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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page D41 - Dont save it too long to Dont you grieve

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Tune nameSessions
Dont save it too long1
Dont save me1
Dont save your love3
Dont save your love for a rainy day1
Dont say1
Dont say a word2
Dont say a word now1
Dont say anything1
Dont say cupid wasnt foolin1
Dont say goodbye17
Dont say goodbye Miss Ragtime1
Dont say goodbye til Im in Chicago1
Dont say goodnight5
Dont say hello dont say goodbye1
Dont say I didnt tell you so1
Dont say it2
Dont say it the inflated tear1
Dont say its over1
Dont say love has ended1
Dont say nevermore1
Dont say no4
Dont say no say maybe4
Dont say nothin at all1
Dont say shit1
Dont say that no more1
Dont say too much1
Dont say we are true1
Dont say words1
Dont say yes2
Dont say you care1
Dont say youre sorry again3
Dont scare me none1
Dont scratch my piano1
Dont scream dont shout1
Dont scuffle just shuffle3
Dont see you anymore1
Dont seek me all the world1
Dont seek me in all the world1
Dont sell dont give it away1
Dont sell my soul1
Dont sell to doctors1
Dont sell your soul to the junkman1
Dont send me down that hole1
Dont send me home1
Dont send me no flowers1
Dont send me no flowers when Im in the graveyard1
Dont send no mail1
Dont set me free6
Dont set sail1
Dont shake it no more2
Dont shake my tree1
Dont share your love1
Dont shoot1
Dont shoot the alien1
Dont shoot the banjo player1
Dont shoot the Christmas man1
Dont shoot the hooey to me Louie1
Dont shoot the messenger2
Dont shout at me1
Dont shout at me daddy2
Dont shove Im leaving1
Dont shut the pianist1
Dont sing1
Dont sing along1
Dont sing love song1
Dont sing me the blues1
Dont sing no blues1
Dont sit down if you cant stand up1
Dont sit on my bed1
Dont sit under my bed1
Dont sit under the apple tree47
Dont sit under the appletree1
Dont slam the door1
Dont sleep in the subway12
Dont sleep on the roast baby1
Dont slice it1
Dont smile1
Dont smile too soon1
Dont smoke any more2
Dont smoke anymore please1
Dont smoke in bed25
Dont smoke still coughing1
Dont smoke the pillow1
Dont sneeze1
Dont some in bed1
Dont somebody need somebody1
Dont somebody want somebody to love1
Dont speak3
Dont speak about me1
Dont speak now3
Dont speak too much1
Dont spit in my soup1
Dont split2
Dont spoil this dream1
Dont squawk2
Dont squeeze the peaches1
Dont squish a wish2
Dont stand so close1
Dont stand so close to me2
Dont stand up3
Dont stand up if you cant sit down1
Dont stare at me1
Dont start lyin to me now1
Dont start me to talkin2
Dont start me to talking1
Dont start no shit1
Dont start no stuff3
Dont start nothin here tonight1
Dont start nuttin wont be nuttin1
Dont stay1
Dont stay away4
Dont stay over there too long Eric1
Dont stay quiet1
Dont stay that way1
Dont steal my heart2
Dont step in it1
Dont step on my broken heart1
Dont step on my dog1
Dont step on my tears1
Dont step on your dreams1
Dont step on your neck1
Dont step stop at the stop1
Dont stir the beehive1
Dont stop27
Dont stop baby1
Dont stop be bop2
Dont stop believin1
Dont stop believing1
Dont stop cant do without1
Dont stop it2
Dont stop keep movin1
Dont stop lovin me babe1
Dont stop loving me1
Dont stop me if youve heard it before1
Dont stop me now12
Dont stop my dreams1
Dont stop now18
Dont stop prayin dont stop playin1
Dont stop the bop1
Dont stop the carnival21
Dont stop the dance1
Dont stop the feeling2
Dont stop the funk1
Dont stop the groove1
Dont stop the harvest1
Dont stop the music3
Dont stop the train1
Dont stop this train2
Dont stop til you get enough3
Dont stop till you breath enough1
Dont stop till you get enough2
Dont stray1
Dont stretch this good thing too far1
Dont stutter around1
Dont sweep my feet1
Dont sweetheart me32
Dont swing that way2
Dont switch1
Dont take all1
Dont take all day1
Dont take all night1
Dont take everybody to be your friend2
Dont take it all away1
Dont take it for granted1
Dont take it out on me1
Dont take it so hard2
Dont take long1
