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This index refers to the 231,212 individual jazz musicians (1,442,820 total entries) included in over 250,604 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page L5 - Adam Lara to Marvi La Spina

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Adam Lara11987as,sop
Alex Lara12005g
Bernard Lara12000g
Dona Ivone Lara11988vcl
Hermann Lara22015bar
Mark Lara22001-2004as,sop,fl
Patricio Lara11963cl
Raul Lara12000cga
Adam Larabee12006g
Enrice Larabisch12006d
Milly Laracuent12003vcl
Antonio Laraia22001-2009sop,ts
Paul Laraia12016viola
Bob Laramie21976-1977el-b
Millie Larancuente12007vcl
Steve Larantz11980d
Dave Larby11988b
Jean-Marc Larche161990-2016sop,as,sax,bar,saxes
Mickey Larche11953tp
Zoya Larchenko11945vcl
Antoine Larcher11983as
Laurent Larcher12008b
Vicent Lardear12004cl,as
Vince Lardear12004cl,as
Francois Lardeau11994drum programming
Philippe Larderaz81977-2003as,cl,kazoo
Joseph (?) Lardinois41940-1941d
Jeff Lardner51993-2015d
Corey Lareau81995-2013ts,as,cl,sop,saxes
Cora LaReed11932tap dancing,vcl
Andreas Lareida32013-2018vcl
Denise Larence11991vcl
Fabrizio Larentis12007b
Maria Puga Lareo62007-2018vcl
Celena Lares12004vcl
Didier Large11984g,el-g
Fred Large11935cl,as
Jerry Large11935cl,as
Jim Large11945as
Lewis Large11965b
Louis Large11998b
Wayne Large11996as,sop
Daniel Largent11993perc
Doug Largent82002-2010b,arr
Jaco Largent41988-1994perc,vcl
Laco Largent12007perc
Marcos Larghero11960vcl
Kee Largo11954vcl
Amaro Laria21983-2002perc
Bill Larimer31929-2005d,keyboards,p,spoken word
Dave Lario11953b
Gerardo Larios12006el-p
Pablo Larios12006b,coros
Gerhard Larisch31962-1963d
Horst Larisch11957tp
Lee Larison11997vln
Horst Laritsch31973-1975tp
Nick La Riviere12009tb,arr,conch shells
Serafin LaRiviere42010vcl
Markus Larjomaa22014-2018b-tb,tb
Bill Lark11998sound-programs,d,arr,vcl,perc
Bob Lark251981-2013tp,flhrn,dir
Bobby Lark12013tp,flhrn
Commodore Lark31947b
Lauren Lark12007vcl
Charles Larkey11973b
Anatoly Larkin12009p
Billy Larkin111964-1982org,arr,p,keyboards
Brian Larkin12002g
Chris Larkin11989fhr
Debby Larkin12006vcl
Delmus Larkin11968p
Ellis Larkin11960p
Isaac Larkin11944tp
John Larkin31980-1990p,vcl
Linda Larkin21947vcl
Milt Larkin11976v-tb,vcl
Oscar Larkin51951-1952d
Patty Larkin11993vcl
Paul Nadine Larkin11969vcl
Steve Larkin21979-1999tb
Tippy Larkin11971tp
Billy Larkins11999p,keyboards
Dick Larkins21924bj
Ellis Larkins901943-1994p,celeste,arr,cond,claves
Milt Larkins171946-1976vcl,tb,p,v-tb,tp
The Larks41951-1956vcl group,vcl
Joachim Larley11999perc
Walter Larman21920as
John Larmann11973ts,fl
Nicolas Larmigat12008d
Nicolas Larmignant12004d
Nicolas Larmignat41997-2012d
Doug Larmor21929p
Brett Larner71994-2002koto,b-koto,13-string-koto,17-string-b-koto
Brian Larner11977ts
Steve Larner21959-1964bj
Bob Larny21937dir,vcl
J.P. Laro11969dir
Major J.P. Laro11968dir
Kitty La Roar12016vcl
Jimmy LaRoca11991tp
Pete LaRoca601957-1997d
Sal La Roca11999b
Dave LaRocca131979-1998b
Jim LaRocca11973tp
Jimmy LaRocca11997tp
Mimi LaRocca261949-1951bar,vcl
Nick LaRocca421917-1960cnt,dir,narration,speaking
Sal La Rocca241976-2019b,d
Salvatore La Rocca51995-2006b
Claudia La Rocco12017voice
Christian Laroche11998tb
Ken La Roche21993-1999fl,perc
Olivier Laroche12003b
Patrick Laroche12019b
Yves Laroche42008-2011p
Cecile Larochelle11990vcl
Jeff LaRochelle12014ts
Frankie LaRocka11988perc
Tony Larokko12009ts,as,perc,sop
Yair Laron12007g
Barbara Laronga141998-2017tp,flhrn
Steve Laronga11996tp
Saskia Laroo231984-2014tp,arr,computer-pgms,as,b,muted-tp,electronics,vcl,el-b,background,shoutouts,mute-tp
