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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page F41 - From here to the moon to Front cracks

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Tune nameSessions
From here to the moon1
From here to the street1
From here to there12
From here to there and no return1
From hill to hill1
from Histoire de Florida1
From hoggee to hoggler1
From ice to steam1
From Iceland1
From Igor1
From influence to innocence1
From Innsbruck to Porto1
From Instanbul1
From J to Z1
From Japan2
From jaw to ear1
From Jazz to rhythm1
From Jhon to Jhon1
From Jimmy with soul1
From John to Johny1
From Juvavum to Salzburg1
From La Belle Helen1
From Lajkas point of view1
From leaps to bounds1
From left to right2
From Leipzig to California1
From light to light1
From lighthouse to Frankfurt1
From like to love1
From limbo1
From loneliness1
From loosened soil1
From love to love1
From M to Ar1
From Magma1
From Maine to California2
From major to minor1
From man to man1
From Marnie to Twisted Nerve1
From Maroc1
From Marocco to Art1
From Mars to Zarathustra1
From Maxville to Vanport1
From me1
From me to Mandy Lee1
From me to you27
From me to you all1
From memory1
From Memphis to Orlando & back1
From Mexico to Bali1
From midnight on1
From midnight till dawn2
From Milan to Bahia1
From Mingus to Duke1
From minor to major1
From Missouri1
From moment to moment5
From Monday on113
From Monday to Tuesday1
From months to minutes1
From morning till midnight1
From Moscow to LA2
From mountain to valley and back again1
From Mundy on1
From my heart4
From my heat to yours1
From my point of view1
From my window8
From N to A1
From New Orleans10
From New World Symphony1
From New York nothinga Virgilio Crocco1
From New York to L A1
From New York to Nouadhibou1
From noche to night1
From noon to midnight1
From notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach1
From nothing1
From nothing everything comes1
From nothing to nowhere1
From now on46
From now on blues1
From now on make your whoopee at home1
From now one1
From now own1
From now till doomsday1
From nowhere4
From nowhere to here1
From nowhere to the flowers1
From Oakland to Burbank1
From oblivion1
From odyssey1
From old companions unchosen sometimes you expect a reaction1
From one extreme to unspecified1
From one island to another1
From one JC to another2
From one love to another3
From one place to another1
From one till two8
From one to another4
From one to twelve3
From one who cares1
From orange to pink1
From Ornette to Sun Ra by way of Miss Ann Southam1
From Ottana to New York1
From our hearts1
From our love1
From our time1
From Out of Bartok1
From out of space1
From out of the shadows1
From out there2
From out where others dwell2
from outer space1
From outside1
From over the sky1
From Palmer1
From paradise to Utopio1
From Paris to Mosterhamn1
From Paris with love2
From Partita no 1 BWV 10021
From Partita No 2 BWV 10041
From Partita No 3 BWV 10061
From Partita No3 for Violin solo BWV10061
From parts unknown1
From piano concerto 2nd movement1
From Pindermonti1
From polliwogs1
From pops to bop1
From prom to prom1
From Prussia with love1
From rags to Richards1
From rags to riches4
From reality and back1
From red to rusk1
From Rio to Berlin1
From Rio to Havana1
From Rochellas Suite Pt IV1
From rockin horse to rockin chair1
From Roller coaster1
From Ronnie with love1
From roots to fruits1
From rosy bowrs1
From Russia with love32
From Saint Louis to Kansas City by way of Chicago1
From saints to sellers1
from Samuel Beckett1
From Saturday night till Monday1
From Saturday night till Monday morning1
From Saturday night to Monday morning1
From saxophone & trombone 11
From saxophone & trombone 21
From saxophone & trombone 31
From saxophone & trombone 41
From saxophone & trombone 51
From Schoenberg1
From scratch3
From scratch again1
From scratch to drama1
From sea bed to surface1
From seeds1
From self to self1
From seven up1
From shade to sunlight1
From shadows1
From Shanghai to Bangkok2
From Shenandoah2
From silence1
From Singapur1
From six to midnight1
From smiles to smiles1
From solid ground1
From someone elses point of view1
From somewhere1
From somewhere to somewhere1
From Sonata No 1 BWV 10011
From Sonata No 37 for violin K4021
From Sonata No14 K3331
From Sonata No15 K5451
From Sonata No3 for Violin and Harpsichord BWV10161
From Sonata No41
From songlines Gonten1
From soup to nuts2
from Sox Kitashimas speech August 12 19891
From spirits2
From spring to summer1
From St Louis1
From Stafa to Willisau via music1
From star to star1
from Starsky and Hutch1
From station to station1
From Sticksland with love1
From street to street1
From strength to strength1
From Stuarts draft1
From Suite for Strings La Lyra1
from suite no 3 in D Major BWV 10681
From Suite No2 in B Minor1
From sun to pearl1
From sun to sun1
From sunny Madeira to Texas1
From sunrise to sunset2
From sunset till dawn1
From Symphony 35 Haffner1
From Tchaikovsky Sym 5 2nd Movement1
From tear to here1
From ten two and three1
From Texas to Nevada1
From Thais1
From that moment on1
From the abyss1
From the age of swing1
From the ancient worlds1
From the archives1
From the arms of ogone1
From the art of the fugue1
From the ashes5
From the ashes springs a sevenpointed flower1
From the back1
From the backstretch1
From the backyard1
From the balcony1
From the balcony of Lutetia1
From the banks of the Wabash1
From the begining to the end1
From the beginning6
From the beginning after forgetting1
From the belly1
From the beyond1
From the blossom1
From the blue1
From the blues theme1
From the body1
From the book DARK ENOUGH1
From the book of exercises1
From the book of in1
From the book of love2
From the bottom1
From the bottom drawer1
From the bottom of my heart12
From the bottom of my soul1
From the bottom of the Delta1
