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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page F46 - Funky dunk to Fur Gudrun

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Tune nameSessions
Funky dunk1
funky dunky2
Funky dwelling1
Funky eaeco1
funky elephant1
Funky emperor1
Funky faetter1
Funky fantasy1
Funky farmer1
Funky faucet1
Funky feelin blues1
Funky feet5
Funky Fender1
Funky festival1
Funky fiesta1
Funky finger1
Funky fingers1
Funky fish1
Funky flamenco1
Funky fluke4
funky flunky1
Funky flute3
Funky flutes1
Funky flutes mr21
Funky flutter1
Funky fly2
Funky foray1
Funky force1
Funky fox2
Funky Freddy1
Funky freeboper1
Funky freedom1
Funky fried tofu1
Funky Fuj1
Funky fun1
Funky funk2
Funky funkey1
Funky funky Broadway1
Funky funky Christmas1
Funky funky hop1
Funky funky stuff1
Funky game1
Funky get down4
Funky ghost1
funky gibbon1
Funky gibo2
Funky giora1
Funky girl3
funky girls broken heel1
Funky good time5
Funky good times1
Funky goodie1
Funky gospel1
Funky grease bucket1
Funky griff1
Funky groove2
Funky guitar blues1
Funky guru1
Funky H1
Funky hegedu2
Funky HH1
Funky Hiway1
Funky hobbit1
Funky hotel blues1
Funky in here1
Funky interlude2
Funky jabour1
Funky James1
Funky jazz1
Funky jazz walk1
Funky jhaptal1
Funky jibaro1
Funky Joe3
Funky jog1
Funky Johnson1
Funky Jones1
Funky journey1
Funky judge1
Funky junk1
Funky junkie1
Funky junky1
Funky kangaroo1
Funky KC1
funky kind of thing1
funky kiss1
Funky LA1
Funky Lacy1
Funky lady1
Funky Leroy1
Funky lil Geo1
funky little drummer boy1
Funky little sweet thing slow dance for fast times1
Funky Liza2
Funky London1
Funky lover1
Funky lovin1
Funky Lucy1
Funky Lyman1
Funky Maalox1
Funky mama23
Funky Mama Moose1
Funky mambo1
Funky mamma2
Funky man2
Funky marimba1
Funky Mary1
Funky match1
Funky matrix1
Funky medina1
Funky miracle1
Funky mist1
Funky Monk2
Funky monkey6
Funky monkey baby1
Funky mood1
Funky motion4
Funky mountain1
Funky Mozart1
Funky Mr D1
Funky music box1
Funky music is my style1
Funky Nassau1
Funky neighbourhood1
Funky New Orleanians1
Funky new second line1
Funky niblets2
Funky NO thing1
Funky nu beat1
Funky number1
Funky number 51
Funky nuts1
Funky old blues2
Funky old St Nicholas1
Funky Oscar2
Funky Paersen1
Funky panty girdle1
Funky pasha1
Funky peacock1
Funky people1
Funky pickle1
Funky pickles1
Funky piece of cake1
Funky pigeon1
Funky piggy1
Funky pipe1
Funky poet1
Funky popcorn1
Funky porcini1
Funky princess1
Funky promenade1
Funky pullett1
Funky rabbits2
Funky rag1
Funky rain1
Funky rebel1
Funky red shoes1
Funky reggae1
Funky Rhodes1
Funky ride1
Funky robot1
Funky rooster1
Funky roots1
Funky row1
Funky Ruffel2
Funky salmon1
Funky sea1
Funky sea funky dew6
Funky see funky dew1
Funky senator1
Funky senor1
Funky serenade1
Funky seven1
funky shepherds2
Funky shoes1
Funky shuffle1
Funky sickness1
Funky side effects1
Funky side of the street1
Funky side up1
Funky sinuosi1
Funky sister1
Funky situation1
Funky skull1
Funky slice1
Funky snakefoot1
Funky so & so1
Funky soul2
Funky soul No 11
Funky soup1
Funky spices and pings1
Funky staircase1
Funky start boogie1
Funky sterling1
Funky stomp Indian song1
Funky straight2
Funky street1
Funky stressy buddy1
Funky stroll1
Funky strut1
Funky stuff4
Funky Sunday1
Funky super fly1
Funky sweet2
Funky swing1
Funky syndicate1
Funky T2
Funky talk1
Funky tamborim3
Funky tamborine1
Funky tango2
Funky tango for AM1
Funky tentacles1
funky thide of sings1
Funky thing4
Funky things1
Funky Tina1
Funky tonk10
Funky tonk Directions1
Funky tower1
Funky town2
Funky toys1
Funky train1
Funky tramway1
Funky trip1
Funky tropical1
Funky tuba1
Funky tune for Ray1
Funky tunes1
Funky turkey1
Funky twist1
Funky twitch1
Funky two five1
Funky valentine1
Funky vendetta1
funky view1
Funky violin1
funky wah wah thang1
Funky walk1
Funky waltz10
Funky ward1
Funky Watermelon man1
Funky wave1
funky way2
funky whistler1
