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This index refers to the 504,445 individual tune titles (1,523,837 total entries) included in over 235,886 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abidan
Page A2 Abidas dance to Abstractcontact
Page A3 Abstractio to Acid funk reprise
Page A4 Acid in Paris to Acupuncture openings
Page A5 Acupuntura to Adir hu
Page A6 Adirondack to Afar
Page A7 Afastado to Africans unite
Page A8 Africans wife to After much deliberation
Page A9 After my laughter came tears to Agamenon
Page A10 Agami loiseau trompette to Ahabs leg
Page A11 Ahabs pipe to Aint nobody sleepin in my bed
Page A12 Aint nobody Truck like you to Ajanta
Page A13 Ajar to Alahambra
Page A14 Alain to Aleph zero
Page A15 Aleppo to Alisonia
Page A16 Alisons backyard to All is not lost
Page A17 All is okay to All the mornings bring
Page A18 All the mothers love to Allegro sonate pour flute
Page A19 Allegro spiritual to Almost like cannon
Page A20 Almost like heaven to Als ich 15 war
Page A21 Als idea to Always my love
Page A22 Always near to Amber autumn
Page A23 Amber captive to Amin
Page A24 Amin bidness to An afternoon in Berkeley
Page A25 An afternoon in BudapestHungarian rhapsody no 2 to An tan ta la
Page A26 An teilan muileach to And all is quiet once again
Page A27 And all of that to And then there was peace
Page A28 And then there was the blues to Angel boy
Page A29 Angel cake to Animal crackers in my soup
Page A30 Animal custard to Anns waltz
Page A31 Anns wedding song to Another turn in the road
Page A32 Another twelve to Antonioverde
Page A33 Antonio’s song to ape women
Page A34 Apecasec to April 4
Page A35 April 402 to Arapaima
Page A36 Arapati to Are you still both unreleased
Page A37 Are you still in love with Emily to Armenian longing
Page A38 Armenian lullaby to Art house soft leg incident
Page A39 Art in heaven to As I open my eyes
Page A40 As I opened the window to ASchlicherlis
Page A41 Aschulott to Assignment three
Page A42 Assignments from a past life to At the ball thats all
Page A43 At the ballet to AtmaYesterday
Page A44 Atmocore to Audax drop
Page A45 Audehors les elements to Aunt Hagars childred blues
Page A46 Aunt Hagars children to Autumn harmony
Page A47 Autumn harvest to Aviation rag
Page A48 Aviation suite to Ayleriana
Page A49 Ayleristic to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby come back
Page B2 Baby come back to me to Babys ready blues
Page B3 babys smile to Back stage
Page B4 Back stage at the ballet to Bad bad whiskey
Page B5 Bad bad whisky to Bagurs blues
Page B6 Bagus to Balah part III
Page B7 Balahto to Ballad for Heike
Page B8 Ballad for Helen to Balladanalna
Page B9 BalladCindora to baltazar named Gabe
Page B10 Balthasar to Bangkok morning
Page B11 Bangkok nights to Barcelona series 8
Page B12 Barcelona series 9 to Barrio once
Page B13 Barrio popular Antonio to Bass duet
Page B14 Bass duo to Batman to the rescue
Page B15 Batmans batmorang to BE 62
Page B16 Be a battery to Beans and rice
Page B17 Beans and taters to Beautiful love
Page B18 Beautiful love fades out to Bechets steady rider
Page B19 Bechets walk to Before lunch
Page B20 Before max to Beijo
Page B21 Beijo de gelo to Bellhop vontz
Page B22 Belli in zona to Bennies groove
Page B23 Bennies out to Bernies groove
Page B24 Bernies journey to Better is better
Page B25 Better keep an eye on your man to Beyond that
Page B26 Beyond the abyss to Big A and T
Page B27 Big adventure to Big flowers
Page B28 Big foot to Big time baby
Page B29 Big time blues to Billville
Page B30 Billy to bird returns
Page B31 Bird rib to Bisogni aerei
Page B32 Bisogno di pensare to Black ballet
Page B33 Black baroness to Black Orpheus suite
