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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page G27 - great red spot to Green slippers

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Tune nameSessions
great red spot1
great resistor1
Great reunion blues1
great revelation1
great revenge of the Hong Kong woman1
great river2
great river flows eastward1
great romance1
great rosegray1
Great Rotterdam1
Great sacred dance1
great schism1
Great Scot12
Great Scott5
Great scott rag11
Great shakes1
great silence1
great smoking mirror1
great sound of sound1
great speckled bird2
great spirit6
Great spirit peace chant1
Great spotted woodpecker1
Great stackaLee1
Great story of a home1
great stream3
great suspender1
great swan awaits us1
Great taste1
great Thomas Fats Waller remembered1
Great time2
Great times7
Great times in HZ1
Great times wasted1
Great tit1
Great to be me1
Great to be rich1
great tortoises of Santa Cruz1
great train robbery1
great triplet1
Great type2
Great Uncle two brains1
great unknown4
great unwashed1
great unwaxed1
great wall9
Great wall of China2
great week1
Great western boogie1
Great western railway1
Great wheat boat1
great wheel1
Great white heron1
great white open1
Great White Way1
Great white way blues7
great white whale1
Great wide open1
greater fool1
Greater gifts1
greater good2
Greater Kalesh no 481
greater love3
Greater than Sid1
greater the green the greater the ceremony1
greater vehicle1
greaterthanordinary feeling of fullness2
greatest escape1
Greatest gift3
Greatest hit1
Greatest hits revisited1
greatest inventor1
greatest inventor of them all1
Greatest joy on Earth1
greatest liar1
greatest lie1
greatest little boy of my life1
greatest little girl of my life1
greatest living Englishman1
Greatest love3
greatest love of all14
greatest mistake of my life1
Greatest news1
greatest of them all1
greatest offshore race in the world1
greatest performance1
greatest performance of my life1
greatest revolutionary1
greatest romance ever sold1
greatest service1
Greatest show on earth1
greatest sorrow in the world is losing the one you love1
greatest story ever told1
greatest there is4
greatest thing1
greatest thing in all my life1
Greatings to Ornette1
Greaze is whats good1
Greaze monkey1
Greaze on down the road1
Greazy bag1
Greazy blues1
Greazy rider2
Greazzy blues1
Greb svatsug1
Grecco African suite1
Grechko & Romenenko1
Grecian formula1
Grecian Isle1
Grecque tip1
greed factor1
Greed selfworship and love1
Greed sourness and hatred1
Greed vs earth1
Greedy eyes1
greedy march1
Greedy motorcyclists has sidecar full of chips1
Greedy silence2
greedy world of Wall Street1
Greek blues1
Greek dances1
Greek dirty & looky1
Greek fire1
Greek gone crazy1
Greek music1
Greek song3
Greek Street Soho1
Greek suite part I1
Greek suite part II1
Greek suite part III1
Greek triangle1
Greek variations1
Greek wedding1
Greeks bearing gifts1
Green & black1
Green & brown1
Green & purple3
Green acid1
Green acres2
Green acres jump1
Green again1
Green air2
Green al2
Green and black1
Green and blue4
Green and blues1
Green and brown1
green and brown hills of Iowa1
Green and gold3
Green and golden3
Green and lucky blues1
Green and magenta1
Green and orange night park1
Green and pale1
Green and peace1
Green and pleasant land1
Green and purple extract2
Green and white1
Green and yellow6
Green ant song1
green apple3
Green apple quickstep2
Green applejack blues1
Green apples2
Green apples and stomach ache1
Green arches1
Green arrow1
Green arrow blues1
Green as Dminor1
Green avenue1
Green back1
Green back dollar1
Green back theme1
Green ballet1
Green balloon1
Green bananas4
Green bans forever1
Green Bay1
Green bean2
Green beans1
green bee1
Green bermudas1
green between1
Green blazer1
Green blues4
green board1
Green bones1
green book blues1
Green bossa4
Green bottle1
Green briar1
Green bridge1
Green brown and blue1
Green bungus1
Green bushes1
Green cab1
Green car1
Green card1
Green card bolero1
Green caterpillar1
Green cats1
Green caviar1
Green ceiling1
Green chair1
Green cheese1
green child1
Green children2
Green chimney1
Green chimneys89
Green circle2
Green city4
Green coast1
Green cockatoo1
Green consolation1
Green cooking1
Green coral1
Green corn6
green country3
Green cubes1
Green cup1
Green dance3
Green dansette2
green Danube2
Green deep eyes1
Green delay1
Green DeLuchs1
Green desert2
Green dish1
Green dolls phone2
Green dolphin1
Green Dolphin St2
Green Dolphin Street1
