Leader Index

Click on the Leader Index button.

This screen gives access to more all of the leaders of The Jazz Discography, in ascending alphabetical order. It provides the "big picture" of all leaders

The leader name, nationality (if not American) and the number of recording sessions appears for each leader/group.

Where The, Le, La, Les, Die, Das, etc., precede band or group names, the listing is determined by the principal name (e.g. The Modern Jazz Quartet is listed under "M").

Flemish names with Van, Von, etc., are listed under "V". However, Dutch names are listed under the name following the prefix (e.g. van Leeuwen is listed under "L").

Leaders with "Jr." in the surname (e.g. Kenny Drew Jr.) are listed alphabetically after all other occurrences of the surname (e.g. "Drew"). Leaders followed by an orchestra name (e.g. Jasper Davis and his Orchestra) are listed alphabetically after all other occurrences of "Davis".

Use the controls in your web browser program including the Home, End, Cursor up/down, Page up/down keys and the mouse to position the display.

Use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to display more leaders in alphabetical order.

Click on a leader's name to go to the Leader Detail to display details on their recording sessions.