Page B34 Black Oscar to Blame it on the bossa nova
Page B35 Blame it on the bytes to blin z eln
Page B36 Blind to Blooming ore
Page B37 Blooming tall phlox to Blue bells
Page B38 Blue bells good bye to Blue Girona
Page B39 Blue glass to Blue note
Page B40 Blue Note 76 to Blue tomorrow
Page B41 Blue tone to Blues and the abscessed tooth
Page B42 Blues and the absessed tooth to Blues for a hip king
Page B43 Blues for a lady to Blues for Dithers
Page B44 Blues for Dixie to Blues for Koebes
Page B45 Blues for Kokee to Blues for Rennie
Page B46 blues for Restivo to Blues for Willie
Page B47 Blues for Willy to Blues in the surf
Page B48 Blues in the tunnel to Blues pour Valentin
Page B49 Blues pour Vava to Bluesy and Pinky
Page B50 Bluesy attic to Bobbys tune
Page B51 Bobcat to Bokkenwagen
Page B52 Bokkie be to Bongardia chrysogonum
Page B53 Bongate song to Boogie for Lloyd Glenn
Page B54 Boogie for Meade to Bookers little leaps
Page B55 Bookers original to Bora
Page B56 Bora bora to Bossa for Anna
Page B57 Bossa for Ariana to Boudouche
Page B58 Boudreaux to Box crushed flat
Page B59 box for Leslie to branches of the rose tree
Page B60 Branching to Bread & circuses
Page B61 Bread an gravy to breeze and us
Page B62 Breeze block brain to Bright colours small shapes
Page B63 Bright darkness to Broadway and Alma
Page B64 Broadway and Dahomey to Broomshtick
Page B65 Broomstick babies to Brozziman
Page B66 BRQ ten to Bucket blues
Page B67 Bucket full of soul to Bug out
Page B68 bug party to Bumpfis mood for love
Page B69 Bumphs to burning tongue
Page B70 Burning trance to But insane
Page B71 But is it art to By day at night
Page B72 By day by night to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadice
Page C2 Cadilac Slim to Calcutta cutie
Page C3 Calcutta morning to Call your name
Page C4 Call your tribe to Camel dance
Page C5 Camel driver to Can you picture that
Page C6 Can you please to Canis lupus
Page C7 Canis majorminor to Cantaloupe
Page C8 Cantaloupe Island to Cape Wrath
Page C9 Capella to caravan and the dreamer
Page C10 Caravan boogie to Carmells Black Forest waltz
Page C11 Carmelos by the freeway to Carry me back to green pastures
Page C12 Carry me back to my Carolina home to Cassidys spot on the wall
Page C13 Cassie to Caterpillar fish sign
Page C14 Caterpillar rag to Cbaff
Page C15 CBB confusion break bones to Celias strut
Page C16 Celibacy to Cerrimedio
Page C17 Cerrimedio a tutto to Chacarena Bulgara
Page C18 Chacarera to Change agent
Page C19 Change and smile to Chant of love
Page C20 Chant of Mustard Green to Charlestons the best dance after all
Page C21 Charlestons time to Chat imaginaire
Page C22 Chat in a dream to chemical bride
Page C23 Chemical chord to Chiaro scuro part 2
Page C24 Chiaro squardo to Chief of police
Page C25 Chief Rahab to Chillin at the cottage
Page C26 Chillin at the crib to Chix
Page C27 Chiyo to Choramba
Page C28 Chorando to Christmas greetings to Decca employees
Page C29 Christmas heart to Church on Monday
Page C30 Church on Russell Street to Cinema saga
Page C31 Cinemadanse to Cirrocumulus
Page C32 Cirrus to Clamorous processions
Page C33 clamourous alphabet to Clean air
Page C34 Clean and beautiful to Cloches
Page C35 Clochestubes to Cloudy and blue
Page C36 Cloudy and cool to Cocalnut
Page C37 Cocaonut groove to Coin
Page C38 Coin de rue to Collegno
Page C39 Collejon sin salida to Combeh
Page C40 Combes mysterieuses to Come Saturday morning
Page C41 Come se fosse autumno to Comme une chanson
Page C42 Comme une danseuse to Complicated
Page C43 Complicated love to Composition no 118A
Page C44 Composition no 118F to Concerto de Aranjuez
Page C45 Concerto de bateria to Conference of baboons
Page C46 Conference of the artists to Consert
