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This index refers to the 550,388 individual tune titles (1,638,898 total entries) included in over 249,436 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2021.

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Page F37 - Free blues 2 to Freedom 35

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Tune nameSessions
Free blues 21
Free blues warmup1
Free bluesy1
Free bop6
Free bop new bop1
Free bop statement one1
Free bop statement two1
Free bopalula1
Free boparoony1
Free bossa2
Free bow1
Free bowing1
Free bridge four1
Free bridge one1
Free bridge three1
Free bridge two1
Free by four1
Free by me bop1
free cadence1
Free California1
free call2
Free cat1
Free cell block F4
Free cell block F tis nazi1
Free cell block F tis Nazi USA7
Free cellblock F tis nazi USA1
Free change1
Free chicken1
Free Chile red Chile1
Free choice1
Free city1
Free climbing1
Free colors1
Free combinations for three instruments1
Free conversation1
Free could be1
Free curve to the point1
Free D1
Free dance2
Free dance song1
Free day3
Free days1
Free delivered1
Free delivery2
Free delivery of the blues1
Free devotion1
Free dialog1
Free dice1
Free disco1
Free ditty1
Free dive1
Free diver1
Free dom1
Free Don1
Free dots to pax part 11
Free dots to pax part 21
Free duet1
Free duet Friday1
Free duet Saturday1
Free duet Thursday1
Free eats2
Free education in Nigeria1
free effect1
Free electric hihat march1
Free electron1
Free emotions1
Free enterprise1
Free episode 11
Free episode 21
Free episode 31
Free Esbjorn1
Free esp duo1
Free exchange1
Free fair2
Free fall48
Free fall 189919591
Free fall chicken factory1
Free fall guy1
Free fall love1
Free fall lover1
Free fallin2
free falling6
Free falling borderless1
Free fantasia1
Free fantasy1
Free fast & clean1
free feel1
Free filter1
Free flight7
Free flight to Adam1
Free floating forms1
Free flow5
Free flow dialogue1
Free flyin traveler1
Free flying2
Free for a dollar1
Free for all42
Free for CT4
Free for day1
Free for five1
Free for Mandela1
Free for Miles1
Free for now1
Free for once1
Free for one1
Free for one another1
Free for the asking1
Free for three7
Free for two3
Free force1
Free forever3
Free form4
Free form 101
Free form composition1
Free form compositions 1 to 71
Free form compositions 8 to 131
Free form no11
Free form no2Evocazioni1
Free form suite pt I1
Free form suite pt II1
Free form suite pt III1
Free formel1
Free forms 141
Free formStraight no chaser1
Free forward and ahead1
Free four2
Free four all1
Free frantic & funky1
Free frantic and funky1
Free frantic and funny1
Free Freddy1
Free free set them free1
Free frei libre1
Free friends1
Free from gravitation1
Free from here1
Free from modifier1
Free from Swan lake1
Free from the ambiguities of natural language1
Free funk2
Free funky1
Free fur Nina1
Free fusion1
Free gaida1
Free Glasgow epilogue1
Free go Lily1
Free gravity I1
Free gravity II1
Free hand2
Free hand dance1
Free hand solo1
Free hands3
Free hearted1
Free Hesteria1
Free hoops for Mark Feldman1
Free hop1
Free Huey1
Free Ibiza afternoon1
Free Ibiza early morning1
Free Ibiza night1
Free imp1
Free impr 21
Free improv2
Free improv 11
Free improv 21
Free improv 31
Free improv 41
Free improv 51
Free improvisation14
Free improvisation 11
free improvisation by Paul Lovens & Toshinori Kondo1
Free improvisation II1
Free improvisation III1
Free improvisation IV1
Free improvisation Music now1
Free improvisation on a 12 tones series1
Free improvisations op 11
Free improvisations op 21
Free impulse1
Free in America1
Free in B1
Free in her skin1
Free in minore1
Free indeed1
Free information1
Free interlude3
Free intervallic mix1
Free intro1
Free intro Burkina Faso swing1
Free is free1
Free Jacks1
Free jam 11
Free jam 21
Free jam 31
Free jam 41
Free jam 51
Free jam blues part 11
Free jam blus part 21
Free James Brown1
Free jazz7
Free jazz economics1
Free jazz guitar solo1
Free jazz is thrash asshole1
Free jazz karaoke1
Free jazz therapy1
Free Jazz und Kinder1
Free JB1
free k1
Free Kata1
Free Ke Ttone1
Free kick1
free kings suite2
Free kings The music of Roland Kirk1
Free klez IV1
Free lance2
Free lancin again2
Free lancing2
Free land4
Free landscape3
Free landscape reprise1
Free lapse1
Free latin1
Free Lee3
Free legal advice1
