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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page F27 - For Crowley to For Karol

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Tune nameSessions
For Crowley1
For crying out loud4
For CSS1
For CT1
For Cuba1
For Curtis1
For Custos1
For Cuz1
For Cynthia2
For D2
For dad1
For dad and Dannie1
For Dan3
For dancer1
For dancers2
For dancers only56
For Daniel2
For Darcy and Lenny1
For Dash1
For daughters of young love1
For Dave4
For Dave Holland2
For David Azarian1
For David Bohm1
For Davids sake1
For dawn1
For days2
For days on end1
For DB1
For DC2
For DE2
For Dean1
For Debbie1
For Deborah1
For Debra1
For Debussy1
For deck1
For Dee J1
For deep deep Finnish forest cymbal governor2
For degOstenfor solOptimist ma man vaere1
For den siste1
For Denise1
For Dennis3
For Derek and Evan1
For Desdemona1
For Desy1
For Dia1
For Diane2
For Dick2
For Didier2
For Dinmut1
For Diz2
For Dizzy5
For Django15
For Django and Stephane1
For DJB1
For DJC1
for djup i Jesu kjaerleik1
For Dobrom1
For doctors only1
For Dodo1
For Dolphy2
For Dominik2
For Don4
For Don Byas and Ben Webster1
For Don C2
For Don Cherry3
For Don Cherry and Collin Walcott1
For Donald1
For Donato2
For Dor1
For Doug1
For DPH1
For DR1
For drummers only2
For DT1
For du vet hurz e1
For dual boy1
For Dudley In memoriam1
For Duke13
For Duke and Cannon7
For Duke and Mingus1
For Duke and Strayhorn1
For Duke DuBois1
For Duke P1
For duo1
For Durrah1
For E1
For each a flower1
For earth and heaven1
For earth and stars1
For earthly thinking1
For Ecki1
For Ed Blackwell1
For Eddie1
For Eddie by George1
For Eddie Harris1
For Edward2
For EE1
For eight percussionists1
For Eileen1
For Elaine1
For Eldon1
For Eleonore1
For Eliane1
For Elis2
For Elis E1
For Elisabeth1
For Elise3
For Elizabeth2
For Elizabeth Anne Leonard born 18981
For Ella Parker1
For Ellaine3
For Ellington2
For Ellis1
For Elmo Sonny and Freddie1
For ELP1
For Elsa2
For else1
For Elton Dean1
For Elvin1
For Elvira1
For Elyse1
For Emi1
For Emiliane1
For Emiliano1
For Emilie1
For Emilio2
For Emily5
For Emily whenever I may find her1
For Emily wherever I may find her1
For Emma1
For Emmanuel1
For emotional use only1
For EMP1
For en fremmed barsk og fattig1
For EP1
For Eric1
For Eric Dolphy1
For Eric Garner1
For Eric Mememto mori1
For Eric Memento mori1
For Eric Satie1
For Erin1
For Ernst1
For Erroll1
For Erroll Garner1
For eternity2
For Europeans only3
For Eva2
For Eva with love and squalor1
For Evan Parker1
For Evans2
For Evans sake8
For ever1
For ever and a day1
For ever green2
For ever Milton1
For ever more1
For ever nostalgy1
For evermore and a day1
For every action2
For every boy1
For every fish1
For every heart thats been broken1
For every man1
For every man theres a woman26
For every star in the sky1
For everyone under the sun1
For everything else1
For everything you do1
For everytime1
For Evi1
For example1
For examplefor sure1
For eyes1
For F Mompou1
For Fafner1
For Fannie Lou Hamer1
For Fathead1
For father1
For Fats2
For FatsMamie Lee1
For Favors1
For Feito De Vera1
For Fela1
For Fela Kuti1
For fela kuti no 21
For Felician1
For Fessor1
For fewer words1
For Fido1
For Fietz feets2
For Fink1
For first1
For fishers only1
For five2
For five guys1
For FJ fans only5
For Flora1
For flute and percussion1
For flying out proud4
For folk1
For food1
For food and scatter1
For four2
For four alto saxophones1
For four brothers1
For four lines1
For four on two two1
For Fr Peter OBrien1
For Fran1
For Francis1
For Francko1
For Frank7
For Frank Lowe3
For Frank Wright1
For Franz1
For Frazier Felicia Veneida and Bernard1
For Fred2
For Fred Anderson1
For Freddie9
For Freddie Stone1
For Freddie Stone 21
For Frederic & Bill1
For Frederic and Bill1
For Frederick Franck1
For Fredrick and Bill1
For free5
For freedom1
For Frieda1
For friends1
For friends and relatives1
For Fritz1
For fun3
For funks sake1
For funky Bobby Timmons1
For further information1
For future generations1
For future past1
For GA1
For Gabor3
For Gabriel1
For Gabs1
For Gail1
