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This index refers to the 496,814 individual tune titles (1,501,182 total entries) included in over 233,138 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abif
Page A2 Abigaah to Abstrakt 3
Page A3 Abstrakt 4 to Acis and Galatea
Page A4 ACJ to Ad Vinhas
Page A5 Ada to Adnerb
Page A6 Adnil to Afghana
Page A7 Afghanistan to Afro Blake
Page A8 Afro blue to After the Belphegor
Page A9 After the big bang to Ageless
Page A10 Agence Cook to Ahoy
Page A11 AHP to Aint there something
Page A12 Aint there something money cant buy to Akasthesia
Page A13 Akataki to Alba
Page A14 Alba di millennio to Alfies theme differently
Page A15 Alfitude to All around person
Page A16 All around the Christmas tree to All of her
Page A17 All of it to All this love
Page A18 All this love inside to Alligators
Page A19 Alligators boogaloo to Alone in the space
Page A20 Alone in the world to Alternate two
Page A21 Alternate universe to Am sonntag wil mein Susser mit mir segeln gehen
Page A22 Am Sonntag will mein Suber mit mir segeln gehn to Amen blues
Page A23 Amen cadence to Amor y control
Page A24 Amor y decepcion to An esthete on Clark St
Page A25 An esthete on Clark Street to Anathema
Page A26 Anatheme to And now the queer
Page A27 And now the sun to Andean fantasy
Page A28 Andean fire circle to Angels lullaby
Page A29 Angels never leave heaven to Annalisa
Page A30 Annalisa Anneliese to Another kind of Paris
Page A31 Another kind of soul to Anthony and Cleopatra
Page A32 Anthony boogie to Anything is possible
Page A33 Anything L to Apple blossoms in the rain
Page A34 Apple blues to Aquellas pequenas cosas
Page A35 Aquelle esquina to Arcoiris
Page A36 Arcoluz to Aris
Page A37 Aris mode to Arrakis
Page A38 Arraks Teht Al Kamar to Aruana
Page A39 Aruanco to As vezes
Page A40 As vig to ASLT
Page A41 Asma to At eleven
Page A42 At end of day to Atelier
Page A43 Atelier du globe to Au coeur de Lisbonne
Page A44 Au coeur du litige to Auntie Mame
Page A45 Auntie matter to Autumn is a heartless devil
Page A46 Autumn is here to Avoid the year of the monkey I & II
Page A47 Avoiding the guilt trip to Azbuqah
Page A48 Azeba to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby cry
Page B2 Baby crying to Bacaimi per domani
Page B3 Bacalaitos to Back to BachBlues of the blacksmith
Page B4 Back to back to Bad condition
Page B5 Bad connection to Bahia San Juan
Page B6 Bahia suite to Balancelle
Page B7 Balances and cloves to Ballad for Marguerite
Page B8 Ballad for Marianne to Ballade dhiver
Page B9 Ballade diurne to Bam bam bam
Page B10 Bam bam bammy shore to Bank parade
Page B11 Bank robbery to Barefoot boy
Page B12 Barefoot boy from Queens town To Mongezi to Bartolommeus
Page B13 Barton to Bass reflection
Page B14 Bass reflex to Battle hymn of the republic
Page B15 Battle hymn of the republic finale to Be cool in Munichpart 23
Page B16 Be cool in Munichpart 31 to beast from BaliBali
Page B17 Beast I to Beauty and the best
Page B18 Beauty and the bird to Bedroom music
Page B19 bedroom of the bourgeoisie to Before your mitred bustling bloom
Page B20 Before your ruddy necromancy I am a blank balladeer to Bela palomera
Page B21 Bela senao sem to Belonging to a warrior
Page B22 Belonging to you to Beorns bear dance
Page B23 Beotian to Beside us
Page B24 Beside you to Between
Page B25 Between 17th and bliss to BGs blues
Page B26 BGs groove to Big black Mariah
Page B27 Big black sun to Big lunch blues
Page B28 Big luv to Bike up the strand Medley
Page B29 Bike voyage II to Bingi
Page B30 Bingiebingiescootie to birds sweet calling
Page B31 Birds talk to you to bitter the better
Page B32 Bitter thumbs to Black eyes blues
