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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page D47 - Drawing lessons to Dreamer

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Tune nameSessions
Drawing lessons1
Drawing light1
Drawing lines3
Drawing on a foggy window1
Drawing room blues6
Drawn and quartered1
Drawn away1
Drawn inward2
Drawn ones1
Drawn to the magnet1
Drawn windows1
Drawnout springtime1
Draws trouble blues1
Drayton park1
Draytona blue1
Dre ilo e jak bari1
Dre open two1
Drea mtown1
Dread bread1
Dread drop1
Dread head dance1
Dread man walking1
Dread nay1
Dread rubato1
Dread serious1
dreaded E word1
dreaded lergy1
dreaded symphony1
Dreadful memories1
Dreading science1
Dreadly locks1
Dream & fears1
Dream 12
Dream 101
Dream 111
Dream 121
Dream 131
Dream 141
Dream 151
Dream 161
Dream 21
Dream 2 real1
Dream 32
Dream 41
Dream 71
Dream 711
Dream 81
Dream a dream1
Dream a life1
Dream a little dream30
Dream a little dream of me190
Dream a little dream on me1
Dream a little longer3
Dream about city backyards1
dream about Dolphy1
dream about Jaki Byard1
Dream about mind master1
Dream about that green hill1
Dream about the one1
Dream about Torino1
Dream after a large lunch1
Dream along with me4
dream An artist1
Dream analyzer1
Dream and a prayer1
Dream and dreams1
Dream and love1
dream and memory store1
Dream and mosh1
Dream and nightmare1
Dream and response1
Dream arch1
Dream as a means1
dream asleep1
dream At long last1
dream awake1
Dream away3
Dream awhile6
Dream baby dream1
Dream beat2
dream begins1
Dream behind lick1
Dream behind the winter1
Dream beings1
Dream bells4
Dream blues9
Dream boat stomp1
Dream boogie2
Dream book3
Dream bossa nova1
Dream box1
Dream boxes1
Dream breath1
Dream bridge1
Dream broker1
Dream brother5
Dream bug1
Dream by day1
Dream called love1
Dream canyon1
Dream caravan3
Dream carefully1
dream carousel1
Dream castle1
Dream catastrophe1
Dream catcher11
Dream catching1
Dream cave1
Dream censor1
Dream chain1
Dream chaser1
Dream child2
Dream city2
Dream clock7
Dream come true10
Dream comes true1
Dream commandos1
Dream country1
Dream cream1
Dream cycle1
Dream daddy4
Dream daddy blues1
Dream dance6
Dream dancer4
Dream dancin1
Dream dancing180
Dream day blues1
dream deferred4
dream detective1
Dream diary1
Dream door1
Dream dram drum1
Dream dream dream3
Dream driftin1
dream dropped in1
Dream drops3
Dream drums1
Dream dust6
dream engraver1
Dream eyes2
Dream fable1
Dream factory1
Dream fields1
Dream flapper1
Dream flight7
Dream flower2
Dream for bass1
Dream for Claudine1
Dream for Gene1
dream for Kristen2
Dream for one bright world1
Dream for percussion1
Dream for Rahsaan2
dream for Rodriguez1
Dream for two4
Dream fragment1
Dream garden4
Dream girl21
Dream girl blues1
Dream girl of Pi KA2
Dream girl of Pi Kappa Alpha1
dream goes on forever1
Dream gone blue1
Dream good1
Dream groove1
Dream gypsy5
Dream haiku2
Dream harp and 25 oclock jump1
Dream has no friend1
dream He began to cry1
dream Here lies1
Dream hill1
Dream horse leaving1
Dream house8
Dream hunter1
dream I dreamed1
dream I had1
dream I had of you last night1
Dream III1
Dream in a dream1
Dream in a mirror1
dream in a time of drought1
Dream in blue1
Dream in June4
Dream in my arms1
dream in my heart1
dream in the dawn1
Dream in white1
Dream inside a dream1
dream Introduction1
Dream invader1
dream is a wish the heart makes1
dream is a wish your heart makes23
dream is gone3
dream is on the table1
dream is over2
dream is the wish your heart makes1
dream is you2
Dream IV1
dream jacket1
Dream jam1
Dream journey4
dream keeper5
Dream keeper part I1
Dream keeper part II1
Dream keeper part III1
Dream keeper part IV1
Dream kisses3
Dream lady2
Dream land1
Dream life2
Dream like a child1
Dream list1
Dream little boy dream1
Dream logic2
Dream lost song1
Dream love6
Dream lover9
Dream lucky blues2
Dream lullaby2
Dream machine5
Dream maker1
Dream man24
Dream man blues1
Dream man make me dream some more1
dream master1
Dream Maurice1
Dream me pt I1
Dream me pt II1
Dream medley3
Dream melody2
dream merchant1
Dream messages1
Dream milonga2
Dream montage1
Dream moon1
Dream mother4
Dream my little ones1
Dream my steam1
Dream n blue1
Dream Natasha1
Dream nocturne1
