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This index refers to the 231,473 individual jazz musicians (1,444,271 total entries) included in over 250,893 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Ray Abrams
Page A2 Richard Abrams to Terry Adams
Page A3 Terry Adams to Bjorn Agren
Page A4 Claes Agren to Utku Akol
Page A5 Tariqh Akoni to Bob Alekno
Page A6 Sevda Alekper-zadeh to Alla
Page A7 Sonia Alla to Doug Allsop
Page A8 James Allsopp to Antonio Alzamora
Page A9 Juan Alzate to Bengt Anderbring
Page A10 Fanny Anderegg to Julian Anderson-Bowes
Page A11 Atis Andersons to Irene Angelino
Page A12 David Angell to Viktor Apasnikov
Page A13 Janos Apati to Matt Argent
Page A14 Rod Argent to Birger Arntzen
Page A15 Evan Arntzen to Jesse Ashlock
Page A16 Micky Ashman to Martin Aubert
Page A17 Nicole Aubert to Sten Axelson
Page A18 Gunnar Axelson-Fisk to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Aleksey Badyanov
Page B2 Jim Badzik to Dale Baker
Page B3 Dan Baker to Michael Ball
Page B4 Mick Ball to Michael Bann
Page B5 Stan Bann to Ferry Barendse
Page B6 Robert Barene to Steve Barnhill
Page B7 Johannes "Jo" Barnikel to Jiri Barta
Page B8 Kristina Barta to H. Basso
Page B9 Hector Basso to Dominique Baulez
Page B10 Sergey Baulin to Francesco Bearzatti
Page B11 Jim Beasle to David Beebe
Page B12 George Beebe to Joel Enrique Sago Bell
Page B13 John Bell to Alfredo Bendini
Page B14 Tamas Bendisz to Benny Benson
Page B15 Benny Benson to Manny Berger
Page B16 Marcelle Berger to Marcelo Bernardes
Page B17 Jose Bernardez to Simone Bertz
Page B18 Bertrand Beruard to Maurizio Biasibetti
Page B19 Silvio Biasio to Andreas Binder
Page B20 Andreas "Andi" Binder to William Bivens
Page B21 Joe Biviano to Cyril Blake
Page B22 Dan Blake to Sid Bloch
Page B23 Thomas Bloch to Anne Boccato
Page B24 Rogelio Boccato to Joachim Bohnenblust
Page B25 Sylvain Bohnenblust to Anna-Maria Bondi
Page B26 Cyril Bondi to Hector Borda
Page B27 Zoltan Bordacs to H. Bosse
Page B28 Colin Bossele-Kolle to Mick Bourne
Page B29 Stan Bourne to Simon Boyer
Page B30 Simon "Shuffle" Boyer to Van Bramblett
Page B31 Florian Brambock to Pete Bray
Page B32 Sean Bray to Brian Brice
Page B33 Eric Brice to Roman "Dog" Broadus
Page B34 Walker Broadus to Tina Brooks
Page B35 Tracy Brooks to James Brown
Page B36 James Brown to Klaus Bru
Page B37 Catherine Brubaker to Lex Bruyns
Page B38 Gabor Bruzsa to Paulette "Nirvana" Buckley
Page B39 Richie Buckley to Wally Bungey
Page B40 Suleyman Bungu to Dick Burlant
Page B41 Jan Burle to Jorg Busch
Page B42 Leo Busch to Andrea Byers
Page B43 Bernice Byers to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Marcelo Calderazzo
Page C2 Bart Calderell to Lennox Cameron
Page C3 Lisa Cameron to Bucci Canencia
Page C4 Jaime Canepa to Ramon Caravaca
Page C5 Paulinho Caravalho to Janne Carlsson
Page C6 Janne "Loffe" Carlsson to Andrew Carrico
Page C7 Randy Carrico to Mike Cartwright
Page C8 Paul Cartwright to Juan Francisco Castellanos
Page C9 Lorraine Castellanos to Jack Cavari
Page C10 Angelo Cavarra to Ante Cetinic
Page C11 Ivana Cetko to Matty Chapin
Page C12 Thomas Chapin to Agnes Chavanon
