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This index refers to the 545,932 individual tune titles (1,626,823 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

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Page B52 - Blues nouveau to Blues universal

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Tune nameSessions
Blues nouveau1
Blues nova1
Blues now3
Blues now and then1
Blues nowoorleanski1
Blues nr 21
Blues nr 41
Blues nu1
Blues number four1
Blues number one1
Blues number two1
Blues o mighty2
Blues o tichu1
Blues o vrabci1
blues observed1
Blues och kjol1
Blues oclock1
Blues Oddbjorn1
Blues of a cellar lark1
Blues of a kind1
Blues of a sort1
blues of a string hanging in the wind1
Blues of a tired man1
Blues of Avalon1
Blues of Bechet1
Blues of changes1
Blues of CJ1
Blues of Europe2
Blues of freedom1
Blues of hope2
Blues of Israel1
Blues of JM1
Blues of Magal1
blues of many colors1
Blues of mind1
Blues of my soul1
Blues of soul1
Blues of Stockholm1
Blues of Sweden1
blues of the birth1
Blues of the Emperor Jones1
blues of the guitar1
Blues of the masters1
Blues of the month club1
Blues of the prairies6
Blues of the rain1
blues of the record man1
Blues of the river1
Blues of the roaring twenties1
Blues of the silence1
Blues of the vagabond11
Blues of the whale1
blues of this1
Blues of war1
Blues of Wermland1
blues of what it is1
Blues of yesterday1
blues offering1
Blues oh blues1
Blues ohne capo1
Blues Okura2
Blues olymp1
Blues Olympia1
Blues omighty1
Blues on 45th1
Blues on 57th street1
Blues on a bad day1
Blues on a G string1
Blues on a pair1
Blues on a par1
Blues on a rocky cliff1
Blues on a Sunday2
Blues on a ukulele1
Blues on a wet Thursday1
Blues on Amiga1
blues on and off1
Blues on bass1
Blues on belle isle1
Blues on blue1
Blues on blues3
Blues on Bourbon Street1
Blues on Central Avenue1
Blues on down9
Blues on earth1
Blues on hold1
Blues on ice1
Blues on Mack Avenue1
Blues on Mars2
Blues on my mind9
Blues on my Monday1
Blues on my weary mind2
Blues on one theme2
Blues on parade24
Blues on Planet Mars1
Blues on Pluto1
Blues on purpose9
Blues on Q1
Blues on rhumba1
Blues on rock1
Blues on Saturday1
Blues on sax1
Blues on shore1
Blues on strings1
Blues on Sunday6
Blues on the 71
Blues on the Bayou2
Blues on the beach3
Blues on the blacktop1
Blues on the bongo beat1
Blues on the bottom4
Blues on the bridge1
Blues on the ChampsElysees1
Blues on the corner58
Blues on the dark side3
Blues on the delta2
Blues on the DL1
Blues on the double9
Blues on the down side1
Blues on the downbeat6
Blues on the East Side1
Blues on the edge4
Blues on the half shell1
Blues on the highway1
Blues on the house1
Blues on the levee1
Blues on the loose2
Blues on the march1
Blues on the mind1
Blues on the moon1
Blues on the move1
Blues on the other side1
Blues on the prairie1
Blues on the river1
Blues on the road1
Blues on the rocks5
Blues on the run3
Blues on the side2
Blues on the sofa1
Blues on the spot4
Blues on the square1
Blues on the stairs1
Blues on the table1
Blues on the waterfront1
Blues on the way1
Blues on the West Side1
Blues on thoughts1
Blues on Thursday1
Blues on time1
Blues on top5
Blues on trial1
Blues on trumpet1
Blues on Tuesday1
Blues on velvet1
Blues once again1
Blues one4
Blues one day1
Blues open1
Blues opus 11
Blues Opus 31
Blues or not2
Blues orange1
Blues ore1
Blues Oreenee1
Blues oriental1
Blues original3
Blues out7
Blues out of the closet1
Blues out yonder1
Blues outro1
Blues outside2
Blues outside in1
Blues outsider1
Blues over1
Blues over Bodega5
Blues over easy3
Blues overture1
Blues P1
Blues P 31
Blues pa Changuito1
Blues pa inedalsgatan1
Blues palindrome1
Blues pampa1
Blues panic1
Blues para adamo1
Blues para Berger1
Blues para Ernesto Castrillon1
Blues para guinga1
Blues para jarek1
Blues para John1
Blues para los amigos1
Blues para los Andes1
Blues para mar1
Blues para Monk1
Blues para Rita1
Blues para T1
Blues para uraba1
Blues para Victor1
Blues para Xaquin1
Blues Parisien2
Blues passacaglia1
Blues peleon1
Blues people5
Blues per Dolphy1
Blues per Enrico1
Blues per Enzo1
Blues per Gerardo Gastello1
Blues per mon pare1
Blues per ora1
Blues per un Angelo Nero1
Blues per Venezia1
Blues period3
Blues Peru1
Blues petite4
Blues PG1
Blues pianist and juke joints1
Blues pizzicato1
Blues plate special1
Blues play on1
Blues please go away1
Blues plues1
Blues plus eight1
Blues plus four1
Blues police blues1
Blues polis1
Blues polymodal1
Blues por Solene1
Blues porteno3
Blues pour Alice1
Blues pour Blackwell1
Blues pour Charles Saudrais1
Blues pour Charley1
Blues pour Claude1
Blues pour commencer1
Blues pour CR1
Blues pour Doudou1
Blues pour Edith1
Blues pour flirter1
Blues pour flute1
Blues pour France1
Blues pour Francois1
Blues pour Genevieve1
