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This index refers to the 555,040 individual tune titles (1,650,001 total entries) included in over 250,893 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2021.

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Page B51 - Blues for twelve to Blues in shreds

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Tune nameSessions
Blues for twelve1
Blues for two20
Blues for two little guys1
Blues for two pianos1
Blues for two tenors1
Blues for two thirds1
Blues for twos5
Blues for Tyrone1
Blues for U Bob1
Blues for Ugo1
Blues for Ukraine1
Blues for Uli Black1
Blues for Ulla1
Blues for un mulot1
Blues for Uncle Mac1
Blues for uncommon kids2
Blues for underdogs1
Blues for Ursula1
Blues for us9
Blues for Val3
Blues for Valeri2
Blues for Valerie3
Blues for Vally1
Blues for Vartan1
Blues for Venetia2
Blues for Venus1
Blues for Verneri1
Blues for Veronique and Sam1
Blues for Vi1
Blues for Victor1
Blues for Victor F1
Blues for Vidi1
Blues for Vienne1
Blues for Vince2
Blues for Viv1
Blues for Vladic1
Blues for walls1
Blues for Wally Blanchette1
Blues for Walt2
Blues for Walter2
Blues for waltzin1
Blues for Warren2
Blues for Washington3
Blues for watcha got1
Blues for Waterloo1
Blues for Wayne2
Blues for we1
Blues for Wei1
Blues for Welshie1
Blues for Welshy1
Blues for Wendy1
Blues for Werner1
Blues for Wes16
Blues for Wes and George1
Blues for Wes and Kenny1
Blues for Wes Montgomery1
Blues for what Ive never had1
Blues for Wheatleigh1
Blues for which Bob1
Blues for Wil1
Blues for Wild Bill3
Blues for Willarene1
Blues for William1
Blues for Williams1
Blues for Willie2
Blues for Willy1
Blues for Wim and Maxine1
Blues for Winnie1
Blues for Wiro1
Blues for Wladimir1
Blues for WN1
Blues for Wolf1
Blues for Wood9
Blues for wooden Joe1
Blues for woodwinds1
Blues for Woody4
Blues for Woody and Khalid2
Blues for worm2
Blues for Wrangler Bob1
Blues for wrinkles1
Blues for WRVR1
Blues for Wynton1
Blues for Wynton Kelly2
Blues for X2
Blues for Y2K1
Blues for Ya Ya1
Blues for Yaho1
Blues for Yahoo1
Blues for Yancey1
Blues for YanoSan1
Blues for Yard3
Blues for Yasmin1
Blues for Yemaya1
Blues for yesterday9
Blues for yesterday today and tomorrow1
Blues for Yna Yna10
Blues for Yokohama1
Blues for Yolande1
Blues for yooz1
Blues for Yoshihiro Hattori1
Blues for you31
Blues for you Johnny3
Blues for your heart1
Blues for your mama1
Blues for youse4
Blues for YP Ning and his wife1
Blues for Yusef1
Blues for Yusef Lateef1
Blues for Yvonne1
Blues for Z1
Blues for Zain1
Blues for Zarathustra1
Blues for Zazen1
Blues for Zazen II1
Blues for Zen1
Blues for Ziggy1
Blues for Zim1
Blues for Zizi5
Blues for Zoe1
Blues for Zubin1
Blues for Zukof1
Blues for ZW1
Blues force3
Blues forever4
Blues forever blues1
Blues forever variations1
Blues form1
Blues four1
Blues four three1
Blues fourth1
Blues francais1
Blues free1
Blues frell1
Blues from a broken down funky old bus1
Blues from a subterranean galaxy1
Blues from an American in Paris8
Blues from around here2
Blues from behind1
Blues from beyond1
blues from Black Brown and Beige1
Blues from Black Rock3
Blues from Blackrock1
Blues from concert piece for bass1
Blues from concertpiece1
Blues from concertpiece for bass1
Blues from Creole Rhapsody1
Blues from Dixie1