For Gal Costa and Hal Rammel1
For Galo2
For Garrison3
For Gary3
For Gaslini1
For generations1
For Georg Krolls birthday1
For George6
For George and Trane1
For George Barnes1
For George Benson1
For George Russell2
For Georgeann Moore1
For Georges1
For Georgia1
For Georgia OKeefe1
For Georgina1
For Gerry2
For Gershwin1
For get it1
For Giacinto1
For Giacomo1
For Gigi1
For Gil1
For Gilbert1
For Gillian1
For Gina1
For Ginevra1
For Gino1
For Giuffre1
For Giuseppi Logan1
For Glen1
For Glen Moore2
For Glenda1
For God so loved the world5
For God whoever and whatever it is1
For Godchild1
For Gods sake1
For gone desillusion1
For good7
For good and all3
For good bye1
For good dancers1
For goofers only1
For Gordon1
For Grace1
For Grachan2
For Graeme1
For grandma Webster1
For grant1
For Grant and Wes1
For Grant Green1
For granted1
For Gratchen1
For Greetje Bijma1
For Griff1
For Grover2
For growin up1
For Guy1
For Guy Debord1
For Hal1
For han e pianist1
For Hank1
For Hannah Hoch and Harald Hult1
For Hans3
For Harlem in the 1960s1
For Harm2
For harp and percussion1
For harp black beans rice red lentils and gunpowder tea1
For Harriet part1 to 31
For Harry3
For Harry Carney11
For Harry Miller2
For Hassan1
For hearts1
For Heather2
For heaven sake1
For Heavens sake219
For heavens sake variations1
For heavens snake1
For heaven’s sake1
For hecklers only1
For Helved1
For Henny1
For Henri Dutilleux1
For Henri M1
For Henry2
For Henry Darger1
For her12
For her to dance1
For Herbie2
For here or to go2
For here to go1
For Hermeto3
For hes a jolly good fellow4
For HG1
For HH he is abnormal1
For hi fi bugs1
For high notes1
For high society1
For Hilppa1
For him for her1
For himmerigs land maa man kjempe1
For HK1
For Hofsa2
For Honey Lulu1
For hope of hope1
For horns1
For horns and bells1
For Hugh Davies1
For Hvost1
For Hy1
For I have chosen you1
For I have known them all1
For ICP1
For if1
For Igor2
For Ike1
For ikke dengang1
For Illinois1
For Im building on the people of power1
For Inezita1
For Ingmar Bergman1
For Ingrid1
For instance2
For instance take this1
For intelligence and virtue1
For intet at regne1
For Iola3
For Iris1
For Ishan1
For it1
For it will be understood1
For Itamar2
For its beauty alone1
For Ivan1
For Izoma1
For J3
For J and T1
For Ja1
For Jack and Barbara1
For Jack and T1
For Jackie2
For Jackie and Abe and a fullish feast1
For Jackson Mac Low1
For Jackson P1
For Jackson Pollock1
For Jaco3
For Jacq2
For Jacqueline1
For Jakes sake1
For Jaki2
For James Tenney1
For James VanDerzee1
For James Williams1
For Jamey1
For jammers only6
For Jan18
For Jan & Laura1
For Jan Miyako1
For Jane3
For Janus1
For Jarret1
For Jay1
For Jazz Artists1
For JB1
For JC1
For Jean2
For Jean Michel Basquiat1
For Jeanette1
For JeanLuc1
For Jeanne Lee1
For Jeff2
For jeg gar omkuld1
For Jelly Roll1
For Jess2
For Jesse Mountain1
For Jezz1
For JF1
For JG1
For Jim3
For Jim and Lois Welch1
For Jim Chapin1
For Jim H1
For Jim impromptu 61
For Jim Pepper1
For Jimi1
For Jimmy1
For Jimmy & Dominique1
For Jimmy Guiffre1
For Jimmy K1
For Jimmy Scott1
For JK1
For JL1
For JM2
For JMZ1
For Jo Fell & Patrick Charlton1
For Joan1
For Jobim1
For Joe8
For Joel2
For Joel Krosnick1
For Joey Love1
For joggers only1
For John5
For John Chapman1
For John Coltrane7
For John Coltrane and Pablo Picasso1
For John Edwards1
For John Gilmore1
For John Hicks1
For John Kinsey1
For John Laughlan and all that we stood for1
For John Malachi3
For John Stevens2
For John T1
For John Tchicai1
For Johnny1
For Johnny and Bill1
For Johnny Dyani1
For JojoFreebasing styrofoam1
For Jonas1
For Jonathan1
For Jones1
For Jose Saramago1
For Josef Schmid1
For Joseph3
For Joseph B1
For Josie pt II1
For Joy2
For joy jump1
For Joyce1
For JRM1
For JS2
For JT2
For Juan1
For Judy1
For Julian1
For Julius1
For Julius Eastman1
For jumpers only1
For Juni1
For Jupiter1
For just a little hondekip1
For just a little love from you2
For K1
For K and T1
For Kai1
For Kali1
For Kana1
For Kansas City1
For Karen2
For Karen Silkwood1
For Karol1

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