Page B33 Black eyes rock to Black town
Page B34 Black train blues to Bleak night
Page B35 Bleak warm future to blockbuster
Page B36 Blockenspiel to Blowing for love
Page B37 Blowing for the cats to Blue Daniel
Page B38 Blue Danube to Blue leaves
Page B39 Blue lemon to Blue saxophone
Page B40 Blue saxophones to bluejay glide
Page B41 Bluejays to Blues Cupol
Page B42 Blues current to Blues for Bonnie
Page B43 Blues for Bonnie Belle to Blues for HG
Page B44 Blues for HGBS to Blues for Mr Tom
Page B45 Blues for Ms DC to Blues for The Hague
Page B46 Blues for the half note to Blues in C flat minor
Page B47 Blues in C major to Blues of Sweden
Page B48 blues of the birth to Blues with a touch of elegance
Page B49 Blues with a twist to Boat race
Page B50 Boat rising to Bogey blues
Page B51 Bogey Bogey to Bon tempi
Page B52 Bon till en arbetare to Boody rumble
Page B53 Boof to Boogie woogie session
Page B54 Boogie woogie soul train to bop shop
Page B55 Bop slappy to Bosn rag
Page B56 Bosna calling to Both worlds
Page B57 Bothallandevery to Boutre du Sultan
Page B58 Bouvet fanfare to Brahms 3
Page B59 Brahms 3rd to Brazilian blues
Page B60 Brazilian bop to Breath rhyme
Page B61 Breath taking boogie shaking to Bridget
Page B62 Bridget OBrien to Bristol drive
Page B63 Bristol scream to Brooklyn ball
Page B64 Brooklyn ballad to Brown soft shoe
Page B65 brown soldier to Buchanan stomp
Page B66 Bucharest to Buffed
Page B67 Buffer to Bumerang
Page B68 Bumerang boogie woogie to Burning of the midnite lamp
Page B69 Burning off to But I think youre wonderful
Page B70 But I was cool to By blue heaven
Page B71 By Boleros dance to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadillac boogie
Page C2 Cadillac club to Caldonia no 3
Page C3 Caldonias boogie to Calle ciega
Page C4 Calle de estrella to Camelo cello
Page C5 Camelopardalis to Canacao do sal
Page C6 Canacao em modo menor to Cannon ball
Page C7 Cannon Ball blues to Cantei oba
Page C8 Cantelope Island to Capleneferne
Page C9 Capn caint read to Card four Strait white royal flush78
Page C10 Card game to Carnaval de Sao Vicente
Page C11 Carnaval de Venice to Carta da macero
Page C12 Carta de amor to Castle Minwood
Page C13 Castle mountain to Catorze
Page C14 Catos pink cluster to Ce monde
Page C15 Ce monsieur qui parle to Celtic tale 1
Page C16 Celtic twilight to Cest beau Paris
Page C17 Cest bien la nuit to chair
Page C18 Chair a nu to Changing colors
Page C19 Changing colours to Chapeau M Dubois
Page C20 Chapeau melon el bottles de cuir to Charlys birthday
Page C21 Charlys new drums to Cheap Jersey gas
Page C22 Cheap knock off to Cherry red
Page C23 Cherry red blues to ChichenItza
Page C24 Chicheniza to Children in my garden
Page C25 Children in peril to Chinese blues
Page C26 Chinese boogie to Chong chong
Page C27 Chonk Charlie Chonk to Chorus Datome
Page C28 Chorus dei to Chromobachism
Page C29 Chromolithograph to Cicle
Page C30 Cicli to Circle waves
Page C31 Circle weaving eleven to City of peace
Page C32 City of penetrating light to Clark bars
Page C33 Clark in the dark to Cleveland twist drill
Page C34 Clevelands dance to Closin hour blues
Page C35 Closin Moes to Cnat help lovin that man of mine
Page C36 Cnaterbury to codes secret code
Page C37 Codetta to Cole Porter flat
Page C38 Cole slaw to ColorTufo
Page C39 Colorwise to Come into my heart
Page C40 Come into my house to Comin out of the shadows
Page C41 Comin outa left field to Como un suspiro
Page C42 Como una campana to Composition 40P
Page C43 Composition 40Q to Con samba and sax
Page C44 Con senas to Concrete dreamer
Page C45 Concrete edelweiss to Conjure
Page C46 Conjure hum veda to Contextualizin
