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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page F29 - For Ron to For what ails you

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Tune nameSessions
For Ron1
For Rosa1
For Rosa Parks1
For Roscoe Mitchell1
For Rose1
For Rosie2
For Ross1
For Roswell3
For Roy E1
For Rufus1
For Russia1
For Russia with love1
For Russia with love 201
For Ruth1
For Ryan and Kelcey1
For Ryo1
For S2
For Sabina1
For Sahib1
For Sal4
For sale9
For sale and Roberta1
For Sally1
For Sam3
For Sam Woodyard1
For Samirji1
For Samuel B2
For Sandra1
for Sandro Lupatini1
For Sandy Nelson1
For Sasha2
For Satch1
For Satie1
For scale1
For Scodanibbio1
For Scott1
For Scott LaFaro3
For Scriabin1
For Seana1
For sent1
For sentimental reasons70
For Sephora6
For Sergio1
For sesshu toyo1
For sevens sake1
For sevn long years1
For Sharon1
For Sherman1
For Shirley2
For shore1
For si1
For silent giants1
For Simon3
For Siobhan1
For Sir Ron1
For Sirone1
For sista oret i min ficka1
For Sister Deeana1
For SK1
For slakt och vanner1
For Slawosz1
For sleepers1
For Slugger1
For small mercis1
For Smilia1
For Smith1
For so many years1
For solo1
For solo trumpet1
For solopgang1
For some friends1
For some reality1
For some we loved1
For somebody else1
For someone3
For someone else1
For someone I love9
For someone I once knew1
For someone in love1
For someone never known1
For someone so beautiful3
For someone special2
For someone who knows1
For Sonny5
For Sonny Rollins1
For Sophia1
For soprano saxophone2
For soul1
For soul sister1
For souls past1
For South Africa1
For souvenirs1
For Spees sake1
For Spite1
For squares only1
For Stalag 171
For Stan5
For Stan Patrick2
For Stanley1
For starters4
For starters we have nothing conclusive1
For Stefan1
For Stefan Wolpe1
For Stefano1
For Steph1
For Stephane2
For Stephanie Bruce1
For Steve5
For Steve Lacy3
For Steve McCall2
For Stevie1
For Stingy1
For Stockhausen1
For stompers only1
For STP1
For Strays1
For strength and wisdom enough1
For strings and reeds1
For strippers only1
For Stu1
For Stu Martin1
For Sture D1
For Sue3
For SueAllemande1
For sun2
For sure5
For Susan3
For Susannah Kyle1
For Susie and Bud1
For Suzannah1
For Swallow1
For swingers only1
For swingin dancers1
For swinging dancers1
For Sylvia2
For T1
For Ta1
For Takemitsu2
For Takemitsu 21
For Tamisha1
For Tania Maria1
For tea two1
For ten percent1
For Teresa1
For Tetsu Fukuda1
For TH1
For Thad1
For thanks1
For that which was living lost1
for the A of CM1
For the affect of it1
For the air1
For the Americas1
For the ancestors1
for the baby seal pups1
For the bassman song1
For the beauty of the earth4
For the bees1
For the benefit1
For the best1
For the birds3
For the birds and the bees1
For the blue notes5
For the blue people1
For the Boss1
For the boys1
For the brave1
For the brave young students in Soweto1
For the broken hearted1
For the brothers be1
For the Buddah1
For the cats2
For the cats on the continent1
For the cause2
For the child1
For the children7
For the choice of directions2
For the concubine1
For the cool in you1
For the crazy one1
For the dance1
For the dancers1
For the day after1
For the dead1
For the death1
For the death of my friends1
For the disappearing1
For the dreamers1
For the drifters1
For the drummer1
For the duration1
For the dusky mourner1
For the ears3
For the elders4
For the encore1
For the end of a night1
For the exclusive use of the aristocracy1
For the fairest1
For the fallen3
For the fat man1
For the figs3
For the First Herd1
For the first time17
For the first time in my life1
For the folks back home2
For the folks backhome1
For the fringe1
For the fun of it1
For the fun of you1
For the future2
For the girl1
For the glass tear1
For the go go childs play1
For the good of it1
For the good of your country2
For the good times13
For the great Sonny Clark1
For the grown and sexy1
For the gypsies2
For the heavens1
For the horsemen1
For the idea1
For the joy of sound space & music1
For the kick of it2
For the kidz2
For the kindness of strangers2
For the king1
For the King Mr Puente1
For the kool in you1
For the ladies in satin and silk1
For the last time7
For the last time call me sweetheart2
For the last time I cried over you1
For the life of me1
For the little flute1
For the little guy1
For the little ones2
For the living2
For the living in the sun1
For the lonely1
For the lonely ones3
For the longest time1
For the Lord is good1
For the losers1
For the lost ones1
For the love3
For the love in my heart1
For the love in your eyes2
For the love of4
For the love of a princess1
For the love of art3
For the love of Cindy1
For the love of God1
For the love of her1
For the love of it2
For the love of jazz1
For the love of Kali1
For the love of life2
For the love of Lori1
For the love of Mike1
For the love of money7
For the love of my father1
For the love of Ornette1
