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This index refers to the 229,901 individual jazz musicians (1,433,743 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Henry Abramson
Page A2 Leon Abramson to Yolanda Adams
Page A3 Yuseff Ernie Adams to Scott Agster
Page A4 Montana Agte-Studier to Yusuf Fuler Aksoz
Page A5 Harry Akst to Johan Alenius
Page A6 Vito Aleo to Graham Allan
Page A7 Grege Allan to Danny Almark
Page A8 Johanna Almark to Illya Amar
Page A9 Paul Amar to Dan Andersen
Page A10 Dane Andersen to Jack Andersson
Page A11 Jesper Andersson to Little Mary Anglade
Page A12 Marie France Anglade to Thorbjorn Appehl
Page A13 Aliza Appel to Rob Aries
Page A14 Robert Aries to Sara Arrighetti
Page A15 Alessandro Arrighini to Arne Askvall
Page A16 Leif Aslaksrud to George Aug
Page A17 Jamie Aug to Virginia Ayers
Page A18 Camae Ayewa to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Jangeun Bae
Page B2 Seijin Bae to Don Baker
Page B3 Donald Baker to Rocky Ball
Page B4 Roger Ball to Paul Bannerman
Page B5 Ron Bannerman to Niels Barfod
Page B6 Anders Barfoed to Al Baroc
Page B7 Bernie Barocq to Uli Bartel
Page B8 Ulli Bartel to Chris Bastian
Page B9 Peter Bastian to Christoph Baumann
Page B10 Det Baumann to Chuck Beatty
Page B11 Dave Beatty to Andrew van der Beek
Page B12 Bert van Beek to Matt Bell
Page B13 Matthew Bell to Stefano Benedetti
Page B14 Vince Benedetti to Walter Benson
Page B15 Walter R. Benson to Wayne Bergerson
Page B16 Rini Bergervoet to Steve Berndt
Page B17 Henry Berndtson to Airelle Besson
Page B18 Ariane Besson to Andreas Bicking
Page B19 Sophia Bicking to Warren Bingham
Page B20 Oscar Bingisser to Hakon Norby Bjorgo
Page B21 Hiemir Bjorgulfsson to Ken Blakemore
Page B22 Andrew Blakeney to Ann Blom
Page B23 Ann-Marie Blom to Florentina Bodarca
Page B24 Michael Boddicker to Andreas Boje
Page B25 Claus Boje to William Bongiovanni
Page B26 Eddie Bongo to Olli Borg
Page B27 Rasmus Borg to Vet Boswell
Page B28 The Boswell Sisters to Dom Bovalino
Page B29 Jean-Francois Bovard to Mustafa Boztuey
Page B30 Mustafa Boztuy to Bruno Brandalise
Page B31 Remo Brandalise to Karolyn Bredberg
Page B32 Hank Bredenberg to Cyrille Briegel
Page B33 Jim Briegel to Robert Brodard
Page B34 Beat Brodbeck to Cst. Jim Brough
Page B35 Harvey Brough to Lew Brown
Page B36 Liga Brown to Birgit Bruel
Page B37 Kaya Bruel to Ray Bryant
Page B38 Richard Bryant to Buddy Budson
Page B39 Robert Budson to Corey Burch
Page B40 Don Burch to Billy Burns
Page B41 Bob Burns to Reinhard Bussmann
Page B42 Werner Bussmann to Brendan Byrnes
Page B43 Jim Byrnes to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Anthony Calderon
Page C2 Curtis Calderon to Felice Cameroni
Page C3 Felix Cameroni to Francesco Cangi
Page C4 Giovanni Cangialosi to Mariella Carbonara
Page C5 Joe Carbonardo to Petter Carlsson
Page C6 Ray Carlsson to Lalo Carrillo
Page C7 Manuel Carrillo to Joe Caruso
Page C8 Joe Caruso to Edmar Casteneda
Page C9 Amadee Castenell to Piergiorgio Caverzan
Page C10 Dick Cavett to Olivier Chabrol
Page C11 Thierry Chabroux to Ian Chapman
Page C12 Iona Chapman to Ana Maria Chazmorro
Page C13 Chcacalzinho to Jaron Childs
Page C14 Lee Childs to Ole "Bas" Christiansen
Page C15 Ole "C" Christiansen to Giulio Cipriani
Page C16 Guy Cipriani to Billy Clarke
Page C17 Bob Clarke to Jimmy Cliff
Page C18 Walter Cliff to Greg Coffin
Page C19 Jeff Coffin to George Coleman
Page C20 George Coleman, Jr. to Raynald Colom
Page C21 Tito Colom to Bill Connell
Page C22 Bob Connell to Terry Cook
Page C23 Terry Cook to John Corbett
Page C24 Jon Corbett to Raul Grano Cortinez
Page C25 Jack Cortner to Pierre Courbois
Page C26 Alice Courbrant to Daniil Cramer
Page C27 Dick Cramer to Chris Crockett
Page C28 Ed Crockett to Gyula Csepregi
Page C29 Laszlo Cser to Tom Curran
Page C30 Lester Currant to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Peter Dahlgren
Page D2 Winnie Dahlgren to Pierre Dandin
Page D3 David Dando to Alice Darr
Page D4 Jerome Darr to Josephine Davies
Page D5 Julian Davies to Taylor Davis
Page D6 Ted Davis to Carol DeArment
Page D7 Al Dearmon to Michael Deep
Page D8 Deep River Boys to Valerie De La Torre
Page D9 Wilfredo de la Torre to Carlos Del Puerto, Jr.
