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This index refers to the 554,091 individual tune titles (1,647,785 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

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Page B2 - Baby blue on purple to Babylon leisciva

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Tune nameSessions
Baby blue on purple2
Baby blueberries1
Baby blues14
Baby blues for Marilyn1
Baby boner1
Baby boogie4
Baby boom4
Baby bop1
Baby bossa1
Baby boy blues2
Baby breath1
Baby Bree1
Baby breeze2
Baby brother2
Baby brown45
Baby Bub1
Baby Buba1
Baby Buhl1
Baby Bunny1
Baby bunting1
Baby but you did4
Baby butterfly2
Baby bye1
Baby C1
Baby cake1
Baby cakes4
Baby call2
Baby can you dance1
Baby cant you understand1
Baby car1
Baby Caretta1
Baby change your mind1
Baby child1
Baby clams1
Baby clefs birthday1
Baby Clementine7
Baby Columbines1
Baby come back6
Baby come back to me1
Baby come easy1
Baby come here1
Baby come home6
Baby come on1
Baby come on home1
Baby come to me4
Baby cool1
Baby cries over the ocean1
Baby crow1
Baby crows1
Baby cry2
Baby crying1
Baby Cynthias waltz1
Baby daddy2
Baby dance3
Baby darling2
Baby dear11
Baby dear I dont want noone but you1
Baby Dee1
Baby Dee blues1
Baby did you hear1
Baby did you hear me1
Baby didnt I tell you1
Baby do you ever think of me1
Baby do you think thats right1
Baby Dodds3
Baby Dodds speaks1
Baby Dodds talks to George Lewis1
Baby doll51
Baby doll blues1
Baby doll I love you1
Baby doll lounge1
Baby doll polka1
Baby Dom1
Baby dont be mad at me8
Baby dont be made at me1
Baby dont call1
Baby dont cha go way mad1
Baby dont come on with me1
Baby dont do it1
Baby dont do me like that3
Baby dont do that to me1
Baby dont forget1
Baby dont go1
Baby dont go way mad1
Baby dont kiss me1
Baby dont know at all1
Baby dont leave me in this mood1
Baby dont love me no more1
Baby dont quit me now1
Baby dont quit now5
Baby dont schmooze1
Baby dont start cheatin on me1
Baby dont tell on me6
Baby dont try to tell me what to do1
Baby dont want me2
Baby dont you cry18
Baby dont you cry no more1
Baby dont you do it1
Baby dont you go away mad2
Baby dont you go way mad1
Baby dont you know2
Baby dont you let me down1
Baby dont you love me no more1
Baby dont you make your mind up1
Baby dont you please come home1
Baby dont you put your fire out1
Baby dont you quit me now3
Baby dont you quit now12
Baby dont you tear my clothes2
Baby dont you tell me no lie1
Baby dont you tell on me2
Baby dracula1
Baby dream a dream of you1
Baby dream your dream5
Baby dream your dreams1
Baby dreams1
Baby driver3
Baby elephant1
Baby elephant Gunn1
Baby elephant magic1
Baby elephant mash1
Baby elephant walk29
Baby erste Uhr1
Baby es regnet doch2
Baby face98
Baby faced1
Baby fat2
Baby fatele1
Baby Fazzo1
Baby food2
Baby for you1
Baby G1
Baby gator1
Baby get away from me1
Baby get it out your mind1
Baby get lost14
Baby girl11
Baby girl blues2
Baby girls strut1
baby glide1
Baby Gnu1
Baby go home1
Baby goats1
Baby God1
Baby goes south1
Baby gone1
Baby gorilla walk1
Baby grand6
Baby grand shuffle1
Baby has gone bye bye1
Baby have left me again1
Baby have pity on me6
Baby have you got a little love to spare3
Baby heart blues1
Baby here I come1
Baby Holland blues1
Baby how long3
Baby how you let me down1
Baby I aint losin you1
Baby I cant forget you1
Baby I cant get over you1
Baby I cant use you no more1
Baby I could be so good at loving you1
Baby I dont cry over you2