Page C47 Conti Street parade to Convertible
Page C48 Convertible Cadillac to Cooneys cornet
Page C49 Coonjine baby to Corned oliphant
Page C50 Cornelia to Cosmic rhythm
Page C51 cosmic rhythm with each stroke to Counter meal
Page C52 Counter measures to Covert action
Page C53 Covert choreography to crawl
Page C54 Crawl before you walk to Creepy John
Page C55 Creepy night to Cromatic boogie
Page C56 Cromatic static to Crumbles
Page C57 Crumblin cookie to Cu
Page C58 Cu cu ru cu cu Paloma to Cumbas dance
Page C59 Cumbe de cumbe to Cuttinnscratchin
Page C60 Cuttin’ the boogie to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadom dadim
Page D2 Dadonachi to Damn dixie
Page D3 Damn if I know to Dance of the cave men
Page D4 Dance of the Cherubs to Dancin on the wind
Page D5 Dancin pants to Dangerous paths
Page D6 Dangerous piece to Danusia
Page D7 Danville girl to Dark moments
Page D8 Dark money to Das helle horen
Page D9 Das hertz von St Pauli to Dawgology
Page D10 Dawgs bull to Daylight savings
Page D11 Daylight savings blues to De moi a toi
Page D12 De moi za vous to Dear Elsa
Page D13 Dear Em to Debwa
Page D14 Dec 63 to Dedstuy blues
Page D15 Dedy to Def groove
Page D16 Def jay pea to Delirious boogie
Page D17 Delirious joy to Dengaku
Page D18 Denge merenge to Der lustige Posaunist
Page D19 Der lustige Xylophonist to Descarga Cubana
Page D20 Descarga de Kike to Despues
Page D21 Despues de haberte ido to Deviation
Page D22 Deviation dance to Diagoras
Page D23 Diagram to Did you
Page D24 Did you call her today to Die sonn hat sich mit ihrem glanz gewendet
Page D25 Die sonne opus 14 to Digman 24
Page D26 Dignified appearance to Diogenes lantern
Page D27 Diolas for WS to Disconnected
Page D28 Disconnection to Disturbing events
Page D29 Disturbing inspiration to Dizzy crawl
Page D30 Dizzy Daisy to Do not leave me
Page D31 Do not leave me alone to Doce de coco
Page D32 Doce de doce to Dogoli
Page D33 Dogon to Domenica
Page D34 Domenica bestiale to Dont ask me
Page D35 Dont ask me like a stranger to Dont get it twisted
Page D36 Dont get lost to Dont quote me
Page D37 Dont rag the lady to Dont you forget it
Page D38 Dont you forget me to Dormo
Page D39 dormouse to Double trouble two part II
Page D40 Double trouble two part III to Down in Nempnett Thrubwell
Page D41 Down in New Orleans to Dr Freud
Page D42 Dr Fujii to Dream a little dream of me
Page D43 Dream a little dream on me to Dreaming in spires
Page D44 Dreaming in the present tense to Drifting inward
Page D45 Drifting off to Drove out before us
Page D46 drover to drunk
Page D47 Drunk & happy to Dubravkas delight
Page D48 Dubrovnik to Duke would be so nice to come home to
Page D49 Duke you say to Durante la festa
Page D50 Duras to Dysfunctio cerebri
Page D51 Dysfunctional fossil to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early light reprise
Page E2 Early lights first shimmering to East of Enumclaw
Page E3 East of Evesham to Easy to please
Page E4 Easy to read to Echoes out of time
Page E5 Echoes past to Edward K
Page E6 Edward L Bernays flies the Hindenburg to Eheh
Page E7 EheHe to Einsteins red
Page E8 Einstweilige verfugung to El destino
Page E9 El destructo to El pussy cat
Page E10 El que espere to Electric dream
Page E11 Electric dreams electric sighs to Elephant pants
Page E12 Elephant paws to Ellington 100
Page E13 Ellington 66 to Embracing the void
Page E14 Embracing you to Empty saddles
Page E15 Empty serenade to En suite 1980 no 4
Page E16 En suite 1980 no 7 to Ende meier
Page E17 Ende mit Brotzophon to Enomily
Page E18 Enomis to EP and me
Page E19 EP blues to Erdna
Page E20 Erdnase to Es war die grosse Liebe
Page E21 Es war die nachtigall to Essaif
