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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page C6 - Campus rush to Canco de nit

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Tune nameSessions
Campus rush1
Cams blues1
Camshafts and butterflies1
Camus samba1
Camuss question1
Can & Balik1
Can a brother get a ride1
Can a good thing last forever2
Can a moose crochet1
Can a soul be bright1
Can anybody take sweet mamas place1
Can anyone ask for more1
Can anyone explain24
Can anyone hear me1
Can as twist can1
Can call us2
Can can12
Can can boogie1
Can Can Street1
Can city2
can compare1
Can do4
Can do man1
Can festis1
Can finger mask1
Can ghosts neigh1
Can ghosts neight1
Can he come out1
Can he excuse my wrongs1
Can he wheel her1
Can heat1
Can help lovin that man of mine1
Can here be peace1
Can I3
Can I ask you a question1
Can I be sure1
Can I be with you tonight1
Can I be your friend1
Can I be your squeeze1
Can I call you1
Can I call you sugar1
Can I call you Wren1
Can I canoe you up the river1
Can I change my mind5
Can I come back1
Can I come home now1
Can I come in for a second3
Can I count on you1
Can I do this1
Can I dream1
Can I ever1
Can I ever do right by you1
Can I forget you11
Can I get a witness2
Can I get an Amen1
Can I get it now1
Can I get some help1
Can I get that funk1
Can I go like this1
Can I have him over here1
Can I have my paperback back2
Can I have slice1
Can I help it6
Can I hold you for a minute1
Can I just call you David1
Can I just hold your hand1
Can I keep a picture of this1
Can I know1
Can I persuade you1
Can I play1
Can I play with you2
Can I please1
Can I really write a song1
Can I rely on you1
Can I see you1
Can I sleep in your arms tonight lady6
Can I start again1
Can I steal a little love1
Can I still play1
Can I still play with the band1
Can I tell you10
Can I trust you1
Can I wait up for Santa Claus1
Can I walk you to your car1
Can I wash your clothes1
Can it all be so simple1
Can it be done7
Can it be donw1
Can it be possible1
Can it be true1
Can Joe Cocker1
Can love be sinful1
Can man do1
Can masia1
Can mind1
Can of faces1
Can of ice1
Can of worms1
Can on1
Can one letter om1
Can opener3
Can per laia1
can pilling dance1
Can ram4
Can she1
Can she excuse my wrongs2
Can spring be far behind1
Can tamarueccos1
Can that boy foxtrot1
Can the circle be unbroken1
Can there be two1
Can these bones come to life1
Can this be love10
Can this be the end of love2
Can this McBee1
Can use it myself1
Can vei la lauzeta the song1
Can walk on sand1
Can we all1
Can we begin with that1
Can we believe it will work1
Can we bring it back1
Can we do that1
Can we find love again1
Can we got to that1
Can we pretend3
Can we stay forever1
Can we still be friends2
Can we talk4
Can we talk to you1
Can we try again1
Can we whisper2
Can y gwdihw1
Can ye wheeple puggy1
Can you3
Can you be yourself1
Can you bebop1
Can you believe in a love1
Can you bird sing1
Can you blame me2
Can you dance2
Can you dig1
Can you dig being dug1
Can you dig it10
Can you dig me1
Can you do it1
Can you do that1
Can you explain1
Can you feel it10
Can you feel the beat1
Can you feel the fonk1
Can you feel the force1
Can you feel the love tonight4
Can you find a place1
Can you find me1
Can you follow3
Can you follow me1
Can you forget2
can you get through this life with a good heart1
Can you give it up1
Can you give me back my life1
Can you hear it1
Can you hear me4
Can you hear me now3
Can you hear me tango leader1
Can you hear me thinking1
Can you hear the music1
Can you hear the music play1
Can you hear the piano1
Can you hear the rain1
Can you hear the sky1
Can you hear the whistle blow1
Can you hear them1
Can you hear these dirty horns1
Can you hear those dirty horns1
Can you here me1
Can you imagine2
Can you imagine a conversation between a table and a chair1
Can you imagine that1
Can you keep a secret2
Can you keep it1
Can you know a man1
Can you live1
Can you look me in the eye1
Can you look me in the eyes5
Can you love me once more1
Can you love once more1
Can you make it1
Can you make it swing for me1
Can you make love1
Can you meet me there1
Can you picture that1
Can you please1
Can you please crawl out your window1
Can you read my mind15
Can you really hear me1
Can you recall1
Can you say Peggy Babcock 10 times fast1
Can you see2
Can you see me3
Can you see the dancing gnomes1
Can you sew cushions1
Can you sleep1
Can you smell the fever1
Can you smile1
Can you spare a dime1
Can you spare it baby1
Can you spare some change1
Can you speak my language1
Can you speak the language1
Can you stand the rain2
Can you stop the rain2
Can you take it3
Can you take it from here1
Can you tame wild wimmen1
Can you tell5
Can you tell by looking at me3
Can you tell me3
Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street1
Can you tell me what I am dreaming1
Can you tell me where my country lies1
