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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page B42 - Blue eleven to Blue mama suicide wail

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Tune nameSessions
Blue eleven2
Blue embers1
Blue emotion1
Blue energy7
Blue engine1
Blue enough for me1
Blue enough for two1
Blue entrance2
Blue envy1
Blue equation1
Blue espadrille1
Blue essence1
Blue eternity1
Blue etude1
Blue evening18
Blue evening blues11
Blue evergreen1
Blue evil1
Blue expanded1
blue expanse1
Blue eye2
Blue eyed boy1
Blue eyed Sally1
Blue eyed tattooed lady1
Blue eyed turkeys1
Blue eyes28
Blue eyes and blonde hair1
Blue eyes awake1
Blue eyes blues1
Blue eyes cryin in the rain4
Blue eyes crying in the rain11
Blue eyes crying on the rain1
Blue eyes through smoky air1
Blue eyes waltz1
Blue fable6
Blue face1
Blue fairy1
Blue fairy boogie1
Blue fall2
Blue fandango1
Blue fanfare2
Blue fantasia6
Blue fantasy7
Blue Farouk1
Blue Farouq4
Blue feather2
Blue feelin blues2
Blue feeling12
Blue feelings1
blue Felicia1
Blue festo1
Blue fever1
Blue fiction1
Blue fiddle blues1
Blue Fields1
Blue fingers1
blue fiords1
Blue fire4
Blue fish1
Blue fish in the ring1
Blue five1
Blue five jive3
Blue Five Spot1
Blue five swing1
Blue fives1
Blue flag1
Blue flame93
Blue flame blue1
Blue flare1
Blue flies1
Blue flint girl1
Blue flower9
Blue flower blue1
Blue flower coda1
Blue flowers2
Blue flue1
Blue flues1
Blue flute2
Blue fly1
Blue fog2
Blue Fontaine1
Blue fool2
Blue footed boobies1
Blue footprint2
Blue for a while1
Blue for Big Ben1
Blue for Bix1
Blue for blue note2
Blue for Cyril1
Blue for ever1
Blue for J2
Blue for Jean1
Blue for Lou4
Blue for Ru1
Blue for two2
Blue for Waterloo12
Blue for you9
blue force1
Blue forest3
Blue foreword1
Blue forgetmenot1
Blue Fountain2
Blue four1
Blue fox2
Blue foxtrot1
Blue fragments2
Blue Francis1
Blue Fred1
Blue Frederic1
Blue free2
Blue freedom1
Blue freeze1
Blue frenzy1
Blue Friday7
Blue frog3
Blue frog and sons1
Blue from Heaven1
Blue frug1
Blue fugates2
Blue fugit1
Blue function1
Blue funk15
Blue funky Lou1
Blue fuse no 11
Blue fuse no 21
Blue gal of my life2
Blue gala1
Blue garagedoor1
Blue garden2
Blue Garden blues1
Blue gardenia74
Blue garu1
Blue Gator2
Blue gauch1
Blue gem1
Blue Gene6
Blue Genes8
Blue genius1
Blue Georgia moon1
Blue Getz blues2
Blue Ghana1
Blue ghost2
Blue ghost blues3
Blue ghost has got me1
Blue ghosts of Bourbon Street1
Blue Gil2
Blue Gilles2
Blue ginger1
Blue gipsy1
blue girl in a red sunrise1
Blue Girona1
Blue glass4
Blue glass country1
Blue gnus blues1
Blue gold2
Blue goo2
Blue goose11
Blue goose blues2
Blue goose rag10
Blue goose special1
Blue got up1
Blue gotan1
Blue gown1
Blue grapes1
Blue grass26
Blue grass blues9
Blue grass groove2
Blue grass medley2
Blue grass rag3
Blue Gray1
Blue greasy slow funk1
Blue green2
Blue green and brown1
blue green and space1
Blue green and yellow2
Blue Green Brown and Black1
Blue green desires1
Blue green gardens of the indigenous people of the Great Plains1
Blue green grey and gone2
Blue green grey gone1
blue green hills of earth1
Blue green waves1
Blue greens2
Blue greens and beans2
Blue greens n beans6
Blue grey and green1
Blue grit1
Blue grits2
Blue gromka1
Blue groove4
Blue groper1
Blue grotto1
Blue grotto in Capri1
Blue ground1
Blue grozzy1
Blue grumble1
Blue guaguanco1
Blue Guaiac blues2
Blue guitar6
Blue guitar blues1
Blue guitar stomp1
Blue guitare1
Blue guitars3
Blue gulf stream1
Blue gum blues1
blue gum bridge parade2
Blue guru1
Blue gust1
Blue gut shuffle1
Blue Gwynn1
Blue gypsy1
Blue ha ha1
Blue habanera1
Blue hair1
blue hair lady1
Blue haired mama1
Blue halo2
Blue haloglittering twilights1
Blue hammers1
Blue Hamp2
Blue Harlem6
Blue harmony stomp1
Blue harp1
Blue Harts1
Blue has a range1
Blue hat1
blue haven2
Blue Haven Road1
Blue Hawaii38
Blue Hawaiian1
Blue Hawaiian moonlight1
Blue Hawes1
Blue hawk8
Blue Hayes1
Blue haze8
Blue head1
Blue heart8
Blue heartaches1
Blue heartbreak1
Blue heat1
Blue heath1
Blue heaven7
Blue heritage1
