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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page B45 - Bluelied to Blues coda

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Tune nameSessions
Bluen boogie5
Bluen green1
Blueprint for a new tomorrow1
Bluer furs1
Bluer in the face1
Bluer marshall1
Bluer than blue26
Bluer than that1
Bluer than the blues2
Bluerock boulevard1
Blues & beauty1
Blues & beyond2
Blues & blues1
Blues & bourbon1
Blues & bows1
Blues & fashion1
Blues & hues1
Blues & other hues1
Blues )1
Blues 111
Blues 1 & 22
Blues 1 & 81
Blues 1 band 01
Blues 1003
Blues 1011
Blues 112
Blues 122
Blues 12 against 91
Blues 131
Blues 1541
Blues 19501
Blues 216
Blues 20001
Blues 20111
Blues 20131
Blues 211
Blues 242
Blues 2451
Blues 2K2
Blues 34
Blues 3 41
Blues 3 for 11
Blues 3261
Blues 341
Blues 3471
Blues 42
Blues 4 Colin K1
Blues 4 Curtis1
Blues 4 Dan1
Blues 4 Dr Foot1
Blues 4 H & H1
Blues 4 Maxim1
Blues 4 Maxine1
Blues 4 my lady1
Blues 4 pair extraodinar1
Blues 4 Poly1
Blues 4 Rhene1
Blues 4 Siboney1
Blues 4 Teddy1
Blues 4 u1
Blues 4 us1
Blues 4001
Blues 421
Blues 431
Blues 4u1
Blues 53
Blues 5 Spot1
Blues 541
Blues 552
Blues 61
Blues 691
Blues 71
Blues 751
Blues 82
Blues 881
Blues 92
Blues 99 121
Blues A1
Blues a 5 temps1
Blues a Benny More1
Blues a Bill1
Blues a Brock long1
Blues a coups sticks1
Blues a dadlo1
Blues A dance1
Blues a go go2
Blues a hoy2
Blues a Jimmy Yancey1
Blues a la 881
Blues a la Buckner1
Blues a la Bud1
Blues a la Burgess1
Blues a la carte11
Blues a la Don1
Blues a la Faz1
Blues a la French1
Blues a la hey bobarebob1
Blues a la King2
Blues a la LS2
Blues a la Machito2
Blues a la mode3
Blues a la nancarrow1
Blues a la PT1
Blues a la quarte1
Blues a la Red2
Blues a la Rose Noire1
Blues a la russe1
Blues a la Schola1
Blues a la Suisse1
Blues a la table dharmonie1
Blues a la Willie Cook1
Blues a ma petite amie1
Blues a Monk1
Blues a Puerto Rico1
Blues a San Pauli1
Blues a trois voix1
Blues a volonte1
blues about Manhattan1
Blues about midnight1
Blues abrupt2
Blues abstraction1
Blues abstractions1
blues accident1
Blues according to Jaleel1
Blues according to Sam1
Blues according to Stan1
Blues aces1
Blues across the world1
Blues ad hoc1
Blues ad lib1
Blues adagio1
Blues addiction1
Blues addition1
Blues affirmation1
Blues afield1
Blues African1
Blues after all2
Blues after dark11
Blues after hours14
Blues after lunch1
Blues after midnight5
Blues after Piet3
Blues after six1
Blues after south1
Blues after sunrise1
Blues again8
Blues against racism1
Blues Ah Bill2
Blues ahead2
blues aint4
Blues aint for sissies1
Blues aint news1
blues aint news to me1
blues aint nothin7
blues aint nothin but1
blues aint nothin but a good man feelin bad1
Blues aint nothin but a good woman on your mind1
blues aint nothin but a woman cryin for her man3
blues aint nothin but some pain1
Blues aint nothin else but1
blues aint nothing but a trip1
Blues akordeonu1
Blues al fine1
Blues al la cirque1
Blues al mati1
Blues al pastor1
Blues ala Bach1
Blues ala carte1
Blues Alberta1
Blues Alcna Konieg1
Blues alegre1
Blues all alone1
Blues all around1
Blues all around my head1
Blues all day1
Blues all day long2
Blues all night2
Blues all night long1
Blues all over1
Blues all over the place1
Blues all the time2
Blues all the way1
Blues alla moda1
Blues allalba2
Blues Alley9
Blues alley bump2
Blues Alley intro1
Blues alliance1
Blues allnight3
Blues almighty3
Blues alone2
Blues aloof1
Blues amolotny1
Blues among friends1
Blues amore2
Blues amour3
Blues amour et bottleneck1
Blues ancient and modern1
Blues and1
Blues and a half1
Blues and a halfStraight no chaser1
Blues and beyond1
Blues and boogie woogie1
Blues and booze no 21
Blues and brown1
Blues and bulls1
blues and Freud1
Blues and girl of my dreams1
blues and I5
blues and Jung2
Blues and mathematics1
blues and me4
Blues and moonbeams on the menu1
blues and more blues1
Blues and mutes1
Blues and my abscessed tooth1
Blues and other colors1
Blues and reds1
Blues and rhythm1
Blues and roots1
Blues and sentimental2
Blues and stomps1
Blues and sulphurs1
Blues and swing1
Blues and temptation1
Blues and the abcessed tooth1
Blues and the abscessed tooth3
Blues and the absessed tooth1
Blues and the abstract truth17
Blues and the alternative fact1
Blues and the alternative truth1
Blues and the augmented truth1
blues and the beat1
Blues and the boogie masters2
Blues and the outdoor truth1
Blues and theme1
