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This index refers to the 229,514 individual jazz musicians (1,431,715 total entries) included in over 248,743 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of February, 2021.

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Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page D11 - Kenwood Dennard to Georges Dersy

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Kenwood Dennard611976-2016d,perc,keyboards,vcl,bi-lateral-d,paer,keyboards-b,mouth-harp
Kenwood "Woody" Dennard12003d
Oscar Dennard201955-1959p
Quentin Dennard191978-2014d,perc,synt-d,vcl,d-machine
Quentin Dennard, Sr.12018d
Lynn Denne11994strings
Dave Denneau12007as
Aoife Dennedy12018cello
Adrian Dennefeld12010cello
Brett Dennen12013vcl
Anton Denner171993-2019as,fl,sop,pic,alto-fl,cl,ts,woodwinds,saxes,sax,bassoon
Michael Denner12001tb
Nicki Denner22002-2006p
Sunny Denner11950ts
Barbara Dennerlein411983-2015org,synt,footpedals,pipe-org,p,comp,keyboards,foot pedal b,footpedal,fuzzbass,foot pedals
Arpad Dennert81997-2013ts,cl,unknown inst.,sax,sop,saxes
Michael Dennert41965-1969d
John Denning21958-1959bj
Ruth Denning11937vcl
Sam Denning12004tb
Abraham Dennis11987vcl
Adam Dennis11993perc
Albert Dennis11982b
Andy Dennis41957p
Arthur Dennis111945-1947bar,as,saxes
B. Dennis11947d
Becky Dennis11982vcl
Bernardo Dennis21947g
Carolyn Dennis61980-1986vcl,backing vcl
Cedric Dennis12008g
Cedrick Dennis11999rhythm-g
Cedricke Dennis12006g
Clark Dennis31939-1948vcl
Dave Dennis11986tb
Dedricke Dennis12005g
Denny Dennis731934-1997vcl,d
Denny Dennis31992-1994d
Dick Dennis11983vln
Don Dennis1371951-1954tp
Emmett Dennis71956-1958bar
Fats Dennis61943-1956as,ts,bar
Ginny Dennis11980vcl
Jay Dennis61954as,tb
Jean Dennis11984vcl
Jeannie Dennis12006vcl
John Dennis21955p
Julie Dennis21986-1987vcl
Katie Dennis141992-1993fhr
Kenny Dennis201956-1964d
Matt Dennis171947-1980vcl,p
Maurice Dennis171974-2004g,bj,slide-whistle,vcl,tenor-g
Michel Dennis11990d
Mickey Dennis21946ts
Noel Dennis12013tp,flhrn
Oscar Dennis11957ts
Pat Dennis111930-1931ts
Paul Dennis21955-1958d
Peter Dennis51973-2018b,arr,narrator,ldr
Quitman Dennis31978-1990hrn,unknown inst.
Simon Dennis12015tp
Stan Dennis131939-1946b
Stanley Dennis1601929-1945b,tu
Thomas Dennis12020tp
Tim Dennis11979unknown inst
Tom Dennis62012-2017tp,flhrn,picc-tp
Walter Dennis21950cl,as,ts
Warren Dennis21983p
Willie Dennis911946-1965tb,b-tb
Warren Dennis-Kahn11998synt
Billy Dennison11946p
Frank Dennison31949-1951b
Homer Dennison11976arr
Mark Dennison31990as,bar
Mort Dennison11924vln
Sandy Dennison12003vcl
... Denny51946cl,ts
Andrew Denny11991ts
Bergoine Denny11967b
Carl Denny61942vcl
Craig Denny11998bar,b-cl
Dave Denny11945vcl
Jack Denny41928-1933dir,p,cond
Martin Denny21962p
Mike Denny61981-2013g,el-g
Peter Denny11974vib,bassax
Phyllis Denny11983vcl
Shelley Denny81968-2000tb,b
Steve Denny12011p
Phil Dennys31972-1982p,synt,string arr,harpsichord,keyboards
M. Denoia11995vln
Dave Denoit11986prophet
Michael de Nola12002ts
Bart Denolf161988-2015b
Myrna Glanz De Nordstrom11996vln
Ernie Denov81979-2020g,el-g
Ian Denovan12005cnt,tp,vcl
Gene DeNovi11955cond,arr