Page C47 Conservation to Contradictio Danbury Paide
Page C48 Contradiction to Cooks tour
Page C49 Cooky boogie to Copper blues
Page C50 copper clock unfurls its boiling caravan to Coronarias dans
Page C51 Coronation to cost of freedom
Page C52 cost of living to Country bumpkin
Page C53 Country by choice to Cowlick pussy man
Page C54 Cows to Crazy country hop
Page C55 Crazy cover to Crescendo
Page C56 Crescendo and dimenuendo for quintet and neophonic orchestra to Cross D tracks
Page C57 Cross Damon to Cry a blue tear
Page C58 Cry a little while to Cuba on the horizon
Page C59 Cuba roja to Cup anatomical
Page C60 Cup bearers to Cyber malady
Page C61 Cyber mode to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadideldido
Page D2 Dadiyo to Damiah Janee
Page D3 Damian to Dance of the arasias
Page D4 Dance of the attrition to Danceteria
Page D5 Dancetron to Danger on the stairs
Page D6 Danger person to Dansez maintenant
Page D7 Dansez sur moi to Dark horse
Page D8 Dark horses to Das Burgfraulein
Page D9 Das cordas to Davide
Page D10 Davidicus to Day when the world comes alive
Page D11 day when you leave to De koonings woman
Page D12 De Krieps to Dealing with despots
Page D13 Dealing with hard times to Debauchery
Page D14 Debbie to Dedicated to my mother
Page D15 Dedicated to my parents to Deep Tri
Page D16 Deep trip to Deli magni
Page D17 Deli to soup kitchen to Den forste sne
Page D18 Den forvanade dorrmattan to Der deichgraf
Page D19 Der denker to Derriere le mur
Page D20 Derriere le sable to Desfer la pausa
Page D21 Desfiladeiro de nuvens to Detras del sol
Page D22 Detras mas alla to Dexters dance
Page D23 Dexters deck to Diasporatic transitions part 2
Page D24 Diasporation to Die gazelle zittert
Page D25 Die gedanken sind frei to different world
Page D26 Different worlds to Dinah Roan
Page D27 Dinah talks to Dirty rice
Page D28 Dirty road blues to Disposable thoughts
Page D29 Disposable you to Division street
Page D30 Divisioni to DL
Page D31 DL blues to Do you go to Bago
Page D32 Do you good to Dodo & other extinct species
Page D33 Dodo bebe to Dois curumins na floresta
Page D34 Dois de dois to Don Peppone
Page D35 Don Pullen to Dont cha pay him no mind
Page D36 Dont challenge me to Dont let Fletcher getcha
Page D37 Dont let go to Dont take my heart
Page D38 Dont take my heart away to Doodledododoo
Page D39 Doodledoodoo to Dottore Paolo Scanna
Page D40 Dotty to Doumbek
Page D41 Doundoumba to Down the street
Page D42 Down the street from the Gene Ammons public school to Dr Strange
Page D43 Dr StrangeChange to Dream lady
Page D44 Dream land to Dreams memory
Page D45 Dreams Monk to Drippin of the drops
Page D46 Dripping icicles to Drum duet
Page D47 Drum duet with Billy Cobham to Dry your tears
Page D48 Dry your tears for me dear to Dudelsack parade
Page D49 Dudley Dell to Dullioh
Page D50 Dullknifin to Duse strasphey
Page D51 Dusek to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early in the morning baby
Page E2 Early in the morning blues to East Lynne jump
Page E3 East mambo to Easy talk
Page E4 Easy talking to Echoes of Oklahoma
Page E5 Echoes of our heroes to Eds comp
Page E6 Eds echoes to Egyptian tombs
Page E7 Egyptian traveller to einer grossen liebe
Page E8 Einer odaliske mit einem seraphen to El clandestino
Page E9 El club de la serpiente to El pasado bueno
Page E10 El Pasajero to Ele e carioca
Page E11 Ele e ela to Elemento acqua
Page E12 Elemento aria to Ella tambien
Page E13 Ella y el mar to Ema swati
Page E14 Emachosani to Empire II
Page E15 Empire III to En Manzanillo se baila el son
Page E16 En mar csak egy csibesz vagyok to End of daze
Page E17 end of discussion to Enhorabuena
Page E18 Eni to Entre preto e azul
