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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page B43 - Blue is a cloud to Blue rain forest

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Tune nameSessions
Blue is a cloud1
Blue is my inside sky1
Blue is the color2
Blue is the color of love1
Blue is the color of my broken heart1
Blue is the colour2
Blue is the colour of true happiness1
Blue is the drink1
Blue is the evening2
Blue is the moon1
Blue is the night19
Blue island4
Blue Island blues5
Blue it grows1
Blue ivories5
Blue J5
Blue Jack1
blue jacket1
Blue jade3
Blue Jae1
Blue Jake1
Blue jam in Paris1
Blue Jamaica1
Blue jams1
Blue January2
Blue Japan1
Blue Jay22
Blue jay boogie1
Blue jay in a snowstormwaiting1
Blue jay way12
Blue jays2
Blue jazz6
Blue jean2
Blue jean beguine9
Blue jean blues1
Blue jean shuffle1
Blue jeans10
Blue jeans blues1
Blue jelly1
Blue Jerome1
Blue Jersey1
Blue jet red sprites1
Blue Jew1
Blue jewels1
Blue Joe1
Blue John2
Blue Jones2
Blue journey1
Blue Js1
Blue jubilee3
Blue Jug2
Blue juice11
blue jump3
Blue jungles1
Blue jyvaskyla1
Blue Kalamazoo1
Blue Katka1
Blue Kentucky blues2
Blue Kentucky moon2
Blue kentucky moon )js vcl)1
Blue key2
Blue keys3
Blue kiss2
Blue kiss from Brazil5
Blue Koala waltz1
Blue kong1
Blue kum1
Blue lace5
Blue Lacy Coleman1
Blue lady11
Blue lady blaze1
Blue lady blue2
Blue lady in silk1
Blue Lafitte1
Blue lagoon2
Blue lake5
Blue lake dances1
Blue lake morning1
Blue Lake Tahoe1
Blue lament4
Blue lamp1
Blue landscape1
Blue landscapes4
Blue language1
Blue lantern1
Blue lantern 261
Blue largo1
Blue larks1
Blue latino1
Blue launch1
Blue Launeddas1
Blue Laurel1
Blue law2
Blue Lawson1
Blue layers1
Blue leaves2
Blue lemon3
Blue Leo3
Blue Lester23
Blue Levis1
Blue lick1
Blue lied1
Blue life2
Blue light28
Blue light and shadows1
Blue light blues2
Blue light boogie6
Blue light down the line2
Blue light lounge sutra1
Blue light red light1
Blue light special2
Blue light til dawn1
Blue lighthouse1
Blue lightning2
Blue lightning blue1
Blue lights20
Blue lights on the Bayou1
Blue like me1
Blue like petrol1
Blue lilacs1
Blue Lilly2
Blue lily1
Blue limelight1
Blue line12
Blue line and sinker1
Blue line shuffle1
Blue line to wonderland1
Blue lines1
blue lion1
Blue lion blues1
Blue lips2
Blue little suede shoes1
Blue little you1
Blue little you and blue little me1
Blue lizard1
Blue Llama jam1
Blue llamas1
Blue lodge1
Blue longings1
Blue look1
Blue loop garrow1
Blue loop play1
Blue lotus4
Blue Lou289
Blue Lou blues1
Blue Louis1
blue lounge1
Blue Lous blues1
Blue love4
Blue lovebird3
Blue low and easy1
Blue Lower East Side1
Blue Lude in C sharp minor1
Blue lullaby6
Blue lunar ska1
Blue lunch2
Blue lupine1
Blue Macaw1
Blue Madi1
Blue Madison1
Blue madness2
Blue magic1
Blue magnolia1
Blue mail3
Blue mailed1
Blue major1
Blue malibu1
Blue Malou1
Blue mama suicide wail1
Blue mamas suicide wail11
Blue mamas suicide wall2
Blue mambo8
Blue man3
Blue man with kite1
Blue Mance1
Blue Manhattan2
Blue manic cathedral1
Blue Mantilla1
Blue maqams1
Blue marble2
Blue marbles1
Blue march4
Blue marine2
Blue martin3
Blue martini2
Blue Mary Lou1
Blue mascara1
Blue mask1
Blue material1
Blue Matilda1
Blue Matilda waltz1
Blue matter2
Blue matz1
Blue Max1
Blue may1
Blue maze1
Blue mazooka1
Blue mazooke1
Blue me1
Blue meadow1
blue medicine1
Blue meditation1
Blue medley1
blue meets the moon1
Blue melody4
Blue melody blues1
Blue Melvin1
Blue memories4
blue memory3
Blue Memphis suite1
Blue menace boogie1
Blue Mercer1
Blue mesa1
Blue met1
Blue Metropole1
Blue metropolis1
Blue Mi1
Blue Michel1
Blue Michel jumpin with Cesar1
Blue midnight11
Blue midnight blues1
Blue midnight romance1
Blue midnite1
Blue Miles8
Blue Miller1
Blue milonga1
Blue mind1
Blue mink1
Blue minor32
Blue minor blues1
Blue mint1
Blue mirage2
Blue Mirria1
Blue mirror3
Blue Miss1
Blue mist18
Blue mistery1
Blue Mitch1
Blue mix1
Blue mizz3
Blue Mo1
Blue moan2
Blue mobile1
Blue mode3
Blue modes2
Blue moment10