Steve Denroche12014fhr
John Densem21965-1966vcl
Jeff Densham12000bar
Gentry Densley21998-2001g,electricity
John Densmore11976latin-perc
Estella Denson11983vcl
Jay Denson11995org
Jeff Denson221997-2018b,vcl,voice,5-string-el-fretless-b,el-b,fretless-b
Karl Denson181991-2014ts,fl,sop,as,sax,saxes,vcl
Louise Denson51996-2017p,arr
Alan Dent61964-1992tp
Allan Dent111987-2005tp
Bob Dent21974-1991cello
Cedric Dent131988-2008vcl,p,arr,keyboards
Charlie Dent12002d
Graham Dent22011-2012p,keyboards,arr
Jack Dent191933-1936p,accor
John Dent21991d
Laforet Dent181925-1936as,ts,bj,cl,vcl,bar
Laura Dent12002cello
Lawrence Dent21962cl
Peter Dent11999p
Al Dente11993vcl
Diana Dentino41992keyboards,strings,p
Khristian Dentley12020vcl
Gary Denton151969-2006d,g,perc,bj
Gary Charles Denton11991b
Jackie Denton21967-2005d
Joe Denton151935-1940as,cl,ts,bar
Nick Denton11998perc
Simon Denton12011cello
Tony Denton22003bar,cl
Rob Denty51995-2009ts,cl,saxes,b-cl,fl,sop
Bob Dentz11999arr
John Dentz341958-1987d
Egon Denu71956-1999v-tb,tp,tb
Egon Denue11956ts
Marc Denuit11989bar
Joel De Nunzio12000d
Stanislas De Nussac12005ts,sop
Convoy Denver12005mystery stick
John Denver21976-1978tp
Damien Denyer12006bar
Frank Denyer11981perc
Reggie Denys51929-1938g,bj
Dan Denzin11977cl,ts
Bertrand Denzler281991-2016ts,sop,sax
Marion Denzler12004vcl
Eddy Montes de Oca12000fl
Mark Mont De Oca12019p
Eumir Deodato701961-2006arr,keyboards,synt,cond,perc,p,el-p,g,vcl,org,keyboard,d,whistle,backing vcl,synt-b,cga
Scott deOgburn111994-2017tp,flhrn,p
Jo Young Deok12015g
Leonilcio Deolindo12014cavaquinho
Adalto Cordeira de Oliveira11962tp
Adriano de Oliveira41990-2003d
Beto de Oliveira11984p
Bosco Deoliveira101991-2014perc,timb,Latin-perc
Caco De Oliveira12007perc
Carlos De Oliveira11986perc
Carlos Alberto de Oliveira11989perc
Christophe de Oliveira12013d
Divina Eulalia De Oliveira11979vcl
Douglas de Oliveira11968d
Fabio De Oliveira12014perc
Geraldo de Oliveira161979-2020perc,cga
Jaider De Oliveira11993g
Jose Sant'anna de Oliveira11987snare
Josemar De Oliveira11989perc
Laudir De Oliveira311974-2002perc,cga,woodblocks,ganza,caxixa,vcl
Loudir de Oliveira11977perc
Luis de Oliveira11990perc
Marilyn De Oliveira12012cello
Nelson de Oliveira11960cl
Paulo De Oliveira12017g
Paulo Roberto de Oliveira21990-1991tp,flhrn
Severino Dias de Oliveira171961-1985accor,vcl,arr,g,Organ,viola,viola caipira,org,p,vi
Wilson de Oliveira221973-2005ts,fl,sop,saxes,arr,bar,cl,sax,as
Zeca De Oliveira31996-20007-string-b,vib,7-string-el-b
Felippe Pereira de Oliveira Dias11999cl
Laudir DeOlivera11982perc
Paulo De Olivera12002cavaquinho,g,vcl
Paulo Roberto de Olivera11994flhrn
Coaty De Oliveria11987perc
Geraldo de Oliviera21985-2016perc,cga
Severino Dias de Oliviera21966-1968b
Cedric Deombi11979vcl
Enrique de Ona21988-1991tb
Dave Castel De Oro12013saxes
David Castel De Oro21999-2003reeds,woodwinds
Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro11974perc
Stefaan Depaepe31993-1996as,sop,cl
Bob Depalma41994-2017as,fl,cl,saxes
Dave DePalma11995sax
Domenico De Palma11998lokole,symphonic big-d,tubular bells,snare-d
Francesco De Palma12014arr,comp,b,el-b
Guida de Palma12003backing-vcl,vcl