Baby I dont love you anymore1
Baby I dont play1
Baby I got news for you2
Baby I love it1
Baby I love you20
Baby I love you so2
Baby I miss you1
Baby I need a whole lot of everything1
Baby I need you14
Baby I need your love1
Baby I need your lovin1
Baby I need your loving2
Baby I still want you1
Baby I wanna be loved1
Baby I wanna go home1
Baby I want an answer from you1
Baby I want you so bad1
Baby I want you tonight1
Baby ich Liebe dich1
Baby Id love to steal you4
Baby if you cant do better1
Baby if you do right1
Baby if youre lyin1
Baby Ill be there1
Baby Ill have you1
Baby Im a fool2
Baby Im a legend1
Baby Im a star1
Baby Im a want you2
Baby Im all Ive got1
Baby Im awant you4
Baby Im baroque1
Baby Im coming home1
Baby Im confessin1
Baby Im crazy bout you1
Baby Im cuttin out2
Baby Im doin it2
Baby Im easy1
Baby Im fine1
Baby Im for real1
Baby Im gone14
Baby Im in love1
Baby Im in love with you2
Baby Im longing for you1
Baby Im sick of you1
Baby Im sorry1
Baby Im through2
Baby Im tired1
Baby Im true to you1
Baby Im yours5
Baby invents Monk1
Baby it aint that way1
Baby it must be love2
Baby it upsets me so1
Baby itll be alright1
Baby its alright2
Baby its cold outside96
Baby its fun1
Baby its my time now1
Baby its trivial1
Baby its true2
Baby its up to you1
Baby its you4
Baby its your turn now1
Baby it’s cold outside2
Baby Ive got news for you1
Baby J1
Baby Jack1
Baby Jane3
Baby jazz1
Baby just come home to me2
Baby just so much faith1
Baby just to be with you1
Baby just you1
Baby K for kaduvwa1
Baby knock me a kiss1
Baby knows how1
Baby L1
Baby Lana1
Baby Lawrence1
Baby lemme bring my clothes back home1
Baby lemonade1
Baby let me bang your box1
Baby let me climb your tree1
Baby let me do it2
Baby let me follow you down1
Baby let me have it all1
Baby let me hear you call my name1
Baby let me hold your hand10
Baby let me lay it on you1
Baby let me love you1
Baby let me shake your tree2
Baby let me take you1
Baby let me take you in my arms1
Baby let me taste your cocktail1
Baby let me wear your hat1
Baby lets be friends1
Baby lets dance1
Baby lets do it up1
Baby lets face it1
Baby lets make some love1
Baby lets swing one more1
Baby letto1
Baby Levi1
Baby lips1
Baby look at you4
baby looks like me1
Baby Lou5
Baby love2
Baby Lovell1
Baby Lucille1
Baby M2
Baby made a change in me1
Baby make up your mind1
Baby mama1
Baby man8
Baby maybe youre the wolf1
Baby me10
Baby meet me with your black drawers on1
Baby Melodie1
Baby Miesh1
Baby mine23
Baby move on1
Baby Ms Bayou blues1
Baby my baby3
Baby my girl1
Baby narrows1
Baby never let me go1
Baby ngiua ku thanda1
Baby no no1
Baby Nostradamus1
Baby Ntsoare1
Baby o mine6
Baby obey me1
Baby of summer1
Baby Oh2
Baby oh baby1
Baby oh were can you be1
Baby oh where can you be15
Baby omine2
Baby one more time2
Baby pat the floor1
Baby pine tree1
Baby plays around9
Baby please7
Baby please be good to me1
Baby please be mine1
Baby please be true1
Baby please come back to me1
Baby please come home12
Baby please come on1
Baby please come on home1
Baby please dont go27
Baby please dont leave home no more1
Baby please dont leave me1
Baby please dont take it1
Baby please make a change2
Baby please no no1
Baby please stop1
Baby please stop and think about me5
Baby please tell me1
Baby plum3
Baby Plumb1
Baby R1
Baby Rae1
Baby rattle snake1
Baby remember me1
Baby Renfro1
Baby rest time for1
Baby rice1
Baby rock1
Baby rock me1
Baby roll1
Baby rose1
Baby rose in New York1