Dream of5
dream of a child1
Dream of a common language irruption1
dream of a democracy of goods1
Dream of a doll1
Dream of a dying city1
Dream of a family1
Dream of a flight1
Dream of a folksong1
Dream of a grandfather1
Dream of a hundred flowers1
dream of a lifetime1
dream of abundance1
dream of Alice1
dream of April1
dream of beauty reincarnated1
Dream of both and1
Dream of Brazil2
Dream of caravans1
Dream of Cleopatra1
Dream of colours1
Dream of dancing1
Dream of death1
dream of debs1
Dream of dreams4
dream of fair women1
Dream of five places1
dream of freedom of choice1
Dream of heaven2
dream of her1
Dream of Igor1
dream of it1
Dream of Joanna1
dream of lakes1
Dream of life6
Dream of love3
Dream of love and you3
Dream of love boogie1
dream of mambo queen1
Dream of many colours2
Dream of Mardy1
Dream of marina1
Dream of me4
Dream of Miles1
Dream of Mompou1
Dream of Monk2
Dream of muskogee1
Dream of nite1
dream of novelty1
Dream of Olwen5
dream of pain1
Dream of peace1
Dream of plancton1
Dream of pyramid1
Dream of rain1
Dream of return1
dream of Roman1
Dream of Rome1
Dream of samba1
Dream of saxello1
Dream of saxsello1
Dream of Scipio1
dream of Sedalia2
Dream of starlight1
Dream of the blue carpet1
Dream of the blue turtles3
Dream of the camel1
Dream of the child in the water1
Dream of the day1
Dream of the dolls1
Dream of the doppelganger1
Dream of the elders4
dream of the fox1
dream of the generations1
Dream of the Jeremiah1
dream of the king1
Dream of the little doll1
dream of the little gypsy1
Dream of the matador1
Dream of the mooneyed tarsier1
Dream of the old2
dream of the pursuit of happiness1
Dream of the return1
Dream of the rising sun2
Dream of the serpent dog1
Dream of the sirens1
Dream of the sun1
dream of three acrobats1
Dream of time1
dream of waking1
Dream of water2
dream of whispering1
dream of world peace1
Dream of you60
Dream on18
Dream on a summer night1
Dream on Brother Noah1
Dream on little dreamer5
Dream on Robben1
dream or a nightmare1
Dream or fly1
Dream out loud1
Dream overseas1
Dream pal2
Dream palace2
Dream passage2
Dream passing1
Dream patrol1
Dream peddler2
Dream people1
Dream photography2
Dream piece1
Dream place1
Dream play1
Dream promenade1
Dream queen2
Dream R1
Dream R intro1
dream rag6
Dream rags1
Dream reader meeting1
Dream recording1
Dream reflections1
Dream reprise1
Dream research1
Dream residue1
Dream ride1
Dream river4
Dream road1
dream rocker1
Dream Samba2
Dream scapes1
Dream scene1
Dream scheme1
Dream seeker1
Dream seen later1
Dream sequence16
Dream sequence II1
Dream sequins prelude1
Dream shadows1
Dream ship2
Dream situation1
Dream ska1
Dream sketch1
Dream sketches1
Dream solo1
Dream something1
Dream sometimes1
Dream song10
Dream song 1 Huffy Henry1
Dream song 141
Dream stalker1
Dream state9
Dream step1
Dream stepper8
Dream steppin1
Dream steps4
Dream stone1
Dream stream1
Dream street8
Dream suite3
Dream supreme2
Dream surreal1
Dream sweetheart7
Dream tales1
Dream talk3
Dream talking1
Dream tamer1
Dream team5
Dream terrorist1
Dream text1
dream that comes true1
Dream that darn1
dream that ended1
dream that never ends1
dream that we fell out of1
dream thats blue1
Dream theme7
Dream theme from Act 11
Dream theory2
dream thief1
dream thing1
dream thingstiff neck1
Dream tigers2
Dream time20
Dream to dream1
dream to dream a dream of1
Dream to sleep1
Dream told by Moto1
Dream too much2
Dream toon2
Dream toward the space1
Dream town1
Dream track1
Dream train7
Dream trains1
dream transformed1
Dream traveler1
Dream travellers1
Dream up1
Dream valley2
Dream variation1
Dream variations1
Dream visitor2
Dream walk2
Dream walker2
Dream walkin1
Dream waltz2
Dream waves1
Dream weaver15
Dream weavers1
dream where nothing happens1
Dream while you dance1
dream wish1
dream with Billy and Jacob1
Dream with me2
Dream with the angles1
Dream with you2
dream within a dream5
Dream world2
dream world is waiting1
Dream worlds1
Dream yaya1
Dream you awake1
Dream you fool1
Dream you mine1
Dream your fears away1
Dream zone1
Dreamambulation dans la ville blanche1
Dreamaway romance1
Dreamboat rendezvous1
Dreamcatch 221
Dreamed I had the blues1
Dreamed landscape1
Dreamed last night1

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