Jula De Palma31958-1970vcl
Nelfi Depanger11978d,vcl
Harry De Paola71924tb
John DePaola61988-2014tp,flhrn
Mario De Paola91995-2012d
Maurizio De Paola11993keyboards
Nicky DePaola22001-2003vcl
Tommy De Paola21991-1993p,synt
Don DePaolis31971-2013p,el-p
Tony De Paolis72003-2018b,el-b,ac-b,vcl
Irio De Paolo12001g
Tony DePaolo12018g
Sidney DeParis961925-1962tp,cnt,tu,vcl
Wilbur DeParis1391928-1961tb,v-tb,vcl,d
Wilbur De Paris11947d
Jean de Parseval22012-2014b,el-b
Ernesto de Pascale12001vcl
Mariasole De Pascali12017fl
Armando DePasquale11956p
Somerlic DePasquale12015oboe
Albert Depasse11986tb
Rino De Patre32011-2019g,classical-g
Gene DePaul61939-1940p
Hugo DePaul51943-1944p
Joe DePaul281939-1946tp,p
Pedro DePaul21946-1947accor
Acelino De Paula22006-2017b
Alfredo de Paula21955tp
Denio de Paula11987vcl
Irio de Paula451972-2010g,vcl,el-g,perc,viola,b,keyboards,org,pandeiro e pic perc,cavaquinho,classic-g
L.C. De Paula12003perc
Leo De Paula12012perc
Luiz Carlo de Paula11993perc
Paulo de Paula11977tp
Robertinho De Paula12012g
Darci de Paulo11981el-p
Jose De Paulo21962tamb,latin-perc,g
Chris de Pauw42005-2015g,b
Dick de Pauw31921-1927vln,slide whistle
Kakino de Paz11970zither
Kokino de Paz11969zither
Sebastiao Oliveira "Saba" de Paz11966b
Anna Depenbusch12003electronics
The Dependable Boys31947-1948backing-vcl
Edgard Depestre21978fl
Tom De Petris11988g
Philippe de Peuty11989talking
Art DePew1191950-1998tp,vcl
Bill Depew541935-1946as,saxes,cl
Gervase de Peyer11960cl
James Dephilipo11999euph
James de Pierre11956b
Mary de Pina11946vcl
Nick DePinna62008-2019tb,ukelele,p,perc,b-tb,synt,toy-tb,live effects processing
Jacki DePiro12007vcl
Rick DePiro12007org,p,keyboards
Tony De Piscopo11975tymp,perc
Tullio de Piscopo381968-2009d,perc,cga,rototom,vcl
Gisela Depkat11988cello
E. Deplanque12007arr
Philippe Deplanque12000g
John Depoala11988tp
Danny DePoe12005tp
Rick Depofi101995-2008ts,background vcl,b-cl
Ozren Depolo401960-1981ts,as,sop,cl,saxes,fl,sax,b-cl,bar
Reiner Deponte31993-2009b-tb,tu,tb
Duminie DePorres12001g
Jules De Potter31992-1996tb
Thomas de Pourquery202000-2016as,sop,vcl,voice,arr,theremin,melodica,perc,saxes,sax,ts
Claude Deppa411987-2012tp,flhrn,vcl,perc,timpani,b-drum
Francois Deppe11985cello
Lois Deppe101923-1932vcl
Margarethe Deppe22008-2017cello
Peter Deppe11996vln
Russell Deppe311922-1925bj
Lorenz Deppeler32000-2002tp
Buddy Deppenschmidt71960-1964d,perc
Olivia Deprado12011vln
James Deprato22003g
Olivia De Prato32009-2018vln
John Depree11964sax
Ludovic De Preissac101992-2013p,arr,comp,dir
Philippe De Preissac21985-1990cl,vcl
Filip Deprez11997b
Freddy Deprez161939-1944b,vln
Jean-Philippe Deprez22002-2007tb
Akbar DePriest51960-2001d,perc,vcl
Mario DePriest12001gogo bell,vcl
High De Prime21994-2007p
Martin High De Prime12004p
Jean-Michel Dubois De Prisque11991tp
Maryanne De Prophetis12003vcl
Alex DePue12010vln
Angelique de Putter11994vcl
Claudio De Quairoz31979-1998cl,ts,fl,bar
Andre Dequech71980-2008p,keyboards,synt
Claudio de Queiros11995saxes
Cacau De Queiroz12019as,bar,sop,fl,ts
Claudio De Queiroz21990-2015bar,as,fl
Alexandre Jose de Queiroz Santos12003b
Michel Dequevedo22009-2011perc