Blues pour la puce1
Blues pour LaMenthe1
Blues pour le chat2
Blues pour le sphinx1
Blues pour le vieux chat1
Blues pour les CT1
Blues pour Marcel1
Blues pour Maurice1
Blues pour Michele1
Blues pour Miguel Enriquez4
Blues pour Nathalie1
Blues pour Pierre Calla1
Blues pour tous1
Blues pour un chat noir1
Blues pour une machoire deserte1
Blues pour Valentin1
Blues pour Vava1
Blues pour William1
Blues poussiere1
Blues prayer1
Blues prelude and fugue1
Blues primitif1
blues prior to Richard1
Blues pro destivy den1
Blues pro festival1
Blues pro PBB1
Blues prospectives1
Blues PT1
Blues puzzle1
Blues quarters1
Blues quasi presto1
Blues quodlibet1
Blues R us1
Blues Ra1
Blues ras la trompe1
Blues Ray and Grey1
blues really1
blues reclaimed1
Blues reconstruction1
Blues reflections1
Blues refraction1
Blues reggae1
Blues relax pour Luca1
Blues report1
Blues request1
Blues reservation1
Blues revisited1
Blues revolution1
Blues rhapsody3
Blues rhapsody 11
Blues rhapsody 21
Blues ride1
Blues Ridge1
Blues riff7
Blues riff tune1
Blues rites1
Blues rock4
blues rocking1
Blues roll1
Blues ronds1
blues room2
Blues roots2
Blues round my door1
Blues round my head2
Blues round up1
Blues royale1
Blues run2
blues runner1
Blues sacrosanto1
Blues sale1
Blues samba3
Blues samotarky1
Blues sans nom2
Blues sans titre no1
Blues sans titre no 21
Blues sans titre no 31
Blues sans titre no 41
Blues sans urgence1
Blues Santa Cruz1
Blues sarangi1
Blues schmues1
Blues sea1
Blues Selah1
blues serenade44
Blues shaker1
blues shift1
Blues shifting1
Blues shmues2
Blues shout1
Blues shuffle7
Blues shuffle heart1
Blues shutters1
Blues siete1
blues singer2
blues singer from Alabam1
Blues sinistra1
Blues six bits1
Blues sketch2
Blues sketch in clave1
Blues skies18
Blues sky1
blues slasher1
Blues slide1
Blues smiles1
Blues snooze1
Blues solid1
Blues solo1
Blues somber1
Blues somewhere1
blues sonata1
Blues song1
Blues song for Ray1
Blues sonolientos1
Blues sphere1
blues sprung free1
Blues stampede11
Blues standard1
Blues starch1
Blues stare zeleznide1
Blues state1
Blues stay away1
Blues stay away from me15
Blues stay away from my door1
blues stay away with me1
Blues steps1
Blues stomp2
Blues stop1
Blues stop knocking1
Blues story14
Blues straight up1
Blues street2
Blues stride1
Blues strikes again1
Blues strut2
Blues studio no 11
Blues suite11
Blues Suite in Three movements1
Blues suite Introduction1
Blues suite Movement no 11
Blues suite Movement no 21
Blues suite Movement no 31
Blues suite Movement no 41
Blues sulla 4 corda1
Blues sur canape1
Blues sur ecoute1
Blues sur la Seine1
Blues sur le nom de Bach1
Blues sur Seine1
Blues sure have got me2
Blues sus2
Blues swing1
Blues tales in time1
Blues talk2
Blues tango1
Blues Tell me the truth1
Blues tempo1
Blues termico1
Blues teteatete1
Blues tetushek kheggers1
Blues thang3
blues that aint the blues1
blues that Jack built1
blues that was waiting for me1
blues thats me1
Blues the most5
Blues the mother of sin2
Blues the new green1
blues the whole blues and nothing but the blues1
blues the whole blues and nothing but the Blues my naughty sweetie gives to me1
Blues the world forgot1
Blues theme9
Blues theme for left hand only1
Blues theme from Reprieve2
Blues theme from The proper time1
Blues theme no21
blues they are coming soon1
Blues thicket1
Blues thing1
Blues this morning1
Blues thoughts1
Blues through stained glass1
Blues till you die1
Blues time7
Blues times 21
Blues tinge1
Blues to Africa3
Blues to Aimee1
Blues to Bappe II1
Blues to be there12
Blues to Bechet3
Blues to Booker1
Blues to Clark1
Blues to Coltrane2
Blues to come1
Blues to Elvin1
Blues to end all blues2
Blues to FJ1
Blues to Frankie and Johnny1
Blues to freedom1
Blues to go1
Blues to Jimi1
Blues to John1
Blues to Lee1
Blues to line1
Blues to lose1
Blues to Mamy1
Blues to MC1
Blues to Mister Jones1
Blues to Nasir1
Blues to nous1
Blues to Pori1
Blues to Professor Pickens1
Blues to save the trees1
Blues to Senegal2
Blues to someone1
Blues to Steve Lacy4
Blues to the dole1
Blues to the east1
Blues to the freedom fighters2
Blues to the left1
Blues to the lonely1
Blues to the north1
Blues to Veen1
Blues to you9
blues to you Rudy1
Blues to you too1
Blues to your old country1
Blues to yous1
Blues to youse1
Blues to ZS1
Blues today1
Blues tomorrow1
Blues tonight1
Blues too5
Blues too much2
Blues tour1
Blues train6
blues train to Georgia1
Blues transfert1
Blues traveler1
Blues trek2
Blues tres2
Blues trick1
Blues trilogy2
Blues tripper1
Blues triste2
Blues Turrentine1
Blues twilight1
Blues twist1
Blues two2
Blues two views1
Blues two ways1
Blues u molu1
Blues ultimatum1
Blues unblue1
Blues under the boddhi tree1
Blues under the influence1
Blues unison3
Blues universal1

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