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This index refers to the 228,881 individual jazz musicians (1,427,938 total entries) included in over 248,047 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Dave Abrego
Page A2 Potolo Abrego to Ansgar Adamski
Page A3 Piotr Adamski to Juangui Aguayo
Page A4 Vonne Aguda to Yavuz Akyazici
Page A5 Erdal Akyol to Frederika Alesina
Page A6 Nicola Alesini to Bruce Allard
Page A7 Bryant Allard to Angel Almeida
Page A8 Bira Almeida to Joan Albert Amargos
Page A9 Ursula Amargos to Inge Andersen
Page A10 Jackie Andersen to Per Andersson
Page A11 Pernilla Andersson to Patricio Angulo
Page A12 Timothy Angulo to Mike Applebaum
Page A13 Stan Applebaum to Eddie Arkin
Page A14 John Arkin to Paulo Arruda
Page A15 Sebastien Arruti to Ami Aspelund
Page A16 Monica Aspelund to John Augustina
Page A17 Bill Augustine to Kaiga Ayubu
Page A18 Jane Sirivong na Ayudhaya to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Sungil Bae
Page B2 Tutti Bae to Earl Baker
Page B3 Earl Baker to Carlos Balla
Page B4 Keith Balla to Harry Bannink
Page B5 Herman Willem Bannink to Gunter Barfuss
Page B6 Gunther Barfuss to Frank Baron
Page B7 George Baron to Hank Bartels
Page B8 Larry Bartels to Michel Bastide
Page B9 Michel "Doc" Bastide to Mathias Baumann
Page B10 Mathias Baumann to Lisala Beatty
Page B11 Louise Beatty to Wim van Beelen
Page B12 Doug Beeler to Pooqie Bell, Jr.
Page B13 Rebekah Bell to Marcel Benedikt
Page B14 Einar Orn Benediktsson to Aldo Bentivegna
Page B15 Fabrizio Bentivoglio to Stefan Berggrensson
Page B16 Bert Bergh to Christian Bernhard
Page B17 Corey Bernhard to Lennie Best
Page B18 Martin Best to Alf Bidgen
Page B19 Harry Bidgood to Paul Binstock
Page B20 Fred Bintner to Putte Bjorn
Page B21 Jens Bjorneboe to Rick Blanc
Page B22 Yvonne Blanc to Rudy Blondeel
Page B23 Fred Blondell to Ida Bodin
Page B24 Lars-Gunnar Bodin to Cesar Bolanos
Page B25 Ruddy Bolanos to Jeff Bonk
Page B26 Julie Bonk to Warner Borgia
Page B27 Borginhos to Jurgen Botoner
Page B28 Frank Botos to Norman Bowden
Page B29 Ralph Bowden to Sonja Brach
Page B30 Christian Brachel to Dominik Brandner
Page B31 Nipso Brandner to Alvin Brehm
Page B32 Bill Brehm to Pete Briggs
Page B33 Rayse Briggs to Eric ten Broek
Page B34 Gerrit van der Broek to Dree Brouwers
Page B35 Geert Brouwers to Myles Brown
Page B36 Nadia Gay Brown to Michelle Bruil
Page B37 Holger de Bruin to Jack Brymer
Page B38 Tim Brymn to Jim Buffington
Page B39 Jimmy Buffington to China Burg
Page B40 Chris Burg to Teddy Burns
Page B41 Terry Burns to Roy Butin
Page B42 Jim Butka to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Juvenal Calderon
Page C2 L.J. Calderon to Camille
Page C3 Charles Camille to Barry Canham
Page C4 Canhoto to Mike Carbone
Page C5 Ron Carbone to Jack Carlton
Page C6 John Carlton to Terri Lyne Carrington
Page C7 Vivienne Carrington to Dada Carvalho
Page C8 Daniel Carvalho to Christophe Castille
Page C9 Abel Castillo to Joe Cawley
Page C10 Tom Cawley to Molly Chadbourne
Page C11 Frank Chaddock to Scott Chapman
Page C12 Scott Chapman to Craig Chee
Page C13 Cheek to Michael Chimes
Page C14 Dan Chimielinski to Lyn Christie
Page C15 Lynn Christie to Cis-Mol-Syv Choir
Page C16 Imrich Cisar to Julie Clarke
Page C17 Kenny Clarke to Bill Clinton
Page C18 Christine Clinton to ... Cohen
Page C19 Ab Cohen to Stacy Coleman
Page C20 Steve Coleman to Minerva Colon
Page C21 Ramses Colon to Jack Connor