Page D10 Joe Delrait to Joe Deniz
Page D11 Kursad Deniz to Paul Derricott
Page D12 Herve Derrien to Frank Devenport
Page D13 Peter Devenport to Hugo Diaz
Page D14 Ignacio Diaz to Hugues Dieuzeide
Page D15 Pierre Dieuzy to Ricardo di Paola
Page D16 Riccardo Di Paola to Sona Dobrocka
Page D17 Steve Dobrogosz to Jack Donahue
Page D18 Miles Donahue to Thomas A. Dorsey
Page D19 Tommy Dorsey to Kay Doyle
Page D20 Kevin Doyle to Andy Drudy
Page D21 Emmanuel Druet to Jan van Duikeren
Page D22 Sjoerd van der Duin to Baba Dunu
Page D23 Enno Dunus to Milos Dvoracek
Page D24 Jim Dvorak to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Carl Ector
Page E2 Emmanuel Ector to Thompson Thompson Egbo-Egbo
Page E3 Johan Egdetveit to Bengt Eklund
Page E4 Bernt Eklund to Garry Elliott
Page E5 Gary Elliott to Todd Emmenway
Page E6 Huib Emmer to Andrea Epserti
Page E7 A. Epstein to Jean-Claude Escale
Page E8 Ramon Escale to The European Powerbook
Page E9 Louis Eusanio to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Jock Falloon
Page F2 John Falloon to Dick Farrelly
Page F3 Gearard Farrelly to Afke Feenstra
Page F4 Catherine Feeny to Ronny Ferella
Page F5 T. Ferelli to Don Ferris
Page F6 Glenn Ferris to Frank Filip
Page F7 Jaro Filip to Jens Fischer
Page F8 Jesse Fischer to Missy Flannaghan
Page F9 John Flannery to Troy Floyd
Page F10 Willie Lee "Von" Floyd to Kimberly Ford
Page F11 Kirk Ford to Fito Foster
Page F12 Frances Foster to Vittorio Franceschini
Page F13 Carlo Franceschinis to Marcus Franzker
Page F14 Andy Mulo Franzl to Stefan Frei
Page F15 Tobias Frei to Ulrik Frils-Moller
Page F16 Clara Frim to Kunio Fujisaki
Page F17 Doug Fujisawa to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Joe Galbraith
Page G2 Joe Galbraith to Mahmoud Gania
Page G3 Chick Ganimian to Lou Gare
Page G4 Larry Gareau to Kim Gast
Page G5 Maxfield Gast to Eddie Gee
Page G6 George Gee to Richard George
Page G7 Robert George to Jackie Ghanaim
Page G8 Kaelen Ghandhi to Walt Gifford
Page G9 The Gift of Gab to Michael Gilsenan
Page G10 Gilson to Christian Glahn
Page G11 Delia Glaister to Ron Godale
Page G12 Esther Godanes to Tim Goldie
Page G13 Steve Goldin to Antonio Gonzalez
Page G14 Benito Gonzalez to Irv Gordon
Page G15 Jack Gordon to Jeremy Gould
Page G16 Jocelyn Gould to Kurt Gramiger
Page G17 Gerhard Graml to Devin Gray
Page G18 Dick Gray to Donna Greenberg
Page G19 Elly Greenberg to Nicholas Grew
Page G20 Nick Grew to Par Grip
Page G21 Vise Grip to Jutta Gruber
Page G22 Karen Gruber to Albert Guez
Page G23 Philippe Guez to Tom Guralnick
Page G24 Mark Gurarie to Janos Gyulai-Gaal
Page G25 Henrik Gyzander to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Gustav Hagelberg
Page H2 Steffen Hagelberg to Adam Hall
Page H3 Adelaide Hall to Borge-Are Halvorsen
Page H4 Erik Halvorsen to Riley Hampton
Page H5 Robert Hampton to Mikael Juul Hansen
Page H6 Mike Hansen to Alex Hargreaves
Page H7 Anne Hargreaves to Durell Harris
Page H8 Duriel Harris to Bruce Hart
Page H9 Charles Hart to Peter Hassan
