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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page E3 - East 69 to Easy evil

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Tune nameSessions
East 691
East 6th Street1
East 70th Street3
East 7th St Blues1
East 7th Street1
East 86th2
East 91
East 9th Street4
East 9th Street blues1
East 9th Street drift1
East Acton stick dance1
East African prayer meeting suite no 11
East African prayer meeting suite no 21
East African prayer meeting suite no 31
East African prayer meeting suite no 41
East alum1
East and west5
East and West blues1
East arc1
East autumn1
East bank blues1
East Bay3
East Bay blues2
East Bay exit1
East Bay fools1
East Bay serenade1
East Bay stroll1
East beach blues1
East beat1
East Berlin angst1
East boogie1
East bossa1
East bounce1
East bound1
East branch1
East breeze2
East Broadway merengue1
East Broadway run down11
East Broadway rundown5
East by northwest1
East Chestnut flat1
East Coast7
East Coast Andy1
East coast attitude1
East coast blues7
East coast dancer1
East Coast envy1
East coast ghost1
East Coast groupings1
East Coast joys1
East Coast love affair2
East coast outpost1
East coast stroll1
East coast trot75
East Coast West Coast3
East Coast west side1
East coast winters1
East Coasting10
East Coker1
East commerce stomp1
East Dallas special1
East Detroit1
East dry river1
East east by east1
East East East London1
East End1
East End Avenue1
East End blues3
East end west end1
East Europe rundown1
East fragment N11
East fragment N21
east from the west1
East gardens1
East Hampton blues1
East Harlem2
East Harlem nostalgia2
east Harlem quickstep1
East Harlem scuffle1
East Hastings satian slow stomp1
East henry clay2
East Illumination Eagle Yellow2
East in north1
East India1
East indigo1
East is east1
east is red2
East is west1
East Kent goldings1
East Kingston1
East LA1
East lag1
East liberty1
East London town1
East Lynne jump1
East mambo2
East man1
East meets Midwest in a noholdsbarred tagteam grudge match to the death1
East meets west6
East melody1
East Montana1
East mood1
East nightstorm1
East oak lane1
East Oakland reverie1
East of aden1
East of Baghdad1
East of Benares Mother Ganga1
East of Brazil1
East of Brooklyn2
East of Cadiz1
East of diamond1
East of Eden8
East of el son wes del tres1
East of Enid1
East of Enumclaw1
East of Evesham1
East of Gerrards cross1
East of ginger trees1
East of Haden1
East of Hollywood1
East of Isar1
East of Jaffa Florentin dusk1
East of Jaffa The father the son and the Harold Rubin1
East of Lez1
East of midnight1
East of Mintaka1
East of Montenegro4
East of nowhere3
East of Pho Hung1
East of Sheffield1
East of south1
East of Spadina1
East of Suez11
East of the era1
East of the little big horn1
East of the moon1
East of the River Nile1
East of the Rockies1
East of the sun617
East of the sun and west of the moon7
East of the sun west of the moon7
East of the village9
East of us1
East of uz2
East of Verdun1
East of West3
East of where1
East of Zamora1
East ogan2
East OK1
East on 53rd Street1
East one2
East or west1
East Orange blues1
East Orwell1
East park1
East Philly1
East plants1
East print1
East rail east1
East rider1
East river11
East River blues1
East river breeze1
East river carousel1
East river crossing1
East river delta2
East River Delta blues1
East river drive5
East River jam1
East river reflections1
East river solution1
East river stride1
East River suite1
East river view1
East Saint Louis toodleoo2
East sea landing1
East Second St reverie1
East Seventh1
East side9
East side blue1
East side blues3
East side boogie1
East side carousel1
East side colours1
East side crawl1
East Side dilemma1
East Side Drive3
East side easy1
East side groove1
East side kick1
East Side lady1
East side lonely1
East side of heaven6
East side San Jose1
East side snaps1
East side song2
East side stomp1
East side story4
East side suite3
East side swing1
East side symphony1
East side west side32
East SideThe West Side1
East some soul1
East south west1
East St Kilda toodleoo2
East St Kilds1
East St Louis6
East St Louis 19171
East St Louis blues8
East St Louis boogaloo2
East St Louis shoot out1
East St Louis stomp1
East St Louis toodle o1
East St Louis toodle oo2
East St Louis toodleloo1
East St Louis toodleo5
East St Louis toodleoo141
East Stratford toodoo1