Page C22 Kerry Connor to Louise Cookman
Page C23 Rob Cookman to Joe Cordello
Page C24 Al Corden to Thomas Cosgrove
Page C25 Tom Cosgrove to Thierry Cousin
Page C26 Cuz Cousineau to Marjorie Cranford
Page C27 Bob Cranham to Ros Cron
Page C28 Claes Crona to Silvia Cucchi
Page C29 Giuseppe Cucchiara to Michael Curtin
Page C30 Abby Curtis to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to David Dahline
Page D2 Andrew Dahlke to The Dandridge Sisters
Page D3 Marie Dandrieux to Amanda Darrington
Page D4 Ian Darrington to Mike Davies
Page D5 Pat Davies to Trevor Davis
Page D6 Troy Davis to Jacob Deaton
Page D7 Ronnie Deauville to Errico De Fabristas
Page D8 Cristiano De Fabritiis to Simon Delage
Page D9 Manu Delago to Emiliani De Luca
Page D10 Emiliano De Luca to Michael Dennert
Page D11 John Denning to Karen Dervan
Page D12 Pierre Dervaux to Don Devilla
Page D13 Al Deville to Telmary Diaz
Page D14 Tony Diaz to Pete Diggs
Page D15 Rachel Diggs to Mike DiRubbo
Page D16 Giani Di Ruzza to Mary Jane Dodd
Page D17 Pat Dodd to David Donatien
Page D18 Jerry Donato to Stephen Doster
Page D19 Marc Dostere to Russ Dragon
Page D20 Ryan Dragon to DST
Page D21 Bohumil Dtourac to George Dulin
Page D22 Tucker Dulin to Robbie Dupree
Page D23 Robert Dupree to Roland Dyens
Page D24 Ada Dyer to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Felicidad Ector
Page E2 Hal Ector to Claude Egea
Page E3 Didier Egea to Jonas Eklund
Page E4 Nathan Eklund to Jerry Elliott
Page E5 Jim Elliott to Pat Emmett
Page E6 Sue Emmett to Sammy Epstein
Page E7 Ted Epstein to Matthias Eschenmoser
Page E8 Achim Escher to Gabriele Evangelista
Page E9 Gino Evangelista to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Erica Falls
Page F2 Lauren Falls to Chauncey Farrer
Page F3 Derryl Farrer to Chuck Feger
Page F4 Fritz Feger to Lee Fergeson
Page F5 M. Ferghu to Lorraine Ferro
Page F6 Mike Ferro to Umberto Filippetti
Page F7 Jose Filippi to Lizz Fischer
Page F8 Lou Fischer to Helge Flatgard
Page F9 Manfred Flathe to Michael Flugel
Page F10 Mark Flugge to Rick Ford
Page F11 Rick Ford to John Foster
Page F12 John M. Foster to Vittorio Franchini
Page F13 Mark Franchitto to Dean Fraser
Page F14 Deborah Fraser to Manuel "Manolo" Freigido
Page F15 Paquito Freigido to Bill Frisell
Page F16 Ellika Frisell to Nobutaka Fukuda
Page F17 Satoko Fukuda to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Mike Galbraith
Page G2 Robert Galbraith to Douglas Ganley
Page G3 Jimmy Ganmnon to Ross Garen
Page G4 Caral Garett to Loulou Gaste
Page G5 Unsere Gaste to Jean Geeraerts
Page G6 John Geerdes to Andy Georges
Page G7 Dupor Georges to Enrico Ghelardi
Page G8 Emanuel Ghent to Francesca Giglio
Page G9 Joe Giglio to Bobby Gimby
Page G10 Gaetano Gimelli to George Glas
Page G11 Manolo Glas to Yoann Godefroy
Page G12 Karl Godejohann to Steve Goldman
Page G13 Tommy Goldman to Ivan Gonzalez
Page G14 Javier Gonzalez to Michael Gordon
Page G15 Michael David Gordon to Herve Gourdikian
Page G16 Jacques Goure to Magnus Granberg
Page G17 Stig Granberg to Luther Gray
Page G18 Lydia Gray to Buddy Greene
Page G19 Burton Greene to Noreen Grey
Page G20 Patty Grey to Peter Gritz
Page G21 Lionel Grivet to Raphal Grunau
Page G22 Dave Grunberg to Dario Guidobaldi
Page G23 Francesco Guidobaldi to Roland Gurt
Page G24 John Gurtler to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Dave Hagelganz
Page H2 David Hagelganz to Al Hall, Jr.
