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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page F26 - foote in the door to For Count

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Tune nameSessions
foote in the door1
Footfalls I1
Footfalls II1
Footfalls III1
Footfalls IV1
Foothill blues1
Foothill drive1
Foothill patrol1
Footie waltz1
Footies blues1
Footin it3
footlight favourite1
Footlight parade selection2
Footlight parade selection pt 11
Footlight parade selection pt 21
Footloose and fancy free4
Footloose freestyle1
footmans eys get crossed1
Footnote slim1
Footnote to a dream2
Footnote to a summer love1
Footpath Cafe3
Footpattin time1
Footprints cant be seen2
Footprints in my bed1
Footprints in the sand4
Footprints in the snow2
Footprints in the snow prelude for piano bk 1 6 D minor1
Footprints of a fool1
Footprints of the giant1
Footprints of your life1
Footprints on my soul1
Footprints on the moon1
Footprints yellow red and blue1
Foots Bay boogie1
Foots of the wolves1
Footscray station platform 11
Footsie wootsie1
Footsteps & smiles1
Footsteps in the fog1
Footsteps in the sand1
Footsteps of a fool1
Footsteps of a hungry ant1
Footsteps of the policemen1
Footsteps to freedom1
Footsure slow dance1
Footwear for a fish1
Footwear to go1
Fop 11
Fop 41
For 11
For 1 2 or 3 people Realization for flute violincello and piano1
For 15 minutes1
For 21
For 2 Akis1
For 41
For 4 rockthing1
For A2
For a ballad a day1
For a beautiful girl like you1
For a beginning1
For a better tomorrow1
For a change4
For a child3
For a combustible colt1
For a dancer1
For A Day2
For a day or a stay1
For a derailed painter1
For a distant love1
For a dog1
For a few1
For a few dollars more1
For a few rubels more1
For a film2
For a fistful of dollars1
For a fleeting moment1
For a free Portugal1
For a friend7
For a gentle friend1
For a girl2
For a good day1
For a good friend1
For a little dancin2
For a little love baby1
For a little while1
For a long long time2
For a long time2
For a loved one1
For a minute it was almost like opera1
For a moment3
For a moment of your love1
For a moment or 21
For a new country1
For a new day1
For a new K1
For a piece of bread1
For a pin1
For a place to sleep1
For a ride1
For a Russian princess1
For a sentimental reasons1
For a sleeping baby1
For a small fee1
For a smile1
For a thousand kisses1
For a thousand years2
For a whales funeral1
For a while7
For a world of love and care1
For Aaron Copland1
For AB1
For Aba1
For Abbey Lincoln1
For ABM1
For about & because1
For absent friends4
For Ada1
For Adiba1
For Adolphe Sax1
For adults only2
For advise and consent1
For affection1
For Africa1
For Afrit1
For Agayu1
For Agusta Savage1
For AH2
For Al1
For Al from us all1
For Alan3
For Alban Berg1
For Albert10
For Albert and others1
For Albert Ayler2
For Albert Hofmann1
For Alberto G1
For Aldolphus Mica1
For Alec from pappy1
For Alec Wilder1
For Alene1
For Alex1
For Alexandra1
For Alfred1
For Alice2
For Alicia1
For Alin1
For Aline1
For all3
For all Berlin dancers1
For all children1
For all colours1
For all concerned1
For all intensive purposes3
For all intents and purposes2
For all it is1
For all its worth1
For all my days1
For all my life2
For all my tomorrows1
For all of my life1
For all people1
For all player1
For all seasons1
For all stoned women and men1
For all swingin cats Dont forget Lester Young1
For all swingin catsDont forget Lester Young2
For all that will be yes1
For all the ladies1
For all the lazy Sundays1
For all the life you are in my heart1
For all the marbles1
For all the other times2
For all the people1
For all the people that I love1
For all the presents I never bought you1
For all the right reasons1
For all the saints1
For all the time spent in this room1
For all the times I need you1
For all the times I never came to see you1
For all those in trouble1
For all those living1
For all those other times1
For all those times1
For all those who mourn1
For all time5
For all times1
For all times sake1
For all we dont know1
For all we know569
For all we love1
For all you are1
For Alla Ji1
For alle de sma blomster2
For allt som ar blint1
For alltid din1
For alto and piano1
For alto saxophone2
For Alun Lewis Hedd Wyn and the others1
For Alvin and John1
For Amadou1
For Amalie1
For Amanda1
For Amb1
For Amiri Baraka1