Page E19 Entre sixte to Equal or lesser value
Page E20 Equal parts to Erroling
Page E21 Erroll to Espace sonore no 1
Page E22 Espace sonore no 2 to Estrallita
Page E23 Estramadura to Etiquette blues
Page E24 Etiuda baletowa no 3 to Euro funken beatz
Page E25 Euro ring to Event II
Page E26 Event II The Paleolithic game to Everybody needs somebody
Page E27 Everybody needs somebody to love to Everythings shakin
Page E28 Everythings wrong to Excentric blues
Page E29 Except February which has 28 to Experimental dips in the surf
Page E30 Experimental health to eye of the window
Page E31 eye off the harry came to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fade to black
Page F2 Fade to blue to Fall in love with fall
Page F3 Fall in love with me to Fancy dress ball in the goose shed
Page F4 Fancy Fanny to Far and away
Page F5 Far and beyond to Fascinating apple
Page F6 Fascinating blues to Father I stretch my hand to Thee
Page F7 Father I stretch my hands to Thee to Feature 11
Page F8 Feature 12 to Feet on the beat
Page F9 Feet on the ground to fest do ciucciu
Page F10 Fest noz to Field of lost edges
Page F11 Field of questions to Files so right
Page F12 Filet to Finding the way
Page F13 Finding the way to you to fire stream
Page F14 fire tale to first Noel suite
Page F15 First not last to Fiske
Page F16 Fiskedresser to Fix
Page F17 Fix and finish to Flatland
Page F18 Flatline to Flingin a wingding
Page F19 Flinging a wingding to Flotensounds fur Rainer Kils
Page F20 Flotenspiel to Flute section
Page F21 Flute segue to Flysch
Page F22 Flyswat to Follow the path
Page F23 Follow the pathway to the Lord to For 4
Page F24 For 4 rockthing to For else
Page F25 For Elton Dean to For Mauri
Page F26 For Maurice Ohana to For the ears
Page F27 For the elders to Ford variations
Page F28 Fordaire to Forhistorisk astronaut blues
Page F29 Fork to Foulani
Page F30 Foulard rouge to Four way four
Page F31 Four way multiplug to Fragments for tape digital delay and bass
Page F32 Fragments from Concerto in F to Fraulein Lou
Page F33 Fraulein Madelaine to Free improvisation IV
Page F34 Free improvisation Music now to Freeondec
Page F35 Freepie to Friarstev
Page F36 Friarvisa to Frog rag
Page F37 Frog song to from Starsky and Hutch
Page F38 From station to station to Fruhstuck fur Daniel Dusentrieb
Page F39 Fruhstuck im bett to Fulcrum
Page F40 Fuldmanen stille smile to Funji mama
Page F41 Funk to Funky T
Page F42 Funky talk to Fusing contrasts
Page F43 Fusion to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to galloping latin
Page G2 Gallopin’ boogie to Garden of love
Page G3 Garden of love light to Gator whale
Page G4 Gator wobble to Gekko
Page G5 Gekko can dance to gentle sturgeon
Page G6 Gentle Sundays to Gershwin
Page G7 Gershwin ballad medley to Get those elephants outa here
Page G8 Get those elephants outa there to Ghost of congo square
Page G9 ghost of Dinah to Gilgamesh
Page G10 Gilgamesh 1 to girl from Ipanema blues
Page G11 girl from Ipanema meets tshirt salesman from Canada at the Cafe du Congo to Give it one
Page G12 Give it some thought to Glanzton
Page G13 Glare of the tiger to Gloriette fur John Cage
Page G14 Glorification of the chosen one to Go left out of shantiville
Page G15 Go lil Liza to Gods love made visible
Page G16 Gods love of music to Gold and misery
Page G17 Gold and roasted to Gone at dawn
Page G18 Gone away to Good inside
Page G19 Good intent to Goodbye cergbaia
Page G20 Goodbye cha cha to Gordon introduces the band
Page G21 Gordon Matthew to Gotta get a hold of myself
Page G22 Gotta get a piece of your soul to Grand Central Parkway
Page G23 Grand Central Station to Grautatvaro
Page G24 grave to greatest inventor