Page H3 Alan Hall to Harald Halvorsen
Page H4 Knut Halvorsen to Russell Hampton
Page H5 Shawn Hampton to Ole Kock Hansen
Page H6 Ole Ulvedal Hansen to G. Richard Hargrove
Page H7 Jeffrie Alexander Hargrove to Freddie Harris
Page H8 Frederick Harris to Gary Hart
Page H9 George Hart to Frank Hasselberg
Page H10 Joao Hasselberg to Charles Hawkins
Page H11 Charlie Hawkins to Ben Hazleton
Page H12 Chester Hazlett to Aaron Heick
Page H13 Aaron Heicke to Job Helmers
Page H14 Stig Helmersen to Nick Hennies
Page H15 Pete Hennig to Dreg Herman
Page H16 Eline Herman to Krzisztof Herzdin
Page H17 Jeroen van Herzeele to Hori Hideaki
Page H18 Kaneizuka Hidehiro to Jean-Yves Hillion
Page H19 Bill Hillman to Josef Hirzberger
Page H20 Josi Hirzberger to Chris Hofer
Page H21 Christian Hofer to Hans Holdt
Page H22 Herwig Holdt to Nils Holmstedt
Page H23 Goran Holmstrand to Nesbert Hooper, Jr.
Page H24 Peter Hooper to Big Walter Horton
Page H25 Billy Horton to Wayne Howard
Page H26 Will Howard to Lafayette Hudson
Page H27 Lee Hudson to David Hummel
Page H28 Earl Hummel to James Hurt
Page H29 Jim Hurt to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Joyce Imbesi
Page I2 Greg Imboden to Vaclav Irmanov
Page I3 Ruth Irmelin to Igor Ivanuskin
Page I4 Kaisa Ivars to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Jack Jacmides
Page J2 Marc Jaco to Tadeusz Jakubowski
Page J3 Michael Jakusch to Jean-Louis Janson
Page J4 Kjell Janson to Jean-Louis Jeanson
Page J5 Claude Jeantet to Erica Jensen
Page J6 Erling Jensen to Jo Strings
Page J7 Gerry Joachim to Bud Johnson
Page J8 Bud Johnson to Nat Johnson
Page J9 Natalia Johnson to Blondel Jones
Page J10 Bo Jones to Shane Jones
Page J11 Sharon Jones to Rudolf Josel
Page J12 Nino Josele to Marcel Jungen
Page J13 Margarete Jungen to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Hans Kallen
Page K2 Kitty Kallen to Nat Kapell
Page K3 Sergey Kapelyushok to Jhon Kasen
Page K4 Brigitte Kaser to Minoru Kawahara
Page K5 Naomi Kawahara to Bjorn Kehlert
Page K6 Ken Kehner to Wayne Kelly
Page K7 Wells Kelly to Zoltan Keresztes
Page K8 Randy Kerher to Ivan Khatchoyan
Page K9 Dalila Khatir to Richard Kimball
Page K10 Roger Kimball to Douglas Kinnard
Page K11 Jerrett Kinnard to Tapio Kiviniemi
Page K12 Jeff Kivit to Schmitto Kling
Page K13 Stefan Kling to Adrian Knowles
Page K14 Alison Knowles to Peter Kohler
Page K15 Peter Kohler to Robert Konrad
Page K16 Roger Konrad to Boguslav Kostecki
Page K17 Boguslaw Kostecki to Teddy Krahtz
Page K18 R. Kraic to Adda Kridle
Page K19 Adda Kridler to Harry Kruyer
Page K20 Stephen Kruysar to Jorge Kundert
Page K21 Robert Kundert to Larry Kwartowitz
Page K22 Burkhardt Kwasigroch to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Gunnar Lagerstrom
Page L2 Wally Lageson to Pierre Lamboley
Page L3 Hans Lamboo to Vicky Lane
Page L4 Victor Lane to Francois Lardeau
Page L5 Philippe Larderaz to Uolevi Lassila
Page L6 Terry Lassitch to Dario Lavizzari
Page L7 Thelma La Vizzo to Dan Leali
Page L8 Bob Leaman to Gregg Lee
Page L9 Gregory Lee to Bertram Lehmann
Page L10 Christian Lehmann to Bert Lengers
