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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page G13 - Give me 5 to Glas VIII

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Tune nameSessions
Give me 51
Give me 71
Give me a break10
Give me a break baby1
Give me a break blues1
Give me a call3
Give me a chance1
Give me a clean heart2
Give me a face give me a voice1
Give me a faithful heart1
Give me a figure1
Give me a gourd o drink water1
Give me a heart to sing to3
Give me a hit1
Give me a hug1
Give me a job1
Give me a June night5
Give me a kiss2
Give me a kiss goodnight1
Give me a kiss to build a dream on14
Give me a lift1
Give me a little bit o sunshine1
Give me a little kiss2
Give me a little more lovin1
Give me a little whistle3
Give me a moment5
Give me a night in June4
Give me a pig foot and a bottle1
Give me a reason1
Give me a reason why1
Give me a ring1
Give me a sign1
Give me a simple life2
Give me a simple tune1
Give me a sold beat1
Give me a song to remember1
Give me a song with a beautiful melody6
Give me a ukelele1
Give me a ukelele and a ukelele baby1
Give me a ukelele and a ukulele baby1
Give me a ukulele1
Give me a ukulele and a ukulele baby1
Give me a winter1
Give me a world of art1
Give me an A in hindsight3
Give me an hour in your garden2
Give me an old fashioned swing2
Give me an old fashioned swing in the evening2
Give me another2
Give me another break1
Give me another chance2
Give me back my drum2
Give me back my dynamite1
Give me back my heart1
Give me back my soul1
Give me back my tears2
Give me back some truth2
Give me back that colour you stole from my guts1
Give me back the one I love1
Give me five7
Give me five minutes1
Give me five minutes more8
Give me forever1
Give me freedom1
Give me half a chance1
Give me head til youre dead1
Give me Jarrison1
Give me Jesus7
Give me just a hug1
Give me just a little bit of love1
Give me just a little bit of your love3
Give me just a little of your time1
Give me liberty3
Give me liberty or give me love6
Give me love7
Give me love for love1
Give me lovin1
Give me money1
Give me moon1
Give me more1
Give me my dime back give me my money1
Give me my ranch2
Give me my rapture1
Give me my vegies1
Give me my walking shoes1
Give me oil in my lamp2
Give me old time religion1
Give me one1
Give me one dollar1
Give me one last dance1
Give me one more chance4
Give me one reason6
Give me peace1
Give me rivers1
Give me some3
Give me some credit1
Give me some lovin1
Give me some money1
Give me some money there1
Give me some more2
Give me some skin5
Give me some sugar1
Give me some water1
Give me something1
Give me something good to eat1
Give me something real1
Give me something to dream about2
Give me something to remember you by5
Give me space1
Give me strength to carry on1
Give me strength to climb1
Give me sunshine1
Give me that feelin1
Give me that funky horns1
Give me that good old New Orleans Jazz2
Give me that jazz1
Give me that old fashioned swing1
Give me that old malpractice1
Give me that old slow drag1
Give me that old time religion21
Give me that smile1
Give me the bowl of oatmeal1
Give me the country side of life1
Give me the eleven1
Give me the food1
Give me the good time1
Give me the good word1
Give me the high sign1
Give me the highlife1
Give me the love1
Give me the man1
Give me the moonlight give me the girl2
Give me the night8
Give me the pearl1
Give me the reason1
Give me the right2
Give me the simple life168
Give me the simple live1
Give me the sultans harem6
Give me the sultan’s harem1
Give me the sunshine2
Give me this night1
Give me those good old days1
Give me time12
Give me time to explain2
Give me today3
Give me twenty nickels1
Give me twenty nickels for a dollar1
Give me twenty nickles for a dollar1
Give me until morning1
Give me water1
Give me your affection honey1
Give me your hand5
Give me your hand and sing1
Give me your heart tonight1
Give me your kisses3
Give me your love11
Give me your smile1
Give me your telephone number84
Give me your tired your poor3
Give more2
Give more power to the people1
Give my best to G3
Give my heart a break1
Give my heart another break1
Give my heart away1
Give my love to Rose1
Give my regards to Broadway26
Give my regards to Eighth Street1
Give my regards to Eighth Street text1
Give my your telephone number1
Give no quarter1
give off1
Give or take2
Give out2
Give over the cheat1
Give peace a chance10
Give peace every chance1
Give sorrow words1
Give spring1
Give thanks7
Give thanks to ghosts1
Give that dog a bone2
Give the band a hand2
Give the cat a fish1
Give the drummer some6
Give the drummers sum1
Give the lady what she wants1
Give the man a home1
Give the other drummer some1
