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This index refers to the 231,212 individual jazz musicians (1,442,820 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Richard Abrams
Page A2 Richarda Abrams to Terry Adams
Page A3 Tim Adams to Leif Agren
Page A4 Morgan Agren to Agyei Akoto
Page A5 Serge Akou to Aleksey Aleksandrov
Page A6 Sasha Aleksandrov to Anas Allaf
Page A7 Azer Allahverdiyev to Les Allt
Page A8 Leslie Allt to Judy Amadio
Page A9 Norm Amadio to Trevor Anderies
Page A10 Anna Anderluh to Bengt Andersson
Page A11 Bengt Andersson to Angelo
Page A12 Johnny Angelo to Anders Apell
Page A13 Frank Apell to Charlie Argersinger
Page A14 Len Argese to Rosendo Chendy Leon Arocha
Page A15 Sidney Arodin to The Sai Anantam Ashram Singers
Page A16 Ali Ashtiani to Francois Auboux
Page A17 Xavier Aubret to Curt Axen
Page A18 Michael Axen to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Judy Bady
Page B2 Aleksey Badyanov to Dale Baker
Page B3 Dan Baker to Michael Ball
Page B4 Mick Ball to Michael Bann
Page B5 Stan Bann to Ferry Barendse
Page B6 Robert Barene to Steve Barnhill
Page B7 Johannes "Jo" Barnikel to Kristina Barta
Page B8 Marcel Barta to Pierre Bassoli
Page B9 Roberto Bassoli to Alex Baum
Page B10 Andy Baum to Graham Beasley
Page B11 Irene Beasley to David Beebee
Page B12 Yale Beebee to Jonathan Bell
Page B13 Josh Bell to Hartvig Bendixen
Page B14 Henning Bendixen to Camila Benson
Page B15 Carla Benson to Nils Berger
Page B16 Otto Berger to Silvio Bernardi
Page B17 Carlo Bernardinello to Junius Bervine
Page B18 Chris Bery to Ken Bibace
Page B19 Kenny Bibace to Lars Binder
Page B20 Lothar Binder to Heather Martin Bixler
Page B21 Martha Bixler to Happy Blake
Page B22 Holly Blake to Andy Block
Page B23 Barry Block to Luisa Boccia
Page B24 Marco Boccia to Ben Bohorquez
Page B25 Jose Bohr to Alexander Bone
Page B26 Bill Bone to Reggie Bordeaux
Page B27 Sam Bordees to Patricia Bosshard
Page B28 Sandy Bosshard to Daniel Bourquin
Page B29 Francis Bourrec to Ernest Boykin
Page B30 J.C. Boykin to Delaney Bramlett
Page B31 Paul Bramlett to Loalwa Braz
Page B32 Renato Braz to Stanko Brichta
Page B33 Ejvind Brick to Ray Broccardo
Page B34 Charlie Brocco to Kenneth Broom
Page B35 Russ Broom to Jesse Brown
Page B36 Jewel Brown to Bob Bruce
Page B37 Bobby Bruce to Emily Bryan
Page B38 Erica Bryan to Ron Bucknam
Page B39 Doralyn Bucknell to James William Bunn
Page B40 Jimmy Bunn to Lennart Burman
Page B41 Maurice Burman to Glen Buschmann
Page B42 Glenn Buschmann to Steve Byess
Page B43 Steven Byess to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Juan Carlos Calderin
Page C2 Matt Calderin to Neil Cameron
Page C3 Norma Cameron to Carlo Alberto Canevali
Page C4 Dale Canfield to Ernie Carbajal
Page C5 Tony Carbajales to Lars E. Carlsson
Page C6 Lars-Goran Carlsson to Andrei Carriere
Page C7 Claude Carriere to Edmond Caruana
Page C8 Glen Caruba to Guido Castelli
Page C9 Italo Castelli to Paolo Cavazzini
Page C10 Antonio Cavazzuti to Navijio Cevallos
Page C11 Adalberto Cevasco to Mark Chaplin
Page C12 Conor Chapline to Claude Chavet
Page C13 Aaron Chavez to Tomoko Chigira
Page C14 Chihuahua to Lillie Delk Christian
Page C15 Lisa Christian to Cinnamon
Page C16 Dave Cinquegrana to Rory Clark
Page C17 Roy Clark to Marc Clermont
Page C18 Ruper Clervaux to Ed Coehen
Page C19 Jose Pedro Coehlo to Beverly Coleman