Page H10 Raqib Hassan to Charley Hawkes
Page H11 J. Walter Hawkes to Jimi Hazel
Page H12 Marion Hazel to Simon Heggendorn
Page H13 HP Heggenhougen to Bob Helm
Page H14 Carl Helm to Arthur Henn
Page H15 Philippe Hennard to Harald Hering
Page H16 Manfred Hering to Finn Herup
Page H17 Rob Hervais-Adelman to Mary Hicks
Page H18 Minnie Hicks to Philipp Hillebrand
Page H19 Harm Hillegers to Brett Hirst
Page H20 Clare Hirst to Fabienne Hoemi
Page H21 Ad Hoendervangers to Poppy Holden
Page H22 Thomas Holden to Spike Holmes
Page H23 Talisha Holmes to Yuri Hooker
Page H24 George Hookham to Peter Horsfall
Page H25 Derek Horsfield to Luella Howard
Page H26 Luke Howard to Ladislav Hudecek
Page H27 Sam Hudgens to Bill Hulting
Page H28 Billy Hulting to Sean Hurley
Page H29 Tim Hurley to Chang Hyun-jin
Page H30 Cho Hyung-Joo to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Giovanna Imbesi
Page I2 Joyce Imbesi to Ralph Irizarry
Page I3 Burak Irmak to Drago Ivanusa
Page I4 Igor Ivanushkin to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Larry Jackstein
Page J2 Renee Jacksy to Zbigniew Jakubek
Page J3 Robert Jakubiec to Alfred Janson
Page J4 Alfred Janson to Robert Jeannoutot
Page J5 Andre Jeanquartier to Dernnis Jensen
Page J6 Dick Jensen to Miroslav Jirounek
Page J7 Peter Jirousek to Bob Johnson
Page J8 Bob Johnson to Meshell Johnson
Page J9 Mguanda David Johnson to Benshi Jones
Page J10 Bernell Jones to Rowland Jones
Page J11 Roy Jones to Friedemann Josch
Page J12 Adalberto Jose to Ulli Junemann
Page J13 Alain Jung to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Karina Kallas
Page K2 Aruna Narayan Kalle to Evan Kapanga
Page K3 Michal Kapczuk to Eric Picky Kasamba
Page K4 Toby Kasavan to Toshifumi Kawabata
Page K5 Yoshiki Kawabata to Sibylie Kefer
Page K6 Bob Kefford to Ted Kelly
Page K7 Teri Kelly to Randy Kerber
Page K8 Rick Kerber to Yousuf Ali Khan
Page K9 Badma Khanda to Yejung Kim
Page K10 Yong Taek Kim to Lauren Kinhan
Page K11 Thomas Kini to Alex Kittle
Page K12 Derrick Kittle to Miroslav Klimes
Page K13 Joe Klimm to Tracy Knoop
Page K14 Jan Knop to Joshua Kohl
Page K15 Tom Kohl to Ben Kono
Page K16 Masahiko Kono to Boriz Koslov
Page K17 Susanne Koslovski to Robert Kraft
Page K18 Robin Kraft to Robert Kretzschmar
Page K19 Thomas Kretzschmar to Friedrich Kruntorad
Page K20 Antoni Krupa to Kumara
Page K21 Akira Kumasaka to Alexey Kuznetsov
Page K22 Arkadi Kuznetsov to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Anders Lagerlof
Page L2 Levi Lagerlof to Scott Lambie
Page L3 Adrien Lambinet to Shawn Lane
Page L4 Sheri Sue Lane to Paul Laraia
Page L5 Bob Laramie to Kirsten Lassen
Page L6 Nils Lassen to Lee Lavin
Page L7 Tom Lavin to Rob Leake
Page L8 Edward Leaker to Gary Lee
Page L9 Gee Hye Lee to Frank Lehman
Page L10 Gene Lehman to Clive Lendich
Page L11 Clive Lendicity to Ari Leschnikoff
Page L12 Alain Lescie to Yvan Levine
Page L13 Zach Levine to Bernhard Lewiton
Page L14 Arno Lewitsch to Inga Liljestrom
