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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page B4 - Back in the silence to Backstretch

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Tune nameSessions
Back in the silence2
Back in the slot1
Back in the swing1
Back in the swing of things2
Back in the USSR5
Back in the woods1
Back in time6
Back in town7
Back in USSR1
Back in your arms3
Back in your own back yard12
Back in your own backyard120
Back in your own loveyard1
Back into action1
Back into the fire it goes1
Back into the high tide we go1
Back into the light1
Back into water1
Back it up3
Back lash1
Back lips1
Back lush1
Back nine3
Back o town2
Back o town blues49
Back of a cab1
Back of bourke2
Back of J2
Back of my head1
back of my mind2
Back of the bus1
Back of the hand1
Back of the line1
Back of the moon1
Back off2
Back on doubletrack2
Back on earth2
Back on Elm Street1
Back on the block1
Back on the bus1
Back on the corner5
Back on the farm3
Back on the front porch1
Back on the horse1
Back on the job1
Back on the road2
Back on the scene3
Back on the street3
Back on the track4
Back on the trail1
Back on the wood1
Back on top6
Back on track7
Back or forth1
Back otown blues35
Back out3
Back over night1
Back pocket3
Back point1
Back porch6
Back porch chill1
Back quadrant1
Back road2
Back Roads1
Back room3
Back room blues5
Back room boys1
Back room rock1
back room romp5
Back row hi jinx1
Back rub3
Back scratcher1
Back seat Becky1
Back seat Betty6
Back seat driver1
Back seat driving2
Back seat white Cadillac1
Back seat witch1
Back seater1
back side1
Back side o town1
Back skin1
back slider1
back sliders1
Back sliding1
Back slop1
Back so soon1
Back soon1
Back stabber1
Back stabbers1
Back stabbin1
Back stage1
Back stage at the ballet4
Back stage Sally2
back step2
Back story2
Back street15
Back Street bible class1
Back street blues2
Back Street boogie1
Back street boy1
Back street girl2
Back street theatre1
Back street woman1
Back streets1
Back streets of Havana1
Back stump stomp1
Back talk10
Back talk boogie1
Back then2
Back through the looking glass1
Back through the looking glass again1
Back time trip1
Back to1
Back to Africa2
Back to America1
Back to Atlantis1
Back to Bach6
Back to Bach with Jesu1
Back to BachBlues of the blacksmith1
Back to back34
Back to Bak1
Back to Bali1
Back to Barock1
Back to base1
Back to basics3
Back to basics blues1
Back to Basie4
Back to Basieques1
Back to bassics1
Back to Bauru1
Back to Bayview1
Back to begin1
Back to being one3
Back to Berks1
Back to Big Apple1
Back to black6
Back to blue1
Back to Bologna5
Back to boogie1
Back to bop3
Back to Boston1
Back to Bowie1
Back to Braque1
Back to Brazil2
Back to Brea1
Back to broke1
Back to Brooklyn3
Back to Bulgaria1
Back to center1
Back to Chicago1
Back to childhood1
Back to church1
Back to Congo Square one1
Back to Croajingalong6
Back to da capo1
Back to dance1
Back to December1
Back to Dreamfog Mountain1
Back to earth3
Back to Ede1
Back to eternity1
Back to Europe1
Back to form1
Back to front3
Back to funk1
Back to fusion1
Back to Gil1
Back to Gordes1
Back to Harlem1
Back to hell1
Back to Indiana1
Back to jazz1
Back to Jericho1
Back to Kansas1
Back to Kansas City1
Back to KC1
Back to LA3
Back to LA again1
Back to Lackritz1
Back to life4
Back to Lippiza2
Back to Louisiana1
Back to lovely home1
Back to lovin again1
Back to Memphis2
Back to Merridal1
Back to Mexico1
Back to minors1
Back to mother earth1
Back to my angel1
Back to my dream1
Back to my groove1
Back to my home1
Back to my home town1
Back to my own home town1
Back to my roots1
Back to my steel1
Back to my West Indian home1
Back to my world1
Back to nature2
Back to New Orleans2
Back to normal2
Back to nothing1
Back to nowhere1
Back to NYC1
Back to Orlando East1
Back to Paris1
Back to Pat1
Back to Pittsburgh blues1
Back to Pori2
Back to reality1
Back to reservation1
Back to roots1
Back to San Francisco1
Back to Saturn1
Back to Sausolito1
Back to school7
Back to Seattle2
Back to Sofia1
Back to somewhere1
Back to Sorrento1
Back to square one4
Back to start1
Back to stay2
Back to swing1
Back to that dear old farm1
Back to the Apollo1
Back to the apple11
Back to the backwoods1
Back to the bar1
Back to the barn2
Back to the barrelhouse1
Back to the basics2