Funky Willie1
Funky Winkerbean1
Funky wood1
Funky zigui1
Funkyard dog1
Funkys uncle1
Funkytown shuffle1
Funkytruck dodge1
Funn manzini1
Funnel beaker B1
Funnel weaver1
Funniculi funnicula1
Funnier than funny1
funniest game1
funniest thing1
Funnt Benedetta1
Funny & uprising1
Funny about my honey1
Funny and blue1
Funny and Clyde1
Funny as it seems1
Funny babe1
Funny beast1
Funny beat1
Funny bird1
funny blues7
Funny bone5
Funny bones2
Funny boogie1
Funny bout the heart1
Funny Boys cocktail1
Funny bunny2
Funny but I still love you5
Funny but I still love you so1
Funny but its true1
Funny cat1
Funny chap1
funny charleston1
Funny corpse1
Funny dear what love can do5
Funny dishes2
Funny dog1
Funny dreams1
Funny face14
Funny family1
Funny farm1
Funny feather man2
Funny feathers8
Funny feathers blues2
Funny feelin4
Funny feelin blues2
Funny feeling1
Funny feet1
Funny flute1
Funny folks3
Funny Frank1
Funny frog1
Funny fumble8
Funny fun1
Funny fun coat1
Funny funk2
Funny funky1
funny funky fox1
Funny funny1
Funny funny funny what a dime can do1
Funny games2
Funny girl5
Funny glasses2
Funny glasses & a moustache1
Funny glasses and a mustache1
Funny green birds2
Funny Gully1
Funny honey4
Funny how1
Funny how things change1
Funny how time slips away13
Funny how you just cant dry your eyes1
Funny I never noticed before1
Funny isnt funny1
Funny jokes1
funny kind of Christmas for me1
Funny little dream1
Funny little money man1
Funny little Pedro7
Funny little snowman1
Funny little thing3
Funny little waltz1
Funny little world1
Funny lover1
Funny man10
Funny melodies1
Funny miss1
Funny money3
Funny monkey1
Funny moon2
Funny night1
Funny nights in Memphis Tennessee2
Funny not much1
Funny old hills2
Funny paper1
Funny peculiar2
Funny people1
Funny place1
Funny ride1
Funny rolls1
Funny rumble1
funny shade of blue1
Funny shoes2
Funny shuffle1
funny side of discreet1
Funny side of the street1
Funny side up1
Funny sixties1
Funny song1
Funny stadium1
Funny story1
Funny strings1
Funny style baby1
Funny Sunny1
Funny talk1
Funny that1
Funny that way3
funny thing4
funny thing about it1
Funny thing is1
funny thing just happened1
Funny things3
Funny things happened1
Funny time3
Funny uncle1
Funny und die vogel1
Funny valentine5
Funny Valentines of war1
Funny voices1
Funny walk2
Funny waltz1
Funny ways1
Funny what love can do1
Funny world6
Funny you should mention it1
Funny you should say that1
Funnybird song5
Funque Afrique1
Funquis blues1
Funston samples1
Fuoco del giorno1
Fuoco di gioia1
Fuoco fatuo2
Fuoco freddo1
Fuoco giallo1
Fuoco interiore1
Fuoco rituale1
Fuori a sinistra1
Fuori citta2
Fuori dal bacello3
Fuori dal casolare1
Fuori dal coro1
Fuori era ancora notte1
Fuori le mura1
Fuori moda1
Fuori nel mondo1
Fuori programma1
Fuori stagione1
Fuori tempo a tempo1
Fuori tiro1
Fur Achim1
Fur Adam Kadmon1
Fur Alina1
Fur Alle1
Fur bassklarinette alleine1
Fur beate1
Fur Beccah1
Fur Bela2
Fur Bill1
Fur bobolina1
Fur Carlos1
Fur Charlie1
Fur Christian1
Fur Claudia1
Fur Connie1
Fur data1
Fur den hofnung1
Fur den marchand du sel1
Fur den menschlichen genuss nicht geeignet1
Fur den vater1
Fur dich2
Fur die andere bassklarinette alleine1
Fur die Sonne1
Fur Dietmar1
Fur Donaueschingen ever1
Fur Doreliese1
Fur drei Groschen1
Fur edge1
Fur Egon1
Fur ein schneewittchen1
Fur eine Nacht1
Fur eine Nacht volle Seligkeit1
Fur eine Nacht voller Seligkeit10
Fur eine Nacht voller Seligkeit foxtrott a Kora Terry c filmbol1
Fur einem Fliederstrauss darfst du mir Kussen1
Fur einen1
Fur einen Fliederstrauss darfst du mich Kussen2
Fur einen fliederstrausz darfst du Mich Kussen1
Fur einen gastgeber1
Fur einen walfisch1
Fur einer Nacht voller Selegkeit1
Fur Elise36
Fur Emilia1
Fur ES1
Fur Esther1
Fur etwas liebe1
Fur EW2
Fur fab1
Fur Flo1
Fur Gerd1
Fur Gipsy1
Fur GK1
Fur Glenn Gould1
Fur Graz1
Fur Gregor1
Fur Gudrun1

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