Page G25 greatest inventor of them all to Greeneyed lady
Page G26 Greenfield to Grisbi
Page G27 Grisbi blues to Groteske idee
Page G28 Groteskerier to Guarda i tuoi passi
Page G29 Guarda la citta to Gullvision
Page G30 Gully jumper to Gyphop
Page G31 Gyproc to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hair toaster
Page H2 Hair trigger to Hallo gen
Page H3 Hallo Gerold to Hand me down my walking shoes
Page H4 Hand me down my walking stick to Hansoms winsome JohnnyOn top of old smoky
Page H5 Hanson is as Hanson does to Happy night and golden dreams
Page H6 Happy nightmare to harder the better
Page H7 harder the fall to Harold the great
Page H8 Harold working Nicky recoveringNicky on the stairs to Hats der Mensch nicnt weit gebracht
Page H9 Hats off to Havin fun
Page H10 Havin fun with Mr T to He loves his wife
Page H11 He loves me to Hear my prayer
Page H12 Hear my song Violetta to Heaven Heaven
Page H13 Heaven heaven heaven to Heindrun
Page H14 Heine ma tov to Hello Mr Tom
Page H15 Hello Mrs Jones to Her first Roman
Page H16 Her first Valentine to Here there
Page H17 Here there & everywhere to Hes got you
Page H18 Hes had no lovin for a long long time to Hey Lordy mama
Page H19 Hey Lou to Hidden solitude
Page H20 Hidden somewhere to High wire waltz
Page H21 High yaller party to Hinreichend arme wie baum
Page H22 Hinrichtung to Historia Kspace
Page H23 Historias to Hodibbel
Page H24 Hodie to Holiday music
Page H25 Holiday of Briggan to Home from the hill
Page H26 Home from the wiz to Honduras lullaby
Page H27 Hone to Hooky
Page H28 Hooky daze to Horizontal ways
Page H29 Horizontal weight to Hot dog rag
Page H30 Hot dog shes mine to Houleux
Page H31 Houma LA to How can it be
Page H32 How can it be a beautiful day to How part one
Page H33 How part three to Huele a peligro
Page H34 Huella del silencio to Humphrey pass my way
Page H35 Humphreys bug garden to Husky dog
Page H36 Husky voice to Hymne a Christian
Page H37 Hymne a la noix to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I betcha a rainbow
Page I2 I betcha gonna like it to I cant tell more
Page I3 I cant tell New Orleans goodbye to I dont have a bottle named Wady
Page I4 I dont have a care in the world to I feel lucky baby
Page I5 I feel merely marvelous to I got thunder
Page I6 I got time to I Heathrow in the morning
Page I7 I held my head in shame to I leksasklandet
Page I8 I let a song to I love you honey
Page I9 I love you I love you to I never thought
Page I10 I never thought Id be here to I saw you again
Page I11 I saw you do it to I thought Id let you know
Page I12 I thought Id never see you again to I want to be a teacher of art
Page I13 I want to be alone to I wish I was in Peoria
Page I14 I wish I was in Walla Walla to Ice candy
Page I15 Ice caps on Mars to Id be ringing
Page I16 Id be suprisingly good for you to If he comes to see you too
Page I17 If he could only see to If loving you is wrong
Page I18 If mama quits papa what will papa do to If you let me
Page I19 If you let me go to II Leaves
Page I20 II Lento to Il labirinto delle fate
Page I21 Il lago to Ill be in my Dixie home again
Page I22 Ill be in my Dixie home again tomorrow to Ill still be loving you
Page I23 Ill still be true to Im all right till you touch me
Page I24 Im all smiles to Im gonna cry
Page I25 Im gonna cut my hair to Im lonesome nobody cares for me
Page I26 Im lonesome sweetheart to Im so weary of it all
Page I27 Im sober now to Imaginary traveler
Page I28 Imaginary voyage to Impressions of Madrid
Page I29 Impressions of Marie to Improvisation No 47
Page I30 Improvisation no 5 to In a little while
Page I31 In a locrian mood to In different inversion
Page I32 In direzione ostia to In my miz
Page I33 In my mizz to In the beginning
