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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page H20 - Hey Am I blue to Hi ho trailus whip

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Tune nameSessions
Hey Am I blue1
Hey America1
Hey Andreas1
Hey angel girl1
Hey ba ba re bop1
Hey ba ba rebop2
Hey baba rebop1
Hey babarebop12
Hey babba rebop1
Hey babberobba1
Hey babe2
Hey babe hey1
Hey babe wah yew so fonky1
Hey babebips1
Hey baby26
Hey baby come on home to me1
Hey baby cool1
Hey baby dont you know1
Hey barber1
Hey bartender6
Hey bartender buy that man a drink1
Hey bebop1
Hey Bellboy2
Hey Betty Martin1
Hey Bicho vamos Nessa2
Hey big boy hey hey1
Hey big guy1
Hey big momma1
Hey big spender3
Hey big Texas1
Hey Bill1
Hey Bo Diddley1
Hey Bobby2
Hey boogie schewoogie1
Hey bop a re bop2
Hey boy5
Hey boy Dont get yourself an extra1
Hey boy get off of that dream1
Hey brother2
Hey Bruz2
Hey bub1
Hey Bubba1
Hey Bud2
Hey Buddy Bolden3
Hey buddy whats wrong1
Hey bulldog4
Hey butterfly1
Hey candy man1
Hey CC1
Hey Charlie1
Hey chef1
Hey Cherie3
Hey chick2
Hey Chico1
Hey chief1
Hey child1
Hey children1
Hey Claude1
Hey country girl1
Hey cowboy1
Hey da ba doom1
Hey daddy2
Hey daddy blues2
Hey DaddyO2
Hey dah dah hey hey dah dah ho1
Hey Darl2
Hey darling my darling1
Hey day2
Hey DC1
Hey dear1
Hey dee ho1
Hey diddle diddle7
Hey diddlediddle1
Hey Doc5
Hey doctor2
Hey doll baby1
Hey Donald1
Hey dont1
Hey dot1
Hey Dr Kinsey1
Hey driver1
Hey Duke1
Hey engineer3
Hey engineer is this train going South1
Hey Eula2
Hey everybody1
Hey fat mama4
Hey fella1
Hey fever1
Hey fine young man1
Hey Flosk1
Hey fool1
Hey Frantic relax1
Hey Fred2
Hey Freddie1
Hey Frenchy1
Hey friends1
Hey Gene1
Hey Geno1
Hey George1
Hey girl14
Hey girl strip your jacket we let us play from a jazz pocket1
Hey girlfriend1
Hey good buddy blues1
Hey good lookin39
Hey good looking3
Hey good lookin’1
Hey groover1
Hey guess what1
Hey hag1
Hey Harold2
Hey Henry1
Hey Herb Wheres Alpert1
Hey Herbie1
Hey heres a heart1
Hey Hes eating my teeth1
Hey hey9
Hey hey 31
Hey hey and he he Im charleston crazy1
Hey hey and hee hee3
Hey hey and hee hee 1)1
Hey hey baby7
Hey hey beautiful girl1
Hey hey big mama1
Hey hey boogie1
Hey hey daddy blues2
Hey hey hey6
Hey hey hey baby1
Hey hey hey hey3
hey hey hey song1
Hey hey I1
Hey hey I love you1
Hey hey I love you hey hey what do you say1
Hey hey II1
Hey hey III1
Hey hey little doggie1
Hey hey my my1
Hey hey St Louis1
Hey hey what do you say1
Hey hey whatta you say1
Hey hey yeah yeah1
Hey hey youve got it1
Hey ho4
Hey ho anybody home1
Hey ho nobody home1
Hey ho the wind and the rain1
Hey hockaloogie1
Hey honey1
Hey Hootie1
Hey hows your mama1
Hey hullo1
Hey Huss2
Hey I am blue1
Hey I see you over there1
Hey I want to sit in1
Hey its me Im talking to1
Hey its me you are talking to1
Hey its me youre talkin to9
Hey its me youre talking to5
Hey Its samba de hay1
Hey its you Im talking to1
Hey it’s me you’re talking to2
Hey Jack4
Hey Jacobia1
Hey Jacqueline1
Hey Jacques2
Hey Jay Jay1
Hey jazz man1
Hey jealous lover8
Hey Jerry2
Hey Jim12
Hey Jim its in F1
Hey Jimi5
Hey Jimmy3
Hey Joe27
Hey John28
Hey Jop1
Hey Josef1
Hey Jude82
Hey judo1
Hey Kenny gee1
Hey Kris Kringle1
Hey lady3
Hey Lalo1
Hey Laura2
Hey lawdy mama17
Hey lawdy mamma1
Hey lawdy mother1
Hey lawdy papa2
Hey Lee1
Hey leebe lee1
Hey Leroy your mamas calling you1
Hey Lester1
Hey let the sin juice flow1
Hey lets twist1
Hey Liduva1
Hey LileyLileyLo1
Hey little bird1
Hey little boy4
Hey little brother1
Hey little Brownie1
Hey little doggey1
Hey little dreamboat1
Hey little girl16
Hey little hen3
Hey little mama1
Hey little maurels1
Hey Lock10
Hey Lolita1
Hey lonely one1
Hey longhair1
Hey look1
Hey look at me1
Hey look at you1
Hey look Im dancing1
Hey look me over40
Hey look no cryin1
Hey look where I am3
Hey Lordy mama4
Hey Lou1
Hey Louis1
Hey love7
Hey Lucinda1
Hey ma Im in love3
Hey Mabel3
Hey madame2
Hey magic man1
Hey mahn2
Hey mama6