Page E22 Essais to Etc etc
Page E23 ETCAHN to Etude nr 2 Esdur
Page E24 Etude number 19 to Evelyne and the big horn
Page E25 Evelynn to Every day with Jesus
Page E26 Every day with you to Everyone loves lovers
Page E27 Everyone needs it to Evolution of love
Page E28 Evolution of man to Exhilaration dance
Page E29 Exhortation to Extension drum solo 1
Page E30 Extension drum solo 2 to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Faded beauty
Page F2 Faded blue to Fall of the Roman Empire
Page F3 Fall off the Log to Fancy soul
Page F4 Fancy suite to Far cry out there
Page F5 Far down below to Fast & passed
Page F6 Fast 9 uhr saal IV to fathers dying wish
Page F7 Fathers finger to February waltz
Page F8 February Winter song to Felando de amor
Page F9 Felanges to Festivalse
Page F10 Festivalska tema to Fiesta in brass
Page F11 Fiesta in Cangas to Film requiem
Page F12 Film storia damore to Finestra su praga
Page F13 Finestra sui mare to Fireside fantasy
Page F14 Firesign to First soup
Page F15 First sparkle to Five characters
Page F16 Five chord piece to Flagolet
Page F17 Flagrane delire to Flen
Page F18 Flench wok to Floatation device
Page F19 Floater to flower that seeds the earth
Page F20 Flower theme to Fly May fly
Page F21 Fly me to Fogs of darkness
Page F22 Fogueira to Food stamps
Page F23 Foodism to For Back III
Page F24 For Baden to For HG
Page F25 For HGBS to For Ornette Coleman
Page F26 For Oscar to For tranquility
Page F27 For trappen ble trapp to Forever fervent
Page F28 Forever for a day to Fort Worth rag
Page F29 Fort Worth stomp to Four kisses
Page F30 Four lane clover to Foxfur
Page F31 Foxhaven blues to Frank speaking
Page F32 Frank Strozier to Free 4 V2
Page F33 Free 5 to Freebop the 1st
Page F34 Freebop the 4th to Frenetic meditation
Page F35 Frenetic warrior to Friendship ring
Page F36 friendship ship to From foreign lands and people
Page F37 From Forest of the Amazons to Front runner
Page F38 Front seat to Fugit
Page F39 Fugitive to Fun with old clothes
Page F40 Fun with the calculator to Funky freedom
Page F41 Funky fried tofu to Furious seasons
Page F42 Furious stomp to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallups galop
Page G2 Gally house blues to Garden of weed
Page G3 garden of winds to Gatusvett
Page G4 Gauchenschlaf to Gellers cellar
Page G5 Gellie to gentleman soldier
Page G6 Gentleman with a family to Gesausel
Page G7 Geschichte to Get wid it
Page G8 Get Wisdom to Ghost train comes peacefully
Page G9 Ghost train through the chaos theory to Gimme a toetapper
Page G10 Gimme all the love you got to girl named Rigmor
Page G11 girl next door to Give me just a little bit of your love
Page G12 Give me just a little of your time to Glass song
Page G13 Glass tables to Gloymska
Page G14 GLSS to Go west Eros
Page G15 Go where I send thee to Goin conga
Page G16 Goin crazy to Golden delicious
Page G17 Golden dreams to Gonna break that lock
Page G18 Gonna bring my baby back to Good morning Miss Brown
Page G19 Good morning moon to Goodbye planet earth
Page G20 Goodbye pokeedile to Gosseline
Page G21 Gossimer to Goza goza
Page G22 Goza mi trompeta to Grandison
Page G23 Grandma to Greasin
Page G24 Greasin easy to green gal cant catch on blues
Page G25 green gate to GRES luxo
Page G26 Gres time to Groove positive
Page G27 Groove racinesque to Gruncher fried rice
Page G28 Gruncher fried rice no 4 to Guijira
Page G29 Guijira cha to Gut luv
Page G30 Gut morgen to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hairdrying
Page H2 Hairless to Hallo hier ist Radio Eriwan
Page H3 Hallo Hino to Hand signals
Page H4 hand speaks hold to Hap
Page H5 Hap hap happy to Happy robots