Page L11 Jurg Lenggenhager to Paul Lesinski
Page L12 Alain Lesire to Jason Levis
Page L13 Justin Levis to Leo Leydendorff
Page L14 Rob Leyder to Harald Lillmeyer
Page L15 Brian Lillos to Gary Lindsay
Page L16 Jacob Lindsay to Claudius Litbarski
Page L17 Paul Litcher to Erick Locken
Page L18 Berhard Locker to Shaun Lones
Page L19 Britni Lonesome to John Lorge
Page L20 Louis John Lorgen to Frank Lowe
Page L21 Geoff Lowe to Rezso Ludwig
Page L22 Siegfried Ludwig to Ruedi Luraschi
Page L23 Bobby Lurie to Johnny Lytle
Page L24 Marcel Lytle to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Mellow Mack
Page M2 Peter Mack to Mauricio Maestro
Page M3 Shai Maestro to Luigi Maione
Page M4 Maurizio Maiorana to Will Mallard
Page M5 Jose Mallare to Fabian Mang
Page M6 Ferdi Mang to Ray Manzerolle
Page M7 Raymond Manzerolle to Jack Margolin
Page M8 Richie Margolin to Niko Marks
Page M9 Paul Marks to Paul Marshall
Page M10 Peggy Marshall to Tom Martin
Page M11 Tom Martin to Simone Marzocchi
Page M12 Gabriele Marzola to Louis Mastro
Page M13 Shai Mastro to Peter Matt
Page M14 Rick Matt to Dick Maxwell
Page M15 Duris Maxwell to Rich Mazzotta
Page M16 Giancarlo Mazzu to Karl McComas-Reichl
Page M17 Carol McComb to Brad McDougall
Page M18 Ian McDougall to Lori McIntire
Page M19 "Gentleman" Jim McIntosh to Jess McLendon
Page M20 Tony McLendon to Randy Mead
Page M21 Ryan Mead to Joao Meirelles
Page M22 Junior Meirelles to Juani Mendez
Page M23 Julio Mendez to Reggie Merrill
Page M24 Robin Merrill to Ken Meyer
Page M25 Ken "Goof" Meyer to Yanko Midadinov
Page M26 Mario Midana to Ernesto Millan
Page M27 Grace Millan to Chris Millikan
Page M28 Robert Millikan to Guy Mintus
Page M29 Arnold Mintz to Tracy Mitchell
Page M30 Trent Mitchell to Amareia Moffett
Page M31 Angela Moffett to Irena Momchilova
Page M32 Arnaud Momenceau to Michael Montgomery
Page M33 Mike Montgomery to Clem Moorman
Page M34 Dennis Moorman to Cameron Morgan
Page M35 Carey Morgan to Kevin Morris
Page M36 Kevin Morris to Rakalam Bob Moses
Page M37 Roland Moses to Jocelyn Moze
Page M38 Ben Mozee to Martin Muller
Page M39 Martin Muller to Allen Murphy
Page M40 Andy Murphy to Rudi Abdullah Mwongozi
Page M41 Rudy Mwongozi to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Diane Nalini
Page N2 Tony Nalker to Florian Navarro
Page N3 Francisco Navarro to Benny Nelson
Page N4 Bill Nelson to Ulla "Sniff" Neumann
Page N5 Ulrich Neumann to Lynn Nicholls
Page N6 Nick Nicholls to Erich Nieswand
Page N7 Glen Nieta to Elmore Nixon
Page N8 Hammie Nixon to Emma Nordlund
Page N9 Harriet Nordlund to Bratislav Novakovic
Page N10 L. Novakovic to Bengt Nystrom
Page N11 Bo Gunnar Nystrom to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Ronald Oakland
Page O2 The Oakland Youth Chorus to Ogguere
Page O3 Ryo Oghihara to Andrzej Olejniczak
Page O4 Mariusz Oleksa to Olle Olsson
Page O5 Oscar Olsson to Jay Orig
Page O6 Origin to Adam Osmianski
Page O7 Kim Osmond to Carlos Overall
Page O8 Chris Paul Overall to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Patty Painter-Wakefield
Page P2 Riccardo Paio to Teddy Panama, Jr.