Page L15 Connie Lill to Klas Lindquist
Page L16 Lars Lindquist to Erwin List
Page L17 Garrett List to Jean-Pierre Lochese
Page L18 Fionn O. Lochlainn to Pietro Lomuscio
Page L19 Hector Lomuto to Jules Lorenz
Page L20 Karen Lorenz to Hans Low
Page L21 Leilani Rivera Low to Lorenzo Ludemann
Page L22 Hakim Luden to Gary Lunn
Page L23 John Lunn to Kai Lyons
Page L24 Kirk Lyons to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Little Mack
Page M2 Lonnie Mack to Baldo Maestri
Page M3 Harold "Katz" Maestri to Marcello Maio
Page M4 Rodrigo Botter Maio to Bob Mallach
Page M5 Dan Mallach to Jaydee Maness
Page M6 Jeanne Manet to Tsidi Manye
Page M7 Charley Manz to David Margen
Page M8 Kim Margerum to Dennis Marks
Page M9 Evan Marks to Kevin Stixx Marshall
Page M10 Kimberly Marshall to Saba Martin
Page M11 Sal Martin to Simon Mary
Page M12 Sweet Mary to Valerie Masters
Page M13 The Masters School Chorus to Yohei Matsuoka
Page M14 Yuhji Matsuoka to Pete Maxfield
Page M15 Jan Maxild to Marc Mazzillo
Page M16 Marco Mazzini to Tom McClung
Page M17 Tony McClung to Randy McDonald
Page M18 Reg McDonald to Jack McHarg
Page M19 Jim McHarg to Hal McLean
Page M20 Harold McLean to Carl McVicker
Page M21 Dana McVicker to Rob Meijn
Page M22 Saskia Meijs to Elfi Mendelsohn
Page M23 Elfie Mendelsohn to Pat Merola
Page M24 Ciccio Merolla to Erik Meyer
Page M25 Ethan Meyer to Michiko
Page M26 Monday Michiru to V. Milewvsky
Page M27 Bubber Miley to Wayne Miller
Page M28 Will Miller to Pete Minns
Page M29 Haruki Mino to Marilyn Mitchell
Page M30 Matt Mitchell to Walter H. Moehre
Page M31 Kevin Moehringer to Istvan Molnar
Page M32 Jozsef Molnar to Raul Montero
Page M33 Roberto Montero to Robert "Buster" Moore
Page M34 Roger Moore to Indio Moret
Page M35 Marc Moret to Bill Morris
Page M36 Bob Morris to Banjo Mosele
Page M37 Rene Mosele to Alphonse Mouzon
Page M38 Elvena Mouzon to Don Muller
Page M39 Edward Muller to Arne Murby
Page M40 George Murcell to Becki Musuleku
Page M41 Aramanzani Musulo to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Nate Nall
Page N2 Kim Nalley to Ermuelito Navarro
Page N3 Fats Navarro to Arnold Nelson
Page N4 B.J. Nelson to Peer Neumann
Page N5 Roger Neumann to Bert Nicholls
Page N6 Billy Nicholls to Michael Niesemann
Page N7 Gertrude Niesen to Vytis Nivinskas
Page N8 Dick Nivison to Gunilla Nordin
Page N9 Hans Nordin to Frank Novak
Page N10 Gaby Novak to Frode Nymo
Page N11 Sally Nyolo to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to David Oakes
Page O2 Flip Oakes to Paul Ogers
Page O3 Gusti Oggenfuss to Glauco Oleandri
Page O4 Alon Oleartchik to Kjell Olsson
Page O5 Krister Olsson to Lars Orhoj
Page O6 Daniel Ori to Oslo Chamber Choir
Page O7 Bengt Oslof to Alexandre Ouzounoff
Page O8 Moni Ovadia to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Richard Paine
Page P2 Jack Paines to Mary Panacci
Page P3 Natalie Panacci to Dan Parentti
Page P4 Carlos Parera to Charles Parnell
Page P5 Colin Parnell to Laszlo Pataki
Page P6 Mat Pataki to Rodrick Paulin
