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Downloadable Update
for CD-ROM 3.3

To help optimize the usefulness of The JAZZ Discography CD-ROM Version 3.3, we are pleased to announce the availability of a free downloadable update.

The download package rectifies some minor problems and adds some new features to CD-ROM 3.3:

  • Some musician names did not allow access to the Musician Detail information accessed from Musician Search or Musician Index buttons – e.g. Bucky Pizarelli, Walter Bishop, Jr.
  • Some musicians with identical names showed as being only one musician. These have now been separated to show other musicians with the same name – e.g. five different John Williams (p); and Ike Isaacs (g,b) and Ike Isaacs (b,el-b).
  • Certain musicians’ sessions were missing in the Musician Detail and Session Index sections – e.g. Bill DeArango, Lee Wiley.
  • Carry-Forward Musicians: In sessions which feature the same musicians as listed in previous sessions, the musicians names are generally not repeated. This can create problems in the Musician Index where sessions by other leaders are displayed in-between these sessions. The update ensures that the full musician list appears in the second session. e.g. Bill DeArango - Musician Index: Sessions D1748-3 and D1749-3 are separated by session W-2684-3 when appearing in chronological order. The program now displays full personnel for the second Bill DeArango session (D1749-3) including Al Haig replacing Argone Thornton.
  • Printing:
    • The session “notes” pertaining to the last session showing on your screen did not print.
    • Sessions with carry-forward musicans which are separated by other leaders will now print with full personnel showing in the second session.
    • Mac Printing: In one case, printing with OS-X clipped the edges of the printable area.
  • Recall: A recall button has been placed in all search dialog boxes. After completing a search, just click on “Recall” to bring up the same name again.
    Tune Search: It is usually not necessary to include punctuation marks for tune searches.
Look for the new “Useful Tips” button in the white toolbar on each page of our web site. It will take you to a new page with tips on how to get the best out of your copy of CD-ROM Version 3.3.

Downloading Instructions


a) In order to download the update you must have the Jazzcd data files copied to your hard drive. If you have not already done this, open the Jazzcd program, click on “File” then on “Copy Data from CD-ROM”.

b) Before starting the download process please close all programs including CD-ROM 3.3.

  1. Start the download process by using Shift-click on this link: http://www.lordisco.com/updates/Jazzcd.jar. You need to hold down the shift key when clicking particularily with Netscape so that your browser will ask what you want to do with the file instead of trying to show it on your screen. If it still fills your browser window with what looks like garbage, wait until it is fully transferred and then use the "Save As" option in your browser's File menu to save it to the correct directory.
  2. When the first dialog box appears select “Save” or “Save to disk". This new file needs to be saved in the “Jazzcd” directory you chose when you first installed the program (Under Windows the default directory is C:\Program Files\Jazzcd). If the "Save as type" shows "Winzip file", use the pull-down box to change this to "All Files". Otherwise, the file will be saved with a .zip file extension which is incorrect.
  3. Verify that the original “Jazzcd.jar” file exists in the directory you specified (when you save the new file it will ask if you want to overwrite the existing “Jazzcd.jar” file). Select “Yes”.
  4. Run the “Jazzcd” program. If you have installed the new “Jazzcd.jar” correctly a new “Update Data” selection will appear in the “File” menu. Select this and the program will ask if you want to check for an update. With your computer connected to the Internet, click “Yes”.
  5. The program will then download the update while indicating that the download is in progress. The update file size is approximately 5.7 Megabytes and will take about 20 minutes using a typical 56K dialup modem. The program will continue through various update steps that will take from 10 minutes for a fast computer or possibly 2-3 hours for older machines.
  6. When the updating process is completed you will be asked to restart the “Jazzcd” program. The download process is now completed.


  • If you able to run the "Update data" selection from the File menu, but your receive a message such as "Failed to get" when it checks for the update on the Internet, your computer may be configured to use a proxy server. To work around this problem, Shift-click on this link: upd3.3.0.jar and save to the same folder as Jazzcd.jar. Then run the "Update data" selection again and the following message should appear: "The update for this version already exists on your computer. Do you want to use it instead of downloading it?" Select Yes and the update will proceed.
  • If you receive an error message during the update process that says File read/write problem: Access is denied, it likely means that your data files are marked read-only which can happen if you copied the data files using your file manager instead of using the "Copy data from CD-ROM" function on the File menu of the Jazz CD program. To fix this, either remove the read-only option from all of the data files in the DATA folder under your Jazzcd installation folder using your file manager, or remove that entire folder, restart the Jazz CD program and recopy the data files using the "Copy data from CD-ROM" File menu option before retrying the update.