Page C13 Herve Chavanon to Jon Chidgey
Page C14 Chief John to Bobby Christian
Page C15 Buddy Christian to Giosy Cincotti
Page C16 Peter Cincotti to Pol Clark
Page C17 R.B. Clark to Phil Clendeninn
Page C18 Ila Clendinning to Reggie Codrington
Page C19 Abdul Jalil Codsi to Windon Cole
Page C20 Xhosa Cole to Steve Collins
Page C21 Ted Collins to Brian Conigliaro
Page C22 Joe Conigliaro to Frank Cook
Page C23 Fred Cook to Sam Copperman
Page C24 Arthur Coppersmith to Mitch Corso
Page C25 Nicola Corso to Tommy Coughlan
Page C26 Bruce Coughlin to Gary Craddock
Page C27 Nick Craddock to Andy Crisp
Page C28 Danny Crisp to Abimelec Cruz
Page C29 Adam Cruz to Tony Cunningham
Page C30 Walter Cunningham to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Chris Dahlgren
Page D2 Erwin Dahlgren to Klement Danda
Page D3 Ramon Danda to Tara Darnell
Page D4 John Darnett to Gareth Huw Davies
Page D5 Gavin Davies to Sammy Davis
Page D6 Sammy Davis, Jr. to Luciano De Angelis
Page D7 Mario De Angelis to John Dee
Page D8 John Dee to Larry De La Cruz
Page D9 Totoy De la Cruz to Alain Delos
Page D10 Nino De Los Reyes to Cecile Denielou
Page D11 Julio Denies to Jeff De Rosa
Page D12 Octavia DeRosa to Adolphe Deutsch
Page D13 Alex Deutsch to Daniel Gomes Dias
Page D14 Denny Dias to Christian Diesenhammer
Page D15 Dietmar Diesner to Turker Dinletir
Page D16 Vedat Dinletir to Claudinho Do Acordeon
Page D17 Randy Doak to Sammy Dominguez
Page D18 Steve Dominguez to Kevin Dorn
Page D19 Margaret Dorn to Joe Downard
Page D20 The Downe Sisters to Zane Driskill
Page D21 Danny Drittain to Jack Duffy
Page D22 Jack Duffy to Eddie Dunn
Page D23 Felton Dunn to Marcel Dutrieux
Page D24 Thomas Dutronc to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 D Double E to Charles Eckstine
Page E2 Gina Eckstine to David Egan
Page E3 Joe Egan to Filip Ekestubbe
Page E4 Hans-Goran Eketorp to Allistair Elliott
Page E5 Amanda Elliott to Chuck Emily
Page E6 Guy Emily to Jean-Philippe Epitaux
Page E7 John Eplen to Bob Erwig
Page E8 Bruce Erwin to Jim Euell
Page E9 Julian Euell to Alvin Ezer
Page E10 Alex Ezerman to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Joe Fallon
Page F2 Larry Fallon to Sarg Farrell
Page F3 Tim Farrell to Al Feeney
Page F4 Frank Feeney to Timothy Ferchen
Page F5 Werner Fercher to Manu Ferrier
Page F6 Pierre Ferrier to Luca Filastro
Page F7 Michal Filek to Fred Fischer
Page F8 Gabi Fischer to Pascal Flammer
Page F9 Michelangelo Flammia to Bernard Floyd
Page F10 Bob Floyd to Con Ford
Page F11 Danny Ford to Marc Fosset
Page F12 Lars Ove Fossheim to Fabio Frambati
Page F13 Alex Frame to Marco Frantantonio
Page F14 Michael Franti to Rick Freeman
Page F15 Rob Freeman to Becky Friend
Page F16 Carl Friend to Tobias Fuglsang
Page F17 Anelise Fuglsbherg to Sergey Futas
Page F18 Stephen Futrell to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to David Galbraith
Page G2 Frank Galbraith to Harry Ganglberger
Page G3 Hary Ganglberger to Simon Gardner
Page G4 Stephen Gardner to Kurt Gasser
Page G5 Martin Gasser to Pawel Gebicki
Page G6 Jean-Pierre Gebler to Devin George