Blue moment in black1
Blue moments11
Blue monastery1
Blue Monday33
Blue Monday blues4
Blue Monday caravan1
Blue Monday on Sugar Hill2
Blue Mondays2
Blue Mongol1
Blue Monk510
Blue Monk plus overjoyed1
Blue Monk variation2
Blue monkey2
Blue monochrome1
Blue monolith1
Blue monologue1
Blue monsoon4
Blue monster1
Blue Monterey1
Blue Montreaux2
Blue Montreux3
Blue mood34
Blue mood blues1
Blue moods9
Blue moods sex1
Blue moon597
Blue moon blues2
Blue moon NP1
Blue moon of Kentucky6
Blue Moonday1
Blue moonlight7
Blue moons fall1
Blue moose1
Blue MorBihan1
Blue morgan1
Blue morning7
Blue mornings rays1
Blue Morocco1
Blue morpho3
Blue mosaic1
Blue Mose1
Blue Moses5
Blue mosk1
Blue Mosque2
Blue mosque blues1
Blue mosquito blues1
Blue most1
Blue motel room7
Blue motion2
Blue mountain9
Blue mountain bossa nova1
Blue mountain haze1
Blue mountain roll1
Blue mountains bossa1
blue mountains sun drummer1
Blue moves3
Blue movie1
Blue movie bounce1
Blue movies1
Blue movies secret agents1
Blue mud2
blue mural from two perspectives2
Blue murder1
Blue muse6
Blue music3
Blue mustard2
Blue mutt1
Blue mystery4
Blue n boogie119
Blue n boogie theme1
Blue n green2
Blue n latin1
Blue n purple1
Blue Na1
Blue narcissus2
Blue nature2
blue necklace1
blue neckless1
Blue Nefertiti1
Blue Nellie1
Blue neon1
Blue neptune1
Blue nerves1
Blue new1
Blue news1
Blue Nick1
Blue night17
Blue night boogie1
Blue night in Paris1
Blue night In the darkness of the dome they wait1
Blue night setting1
Blue nights12
Blue nightswhite nights1
Blue Nile10
Blue nine1
Blue nite1
Blue nites1
Blue nocturne5
Blue noir1
Blue noir sol1
Blue noise3
Blue nomad1
Blue noon2
Blue norther1
Blue nose blues1
Blue nostalgia2
Blue not1
Blue note21
Blue Note 761
Blue note blend1
Blue Note blues3
Blue Note Boogie2
Blue note bounce2
Blue Note ca 651
Blue note intro1
Blue note jackets1
Blue note maki1
Blue note mood1
Blue note rag1
Blue Note samba2
Blue note singes again1
Blue note stomp1
Blue notes9
Blue notes for a blue note1
Blue notes for Jim1
Blue Notes for Mongezi1
Blue notes on empty space1
blue nothing1
Blue notion1
Blue notoriety1
Blue November2
Blue nowhere2
Blue nude2
Blue nuit1
Blue Nun2
Blue Nymphea1
Blue Nymphia1
blue oblivion1
Blue ocarina blues2
Blue ocean2
Blue October1
Blue Odyssey1
Blue of blue1
Blue of breath1
Blue of capricorn1
blue of Marys colour1
Blue of mine1
Blue of the night4
blue of Tina1
Blue ointment1
Blue Oktober1
Blue omelet1
Blue on black1
Blue on blue13
Blue on blues1
Blue on green2
Blue on one side1
Blue on west side1
Blue once again1
Blue one2
Blue one blue1
Blue ones1
Blue onions1
Blue opus1
Blue or red1
Blue or what1
Blue orchid4
Blue orchids45
Blue organ3
Blue Orleans5
Blue Orpheus1
Blue Otani1
Blue out2
Blue over gold1
Blue over green1
Blue over you1
Blue Pacific1
Blue pacific blues1
Blue Panassie1
Blue panther1
Blue para el pianista desconocido1
Blue parade1
Blue parody1
Blue parrot1
Blue particles1
Blue party1
Blue pastel2
Blue path1
Blue patience1
Blue Pavanne1
Blue Pavel1
blue peace1
blue peach2
blue pearl19
blue pearl of Tantra1
Blue peepers2
Blue penthaton1
Blue people3
Blue people epilogue1
Blue pepper21
Blue period4
Blue period quiet visionary1
Blue perspective1
Blue Peter1
Blue petite1
Blue phase2
Blue Phedre2
Blue Phoenix1
Blue piano6
Blue piano stomp1
Blue pianola1
Blue pianos1
Blue piccolo3
Blue pickup1
Blue picture2
Blue pictures1
Blue pigs dont fly1
Blue pile1
Blue pinhead1
Blue pipa1
Blue pipes1
Blue pixys1
Blue planet4
Blue planet my love1
Blue plate special1
Blue point1
Blue point tango1
Blue poles5
Blue Poly1
Blue poppies1
Blue Porpoise Avenue1
Blue portrait1
Blue post1
Blue post haste1
blue potato1
Blue prelude141
Blue Pres1
Blue president1
Blue prince1
Blue princess1
Blue print5
Blue prixx2
Blue profile2
Blue pulpit1
Blue punk1
Blue pyramid2
Blue quasar1
Blue question1
Blue racer1
Blue rag6
Blue rag in 12 keys1
Blue rage1
Blue rain38
Blue rain forest1

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