Aad Laros11974as
Adriana Larosa11997cello
Frank LaRosa11971b
Julius LaRosa71956-1989vcl
Mary LaRosa12006vcl
Stephen LaRosa22006-2008p,el-keyboards
Thierry Larosa42002-2015d
Thomas LaRosa12008vcl
Tony LaRosa11966b
John LaRose12004vcl
Louis La Rose21940tp
Mary LaRose61995-2008vcl,org
Pierre Larose21995-1998ts
Djamel Laroussi12011g,vcl,perc
Philippe Laroza41980-1998tu
Andre Larpin11959d
Jean-Philippe Larpin61985-2012d
Marta Domingo Larpin11959vcl
J.O. Larquier11982b
Adam Larrabee31961-2003g,el-g
Bill Larrabee11989as
Domenico Larrachia11999oboe
Ramiro Larrain119701-string-vln
Steve Larrance71991-2010d
Eduardo "Tito" Larre51953-1956cl
Martin Larre11987d
Amel Larrieux12007vcl
Cristobal Larrinaga Cabrera11997vcl,perc
Lee Larrison11999vln
Francois Robert Larroix21954-1955b
Adrian J. Larroque121925-1929p,vcl
Abel Larrosa51969-1991tb
Juan Larrosa21973-1977tb
Mal Larry11947as
Mc. Larry B11993rap
Vince Lars11998ts
Stina Larsdotter12017cello
Leo Larse11963b
Ake Larsen41960-1963d
Anders Larsen32005-2017vln,tb
Anna Larsen31994-1999vcl
Art Larsen21924dir
Bent Larsen41960-1982fl,alto-fl,as,b-fl,bass-fl
Birger Larsen11929vcl
Birgit Lokke Larsen31999-2002perc,d
Britt Kristin Larsen12008horn
Bud Larsen41963-1964p
Carsten M. Larsen32002-2006flhrn,tp
Charles Larsen11930vcl
Daimi Augusta Larsen11982vcl
Daryl Larsen21977ts,fl
David Larsen22015-2019bar,cl,saxes
Dennis Larsen11997d
Eric Larsen12006tb
Erica Larsen11994vcl
Erik Larsen61951-1997tp,flhrn
Erik Niord Larsen11973eng-hrn,oboe
Erland Larsen61984-1996as,sop
Erlend Tynning Larsen12013fhr
Ernst Liljenskjold Larsen11972b
Espen Larsen11998g
Esther Larsen21998-1999vcl
Finn Larsen171941-1956d
Finn "Victor" Larsen11979g
Flemming "Dolle" Larsen51987-1999wbd
Flemming Dolle Larsen21994-1997d,perc
Flemming Guth Larsen11989wbd
Frank Larsen21984-1988d
Freddy Larsen11960cl
Frode Larsen12001vln
Geir Tore Larsen11981cello
Gert E. Larsen31976-1997d
Gert Elm Larsen51992-2000d
Gjermund Larsen62006-2014vln,hardanger-fiddle,viola,fiddle,vla
Goran Larsen61975-2001ts,cl
Gunnar Larsen111943-1958bar,ts,arr
Gunnar "Gronaert" Larsen41951-1953ts
Hans Larsen51943-1946cl,as
Harry Larsen21926tb
Henrik Larsen21958-1959as
Holger Larsen101942-1999p
Holm Larsen, Jr.11956tb
Ib Tage Larsen11959p
Jan Larsen21999-2000el-g
Jens Larsen51971-2012g,tb,perc
Jens Bjorn Larsen11999tu
Jens Erik Larsen11997d
Jeppe Esper Larsen11952cnt,vcl
Jes Hoyer Larsen21981-1982b
Jesper Larsen141993-2006cl
Jesper Capion Larsen62007-2014cl
Johannes Bo Larsen11997g
John Larsen171962-1996tb,tu,v-tb
John L. Larsen11995tp,vcl
Jon Larsen371980-2008g,duck,martian
Judith Larsen11985fl-p,harpsichord
