 951
Highway 991
Highway A11
Highway A21
Highway and byways2
Highway at 21
Highway blues16
Highway boogie1
Highway child1
Highway chile1
Highway dreams1
Highway five1
Highway fun1
Highway girl1
Highway home1
Highway hymn1
Highway in the clouds1
highway is a happy way4
highway is like a woman1
Highway is my home1
highway is my way1
Highway jump1
highway kind1
Highway No 31
Highway of life1
highway of love1
Highway of passion1
Highway of sound1

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