Page H6 Happy Rosalie to Hardusuite
Page H7 Hardwaichspyler to Harpos blues
Page H8 Harposaurus to Haunted by perfume
Page H9 Haunted by the blues to Hawaiian boogie
Page H10 Hawaiian butterfly to He so beautiful Emmett Wallace
Page H11 He speaks to me often in dreams to Heart and center
Page H12 Heart and fire to Heavens gate
Page H13 Heavens gift to Helas
Page H14 Held to Help
Page H15 Help a good girl go bad to Herbalk
Page H16 Herbe de loubli to Heres where I came in
Page H17 Heres where I come in to Het huilen van urgje
Page H18 Het indigo in de maan to Hey timbales
Page H19 Hey toca el Re to High
Page H20 High 5 to Highway samba
Page H21 highway shuffle to Hip triplet
Page H22 Hip trolley to Hittin 12
Page H23 Hittin and missin to Hola Freda K
Page H24 Hola Gustavo to holothurian
Page H25 Holott to Homelette
Page H26 Homelie to Honeymoon hotel
Page H27 Honeymoon in Florence to Hope ring true
Page H28 Hope rising to horse trot
Page H29 horse walked in the grass to hot SI variation
Page H30 Hot skillet mama to House on the rock
Page H31 House on Willard to How great the joy
Page H32 How great thou art to Howjududat
Page H33 Howl to HumAllah HumAllahHumAllah
Page H34 Human to Hunting with the hunter
Page H35 Hunting world to Hyla viridis
Page H36 Hyldest til et enebarn to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I betcha never thought
Page I2 I better not to I cant tell you why
Page I3 I cant tell you why I love you but I do to I dont have to dream any more
Page I4 I dont have to hurt to I feel so blue
Page I5 I feel so fine to I got to have it daddy
Page I6 I got to have you to I hope a change will come
Page I7 I hope Gabriel likes my music to I lied
Page I8 I lied to you to I love you Michelle
Page I9 I love you more to I now set out
Page I10 I nuvoli allarba to I see
Page I11 I see a face in the clouds to I told ya I love ya now get out
Page I12 I told you to I want to feel good
Page I13 I want to feel good part 2 to I wish you peace
Page I14 I wish you sunshine to Ice mirror
Page I15 Ice mountain to Id like to take orders from you
Page I16 Id like to teach the world to sing to If I could only play a concertina
Page I17 If I could only read your mind to If sadness happens to come
Page I18 If seven were 4 to If you see her say hello
Page I19 If you see him to III Sturmwarnung
Page I20 III Swing to Il paradiso dei cacciottielli
Page I21 Il paradiso sultetti to Ill die happy
Page I22 Ill dig you sooner or later to Illawarra flame
Page I23 Ille pille to Im busted
Page I24 Im busy to Im gonna shake
Page I25 Im gonna shake glad hands with Jesus to Im not alone
Page I26 Im not ashamed to Im the lucky one
Page I27 Im the man with the dreams to Immediate left
Page I28 Immediate music to Impromptu 13
Page I29 Impromptu 2 to Improvised blues
Page I30 Improvised colours to In a temperamental mood
Page I31 In a temple green to In her eyes
Page I32 In her family to In praise of spiritual guides
Page I33 In prayer to In the evenin mama
Page I34 In the evening to In the Sudan
Page I35 In the summer of my life to Incaviglia
Page I36 Incca to Indians jumping on fire
Page I37 Indians of the continent to Infrastructure
Page I38 Infraudibles to Innocence remembered
Page I39 Innocenenza to Instant chav 3
Page I40 Instant chav 4 to Interlude in son
Page I41 Interlude Internal dialogue eternal pulse to Interview with Pete Fallicos doodlin lounge
Page I42 Interview with Pettiford to Intro some chocolate drops
Page I43 Intro sommer 2012 to Intron
Page I44 Intropigling to Inward
Page I45 Inward 2 12 to Irving Lancelot & the Medieval Jazz Quartet
Page I46 Irving Place to Island carnival
Page I47 Island chain to It aint you