Page G7 Dick George to Hovannes Gevorkyan
Page G8 Tomas Gevorkyen to Werner Giertz
Page G9 Joachim Gies to Elijah Gilmore
Page G10 Fred Gilmore to Jorgen Gjerde
Page G11 Kristoffer Gjerde to Salamander "Disu" Gmunder
Page G12 Marcus Gnadt to Harry Golden
Page G13 Jimmy Golden to Benito Gonzales
Page G14 Bernardino Santiago Gonzales to Jenny Gordee
Page G15 Alexander Gordejev to Pierre-Alain Goualch
Page G16 Toma Gouband to Pete Graham
Page G17 Pops Graham to Mel Graves
Page G18 Milford Graves to Raymond Green
Page G19 Rebecca Green to Hans Gremli
Page G20 Ingo Gremminger to Ken Grimes
Page G21 Maisha Grimes to Lisa Grotherus
Page G22 Gordon Grotonthaller to Nuccy Guerra
Page G23 Pino Guerra to Herman "Heinie" Gunkler
Page G24 Herman C. Gunkler to Pedro Guzman
Page G25 Rafael "Ray" Guzman to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Gosta Hagelberg
Page H2 Gustav Hagelberg to Jeff Halischuk
Page H3 Graham Haliwell to Kasper "Hawkun-Axel" Halttunen
Page H4 John Haluko to Jay Hampton
Page H5 Julie Hampton to Kristoffer Hansen
Page H6 L. Andy Hansen to Mathieu Harel
Page H7 Rami Harel to Dave Harris
Page H8 Dave Harris to Wardell Harston
Page H9 Wende Harston to Hjordis Haslum
Page H10 Mike Haslum to Havsindamas Male Choir
Page H11 Bira Hawal to Frank Haywood
Page H12 Henry Haywood to John Hefti
Page H13 Neal Hefti to Pete Hellman
Page H14 Peter Hellman to Jean-Pierre Henkart
Page H15 Beat Henke to Maria Heredia
Page H16 Matt Heredia to James L. Herson
Page H17 Martijn van Herson to Art Hicks
Page H18 Benbow Hicks to Teddy Hill
Page H19 Terry Hill to Louis A. Hirsch
Page H20 Meyer Hirsch to Karoline Hoefler
Page H21 Florian Hoefner to P.J. Holaday
Page H22 Rony Holan to Horace Holmes
Page H23 Horace Holmes to Ian Hood
Page H24 Irwin Hood to Brian Hornsberger
Page H25 Bruce Hornsby to Danny Howard
Page H26 Darnell Howard to Trafford Hubert
Page H27 Uttama Hubert to Jean Huling
Page H28 Paul Huling to Aaro Huopainen
Page H29 Bob Huott to Dorte Hyldstrup
Page H30 Carl-Gustaf Hyllander to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Jan Imhoff
Page I2 Matthias von Imhoff to Mark Irose
Page I3 Elfriede Irral to Maxime Ivatchenko
Page I4 Dave Ivaz to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Clydene Jackson Edwards
Page J2 Jackson Trio to Stefan Jakowlew
Page J3 Ladislav Jaksa to Serena Jansen
Page J4 Sigurd Jansen to Pascal Jeanmairet
Page J5 Ludovic Jeanmart to Bjorn Vork Jensen
Page J6 Bo Jensen to Harry Jimmick
Page J7 Top Jimmy to Bart Johnson
Page J8 Bashiri Johnson to Marcus Johnson
Page J9 Marcus Johnson to Allan "Jinx" Jones
Page J10 Amanda Jones to Raye Jones
Page J11 Raymond Jones to Ole Jorgensen
Page J12 Ole "Lodret" Jorgensen to Michel Julien
Page J13 Patricia Julien to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Kazimiera Kaliszewska
Page K2 Thilo Kalke to Theo Kanzig
Page K3 Simon Kanzler to Jari Karvonen
Page K4 Jari Pekka Karvonen to Gary Kavanagh
Page K5 Greg Kavanagh to Cyril Keepfer
Page K6 Cyril Keepher to Peter Campbell Kelly
Page K7 Phil Kelly to Les Kepics
Page K8 Balint Kepiro to Louis Khan
Page K9 Luis Khan to Myung Hi Kim
Page K10 Nahyoun Kim to Kim Kingo