Green dolphin sweet1
Green Dolphy suite1
Green door9
Green dragon1
Green dream3
Green dreams2
green dress1
Green dress Maryland welcome center 95 NB1
Green drops1
Green dumplings1
Green dusk1
Green earrings3
Green east meets west1
Green eggs1
Green eggs and funk1
Green eggs and Hammond1
green elevator1
Green eyed girl1
Green eyed lovely chimp1
Green eyed monster1
Green eyed monster girl1
Green eyes87
Green eyes fireflies1
green eyes of the rabbit1
Green eyes on me1
Green eyes time2
Green eyes tune1
Green face1
green factor1
Green falling1
Green feet on the keyboard1
Green field3
Green fields10
Green fields and bluebirds1
Green fields under snow1
Green Finch & Linnet Bird1
Green Finch and Linnet Bird2
green flash1
Green foam2
Green for danger3
Green forest1
Green forever1
Green frog1
green fuse3
green gal cant catch on blues1
Green gardens1
green gate2
Green gate blues1
Green gate serenade1
green giant2
Green gin1
green giraffe1
Green glasses1
green glow1
Green goon jive1
Green gran1
Green granted1
Green grass12
Green grass growing all around1
green grass grows all around5
Green grass of home1
Green grass shuffle1
Green grass stains on Wrangler jeans1
Green gray1
Green green6
green green grass of home14
Green green green1
Green green green and white dots1
Green green rocky road1
Green Green Theyre green1
Green groove1
Green grove3
Green grow the rushes1
Green grows1
Green grows the holly1
Green grows the lilacs1
Green guitar blues1
Green hands1
green hat1
Green haze1
Green heels1
Green here to go1
Green herring1
Green hill country1
Green hill zone1
Green hills1
Green hills and white clouds2
Green hills nostalgy1
green hills of earth1
Green hills slowly passing1
Green home1
green horizon2
green horn1
Green hornet theme1
Green hornit1
Green horse1
green hour1
Green house1
Green house fables1
Green hymn1
Green ice1
Green ideas1
Green impala1
Green in blue6
Green is blue1
Green is mean2
Green is the color of spring1
Green is the mountain2
Green is the new gray1
Green island3
Green istria reloaded1
Green Ivan1
Green jacket1
Green jar grind1
Green Jazz1
Green jean1
Green jeans5
Green jelly beans1
Green junction1
Green kalahari1
Green king1
Green Kingspring of King Springgreen1
Green lady2
Green lake blues1
Green lament1
Green land1
Green land gray skies1
Green Lane1
Green lanes1
Green leaf1
Green leaves4
Green leaves of summer42
Green lemonade2
Green lies and man1
Green light15
Green light blues1
Green light days1
Green light rag1
Green lights1
Green line6
Green line blues1
Green lipstick1
Green liquid1
Green little butterfly1
Green lizard1
Green lobster dream5
Green machine3
green man2
green man and the French horn1
Green man rag1
green man under the bridge1
Green march1
Green meadow1
Green meadow waltz1
Green means go1
Green meat1
Green miles1
Green Mill blues1
Green mill mambo1
Green mill tilter2
green mole1
Green monkey1
Green monster1
Green mood2
Green moon2
Green moss2
Green mountain1
Green mountain bossa nova1
Green mountain valley1
Green mountains6
Green mysterious1
Green needles1
Green night1
Green night and orange bright1
Green noodles1
Green note2
Green nymph2
Green oak1
Green oasis1
Green ocean1
Green Odyssey1
green of dawn1
Green of greens1
Green of the east1
Green olives and the moon1
Green on blue2
Green on green1
Green on purple1
green one1
Green onions41
Green op 58 no 31
Green or blue1
Green over grey1
Green pants1
Green paper1
Green paradise2
Green Paris1
Green park1
Green party2
Green passat1
Green pastors1
Green pasture1
Green pastures1
Green peace1
Green peas1
green pedal1
Green pepper2
Green peppers5
Green piece7
green piece for blue people1
Green pines1
Green pink & plaid1
Green pink and plaid1
Green places1
green plant1
green point1
Green power2
Green prints1
Green red and brown1
Green reflections1
Green reflections water lilies 41
Green repose1
green riff1
Green river2
green river blues3
Green River song1
Green rock1
Green room7
Green room blues1
Green room jive1
Green roses1
Green ruins1
Green rumba1
Green sackenhack1
green sailed vessel1
Green Sally1
Green samba1
Green satin1
Green screen1
Green sea1
Green settings1
Green shade1
Green shading into blue2
Green shadows1
Green sheet1
Green shift1
Green shorts1
Green side blues1
Green side up The geography of breakfast1
Green silence1
Green skies1
Green sky8
Green sky blue moon1
Green sky burning1
Green sleeves3
Green slime1
Green slippers1

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