For the love of Ornette Drum & space Movement 21
For the love of Ornette East wind Movement 11
For the love of Ornette Fortworth funky stomp Movement 31
For the love of peace1
For the love of Pike1
For the love of Sarah4
For the love of trains1
For the love of what1
For the love of you42
For the love of you pt 11
For the love of you pt 21
For the loved ones at home1
For the man1
For the meantime1
For the memories we share1
For the moment14
For the moon1
For the movies1
For the music7
For the new life1
For the newborn1
For the North Stars1
For the OG1
For the old boys1
For the one I love1
For the one you love1
For the ones1
For the ones left1
For the ones we love1
For the past masters1
For the peace within1
For the peanuts in the people gallery1
For the people4
For the people of Jona and Babylon1
For the present1
For the professors1
For the protection of yourself and others youll need to wear your space suit1
For the public1
For the quiet heart1
For the rabbit1
For the rain forest1
For the real composer in the house1
For the reason2
For the record3
For the red white and blue1
For the rest of my life2
For the rest of us1
For the rhythm1
For the right reasons1
For the right sandwich1
For the right words1
For the rising sun1
For the road2
For the rock artist2
For the roses1
For the saints1
For the sake of1
For the sake of Art2
For the sake of Edgar Pollard1
For the sake of it1
For the sake of love1
For the sake of Susan1
For the second time1
For the senorita who dances1
For the sheer madness of it all1
For the sins we have committed1
For the soul1
For the sound of the ocean1
For the spirit of earth1
For the still sick and suffering1
For the stranger2
For the third time1
For the thrall1
For the three of us3
For the time being16
For the time coming1
For the tired the poor & huddled masses I1
For the tired the poor & huddled masses II1
For the unborn one1
For the uncommon man1
For the unemployed1
For the Union1
For the very first time4
For the victims and survivors of Sept 111
For the want of a kiss1
For the water dog1
For the waters1
For the whistler1
For the Wiener and Bunny1
For the winter is cold1
For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky1
For the youngins1
For their hearts were full of spring1
For Thelonious Sphere Monk1
For them2
For them all1
For there is none1
For these memories thanks1
For these things1
For these walls1
For this gift1
For this is my night to love1
For this were a dream1
For this world1
For Thomas2
For Thomas B1
For Thomas Chapin2
For those I never knew4
For those in peril on the sea1
For those no longer with us1
For those of us1
For those that are there1
For those that remain1
For those that sleep and for those that wake1
For those two polar bears1
For those we leave behind1
For those we love1
For those weve known1
For those who are still here1
For those who battle demons1
For those who break the silence1
For those who came before2
For those who care1
For those who chant1
For those who choose1
For those who come1
For those who didnt know2
For those who die young1
For those who do4
For those who dream1
For those who know5
For those who like1
For those who like to groove1
For those who like to party1
For those who love God1
For those who love propellers1
For those who loved him1
For those who never dream1
For those who never returned2
For those who prefer it mid tempo1
For those who remain1
For those who seek1
For those who still hear the1
For those whove gone before1
For three1
For Ti Roro1
For Tia1
For Tina1
For Tinky Winky1
For Titi Maria and Precilde1
For TK1
For Toby1
For today2
For today tomorrow and always1
For toddlers only5
For Tom2
For Tom and everything1
For Tom and Gerald1
For Tom Harrell1
For Tom Jobim1
For Tom Ze1
For Tomasz1
For tomorrow11
For tonight2
For Tony5
For Tony Levin1
For Tony Williams2
For too much longer1
For Toots1
For Toula1
For Toumani1
For Tracy5
For Trane and Wayne1
For Tranes 84th HBJC2
For tranquility1
For trappen ble trapp1
For Trayvon Martin1
For Triglia1
For trio1
For Tristano1
For true1
For truly1
For trumpet1
For trumpets1
For tuba only1
For Turiya10
For Twan1
For two1
For two in love1
For two light and an invisible reft hand1
For two only1
For U1
For Uncle Harvey2
For Undine1
For unto us1
For up1
For Ursi1
For us15
For us my dear1
For us the living1
For us this is the end of all stories2
For us to know1
For Ute3
For Val1
For Velasquez1
for Vera1
For Vic1
For Victor1
For Vince & Arif1
For Vince Loving1
For vipers only1
For voters only1
For W1
For Wadada1
For Wallace Thurman1
For Wally1
For Walt1
For Walter4
For Walter Norris1
For Wanda1
For want of a star3
For Wayne4
For Wayne and Joe1
For WB1
For we1
For we are lost1
For we have heard1
For Webster1
For wee folks2
For Wendell and Barbara1
For Wes6
For Wes and Pat1
For Wes Montgomery1
For Wesley1
For Wess3
For what ails you1

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