Page P3 Michael Panarin to John Parett
Page P4 Rene Parez to Will Parnell
Page P5 Joe Parnello to Keith Patchel
Page P6 Frank Patchen to Melissa Paulo
Page P7 Michael Paulo to Chris Pearson
Page P8 Christopher Pearson to Paolo Pelegatti
Page P9 Meta Pelegrimaite to Martin Peppie
Page P10 Henk Pepping to Joseph Pernicano
Page P11 Luca Pernici to Peter
Page P12 Andre Peter to Dan Petrescu
Page P13 Marcian Petrescu to Martin Philadelphy
Page P14 Jenetha Philbert to Jay Pickett
Page P15 John Pickett to Pimmon
Page P16 Paul Pimsler to Thomas Pitt
Page P17 Tom Pitt to Michael Pluznick
Page P18 Russel Plylar to Piero Pollone
Page P19 Anna Pollonio to J. Porret
Page P20 Julien Porret to Marianne Pousseur
Page P21 Iwan Poustochkine to John Preininger
Page P22 Ivian Preis to Giovanni Principe
Page P23 Leonardo Principe to Billy Puett
Page P24 William Puett to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Junior Raglin
Page R2 Jeff Raglus to Decio Ramos
Page R3 Eduardo Ramos to Totu Rares
Page R4 Michael Rareshide to Harvey Ray
Page R5 Herman Ray to Rich Redmond
Page R6 Will Redmond to Adam Reid
Page R7 Adrian Reid to Frank Remley
Page R8 Heikko Remmel to Linda Reyes
Page R9 Lino Reyes to Marcia Rice
Page R10 Marlene Rice to Verne Rickard
Page R11 Horst Rickels to Dave Riley
Page R12 Dave "Yahni" Riley, Jr. to Diego Rivera
Page R13 Dioris Rivera to Judy Roberts
Page R14 Juliet Roberts to Peter "Ped" Robinson
Page R15 Phil Robinson to Arsenio Rodriguez
Page R16 Art Rodriguez to Hienrich Roggenkamp
Page R17 Wolfgang Roggenkamp to Alberto Romero
Page R18 Aldemaro Romero to Linda Rose
Page R19 Lorna Rose to Pete Ross
Page R20 Peter Ross to Vic Rounds
Page R21 Victor Rounds to Chaim Rubinov
Page R22 Chaium Rubinov to Samppa "Scud" Ruohtula
Page R23 Olli Ruokonen to Bill Ruyle
Page R24 Paul Ruys to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Aziz Sahmaoui
Page S2 Thano Sahnas to Godfrey Salmon
Page S3 Ian Salmon to Mitchell "Michito" Sanchez
Page S4 Mitchito Sanchez to Rob Sanov
Page S5 Sheldon Sanov to Jean Sarrazin
Page S6 Remy Sarrazin to Rick Savage
Page S7 Rock Savage to Peter Schaad
Page S8 Dirk Schaadt to Jimmy Schenk
Page S9 Laura Schenk to Bill Schmarzo
Page S10 Raoul Schmassmann to Hans Schneiter
Page S11 Urs Schneiter to John Schroder
Page S12 Jurgen Schroder to Andy Schwartz
Page S13 Andy Schwartz to John Scott
Page S14 John Henry Scott, Jr. to Andreas See
Page S15 Cees See to Luke Sellick
Page S16 Herve Sellin to Paco Sery
Page S17 Ilhan Sesen to Robby Shankle
Page S18 Jay Shanklin to George Shearer
Page S19 Harry Shearer to Roger Shew
Page S20 Fantahun Shewankochew to William Shorler
Page S21 Aaron Shorr to Hugo Siegmeth
Page S22 Klaus-Dieter Siegmund to Claude Sim
Page S23 Hannah Sim to Walter Simpson
Page S24 The Valerie Simpson Singers to Mike Sizer
Page S25 Richard Sizer to Freddie Slack
Page S26 Mike Slack to Pavel Smetacek
Page S27 Vaclav Smetacek to Ian Smith
Page S28 Ian Smith to Wayne Smith, Jr.