Blue hermit3
Blue heron3
Blue Heron Boulevard1
Blue heron serenade1
Blue herons1
Blue herring1
Blue highland1
Blue highways2
Blue hill1
Blue history1
Blue Hodge22
Blue hokum3
Blue Holbroe1
Blue holiday10
Blue Honda a la truck2
Blue Hoosier blues13
Blue hop1
Blue horizon24
Blue horizons1
Blue horn2
Blue horns1
Blue horse1
Blue horse special1
Blue hour8
Blue hours1
Blue house3
Blue Hubert1
Blue hue7
Blue Hughes1
Blue hum of the holy breath1
Blue humans1
Blue hyacinth2
Blue hymn4
Blue I II III1
Blue ice2
Blue ice cubes1
Blue ideas2
Blue idol1
Blue Igor1
Blue illusion3
Blue impression1
Blue improline1
Blue impulse1
Blue in 341
Blue in 541
Blue in a red state1
Blue in B1
Blue in B&W1
Blue in black and white1
Blue in blue4
Blue in breed1
Blue in darkgreen1
Blue in distance1
Blue in E1
Blue in F1
Blue in green418
Blue in Nublu1
Blue in one1
Blue in orion3
Blue in Peru1
Blue in purple1
Blue in red2
Blue in red America1
Blue in rose1
Blue in the face3
Blue in the night1
Blue in Tunisia1
Blue in two1
Blue in white1
Blue in wood green1
Blue in yellow2
Blue indigo2
Blue Ingrid1
Blue ink1
Blue innuendo1
Blue inside1
Blue inspiration2
Blue intensity1
Blue intention1
Blue interlude29
Blue interlude 11
Blue interlude 21
Blue interval2
Blue intro1
Blue invasion1
Blue invention1
Blue iridescence2
Blue iris1
Blue is a cloud1
Blue is my inside sky1
Blue is the color2
Blue is the color of love1
Blue is the color of my broken heart1
Blue is the colour2
Blue is the colour of true happiness1
Blue is the drink1
Blue is the evening2
Blue is the moon1
Blue is the night19
Blue island4
Blue Island blues5
Blue it grows1
Blue ivories5
Blue J5
Blue Jack1
blue jacket1
Blue jade3
Blue Jae1
Blue Jake1
Blue jam in Paris1
Blue Jamaica1
Blue jams1
Blue January2
Blue Japan1
Blue Jay22
Blue jay boogie1
Blue jay in a snowstormwaiting1
Blue jay way12
Blue jays2
Blue jazz6
Blue jean2
Blue jean beguine9
Blue jean blues1
Blue jean shuffle1
Blue jeans10
Blue jeans blues1
Blue jelly1
Blue Jerome1
Blue Jersey1
Blue jet red sprites1
Blue Jew1
Blue jewels1
Blue Joe1
Blue John2
Blue Jones2
Blue journey1
Blue Js1
Blue jubilee3
Blue Jug2
Blue juice11
blue jump3
Blue jungles1
Blue jyvaskyla1
Blue Kalamazoo1
Blue Katka1
Blue Kentucky blues2
Blue Kentucky moon2
Blue kentucky moon )js vcl)1
Blue key2
Blue keys3
Blue kiss2
Blue kiss from Brazil5
Blue Koala waltz1
Blue kong1
Blue kum1
Blue lace5
Blue Lacy Coleman1
Blue lady11
Blue lady blaze1
Blue lady blue2
Blue lady in silk1
Blue Lafitte1
Blue lagoon2
Blue lake5
Blue lake dances1
Blue lake morning1
Blue Lake Tahoe1
Blue lament4
Blue lamp1
Blue landscape1
Blue landscapes4
Blue language1
Blue lantern1
Blue lantern 261
Blue largo1
Blue larks1
Blue latino1
Blue launch1
Blue Launeddas1
Blue Laurel1
Blue law2
Blue Lawson1
Blue layers1
Blue leaves2
Blue lemon3
Blue Leo3
Blue Lester23
Blue Levis1
Blue lick1
Blue lied1
Blue life2
Blue light28
Blue light and shadows1
Blue light blues2
Blue light boogie6
Blue light down the line2
Blue light lounge sutra1
Blue light red light1
Blue light special2
Blue light til dawn1
Blue lighthouse1
Blue lightning2
Blue lightning blue1
Blue lights20
Blue lights on the Bayou1
Blue like me1
Blue like petrol1
Blue lilacs1
Blue Lilly2
Blue lily1
Blue limelight1
Blue line11
Blue line and sinker1
Blue line shuffle1
Blue line to wonderland1
Blue lines1
blue lion1
Blue lion blues1
Blue lips2
Blue little suede shoes1
Blue little you1
Blue little you and blue little me1
Blue lizard1
Blue Llama jam1
Blue llamas1
Blue lodge1
Blue longings1
Blue look1
Blue loop garrow1
Blue loop play1
Blue lotus4
Blue Lou288
Blue Lou blues1
Blue Louis1
blue lounge1
Blue Lous blues1
Blue love4
Blue lovebird3
Blue low and easy1
Blue Lower East Side1
Blue Lude in C sharp minor1
Blue lullaby6
Blue lunar ska1
Blue lunch2
Blue lupine1
Blue Macaw1
Blue Madi1
Blue Madison1
Blue madness2
Blue magic1
Blue magnolia1
Blue mail3
Blue mailed1
Blue major1
Blue malibu1
Blue Malou1
Blue mama suicide wail1

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