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This index refers to the 230,468 individual jazz musicians (1,438,048 total entries) included in over 249,764 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page V2 - Teresa Vallarella to Earl Van Dyke

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Teresa Vallarella52002-2004vcl,voice
Terry Vallarella12014vcl
Giovanni Vallarino171945-1954tb,vcl
Dag Vallberg11969vln
Oistein Valldal11986g
Carl Valldejuli11995perc
Anna Valldeneu12003vcl
Anamaria Valle21968vcl
Boris Valle11997mini-moog,mellotron,el-p
Bruno Valle12015tb
Celine Valle11996fl
Del Valle21960b
Geo Valle12005b
Giulia Valle112001-2012b,vcl
Jaime Valle32002-2013g
Laura Valle12000vcl
Marco Valle22014-2015p,vcl
Marcos Valle71967-2004keyboards,el-p,arr,g
Miran Valle11994background vcl
Omar Lopez Valle21996-1998tp
Orlando Valle151988-2019fl,keyboards,p
Orlando "Maraca" Valle51990-2019fl
Orlando Maraca Valle32015-2017fl,arr,dir
Ramon Valle111993-2015p,arr,comp
Moises Valle "Yumuri"11994vcl
Jason Valleau31998-2013b,vcl
Sheldon Valleau22005-2013ukulele,vcl
Rudy Vallee151925-1944as,cl,vcl,mc,dir,cond
Arturo Vallega11954d
Flavia Vallega11986vcl
Raoul Valleho12007tb
Ramon Vallejo31994-1998vcl,bata-d
Raul Vallejo12010tb
Rebeca Vallejo12003vcl
Victor Vallenari11960reeds
Paul Vallerina21954-1956d,vcl
Nick Vallerio22001-2003as
Duke Vallery11968vcl
Miovelito Valles11969perc
Oriol Valles12016tp
Rico Vallese51947-1954tp,cnt
Enea Vallesi21948g
Jean-Luc Vallet11986p
Jean-Michel Vallet22004-2010programming,p
Pierre-Luc Vallet111986-2012p,keyboards,keyboard,org,el-p,synt
Sara Vallewik11992vln
Roberto Valley12003b
Frankie Valli11983vcl
Gaetano Valli141996-2002g,el-g,classical-g
Geneva Vallier41949-1955vcl
Christine Vallin12006tb,vcl
Denise Vallin11991background vcl
Sergio Vallin12013g
Ricard Vallina12014viola,vln
Vito Vallini11974cello
Buddy Vallis311944-1951bj,g
Jimmy Vallis21996-1997d
Manu Vallognes12016el-b
Malo Vallois71976-1997g,el-g
Colin Vallon382002-2017p,el-p,keyboards
George Vallon11992tp
Marc Vallon11990woodwinds
Carlo Giosue Vallone12013b-cl
Franco Vallone11993d
Susanna Valloni12013fl,pic,b-fl
Josep Vallribera11995gesto-grafia
Abel Valls11976b,el-b
Manolo Valls12009ts
Roberto Vally181985-2015b,keyboards,arr
Franck Valmont11979vcl
Filippo Valnegri12015d
Eivind Valnes12002p
Jari Valo12002vln
Juan Valoaz11972as
Jacques Valois11968b
Onide Gomez Valon12006clave,vcl
Angelo Valori22007-2009arr,comp,dir
Adrian Valosin12010d,castanets,bells
Maria Elena Valota22001-2005vln
Marina Valota11998vln
Willi Valotti32002-2003accor
Vladimir Valovic41983-1987ldr,cond,dir,tp
Felix Valoy11996vcl
Tino Valpa12018b,d,g,vcl
Peter Valsamis91991-2005d,perc,sampler,cnt
Tapani Valsta11945p
Georgy Valtchev22000-2019vln
Guus Valten61957-1970vln
John Valter11990guica
Cuco Valtierra11962sax
Ruben Valtierra11997arr,keyboards
Jussi Valto61970-1997tu
Ari Valtonen51973-1993perc,d,g
Maire Valtonen41942-1946vcl
Raija Valtonen51942-1946vcl
Vera Valtonen41942-1946vcl
Oleg Valtsev11985tb
Gildo Valu21997berimbau
Marco Valugani11989g,vcl
Bart Valve11955tp
Helio Valverde21995-1997g