Give the poor man a break1
Give the vibes some1
Give the world a little whistle1
Give the world a smile1
Give them enough rope1
Give them Hal1
Give them some other1
Give them the spiritual1
Give them their flowers while theyre here1
Give them what they want1
Give time a chance1
Give u my heart1
Give up2
Give up and tell1
Give up little girl1
Give up the booty1
Give up the cake1
Give up the chair2
Give up the ghost2
Give up the gold or give up your life1
Give us a chance1
Give us a drink bartender1
Give us a smile Film score1
Give us strength1
Give us the Charleston1
Give us these days1
Give us this day1
Give us wisdom1
Give wings to your heart1
Give you five1
Give you my heart1
Give you this1
Give your heart a chance1
Give your heart to me1
Give your life to GD1
Give your life to God1
Give your little baby lots of lovin2
Give your love2
Give your love to me1
Give your mama one smile4
Give your mind a rest1
Give yourself a little pat on the back1
Give yourself away1
given day1
Given part 11
Given part 21
Given part 31
Given part 41
Given part 51
Given part 61
Given the lady1
Given time4
Given up1
given voice a given choice1
Giverola stomp1
Givin gas1
Givin in1
Givin in blues1
Givin in to love1
Givin it away2
Givin it up1
Givin it up is givin up1
Givin me the blues1
Givin our best1
Givin the business1
Givin the high sign1
Givin to you1
Givin up1
Givin up food for funk2
Givin up givin up1
Giving away2
Giving full account1
Giving in1
Giving in gentlyI wonder1
Giving it all to you1
Giving it up1
Giving love1
Giving out the juice1
Giving praise1
Giving receiving4
Giving rise to doubt1
Giving thanks3
Giving thanks once again1
giving tree2
Giving up3
Giving up giving up1
Giving up the ghost1
Giving up the streets for love1
Giving vent to your feelings1
Giving voice to one which was stolen1
Giving you a hard time nicely1
Giving you all my love1
Giving you the best that I got2
Giving you the best that Ive got1
Giving you what you need1
Givolas flower shop1
Giya kasiamore1
Giza baju1
Giza plateau1
Giza pyramids1
Gizli cennet1
Gizmo babies1
Gizmos revenge1
Gizzards all gory2
Gizzly bear rag1
Gje meg handa di1
Gje meg tog1
Gjendines badnlat3
Gjendines lullaby1
Gjennom natten1
Gjennom skylag1
Gjenta va gild1
Gjerg des Berisha1
Gjestedogn Dame med ornenese eller orn i spurvefjaer1
Gjestedogn En ensom vingeklippet handelsreisende1
Gjestedogn Mr and Mrs Endless Et tranepar1
Gjestedogn Turtleduer No disturbance please1
Gjirokastra ne shpat mali1
Gjocville ghost town1
Gjognum strid til stjornurnar1
Gjogra sat utpa jotulaberg1
Gjogra sat utpa jotulaberget1
Gjon Mili jam session4
GjortBengts polska1
Gjotzville 21
GJs drums1
GJs strut1
GK 11
GK 31
GK 41
GK 51
GK 81
GK blues2
GK live1
GL blues1
glace casse1
Glacial blue1
Glacial lake1
Glacial Moraine1
Glacial paysage1
Glacial reconstruction1
Glacier descent1
Glacier hiking1
Glacier slide1
Glacier wall1
Glaciers of ice1
Glad a see ya1
Glad again1
Glad all over1
Glad and sorry blues1
Glad bags1
Glad day1
Glad dig du kristi brud2
Glad eyes1
Glad for someone1
Glad Hamp6
Glad he did1
Glad I found you1
Glad I knew better1
Glad I met Pat13
Glad igen1
Glad ijs1
Glad Im alive1
Glad Im in love1
Glad its you1
Glad lad1
Glad rag3
Glad rag dol1
Glad rag doll54
Glad smiles1
Glad that I found you1
Glad that Ive found you1
Glad there is you1
Glad tidings3
Glad to ask1
Glad to be1
Glad to be back from Paris1
Glad to be here1
Glad to be me2
Glad to be sad6
Glad to be unhappy86
Glad to hear you1
Glad to meet you1
Glad to need you1
Glad to sad to say1
Glad to see you1
Glad when youre dead you rascal you1
Glad you are here1
Glad you called1
Glad you came1
Glad you made it1
Glad you said yes1
Glad youre hear1
Glada ankan1
Glade jul3
Gladiator glamour1
gladiator march1
Gladiator skull1
Gladiators of Tustin1
Gladiolovy rag1
Gladiolus rag55
Gladiolus rag ballad1
Gladiolus tristis1
Gladioulus rag1
Gladious rag1
Gladjens blomster6
Gladly Gladys1
Gladly Id give my heart1
Glads blues1
Gladys bossa nova1
Gladys dance4
Gladys idea1
Gladys P Muelbach boogie1
Gladysee bounce1
Gladzone rag1
Glaitzianer sher1
Glamorous glennis1
Glamorous jam1
Glamorous life1
Glamour blues1
Glamour game1
Glamour girl4
Glamour jungle1
Glamour lady1
Glamour profession2
Glamour puss1
Glamour shot1
Glamourous life1
Glamourous song1
glance back1
glance backward1
glance in frozen time1
Glance in the dark1
glance that Billy gave1
glance to Milton1
Glances exchanged between nurses1
Glancing backwards1
glancing blow1
Glancing loudly1
Glanda jumper1
Glandular secretions1
Glans over sjo och strand2
Glanzender lugner1
Glare of the tiger2
Glas la1
Glas no t1
Glas sa obale boje1
Glas VIII1

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