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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page D40 - Dont leave me dear to Dont stop the train

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Tune nameSessions
Dont leave me dear1
Dont leave me here1
Dont leave me in the ice and snow1
Dont leave me like this1
Dont leave me mammy1
Dont leave me now5
Dont leave me this way3
Dont leave my poor heart breaking1
Dont leave poor me1
Dont leave them2
Dont leave us home alone1
Dont lend me no money1
Dont lend your guitar to anyone2
Dont let a good thing get away4
Dont let a memory1
Dont let daddy slow walk you down1
Dont let Fletcher getcha1
Dont let go15
Dont let her know2
Dont let her pin that charge on me1
Dont let her ride1
Dont let him know you1
Dont let it bother you19
Dont let it break your heart1
Dont let it bring you down10
Dont let it die1
Dont let it drop please1
Dont let it end4
Dont let it end this way1
Dont let it get away2
Dont let it get to you1
Dont let it get you1
Dont let it get you down6
Dont let it go5
Dont let it go to your head9
Dont let it happen again2
Dont let it happen here5
Dont let it happen to me1
Dont let it mean goodbye6
Dont let it rain on my parade1
Dont let Julia fool ya2
Dont let life pass you by1
Dont let love go1
Dont let love pass you by1
Dont let me be lonely8
Dont let me be lonely tonight45
Dont let me be misunderstood13
Dont let me down8
Dont let me dream2
Dont let me fall too far1
Dont let me go9
Dont let me go this way2
Dont let me ketch you1
Dont let me lonely tonight1
Dont let me lose this dream9
Dont let me love you1
Dont let me say goodbye1
Dont let me slip away1
Dont let me stand in your way1
Dont let me wait3
Dont let me wake up1
Dont let my baby ride1
Dont let old age creep up on you2
Dont let our love slip away1
Dont let that moon get away9
Dont let the bastard get you down1
Dont let the bed bugs bite1
Dont let the bogeyman get you1
Dont let the deal go down1
Dont let the devil ride1
Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out1
Dont let the doorknob hit you1
Dont let the doorknob hitcha1
Dont let the dragon eat your mother1
Dont let the feeling go1
Dont let the ghost drums get you down1
Dont let the green grass fool you1
Dont let the landlord gyp you1
Dont let the moment slip away1
Dont let the moon get away1
Dont let the rhythm go to your head1
Dont let the stars get in your eyes3
Dont let the sun2
Dont let the sun catch you cryin42
Dont let the sun catch you crying23
Dont let the sun catch your crying1
Dont let the sun go down1
Dont let the sun go down on me3
Dont let the system get you1
Dont let the teardrops rust your shining heart3
Dont let the world pass you by3
Dont let them take you away1
Dont let this get between us1
Dont let tomorrow get you down2
Dont let us say goodbye1
Dont let your defenses down1
Dont let your eyes go shopping3
Dont let your eyes go shopping for your heart1
Dont let your head start nothin1
Dont let your heartache catch you1
Dont let your love come down3
Dont let your love go wrong17
Dont let your love got wrong1
Dont let your mouth start nothing your head wont stand1
Dont lets talk1
Dont lie to me3
Dont like em2
Dont like goodbyes13
Dont listen2
Dont lock the door1
Dont lock the top1
Dont look1
Dont look at me3
Dont look at me like that1
Dont look at me that way6
Dont look at me the way you1
Dont look at the pot1
Dont look away1
Dont look away look around1
Dont look away now1
Dont look back52
Dont look back in anger1
Dont look back in Bangor1
Dont look down7
Dont look for me1
Dont look for more1
Dont look now14
Dont look now but1
Dont look over your shoulder1
Dont look says the crow1
Dont look under the bed1
Dont look up1
Dont loose that smile1
Dont loose the blues1
Dont loose your mind1
Dont loose your soul1
Dont lose control2
Dont lose faith in me Lord1
Dont lose her1
Dont lose it2
Dont lose sight1
Dont lose the blues2
Dont lose the feeling1
Dont lose your cool2
Dont lose your good thing1
Dont lose your head and put your hands on me1