Karen Larsen11979cl
Karsten Larsen41935-1936d
Kelly Larsen21996vcl
Kent Larsen1081954-1964tb,vcl,b-tb
Kim Larsen31976-1998vcl,g
Kirsten Hulgaard Larsen51980-1985vcl
Kjell Larsen11984g
Klaus Bo Larsen21996-1998perc,g,vcl
Klavs Bo Larsen21995-1998d,perc
Kurt Larsen131987-2006accor,bar,arr
Lasse Kofoed Larsen11987g,vcl
Lavard Skou Larsen12007cond
Mariel Larsen12008vcl
Martha Larsen11996cello
Matt Larsen12008d
Misen Larsen21987-1988backing-vcl
Mogens Holm Larsen21968-1975strings,vln
Mona Larsen211977-2001vcl,backing-vcl
Morten Gunnar Larsen591975-2017p,arr,ldr
Neil Larsen421978-2008org,keyboards,synt,p,el-p
Nicolai Torp Larsen31996-2000org,keyboards,p
Niels Werner Larsen21994d
Nils Larsen11965cl
Ole Beldgaard Larsen61980-2007b,el-b
Ove Larsen51960-1996tp,cnt
Palle Larsen11996vcl
Paul Larsen11984as
Per Larsen101966-2003b,fhr,p,tp
Peter Larsen11995cl
Preben Larsen11948p
Rafe Larsen12009vcl
Rangthon Larsen21941hca
Reidar Larsen11991whistling,vcl,hca
Roald Elm Larsen22017-2020sax,ts
Ronny Rossly Larsen11985perc
Rune Larsen41993-2006accor,vcl
Scott Larsen21979as
Scott Larsen11986fhr,flhrn
Siri Larsen22001vcl
Soren Larsen81959-1999b
Steinar Larsen61987-2003g
Stig Bjorn Larsen11988el-b
Svend Staal Larsen21980-1985g,perc
Terje Larsen61964-1987cl,as,ts,sax
Thomas Larsen21994-1996g,g-synt,synt,el-g
Thomas Larsen31986-1997ts,cl
Thorbjorn Larsen31959-1999tb
Tomas Ortved Larsen11988g,vcl
Torben Lindblad Larsen31979-1994saxes,as
Torstein Lavik Larsen62013-2019tp,synt,sampler
Torsten Lavik Larsen12012tp
Ture Larsen371968-2004tb,cond,tenor-hrn,b-tb
Uffe Larsen81983-2001p,el-p
Uve Larsen11996tb
Zier Romme Larsen22018p
Adam Larson42010-2012ts,saxes,sop
Ake Larson31989tp
Anders Larson42006-2020tb
Angie Larson12000reeds
Bill Larson22005-2006d
Bob Larson31977-2003p,tp
Chris Larson12000b,el-b
Craig Larson32001-2010p,synt,strings
Dave Larson31982d
Diana Larson11984sop voice
Eric Larson11976tu,b
George John Larson22010g,vcl
Grant Larson12014comp,ts
Jack Larson71949-1958p
Joe Larson11994d
John Larson11977d
Ken Larson21949tb
Kent Larson11959tb
Kim Larson12010cl
Laine Larson51977-1986tp
Larry Larson12020tp
Lars-Erik Larson12016d
Le Roy Larson11977bj
Lydia Larson11951vcl
Matt Larson82001-2018b
Mike Larson31997-2011tb
Nils Larson101931-1941g,tu,bj
Nils "Banjo-Lasse" Larson21934-1935g
Ole Larson21925bj
Olle Larson11977p
Peggy Larson61977-1998vcl
Phillip Larson12005tb
Randy Larson11996mallet-perc
Rhonda Larson61986-1990fl,b-fl,alto-fl
Rich Larson21997d
Rune "Squeeze" Larson12006hca
Sara Larson11996fhr
Scott Larson41996-2007tb
Staffan Larson11999vln
Sven Larson11976tu,b-tb
Tim Larson12011b
Tom Larson41983-2012p,d,keyboards,tb