Loic Dequidt72000-2009p,el-p
Cacau De Quiroz12003ts,fl
Klaus der Geiger11990vln,vcl
Bruno Van der Haegen12017saxes
Frans van der Hoeven11994b
Koos van der Hoeven81962-1964bj,g
Dirk van der Linden12002org
Rik van der Ouw12017b
Jochem van der Saag102014sound design,programming,synt
Bart Der Stepanian11978d
Tom Van Der Zaal12016as
Tino Derado291995-2017p,accor
Johnny De Raet31983-1989tp
Sal DeRaffele11990b
Sal De Raffole11995b
Ken DeRagon32005-2012tb
Bill Deraine11973jug,bj,g,vcl
Flo Deraine11973spoons,wbd,hca
Reza Derakhshani22000-2001kemenche,ney,lute
Lyn Deramus12003b
Ritche Deraney12007g
Guido De Ranter21991-1994tu
Danny Derasmo11959as
Dominic Derasse101981-2015tp
Laurie Deratney11997fl
Gregory Deratsuev11998d
Jimmy Derba21980-1981bar,cl,ts,fl,sop
Kazimierz Derbawczuk12008d
Dave Derbes11996d
Santiago Derbez21996-2001p,kalimba,perc
Charles Derbigny11941tp
Duke Derbigny11940tp
Leroy Derbigny11960tp
Afuavi Derby31959-1961vcl
Akwasiba Derby31959-1962vcl
Aquasiba Derby21961-1969vcl
Glenn Derby11988b
Scott Dercks21998-2000g
Ewout Dercksen22006-2007ts,bar
Joe Derdis11949tu
Julio De Ree61947-1950as,bar,cl
Claudine Deregnaucourt12011cl
Ko De Regt51993-2002obukano,b-lyre
Brian Derek31981-1994whistle,fretless el-b,fretless-b,el-b,paper air,fr
Alan Deremo91997-1998b
Charles Deremo11969arr,as
Chuck Deremo11952ts
Charlie Deremoe41952-1955ts,arr
Ann De Renais41999-2000vcl
Daide Derenza12000d
Tom DeRenzo11980handclaps,backing-vcl
Hans Derestam11991el-b
Christophe Deret101986-2018tb,vcl
Rene Dereume91975-1977b
Rene "Baby Swing" Dereume11975b
Billy de Rex31921-1922vcl
Jerzy Derfel11963p
Dave Derge41998-2009d
David Derge201980-2014d,perc,hi hat,cymbals
Dirk Dergent32002-2003d
Gyorgy Deri11999cello
Alec Derian21999-2012b
Francois de ribaupierre151992-2010ts,b-cl,cl,arr,bar,as,sop,fl,sax
Marcel de Ridder81928-1930p
Gopf de Riedmatten21965-1983ts,cl
Allen DeRienzo101969-1974tp
Gigi de Rienzo31974-1978el-b,vcl,b
Joe DeRienzo11972bj,g
Piero De Rienzo11997b
Marcel Derierse12005d
James DeRigne11992d
Robert De Rijcke51948-1965org,p
Jeroen de Rijk71986-1994perc,cga
Peter de Rijk11999keyboards
Thomas Deriouneau12019d
Imer Derirer12009tp
Al Derise71949tp
Joe Derise301948-1986vcl,p,arr,g,ldr
Al DeRisi1301951-1982tp,flhrn
Edoardo De Risi121931ldr,vln,frontman
Nick DeRisi21954fhr
Tony DeRisi11951tp
Francoise Derissen21992-1995strings,vln
Eloisa Deriu11999vcl
Patrick Derivaz12017shaker
Rosemarie Derive11974mezzo-sop voice
Egbert Derix12009p,comp
Wiel Derix11979tb
Rob Derke32010-2013sop,ts
Evelyne Derks11992vcl
Georg "Schroeder" Derks71996-2008p,accor
Niels Derks11996vcl
Klaus Dernbach11956as,ts,fl
Olle Dernevik12017d
Sixten Derngren11952b
Bob Derning11930b
Maiken Derno22000-2006Korean gong
Bostjan Dernovsek12000g
Wolfram Igor Derntl12001vcl
Dylan DeRobertis12012b
Johnny De Robertis12001voice
Maurizio De Robertis11998cabaza, snare-d,cow bells,wood blocks,tom tom,cymbals, tam tam,triangle
Vincent De Robertis11947fhr
Marielle de Rocca-Serra22012-2013vln
Buddy De Rocco11945d
Julie DeRoche11998cl
Michael DeRoche12014tb
Ross DeRoche11976tu
Dirk De Roeck31992-1996tp
Roger De Roeck61983-1996tp
Robert Deroeux11980keyboards