Page S29 Wendy Smith to Stig Soderqvist
Page S30 Svante Soderqvist to Grethe Sonck
Page S31 R. Sonck to Magali Souriau
Page S32 Katya Sourikova to David Speltz
Page S33 G. Spelvin to Mark Springer
Page S34 Simon Springer to Petra Stalz-Tombeil
Page S35 Arjan Stam to Kay Stavely
Page S36 Gabrielle von Stavenhagen to Nick Steinhaus
Page S37 Nick Steinhaus to Ernie Stevens
Page S38 Evelyn Stevens to Jim Stinnett
Page S39 Tim Stinnett to Alex Stornello
Page S40 Per Stornes to Eric Strickland
Page S41 Jean Strickland to Wilbur Stump
Page S42 Will Stump to Rob Sullivan
Page S43 Ron Sullivan to Paul Sutin
Page S44 Randy Sutin to Bill Swanston
Page S45 Ed Swanston to Istvan Szell
Page S46 Matt Szemela to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Bruce Talbot
Page T2 Jade Talbot to Sam Tarpley
Page T3 Gerard Tarquin to John Taylor
Page T4 John Taylor to John Temmerman
Page T5 Femi Temowo to Shirley Tetteh
Page T6 Bernard Tetu to Bobby Thomas, Jr.
Page T7 Brian Thomas to Daniel Thompson
Page T8 Danny Thompson to Pat Thorstsensen
Page T9 Gus Thorton to Dave Timmis
Page T10 Hugo Timmner to Jarkko Toivonen
Page T11 Kati Toivonen to Sharon Topping
Page T12 Steve Topping to Bob Towner
Page T13 John Towner to Randolph Tressler
Page T14 Gilles Tressos to Fulvio Trudu
Page T15 Carolbeth True to John Tunney
Page T16 Melodie Tunney to Ben Tweedt
Page T17 Dave Tweedy to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Ernst Unterlechner
Page U2 Werner Unterlercher to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Daniel Vallancien
Page V2 Katie Vallar to Earl Van Dyke
Page V3 Forest VanDyke to Alejandro Vargas
Page V4 Alfonso Fernandez Vargas to Paul Veith
Page V5 Yamila Veitia to Paul Verlis
Page V6 Poul Verlis to Remi Vidal
Page V7 Sebastien Vidal to John Vineet
Page V8 Jeremy Viner to Urs Voerkel
Page V9 Frank Schermer Voest to Carmen Vos
Page V10 Christine de Vos to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Al Walcott
Page W2 Al Walcott to Brent Wallarab
Page W3 Gina Wallarab to William Wandle
Page W4 Ralph Wandler to George Wartner
Page W5 Drammen Warup to Jean-Philippe Watremez
Page W6 Daniel Watrez to Robbin Webb
Page W7 Roger Webb to Andy Weiner
Page W8 Annette Weiner to Chuck Wells
Page W9 Clem Wells to James West
Page W10 Jim West to Wild Bill Whelan
Page W11 Danny Whelchel to Smokey Joe Whitfield
Page W12 Stephanie Whitfield to Felix Wietlisbach
Page W13 Stan Wietrzychowski to Kris Wilkinson
Page W14 Kristin Wilkinson to Jason Williams
Page W15 Jay Jay Williams to Eric Willie
Page W16 Little Willie to Reno Wilson
Page W17 Reuben Wilson to Raymond Winter
Page W18 Rene Winter to Jeff Woistman
Page W19 Christopher Woitach to Robert Wood
Page W20 Robin Wood to Tom Wouters
Page W21 Willy Wouters to Thomas Wydler
Page W22 I Nyoman Wydod to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Debby Yeager
Page Y2 Jason Yeager to Dave Young
Page Y3 Dave Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Pookie Zari
Page Z2 Mariano Zarich to Dave Ziarko
Page Z3 Erik Ziarko to Wiktor Zolnierek
Page Z4 Richard Zolnner to Doc Zywan