Ra-Re Valverde12012vcl
Felix Valvert51929-1943as,g,ldr,ts
Jean Valz11940p
Oleg Valzer11973tb
Edina Vami-May12011fl
Ildiko Vamos11988vcl
Marcell Vamos12014strings
Roland Vamos21960vln
Claude Vamure31978-1983d
Edina Vamy-May11998alto-fl
Barbara Ann Van32003-2007vcl
Betty Van141937vcl
Billy Van41929-1931bj
George Van11940tp,vcl
Gloria Van151942-1944vcl
Jerry Van21994-1995vcl
Lion Van11999b
Lyle Van11938announcer
Matthieu Van12017keyboards
Rob Van11997p
Robert Van101986-1997keyboards,p
Robt Van21995keyboards
Nguyen Van-Hong12006backing-vcl
Chris Van-Kampen11988cello
Diana Van-Lock21994vln
Ed Vana11954vcl
Francois Van Achter11936cl,as
Oury Van Achter91939-1942vln
Benny Van Acker12002b
Tom Van Acker32004-2018b
Aude Vanackere12007cello
Bruno Van Acoleyen71981-2005tp,vcl
Jan Van Acoleyen11982d
Vic Vanacore11979p
Karlis Vanags32005-2020arr,as,fl,sax,dir,ts
Tonico Vanalli131990-2000d,perc,ganza,triangle,surdo,talking-d,effects,afox
Xavier Vanandruel31986-1989tp
Garry Van Antwerp11979g
Susan Van Antwerp11979fhr
Risto Vanari101950-1956d
Brian VanArsdale32002-2010ts
Christine Van Arsdale11999harp,vcl
Janelle Vanarsdell21990-1991fhr
Angelo Vanas11975d
Francesca Vanasco31984-1995cello,strings
Artie Vanasec441921-1926vln,sop
Arthur Vanasek41925vln,sop
Bart Vanassche11995tp
Bernard Van Assche21987-1988tp
Jurgen Vanassche11995perc
Jean Vanasse91979-2004vib,mar,perc,p,chinese gong,gongs
Rene Van Ast11982unknown inst.
Freddy Vanattenhoven21981-1982reeds
Hendrik Vanattenhoven22007-2013b
Koen Van Baal31987p,keyboards
Wil van Baarle11984cl
Rob Van Bavel101992-2015p,arr
Claus van Bebber12005turntables
Michael Van Bebber12005tp
Karel van Beekom22006-2008ts,reeds
Derek VanBeever12002b
Carlo Van Belleghem12001el-b
Aime Van Bellinghen51925-1936as,cl
Francois Van Bemmel21990-1991g
Henri Van Bemst101936-1943cl,ldr,tp
Matt Van Benschoten42000-2013b
Ad van Berendonk11976b
Arthur Van Bergen51936-1940d
Harris Van Berkel41983-1992g,el-g,synt
F. Van Biesen11941b
Jerry Van Blair11990flhrn
Dave Van Blohn12005tp
Peter Van Bogart12006keyboards
Jace Van Bradt12011tb
Camiel Van Breedam131974-2007tb,vcl,ldr
Johnny Van Breedam151974-2007tp,vcl,cnt
Wim van Broekhoven11984cl,as,bar
Scott Van Brug12004tb
Billy van Brunt11938arr,p
Harry Van Buel11979p,perc
Martijn Vanbuel32007-2019b,p,perc,keyboards,b-g,vib,programming
Gregor Van Buggenum21984-1990p
James Van Buren111985-2004vcl
John Van Buuren21999-2002bj,tenor-bj
Simon Vancam41998-2006b,d
Gus Van Camp51942-1943b
Jack Van Camp11954accor
Saartje Van Camp42008-2010cello
Sus Van Camp161928-1943tb
Roland Vancampennout12005g,vcl
Frans van Capelle31933-1934bj,accor
Henri Van Capellen61936-1944g
Serve Van Cau31991cga
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe12007el-g
Allan Vance51994-1995g,el-g
Andy Vance151986-2010p
Bill Vance11981el-b
Bryan Vance12006reeds
Chris Vance11994cymb,b
David Vance11998d
Dick Vance1271936-1977tp,arr,vcl,ldr
Ed Vance11998org,p
Helge Vance11958tb
Jane Vance21933-1934vcl
John Vance141943-2007b,vcl,tb
Johnny Vance11956b
Kristy Vance21973vln
Matt Vance62003-2018as,bar,reeds,fl,woodwinds,cl,b-cl,tp,ts