Jerome Larsonnier11998as
Hilde Larssen11988flhrn,tp
Lars Andreas Larssen11971vcl
Ove Larssen21990-1997tb
Ake Larsson11982tp
Anders Larsson41998-2005tb
Andreas Hiroui Larsson12008perc,d
Arne Larsson81964-1972cnt,tp
Bengt Larsson11958tp
Birger Larsson331934-1941g
Bjorn Larsson71988-1993tp
Cay Lennart Larsson21980-1981tb,euph,b-tb
Christer Larsson31992-1993cl,as
Cissi Larsson22000-2003cl,vcl
Conny Larsson11996reeds
Egon Larsson11946as
Einar Larsson11935reeds
Elin Larsson22012-2014ts
Emma Larsson32004-2009vcl
Erik Larsson41972-1979fhr,d,perc
Eva Larsson11973vcl
Finn Larsson51975-1998g,vcl
Folke Larsson21975p
Goran Larsson41951-1970cl,tb,tp
Gun Larsson21941vcl
Gunnar Larsson241956-1995tb
Hakan Larsson41983-1993ts,g
Hans Larsson11983fhr
Hasse Larsson171980-2003b,el-b,vcl
Henrik Larsson11996tb
Ingvar Larsson51954-1956bj,g
Jack Larsson11998cl
Jan Larsson171972-2009ts,as,woodwinds,fl,saxes
Joel Larsson22000-2004tb
Jonas Larsson11993xyl,tom-tom
Karl Larsson11939cl,as
Kay-Lennart Larsson11979tb
Kjell Larsson11966el-b
Lars Larsson21993-1997mey,sop,cl,b-cl,sax,ts
Lars Erik Larsson21977-1979b
Lars Olof Larsson11978ts
Lars-Ake Larsson71978-1991p,vib,el-p
Lars-Johan Larsson11983tb
Lars-Olof Larsson31977-1981tb
Leif Larsson91961-1986p,org,vcl,keyboards
Lennart Larsson21950b
Lotta Wetterberg Larsson12001prayer
Magnus Larsson12000backing-vcl
Maj Larsson11947vcl
Mats Larsson191986-2013g,el-g,cello
Mats Larsson21983-1985tb
Monika Larsson11993vcl
Niklas Larsson22000-2004tb
Nils Larsson21936-1939cl,as
Olle Larsson41957-1993p
Ove Larsson12001vibra-slap,cabasa,rainstick
Pelle Larsson41995p
Per Larsson271958-2009p,bar,tu,b-tb
Roland Larsson21973-1974tb
Rolf Larsson1041941-1991p,org
Rune Larsson121958-1971g,bassoon
Siv Larsson11947vcl
Stefan Larsson41992-2004el-b,vcl,devices,trombonophone
Sten-Ove Larsson21949-1953as,b-cl
Stig Larsson91952-1958vib,d
Stig Larsson11979as
Sune Larsson111960-1967b,g
Sven Larsson1041935-2010b-tb,tu,tb,b,didgeridoo,didjerido,as,didjeridco
Sven Larsson31929-1937as,ts
T. Larsson11996various inst.
Thommy Larsson12005d
Torbjorn Larsson51997-2009tp,vcl
Tord Larsson51994-2001ts,arr,bassoon,cl,as,sop,d,ldr,p,vcl,cond
Ulf Larsson21990vln
Ulrica Larsson31994-1996viola,vcl
Uno Larsson11977d
Walle Larsson21987-2012ts
Walter Larsson351938-1956p,tp,vcl,accor,arr
Henrik Larstad11990keyboards
James Larter12010vib,perc
Jerry Lartey11975perc
Yves Lartigue11978vcl
Christophe Lartilleux111993-2012g
Deborah Lartilleux22012g
Michael Lartique11980latin-perc,cga
Aleksandra Lartseva12011vln
Andre Larue22006-2020as,bar,sop,ts
Bill Larue11972b
Charles LaRue151946-1947tb
