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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page F16 - First bird to First sun

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Tune nameSessions
First bird1
First bird to awakefirst bird to sing1
first bit2
First bit of sun1
First bite3
first black duster1
First blink1
First blood4
First bloom1
First blossom1
First blow1
First blues4
First bogey1
First booke of songes1
First bop1
First born11
First borns lullaby1
First bossa1
First bottle1
First breath4
First breath in a bean field1
First breaths1
First bridge5
First bus to Bismarck1
first by Beethoven1
First call3
First call of the humming bird1
First calldrum dancespirit of Ochun Spirit of Ogun1
First calls in the darkness1
First came a woman1
First canvas1
First car I see tonight1
First casualty1
First cause1
First ceremony1
First challenge on the road1
First chance1
First chant1
First chat1
First child4
First chill1
First China pig extract1
First choice18
First chord1
First church of this1
first circle13
First circlesong1
First circuit1
First class3
First class private Mary Brown2
First class private Mary Brown FT1
First class scenario1
First class sounds1
First clue1
first colony1
First come first1
First come first served3
First comes last1
First communion2
First communion I1
First communion II1
First communion III1
First concerto for Guitar and Orchestra1
First construction1
First contact4
First conversation5
First cousins2
First cowboy song1
First crossing1
First crush1
First cry1
First crystal1
First cty1
First cue1
First cup1
First cut2
first cutting1
first cycle2
First dance13
First dance Great dance of the wax statues Prelude1
First dancesteps1
First dart1
First date3
First dawn1
first day12
First day at school1
First day back1
First day cover1
First day in August1
First day in May1
First day in spring3
First day of autumn1
First day of June1
First day of kindergarten1
First day of love1
First day of school3
First day of spring6
First day off1
First day out1
First day tune1
First day wurli1
First days3
First definition1
First delivery2
First demo1
First destiny1
First detail1
First dialogue2
First digression1
First dive1
First draft1
First dragon1
First dream5
First dream at seven1
First drops1
First drops of rain1
first duet of worms1
First duo1
First edition3
First elegy1
first element medley1
First eleven2
First embrace1
First enchantment1
First encounter6
First encounter in space with a real martian1
First encounter part 11
First encounter part 21
First encounter part 31
First ending1
First environment1
First environment for sextet1
First escapade1
First etude1
First exchange1
First excursion1
First expedition1
First expression1
first extermination1
First face2
First fall3
First family1
First fanfare1
First feedback1
First feeding2
first few words1
First fig1
First fight through this day1
First finale1
First Finntasy1
First five chapters1
first flight22
First flight home1
First flight of a newbird1
First flight out1
First flight to the clouds1
First floor3
First floor front2
First floor jump1
First floor please1
first flower of spring1
First flush1
first fly1
first four years1
First fragment1
First free1
First Friday2
First friends1
First frisco1
First frost3
first full turn1
first garden2
First garden kitchen tango1
First gear2
first gibbering story1
First gift1
First gig studio Fawe Street1
first girl I met1
first GL blues1
First glance3
first glimmer of dawn2
First glimpse into the shadow1
First gnossienne1
first good meal in months1
first goodmorning1
First grain1
First gravy2
First green1
First grooves1
First gymnopedie6
first half of the first half1
first half of the second half1
First half solo1
First harmonic1
First harvest2
First havest1
First hearing1
First heat1
First hiatus1
first hint of autumn2
First hired last fired1
First hit2
First hit second fall1
First hour1
First house3
First I will bite you in the back of your knee1
First idea2
First image1
First impression12
first impression evokes1
First impression last1
First impressionism1
First impressions13
first improvisation2
First improvisation for left hand alone1
First improvvisation in Bologna1
First improvvisation in Lucca1
First impulse1
First in glove1
first in his field1
First in line2
First in mind1
First in the attic1
First in the wagon2
First influences1
First insight1
First intention1
First interlude4
First interlude and ballad1
First interlude pensive1
First interlude scales 49111
First interludeyellow woman1
First interpellation1
First intimation of the Death of Charles Parker1
First intuition1
First invocation1
First is best1
First jazz2
First jazz suite1
First journey1
First jump3
First keep quiet1
First kick2
first kind of jazz1
First kiss6
First kiss goodbye1
First kisses1