Page C20 Bill Coleman to Nick Collis
Page C21 Kate Collison to Ed Conley
Page C22 Edwyn Conley to Jasper Cook
Page C23 Jaz Cook to Michael Coppola
Page C24 Mike Coppola to Carlos Cortes
Page C25 Carmen Cortes to Ousmane Coulibaly
Page C26 Soungalo Coulibaly to Andre Crago
Page C27 Ray Crago to Cornel Crister
Page C28 Giovanni Cristiani to Janice Cruz
Page C29 Jerry Cruz to Josefina Cupido
Page C30 Andre Cupino to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Chris Dahlgren
Page D2 Erwin Dahlgren to Ramon Danda
Page D3 Tony Danda to John Darnett
Page D4 Jack Daro to Gavin Davies
Page D5 Gordon Davies to Sharon Davis
Page D6 Sheena Davis to Pasquale de Angelis
Page D7 Peter De Angelis to Johnny Dee
Page D8 Kiki Dee to Alfredo De La Fe
Page D9 Martin Gambler de la Forterie to Carmelo de Los Santos
Page D10 Jeannie De Lou to Umberto De Nigris
Page D11 Reggie Denijs to Rosario De Rosa
Page D12 Stephen DeRosa to Frank Deutsch
Page D13 Irving Deutsch to Ken Dias
Page D14 Marcos Antonio Dias to Peter Dieterle
Page D15 Vito Dieterle to Dinning Sisters
Page D16 Dino to Mario Doane
Page D17 Melanie Doane to Arthur Dominik
Page D18 Ivan Dominik to Stefan Dorner
Page D19 Ruth Dornfeld to Ormand Downes
Page D20 Paul Downes to Dan Drogan
Page D21 Otte Droge to Christian Dufour
Page D22 Daniel Dufour to Johnny Dunn
Page D23 Kathy Dunn to Jim Dutton
Page D24 Ken Dutton to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 D Double E to Guy Eckstine
Page E2 Roger Eckstine to John Egan
Page E3 Karen Egan to Eki Ekfors
Page E4 Johnny Ekh to Bill Elliott
Page E5 Bill Elliott to Chris Eminizer
Page E6 Cris Eminizer to Laetitia Epp
Page E7 Ralph Eppel to Lee Erwin
Page E8 Pee Wee Erwin to Doris Eugenio
Page E9 Adrian Eugster to Bernt Ezzard
Page E10 Bert Ezzard to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Larry Fallon
Page F2 Owen Fallon to Tim Farrell
Page F3 Tony Farrell to Frank Feeney
Page F4 Joel Feeney to Werner Fercher
Page F5 F. Ferdenzi to Jacqueline Ferrier-Ultan
Page F6 Everaldo Ferriera to Wedajeneh Filfilu
Page F7 Antonio Pinheiro Filho to Gerit Fischer
Page F8 Gunther Fischer to Bill Flanagan
Page F9 Billy Flanagan to Booby Floyd
Page F10 Brian Floyd to Dean Ford
Page F11 Debbie Ford to Jens Fossum
Page F12 Pal Fossum to Roger Frampton
Page F13 William Frampton to John Frantz
Page F14 John Frantz to Russ Freeman
Page F15 Russ Freeman to Ottorino Frier
Page F16 Steve Paco Frier to Cor Fuhler
Page F17 Gunther Fuhlisch to Daisuke Fuwa
Page F18 Martin Fux to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to David Galbraith
Page G2 Frank Galbraith to Hary Ganglberger
Page G3 Alison Gangler to Tom Gardner
Page G4 Tommy Gardner to Tom Gasser
Page G5 Ueli Gasser to Tsedenia Gebre-Marqos
Page G6 Seppe Gebruers to Eric George
Page G7 Eric George to Dieter Gewissler
Page G8 Andrei Geworgjan to Erich Giese
Page G9 Kurt Giese to Hollis Gilmore
Page G10 Jerome Gilmore to Svein Gjermundrod
Page G11 Frode Gjerstad to Lello Gnesutta
Page G12 Karsten Gnettner to Lotti Golden
Page G13 Milt Golden to Guy Gonzales
Page G14 Imani Gonzales to Gordo "The dog"
Page G15 Emilio Gordoa to Dimos Goudaroulis
Page G16 Andre Goudbeek to Stanley Graham
Page G17 Steve Graham to Brian Graville
Page G18 Diane Graville to Roy Green
Page G19 Ruby Green to Tobias Grenholm
Page G20 Bernard Grenier to Joe Grimm
