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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page F40 - Frisco to From here to paternity

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Tune nameSessions
Frisco Bay2
Frisco Bay blues1
Frisco blues3
Frisco boogie woogie1
Frisco club1
Frisco connection1
Frisco dreams1
Frisco flo2
Frisco fog7
Frisco follies1
Frisco hiball1
Frisco hiball blues1
Frisco jazz band blues1
Frisco line1
Frisco rag1
Frisco rider6
Frisco toodleoo1
Frisco town1
Frisco train blues1
Frisco vibrations1
Frisco whistle1
Frisco youre a bear1
Friscos kitchen stovers1
Frisell dream5
Frisell frazzle1
Frisellian jelly1
Frisellian lullaby1
Frishberg and Dorough1
Frisia non cantat1
Frisian mounds1
Frisk Baglaens2
Frisk me1
Friskey honey1
Friskin the frog1
Frisking frolicking and merrymaking1
Friskt vagat1
Frisky biscuits1
Frisky feet3
Frisky lamb1
frisky part1
Friso frigo1
Friss csardas3
Frisson de galerne1
Frissons dans la cochlee1
Frissons de lune1
Fristaende ovning 151
Fristaende ovning 6111
Frith Fields1
Frith St blues1
Frith Street blues1
Fritiof Anderssons paradmarch1
Fritiof Anderssons paradmarsch1
Fritiof Ronnerdahl och Evert Taube1
Fritkot blues1
Frito mistos1
Fritto misto1
Fritz at the Rockefeller1
Fritz blues1
Fritz Ewald1
Fritz in heaven1
Fritz the cat3
Fritz und die Zeit der Bradstifter1
Fritze blues1
Fritzies boogie1
Friuli friula1
Frivilous Sal1
Frivolous banta4
Frivolous Sal9
Frizzi pazzi1
Frizzlewits march1
Frk mortensen1
Frl Hilde lernt Friseuse1
Frobenius stomp1
Froce on fours1
Frodos fantasy1
Frog & toe1
Frog + more rag1
Frog and mule1
Frog and nightgown1
frog and the snake1
Frog and toad1
Frog boogie1
Frog boy1
Frog child2
Frog dance15
Frog days afternoon1
Frog dirt1
Frog eye1
Frog eye stomp1
Frog eyes3
Frog face stomp1
Frog field1
Frog floating1
Frog fuck1
Frog hop7
Frog i moore rag1
Frog I more rag2
Frog I More rag or sweetheart o mine1
Frog in1
Frog jump1
Frog leg blues1
Frog leg logic1
Frog legs10
Frog legs rag22
Frog lips2
Frog nappin1
Frog on a highway1
Frog orient chance1
Frog prince1
Frog rag1
Frog samba1
Frog song5
Frog songs1
Frog spell1
Frog stroke1
frog the fountain & Aunt Jane1
frog the fountain and Aunt Jane1
frog threw his head back and laughed1
Frog tongue stomp7
Frog tongue stomp)1
Frog town on the hill1
Frog tune1
Frog with spare lightbulb1
Frogfrog boogie1
Frogg more rag1
Frogg more rang1
Froggers lament1
Froggie chou1
Froggie Moore144
Froggie Moore rag23
Froggie more rag2
Froggie went a courtin1
Froggie went acourtin1
FroggieMoore rag1
Froggimore rag2
Froggy bottom13
Froggy bottom jump1
froggy day4
Froggy goes to Courtnay1
Froggy legs1
Froggy moore2
Froggy style1
froggy went a courtin1
Froggy woogie1
Froggychicken funk1
Froggys bolero1
Froggys magic twanger1
Froggys midnight cabaret1
Frogi more rag1
Frogimoore rag2
Frogimore blues1
Frogimore rag34
Frogmore stew1
Frogorian dance1
Frogorian trance1
Frogs & Barry Guy1
Frogs arose1
Frogs blues1
Frogs dance1
Frogs dancing in your head1
Frogs dream1
Frogs flight1
Frogs for snakes1
Frogs in June1
Frogs in space1
Frogs legs4
frogs of Gabbiano1
frogs of miwacho1
frogs rain1
Frogs rock1
Frogs serenade1
Frogs where your mouth is1
Frogslegs and bourbon1
Frogtime stagger1
Frogtown blues1
Froher bummel1
Froher Totentans zweier Bergfalter1
Frohleher landman1
Frohlich kamerad1
Frohliche weihnacht uberall1
Frohliche weinacht uberall1
Frohlicher landmann1
Frohlicher schneider1
Frohliches Beisammensein an der Raststatte auf dem internationalen Datenhighway1
Frohliches dur1
Frohliches lied 21
Frohlichgasse 211
Frohsinn Feuerbach1
Froisse defroisse1
Froken agnes1
Froken fraken2
Froken hvad var det nu de hed1
Froken Selma1
frolic and a tune1
Frolic for basses1
Frolic jump1
Frolic of the bears3
Frolic Sam22
Frolicking Fido2
frolicsome clarinet3
frolicsome mongrel1
Frolique Monique1
From 1230 to forever1
From 13 to 141
From 20 to 441
From 3 to 41
From 4 and to 2 and1
From 4 to 61
From a birds eye1
From a day1
From a different angle1
From a distance6
From a distant land2
From a distant shore1
From a dream4
From a familiar place1
From A flat to C2
From a glance1
From a hilltop1
From a home with a piano1
From a jack to a king1
From a life of the same name2
From a little acorns1
from a little croaking sound1
From a lonely bass1
From a long untitled poem1
From a love supreme1
From a nest1
From a new distance1
From a pause1
From a prison cell3
From a rainy night2
From a spark to a fire1
From a strange place1
From A suite for families1
From a tip1
From A to B2
From a to b to infinity1
From A to G1
From A to Z7
From a wash woman on up1
From a whiskey barrel1