Page I34 In the beginning dark to In the night
Page I35 In the night asylum to In which all may have been revealed
Page I36 In which Pooh goes visiting and gets into a tight place to Indestructible fort
Page I37 Indestructible red to Infernal machine
Page I38 Infernal piano plothatched to Inner evolution
Page I39 Inner extremities suite 1 to Inside the glade
Page I40 Inside the gloves to Intercontinental
Page I41 Intercontinental ballistic soul kiss to Interpol
Page I42 Interpol chachacha to Intonations for being
Page I43 Intonazione to Introduction by Humphrey Lyttelton
Page I44 Introduction by Jack McCarthyGino Hamilton to Inventory
Page I45 Invenzione to Iria
Page I46 Iriaida to Is that right Are you kidding
Page I47 Is that so to Isnt it right
Page I48 Isnt it romantic to It had to be you
Page I49 It had to to be to It was only make believe
Page I50 It was only yesterday to Its a snap
Page I51 Its a start to Its just a riff
Page I52 Its just a riff in G to Its the greatest time of the moment to be here
Page I53 Its the group thing to Ive changed my address
Page I54 Ive changed my mind to Ive waited for you
Page I55 Ive waited long enough to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys bossanova
Page J2 Jackys haunt to Jali
Page J3 Jali Nyama to Jane at work
Page J4 Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg to Javapulse
Page J5 Javastrom to Jazz latino
Page J6 Jazz laughter to Jazzy morning
Page J7 Jazzy move to Jeansy
Page J8 JeanTruc to Jerifa
Page J9 Jerilderie rag to Jewel thieves
Page J10 Jeweled garden to Jinkrisha
Page J11 Jinks to Joe Cheeze
Page J12 Joe Church blues to Johnny jump up
Page J13 Johnny just drop to Jonne
Page J14 Jonnie to Journeyman
Page J15 Journeyman part 1 to Jubilee line
Page J16 Jubilee morning to Jumbo face
Page J17 Jumbo Jack to June 32nd Street
Page J18 June air to Jusqua laube
Page J19 Jusqua minuit to Just by thinking of you
Page J20 Just C to Just one look
Page J21 Just one minute to Jylland
Page J22 Jymie to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kali durga
Page K2 Kali Ipso to Kapn Kryptonite
Page K3 Kapnismology to Katem problem 1
Page K4 Katem problem 2 to Keep an eye on your man
Page K5 Keep an ugly woman to Keiner liebt mich
Page K6 Keiner singt wie Eduard to Key boards bossa
Page K7 Key breeze to Kids stay in school
Page K8 Kids stuff to Kinetic oracle
Page K9 Kinetic pimp to Kiration hop
Page K10 Kiraz to Kiuye
Page K11 Kiva to Knell boogie
Page K12 Knets to Kofi
Page K13 Kofifi to Konsberg
Page K14 Konservatorium to Kraksa 3
Page K15 Kraksa 4 to Kulvarosban
Page K16 Kum ba ya to Kyushu dragonfly
Page K17 Kyuzo to KZ


Page L1 L to La cavale du fou
Page L2 La cave to La digue de Nantes a Montaigu
Page L3 La digue de notre village to La jardinera
Page L4 La jardiniere to La musica e finita
Page L5 La musica efinita to la recherche de letoile
Page L6 La recherche du temps perdu to La Truite plays back
Page L7 La tsu to lack of malicious intent
Page L8 Lack the faith but not the wine to Lady quit her husband unexpectedly
Page L9 lady Rachel to LAlbatros
Page L10 LAlbatros introduction to Land der dunklen walder
Page L11 Land der konige to Laplace Perturbation
Page L12 Laplanc to Last arrival
Page L13 last arrow to Last seen headed VII
Page L14 Last September to Later circle
Page L15 Later circles to Laughing my troubles away
Page L16 Laughing off the rain to Lazinkas tune
Page L17 Lazise to Le chateau
Page L18 Le Chateau de Cene to Le le le lah
Page L19 Le legende du moulin to Le repos
Page L20 Le repos du danseur to Le vol du touron
Page L21 Le voleur to Leaving autumn
Page L22 Leaving before the end to legend of Tsumi
Page L23 Legend of Zelda Overworld theme to Lennox Ave 1 AM
