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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page B44 - Blue rainbow to Blue wave

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Tune nameSessions
Blue rainbow1
Blue raindrops1
Blue ramble2
Blue ranch1
Blue rap1
Blue Ravel1
Blue raven1
Blue Ray2
Blue reading I1
Blue reading II1
Blue reality2
Blue Red1
Blue red and grey1
blue red blues1
Blue reed1
Blue reed blues1
Blue reeds1
Blue reefer blues1
Blue reflections2
Blue reggae1
Blue remains1
Blue remembered1
Blue reprise1
Blue requiem1
Blue reve1
Blue reverie10
Blue revival3
Blue revue1
Blue Rex2
Blue Rey2
Blue rhapsody3
Blue rhumba3
Blue rhythm9
Blue rhythm bebop1
Blue rhythm blues1
Blue rhythm bounce1
Blue rhythm chant1
Blue rhythm fantasy8
Blue rhythm jam1
Blue rhythm of the blues1
Blue rhythm ramble1
Blue rhythm serenade1
Blue rhythm stomp1
Blue rhythm swing1
Blue ribbon2
Blue ribbon blues1
Blue ribbon charleston1
Blue ribbon gal1
Blue ribbon jury1
Blue ribbon rag2
Blue rider2
Blue ridge2
Blue ridge blues1
Blue ridge bounce1
Blue ridge drive1
Blue Ridge in watercolor1
Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia1
Blue riff2
Blue riffs of Dover1
blue rims2
Blue ritz1
Blue river55
Blue river blues1
Blue River waltz1
Blue road9
Blue roads2
Blue robbin1
Blue robe1
blue robe in the distance1
blue robes1
Blue rock2
blue rocker1
Blue rockin1
Blue rockin chair1
Blue rocks2
Blue rocky1
Blue rol4
Blue rol no 21
Blue roller1
Blue romance2
Blue Rondo5
Blue rondo a la caravan1
Blue rondo a la Russ a tribute to Dave Brubeck1
Blue Rondo a la Turk86
Blue rondo a tribute to Dave1
Blue rondo ala turk1
Blue rondo chinois1
Blue roof1
Blue roof blues1
blue room265
blue room at Watsons1
Blue room blues2
Blue room bounce1
Blue room hotel1
Blue room in Mamas womb1
Blue room jump4
Blue room yellow tree1
Blue roots2
Blue rope pongo1
Blue rose40
Blue roses5
Blue Rotterdam1
Blue Rouse1
Blue Roz1
Blue Rue2
Blue ruin1
Blue rumba2
Blue runway1
Blue rwanda2
blue S1
Blue saalaplace1
Blue safari3
blue sage variations1
Blue Sahara1
Blue sails2
Blue salamandra1
Blue salami1
Blue salt1
Blue salt boogie1
Blue samba16
Blue samba ala tooth1
Blue sambette1
Blue sand2
Blue sands9
Blue sapphire3
Blue Sarabande1
Blue satellite1
Blue Satie1
Blue satin8
Blue Savannah1
Blue sax2
Blue saxes1
Blue saxophone2
Blue saxophones1
Blue say1
Blue scarlett1
Blue scene1
Blue schist1
Blue schmoo1
Blue Schuman1
blue scimitar2
Blue score1
blue scream1
Blue screen3
Blue sea3
Blue sea blues1
Blue seas2
Blue seashell1
Blue secrets1
Blue seed2
Blue sender1
Blue sensation1
Blue sentimental mood4
Blue September2
Blue sequence1
Blue serenade3
Blue Serge37
Blue serge suit2
blue serge suit with a belt in the back3
Blue sermon1
Blue sesame1
blue set2
Blue sexy eyes1
Blue shade2
Blue shades1
Blue shadow4
Blue shadows15
Blue shadows and white gardenias2
Blue shadows in the street4
Blue shadows on the trail1
Blue Shalimahs tale1
Blue sheep1
Blue sheets1
Blue shift3
blue shining world1
Blue shivers1
Blue shoe3
Blue shoe revisited1
Blue shoes3
Blue shoes no dance2
blue shore of silence1
Blue shout2
Blue showers1
Blue shuffle3
Blue shuffle a la jerk1
blue side2
blue side of Flipper1
Blue silence1
Blue silhouette1
Blue silk4
Blue silk rmx1
Blue silk visual rmx1
Blue silver11
Blue sinanthropus1
Blue sinfonia1
Blue SirGO1
Blue six2
Blue sixteen1
Blue ska1
Blue sketch1
Blue sketches2
Blue skies744
Blue skies and in walked Bud1
Blue skies are around the corner3
Blue skies Chinese eyes1
Blue skies for Andy1
Blue skies for Beau1
Blue skies in Kamchatka3
Blue skies in the background1
Blue skies march1
Blue skiesIn walked Bud1
Blue skirt waltz1
Blue sky23
Blue sky and black coffee1
Blue sky and blotches1
Blue Sky Avenue2
Blue sky blue1
Blue sky blue eyes1
Blue sky bop1
Blue sky dreams1
Blue sky in my heart1
Blue sky in your eyes1
Blue sky yellow leaves and the red sun1
Blue sleepy people1
Blue Slim1
Blue slipper frogs1
Blue slit1
Blue slow no pulse1
Blue slug2
Blue smile2
Blue smiles3
Blue smoke12
Blue smoke in the park1
Blue snake1
Blue snolo1
Blue sock1
Blue sojourn1
Blue solanum1