Page K11 James Kings to Zbigniew Kitlinski
Page K12 Yoshikazu Kitoh to Konstantin Kliachtornyi
Page K13 Sacha Kliass to Matthias Knobloch
Page K14 Rainer Knobloch to Gernot Kogel
Page K15 Harvey Kogen to Gerhard Konig
Page K16 Joachim Konig to Kenny Kosek
Page K17 Shinya Koseki to Kevin Kozol
Page K18 DJ Snare Kozremukodik to W. Krempl
Page K19 Hansjorig Krempler to Isis Kruger
Page K20 Jerry Kruger to Yelena Kuljic
Page K21 Raghavendra Kulkarni to Siggi Kutterer
Page K22 Marie Kuttli to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Anne Lagercrantz
Page L2 Stig Lagercrantz to Dawn Lambeth
Page L3 Keith Lambeth to Red Lane
Page L4 Rev. Fred Lane to Peppe La Pusata
Page L5 Patrizia Laquidara to Yrjo Lasonpalo
Page L6 Nick LaSorsa to Betty Lavette
Page L7 Bettye LaVette to Mike League
Page L8 Alf Leah to Diana Lee
Page L9 Dick Lee to Raymond Legrand
Page L10 Robert "WaWa" LeGrand to Francis Lemonnier
Page L11 Francois Lemonnier to Jean-Christophe Leroy
Page L12 Jean-Francois Leroy to Howard Levine
Page L13 Ivan Levine to Ted Lewis
Page L14 Teddy Lewis to Xavier Likq
Page L15 Erik Likstrom to Jeff Lindholm
Page L16 Louis Lindholm to Cliff Lisette
Page L17 Eli Lishinsky to Joao Paulo Lobo
Page L18 Marco Lobo to John Lombard
Page L19 Robert Lombard to Jimmy Lord
Page L20 Joe Lord to Gote Loven
Page L21 Alberto Lovene to Lauren Lucille
Page L22 Lea Lucine to Leif Lundmark
Page L23 Kjetil Lundo to Tamiya Lynn
Page L24 Tom Lynn to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Leonard Mack II
Page M2 Liesel Mack to Stella Maessens
Page M3 Brad Maestas to Pierre Maingourd
Page M4 Andrea Maini to Jan Malkowski
Page M5 Liselotte Malkowsky to Guus van Manen
Page M6 Willem van Manen to Marie-Silvia Manuel
Page M7 Mary Manuel to Christophe Maret
Page M8 Edgard Maret to Jonathan Markow
Page M9 Louis Markowitsch to George Marshall
Page M10 Gordon Marshall to Oscar Martin
Page M11 Pablo Martin to Tony Marvelli
Page M12 The Marvelous Gospel Singers to Michael Massot
Page M13 Michel Massot to Miki Matsuki
Page M14 Mine Matsuki to Ernie Mauro
Page M15 George Mauro to Janos Mazura
Page M16 Ante Mazuran to Ollie McClay
Page M17 Mike McClead to Clarence McDonald
Page M18 Darren McDonald to Stacie McGregor
Page M19 Winston McGregor to Jennifer McLaren
Page M20 Mark McLaren to Mary McQueen
Page M21 Otto McQueen to Lars Meidal
Page M22 Justin Meidal-Johnsen to Frank J. Melville
Page M23 John Melville to Harry Merher
Page M24 Jerry Merhtens to Thom Metzger
Page M25 Andreas Metziler to Philippe Michel
Page M26 Pierre Michel to Jimmy Milazzo
Page M27 Paola Milazzo to Paul Miller
Page M28 Paul Miller to David Miner
Page M29 Doug Miner to Dawn Mitchell
Page M30 Deborah Mitchell to Hank Mobley
Page M31 Jah Amin Mobley to Phillip Moll
Page M32 Teddy Moll to Julio Montalvo
Page M33 Lazaro Montalvo to Henry Moore
Page M34 Jack Moore to Claude Morel
Page M35 Gilbert Morel to Kiyoshi Morita
Page M36 Manami Morita to Jan Mortensen
Page M37 John Mortensen to Olina Mouchova
Page M38 Olina Mouckova to Christine Mulbach
Page M39 Nick Mulcahey to Ari Munkres
Page M40 Uffe Munksgaard to Bill Mury, Jr.