Baby rub my achin head1
Baby Sam1
Baby samba2
Baby sandpiper1
Baby say you will1
Baby scratch my back1
Baby seals blues1
Baby set me free1
Baby shake that thing1
Baby shame on you2
Baby shoes3
baby show1
Baby sis2
Baby snatcher1
Baby sneeze1
Baby solo1
Baby souls1
Baby step3
Baby steps15
Baby stop drinking II1
Baby stop teasin me1
Baby suite3
Baby sweets3
Baby swing1
Baby take a bow2
Baby take a chance with me4
Baby take it all1
Baby take it easy2
Baby take me1
Baby take your cleats off2
Baby takes a chance with me1
Baby talk12
Baby talk baby walk1
Baby talk to me2
Baby tank3
Baby tell me1
Baby that sure would go good1
Baby thats alright for you1
Baby thats the blues1
Baby thats what I need2
Baby the ball is over1
Baby the rain must fall2
Baby then I dont want love2
Baby this love I have1
Baby tiger1
Baby toes1
Baby tonight1
Baby took revenge1
Baby try me one more time1
Baby used to be1
Baby walker blues2
Baby waltz1
Baby waltz plus1
Baby wants a diamond ring1
Baby watch that stuff1
Baby watch your back1
Baby weener dog walk1
Baby what do you have in mind1
Baby what do you want me to do3
Baby what else can I do8
Baby what you do to me4
Baby what you want me to do22
Baby what you want me to know1
Baby whatcha want me to do2
Baby whats new1
Baby whats the matter with you2
Baby whats wrong1
Baby whats your alibi1
Baby when you aint there1
Baby where can you be1
Baby where have you been1
Baby whered you go1
Baby whiskey1
Baby who are you1
Baby whos baby are you1
Baby will you please come home1
Baby wont you come back home1
Baby wont you make up your mind1
Baby wont you marry me1
Baby wont you pleae come home1
Baby wont you please1
Baby wont you please come hom1
Baby wont you please come home625
Baby wont you please come home blues1
Baby wont you please say yes1
Baby wont you plese come home1
Baby wont you say you love me7
Baby wont you stay1
Baby wont you take a change1
Baby wontcha please come home1
Baby won’t you please come home5
Baby won�t you please come home1
Baby work out1
Baby workout2
Baby X1
Baby you1
Baby you and me4
Baby you are fired1
Baby you broke my heart1
Baby you can count on me7
Baby you can depend on me1
Baby you can drive my car1
Baby you cant miss1
Baby you dont have to go1
Baby you dont know6
Baby you dont know all1
Baby you dont know my mind1
Baby you give me a feeling1
Baby you got what it takes6
Baby you know1
Baby you know its true1
Baby you made me fall for you1
Baby you make me feel so good1
Baby you messed up1
Baby you move too fast1
Baby you should know it10
Baby you so creepy1
Baby youll be mine2
Baby your light is out3
Baby your mother5
Baby your sleep is showing1
Baby your tough1
Baby youre a rich man2
Baby youre always on my mind1
Baby youre breakin me2
Baby youre driving me crazy1
Baby youre great1
Baby youre here1
Baby youre just my speed1
Baby youre just too darned good to be true1
Baby youre just too much1
Baby youre mine for keeps1
Baby youre my kind1
Baby youre out of my life1
Baby youre rich1
Baby youre right1
Baby youre still a square1
Baby youre the one for me1
Baby youre too much2
Baby youre tops with me1
Baby youre tough1
Baby youre wise1
Baby youve been gone too long1
Baby youve been wrong1
Baby youve got the right idea1
Baby youve got what it takes2
Baby Yum Yum1
Baby – oh where can yo be1
Babybaby all the time1
Babylon blues3
Babylon boogie1
Babylon falls1
Babylon gammalon1
Babylon leisciva1

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