Record Label

The Record Label Search and Index functions allow you to find and view releases by their Record Label and release number.

Here are some examples of typical Record Label searches:

  1. To search for all Verve recordings click on "Company Search" and enter "Verve" without the release number. Click on "Verve" to start browsing all the Verve releases.
  2. To search for Verve 2009013 enter it into the Company Search fields. The release index will appear on the screen. To see the session details click on the release number (2009013).
  3. If you want to search the Columbia recordings starting with 3 just enter "Columbia & 3 in the release code field".
  4. It is possible to browse from detail release to detail release by using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons. For example, search for Lonehill Jazz LHJ10223. Click on the release number to go into detail. (If you then click the back button the program takes you to the top of the index screen). While still in the detail for LHJ10223, you can view the detail of the next release (LHJ10224) buy clicking on "Next". To go back, use the "Previous" button. This feature is useful if you have a lot of issues from one record company. You can catalog one release and then move on to the next number for cataloging.