Page P7 Scott Paulin to Tony Pearsall
Page P8 Eric Pearse to Arto Pekkanen
Page P9 Drew Pekkarinen to Ken Peplowski
Page P10 Joe Pepp to Steve Perlo
Page P11 Kurt Perlow to Dominic Pessl
Page P12 Pavel Pesta to Massimo Petracchini
Page P13 Pino Petraccia to Teymur Phell
Page P14 Arthur Phelps to Brittany Pickens
Page P15 Buster Pickens to Bob Pilsbury
Page P16 Bernie Piltch to Lotta-Maria Pitkanen
Page P17 Olli Pitkanen to Serge Plume
Page P18 Etienne Plumer to Tom Pollard
Page P19 Tommy Pollard to John Porcello
Page P20 Earla Porch to Henrik "SP" Schou Poulsen
Page P21 Henrik Hieck Poulsen to Simon Preager
Page P22 Andre Preal to Gene Prince
Page P23 Graham Prince to Danny Pucillo
Page P24 ... Puckett to Mirek Pyschny
Page P25 Bent Pyskow to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Julie Ragins
Page R2 Kaaren Ragland to Alberto Ramos
Page R3 Alfredo Perez Ramos to Robin Rapuzzi
Page R4 Robin Rapuzzie to Clarence C."Jug" Ray
Page R5 Debo Ray to David Redmond
Page R6 Donald M. Redmond to Gunnar Reichmann
Page R7 Gunther Reichmann to Eva Remaeus
Page R8 Cody Remaklus to Aurora Reyes
Page R9 Candice Reyes to Endre Rice
Page R10 Ernie Rice to Steven Richter
Page R11 Thomas Richter to Holbrook Riles
Page R12 Johnnie Riles to Mario Riveira
Page R13 Dave Rivello to Howard Roberts
Page R14 Howard Roberts to Michael Robinson
Page R15 Michelle Robinson to Rui Rodrigues
Page R16 Sonia Rodrigues to Smoky Rogers
Page R17 Sophie Rogers to Brian Romeo
Page R18 Cie Romeo to Ed Rose
Page R19 Einar Rose to Kate Ross
Page R20 Kathleen Ross to Jean-Yves Roucan
Page R21 Frederic Roudet to Benny Rubin, Jr.
Page R22 Dave Rubin to John Rundle
Page R23 Ernestine Rundless to Max Rutledge Turnlund
Page R24 Brock Rutley to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Todd Sahlroot
Page S2 Conny Sahm to Teemu Salminen
Page S3 Ralph Salmins to Juan Camilo Sanchez
Page S4 Julian Sanchez to Mereb Sanodze
Page S5 Bachir Sanogo to Stanislaw Sarnowski
Page S6 Leslie Sarony to Honey Savage
Page S7 Jack Savage to Peter Scattaretico
Page S8 Luigi Scattini to Martin Schelling
Page S9 Otto Schelling to Philipp Schlotter
Page S10 Jozsef Schlotthauer to Reinhard Schneider
Page S11 Robert Schneider to Bill Schrey
Page S12 Debbie Schreyer to Lisa Schwabe
Page S13 Neville Schwabe to Greg Scott
Page S14 Gwen Scott to James Seda
Page S15 Chuck Sedacca to Alex Sell
Page S16 Dominic Sell to Alvaro Serrano
Page S17 Antonio Serrano to Michael Shand
Page S18 Pete Shand to Darryl Shawn
Page S19 Daryl Shawn to Adrian Sherriff
Page S20 Steve Sherriff to George Sholes
Page S21 Aaron Sholin to Abe Siegel
Page S22 Adam Siegel to Ken Silverman
Page S23 Marc Silverman to Mack Simpkins
Page S24 Nat Simpkins to Greg Sisul
Page S25 Nakano Tsz Ho Sit to Paul Skrepek
Page S26 Paul Skrepek to Mister Smart
Page S27 Nick Smart to Gerald "Twig" Smith
Page S28 Gerald Twig Smith to Teddy Smith
Page S29 Teddy Smith to Society Singers
Page S30 Samba Sock to Colin Somerveil
Page S31 Philip Somerveil to Mirko Souc