Blues and tonic1
Blues and transfiguration1
Blues and trouble3
Blues and trouble has got me down1
Blues and vanilla1
Blues and violet1
Blues and violets1
Blues and west1
Blues and women1
Blues and yellow1
Blues another day1
Blues antagoniste1
Blues antillais1
Blues any Friday1
Blues anyone1
Blues apoppin3
blues app1
Blues Arabesque1
blues are always free1
blues are brewin17
blues are brewing1
Blues are easy to write1
Blues are gone goodbye1
blues are gonna get you1
blues are green2
Blues are here to stay1
blues are never far away1
blues are out of town5
Blues armonic1
Blues aroun my bed1
Blues around1
Blues around dusk1
Blues around Joe2
Blues around the clock2
Blues around the corner3
Blues around the country1
Blues as they come1
Blues as we like em1
Blues as you please1
Blues aswingin1
Blues at 1800th1
Blues at 2 pm1
Blues at 23051
Blues at 4 441
Blues at 551
Blues at 6191
Blues at 751
Blues at Acireale1
Blues at Alvas1
Blues at Blue Note1
Blues at Bruxelles1
Blues at Cavallotti1
Blues at Cecils1
Blues at Cranford1
Blues at dawn9
Blues at daybreak3
Blues at Drury1
Blues at eleven1
Blues at eleven oclock1
Blues at first sight1
Blues at five1
Blues at foresta1
Blues at Guldhatten1
Blues at high noon2
Blues at Junction 361
Blues at lunch1
Blues at Mary Lous1
Blues at midnight9
Blues at moonrise1
Blues at moorise1
Blues at night1
Blues at noon2
Blues at play1
Blues at random2
Blues at Riverside1
Blues at Santa Tecla1
Blues at SteepleChase1
Blues at sundown5
Blues at sunrise6
Blues at sunset1
Blues at ten1
Blues at the Apex1
Blues at the Bilboquet1
Blues at the Bull2
Blues at the burying ground1
Blues at the cave1
Blues at the Copley1
Blues at the Den1
Blues at the end1
Blues at the end of the session1
Blues at the Five Spot1
Blues at the honky tonk1
Blues at the Huchette1
Blues at the Manor1
Blues at the office1
Blues at the opera1
Blues at the Pinthiere1
Blues at the risk1
Blues at the Ritz1
Blues at the Roots4
Blues at the summit1
Blues at this tempo1
Blues at three1
Blues at twilight3
Blues at Xmas1
Blues attitude1
Blues au comptegouttes1
Blues au four1
Blues au gratin1
Blues au sixieme1
Blues au Vieux Colombier1
Blues aus der haltestelle1
Blues AutonomyDriveChaos1
Blues autumn1
Blues avec Pepe1
Blues avec u pont1
Blues avenue to Karens1
Blues avva1
Blues away1
Blues b1
Blues Baby1
Blues back2
Blues backstage24
Blues BadenBaden1
Blues bag2
Blues bags2
Blues ball2
Blues ballad4
Blues band1
Blues baroque2
Blues based1
Blues BC1
Blues be a coward1
Blues be out1
Blues become Elektra2
Blues before and after4
Blues before and because of3
Blues before bedtime1
Blues before dawn2
Blues before daybreak1
Blues before Freud1
Blues before lunch1
Blues before midnight1
Blues before sunrise15
Blues before the party1
Blues behind bars1
Blues beneath the surface1
Blues beside the shoes1
Blues between and betwixt4
Blues bikini1
Blues bird2
Blues bittersweet2
blues bizarre1
Blues black and blue1
Blues blanc1
Blues blase1
Blues blasen1
blues blew blue1
Blues blix1
Blues blow1
Blues blowers blues1
Blues blown bye1
Blues blue6
Blues blues5
Blues blues blues6
Blues blues blues and some more blues1
Blues bolivar1
Blues bones and Bobby1
Blues boogie4
Blues booth1
Blues bop1
Blues bop for Diz1
Blues bossa4
Blues bossa nova2
Blues bounce1
Blues bounce in B flat1
Blues bout my gal1
blues boy1
Blues brau1
Blues break1
Blues bred in the bone2
Blues Brew1
Blues brilliant1
Blues bump1
Blues bungle1
Blues but not1
Blues by 41
Blues by 51
Blues by A and T1
blues by any other name1
Blues by Budd1
Blues by chance3
Blues by five24
Blues by gaslight1
Blues by Lester2
Blues by Max1
Blues by mine1
Blues by Monk1
Blues by myself2
Blues by night1
Blues by one1
Blues by Ramsey1
Blues by six1
Blues by the bags1
Blues by the river1
blues by three1
Blues call1
blues came falling down2
blues came pouring down1
blues came to dinner1
Blues can be abstract too1
Blues can be played in many styles here is one1
blues can jump1
Blues caricature1
Blues cathedral1
Blues CBM1
Blues cha cha2
Blues chacarera1
Blues changes6
Blues chant hoodoo revival1
Blues chante1
Blues chantez1
Blues charm1
Blues chartreuse1
Blues chaser2
Blues chat1
Blues chez le bougnat1
Blues Chiaroscuro1
Blues chorale1
Blues chromatique1
blues chronicles1
Blues circle2
Blues citizens2
Blues city1
Blues clair10
Blues closer1
Blues clues3
Blues clues on the lunar sand1
blues coast1
Blues coda1

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