Can you trap shadows like thisJs blues1
Can you wait1
Can you whistle Johanna2
Can your band do this1
Can your glue do this1
Can yours bark to the Thang1
Cana Brava2
Cana fita1
Canaan land1
Canacao do sal1
Canacao em modo menor1
Canacao para Geralda1
Canaco do amolador1
Canada drive1
Canada Dry1
Canada lumberyard1
Canada valse1
Canadese Africano1
Canadian 41
Canadian ace1
Canadian bacon1
Canadian balsam1
Canadian brass rag1
Canadian capers44
Canadian concerto1
Canadian cup of coffee1
Canadian dixie1
Canadian domino1
Canadian Folk song medley1
Canadian girl2
Canadian market place2
Canadian northern lights1
Canadian pie1
Canadian sea monster1
Canadian star1
Canadian suite2
Canadian sunburst1
Canadian sunset140
Canadian theme1
Canadian tributeStan Kenton1
Canadian tuxedo1
Canadians in East Penge1
Canadians in Heaven1
Canady hill1
Canaille en diable1
Canakkale icinde1
Canakkale song1
Canal 12162
Canal and Lafayette1
Canal rounds1
Canal SaintMartin3
Canal St blues5
Canal St Martin1
Canal Steet blues1
Canal Street5
Canal Street blues371
Canal Street boogie2
Canal Street boogie woogie1
Canal Street rag1
Canal Street stomp1
Canal suite Land of hope1
Canal suite Melting pot1
Canal suite Premonition in rhythm1
Canal towpath1
Canal walk1
Canale 21
Canales cabeza1
Canales rose1
Canao do sol1
Canard lacque1
Canard poems1
Canard rose1
Canard sauvage1
Canaries du chef1
Canaries on the rocks1
Canaro en Paris1
Canary cottage3
Canary dream1
Canary drums1
Canary effect1
Canary islands1
Canary polka1
Canary stampede1
canasta song1
Canberra zortlatmasi1
CanCan dance from Orpheus in the Underword1
Cancao ao tempo1
Cancao branca1
Cancao Brasileira1
Cancao carreiro1
Cancao da America2
Cancao da chuva1
Cancao da espera1
Cancao da noite1
Cancao da tarde1
Cancao da terra1
Cancao da vania1
Cancao da volta1
Cancao de amanacer1
Cancao de amanhecer1
Cancao de amor3
Cancao de amor demais1
Cancao de embalar4
Cancao de embalar bonequinhas pobres1
Cancao de Nimar para Carol1
Cancao de ninar1
Cancao de noite2
Cancao de sal1
Cancao de vila1
Cancao do amanhecer4
Cancao do amor demais3
Cancao do lobo1
Cancao do nosso amor1
Cancao do sal11
Cancao do sol5
Cancao dos olhos tristes1
Cancao em modo menor3
Cancao Inglesa1
Cancao leal1
Cancao necessaria1
Cancao no paiol em curitiba2
Cancao noturna1
Cancao numero dois2
Cancao para o minho1
Cancao para silencio1
Cancao para ti1
Cancao pra ela1
Cancao que do amor1
Cancao que morre no ar2
Cancao sem nome1
Cancao sossegada1
Cancao vazia1
Cancel me out1
Cancel out1
Cancel the cancel1
Cancel the flowers2
Cancel values1
Cancer a horrible experience1
Cancer All sides1
Cancer blues1
Cancer influence1
Cancerian moon1
Cancio de cuna a Patricia1
Cancion 11
Cancion 21
Cancion 42
Cancion a isela1
Cancion a palia1
Cancion a paola1
Cancion al licor de ave1
Cancion Brasilena1
Cancion carorena1
Cancion con todos2
Cancion contra la indecision1
Cancion de amor3
Cancion de amor divino1
Cancion de Bourg Madame1
Cancion de Buenos Aires1
Cancion de Consuelo1
Cancion de cuna3
Cancion de cuna del nino negro1
Cancion de cuna para el hijo del conquistador1
Cancion de cuna para el hijo del conquistador conquistado1
Cancion de cuna para hara1
Cancion de cuna Rusa1
Cancion de despedida1
Cancion de dos por tres1
Cancion de Jose Lazardo1
Cancion de Julieta1
Cancion de la madre del Amargo1
Cancion de la montana1
Cancion de la noche1
Cancion de la penas de amor1
Cancion de la solidaridad2
Cancion de la tarde2
Cancion de la tierra1
Cancion de la verdad sencilla1
Cancion de Montjuich1
Cancion de Palia1
Cancion de un festival4
Cancion de verde1
Cancion del amanecer1
Cancion del amor1
Cancion del canaveral2
Cancion del encuentro1
Cancion del fuego fatuo3
Cancion del hombre tranquilo1
Cancion del Ilamero1
Cancion del momento1
Cancion del poder popular1
Cancion del recuerdo1
Cancion del rio1
Cancion del yunque1
Cancion desesperada1
Cancion di Argentina1
Cancion en sol1
Cancion final1
Cancion III1
Cancion Mandala1
Cancion mixteca1
Cancion no 21
Cancion no VI1
Cancion para amar1
Cancion para Belen Rondon1
Cancion para Cadiz1
Cancion para Cecilia1
Cancion para consuelo1
Cancion para Diego1
Cancion para dormir en sillon1
Cancion para dos ninos rubitos1
Cancion para el Diego1
Cancion para el Timoteo1
Cancion para los ninos1
Cancion para mi amor1
Cancion para mi padres1
Cancion para po1
Cancion para que duermas1
Cancion para ti1
Cancion para Victor1
Cancion por la unidad LatinoAmericana1
Cancion sabrosa1
Cancion se amor1
Cancion simple1
Cancion sin melodia1
Cancion sin palabras ESEPCO II1
Cancion Tropical1
Cancion turca1
Cancion y danza vi3
Cancionero I1
Cancionero II1
Cancionero III1
Cancionero IV1
Cancionero V1
Cancionero VI1
Canciones del camino1
Canco daqui1
Canco de bressol1
Canco de comiat1
Canco de gracies1
Canco de matinada5
Canco de nit1

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