Dave LaRue31977-1985b
Harry LaRue21927tp
Jacques Larue11973vib,p
Jean La Rue21947vcl
Lester Larue11996g
Ramon LaRue41936-1946p,vcl
Sophisticated Jimmy La Rue21936vcl
Steve LaRue11980tb
Sophie Laruelle12016vcl
Horacio Larumbe61977-1994p,synt,org
Alejandro Larumbes12011vln
Ben Lary201946-1953ts
Malcolm Lary61946cl,as
Sarah Laryea11989vcl,perc
Eduard Larysz21950vln
Frederic Las Fargeas12003p
Adolfo Lasaga12012vln
Marco Lasagna21983-1987ts,as
Ken Lasaine31997-2007g,el-g
Ralph LaSala41954tp
Richard Lasala11947tp
Richard La Sale61944tp
... La Salle11953tp
Alexander LaSalle12018vcl
Denise La Salle31986-1989vcl
Dick LaSalle11941accor,celeste
Gregory Lasalle11978b
Jean LaSalle11944vcl
John La Salle21957-1960vcl
Johnny Lasalle11953vcl
John Lasalle Sijih11973cga,perc
Pentti Lasanen511959-2007cl,ts,as,fl,tp,unknown inst.,sax,reeds,sop
Mars Lasar51994keyboards,rhythm-arr,synt,sequencing
Claudia Lasareff-Mironoff51999viola
Juanita Lascarro11995vcl
James Lascelles11982melodica,keyboards,perc
Stefan Lasch32005b
Steve Lasewicz11960d
Frederick Lasfargeas12005p
Cliff Lash21985p
Dominic Lash342006-2018b,comp,p,el-b,tabletop ac-g
Max E. Lash11968m.c.
Tony Lash119915,d,keyboards
Warren Lash111974-1989cello
Prince Lasha211962-2005fl,as,bar,sop,cl,pic
Julia LaShae11999vcl
James E. Lasher11988vcl
Jim Lasher11989vcl
Len Lasher31966-1977b
Vince Lashied11946p
Robert Lashier21984-1986b
Laurent Lashinge12003steel-pans
Leslie Lashinsky12006bassoon
Iraj Lashkary11985perc
Barbara Lashley51982-1986vcl
Ella Lashley11942vcl
Lester Lashley51966-1969cello,tb,fl,b,perc
Yorel Lashley12005perc
Herbert Lashner11990woodwinds
Jeff Lashway121993-2015p,keyboards,el-keyboards,tb
Marko Lasic12018d
Milan Lasica32001-2011vcl
Ronnie Lasiter11983vcl
Ulrich P. Lask131977-2007as,ts,sop,cl,electronics,fl,synt,programming,sampling,cnt,alto-hrn,sax,p,d arr,etc
Jozef Laska42002-2004b-g,b
Anita Lasker11978cello
Paul Lasker21999b
Dave Laskey11999g
Scott Laskey11986d
Tom Laskey12001vcl
William Laskey11947as
Lily Laskine51958harp
Karl Laskowski32009-2015ts,reeds
Kim Laskowski21992-1999bassoon
Eneko Alberdi Laskurain12005el-g
Al Lasky21960-1961as,fl
Allen Lasky31966as
Simon Lasky22015-2017p,keyboards
David Lasley91976-2013vcl,backing-vcl,background vcl,backing vcl
Phil Lasley51982-2000ts,as
Walter Lasley11983tb
Patrick Laslie12008as,bar
John Laslo12015vcl
Rick Lasner11984g
Fred Lasnier42000-2012b,vcl
Agnieszka Lason12004vln
John Lasonio11968b
Yrjo Lasonpalo71973-1993vln,strings
Nick LaSorsa11972backing vcl
E. Lasowsky81927-1928arr
Giuseppe La Spina12014g
Marvi La Spina22003-2004p,arr,dir

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