Back to the basics of love1
Back to the Basieics1
Back to the beach1
Back to the beat2
Back to the beginning3
Back to the beginning for the first time1
Back to the blue notes1
Back to the blues5
Back to the board1
Back to the border1
Back to the bridge1
Back to the bus boogie1
Back to the charleston1
Back to the chicken shack7
Back to the circle1
Back to the city4
Back to the club1
Back to the corner of First and Cleaver1
Back to the country2
Back to the earth3
Back to the end1
Back to the factory1
Back to the future1
Back to the future 11
Back to the future 21
Back to the future 31
Back to the game2
Back to the garden2
Back to the groove1
Back to the home of my youth1
Back to the hood1
Back to the interstate1
Back to the island2
Back to the islands2
Back to the jungle10
Back to the Klondike1
Back to the land4
Back to the Market Square1
Back to the mountain1
Back to the nature2
Back to the nonsense1
Back to the ocean back to the sea1
Back to the office1
Back to the one1
Back to the party1
Back to the past 11
Back to the past 21
Back to the past 31
Back to the past 41
Back to the past 51
Back to the place I love1
Back to the playground1
Back to the presence1
Back to the projects1
Back to the river2
Back to the root3
Back to the roots14
Back to the sea2
Back to the seascape1
Back to the shore1
Back to the source2
Back to the south1
Back to the start1
Back to the stream1
Back to the sun1
Back to the sunset1
Back to the time1
Back to the tracks2
Back to the trees1
Back to the tropics2
Back to the wall3
Back to the wood1
Back to the woods1
Back to the world1
Back to there1
Back to those happy days1
Back to Timmons1
Back to TO1
Back to town1
Back to Virginia1
Back to West Africa1
Back to where it was before1
Back to where we come from1
Back to where we never left1
Back to work1
Back to Yarrawonga3
Back to you10
Back to yourself1
Back to zero1
Back together again2
Back toodle1
Back towards the car night1
Back town blues1
Back track3
Back two1
Back up8
Back up down1
Back up Jack1
Back up off me1
Back up the truck1
Back up to me1
Back water4
Back water blues53
Back waters2
Back when3
Back when I was stupid1
Back when there was a mystery1
Back where I belong6
Back where it came from1
Back where the daffodils grow5
Back where we began3
Back where we belong2
Back where you never were1
Back where you started1
Back with a tear1
Back with me2
Back woods blues3
Back woods song2
Back yard4
Back yard affair1
Back yard drive1
Back yard fantasy1
Back yard sonata & traditional New Orleans tune1
Back yard trouble1
Back your God take a taxi1
Backalley Sue2
Backbay shuffle1
Backbeat blues1
Backbitin mamma1
Backbitin woman1
Backbiting moan1
Backbone boogie1
backbone flute1
Backbone mode1
Backbone once more1
Backbone twist1
Backchat 11
Backchat 21
Backchat 31
Backchat 41
Backchat 51
Backdoor blues1
Backdoor creeper1
Backdoor man2
Backdoor man blues1
Backdoor shuffle1
Backdrop 11
Backdrop 21
Backdrop for urban revolution1
Backe backe kuchen1
Backen polska1
Backend cover1
Backfat vs Fumi1
Backfence cattin1
Backfield in motion2
Backfoot drive1
Backfoot samba1
Background beneath1
Background blues1
Background for Buddy1
Background for Ivy1
Background for murder1
Background in red1
background is the foreground then delirium1
Background music53
Background music for a cocktail party1
Background noise part 11
Background theme of life1
Background tune1
Backhand slap1
Backin up1
Backing up1
Backing up the wrong three1
Backlash blues9
Backout in the outback1
Backporch overlooking heaven2
Backroad shuffle1
Backroom at the Villa dEste1
Backroom blues1
Backroom boogie1
Backroom joys2
Backrow politics1
Backs and all1
Backseat baby1
Backseat driver1
Backseat explorer1
Backseat generator how come its taken so long because Oh1
Backseat of the galaxy1
Backseat pedal1
Backside blues1
Backside of town1
Backsliders ball1
Backsliders hambone2
Backstabber bebopper1
Backstabbers ball1
Backstage at Stuffs1
Backstage at the Apollo2
Backstage at the ballet2
Backstage bittersweet1
Backstage blues6
Backstage interview with William Warfield1
Backstage love1
Backstage passes1
Backstage Sally9
Backstage serenade1
Backstage with some big game1
Backstreet blues1
Backstreet bounce1
Backstreet girl2
Backstreets of Isfahan1

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