Dont lose your mind3
Dont lose your steam1
Dont lose yourself1
Dont love her papa no more1
Dont love it1
Dont love me4
Dont love me blues1
Dont love no married man1
Dont love you no more1
Dont low no swingin in here1
Dont make a dog out of me1
Dont make a fool of me1
Dont make a fool out of me1
Dont make a mess in my brand new Edgar suit1
Dont make it hurt1
Dont make it so good1
Dont make mastikes1
Dont make me1
Dont make me beg1
Dont make me cry2
Dont make me cry baby1
Dont make me feel stupid1
Dont make me laugh4
Dont make me love you1
Dont make me over4
Dont make me pull that tongue out1
Dont make me sorry1
Dont make me wait1
Dont make me wait around1
Dont make me wait for love2
Dont make my brown eyes blue3
Dont make no difference2
Dont make no noise1
Dont make promises3
Dont make sweet mama mad1
Dont marry a fool1
Dont marry me1
Dont marry that girl1
Dont marry too soon1
Dont matter2
Dont mean a thing2
Dont mean a thing at all2
Dont mean maybe1
Dont mean you no good blues1
Dont meddle in my mood1
Dont melt away1
Dont mention it7
Dont mention love to me5
Dont mention my name1
Dont mention the blues4
Dont mention the blues to me1
Dont mention the moon1
Dont mention the war1
Dont mention wives to the sultan1
Dont mess around1
Dont mess around with me2
Dont mess around with Mom2
Dont mess around with my love1
Dont mess around with Philis Jones1
Dont mess up a good thing1
Dont mess wit nobody but me1
Dont mess with Bessie1
Dont mess with Bill6
Dont mess with me6
Dont mess with Miss I1
Dont mess with Mister T2
Dont mess with Mr T6
Dont mess with my mother1
Dont mess with my stereo1
Dont mess with my toot toot2
Dont mess with my woman1
Dont mess with the messenger2
Dont Miles me1
Dont mind3
Dont mind dying1
Dont mind if I do6
Dont mind the rain4
Dont mind them1
Dont miss a second1
Dont miss that train1
Dont miss the 7 oclock train1
Dont miss understand1
Dont miss you1
Dont mistreat me1
Dont mistreat your good boyfriend1
Dont misunderstand55
Dont misunderstand me2
Dont monkey around with me1
Dont monkey with it18
Dont monkey with me1
Dont monkey with this1
Dont move8
Dont move a vip till I say vop1
Dont move the furniture1
Dont move your shadow1
Dont move your toes1
Dont mow your lawn3
Dont name it1
Dont need another lover1
Dont need money1
Dont need no monkey on my back1
Dont need no ticket2
Dont need nobody2
Dont need nobody know1
Dont need the moon1
Dont need the real thing1
Dont never figure1
Dont never stop looking1
Dont never tell nobody2
Dont never tell nobody what your good man can do1
Dont nobody move1
Dont open here2
Dont overact1
Dont overdo it2
Dont pack your bags2
Dont pan me2
Dont pan me when Im gone2
Dont panic8
Dont pass me by5
Dont pay me no mind1
Dont pay them no mind2
Dont pick a fight with a poet1
Dont pick me for your fool1
Dont piss in my ear and say its raining1
Dont piss me off1
Dont pity me1
Dont pity the mirror1
Dont play bad with my love1
Dont play daddy1
Dont play dice with the devil1
Dont play games1
Dont play games with me1
Dont play hip for daddy1
Dont play it again Sam1
Dont play just be1
Dont play last harmony til end1
Dont play me cheap2
Dont play me for no clown1
Dont play me no 6 tonight1
Dont play noodles1
Dont play that song2
Dont play that song again1
Dont play the melody1
Dont play with fire3
Dont play with love1
Dont point that over here1
Dont pose as a saint1
Dont pretend1
Dont proof your love1
Dont pull the wool1
Dont punk out1
Dont push Daddy1
Dont push dont pull3
Dont push dont shove1
Dont push it2
Dont push me1
Dont push me around1
Dont push my love aside1
Dont push the red button1
Dont push too hard1
Dont put a jacket on me1
Dont put a tax on the beautiful girls2
Dont put all your dreams in one basket2
Dont put it down2
Dont put me down1
Dont put me down like this1
Dont put no headstone on my grave2
Dont put sugar in my sin1
Dont put that thing in me1
Dont put the blame on mame1
Dont put your business in my street1
Dont put your hoe down1
Dont put yourself on the spot1
Dont question Mark1
Dont quibble Sybil1