Page I48 It aint your sign to It never stopped in my home town
Page I49 It never stopped rising to Its a black thang
Page I50 Its a bloody life to Its foolish but its fun
Page I51 Its for free to Its only love that gets you through
Page I52 Its only me to IU swing machine
Page I53 Iubese iubese iubese to Ive got to have my daddy blues
Page I54 Ive got to have my moments to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys stuff
Page J2 JacMac talking to Jalo vatsakatarri
Page J3 Jaloers Ik to Jane XX
Page J4 JaneFinch to Jaw breaker
Page J5 Jawara to Jazz married
Page J6 Jazz martini to JB out
Page J7 JB stomp to Jedna nota samby
Page J8 Jedna pani miata to Jerry omine
Page J9 Jerry Pompili introduction to Jez sez
Page J10 Jeza to Jitterbug blues
Page J11 Jitterbug boy to Joe Smallwoods
Page J12 Joe Splivingates to Johnnys blues
Page J13 Johnnys boogie to Jordans boogie
Page J14 Jordans mood to Joy enough
Page J15 Joy filled summer to Judgment day
Page J16 Judicious blues to Jump jive & jazz
Page J17 Jump jive & wail to Jungle authority
Page J18 Jungle bait to Just a glance away
Page J19 Just a gringo loco to Just feeling fine
Page J20 Just feet to Just remember
Page J21 Just remember the love to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kali lo
Page K2 Kali mist to Kappa sinche hoinc
Page K3 Kappa sweetheart to Kathedrale im dunkeiln
Page K4 Katheinz und Paul to Keep going my spinningwheel
Page K5 Keep going on the nod to Kekalimba
Page K6 Kekay to Key to haga
Page K7 key to it all to Kikeriki
Page K8 Kiki to King Cockroach
Page K9 King Cole blues to Kirtag
Page K10 Kirtanam Ragam Mandari to KKPD
Page K11 KKs blues to Kniris blues
Page K12 Knistern prasseln to Kokokoda
Page K13 Kokola blues to Kooki muus
Page K14 Kookie and the zoom club to Kri kra
Page K15 Kribbel krabbel to Kunterbunt
Page K16 Kuntetas blues to KZ


Page L1 L to La Chanson de Barbara
Page L2 La chanson de Bilbao to La Donna
Page L3 La donna cannone to la Kenton
Page L4 La kontemplazion del xirazol to La Nina Bonita
Page L5 La nina canon boom to La Romana
Page L6 La romance de Maitre Pathelin to La valse de la fragilite
Page L7 La valse de la pluie to Ladder to the loft
Page L8 Ladder to the moon to ladys a tramp
Page L9 Ladys back in town to Lambada suave savor
Page L10 Lambada timbales to Land of the triplets
Page L11 Land of the velvet hills to Large detective
Page L12 large ends the way to last day of summer
Page L13 Last day of the carnival to Last train to sanity
Page L14 Last trams to Latin in deed
Page L15 Latin jacks to Laust aus
Page L16 Lautareasca to Lazyology
Page L17 Lazz jazz to Le danze dello zefiro
Page L18 Le danze di Irene to Le notti di cabiria
Page L19 Le notti di San Lorenzo to Le souvenir
Page L20 Le souverain jaune to Learn to boogiewoogie
Page L21 Learn to croon to Lees keys please
Page L22 Lees label to Lemme at it
Page L23 Lemme go to Leroi Jones
Page L24 Lerotomane to Les lias qui avaient fleuri
Page L25 Les liens du coeur to Less than
Page L26 Less than a second to Let slip
Page L27 Let some love in to Lets get to the nitty gritty
Page L28 Lets get together to Letter to a poet
Page L29 Letter to Airto to Liad fira madl
Page L30 Liadov to Lieux de passage
Page L31 Lieve kleine vrouw k hou van jou to Lift life
Page L32 Lift me up to Ligne droite 2
Page L33 Ligne libre to Lil bitty pretty one
Page L34 Lil booby to Linafferrabile fascino dellincompletezza
Page L35 Linas to Lion oil
Page L36 Lion rag to Liten fuglSimens samba
Page L37 Liten hotelsuite to Little dancing girl
Page L38 Little Daniels fugue to Little lousy Jane
Page L39 little love to Little sister
Page L40 Little sister dance to Live is here again