Page L24 Lennox Avenue Suite to Les couleurs du noir et blanc
Page L25 Les coulisses to Les ptits moineaux
Page L26 Les ptits nains to Let it be
Page L27 Let it be bop to Let your pride be your guide
Page L28 Let your smile shine to Lets make the scene
Page L29 Lets make the time to Levee lullaby
Page L30 Levee man blues to Liberty ration
Page L31 Liberty road to Life is a game
Page L32 Life is a groove to Light in the morning
Page L33 Light in the rain to Like a woman
Page L34 Like a young man to Lilies and tulips
Page L35 Lilies from the escritoire to Line fine 1
Page L36 Line fine lyon seven to Liquid vision
Page L37 Liquidacao to Little Benny Hen
Page L38 Little bercheres to Little fingers
Page L39 Little fingers big fist to Little monster boogie
Page L40 Little monsters to Little swing
Page L41 little swing means a lot to Livin humble
Page L42 Livin in a great big way to Lmonade
Page L43 LMR to Logarhythms
Page L44 Logaritmus 6 to lonely dogs of Santiago
Page L45 lonely dolphin to long drive to nowhere
Page L46 Long dune to Lonnies song
Page L47 Lonnies traveling light to Looking glass blues
Page L48 Looking glass falls to Lords calypso
Page L49 Lords cause to Lost geography
Page L50 Lost ghost to Louana
Page L51 Louange to Love broke my heart again
Page L52 Love Brotherhood of man to Love is friends
Page L53 Love is fun to Love poem
Page L54 Love poem for Apollo to Love wont let you get away
Page L55 Love wont make me cry to Loves mission
Page L56 Loves mood to Loxodonde
Page L57 Loxodonta Africana to Lucys mood
Page L58 Lucys revenge to Lullaby to an anxious child
Page L59 Lullaby to an unborn child to Lupin
Page L60 Lupin the 3rd to Lyrisk ballad
Page L61 Lyrisk vaevning to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach 2
Page M2 Mach 6 to Made minor blue
Page M3 Made of sand to Magic Island
Page M4 Magic isle to Mahsav
Page M5 Mahshav to Make a pallet on the floor
Page M6 MAke a pick up to Malambosplatz
Page M7 Malamin jobarteh to Mama take the lobsters off the ice
Page M8 Mama talk to your daughter to Mammas house
Page M9 Mammas mackor to man without shame
Page M10 Man woman and child to Mani talks
Page M11 Mania to Maple leaf waltz
Page M12 Maple leaves to Marche
Page M13 Marche a la rock to Marianela
Page M14 Marianela says goodbye to Marmaduke
Page M15 Marmalade to Mary is fine
Page M16 Mary J to Mastodont
Page M17 Mastroianni to Max & Cosmo
Page M18 Max & Poony to Mayhem in our streets
Page M19 Mayibuye to Me and the ghost upstairs
Page M20 Me and the girl next door to Mechatronycon 131
Page M21 Mechatronycon 132 to Meet me in Chicago
Page M22 Meet me in church The price Words Monologue to Melancholy milkman
Page M23 Melancholy mind to Melody from Mars
Page M24 Melody from Rhapsody in blue to memory of things
Page M25 Memory of this dance to Merci Baku
Page M26 Merci beaucoup to Message from the country
Page M27 Message from the earth to Metropoli
Page M28 Metropolis to Mia culpa
Page M29 Mia figlia to Midnight angels
Page M30 Midnight around to Mielahisvuohta
Page M31 Mielcoeur to Miles of jingle bells
Page M32 Miles of joy to Min ko
Page M33 Min laege to Miniatur I
Page M34 Miniatur II to Minor rama
Page M35 Minor rash to Mirjana of my heart
Page M36 Mirka to Miss Kellys
Page M37 miss kiss to Missouri wobble
Page M38 Missourian gal to Mitate
Page M39 MITB to moat and the bridge
Page M40 Moaz tsar to Modular symphony
Page M41 modularrootstrata to Momba jazzbird 76
Page M42 Mombaccus to Monasticism
Page M43 Monasty to Monkey tonight
Page M44 Monkey town to Montagne Sainte Genevieve
Page M45 Montagne SainteGenevieve to Moon after moon
Page M46 moon aint made of green cheese to Moonlight feels right