Page S32 Brigitte Soucek to Harvey Spector
Page S33 Jim Spector to Rosanno Sportiello
Page S34 Rossano Sportiello to Anastasia Stahlmann
Page S35 Jorg Stahlmann to Willi Starr
Page S36 Furey Starrat to Rudolph Stein
Page S37 Rudy Stein to Dave Sternbach
Page S38 David Sternbach to Janet Stiers
Page S39 Phil Stiers to Simon Stone
Page S40 Sly Stone to Al Street
Page S41 Andy Street to Cestmir Stuchly
Page S42 M. Stuchly to Alan Suits
Page S43 Wendy Suits to Basiru Suso
Page S44 Foday Musa Suso to Tom Swainson
Page S45 Alan Swainston-Cooper to Geza Szabo
Page S46 Geza Szabo to Jakub Szynal


Page T1 Billy T to Adam Talbot
Page T2 Alice Talbot to Carlos Galvez Taroncher
Page T3 Vincenzo Taroni to Jimmy Taylor
Page T4 Joan Taylor to Garif Telzhanov
Page T5 Matthew Tembo to Jean-Claude Tetaz
Page T6 Mihai Tetel to B.J. Thomas
Page T7 Ba Ba Thomas to Catherine Thompson
Page T8 Cathy Thompson to Tony Thorpe
Page T9 William Thorpe to David Timm
Page T10 Erik Timm to Christine Togni
Page T11 Massimo Togni to Top Notchers
Page T12 Wojciech Topa to Gijs Touw
Page T13 Meike Touw to Jo Trent
Page T14 Lynn Trent to Robert Troy
Page T15 Sonny Troy to Alessandro Tumolillo
Page T16 Rich Tumoy to Jeppe Tuxen
Page T17 Niels Tuxen to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Werner Unterlercher
Page U2 Beat Unternahrer to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Terry Vallarella
Page V2 Giovanni Vallarino to Jules Vandyke
Page V3 Linda Van Dyke to Alejandro Vargas
Page V4 Alfonso Fernandez Vargas to Indrikis Veitners
Page V5 Martin Vejarano to Poul Verlis
Page V6 Alex Verloop to Maria Vidal
Page V7 Pablo Vidal to Jeremy Viner
Page V8 John Viner to Jan Voeten
Page V9 Jos Voeten to Christine de Vos
Page V10 Ed de Vos to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Heinz Walchli
Page W2 Gunther "James" Walchshofer to Suzanne Wallach
Page W3 Ulf Wallander to Roger Wanderscheid
Page W4 Ludwig Wandinger to Anke Wartenberg
Page W5 Cornelia Wartenweiler to Per Einar Watle
Page W6 Bobby Watley to Melvin Webb
Page W7 Mitchell Webb to Steve Weinberg
Page W8 Sylvia Weinberg to Harry Wellott
Page W9 Andre Wells to David West
Page W10 Davis West to Stan Wheeler
Page W11 Ted Wheeler to Anne Whitfield
Page W12 Barrence Whitfield to Barry Wiesenfeld
Page W13 Carl-Wolfgang Wiesenthal to Bob Wilkinson
Page W14 Bruce Wilkinson to J.C. Williams
Page W15 J.Mayo Williams to Patrice Williamson
Page W16 Paul Williamson to Paul Wilson
Page W17 Pauline Wilson to Debbie Winter
Page W18 Deborah Winter to Barry Woestenburg
Page W19 Gerrit Woesthuis to Linda Wood
Page W20 Mal Wood to Perry Wortman
Page W21 Peter Wortmann to Keith "Mr. Big D." Wyatt
Page W22 Ken Wyatt to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Bonnie Yeager
Page Y2 Buddy Yeager to Daniel Young
Page Y3 Dante Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Angie Z to Eddie Zaretsky
Page Z2 Philipp Zarfl to Karim Ziad
Page Z3 George Ziadeh to Bettye Zoller
Page Z4 Dave Zoller to Doc Zywan