Dont take me alive1
Dont take me for a fool1
Dont take me for granted1
Dont take me to Broadway2
Dont take me to the movies1
Dont take my boopoopadoop away1
Dont take my girl1
Dont take my happiness1
Dont take my heart1
Dont take my heart away1
Dont take my heart little girl1
Dont take my love1
Dont take my love away1
Dont take my love from me1
Dont take my whiskey away from me1
Dont take no2
Dont take that black bottom away8
Dont take the A train1
Dont take the A train again1
Dont take the Atrain1
Dont take the B train1
Dont take the bullit1
Dont take the easy road1
Dont take the easy way out1
Dont take the G train1
Dont take the time1
Dont take you love from me2
Dont take your love2
Dont take your love away4
Dont take your love away from me7
Dont take your love from me206
Dont take your love to Hollywood1
Dont take your meanness1
Dont take your meanness out on me2
Dont take your time1
Dont talk12
Dont talk about it1
Dont talk about love2
Dont talk about me3
Dont talk about time1
Dont talk crazy1
Dont talk darling1
Dont talk just sing1
Dont talk me to death I aint ready to die1
Dont talk now1
Dont talk that talk to me1
Dont talk to me2
Dont talk to me about love3
Dont talk to me when Im driving1
Dont talk to strangers1
Dont talk where it is not allowed1
Dont tear my clothes no 22
Dont tease me1
Dont tease your cat1
Dont tech no crap1
Dont telegraph dont telephone1
Dont telemann tell a woman1
Dont tell2
Dont tell a lie about me dear2
Dont tell a man about his woman3
Dont tell a soul5
Dont tell Amelia1
Dont tell anyone1
Dont tell Franz1
Dont tell her whats happened to me3
Dont tell him what happened to me4
Dont tell him where we are2
Dont tell it1
Dont tell me13
Dont tell me how1
Dont tell me I know3
Dont tell me lies1
Dont tell me not to dream1
Dont tell me nothin1
Dont tell me nothin bout my man2
Dont tell me nothin bout that man1
Dont tell me nothing bout my man2
Dont tell me now4
Dont tell me that1
Dont tell me that you love me1
Dont tell me to ughugh1
Dont tell me were through1
Dont tell me what a man wont do for a woman1
Dont tell me what key1
Dont tell me what to do2
Dont tell me what to feel1
Dont tell me your troubles2
Dont tell the trees3
Dont tell what happened1
Dont tell Willie1
Dont tell your doctor1
Dont tell your friends1
Dont tell your monkey man3
Dont tell your papa tell your mama1
Dont tempt me1
Dont tetch it1
Dont the girls get prettier at closing1
Dont the moon look lonesome2
Dont the moon look lonesome blues1
Dont the moon look pretty1
Dont thing twice1
Dont think3
Dont think about it2
Dont think Im Buster Brown1
Dont think its a relationship its just a lift1
Dont think of an elephant1
Dont think of leavin now1
Dont think that youre smart1
Dont think too much1
Dont think twice3
Dont think twice its all right29
Dont think twice its alright3
Dont think youll be missed4
Dont think youre smart2
Dont threaten me with your threats1
Dont throw it away1
Dont throw it in the wc1
Dont throw me away1
Dont throw out the sky1
Dont throw stones1
Dont throw your back out of whack1
Dont throw your heart away1
Dont throw your love on me so strong1
Dont tickle me Dorothy1
Dont touch3
Dont touch him2
Dont touch it1
Dont touch me25
Dont touch me baby1
Dont touch my blues1
Dont touch my chords1
Dont touch my face1
Dont touch my heart1
Dont touch my music3
Dont touch my mustache2
Dont touch my rocking chair1
Dont touch our music1
Dont touch that1
Dont touch that button1
Dont touch the grisby1
Dont touch this1
Dont tow my car away1
Dont trade here1
Dont trade the old for the new1
Dont tread on me1
Dont treat me like a dog1
Dont treat me this way1
Dont trouble1
Dont trouble about me1
Dont trust a wink1
Dont trust no cat1
Dont trust nobody blues1
Dont trust the guitar player1
Dont trust the mirror2
Dont trust the sun1
Dont try2
Dont try and argue with me2
Dont try so hard1
Dont try this at home2
Dont try to change me2
Dont try to cry your way back to me4
Dont try to fool me1
Dont try to keep up with the Joneses1
Dont try to keep up with the Joness1