Page M41 Alexandru Murzac to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Nate Nall
Page N2 Kim Nalley to Charlie Navarro
Page N3 Daniel Navarro to Andrew Nelson
Page N4 Angela Zator Nelson to K. Neumann
Page N5 Karl Neumann to Pierre Nicholas
Page N6 Richard Nicholas to Jyrki Niemitalo
Page N7 Jacques Nienhuis to Kazunori Nitta
Page N8 Denise Nittel to Rolf v. Nordenskjold
Page N9 Claes Nordenstam to Abe Nouri
Page N10 Jacques Nourredine to Shawn Nykwist
Page N11 Peter Nykyruj to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Michelle O'Young
Page O2 Mica O-Kura to David Ogden
Page O3 DeVaunte L. Ogden to Cliff Olds
Page O4 David Olds to Edward Olsson
Page O5 Esbjorn Olsson to Tony Oreshko
Page O6 Noda Oreste to Baba Duru Oshun
Page O7 Mieczyslaw Osiadly to Harold Ousley
Page O8 Jamie Ousley to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Lou Paine
Page P2 Richard Paine to Stephanie Pan
Page P3 Wan-Yi Pan to Raul Parentella
Page P4 Dan Parenti to Claude Parmentier
Page P5 Cyril Parmentier to Jouke Pasveer
Page P6 Kathinka Pasveer to Gerhard Pauli
Page P7 Harald Pauli to Dale Pearlman
Page P8 Dan Pearlman to Dave Pek
Page P9 Jeroen Pek to Michel Pepin
Page P10 Papo Pepin to Valerio Perla
Page P11 Jozsef Perlaki to Irving Peskin
Page P12 Joel Peskin to Guillaume Petite
Page P13 Laurent Petitgirard to Lindi Phahle
Page P14 Livi Phahle to Dan Piccolo
Page P15 Greg Piccolo to Paul Piller
Page P16 Phil Piller to Edmund J. Pistey
Page P17 Gene Pistilli to Ellynne Plotnick
Page P18 Vladimir Plotnijkov to Jesse Pollack
Page P19 Jim Pollack to Andrey Popovskiy
Page P20 Roman Popowycz to Michael Potts
Page P21 Mick Potts to Dan Pratt
Page P22 Darryl Pratt to Marc Prieur-Blanc
Page P23 Jean-Francois Prigent to Samuel Osgood Pryor
Page P24 Steve Pryor to Harry Putz
Page P25 Uli Putz to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Raghu
Page R2 Palghat Raghu to Ramon
Page R3 Arturo Ramon to Paul Rappaport
Page R4 Sylvain Rappaport to Allen Ray
Page R5 Angelo Ray to Charles Redland
Page R6 Jeff Redlawsk to Joe Reichgott
Page R7 Andrea Reichhart to Relator
Page R8 Relevents Wind Quintet: to Claudia Rey
Page R9 Del Rey to Rick Riccio
Page R10 Laura Riccioli to Alfred Richter
Page R11 Andreas Richter to Peter Rijkx
Page R12 Carel van Rijn to Hans-Jurgen Rittig
Page R13 Bruno Rittiner to Conrad Roberts
Page R14 Dafydd Roberts to John JR Robinson
Page R15 Johnson Robinson to Michael Rodman
Page R16 Ken Rodmell to Gaby Rogers
Page R17 Gary Rogers to Lee Romano
Page R18 Lou Romano to Cesar Rosas
Page R19 Lautaro Rosas to Anna Ross
Page R20 Annabelle Ross to Levering Rothfuss
Page R21 David Rothgeb to Lee Rozie
Page R22 Lee Mixashawn Rozie to Emma Ruiz
Page R23 Enrique Ruiz to Kamil Rustam
Page R24 Aram Rustamyants to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Hans Jacob Sahlertz
Page S2 Hans Sahli to Saverio Salmeri
Page S3 Hubert Salmhofer to Ernesto Sanchez
Page S4 Fernando Sanchez to Paolo Sanna
Page S5 Piero Sanna to Jozsef Sarkozi
Page S6 Lajos Sarkozi to Pablo Sauvage
Page S7 R. Sauvage to Traci-Leigh Scarlett
Page S8 Chris Scarnato to Leon Scheinwald
Page S9 Sebastian Scheipers to Uta Schlichtig
Page S10 Almut Schlichting to J. Schneider
Page S11 Jacques Schneider to Bob Schreffler
Page S12 Andi Schreiber to Simon Schuttel
Page S13 Jaap Schuttevaer to Cynthia Scott
Page S14 Damien Steele Scott to Erno Sebestyen
Page S15 Jeno Sebestyen to Rita Selby
Page S16 Ronnie Selby to Geoff Serle
Page S17 George Serloff to Alexandra Shakina
Page S18 Audrey Shakir to John Shaw