First Klass2
First lady7
first lady Lyrical Lynette1
first lament Raqs alJanub1
first lamentation1
First landscape3
First language1
First last and always5
First legs1
First lesson2
First life1
First light63
First light ceremony1
First light of spring1
First light tundra1
First lightEast River1
First line5
First lines last page1
First litany1
first look1
First loser1
First love29
First love blues1
First love last rites2
first love letter1
First love only love1
first love song8
First lullaby1
First lustrum blues1
first man1
First man came to the sparks1
first man Scotty1
First march2
First meeting13
First meeting on 3 pianos1
First melody1
First membrane1
First memory2
First mentor1
first mentor Pete LaRoca1
first mercy1
first mess1
first milestone1
First mind1
First minister1
First minute of a new day1
First Missouri cavalry1
First Monday in October1
first mood1
first morning2
first morning bird1
First motive1
first move3
First movemen1
First movement44
First movement Chaconne1
First movement Chronicles of Michael Brown1
First movement clouds1
First movement for string quartet1
First movement Jeunesse1
First movement Larghissimo1
First movement Ode to GT1
First movement of symphony 21
First movement Ouverture1
First movement redress blues1
First movement Suite where is the wedding1
First movement The crystal hope1
First moves7
First narrow passage1
First Nation1
First nature1
First new koptor1
first newspaper1
first night7
First night at sea Beyond the blue horizon1
First night blues1
first night home2
first nine months1
first Noel58
first Noel suite1
First not last3
first Nowell1
First of all2
First of all one must be very open minded1
First of equals1
First of many2
First of May6
first of September1
First of six by two1
First of the new age masters1
first of the second1
First of three by one1
First one11
first one of 11th July 19971
first one of 15h August 19971
first one of 20th July 19971
first one of 31st October 19971
first one of 5th February 19981
first one to know1
First one up1
First ones1
first ones free1
First opinion1
First orbit1
first order of business1
First out1
First page1
First page of the diary1
First pain1
First part5
First part Adoration of the earth1
First part scales 42481
First peace3
First peace that ever was it to be1
First person finding shelter1
First personsingular1
First phaze1
First piano summation1
First piece2
First pitch swinging1
first place3
First play1
First polyphony1
First post1
First prayer2
First prelude1
first prize1
First prize at the fair1
First program in standard time1
First promenade2
First protest1
First quadrant1
First quartet1
first question1
First rain5
First rain in August1
First rare duet1
First rays3
First rays of dawn1
First reading1
First reading Pauls letter to the Ephesians1
First recording date1
First recordings1
First rehearsal1
First rendezvous1
first renga1
First reprise on theme for Celine1
First resolution1
First rhapsody1
First rhizome1
First riddle1
First ride2
First rite1
First rite of spring1
First rites before1
First robin1
First romance3
first room1
First room conversation1
First rose1
first rose of summer1
First round1
First row2
First rule1
First rule of cheating1
First run1
First runner1
First Samuel1
first Saturday in May1
First scan1
first sea1
First season2
First section1
First seed ripening1
First segment1
First session 11
First session 21
First set4
First set 10 of Dukes1
first set area 11
first set area 21
first set area 31
first set area 41
first set area 51
first set area 61
First set one1
First set pt 11
First set pt 21
First set September 16 20111
First set September 17 20111
First set three1
First set two1
First shake1
First shard1
First she let her hair fall1
First shift1
First shot1
First show2
First side story1
First sight13
First sighting2
first sign1
First sign of clarity1
first signal1
First sketch2
First sketch for Omaggio a luigi nono1
First sketches1
First sketches of Leola1
First sky1
First slip1
First slow dance1
First smile9
First smiles3
First snow26
First snow in Graz1
First snow in Paris1
First snow last year1
first snow queen1
First snowfall6
first snowflakes1
First song82
First song conversation with a baby1
First song for Kate1
First song in the day2
first song of spring1
First song set no 21
First sorrow1
first sound1
First soup1
First sparkle1
First spin1
First spirit1
first spring4
first spring day1
first spring days1
First stage1
First station1
First step29
First step one step2
First steps19
First steps into reality1
First stereo1
first stone1
First story1
First story together1
First Street West1
First strike7
first string1
First stroll rhythm with multi harmonic and melodic mood1
First stryke1
First suite1
First summer4
First sun2

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