Free libraries1
Free like a bird1
Free like the wind1
Free like you1
Free line1
Free lines1
Free lines part one1
Free lines part two1
Free links1
Free literature1
free loader1
Free love5
Free love blues1
Free love good love1
Free lunch6
Free magic1
Free man13
Free man in Paris6
Free man in tharde2
Free Mandela5
Free mans blues3
Free market1
Free me3
Free me from you1
Free men name themselves1
Free mesopotamia1
Free metal1
Free miniature1
Free Monk1
Free mood1
Free morphines1
Free motion2
Free mouth adventure1
Free movement1
Free Mumia now1
Free Mumia suite1
Free Munich1
Free Munich epilogue1
Free music1
Free music in honour of the Art Ensemble of Chicago1
Free music one1
Free music two1
Free my love1
Free my mind1
Free my soul1
Free myself1
Free Narrat2
Free Nelson4
Free nest1
Free New Afrika boogaloo1
Free night1
Free Nils1
Free note samba1
Free notes1
Free notes II1
Free of all1
Free of charge1
Free of ghosts1
Free of love1
free of us1
Free on the inside1
Free one5
Free or fated1
Free our mind1
Free Palestine1
Free parking1
Free part 1 part 21
Free pass1
Free people1
Free Pete1
Free piano1
Free piece14
Free piece along the way1
Free piece five1
Free piece four1
Free piece one1
Free piece suit1
Free piece three1
Free piece two1
Free play5
Free poetique1
Free point3
Free pont1
Free power1
Free prelude1
Free prelude No1illas1
Free prelude No21
Free prelude No31
Free preludeWhat is this thing called loveFifth house part one1
Free preludeWhat is this thing called loveFifth house part two1
Free press oui1
Free pulse2
Free Quebec1
Free radical2
Free radicals3
Free raga1
Free raggae hi bop1
Free rain1
Free range4
Free range chicken2
Free rango1
Free recall1
Free rein1
Free release1
Free reservoir1
Free revolution zone1
Free rhumba1
Free rhythm1
Free ride3
Free road1
Free rococo1
free rose1
Free said she1
Free sail1
Free samba1
Free sample3
Free samples1
Free seven1
Free since I met you1
free slave1
Free smiles1
Free Snake Davis1
Free soap1
Free society1
Free soil1
Free solo big band style1
Free sometimes rules1
Free song1
Free soul2
Free souls2
Free South Africa4
Free space4
Free speech1
Free speech phase IDeclaration1
Free speech phase IIDiscussion1
Free speech zone1
Free speech zone outro1
Free spirit18
Free spirit free style1
Free spirits12
Free spirits groove1
Free spiritsunknown1
Free spiritual music part IV1
Free standards2
free step3
Free steps1
Free stile1
Free stretch1
Free stroll1
Free style3
Free stylin1
Free sugar1
Free suite3
Free suite for Paris1
free suite part 21
Free swing2
Free tango4
Free Tattn2
Free techno1
Free the bird1
Free the blues1
Free the child1
Free the forest1
Free the idea variations on an Ornette Coleman theme1
Free the memory1
Free the people1
Free the Red Sea1
Free the slaves1
Free the Toronto nine1
Free theme1
Free thing1
Free thoughts and feelings1
Free three5
Free Three Mile Island1
Free throw1
Free time15
Free times1
Free to be8
Free to be loved by me1
Free to be me4
Free to breathe1
Free to choose2
Free to dance1
Free to dream3
Free to drive1
Free to fall1
Free to go1
Free to grind1
Free to love2
Free to mist1
Free too long1
Free trade blues1
Free tradition1
Free Trane1
Free transfer1
Free triology1
Free tune2
Free two3
Free two to five1
Free up1
Free up the second1
Free us1
Free us from all anxiety1
Free use of the halving principle1
Free valentine1
Free verse3
Free visions1
Free visions 11
Free visions 21
Free visions 31
Free walk1
Free waltz2
Free wavelike line with accent1
Free way1
Free way for hours1
Free way mambo1
free way of life1
Free ways2
Free western1
Free wheel1
Free wheeler1
Free wheelin3
Free wheeling13
Free wheelin’1
Free will7
Free will and testament2
Free will free wont1
Free Willy3
Free winds1
Free wings1
Free witch and nobra queen1
Free with Lee1
Free with Phil & Lee1
Free within the law1
Free woman1
Free woman blues1
free world2
Free world mambo1
Free you1
Free your mind6
Free your soul1
Free yourself5
Free Z bee1
Free zone3
freeabin suite1
Freeano forte1
Freebase hit1
Freebooting in heavy sea1
Freebop now2
Freebop the 1st2
Freebop the 4th3
Freebop the 5th1
Freebop the 6th2
Freed from the emptiness of the universe1
Freed up1
Freedas thought1
Freedmantown interlude1
Freedom 1 & 31
Freedom 1863 a fable1
Freedom 352

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