East Stroudsburg stomp1
East suite1
East sunrise1
East Tennessee blues1
East Tennessee quiver1
East Thirtysecond Street2
East three1
East Timor2
East to Wes3
East to west3
East tower1
East town boogie3
East Trane1
East trip2
East tritonal rundown1
East turn alt1
East two1
East unit1
East view1
East vignet1
East village4
East village buffalo puppy1
East Village cha cha1
East Village inamorata2
East village invention1
East Village meet and greet1
East Village midnight stroll1
East Village sublet1
East Virginia West Memphis1
East west4
East west axis1
East West blues1
East west connection1
East west ends1
East west fantasia1
East west stroll1
East west suite1
East wind12
East wind blues1
East wind is1
East winds1
East words1
Eastbound local1
Eastbound train1
Eastbourne 19071
Easter 19161
Easter at Alberts place1
Easter ballad1
Easter blue2
Easter congo1
Easter day 19351
Easter egg1
Easter egg hunt1
Easter eve1
Easter gospel1
Easter hymn1
Easter in Puglia1
Easter Island4
Easter Island suite1
Easter islander2
Easter joy1
Easter Monday ballad1
Easter Monday on the White House lane1
Easter night procession1
Easter oratorio1
Easter parade102
Easter queen1
Easter rain1
Easter rising1
Easter song3
Easter spring1
Easter suite1
Easter Sunday1
Easter Sunday 19352
Easter Sunday with you1
Easter tree1
Easter waltz2
Easterly winds1
Eastern back yard1
Eastern ballad1
Eastern bell feel1
Eastern bloc1
Eastern bloc event I and II1
Eastern block1
Eastern blossom1
Eastern blues4
Eastern blues part 11
Eastern blues part 21
Eastern ceremony1
Eastern chant1
Eastern chimes blues1
eastern connection1
eastern corner1
Eastern cowboy1
Eastern cowboys party1
Eastern dance1
Eastern delicacy1
Eastern dialog1
eastern door1
Eastern dreams1
Eastern echoes1
Eastern egg2
Eastern elegy1
Eastern essence1
Eastern excursion1
Eastern exposure1
Eastern eyes1
Eastern fall1
Eastern field1
Eastern flavour1
Eastern flight1
Eastern folk song1
Eastern forest1
Eastern front1
Eastern fun1
Eastern funk1
Eastern game1
Eastern gate1
Eastern haze1
Eastern horizon1
Eastern incident3
Eastern Island ears1
Eastern journey1
Eastern joy1
Eastern joy dance8
Eastern lady1
Eastern legend1
Eastern legend Hikaye1
Eastern lights3
Eastern love village1
Eastern lullaby1
Eastern market1
Eastern messenger1
Eastern mood1
Eastern moods1
Eastern parkway1
Eastern peace2
Eastern persuasion1
Eastern presence1
Eastern rain1
Eastern reach1
Eastern region3
Eastern rudiment1
Eastern samba1
Eastern shadows1
Eastern skies1
eastern song4
Eastern standard time4
Eastern star7
Eastern step1
Eastern style1
Eastern suburbs railway blues1
Eastern Sundays1
Eastern sunflower1
Eastern sunlight1
Eastern synthesis1
Eastern thought1
Eastern town1
Eastern trilogy1
Eastern truth1
Eastern vibrations3
Eastern view2
Eastern village with factory1
Eastern voiceswestern dreams1
Eastern Western promises1
Eastern wind2
Eastern window3
Eastern winds1
Eastern worship song1
Eastgate blues1
Eastin play1
Eastlake shuffle1
Easton Street bossa1
EastSaintLouis toodleoo1
Eastside bop1
Eastside crossroad1
Eastside jump1
Eastside story2
Eastside vamp1
Eastside westside1
Eastwaite water1
Eastward bound1
Eastward easting1
EastWest bash1
Eastwest exodus1
Eastwest hymm1
Eastwest hymn1
Eastwest part 41
Eastwind revisited1
Eastwood blues1
Eastwood lane4
Eastwood voutwood1
Easty street1
Easy & hold on1
Easy 50th StreetBeat1
Easy afternoon2
Easy Alice1
Easy all day long1
Easy and fun1
Easy answering1
Easy architecture1
Easy as a pie1
Easy as it gets1
Easy as it goes2
Easy as pie1
Easy as you go6
Easy attack1
Easy autumn1
Easy baby1
Easy Bay grit1
Easy beat1
Easy big1
Easy birdie1
Easy blue1
Easy blues10
Easy boogie1
Easy bounce1
Easy breathing1
Easy breeze1
Easy breezes1
easy button1
Easy chair2
Easy come2
Easy come easy go34
Easy come easy go blues7
Easy come easy go love1
Easy come easy go lover1
Easy come easy goes1
Easy come music1
Easy cookin1
Easy creeping mama1
Easy crunch1
Easy dancing1
Easy day2
Easy days1
Easy did it1
Easy diggin1
Easy digging1
Easy disinfection1
Easy does it98
Easy does it J soul1
Easy does it now2
Easy dont hurt1
Easy drag1
Easy draw1
Easy dream2
Easy dreamer1
Easy dreams2
Easy driver1
Easy driving1
Easy easily1
Easy easy baby6
Easy Ed1
Easy enough1
Easy Ernie2
Easy evil7

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