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TJD Online
 Single User Version

With TJD Online (The Jazz Discography Online) you have instant access to accurate information on over 430,000 jazz releases from 1896 to today.


  • All recordings made by any particular bandleader
  • All the sidemen and the instruments they played
  • All recordings made by any particular sideman
  • Which musicians played with which bandleaders
  • Who recorded a particular tune, when, and where
  • The musicians who played with other musicians
  • Session recording dates and locations
  • Record companies and release numbers


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TJD Online includes over 51,152 leaders, over 247,298 recording sessions, over 1,423,691 musician entries, over 1,620,521 tune entries and over 430,000 record releases as of October 2020.

Advanced Search Features Help You Find Everything Quickly And Easily

  • Find information on specific recording sessions by any bandleader, musician or tune.
  • Do searches by individual leader, musician or tune to find specific recording sessions.
  • Search by individual leaders or groups for recordings issued under their own names.
  • Do multiple searches of up to 3 musicians and 3 tunes simultaneously.
  • Search for any musician playing with a specific bandleader.
  • Check the accuracy of recording information published on album and CD covers.
  • Check CD re-issues of original LPs to see if they contain additional tracks and to ensure you're not purchasing an album you already own.
  • Find other versions or arrangements of tunes by searching all recordings of any tune.
  • Print out recording sessions of any search selection, including indexes.
  • Do all these specifically for your cataloged collection.

TJD Online also contains an extensive bibliography of other sources of jazz discography, listed alphabetically by author and by musician name.

For an abbreviated summary of leaders listed in TJD Online, view the BOOKS page.
For a more complete list of musicians and tunes, click on the MUSICIAN INDEX and TUNE INDEX buttons in the header bar at the left side of this page.


  • You can now see database updates on a regular basis
  • You can display new & updated sessions over a selected time-frame, including new releases
  • You can easily and quickly catalog your record collection with a few keystrokes for each recording session
  • Even the largest of collections can be cataloged in a minimum amount of time
  • Once your collection is cataloged, you can do all the searches and sorts on your own collection that can be done on the main database
  • Do a specific search and switch back and forth between your collection and the main database to compare
  • If you don't need the cataloging feature, you can use the feature to create a “want list” of recordings you are looking for to add to your collection
  • Do a specific record label search and also search for a specific label and release number

TJD Online works on all platforms!

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Unix

Scroll down for more details and to see sample screens of TJD Online.

TJD Online has been carefully designed
to maximize user-friendliness...

When the program first loads, The JAZZ Discography logo appears on the screen with a tool bar, as shown below. Moving around between various screens is easy and can be accomplished by mouse or keyboard Page Up/Page Down and Arrow keys:

Opening screenshot

Note: All screens shown here were created in 1024 x 768 mode.
If your computer is running in 800 x 600 mode, the screen will have a slightly different appearance but the discographical information will be unchanged

The Tool Bar is organized in color-coded main sections:

Tool bar

When the "Leader Index" button is selected the following screen appears, providing the overall leader picture allowing you to navigate quickly among the over 51,152 leaders included in TJD Online. Specific leaders can be quickly located by entering the leader's name in a pop-up dialogue box.

Leader Index screenshot

When a particular leader is selected, you need only click with the mouse to access the "Leader Detail" section. The screen below then appears. In this example, Art Pepper is the selected leader. The first recording session in the Art Pepper leader section appears at the top of the screen. Subsequent Art Pepper sessions follow in chronological order.

Art Pepper screenshot

A complete session index can be accessed by selecting the "Session Index" button.
The following screen then appears:

Art Pepper sessions screenshot

This screen can be easily navigated by mouse or keyboard to find the desired session. Once the session is selected, click the mouse to re-enter the "Leader Detail" section. The desired session will appear at the top of the screen.

A complete musician index can be accessed by selecting the "Musician Index" button. The following screen then appears, showing the selected musician name, instrument(s) played and number of sessions in which he/she appears:

Musicians Index screenshot

The musician index can be easily navigated by mouse to find the desired musician. Once the musician is selected, press ENTER or click the mouse to enter the "Musician Detail" section shown below. This screen is similar to the "Leader Detail" screen above, except that it contains all the sessions in which the musician appeared. The example below is for “Elvin Jones”.

Elvin Jones screenshot

A complete tune name index can be accessed by selecting the "Tune Index" button.
The following screen then appears, showing the tune name and the number of sessions it appears in:

Tune Index screenshot

This screen can be easily navigated by mouse to find the desired tune. Once the tune is selected, press ENTER or click the mouse to enter the "Tune Detail" section shown below. This screen is similar to the "Leader Detail" screen, except it shows all sessions at which the tune was recorded.

By clicking on the "Multi-search" button the following dialog box will appear.
This box allows you to search multiple musician and tune names (up to 3 of each).

Multi-search dialog box screenshot

After your selection has been made, the following session(s) details will appear on-screen:

Multi-search results screenshot

In addition to the Multi-Search there is also a word search in TJD Online that allows you to search every field in the database with the following dialog box:

Word search screen

TJD Online allows you to search the whole database by date with the following dialog box:

By clicking on “Session: New/Updated” you arrive at the following screen which gives a line summary of new releases and session information that has changed in the database.  There is a drop down menu allowing the user to select the number of days to view.  In the line summary you simply click on the session number to go into the session detail. 

New and updated screen

By clicking on “Record Label Search” you will be able to select a Record Label name or Record Label name & release number in a dialog box.  After selection the following typical screen will appear:

When you click on a Record Label name you then get a list of the release numbers in numerical order.

To go into details of the release, click on the release number.

Cataloging your collection - To easily and quickly catalog your record collection, search the database for your desired release.  For example – go to the first Sonny Rollins “leader” session detail.  At the top of the session there is an “Add” button.  When you click on it a popup dialog screen appears as follows.  Then you click on “Pick release” and scroll down to the release you want to catalog.    

After selection, most of the details are automatically filled in as shown below.  You can either fill in the other values or leave them blank. 

After clicking “OK” the release is cataloged and it is listed in green font at the top of the session detail.  See the screen below. 

We have also added a “Select Tunes” feature to the cataloging system. This can be used for releases that are not listed in the database.

There is also the ability when cataloging to increase the size of the comments box.  This allows you to scan in relevant information from the internet or other sources about the release and/or recording session.


When you click on “My Preferences” you are able to adjust the number of lines that show on index screens, the number of sessions to display on detail screens and adjust the font size for display purposes.

When you click on “My: Collection” the following screen appears.  This gives a line summary of your record collection.   Your collection can be sorted by leader name, record company, location, condition and value.  You are also able to search for any value in the listing.  To see the session detail you simply click on the leader name against the session in question. 

Once you have cataloged part or all of your collection you are able to do all the sorts and searches of the whole database “only” for your collection.  Before doing the search you simply click

“My Sessions” in the tool bar as shown below.

To return to the full database you simply click on “Full Database” as shown below.

After you have done a particular search you can even switch back and forth between “Sessions” and “Full database”.

Important: If you don't need to catalog your record collection, you can use this feature to create a “want list” of records you want to add to your collection.

TJD Online

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