Page M47 Moonlight fiesta to More dangerous
Page M48 More DB for CB on the CD to Morning aire
Page M49 Morning and evening blues to Mosca la mouche
Page M50 MoscaRoma to Moti mo
Page M51 Motian to mouse and the clock
Page M52 mouse and the elephant to Movin back
Page M53 Movin blues to Mr CI
Page M54 Mr Clarinet to Mr Miller
Page M55 Mr Milo to Mrs Alice May Williams
Page M56 Mrs and Mr Cat to Mugzys move
Page M57 Muh to Murder of Don Fanucci
Page M58 murder of two men by a young kid wearing lemon colored gloves to Music from the desert Desert flower
Page M59 Music from the Freddie Suite to Musique spectrale a petit budget
Page M60 Musiques a voir to My bebop daddy
Page M61 My bebop tune to My fair lady
Page M62 My Fair Lady medley to My hearts to let
Page M63 My hearts with you to My main man
Page M64 My main men to My Redeemer lives
Page M65 My reflection to My voice
Page M66 My voice from the valley to mystic trumpeter
Page M67 Mystic tune to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Naia
Page N2 NaiAdam and NaiEve to Nanuk
Page N3 Nany to Nat Hentoff introduces Star dust
Page N4 Nat Hentoff introduces Tea for two to Nave especial
Page N5 Nave nave moe to Necropolis
Page N6 Nectar to Nena me muero
Page N7 Nenad to Never at a loss
Page N8 Never at all to New aqua song
Page N9 new ark to New juice
Page N10 new JuJu man to new star risin
Page N11 New start to News fox medley
Page N12 News from Anatolia to Nice question
Page N13 Nice quiet saloon to night at Tonys
Page N14 Night attack to Night reflection
Page N15 Night reflections to Nihavent tango
Page N16 Nihawend lunga to Nipijo transfer
Page N17 NipistysValittaja to No bears are out tonight
Page N18 No bedroom to No jackpot
Page N19 No JAMFs allowed to No one else but me
Page N20 No one else but you to No tattoo
Page N21 No taxi for daddy to Nobody wants you when youre down and out
Page N22 Nobody was here to Noise temperature suite
Page N23 Noise to nowhere to Nooksack
Page N24 Noomiso to Nortpole English
Page N25 Norturnal serenade to Not necessarily this nor that
Page N26 Not needed to Nothing can come between us
Page N27 Nothing can hurt her now to Nova Scotia polka
Page N28 Nova solyma to Now you need
Page N29 Now you see it to Nuit logique 2
Page N30 Nuit mobile to NW
Page N31 NW 6 to NZZ


Page O1 O to O sorrow o sweetness
Page O2 O space heater My space heater to Obsidian
Page O3 Obsidian blade to Octopus garden
Page O4 Octopus march to Odeur dune ville
Page O5 ODG to Offering to Christ
Page O6 Offering to the exalted one to Oh Lisa
Page O7 Oh little fat man to OHenry
Page O8 Ohho to Olag
Page O9 Olaha Maria to Old man robbing a baker
Page O10 Old man Roker to Ole mammy aint gonna sing no more
Page O11 Ole man Mose to Omikron
Page O12 Ominoso to On my way back home
Page O13 On my way home to On the roof
Page O14 On the rooftops to Once upon a time on my way to the studio
Page O15 Once upon a time there was a holding corporation called old America to One for Dex
Page O16 One for Didi to One hundred years
Page O17 One hundred years from today to One of Parkers moods
Page O18 One of six to Onegin line
Page O19 Onehanded bandit to Onyami bna me
Page O20 Onyaye to Open flower 7
Page O21 Open for business to Optica torre
Page O22 Optical to Orbis
Page O23 Orbis tertius to origin of insects
Page O24 origin of man to Oscars wild
Page O25 Oscars will to Othy beautiful
Page O26 Otic to Our minuet
Page O27 Our misery is their prosperity to Out of the under the
Page O28 Out of the void to Ovala takter I
Page O29 Ovala takter II to owl of who
Page O30 owl shop to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagaille chez Nini
Page P2 Pagala to Palae Bar late night
Page P3 Palagnedra to <