From the bottom of your soul1
From the bottom to the top3
From the bottom up3
From the bridge1
From the carnival1
From the Cello Suite in C Major1
From the center3
From the chalk cliffs1
From the chamber1
From the container upwards1
From the countryside1
From the creekbed1
From The day of the animals1
From the deep2
From the depths2
From the depths of archetypal encounter1
From the diary of a fly1
From the diary of a travelling salesman1
From The eagle has landed1
From the Earth2
From the east1
From the edge1
From the egg1
From the eggs to the apples1
From the empire of anemones and crabs3
From the ends1
From the English suite no 21
From the entrance of love1
From the Estro Harmonico Op3 No111
From the everyday life1
From the father to the son1
From the fell repast1
From the files of agent 221
From the first not a thing is1
From the first time I met you1
From the fog1
From the force of the term1
From the four directions1
From The Four Seasons1
From the freedom suite1
From the grace1
From the green beneath1
From the green hill1
From the greenhouse1
From the ground2
From the ground to the sky1
From the ground up1
From the Harpsichord Concerto in F Minor1
From the Harpsichord Suite in E Major1
From the Hartland1
From the heart32
From the highest spire1
From the hip6
From the horses mouth1
From the hot afternoon1
From the human transcendency1
From the inside2
From the inside out2
From the insideout1
From the island of Bali1
From the jazz side for Peter Eotvos1
From the jerking of the eels1
From the jungle to the zoo2
From the Khyber Pass1
From the land1
From the land of Sand1
From the land of sky blue water1
From the land of the sky blue1
From the land of the sky blue water9
From the land of the skyblue water1
From the land of the skyblue waters1
From the left1
From the life of Antonio Moreira2
From the lonely afternoon2
From the lonely afternoons2
From the love side1
From the lovely afternoons1
From the lowlands1
From the luna surface1
From the moon2
From the morning2
From the mouth1
From the mouth of babes1
From the muddy Mississippi to the fashionable fair1
From the musical Golden Boy1
From the Nacia mountains1
From the neck down1
From the new world1
From the night1
From the night before1
From the north3
From the off1
From the old world1
From the one that cut you1
From the only poet to a shining whore1
From the other side8
From the other side of the pulpit1
From the outset part I1
From the outset part II1
From the outside1
From the outside in1
From the Partita No 21
From the peacock1
From the persistence of Vision I II III1
From the piano comes this1
From the plank to plankton1
From the plantation to the penitentiary1
From the point of light1
From the point of love2
From the pulpit1
From the Redwoods to the Rockies1
From the right side1
From the rise and fall of the city of mahagonny1
From the rising of the sun1
From the rising sun1
From the river1
From the river to the ocean1
From the river to the sea1
From the rivers of our fathers1
From the Roar of the Greasepaint1
From the roof1
From the roots1
From the same blood1
From the same tribe1
From the scoup extension1
From the second shelf1
From the shadows1
From the shelves1
From the silence1
From the sky2
From the soul2
From the sound up1
From the source8
From the source we tumble headlong1
From the spirit1
From the spiritual to the dust1
From the start2
From the sticks1
From the street1
From the suite Black narcissus part 11
From the suite in D major1
From the tidepool1
From the time you say goodbye1
From the top5
From the top of the hill1
From the top of your head6
From the train1
From the very deep1
From the very first time1
From the very start1
From the vine came the grape1
From the warm1
From the waters of New Orleans1
From the well3
From the Well Tempered Clavier2
From the Well Tempered Clavier 1st book3
From the Well Tempered Clavier 2nd1
From the Well Tempered Clavier 2nd book2
From The WellTempered Clavier1
From the window1
From the wine came the grape1
From the womb to the tomb1
From then darkness to the light1
From then on1
From then til now1
From then till now2
From then to then1
From there1
From there to here3
From these hills1
From these roots1
From this day2
From this day forward1
From this day on1
From this far1
From this moment2
From this moment on205
From this moment onLove for sale1
From this place2
From this time forward2
From this time from that time1
From this time to that time1
From this tower1
From three to four1
From time to time16
From time to time free4
From time to time suite1
From Tirana to Shkodar1
From tiresias1
From TL to NGL1
From to beyond1
From Tokyo to France1
From Tom to Tom1
From Ton to Tom4
From TOP1
From top to bottom1
From town to town1
From trees1
From Trio Sonata in E Major1
From Tullio to Gil1
From twelve to four1
From two to five1
from U1
From Uncle Sams to Wougome Dekpo1
From untruth1
From V to V1
From Vanina Express1
from Varese to Glencove1
From Venice to Vienna1
From Vienna with love3
From village to the city to1
From Washington to MontfordlAmaury1
From way back2
from Wellington New Zealand1
From what I remember1
From whence I came1
From whence it came1
From whence we came1
From where1
From where I am1
From where I see it now1
From where I sit1
From where I stand3
From where we came1
From where we stand1
From which1
From which side1
From whom1
From whom it may concern1
From Wichford Hill1
From winds1
From winter to summer1
From within17
From within the rainbow1
From you3
From you to me1
From you to me to you1
From your heart1
From your soul shall I part1
From zero1
Fromage a Varese1
Fromage en crottes1
Fromasia to minor1
Fromfor Renee1
Frompy fromperson1
Frompy stomp1
Fromundah cheese1
Front & centre1
Front and center11
Front and centre2
Front burner7
Front cracks1

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