Mike Vance31995-2006ts,cl,fl,sop
Scott Vance11990rastabass
Emilia Vancini32008-2019vcl
Mark Van Cleave121992-1998tp
Nathan Van Cleave51933-1969tp,arr
Virgil Van Cleave11925ukulele
Marcel Van Cleef41996-2007d,vcl,perc
Libby Van Cleve41995-2007oboe,eng-hrn,fhr
Henri Van Coile281937-1956cl,as,ts,vln
Arne Van Coillie52011-2018p,el-p
Charles Van Compernolle11937d,cello,bj,p,g
Armand Vancoppenolle31974-1978tb
Johan Vancoppenolle11974tb
J.M. Van Cott31924d
Nico Vancouver21994p
Jon Vancura22007-2008d,ts,bar
Pete Vancura32007b
Pete Vand Nostrand12015d
Peter Vand Nostrand12017d
Erik Vand-Hansen41999-2003p,d,tb
Bert Van Daele51981-1989b,vcl
Dirk Vandaele11995fl
Tom Vandaele11985d,perc
Ulla van Daelen12007harp
Al Van Dam11955p
George Alexander Van Dam31993-1995vln
Henri Van Dam31942-1957cl,as,reeds,ts
Jesse Van Dam12010tp
Lydia Van Dam21988vcl
Art Van Damme471945-1983accor,acc,accord
Jasper Van Damme22015-2019as
Marc Van Damme11990pickings,vcl
Charly Vandano11997tp
Lionel Vandano11997b,el-b
George Vande61971-2001b-tb,tu
Josh Vande Hey11998bar
Willy Vande Walle31971-1987reeds,saxes,ts
Filiep Vandeburie11993d,perc
Marc Vandeburie31993-1996b-cl
Pascal Vandeburie11995tb
Hans van de Corput11999b
Stuart Vandegraaff32003-2018as,sop,cl
Gerry Van DeKamp21974-1975el-b
Isabelle Vandel21999-2007vcl
Jim Vandel31984-2004saxes,as
Bob Vandell11979perc
Bobby Vandell11998d,vcl
Riccardo Vandelli12017d
Dimitri Vandellos31984-1987g,el-g
Luc Vanden Bosch111985-2013d,perc
Karl Vanden Bossche91990-2000perc
J. Vanden Eynde11904tp
William vanden Heuvel12014spoken word
Henri Michel Van Den Abeel21952accor
Ben Van Den Akker22002-2006d
Berend Van Den Berg12004p
Joyce Vandenberg21978tb
Russell Van Den Berg11999ts,sop
William Van Den Berg41957-1966cello
Amand Vandenbergh11985reeds
Georges Vandenbergh11956g,hca
Piet Vandenbergh11989bar
Chris Vandenberghe11995tb
Frederik Vandenberghe12001d
Jurgen Vandenberghe11995ts
Peter Vandenberghe62005-2019p,keyboards,comp
Serge Vandenberghe11983sop
Sigrid Vandenbogaerden12018cello
Francois Van den Bogaert11951oboe
Tom VandenBoom12017tb
Bert Van Den Bosch31983-1989tb
Frank Van Den Bosch11986tp
Henri Vandenbosch681924-1944tb,vln,as,sop,kazoo,cl,sax,ts
Luc Van Den Bosch71981-2017d,perc
Karl Van den Bossche11992perc
Rinus van den Broek101942-1943tp
Gerard Vandenbroucque21994-2015vln
Nathan Vandenbrulcke12019d
Frans Vandenbulcke41977-1983tb
Nathan Vandenbulcke12016perc,d
Pascal Vandenbulcke51980-2008fl
William Van Den Burg21957cello
Georges Vandenburgh41951-1953polyphonia,g,hca
Zeger Vandenbussche62001-2009ts,as
Andre Vandendriessche11987hrn
Johan Vandendriessche171979-2006bar,fl,ts,reeds,arr,d,g,cl,sax,alto-fl,as,perc,synt
Koen Vandendriessche31979-1983d,perc
Peter Vandendriessche191979-2006as,ts,sop,synt,arr,perc,bar,reeds,org,WX7,saxes,alto-cl
Paul Van Den Durpel101971-1987b
Tom Vandeneynden11988tu
Paul Van Den Heulen11966b
Jean-Pierre "Big John" Vandenhoute21941-1946cl,ts
Frank Vandenkloot21973g,vcl,el-g
Lander Van den Noortgate12010as
David Van De Pitte11977arr
Louis Vandepoel11929d
Willem van de Poll11987synt,p