Roger Deroeux21978-1990keyboards
Patrick Deroide111966-1973bassax,b
Ron DeRollo12000g
Gilles Derome12003recorded narration
Jean Derome951978-2019fl,as,bar,vcl,voice,pic,saxes,perc,keyboards,b-fl,sop,bass-fl,electronics,reeds,p,objects,synt,sax,guimbarde,alto-fl,invented inst,small inst,ocarina,ts,rhythm box,misc. inst.,etc,casio,manipulation,programming,soundtrack,comp,little inst,bouteilles,cassettes,misc. instruments,megaphone,jews harp,hca,bottles,little objects,guimbardes,sounds,wood-fl,decoys,el-p,b-tp,tp,pic-fl
Elisa Deromedi12016vcl
Claude Deron21966-1967tp,lotus-fl
Freddie Deronde91964-1989b
Caroline de Rooij12006vcl
Monique de Rooij22015tp
Rosalyn DeRoos12008cl
Nico de Rooy61929-1930p
Antonio de Rosa41991-1995bar,sop,ts
Arty Derosa11964fhr
Brooke deRosa12012vcl
Carlo De Rosa281999-2018b,el-b,backing-vcl
Clem DeRosa91954-1963d,tamb,dir
Enzo De Rosa61993-2008tb
Jeff De Rosa21977-1992fhr,hrn
Octavia DeRosa41955-1981fhr
Pete DeRosa11949d
Rich DeRosa131985-2016d,arr,ldr,cond,comp,big band orchestrations
Richard de Rosa301979-2013d,arr,cond,perc,synt
Rosario De Rosa12005p
Stephen DeRosa22009vcl
Vince DeRosa2131946-2000fhr,flhrn,fhrn,hrn,descant
Vincent DeRosa321947-1979fhr,hrn,tu
Hugh De Rosayro51983-1997tb,vcl
Chris DeRose61980-2011g,bj
Dave De Rose12019d
Dena Derose281996-2019p,vcl,arr,p&org&vcl,org,synt
Joe DeRose11997d
John Derose11966g
Leonardo De Rose12019b
Mark DeRose71994-2007perc,d
Mike DeRose71996el-g,kybd-programs,nylon-string-g,el-guitars,d-pro
Nino De Rose91977-1989p,vcl,vib,synt
Peter de Rose51926-1928p
Tom de Rose111923-1927d,ldr
Tommy de Rose21924d,train whistle
Chris Derose-Chiffolo12014g
Lisa Derosia11994vcl
Fabrizio De Rossi21998-1999p,melodica,mel,vcl
Franco de Rossi12010d
Judy DeRossi12005vcl
Renzo De Rossi32003-2008ts,bar
Vitaliano de Rossi31995-2002vln
Zeno De Rossi461994-2020d,perc,vcl
Jean-Pierre Derouard161998-2018d,tp,vcl,arr,flhrn
Earl Derouen11972cga
Brian Derouet12007ts
Joe Derouin11998vln
Joel Derouin261991-2009vln
Ernie Derov11990g
Phil DeRoyce31942unknown inst
Lori Derr12003vcl
Karl R. Derricho11999cello
Andy Derrick12003tb
Dorothy Derrick31937vcl
Frank Derrick81944-1947as
Frank Derrick81976-2008d
Frank Derrick11987as
Jessie Derrick11924vcl
Jim Derrick22004-2006tp,flhrn
Johnny van Derrick41961-1993vln,vcl
Reuben Derrick12001sax
Richard Derrick21997-2002b
Thomas Derrick11973d
Tommy Derrick81968-1974d,arr,backing vcl,perc
David Derrico12012viola
Mike Derrico11994el-b
Porter Derrico21945-1946p
Paul Derricott32008-2012d
Herve Derrien61977-1990cello
Youenn Derrien12006g
George Derrigotte11929cl,as
Kate Derringer12017el-b
Rick Derringer11986b,el-g,keyboards
Skip Derringer51953-1974tb
Bill Derry31950-1951vcl
Bob Derry11945saxes
Craig Derry91976-1981cga,perc,background vcl
Diane Derry31988-1992backing-vcl,background vcl,vcl
Mark Derryberry11980vcl
Larry Dersch31993-2002perc,d,metal,duct tape,d-kit,wind machine
Wolfgang Dersch11990tb
Christoph Derschau11981vcl
Wolfgang Derschmidt12007b
Wolfram Derschmidt121992-2019b
Gene Dersin131931-1958ldr,cl,as,frontman,sop
Alain Dersy11974ts
George Dersy12014tp
Georges Dersy51975-2012tp

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