Page G21 John Grimm to Group Five
Page G22 Groupe Tavagna to Crissy Guerrero
Page G23 Ed Guerrero to Lars Gunnarson
Page G24 Lars Gunnar Gunnarson to Walter Gwardyak
Page G25 Zakes Gwaze to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Gosta Hagelberg
Page H2 Gustav Hagelberg to Graham Haliwell
Page H3 Ediz Halizoglu to John Haluko
Page H4 Pelle Halvarssen to Katie Hampton
Page H5 Lamont Hampton to Lars Bjerre Hansen
Page H6 Lars Dalsgaard Hansen to Harold Haren
Page H7 Curt Harens to David Harris
Page H8 David Harris to Alison Hart
Page H9 Alvin Youngblood Hart to Peter Hasman
Page H10 Petr Hasman to Nancy Hawbaker
Page H11 Shelly Hawbaker to Kitty Haywood
Page H12 Marilyn Haywood to Bill Hegamin
Page H13 Lucille Hegamin to Jan Hellmark
Page H14 Jeff Hellmer to Mel Henke
Page H15 Rob Henke to Yelsy Heredia
Page H16 Marcial Heredia Fernandez to Andreas Hertel
Page H17 Helmut Hertel to Bob Hicks
Page H18 Bob Hicks to Todd Hill
Page H19 Tom Hill to Richard Hirsch
Page H20 Rick Hirsch to Jorgen Hoegh
Page H21 Chip Hoehler to Rune Holberg
Page H22 Darius Holbert to Jeremy Holmes
Page H23 Jermaine Holmes to Steve Hood
Page H24 Susanna Hood to Phillip Hornsey
Page H25 Ernst Hornslet to Earl Howard
Page H26 Earle Howard to Barbara Huble
Page H27 Hans Hubler to Ed Hull
Page H28 Gene Hull to Dominik Hupin
Page H29 Eric Hupin to Jack Hylton
Page H30 Hylton Sisters to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Jan Imhoff
Page I2 Matthias von Imhoff to Mark Irose
Page I3 Elfriede Irral to Staffan Ivarsson
Page I4 Alexander Ivashenko to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Clydene Jackson Edwards
Page J2 Jackson Trio to Stefan Jakowlew
Page J3 Ladislav Jaksa to Serena Jansen
Page J4 Sigurd Jansen to Ludovic Jeanmart
Page J5 Frederic Jeanne to Bob Jensen
Page J6 Bonnie Jensen to Marc Jimos
Page J7 Mark Jimos to Ben Johnson
Page J8 Bernard Johnson to Marianna Johnson
Page J9 Marie Johnson to Andrew Jones
Page J10 Andrew Jones, Jr. to Reggie Jones
Page J11 Regina Jones to Ove Bang Jorgensen
Page J12 Per Jorgensen to Francis Julierie
Page J13 Juliette to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Rene van Kalken
Page K2 Hubert Kalkman to Henry Kao
Page K3 Lisa Kao to Jartsa Karvonen
Page K4 Reinhard Karwatky to Leo Kavanagh
Page K5 Lisa Kavanagh to Trey Keepin
Page K6 James Keepnews to Ray J. Kelly
Page K7 Raymond Kelly to Gregg Keplinger
Page K8 Fred Kepner to Nishat Khan
Page K9 Nizamudin Khan to Nahyoun Kim
Page K10 Paul Kim to James Kings
Page K11 The Kings in Exile to Jean Kitrell
Page K12 Matt Kitsch to Jorge Klibber
Page K13 Chris Klich to Landon Knoblock
Page K14 Christo Knoche to Anthon Koghee
Page K15 Andreas Kogler to Ralph Konig
Page K16 Udo Konig to Bob Koshan
Page K17 Pascal Kosher to Frank Kozyra
Page K18 Thomas Kpade to Heidi Krenn
Page K19 Delphine Krenn-Viard to Max Kruger
Page K20 Michael Kruger to Peter Kull
Page K21 Thomas Kull to Robin Kutz
Page K22 Karl Kutzer to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Stig Lagercrantz
Page L2 Gunnar Lagerholm to Keith Lambeth
Page L3 Zoe Lambeth to Richard Lane
Page L4 Rosemary Lane to Adalberto "Trompetica" Lara
Page L5 Adam Lara to Marvi La Spina
Page L6 Steve LaSpina to Alfredo Laviano
Page L7 Vojta Lavicka to The LeAhn sisters
Page L8 Dave Leahy to Don Lee
Page L9 E.J. Lee to Abe Legrimas, Jr.