Dont try to pick my brain2
Dont try to play me for your clown1
Dont try to push me1
Dont try to question2
Dont try to see me again1
Dont try to send flowers1
Dont try to take my man away1
Dont try your jive on me7
Dont turn around2
Dont turn away2
Dont turn back2
Dont turn me around2
Dont turn on the light1
Dont turn out the light1
Dont turn the lights out1
Dont turn your back on me5
Dont turn your mind1
Dont wait6
Dont wait for Henry1
Dont wait for love1
Dont wait for me3
Dont wait for me anymore1
Dont wait for night1
Dont wait for the day of battle before getting your weapons ready1
Dont wait for the sun1
Dont wait let it go1
Dont wait till later do it right now1
Dont wait till the morning comes1
Dont wait till the night before Christmas2
Dont wait too long24
Dont wait until tomorrow2
Dont wait up1
Dont wait up for me4
Dont wake me1
Dont wake me too soon3
Dont wake me up11
Dont wake me up fc vcl)1
Dont wake the baby1
Dont wake the violent baby2
Dont wake up my heart8
Dont wake up the memories1
Dont wake up yet1
Dont walk2
Dont walk away7
Dont walk in the snow1
Dont walk off1
Dont walk on the water1
Dont walk too far1
Dont wanna1
Dont wanna be alone1
Dont wanna be normal1
Dont wanna fight1
Dont wanna give up on you1
Dont wanna go1
Dont wanna know1
Dont wanna pickup1
Dont wanna play no more1
Dont want it all1
Dont want no blues this Christmas1
Dont want no man thats lazy1
Dont want nothin1
Dont want that man around4
Dont want that woman2
Dont want that woman around1
Dont want to1
Dont want to be a fool1
Dont want to cry1
Dont want to go1
Dont want to have to1
Dont want to leave you1
Dont want to lose my baby1
Dont want to lose you1
Dont want to see you1
Dont want you no more2
Dont waste my time1
Dont waste your time8
Dont watch the girls1
Dont we all have the right1
Dont wear it out1
Dont wear your heart on your sleeve1
Dont weep1
Dont weep after me1
Dont weep for the lady2
Dont weep girl1
Dont whisper1
Dont whisper too loe1
Dont wish upon me baby1
Dont wonder why1
Dont work anymore1
Dont worry19
Dont worry about1
Dont worry about a thing2
Dont worry about it5
Dont worry about it George1
Dont worry about me22
Dont worry about tenor saxphone1
Dont worry about the future1
Dont worry baby2
Dont worry baby Ill get you some food1
Dont worry be happy8
Dont worry before its too late1
Dont worry bout a thing17
Dont worry bout me274
Dont worry bout strangers8
Dont worry bout that mule7
Dont worry bout the flavor1
Dont worry bout the mule1
Dont worry do1
Dont worry Ill lift the sky1
Dont worry Lily1
Dont worry man1
Dont worry me1
Dont worry me no more3
Dont worry mom3
Dont worry sweetheart1
Dont worry why1
Dont worry your head about it1
Dont worry Yuri1
Dont wreck my life1
Dont write checks that your body cant cash1
Dont write no shit about me1
Dont xplain1
Dont yield to temptation1
Dont you1
Dont you advertise your man1
Dont you believe her1
Dont you believe it dear2
Dont you believe me1
Dont you care1
Dont you care I know1
Dont you care what anyone says4
Dont you carry my gal out fishin1
Dont you cry1
Dont you cry baby1
Dont you dare2
Dont you dare to strike me again1
Dont you do it4
Dont you ease me in1
Dont you ever1
Dont you ever change1
Dont you ever give up playing bebop1
Dont you ever learn3
Dont you ever leave me here1
Dont you ever let me go2
Dont you ever stop talkin1
Dont you ever stop talking1
Dont you ever take your love1
Dont you ever turn away1
Dont you ever wash that thing2
Dont you explain whats in my world1
Dont you feel love in your heart1
Dont you feel my leg12
Dont you feel my leg dont you touch my thigh1
Dont you feel my legs2
Dont you feel real good1
Dont you feel this way toosometimes1
Dont you forget about me1
Dont you forget it5
Dont you forget me1
Dont you get it1
Dont you get me high3
Dont you give up on love1
Dont you go away mad6
Dont you go away my friend1
Dont you go changin1
Dont you go mad1
Dont you go worryin about judgement day2
Dont you go worrying about judgement day1
Dont you grieve1

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