Christian Vander291969-2006d,vcl,p,arr,el-p,perc,keyboards,synt,2,d solo 1,celesta,backing vcl,tamb,d programming,synt orch
Julie Vander21994-1997vcl,backing
Maurice Vander1281951-2006p,el-p,org,harpsichord
Stella Vander191975-2004vcl,perc,keyboard-prog.,backing vcl,background vcl,keyboards,ill sonore,backing-vcl,programming
Ivo Vander Borght141975-2001perc,d,bells
Michael Vander Does11968tb
Mike Vander Does11969tb
Leah Vander Meulen12002b-g
Jean Vander Schueren21980-1984g
Wim Van der Aa12007tb
Miles Vanderauer21923tp
Max Vanderbeek11985perc
Russell Van Der Berg12006ts,sop
Frederic Van der Berghe12009d
Lee Vanderbilt11982vcl
Eugene Vanderborght171938-1943tp
Gommeke Vanderborght41926-1927d
Jean-Lou Vanderborght21978-1982p
Jean-Paul Vanderborght41960-1983p,arr
Joanna Natan Vanderborght31978-1983vcl
Marcel Vanderborght11976vib,perc
Clemens Vanderbosch11981b
Bert van der Brink12005p
Anthony Vanderburgh12010g
Ray Vanderby22008-2009org,p
Cora Vandercan11976backing-vcl
Gerry Van Der Dungen11978cl,sax
Johnny Van Derek11973vln
Michiel Van Der Esch11981p
Jason Vanderford22006-2008g
Marc Van Der Geer32000synt,p,el-p
Tom Van der Geld181973-2008vib,perc,mar
John VanderGheynst11996cond
Maarten Van Der Grinten51993-1998g
Mark Vandergucht11994g
Bruno Vanderhaegen11991tb
Anne Van Der Harst11959p
Dick Van der Harst21992-1995bj,bando,g
Philippe Vanderhelst11953tp
Peter Van Der Heusen12009ts,bar
Nathalie Van der Heyden21993djun
Arthur Van Der Hoeft11984alto-hrn,tp
Frans van der Hoeven151990-1998b
Cherryl Lloyd Vanderhoof11988fl
Ryan Vanderhoof12006misc
Daniel Vanderhoydoncks12010tp
Peter Vanderiet12015b
Jean Jay Vanderjeught41938-1940g
Jim Vanderjeught221938-1943g,vcl
Jules Van der Klei31944-1945strings,cello
John Van Der Koogh41982-2005cnt,tp,vcl
Martin Van Der Koogh32000-2005tu
Harry Van Der Kruk21945-1946sax,cl
Tim Van Der Kuil21994g
... Van Der Lay11936as
Boris Vanderlek51989-2003ts
Jacoba van der Linde12011tb
Cees Van Der Linden11997b
Dirk Van der Linden12003g
Mary VanderLinden11979vln
Mme. J. Vanderlinden11966vcl
Ken Vandermark2971984-2019reeds,ts,cl,b-cl,bar,Bb-cl,sax,comp,b-flat-cl,B-flat-cl,as,saxes,sequencer,woodwinds,ldr
Ken "Turtle" Vandermarr11989g,vcl
Andreas van der Meden11998g,bj
Fred Van der Meiren31992-1996tp
Mathieu Vandernabeele12007keyboards,perc
Raymond VanderNotte31930-1931tu,b
Andre Vanderouderaa11929ts,vln
Maurice Van Der Pierre Culloz11963g
Anne Van Der Plassch11993backing-vcl
Mark Vanderpoel12010el-b
John Vanderpool21991ts,as,vcl
Sylvia Vanderpool31950-1951vcl
Lucas Vanderputten12014perc,d
Johnny Van Derrick91962-1997vln
Dona VanderSchaaf11979cl
Bart Van Der Scheer11975bj,p
Maurice Vanderschueren21955p
Christian Vandersee12003viola
Jef Van der Seypen31992-1996tp
Ellen Vanderslice12010vcl
Frankie Van der Slock11990sop
Henry Van der Sloot11988cello
Liduina Vandersman11985backing-vcl
Edward Vanderspar41993-2004viola
Benoit Vandersteaten11980b
Frank Vandersteen11980d
Charles Van Der Stichlen11924c-mel-sax,bar
! Vanderstraeten119926-string-b
... Van der Straeten21943-1945tp
Benoit Vanderstraeten391980-2008b,el-b,6-string-b,fretless-b,4-string-b,6-string-el-b
Kris Vanderstraeten12007perc,objects