From a whisper to a roar1
From a whisper to a scream1
From a wide open window1
From a window2
From a window 1 am1
From a WW2 veterans garage1
From A Z1
From above9
From above the moon to below the fishes1
From above very spring1
From abyss to abyss1
From across the ocean1
From afar10
From afar I1
From afar II1
From afar III1
From afar IV1
From Aflat to C2
From age to age1
From all angles1
From all around1
From all bondages1
From all indications1
From Ammons to Johnson1
From an ancient proverb2
From an April1
From an Irish folk song1
From an old sketch1
From another dimension1
From another past1
From another star2
From another time2
From another world7
From anywhere to somewhere1
From around here1
From ashes1
From Asia to Europe1
From assent to refusal1
from Aydenya1
From AZ1
From azure to khaki1
From bachianas brasileiras no 51
From bad to good blues1
From Bahia to Ceara1
From Bali to Blokhus1
From bar seven1
From Basie to New Orleans1
From beband to bigbop1
From bebop to hip hop1
From Bechet Byas and Fats4
From Beersheba to Haran1
From before1
From behind1
From Bekes Hill1
From Belgium to Holland1
From Bella to Keith1
From Belleville to Ravenna1
From below1
From Ben to bassoon1
From Bengali1
From beyond1
From beyond the margins1
From Bird1
From Birdland to Broadway2
From birth1
From black to light1
From black to white1
From blindness traveling1
From Bombay to Istanbul1
From boogie to funk2
From bop to bottom1
From boss to feet2
From both sides now9
From bottom to top1
From branch to branch1
From Broadway to 7th Ave1
From Broadway to 7th Ave to Fulton St1
From Broadway to 7th Avenue1
From Broadway to Amsterdam1
From Brooklyn with love1
From Broussard1
From C to shining C1
From California with love2
From Cameroun1
From can to cant1
From Cantata BWV1471
From Cantata BWV2091
From cat to Nat1
From CB to CB with love2
From center of rainbow1
From chaos1
From Charleston on till now1
From Chicago1
From Chopin to Chopin1
From City of Glass Part one entrance1
From coast to coast1
From Coltranes notebook1
From Concerto for 2 violins BWV10431
From Concerto for Oboe and Strings in C Minor1
From Concerto Grosso Op6 No41
From Concerto in A Major for Oboe & strings1
From Configurations in darkness2
From confusion to order2
From Congo1
From Copenhagen to Ubud1
From country to town1
From Cousteaus point of view1
From daddy1
From Daddy with love1
From dark into the light1
From dark to light1
From darkness2
From darkness into light1
From darkness into the light1
From darkness to light3
From dawn to dusk1
From dawn to dust1
From day to day8
From daybreak to morning1
From deep within1
From depths of woe I cry to Thee1
From destructs to constructs1
From different lands1
From dipper to Satchmo1
From dixieland to bebop1
From Dizzy1
From down there1
From down to planes1
From dream to dream5
From dreams1
From duck1
From Duke to Duke1
From dusk til dawn1
From dusk till dawn2
From dusk to darkness1
From dusk to dawn2
From dusk towards dawn1
From dust1
From dust to dessert1
From E to C3
From earth to moon1
From earworm with love1
From east1
From East Sixth Street1
From East to West4
From Eden to Canaan1
from Edwin Morgan1
from Eight plus1
From eight to nine1
From empty came1
From eremite to termite1
From Ernie to Erroll1
From Esbiorns point of view1
From everlasting to everlasting1
From F to F and back1
From F to G1
From fair to middling women1
From fairest creatures sonnet 11
From far away2
From farm girl to fabulous vol 11
From farm girl to fabulous vol II1
From father to friend1
From Featherbed Lane1
From finnegan1
From flower suite1
From flower to flower1
From foilage of trees and shrubs1
From foreign countries1
From foreign lands and people2
From Forest of the Amazons1
From four till late1
From friend to friend1
From G to G2
From G town1
From Gagarins point of view6
From Georges to George1
From Georgia1
From Gillespiana1
From Giovanni to Jimmy1
From Gnu suite1
From Goa with love1
From Gonam City with love1
From grace to grass1
From granite to wind1
From greenhills2
From Halab to Damascus1
From hand to mouth1
From Hangzou to Nanning1
From Harlem to Paris1
From heart through the mind1
From heart to heart3
From heart to hearts2
From hearth to hearth1
From Heaven above to heart I come1
From heavens above to earth I come1
From Henry who just wrote1
From her story1
From here3
From here I see1
From here I see you clearly1
From here on out1
From here onwards1
From here to a star2
From here to confusion1
From here to eternit1
From here to eternity12
From here to her2
From here to Jazz alive and back again1
From here to paternity1

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