Page L10 Philippe Legris to Renato Lemos
Page L11 Jean Lemou to Michel Leroy
Page L12 Olivier Leroy to Jeff Levine
Page L13 Jesse Levine to Tom Lewis
Page L14 Toni Lewis to Zilvinas Lilas
Page L15 Ron LiLauro to Olle Lindholm
Page L16 Jon Lindhorst to Beth Lisick
Page L17 Felix Lisiecki to Riccardo Lo Bue
Page L18 Graham Local to Marco Lombardi
Page L19 Michela Lombardi to Steve Lord
Page L20 Victoria Lord to Bill Lovett
Page L21 Billy Lovett to Lucito
Page L22 Richard Lucius to Erik Lundqvist
Page L23 Gunnar Lundqvist to Mickey Lynne
Page L24 Phyliss Lynne to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Leon Mack
Page M2 Leonard Mack II to Brad Maestas
Page M3 Christian Maesto to Mike Mainieri
Page M4 Michel Mainil to Jerry Mall
Page M5 Jim Mall to Eduardo Manentti, Jr.
Page M6 Raul Manentti to Susan Manuel
Page M7 Marina Manukian to Nicolas Levon Maret
Page M8 Pam Maret to Kate Markowitz
Page M9 Mark Markowitz to James Marshall
Page M10 Jamie Marshall to Peter Martin
Page M11 Peter Martin to Steve Marvin
Page M12 Charles Marvray to Karin Mast
Page M13 Michel Mast to Hidehiko "Sleepy" Matsumoto
Page M14 Hiroshi Matsumoto to Ebe Mautino
Page M15 Miro Mautino to Leo Mazza
Page M16 Lou Mazza to Chuck McClelland
Page M17 Glen McClelland to George Cross McDonald
Page M18 Georgie McDonald to Michael McGuffey
Page M19 Mike McGuffey to Jack McLaughlin
Page M20 Jack McLaughlin to Howard McRae
Page M21 Larry McRae to Gerhard Meier
Page M22 Gery Meier to Memeru
Page M23 Kevin Memley to Aldo Meristo
Page M24 Jonathan Meritz to Claudine Meunier
Page M25 Maurice Meunier to Athos Micheli
Page M26 Atos Micheli to Nikola Milenkovic
Page M27 Vladan Milenkovic to Richard E. Miller
Page M28 Richie Miller to Lee Pui Ming
Page M29 Leslie Ming to Fred Mitchell
Page M30 Freddie Mitchell to Kazuhiko Mochizuki
Page M31 Kengo Mochizuki to Erik Munk Moller
Page M32 Erika Essen Moller to Patrice Montandon
Page M33 Antonio Montanez to Jimmy Moore
Page M34 Jody Moore to Justin Morell
Page M35 Lou Morell to Jan Morks
Page M36 Francisco Morla to Simon Mortimer
Page M37 Malcolm Mortimore to Claude Moulin
Page M38 E. Moulin to Mike Muldoon
Page M39 Peter Muldoon to Loreto Munoz
Page M40 Luis Munoz to Mary Ann Musciano
Page M41 The Muscle Shoals Sound to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Nate Nall
Page N2 Kim Nalley to Charlie Navarro
Page N3 Daniel Navarro to Angela Zator Nelson
Page N4 Anthony Nelson to Karl Neumann
Page N5 Lucien Neumann to Tom Nicholas
Page N6 Tom Nicholas, Jr. to Benny Niepel
Page N7 Ronny Niepel to Adam Nitti
Page N8 Nicola Nitti to Kjell Nordeson