Page L41 Live is love and love is you to Llabad
Page L42 Llac I to Locusts looking like men
Page L43 Locution to Lonelier laughter
Page L44 loneliest to Long ago today
Page L45 Long ago yesterday to Longing for Baia
Page L46 Longing for daddy blues to Looking for a flat
Page L47 Looking for a fool to Lord Jim
Page L48 Lord Johns castle to Lost at the carnival
Page L49 Lost at the zoo to Lottie
Page L50 Lottie the bodys mood to Love at first sound
Page L51 Love at first tequila to Love is all there is
Page L52 Love is all we need to Love on my mind
Page L53 Love on sight to Love will come again
Page L54 Love will come someday to Loves in need of love today
Page L55 Loves in need today to Loweski pt 5
Page L56 lowest to Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Page L57 Lucy Jean to Lullaby Russe
Page L58 Lullaby song to Lupin the 3rd
Page L59 Lupin the third to LYSB
Page L60 Lyse dage to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach II march
Page M2 Mach mirs night so schwer to Madeiran nights
Page M3 Madeleine to Magic mist
Page M4 Magic Mizz Melissa to Mai we go round
Page M5 Maia to Make it a classic
Page M6 Make it a classice to Malcolm speaks to secretaries
Page M7 Malcolm the call to Mamacita
Page M8 Mamacita caravana to MamyO
Page M9 Mamzel to Manassa mauler
Page M10 Manassas Festival blues finale to Manipulation
Page M11 Manipulation on the center divider to Maraba blue
Page M12 Maraba cinema to Marching and swinging
Page M13 marching bands to Marie musette Marie putain
Page M14 Marie my dear to Marrakech la rouge
Page M15 Marrakech nights to Marys mood
Page M16 Marys new bloom to Materia prima
Page M17 material answer to Maxs mambo
Page M18 Maxs mood to Mazurka in A minor op 17 no 4
Page M19 Mazurka in A minor opus 17 4 to Me vas a extranar
Page M20 Me voila seul to Medicine song
Page M21 Medicine stars to meeting in Chicago
Page M22 Meeting in Congo Square to Meline
Page M23 Meliphobia to Meltin pot
Page M24 Melting to Men of Moses who wear glasses
Page M25 Men of mystery to Meridiano
Page M26 Meridien to mestizo suite
Page M27 Mestizos to Mexicky tanec
Page M28 Mexico to Michigan roll
Page M29 Michigan Square to Midnight montuno
Page M30 Midnight mood to Mikas lullaby
Page M31 Mikasonik theme to millers daughter Marianne
Page M32 millers daughter Mary Anne to Mindin my business
Page M33 Mindin my business blues to Minniehaha
Page M34 Minnies in the money to Minuet in vout
Page M35 Minuet no 3 to Misget
Page M36 Misgivings to Missin my pal
Page M37 Missin RB blues to Mister Smith
Page M38 Mister smooth to Mizzy il gatto
Page M39 MJ to Moderate life
Page M40 Moderate modernism to Mojo uno
Page M41 Mojo woman to Mommy out de light
Page M42 Mommy sings her lullaby to Monikole
Page M43 Monique to Monostome
Page M44 Monosyl to Mood for Wood
Page M45 Mood for you to moon song
Page M46 Moon song trinity to Mopac at midnight
Page M47 MOPE to Morfars schottis
Page M48 Morfeo to Morocco rocco
Page M49 Morola to Mother night
Page M50 Mother Nile to Mountain scream
Page M51 Mountain shade to Movement One Hymn for the perfect heart of a pearl
Page M52 Movement one paths to Mr Big Time
Page M53 Mr Big Wheel to Mr King
Page M54 Mr King & Mr Jordan to Mr Twittys chair
Page M55 Mr TZ to Muelier tunnel
Page M56 Muellsack to Munnharpevals
Page M57 Munoo to Music for sky dancers
Page M58 Music for small theater to Musikana
Page M59 MusikFreiZeit to My baby sings the blues
Page M60 My baby sure knows how to love to My dream of yesterday
Page M61 My dream rose to My heart loves samba
Page M62 My heart loves the samba to My lovely assistant
Page M63 My lovely Celia to My premiere at the cinema
