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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page G17 - Godfather figure to Going to build me a playhouse

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Tune nameSessions
Godfather figure1
Godfather love theme1
Godfather pt II1
Godfather theme4
Godfather theme song1
Godfather waltz3
Godfather waltz & the scared but selfrighteous rabbit1
Godfathers gift1
Godfathers theme1
Godfire mantra1
Godi pur del bel sen1
Godine prolaze1
Godiva Brown1
Godiva soleva1
Godkveld du mektige tre1
Godman cometh1
Godmorgen sangen1
Godmother myd1
Godnat du klare stjerne1
Godnat og godmorgen1
Godnat sangen1
Godnat til de sma1
Godnat til de store godnat til de sma1
Godnatt Irene1
Godness of greatness1
godness the gypsy & the light1
Godot stuck in traffic1
Gods & rituals1
Gods amazing grace2
Gods ancient sky1
Gods and astronauts1
Gods and devils1
Gods and men1
Gods anger1
Gods assurance1
Gods beautiful garden1
Gods been good to me1
Gods children1
Gods church sing for our creator1
Gods clothes for Shaman Bobbi1
Gods delays are not Gods denials1
Gods dream1
Gods eye view1
Gods for real man1
Gods gift3
Gods gift to the world1
Gods going to make it alright1
Gods gonna cut you down1
Gods grandest theme1
Gods grandeur1
Gods home1
Gods image1
Gods little joke1
Gods love2
Gods love made visible2
Gods love of music1
Gods lullaby1
Gods mates1
Gods messenger boy1
Gods mighty hand1
gods must be smiling1
Gods noorwegan1
Gods of nature embody them1
Gods of taste2
Gods of the Thunder Realm1
gods of the Yoruba1
gods of Yoruba1
Gods on a safari1
Gods on high1
Gods on the hortobagyon1
Gods only black man1
Gods own drunk1
Gods parking lot1
Gods peace1
Gods portrait1
Gods ready1
Gods river2
Gods river blues1
Gods soldier1
Gods song2
Gods spirit1
Gods theme1
gods they must be crazy1
Gods unfair sale1
Gods vision1
Gods wanderers1
Gods warning to the church1
Gods ways1
Gods were angry with me1
Gods who shit2
Gods will1
Gods wingd horse1
Gods work is indestructible1
Godson song2
Godspeed Titanic1
Godspel mecanique1
Godspell me wrong1
Godt nyttar1
Godt vejr igen1
Goduka Mfundi2
Godwhydontyouloveme blues1
Godzien jestes1
Godzilla a les blues1
Godzilla and Rodan1
Godzilla in love1
Godzilla sings the blues1
Godzilla soup1
Godzilla vs free jazz1
Godzillas birthday1
Goe and catche a falling starre1
Goed idee1
Goeie tijden1
Goele reggae1
Goema on Saturday1
Goergia on my mind1
Goes absolutely jumping up and down1
Goes around comes around2
Goes blue1
goes country1
Goes Latin2
Goes on1
Goes on goes on1
Goes out comes in1
Goes round and round2
Goes to the city1
Goes without saying1
Goethe sulla strada1
Goffersberg mit traktor1
Gofry in Gdansk1
Gofteguje man1
Gog and Magog1
Gog ma gog1
Gogatsu no kaze ni1
Gogo Fightmaster1
Gogo polar blues1
Gogogo blow1
Gogos goggles1
Gogs dreams1
Gogs dreams Nocturnal piece for percussions piano and scissors1
Gogs on1
Goin about4
Goin ahead1
Goin and gettin it1
Goin around1
Goin away4
Goin away and leavin my baby1
Goin away baby1
Goin away blues1
Goin awayhallelujah1
Goin back3
Goin back home7
Goin back home again1
Goin back to Alabama2
Goin back to Florida3
Goin back to Houston1
Goin back to Jamaica1
Goin back to Joes2
Goin back to LA3
Goin back to Louisiana1
Goin back to Mississippi1
Goin back to New Orleans6
Goin back to Storyville1
Goin back to Tennessee2
Goin back to Texas1
Goin back to the country1
Goin back to town1
Goin back to Washington1
Goin blues2
Goin bukyld1
Goin conga1
Goin crazy3
Goin crazy over TV1
Goin crazy with the blues6
Goin down14
Goin down Broadway1
Goin down catch me a woman1
Goin down Geneva6
Goin down home3
Goin down in Galilee1
Goin down on the levee1
Goin down slow44
Goin down south4
Goin down the levee1
Goin down the road3
Goin down the road feelin bad3
Goin down the road wont be back no mo1
Goin down the Sun1
Goin down to Clarksdale1
Goin down to Muskogee3
Goin down to the bottom1
Goin down to the levee1
Goin down to the river2
Goin down with the Sun1
Goin downtown3
Goin downtown blues1
Goin dutch1
Goin far away blues1
Goin fast1
Goin fishin3
Goin fishing1
Goin for the gold1
Goin for the jar1
Goin for the okeydoke1
Goin good1
Goin great2
Goin haywire1
Goin Hollywood2
Goin hom1
Goin home208
Goin home again blues1
Goin home baby1
Goin home blues7
Goin home blues 21
Goin home now1
Goin home on the morning train1
Goin home to my baby1
Goin home to my old used to be1
Goin home tomorrow1
Goin home train1
Goin homeFlying home1
Goin homehoneysuckle rosemy blue heaven1