For an afternoon1
For an elegant feral1
For an entire working life1
For an hour1
For an imaginary child1
For an Odeum1
For an unfinished woman2
For an unknown child1
For an unknown lady2
For and against1
For Andre1
For Andrew2
For Andy dedicated to Desi1
For Andy J1
For Angela Mia1
For Ann Version 11
For Ann Version 21
For Anna Mae Aquash1
For Anna with love1
For Anne5
For Anne Lee1
For Annie1
For another day1
For Anticia1
For Antoni T1
For Antonio2
For anything1
For apple Sally1
For Araucaria1
For Arcah1
For Archie Shepp1
For Areatha1
For Ariane1
For Arne1
For Arnold Alban and Anton1
For Art1
For Art Blakey1
For Art Hodes1
For Art Tatum1
For Arthur Rhames1
For Arthur Williams1
For Arts art now1
For Arts sake9
For as long as I live1
For Ashley Wales1
For Astor2
For AT1
For Atle and Mats1
For Atsuko1
For Attila1
For Aunt Mary1
For autonauts for travelers2
For away1
For awhile1
For Ayers only1
For Ayler2
For B1
For B and D1
For Babbit1
For Babs1
For baby3
For baby and me2
For Bach I1
For Bach II1
For Back III1
For Baden2
For Barbara1
For Barbara and Michelle1
For Bari and Bass1
For Barney1
For Barre Phillips1
For Barry1
For Barry Guy1
For Barry with love1
For Basie1
For Basil1
For bass1
For bass clarinet1
For bass faces only1
For bass hit1
For bass saxophone1
For BB1
For BC6
For BD1
For Bea1
For Bean1
For bearings1
For being nice to the wrong people1
For being so mean to you1
For being there1
For Benno Trautmann durch offene grenzen1
For Benny1
For Beo Dene1
For Beppie Butch Hermke and Hans1
For Berio1
For Bernard Moore1
For Bernie2
For Berry O1
For Bertram1
For Bessie1
For better and for worse1
For better and for worster1
For better and worse2
For better days1
For better days ahead1
For better for Worster2
For better or for worse4
For better or for Worster1
For better or worse1
For Betty Davis and Raymond Strid1
For Bettys sake1
For Beverly1
For BG1
For Bheki1
For Bibi2
For Big G1
For Big George1
For Big Hal1
For Big Sid3
For bigoun1
For Bill8
For Bill and Jim part 11
For Bill and Jim part 21
For Bill Dixon1
For Bill Evans1
For Bill Skeet1
For Bill Traylor1
For Billie2
For Billy1
For Billy Higgins1
For Bipi and Red Cloud1
For Bird1
For BishBishops corner1
For Bituca1
For Bix1
For Bjarne1
For blue people only1
For blues and other spells1
For blues sake1
For bluesers only1
For Bob4
For Bobby1
For Bobbye1
For Bobs tuba1
For Bodhi1
For bones1
For bonfa1
For boobs only1
For Booker E Riba1
For Booker Ervin1
For boppers only1
For boppers too1
For Boris1
For Bove1
For BP3
For Bra Herb2
For Brad1
For Bradford6
For brass1
For breakfast I eat1
For Brenda2
For Bri1
For Bro1
For broke1
For brother Bruce1
For Brother Thompson1
For Bruno1
For Bs smiles1
For BT and me1
For Bud3
For Bugalu1
For Buhaina1
For Bun Vorchei1
For Bunchy1
For Bunita Marcus2
For Bunky and Willie1
For Bunny Lake is missing1
For Bunnyand Brian1
For Buster1
For Butch1
For by Grace1
For Bynthorne1
For C2
For C as in Percival with gratitude immeasurable1
For ca change1
For Cal1
For Calvin1
For Camilla Sovik1
For canaries career opportunities in the mining industry1
For Cannon1
For Cannonball1
For Cansu1
For Carl19
For Carl Perkins2
For Carla1
For Carlo1
For Carlos1
For Carmen1
For Carol1
For Caroline1
For carrie1
For Carter1
For Cathy2
For causa de voce1
For CC1
For Cecil Taylor2
For Cecilia1
For Cedar3
For celebration of coming to life1
For Celina Rokona1
For Celine1
For ceora1
For chance1
For Charles2
For Charles Ellsworth Pee Wee Russell1
For Charles Mingus3
For Charles Moffett1
For Charlie5
For Charlie H1
For Charlotte1
For Charly1
For Cherry and Ed1
For Chet4
For Chet and Kenny2
For Chet Baker1
For Chi and Perry1
For Chick2
For Chifonie1
For children1
For children I1
For children II1
For children III1
For children no 261
For children of all ages1
For children only1
For Chinatsu and Regina1
For Chisa1
For Chopin1
For Chris3
For Chris Gage3
For Chris on a Sunday1
For Chris Ripp1
For Christina1
For Christina & Elizabeth1
For Christine2
For Christos1
For Cindy1
For Clara2
For Clark1
For Claude1
For Claudio1
For Claus1
For Clayoquot2
For Cliff1
For Clifford1
For Clyde McCoy1
For CM2
For Collin1
For Colores1
For Coltrane9
For Coltrane I4
For Coltrane II5
For consequence1
For Cootie and Clark1
for Cornelia1
For Cornelius1
For cough1
For Count2

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