Page M64 My present for your ballad to My TV
Page M65 My tweet twaat twaat to Mystic mesemba
Page M66 mystic messenger to M’selle Laurence


Page N1 n to Naidni Remmus
Page N2 Naif to Nao e desgracia ser pobre
Page N3 Nao e facil to Natal de elvas
Page N4 Natal no interior to Navio que partes par longe
Page N5 Navire en partance to Need mo
Page N6 Need my lovin need my daddy to Neocaliban grides
Page N7 Neoclassic to Never eat anything bigger than your head
Page N8 Never ending to New blood
Page N9 New blood drive to New lute prelude
Page N10 New Mac city to new trip
Page N11 New trouble in mind to Next bus please
Page N12 Next century to Nicht die falsche Dame drucken
Page N13 Nicht eilen nicht schleppen to Night dance of the little people
Page N14 Night dancer to night the death and the universe
Page N15 night the lights went out in Georgia to Nilesology
Page N16 Nilgiri to Nite Life variations
Page N17 Nite lines to No coast
Page N18 No coast at all to no man is my enemy
Page N19 No man knows my history to No patience left
Page N20 No pau de acucar to No turkey in the jungle
Page N21 No turn back to Noches de Moscu
Page N22 Noches de oro to Nomra
Page N23 Nomsenge to Norgon
Page N24 Norgran blues to Nostalgia of tomorrow
Page N25 Nostalgia over the dunes to Not too slow
Page N26 Not too straight to Nothing was revealed
Page N27 Nothing will be to Now and then
Page N28 Now and then blues to Nu djavlar
Page N29 Nu drar vi ut pa fjorden to Nun seh joh wohl warum so dunkle flammen
Page N30 Nun soll kein Tag ohne Liebe sein to NZZ


Page O1 O to O surdato nnammorato
Page O2 O surdato nnammurato to Obstacles
Page O3 Obstinacy to Odara
Page O4 ODB to ODM4
Page O5 ODM5 to Offshore piper
Page O6 Offshore sounds to Oh mama Im so in love
Page O7 Oh mammy to Ohrkehrum prescht das Wildschwein uber stock und stein
Page O8 Ohroobalee to Old Ben
Page O9 Old Ben Houston to old neighborhood
Page O10 Old Nelly Gray to Olhos
Page O11 Olhos azuis to On a bicycle built for two
Page O12 On a blue afternoon to On see side
Page O13 On seeing Barry Guy at Sainsburys to On the up beat
Page O14 On the up side to One after 909
Page O15 One afternoon to One for Karl
Page O16 One for Kate to One little indian
Page O17 One little kiss to One secret night
Page O18 One September day to Only a ferry boat ride away
Page O19 Only a few more years to Ooh what you said
Page O20 Ooh what youre doin to me to Open to the light
Page O21 Open to the public to Opus in pastels
Page O22 Opus in plastic to Orestes lament
Page O23 Oresund to Orleans trib
Page O24 Orlies blues to Ostinato in A
Page O25 Ostinato in blue to Oudada
Page O26 Oudbar to Out foxed again
Page O27 Out from the cage to outer view
Page O28 outer world to Overdrive
Page O29 Overdrive swing to Ozone flocons torsion
Page O30 Ozone madness to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagan dance
Page P2 Pagan deity to Palamino pony
Page P3 Palan to Pandero y pagode
Page P4 Panditji to Paper doll
Page P5 Paper dragon to Paradox 2
Page P6 Paradox march to Paris stairs
Page P7 Paris stay the same to Part 25
Page P8 Part 26 to Parthenope
Page P9 Parthian to Pass crap
Page P10 Pass det possum to Past imperfect
Page P11 Past in present to Pats retort
Page P12 Pats solo to Pazapa
Page P13 Pazarda bal var to Pearls for Ellen
Page P14 Pearls for swine to Pella
Page P15 Pelle pa molnet to People get ready Change
Page P16 People get ready the inside song to Perel
Page P17 Perelandra to Persephones darkness
Page P18 Persephones jive to Petes parade
Page P19 Petes piece to Phantasy in red
Page P20 phantasy of Negro music to Phoobsering
Page P21 Phookas lift to Pianomedley pt 2
Page P22 Pianomusic to Pie eyes blue