Blue soliloquy1
Blue Solo I1
Blue solos1
blue sombrero3
Blue sonata2
Blue song7
Blue song for Vera1
Blue song sing along1
Blue Sonny1
Blue soon1
Blue sophisticate2
Blue soul7
blue soul of Turkoromero1
Blue sound1
Blue sound bath1
Blue sound Note 31
Blue sounds of blue1
Blue soup1
Blue souvenirs1
Blue space6
Blue Spain1
Blue Spanish eyes3
Blue spark1
Blue spark suite1
Blue sparks1
Blue sparks from her1
Blue sparks from her and the scent of lightning1
Blue sparrow2
Blue speed1
Blue spell1
Blue sphere7
Blue spice1
Blue spirit1
Blue spirit blues8
Blue spirits5
Blue spleen1
Blue spots there1
blue spree1
Blue spring6
Blue spring dream1
Blue spring shuffle1
Blue spring variation1
Blue spruce boogie1
Blue square1
Blue stallion1
blue stampede2
Blue star25
Blue star Delhi1
Blue star jubilee1
Blue star kachina1
Blue starfish1
Blue state5
Blue state blues1
Blue station2
Blue steel5
Blue steel and blue rhythm1
Blue steele1
Blue steps1
Blue stew3
Blue stomp2
Blue stompin2
Blue stone9
Blue storm1
Blue story2
Blue streak7
Blue streets up and down1
Blue stride1
Blue strike1
Blue string4
Blue strings5
Blue stripe blues1
Blue stroll1
Blue strollin1
Blue strut1
Blue stuff2
Blue stutter1
Blue subtext1
Blue Sue1
Blue suede blues1
Blue suede moon1
Blue suede shoes16
Blue suit1
Blue suite3
Blue summer3
Blue sun12
Blue Sunday11
Blue sunrise3
Blue sunset9
Blue sunshine7
Blue surf1
Blue surreal3
Blue suspension2
Blue Suzan1
Blue swagger1
Blue sway2
Blue Swedish wildflower3
Blue sweets1
Blue swells1
Blue swing2
Blue swinga1
Blue swirl1
Blue T2
Blue tag1
Blue Tahitian moon1
Blue tail1
blue tail fly9
Blue tait1
blue tale2
Blue tamarins1
Blue tango22
Blue tara1
Blue tattoo2
Blue teardrops falling1
Blue tears7
Blue tempo2
Blue tender1
Blue tenor1
Blue tent2
Blue tern1
Blue thats all1
Blue the night1
Blue theme4
Blue thing1
Blue things2
Blue thinking of you1
Blue this evening1
Blue thoughts3
Blue threads1
Blue thunder1
Blue Thursday2
Blue tide3
Blue tide red1
blue time10
Blue times4
Blue times part II1
Blue tinjokes1
Blue Tiny1
Blue tip match1
Blue tips2
Blue Tirana1
Blue tit1
Blue tit mouse1
Blue titmouse1
blue tits spring song1
Blue Tjade1
Blue TM1
Blue to a point1
Blue to pink1
Blue to red1
Blue to the bone1
Blue to the seventh power1
Blue to you2
Blue tomato1
Blue tomorrow2
Blue tone1
Blue tones2
Blue tongue blues3
Blue Tony1
Blue too5
Blue top3
Blue topaz1
Blue tornado1
Blue tortilla waltz1
Blue touch paper1
Blue town1
Blue traffic light1
Blue train54
Blue train blues1
Blue train boogie blues1
Blue Trane8
Blue Trane bossa2
Blue transport system1
blue tree3
Blue trees2
Blue trees and related objects3
Blue trees in wind1
Blue trilia1
Blue trinity1
Blue trip1
Blue trombone2
Blue trombone stomp1
Blue trot blues1
Blue truck3
Blue trumpet2
Blue trumpet man1
Blue truth1
Blue Tuesday11
Blue tumbleweed1
Blue tune2
Blue turban1
Blue turbulence1
Blue turning gray over you3
Blue turning grey13
Blue turning grey over me4
Blue turning grey over you340
Blue turning to grey1
Blue turns green1
Blue turtle walk1
Blue twen1
Blue twenty1
Blue twilight3
Blue twirl A portrait of Sam Gilliam1
Blue two2
Blue twos1
Blue universe1
Blue until tomorrow1
Blue up1
Blue valentine1
Blue Valentines1
Blue valley1
Blue valley blues2
Blue valse3
Blue valves1
Blue van1
Blue variations1
Blue veil1
Blue velvet39
Blue velvet rag2
Blue velvet wersja 11
Blue velvet wersja 31
Blue velvet wersja 41
Blue Venetian waters2
Blue vernissage1
Blue version1
Blue vertical1
Blue verver rag1
Blue vibes2
Blue vibraphone blues1
Blue vibration1
Blue victory1
Blue views2
Blue vindaloo1
Blue Viol1
Blue violet1
Blue violets1
Blue violin2
Blue violins1
Blue visions1
Blue vista2
Blue vistas1
blue Volkswagon1
Blue voyage3
Blue wail4
blue wailer1
Blue Wales1
Blue walk5
Blue wall3
Blue walls6
Blue waltz30
Blue waltz de lorgueil1
Blue waltz for a marmot1
Blue was angry1
Blue washboard stomp3
Blue water4
Blue Water Bay1
Blue water beach1
Blue water bolero1
Blue water lilies water lilies 11
Blue water mother2
Blue waters11
Blue watersThe wood song1
Blue wave2

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