Hans van der Sys11941p,arr
Tony Vandertaelen21936-1938d
Ben Vanderval12017d
Eddie Vanderveer41939-1944tp
Leroy Vanderveer131921-1932bj,mand or uke, mand or uke
Bruno Van Der Vorst21991-1994Eb-cl
Roberta Vandervort11983vcl
Ben VanderWal241998-2019d,perc
Peter Vanderwater12000vln
Bo Van Der Werf311991-2014bar,b-cl,cl,reeds,sop,vcl
Otti Van Der Werf31998-2002el-b,b
Lauren Van Der Werff22005-2008cl,ts
S. Van Der Woude201926-1929tp
Sandy Vanderzee11984background vcl
Charles Van de Sande11969d
Christian Van de Sande11971d
Bobbie VanDetta12005vcl
Karl Van Deun11994g
Dan Van Deurm12012p,org
John Van Deursen12006tb
"Doc" Van Deusen11976tb
Andre Van de Velde11990bj
Charles Vandevelde11946b
Emile Vandevelde11943tb
Herve Van de Velde11975org
Jos Vandevelde61944tb
Lucky Vandevelde11987ocarina,wooden-fl,fl,apito
Marcel Vandevelde11967reeds
Rene Vandevelde21937-1938tb
Everett Van Deven11953as
Thomas Vandevenne11996d,vib,mar,perc
Kalia Vandever12018tb
Patrick Van De Voorde21991-1994flhrn
Armand Van de Walle551942-1983d,perc,bells,glockenspiel
Daan Vandewalle21994p
Francky Vandewalle11995cl
Freddy Vandewalle31993-1996tp,flhrn
Koen Vandewalle21993-1995fhr
nico Vandewalle11995perc
Skrin Vandewalle11995ts
Willy Van de Walle101960-2002ts,sop,fl,vcl
Daan Vandewalle [Ligeti]32010p
Els Vandeweyer32006-2012vib,mar
Mathias Van de Wiele42003-2009g,arr,comp,el-g
Drew Vandewinkel12019arr,ts
Ronny Van De Winkel21991-1994Bb-cl
Lucas VanDeWoestyne11997tb
Charlie Van de Zande11980d
Frans Van Dijck421942-1983tb,b,brass,vcl
John Van Dijck21936as
Jules Van Dijck171942-1965tp,accor
Kwint Van Dijck12011as
Rene Van Dijck31928p
Jules Van Dijcke41981-1985tp
Louis van Dijk11971p
Nick Van Dijk11998tb,b-tb
Moreno Vandini12013g
Toon Van Dionant22008-2012d
Miles Vandiver142004-2010d
Allen Vandivere21994-1995tb
Rick Vandivier241970-2018g,el-g,g-synt,perc
Bob Vandivort12004flhrn,tp
Scott Van Domelen22003sop,ts
Thad Vandon261955-1979d,vcl
Dick Van Dongen11959fl
Ineke Vandoorn42005-2013p,vcl,live-electronics
Ivan Vandor281950-1976ts,sop
Fred Van Doren11980p
Roland ? Van Doren21941arr,b
Pierre Vandormael241982-2007g,el-g,comp
Anton "Kid" Vandorpe41975-1980bj,vcl
Jimmy Vandorpe61974-1986b,el-b
Cecilia Vandrasco22004fl
Lydia Van Dreel11999fhr
Jean-Marie Vandresse41943-1948p
Andre Van Driessche11992fhr
Peter Vandriessche11987saxes
Romain Vandriessche111969-1989tb
Joel Vandroogenbroeck221958-1985p,fl,org,synt,electronics,arr,sitar,vcl
Luther Vandross261975-2003vcl,backing-vcl,backing vcl,lead vcl,background vcl
Vladimir Vandrovec21981-1984tp,g
Daryl VanDruff12000d
Frans Van Duck11980tb
jan Van Duffel21993-1995fhr
Lut Van Duffel11995Eb-cl
Ralph Van Duncan21988d
Karlijn Van Dupfel11995perc
Nick Van Duren11994p
Bill van Dusen21927tb,vcl
Loren "Doc" Van Dusen61969-1970tb
Rick Van Dusen11978perc
Guy Van Duser61981-1996g,vcl
Ferdinand Van Duuren12011vcl,perc
Robin Van Duzee12002p,keyboards
Julien Vandyck21989-2005g
Tom Van Dyck12008bar
Harry Van Dyk151939-1943d
Paul Van Dyk22012-2013b
David Van Dyke341945-1959ts
Earl Van Dyke41962org,p

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