Goin in on the way out1
Goin inside that batcave1
Goin midevil1
Goin my way2
Goin nowhere1
Goin nowhere fast2
Goin nuts4
Goin off1
Goin on1
Goin on a hayride2
Goin on blues1
Goin on home1
Goin on the wagon1
Goin on to Detroit5
Goin out4
Goin out in a blaze of glory1
Goin out of head1
Goin out of my head60
Goin out the back way4
Goin outa my head1
Goin outside1
Goin places12
Goin south2
Goin strong2
Goin tae the jiggin1
Goin the wrong way honey1
Goin through changes1
Goin through some changes1
Goin through the motions3
Goin through the park1
Goin to a meetin1
Goin to a meeting1
Goin to Africa1
Goin to Alabama1
Goin to California2
Goin to Chicago71
Goin to Chicago blues25
Goin to Chicago Bootlegging and other things1
Goin to church1
Goin to DC1
Goin to getcha1
Goin to heaven on a mule1
Goin to home1
Goin to Jamaica1
Goin to Jim and Andys1
Goin to Kansas City10
Goin to LA1
Goin to Malaysia2
Goin to meetin1
Goin to Memphis2
Goin to Mintons2
Goin to my lonesome home1
Goin to New Orleans4
Goin to New York2
Goin to shout all over Gods heaven1
Goin to St Louis3
Goin to that mountaintop1
Goin to the city1
Goin to the country fair2
Goin to the festival1
Goin to the meetin1
Goin to the river1
Goin to the top1
Goin to the truck1
Goin to the well1
Goin to town31
Goin to town with honey1
Goin troppo1
Goin under1
Goin up9
Goin up home1
Goin up North2
Goin up the country1
Goin up the river9
Goin up to Burque2
Goin upstream1
Goin uptown3
Goin way blues1
Goin Wes1
Goin wess1
Goin with Carmen1
Going again crazy1
Going ahead1
Going all fancy1
Going all the way1
Going alone1
Going along1
Going and coming2
Going astray3
Going away5
Going away blues6
Going away party2
Going away to make it lonesome here1
Going back7
Going back and going on1
Going back going on1
Going back home4
Going back home boogie1
Going back home to Alabama1
Going back home to New Orleans1
Going back to country living1
Going back to Jamaica1
Going back to Jesus1
Going back to Kansas City1
Going back to Louisiana1
Going back to Memphis5
Going back to Mexico1
Going back to Miami1
Going back to my home town1
Going back to New Orleans2
Going back to New Orleans bon soir1
Going back to Storyville2
Going bananas1
Going blind1
Going blue crazy1
Going bush1
Going crazy2
Going dancing1
Going down5
Going down dancing1
Going down easy going down slow1
Going down fast1
Going down slow9
Going down slowly2
Going down the China road1
Going down the highway1
Going down the well1
Going down to Big Marys house1
Going down to Estorinhos1
Going down to Freiburg town1
Going down to the black gold1
Going down to the Gulf1
Going down to the market1
Going down to Tia Juana1
Going down to town2
Going Dutch5
Going DutchSparkCascadesTilt1
Going east1
Going express1
Going far2
Going far away1
Going fast2
Going faster now1
Going for a Burton4
Going for a walk1
Going for another adventure1
Going for Baroque1
Going for the oakey doak1
Going forth6
Going forward1
Going fourth1
Going going2
Going going going1
Going going going gone2
Going going gone9
Going going gong2
Going Harlem in Havana1
Going hence coming hither1
Going high1
Going Hollywood1
Going home110
Going home again2
Going home blues1
Going home to Indiana1
Going home to lizards1
Going home to New Orleans2
Going home to see my Lord1
Going home tomorrow1
Going home whistle1
Going home with Jesus1
Going in2
Going in circles8
Going in style1
Going into the Hudson1
Going jammad1
Going mad1
Going masked1
Going my Hemingway2
Going my wave1
Going my way10
Going native2
Going north2
Going nowhere1
Going nowhere any road will do1
Going nowhere fast2
Going off stage1
Going on8
Going on 291
Going on a journey1
Going on to Detroit1
Going once going twice1
Going out3
Going out backway1
Going out music1
Going out of my head14
Going out steppin1
Going out the back way2
Going outside1
Going over Jordan1
Going places8
Going postal1
Going soft1
Going somewhere5
Going somewhere canorous1
Going somewhere else1
Going somewhere fast1
Going somewhere with you2
Going south8
Going south blues1
Going straight1
Going the same way1
Going there4
Going through5
Going through a phase1
Going through a tube1
Going through changes1
Going through part one1
Going through part two1
Going through the motions1
Going through the wall2
Going thru some changes1
Going to1
Going to a gogo1
Going to a meeting1
Going to a town1
Going to America1
Going to and returning from not there2
Going to be1
Going to build me a playhouse1

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