Hey Mama keep your big mouth shut1
Hey mambo1
Hey man15
Hey man hey man2
Hey man in the line1
hey man tenor club1
Hey man whats happenin1
Hey man yeah man1
Hey man you just made my day1
Hey Marie1
Hey Memphis1
Hey Milwaukee1
Hey Miss Bertha1
Hey Miss Bessie2
Hey Miss Harriette1
Hey Miss Jones1
Hey miss Lucy1
Hey Miss Lula1
Hey miss moonlight1
Hey mister2
Hey Mister Fay1
Hey Mister Jessie1
Hey Mister Moon1
Hey Mister Ray1
Hey mom1
Hey mon1
Hey mon ami2
Hey Moose hey miss1
Hey mori maika yano1
Hey Mr Banjo2
Hey Mr Count1
Hey Mr Freddy1
Hey Mr Jack1
Hey Mr JB1
Hey Mr Landlord1
Hey Mr Mangelmann1
Hey Mr Moon1
Hey Mr Mumbles1
Hey Mr Mumbles what did you say1
Hey Mr Porter1
Hey Mr Postman2
Hey Mr Ray1
Hey Mr Tambourine man1
Hey Mr Yancey1
Hey Mrs Jones7
Hey my mosey mose1
Hey Naa1
Hey Nana1
Hey Nat1
Hey Nat wont you scat1
Hey naughty papa1
Hey Nellie1
Hey new day5
Hey New Yorker have you got your prewar one bedroom1
Hey night1
Hey nineteen1
Hey now14
Hey now baby2
Hey now hey1
Hey now hey now2
Hey now lets have some fun1
Hey now lets jive2
Hey now mama1
Hey now Zorina1
Hey old B lets jam2
Hey old friend2
Hey open up11
Hey operator1
Hey pachuco1
Hey Pam1
Hey Pancho1
Hey papa2
Hey Paquito2
Hey parrot Give me your foot1
Hey Paul1
Hey Paula1
Hey paw1
Hey Pee Wee1
Hey Pete6
Hey Pete lets eat mo meat1
Hey pineapple1
Hey Pithy can you thropt the erectus2
Hey pizzaman1
Hey pocky away3
Hey pocky way5
Hey Pops1
Hey porter1
Hey presto1
Hey pretty1
Hey pretty baby5
Hey pretty girl2
Hey pretty pussycat1
Hey Ray1
Hey Raymond1
Hey Reggie2
Hey Rene1
Hey Robin1
Hey roma aint vein1
Hey rookie2
Hey Rube4
Hey Russ1
Hey Sam1
Hey Santa2
Hey Senorita1
Hey shine1
Hey shoe hey1
Hey short legs1
Hey sinner man1
Hey Sister Lucy4
Hey sit down Bud3
Hey slim1
Hey son1
Hey Sonny1
Hey Sonny Red1
Hey soul sister1
Hey spodeeodee1
Hey star1
Hey StevieD1
Hey Stop kissin my sister2
Hey stop kissing my sister1
Hey stop that dancing up there1
Hey stuff1
Hey sweet man1
Hey sweet potato1
Hey taxi4
Hey tee bone1
Hey that my line1
Hey thats me1
Hey thats my bike3
Hey thats no lady1
Hey thats no way to say goodbye5
Hey Thats our bill1
Hey Thelma1
Hey there110
Hey there and everywhere1
Hey there hold out your hand1
Hey there lonely girl1
Hey there Nonny1
Hey there rider1
Hey there sunshine1
Hey there you hosers1
Hey this is me2
Hey tiger1
Hey timbales1
Hey toca el Re1
Hey Tom Archia1
Hey Toots1
Hey uh what you say come on1
Hey voc1
Hey Wado1
Hey wanna dance1
Hey Wayne1
Hey Western Union man6
Hey whats happening1
Hey where you fumba1
Hey which way1
Hey William Tell1
Hey world let love in1
Hey wye not1
Hey Xavier1
Hey ya3
Hey yo1
Hey you15
Hey you drumming1
Hey you get up1
Hey you in the neighborhood1
Hey You want any codfish1
Hey you want to sleep with the fishes1
Hey you whats that1
Hey you yes you1
Hey young fella4
Hey Young feller1
Hey young world1
Hey Your hats on backwards1
Hey Zeus1
Heyheyhey Have you had your corn today1
Heykens serenade1
Heymanns alea1
Heyoke part III1
Heyoke suite ballad1
Heyser bulgar1
Heyt mazurki1
Heyu Nantucket1
Heywoods beguine1
Heywoods blues1
Heywoods boogie1
Heywoods bounce1
He’s funny that way1
He’s got the whole world in his hands1
He’s still a boy1
He’s the last word1
HFC blues1
HG and Pretty1
HG meets MAH1
HH & white diamonds1
HH andromedae1
HH blues2
HH tango blues1
Hi 801
Hi and lo1
Hi ball1
Hi beck19
Hi Bix1
Hi blondie2
Hi blues1
Hi Bob1
Hi boy1
Hi boys and girls Im Jimmy Carl Black1
Hi coo1
Hi de ho3
Hi de ho rock n rock1
Hi diddle diddle2
Hi diddlediddle1
Hi dive1
Hi Dolores1
Hi Duke1
Hi Eddie1
Hi falutin2
Hi fi2
Hi fi baby3
Hi fi fo fum12
Hi fi pie1
Hi fi Spanish dreams1
Hi fifer1
Hi fishies1
Hi five2
Hi fly153
Hi Francis1
Hi groove low feedback1
Hi hat2
Hi hat heaven1
hi hat man1
Hi heel sneakers3
Hi heeled sneakers1
Hi Henry stomp1
Hi hi hi2
Hi hi Louis1
Hi ho2
Hi ho hi ho1
Hi ho Silver8
Hi ho trailus boop whip1
Hi ho trailus boot whip5
Hi ho trailus whip1

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