Blues from everyone1
Blues from Free and easy1
Blues from Gillespiana3
Blues from Havana1
Blues from hell1
Blues from High Point Mountain1
Blues from Jali1
Blues from Jaly1
Blues from Louisiana7
Blues from Mahalia1
Blues from Mars1
Blues from my people1
Blues from neither coast2
Blues from New Orleans5
Blues from Newport Suite1
Blues from NO1
Blues from Queens1
Blues from Space1
Blues from the east1
Blues from the everglades1
Blues from the griddle1
Blues from the new delta1
Blues from the royalty1
blues from the sketchpad1
Blues from the sky2
Blues from the stars2
Blues from the twenties1
blues from way back1
Blues FT1
Blues fuge1
Blues fugue1
Blues function4
Blues funk2
Blues funk for Bill Marlowe1
Blues fur Carmell1
blues fur de Imhof1
Blues fur dich1
Blues fur eine weinende pappel im morgenwind1
Blues fur Hendricks mamma1
Blues fur IM1
Blues fur Jaroslav1
Blues fur Karl Kraus2
Blues fur Kati1
Blues fur pk2
Blues fur tenorsaxophon1
Blues fur Thomas1
Blues fuse2
Blues G1
Blues ga ippai1
Blues galore3
Blues games1
Blues Garni2
Blues gathering1
Blues gavotte1
Blues generation1
Blues gentility1
Blues get blue1
Blues get off my shoulder2
Blues glissade1
Blues go away4
blues God and me1
Blues goes fugue1
blues goes on2
Blues goes south1
Blues goin up1
Blues going up2
Blues gone away1
Blues gone home1
Blues good news medley1
blues got me1
blues got me walking1
Blues grade1
Blues grass blues2
Blues greasy1
Blues grind1
Blues grinder1
Blues groove5
Blues grotesque1
Blues grotto1
Blues guaganco1
Blues gumbo1
Blues Habanera1
blues had a baby1
blues had a baby and called it rock n roll1
Blues halfsmiling1
Blues hall of fame1
Blues hangover2
Blues happening1
blues has got me1
Blues have been good to me1
blues have got me8
Blues heir und jetzt1
Blues heretofore1
Blues holiday3
Blues holzbein waltz1
Blues horn1
Blues hot1
Blues house2
blues house effect1
Blues hues1
Blues Hughs hue1
Blues humoresque1
Blues hyway1
Blues I2
Blues i bage1
Blues i BHdur1
Blues I cant forget1
Blues i dimma1
Blues I dis1
Blues i dragnasback 257871
Blues I felt1
Blues I got coming tomorrow1
Blues i gratt1
Blues I know1
blues I like to hear7
Blues I like to play1
blues I love to play1
Blues I love to sing13
Blues I moll1
Blues i oktaver2
Blues i regnvejr pa Solitudevej1
Blues i sista minuten1
Blues i soderhamn1
Blues ideology1
Blues igen1
Blues II2
Blues II Out of the fields1
Blues illumine1
Blues im Volkston1
Blues image1
Blues implication1
Blues impromptu3
Blues impromptus1
Blues improvisation8
Blues improvisation 21
Blues improvisation 31
Blues improvisation 41
Blues improvisation in F1
Blues in4
Blues in 101
Blues in 10 + 91
Blues in 122
Blues in 12 bars1
Blues in 12 other bars1
Blues in 31
Blues in 3381
Blues in 341
Blues in 34 time1
Blues in 4 by 31
Blues in 642
Blues in 681
Blues in 91
Blues in 941
Blues in A1
Blues in a bottle1
Blues in a closet1
Blues in a cold climate1
Blues in a cold water flat1
Blues in a few1
Blues in A flat3
Blues in a happy mood1
Blues in a hurry2
Blues in a jiff3
Blues in a major key1
Blues in A minor4
Blues in a minor key2
Blues in a minute3
Blues in a quandry1
Blues in a riff1
Blues in a sentimental mood1
blues in a weekend1
Blues in Ab1
Blues in advance5
Blues in Algiers1
Blues in Algot Major1
Blues in and out1
Blues in another country2