Dont quit1
Dont quit now3
Dont quit the one you love for me1
Dont quote me1
Dont rag the lady1
Dont rain on my parade16
Dont rain on my paradise1
Dont ration my love1
Dont read into it1
Dont read my lips1
Dont redux the reflux1
Dont regret1
Dont remind me1
Dont resist it1
Dont rimenere mi1
Dont rob our dignity1
Dont rock me daddyo1
Dont rock that boat1
Dont roll those bloodshot eyes at me9
Dont ruin me4
Dont ruin meLove flee thy house1
Dont run4
Dont run around with the ashtray1
Dont run away2
Dont run from fun1
Dont run out of money1
Dont rush2
Dont rush dont shove1
Dont rush it1
Dont rush me3
Dont rush me baby2
Dont rush us1
Dont save1
Dont save it too long1
Dont save me1
Dont save your love3
Dont save your love for a rainy day1
Dont say1
Dont say a word1
Dont say a word now1
Dont say anything1
Dont say cupid wasnt foolin1
Dont say goodbye17
Dont say goodbye Miss Ragtime1
Dont say goodbye til Im in Chicago1
Dont say goodnight5
Dont say hello dont say goodbye1
Dont say I didnt tell you so1
Dont say it2
Dont say it the inflated tear1
Dont say its over1
Dont say love has ended1
Dont say nevermore1
Dont say no4
Dont say no say maybe4
Dont say nothin at all1
Dont say shit1
Dont say that no more1
Dont say too much1
Dont say we are true1
Dont say words1
Dont say yes2
Dont say you care1
Dont say youre sorry again3
Dont scare me none1
Dont scratch my piano1
Dont scream dont shout1
Dont scuffle just shuffle3
Dont see you anymore1
Dont seek me all the world1
Dont seek me in all the world1
Dont sell dont give it away1
Dont sell to doctors1
Dont sell your soul to the junkman1
Dont send me down that hole1
Dont send me home1
Dont send me no flowers1
Dont send me no flowers when Im in the graveyard1
Dont send no mail1
Dont set me free6
Dont set sail1
Dont shake it no more2
Dont shake my tree1
Dont share your love1
Dont shoot1
Dont shoot the alien1
Dont shoot the banjo player1
Dont shoot the Christmas man1
Dont shoot the hooey to me Louie1
Dont shoot the messenger2
Dont shout at me1
Dont shout at me daddy2
Dont shove Im leaving1
Dont shut the pianist1
Dont sing1
Dont sing along1
Dont sing love song1
Dont sing me the blues1
Dont sing no blues1
Dont sit down if you cant stand up1
Dont sit on my bed1
Dont sit under my bed1
Dont sit under the apple tree47
Dont sit under the appletree1
Dont slam the door1
Dont sleep in the subway12
Dont sleep on the roast baby1
Dont slice it1
Dont smile1
Dont smile too soon1
Dont smoke any more2
Dont smoke anymore please1
Dont smoke in bed25
Dont smoke still coughing1
Dont smoke the pillow1
Dont sneeze1
Dont some in bed1
Dont somebody need somebody1
Dont somebody want somebody to love1
Dont speak3
Dont speak about me1
Dont speak now3
Dont speak too much1
Dont spit in my soup1
Dont split2
Dont spoil this dream1
Dont squawk2
Dont squeeze the peaches1
Dont squish a wish2
Dont stand so close1
Dont stand so close to me2
Dont stand up3
Dont stand up if you cant sit down1
Dont stare at me1
Dont start lyin to me now1
Dont start me to talkin2
Dont start me to talking1
Dont start no shit1
Dont start no stuff3
Dont start nothin here tonight1
Dont start nuttin wont be nuttin1
Dont stay1
Dont stay away4
Dont stay over there too long Eric1
Dont stay quiet1
Dont stay that way1
Dont steal my heart2
Dont step in it1
Dont step on my broken heart1
Dont step on my dog1
Dont step on my tears1
Dont step on your dreams1
Dont step on your neck1
Dont step stop at the stop1
Dont stir the beehive1
Dont stop27
Dont stop baby1
Dont stop be bop2
Dont stop believin1
Dont stop believing1
Dont stop cant do without1
Dont stop it2
Dont stop keep movin1
Dont stop lovin me babe1
Dont stop loving me1
Dont stop me if youve heard it before1
Dont stop me now12
Dont stop my dreams1
Dont stop now18
Dont stop prayin dont stop playin1
Dont stop the bop1
Dont stop the carnival21
Dont stop the dance1
Dont stop the feeling2
Dont stop the funk1
Dont stop the groove1
Dont stop the harvest1
Dont stop the music3
Dont stop the train1

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