Page N9 Per Nordfeldt to Bruno Nouvion
Page N10 Wouter Nouwens to Stig Nylander
Page N11 Bernt Nylund to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Mica O-Kura
Page O2 Charlie O. to Ronny Ogden
Page O3 Vera Ogden to Farrell Olds
Page O4 Lawrence Olds to Gordon Olsson
Page O5 Gunnar Olsson to Perry Orfanella
Page O6 Alekos Orfanos to Anthony Osiecdki
Page O7 Tony Osiecki to Hun van Ousterhout
Page O8 Serge Oustiakine to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Lou Paine
Page P2 Richard Paine to Stephanie Pan
Page P3 Wan-Yi Pan to Dan Parenti
Page P4 Daniel Parenti to Fred Parmentier
Page P5 Tom Parmerter to Leszek Paszko
Page P6 Konrad Paszkudski to Harald Pauli
Page P7 Lucien Pauli to Dan Pearlman
Page P8 Ted Pearlman to Jeroen Pek
Page P9 Mek Pek to Pepin Pepin
Page P10 Piero Pepin to Christoph Perler
Page P11 Richard Perles to Haim Peskoff
Page P12 Haim E. Peskoff to Alain Petitmermet
Page P13 Greg Petito to Pat Phalen
Page P14 Con Minh Pham to Marc Picella
Page P15 Sully Picerno to Simeon Pillich
Page P16 Billy Pillicueri to Filippo Nascone Pistone
Page P17 John Pistoor to Simon Plotzeneder
Page P18 Nina Plotzki to Ralph Pollack
Page P19 Ralph Pollack to Phil Poppa
Page P20 Oli Poppe to Dmitry Potyomkin
Page P21 Potzi to Greg Pratt
Page P22 Greg Pratt to Giampiero Prima
Page P23 Goteborgs Prima to Wiestaw Przadka
Page P24 Eric Przedpelski to Edmundo Puyol
Page P25 Javier Puyol to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Hugh Ragin
Page R2 Melvin "Wah wah" Ragin to Christian Ramond
Page R3 Phil Ramone to Leon Rappolo
Page R4 Kostia Rappoport to Arthur Ray
Page R5 Aulton Ray to Dewey Redman
Page R6 Don Redman to Reichi
Page R7 Dominik Reichl to Gerald Relkin
Page R8 Alain Rellay to Jacques Rey
Page R9 Jerome Rey to George Ricco
Page R10 Giustino Ricco to Dirk Richter
Page R11 E. Richter to Henk Rijnberg
Page R12 John Rijnen to Lyle Ritz
Page R13 Lyle J. Ritz to Derek Roberts
Page R14 Deri Roberts to Keith Robinson
Page R15 Kelsey Robinson to Aleksandr Rodovskiy
Page R16 Alexander Rodovsky to Jeremy Rogers
Page R17 Jim Rogers to Ari Romanoff
Page R18 Bill Romanoff to Tania Rosato
Page R19 Louise Rosbach to Brad Ross
Page R20 Brandon Ross to Jerry Rothschild
Page R21 Andy Rothstein to James Rozzi
Page R22 Petr Rshanitsin to Otmaro Ruiz
Page R23 Pedro Ruiz to Wally Rutan
Page R24 Jakob Rutberg to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Hans Jacob Sahlertz
Page S2 Hans Sahli to Iiro Salmi
Page S3 Klaus Salmi to Franck Sanchez
Page S4 Freddie Sanchez to Giovanni Sanna Passino
Page S5 Oddvar Sanne to Bela Sarkozy, Jr.