Blues in another minute1
Blues in Asia minor2
Blues in August1
Blues in B9
Blues in B and B flat1
Blues in B flat39
Blues in Barneys flat1
Blues in Baxters pad2
Blues in Bb5
Blues in Bb and F1
Blues in Beas flat4
Blues in bebop3
Blues in beef fat1
Blues in Bergerie1
Blues in Berlin1
Blues in Bes1
Blues in bewegung1
blues in Bflat7
Blues in Bflat minor1
Blues in black and white2
Blues in Bled2
Blues in bloom5
Blues in blue1
Blues in blueprint8
Blues in Bob minor1
Blues in Bolero2
Blues in bones1
Blues in boogie1
Blues in brass1
Blues in bruise1
blues in Brussels1
Blues in burlesque1
Blues in C38
Blues in C double flat1
Blues in C flat3
Blues in C flat minor1
Blues in C major1
Blues in C minor9
Blues in C sharp minor6
Blues in Cantina1
Blues in Cech1
Blues in Cm1
Blues in Cmajor1
Blues in Cmoll no 81
Blues in concentric circles1
Blues in cornice1
Blues in Cuba1
Blues in D3
Blues in D flat3
Blues in D natural1
Blues in da groove1
Blues in de big brass bed1
Blues in de kave1
Blues in Deauville1
Blues in der kuche1
Blues in dis1
Blues in disguise5
Blues in double1
Blues in double Bb minor1
Blues in E4
Blues in E flat12
Blues in E flat No 11
Blues in E Flat No 21
Blues in E halfflat1
Blues in E sharp1
Blues in Eb2
Blues in Eflat3
Blues in elf2
blues in England1
Blues in Englewood Cliffs1
Blues in Erdberg1
Blues in Es3
Blues in exile1
Blues in extension1
Blues in extremis1
Blues in F47
Blues in F and G1
Blues in f b es as des ges h e a d g c1
Blues in F minor1
Blues in F no 31
Blues in F nr 11
Blues in F pels giats da fritz2
Blues in Fa minore1
Blues in fat Tues1
Blues in femmes majeures1
Blues in FFive1
Blues in fink1
Blues in first1
Blues in five3
Blues in five dimensions2
Blues in five for four or more1
Blues in flat D1
Blues in foster1
Blues in fourths2
Blues in Frankies1
Blues in Frankies flat5
Blues in front1
Blues in full moon1
Blues in G37
Blues in G dur1
Blues in G flat1
Blues in G for BT1
Blues in G minor1
Blues in genes1
Blues in gold1
Blues in green4
Blues in H2
Blues in half1
Blues in Havana1
Blues in Hawaii1
Blues in Helsinki1
Blues in Hoods woods1
Blues in Hoss flat35
Blues in Hossflat1
Blues in Hosss flat4
Blues in isolation1
Blues in Italy1
Blues in J1
Blues in jade1
blues in jazz1
Blues in Keflavik1
Blues in Klues1
Blues in L1
Blues in lab1
Blues in lament1
Blues in latin4
Blues in Madrid1
Blues in mambo1
Blues in Marys flat2
Blues in Maudes flat8
blues in me1
Blues in mind1
Blues in mineur1
Blues in minor2
Blues in Mississippi1
Blues in moll1
Blues in Montevideo1
Blues in Motian1
Blues in motion1
Blues in my case1
Blues in my condition3
blues in my flat2
Blues in my heart128
Blues in my mind2
Blues in my music room1
Blues in my neighborhood1
Blues in my neighbourhood1
Blues in my room1
Blues in my shoes8
Blues in my shower1
Blues in my sleep2
Blues in my soul3
Blues in Nats flat1
Blues in new hues1
Blues in nine1
Blues in NJ1
Blues in O1
Blues in octaves1
Blues in Olde Towne1
Blues in ones flat1
Blues in orbit18
Blues in our flat2
Blues in our times1
Blues in palace1
Blues in paradise2
Blues in Paris2
Blues in Pig Alley1
Blues in pirouette1
Blues in Q1
Blues in red1
Blues in Red Hook2
Blues in riff2
Blues in room 9201
Blues in Route 66 style1
Blues in second1
Blues in shreds1

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