Tune Index

Click on the Index button in the Tune section of the tool bar.

This screen displays each tune entered in the database in alphabetical order with the number of sessions the tune is on. It provides the "big picture" of the tune entries in the database.

Most tune names have been standardized. The tunes have been indexed by the tune name as well as alternate names in [ ] brackets. For example:

Some occurrences (but not all) of "Danny Boy" have been listed as "Danny Boy [Londonderry Air]" - This means that "Londonderry Air" is another name for "Danny Boy". Some occurrences (but not all) of "Londonderry Air" have been listed as "Londonderry Air [Danny Boy]". To do a complete search of the tune you should search both "Danny Boy" and "Londonderry Air" in the tunes index.

In many case we have listed only one version of a tune name. For example:

"I've found a new baby" and "I found a new baby" are the same tune with different spellings.

In this case we have listed all occurrences under "I've found a new baby". However, one occurrence has been listed as "I've found a new baby [I found a new baby]. This has been done so that if you search for "I found a new baby" you will find it crossed referenced to "I've found a new baby".

Use the controls in your web browser program including the Home, End, Cursor up/down, Page up/down keys and the mouse to position the display.

Use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to display more tunes in alphabetical order.

Click on the tune's name to go to the Tune Detail screen to display full details of the sessions this tune has appeared in.