Page S6 Chris Sarlas to Steve Sauve
Page S7 Roger "Big Brown" Sauvenier to Emmanuel Scarpa
Page S8 Sal Scarpa to Roland Scheisser
Page S9 Katherine Scheive to Eva Schlickum
Page S10 Bob Schlidt to Jaui Schneider
Page S11 Jennifer Schneider to Ferdi Schreiber
Page S12 Freddy Schreiber to Hans Georg Schutz
Page S13 Heinz Schutz to Dennis Scott
Page S14 Dianne Scott to E. Sebitz
Page S15 Miklos Sebo to Phil Selden
Page S16 Rich Selden to Daniel Sermatinger
Page S17 Julien Sermet to Hassan J.J. Shakur
Page S18 Hassan JJ Shakur to Lije Shaw
Page S19 Lonnie Shaw to David Sherman
Page S20 Dick Sherman to Rich Shlosser
Page S21 Rick Shlosser to Anthony Sidney
Page S22 Emma Sidney to Vic Silva
Page S23 Vicky Silva to Antoine Simoni
Page S24 Jimmy Simonin to Doctah B. Sirius
Page S25 Quentin Sirjacq to Kurt Skold
Page S26 Lennart Skold to Cees Small
Page S27 Charles Small to E. Smith
Page S28 Earl Smith to Robby Smith
Page S29 Robert Smith to Roli Snyder
Page S30 Ron Snyder to Rose Solomon
Page S31 Stanley Solomon to Sorvondojuan
Page S32 Michael Sorzano to Loredana Spata
Page S33 Chuck Spatafore to Adrien Spirli
Page S34 Alfred Spirli to Jakob Staer
Page S35 Thomas Staer to Bob Stark
Page S36 Bobby Stark to Charles Stegman
Page S37 Rene Stegman to Jorg Stepputat
Page S38 Janis Steprans to Patrick Stewart
Page S39 Paul Stewart to Thomas Stolting
Page S40 Artie Stoltz to Rene van Straten
Page S41 Volker Strater to Kelleen Strutz
Page S42 Peter Strutzenberger to Vasilije Sudorovic
Page S43 Marta Sudraba to Elysa Sunshine
Page S44 Monty Sunshine to Jan Svendsen
Page S45 John Svendsen to Abou Sylla
Page S46 Mangue Sylla to Jakub Szynal


Page T1 Billy T to Virgil Talbert
Page T2 Wendell P. Talbert to Anna Tarnawska
Page T3 Jorgen Tarnow to Jane Taylor
Page T4 Jane Taylor to Hasse Tellmarr
Page T5 Renzo Telloli to Gianmaria Testa
Page T6 Joe Testa to Alex Thomas
Page T7 Alexander Thomas to Bob Thompson
Page T8 Bob Thompson to Neal Thornton
Page T9 Norman Thornton to Marty Tilton
Page T10 Roger Tilton to Dhyan Toffolo
Page T11 David Tofford to Guy Tooker
Page T12 Vic Tooker to Pierre Touquet
Page T13 Ali Farka Toure to Robert C. Tremaine
Page T14 The Tremaine Brothers to William "Little Napolean" Trottier
Page T15 Gerald Trottman to Jussi Tuhkanen
Page T16 Heikki Tuhkanene to Mike Turtle
Page T17 Rosie Turton to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Ernst Unterlechner
Page U2 Werner Unterlercher to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Xazavian Valladay
Page V2 Carlos Vallalobos to Robin Van Duzee
Page V3 Julien Vandyck to Gabor Varga
Page V4 Gyorgy Varga to Nelson Veiras
Page V5 Cornelius Veit to Volcmar Verkerk
Page V6 Elena Verkhovskaya to Vidal
Page V7 Alfredo Vidal to Tamas Vincze
Page V8 Zoltan Vincze to Vocalworks
Page V9 Voces8 to Vladislav Vorel
Page V10 Michael Vorfeld to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Pete Walby
Page W2 Francoise Walch to Wayne Wallace
Page W3 Wesley Wallace to Wanderlea
Page W4 Victor Wanderley to Jeff Warschauer
Page W5 Franck Warscotte to Tara Watkins
Page W6 Todd Watkins to John Webb
Page W7 John Webb to Toni Wein
Page W8 Wolfgang Wein to Dandy Wellington
Page W9 Fumiko Wellington to Bob West
Page W10 Bobby West to Mike Wheeler
Page W11 Nedra Wheeler to John Whitenberg
Page W12 Ralph Whiteoak to Paul Wierzbowski
Page W13 Slawek Wierzcholski to Nic Wilkins
Page W14 Nick Wilkins to Howard Williams
Page W15 Howard Williams to Ernest Williamson
Page W16 Ernest Williamson to Michelle Wilson
Page W17 Mike Wilson to Sherry Winston
Page W18 Tony Winston to Mariusz Wnuk
Page W19 Jah Wobble to J. Douglas Wood
Page W20 J.H. Wood to John Worster
Page W21 Chris Worswick to Rusty Scott Wutkiewicz
Page W22 Anton Wuts to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Gus Yeadon
Page Y2 Al Yeager to Christopher Young
Page Y3 Christopher Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Angie Z to Vladimir Zaremba
Page Z2 Ed Zarestsky to Pavel Zhulin
Page Z3 Ed Zhulke to Phil Zolkind
Page Z4 Adam Zolkos to Doc Zywan