Page S19 Jon Shaw to Billy Sherman
Page S20 Brandon Sherman to Vladimir Shkoljar
Page S21 Guy Shkolnik to Sidinho
Page S22 Layth Sidiq to Serginho Silva
Page S23 Sergio Silva to Bob Simonelli
Page S24 Vincent Simonelli to Vakhtang Sirbiladze
Page S25 Matt Sircely to Lars Skoglund
Page S26 Mikael Skoglund to Adam Smale
Page S27 Alan Smale to Dorothea Smith
Page S28 Dorothy Smith to Rhys Smith
Page S29 Richard Smith to Kristin Snyder
Page S30 Kurt Snyder to Greg Solomon
Page S31 Hans Solomon to Greg Sorscek
Page S32 John Sorsen to Rone Sparrow
Page S33 Tony Spars to Lisette Spinnler
Page S34 Alcebiades Spinola to Marcus Stadler
Page S35 Markus Stadler to Maxim Starcke
Page S36 A. Starcuzzi to Sam Steffke
Page S37 Ted Stefins to Justin Stephenson
Page S38 Lesley Stephenson to Matt Stewart
Page S39 Matthew Stewart to Mike Stoller
Page S40 Nadja Stoller to Jacques Strasser
Page S41 Jo Strasser to Borislave Strulev
Page S42 David Strum to Matthias Sudholter
Page S43 Nancy Sudik to Gerard Sunier
Page S44 Mike Sunjka to Einar Sveinbjornsson
Page S45 Per Sveinson to Bob Sykes
Page S46 Catherine Sykes to Jakub Szynal


Page T1 Billy T to Virgil Talbert
Page T2 Wendell P. Talbert to Anna Tarnawska
Page T3 Jorgen Tarnow to Jane Taylor
Page T4 Jane Taylor to Hasse Tellmarr
Page T5 Renzo Telloli to Franco Testa
Page T6 Gianmaria Testa to Alan Thomas
Page T7 Alex Thomas to Billy Thompson
Page T8 Bluford Thompson to Michael "Antonio" Thornton
Page T9 Michael Antonio Thornton to J. Thomas Tilton
Page T10 Liz Tilton to Billy Toffel
Page T11 Gilda Toffet to Elo Toodo
Page T12 Jack Toogood to Balla Tounkara
Page T13 Djelimady Tounkara to Craig Treinen
Page T14 Mario Trejo to Terry Trotter
Page T15 Thomas Trotter to Brian Tufnel
Page T16 Gunnar Tuft to Paola Turri
Page T17 Deborah Turriciano to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Ernst Unterlechner
Page U2 Werner Unterlercher to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Xazavian Valladay
Page V2 Carlos Vallalobos to Robin Van Duzee
Page V3 Julien Vandyck to Gabor Varga
Page V4 Gyorgy Varga to Vladimir Veintroub
Page V5 Nelson Veiras to Igor Verichev
Page V6 Benoit Veridaz to Andre Vida
Page V7 Ben Vida to Kris Vinck
Page V8 Mieke Vincke to Viteslaw Vobornik
Page V9 Vocal Ensemble Kassel to Ronda Voorhees
Page V10 Bruce Voorhies to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Mike Walbridge
Page W2 Benjamin Walbrodt to Victor Wallace
Page W3 Vince Wallace to Bulalmu Wandera
Page W4 The Wanderers to Thomas Warrington
Page W5 Tom Warrington to Stan Watkins
Page W6 Stu Watkins to Jimmy Webb
Page W7 Joe Webb to Beate Wein
Page W8 George Wein to Bill Wellington
Page W9 Chris Wellington to Bill West
Page W10 Billy West to Ken Wheeler
Page W11 Kenny Wheeler to Mike Whiteman
Page W12 Nina Whiteman to Jopie Wiersma
Page W13 Martin Wiersma to Lucy Wilkins
Page W14 Mike Wilkins to Hiroko Williams
Page W15 Hod Williams to Dennis Williamson
Page W16 Doug Williamson to Max Wilson
Page W17 Melvin Wilson to Hank Winston
Page W18 Harry Winston to Ekaterina Wladigeroff
Page W19 Konstantin Wladigeroff to Graham Wood
Page W20 H.J. Wood to Peter A. Worringer
Page W21 Bernie Worrll to Wolfgang Wusteney
Page W22 Gunther Wusthoff to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Clive Yeadon
Page Y2 Gus Yeadon to Christina Young
Page Y3 Christopher Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Angie Z to Joanna Zaremba
Page Z2 Vladimir Zaremba to Anton Zhukovskyy
Page Z3 Stanislav Zhukovskyy to Steve Zolato
Page Z4 Conrad Zolauf Jr. to Doc Zywan