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This index refers to the 495,885 individual tune titles (1,497,998 total entries) included in over 232,751 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abif
Page A2 Abigaah to Abstrato
Page A3 Abstraxa to Ack damon
Page A4 Ack dessa kord to Ada and Van
Page A5 Ada from Decatur to Ado
Page A6 ADO lied to Aficionado
Page A7 Aficville to Afro bossa
Page A8 Afro bouban to After the carnage
Page A9 After the carnival to Agent blue
Page A10 Agent Cooper to Ahumada Avenue
Page A11 Ahundza to Aint we have fun
Page A12 Aint what cha got to Ake
Page A13 Akee blues to Alba sul mare
Page A14 Alba y hierba to Alfonsita
Page A15 Alfred to All babies go to war
Page A16 All baby wants is me to All of the Americas
Page A17 All of the monkeys aint in the zoo to All those long days
Page A18 All those notes to Allinone
Page A19 Allirallena to Alone piano
Page A20 Alone raining to Alternative thoughts
Page A21 Alternatives to Am Zauberberg
Page A22 Ama to Amer be tume
Page A23 Ameramandorle to Amore e musica
Page A24 Amore em paz to An evening in Roma
Page A25 An evening in Sao Paulo to Anatomy of a South African Village
Page A26 anatomy of clouds to And other desert towns
Page A27 And other stuff to Andersen in memoriam
Page A28 Andersons plan to Angels ragtime ball
Page A29 angels rolled the stone away to Annchen von Tharau
Page A30 AnnChristines visa to Another lullabye
Page A31 Another mambo to Anthrozyte
Page A32 Anti AIDS blues to Anytime anyplace anywhere
Page A33 Anytime anytime to Apple pie sweet
Page A34 Apple piety to Aquinas
Page A35 Aquirax Aida to Arcu de chelu
Page A36 Arcunum II to Arithmetical mystic
Page A37 Arithmetique amoureuse to Arringer
Page A38 Arrivaderci to Arvoituksia
Page A39 Arvore to As what you are
Page A40 As years go by to Aspects of Somnambulism
Page A41 Aspects of the dream to At last Alaska
Page A42 At last I am free to Atheada
Page A43 Atheins fryrir gitarleikara to Au lever
Page A44 Au lit du loup to Aurenthology
Page A45 Aureola to Autumn of my life
Page A46 Autumn of our love to Avtoftad
Page A47 Avu Matodzo to Aztec blues
Page A48 Aztec legend to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby Cynthias waltz
Page B2 Baby daddy to Bacalao
Page B3 Bacalao con pan to Back to basics
Page B4 Back to basics blues to Bad day at Black Rock
Page B5 Bad day at Little Rock to Bahiamedley
Page B6 Bahian hiphop to balancing toy
Page B7 Balancing with Bill to Ballad for Max
Page B8 ballad for me to Ballade en G mineur
Page B9 Ballade en Pologne to Bam sept
Page B10 Bama to Bankers song
Page B11 Bankin on bank to Barefoot steppin
Page B12 Barefoot stomp to Barungwa
Page B13 Barushka to Bass solo 2
Page B14 Bass solo 3 to battle of Laatzen
Page B15 Battle of Lyngor to Be deedle dee do
Page B16 Be done to Beat a beat on beat for beat
Page B17 Beat and blue to Beauty for ashes
Page B18 Beauty from Elsewhere to Bedtime voyage
Page B19 beduin to Bega bega aawo
Page B20 Began in Africa to Belas reflection
Page B21 Belastigungsversuche to Below above
Page B22 Below canal to Berbair
Page B23 Berbasso I to Bessarabian breakdown
Page B24 Bessemer bound blues to Between colors
Page B25 Between coming and going to bham shuffle
Page B26 Bhanki to Big boat whistle
Page B27 Big Bob to Big man on campus
Page B28 Big mang to Bilad as Sudan
Page B29 Bilad elSudan to Binoculars
Page B30 Bins to Birdsong two
Page B31 Birdsongs to Bittersweet surrender
Page B32 Bittersweet symphony Waterloo sunset to Black gal
Page B33 Black gal blues to black west
Page B34 Black whip to Bleeding moon
Page B35 Bleeding orchid to Bloke man
Page B36 Blokes blues to Blown logic
Page B37 Blown out to Blue devil rag
Page B38 Blue Devils and the holy ghost to Blue lodge
Page B39 Blue longings to Blue Shalimahs tale
Page B40 Blue sheep to Blues & bourbon
Page B41 Blues & bows to Blues de los techos de lata
Page B42 Blues de lux to Blues for Brodie
Page B43 Blues for Brody to Blues for Iris
Page B44 Blues for Islay to Blues for Natasa
Page B45 Blues for Nathan to Blues for the next century
Page B46 Blues for the next thousand years to Blues in F
Page B47 Blues in F and G to Blues on Bourbon Street
Page B48 Blues on Central Avenue to Bluesalicious
Page B49 Bluesalizer to Bob Cats
Page B50 Bob city to Bogus day
Page B51 bogus man to Bonde suite
Page B52 Bonderizer to Boogee
Page B53 Booger to Boogiewoogie powertrain
Page B54 Boogiewoogie swing to Boplics
Page B55 Bopligatto to Boss mon
Page B56 boss needs to see you to Bottled water princess
Page B57 Bottled yodels to Bow wow blues
Page B58 Bow wow chow mein to Brain soaked hide
Page B59 Brain storm to Brazilian road race
Page B60 Brazilian roots to Breathing through
Page B61 Breathing tube to Briefly
Page B62 Briell samba to Broad brush
Page B63 broad day king to Brooks
Page B64 Brooks blues to BrownSequards elixir
Page B65 Brownskin arts to Bucket of bugs
Page B66 Bucket of shade to Bugatti step
Page B67 Bugbears to Bumpy street
Page B68 Bumpy trail to Burping bassoon
Page B69 Burre burre to But on the other hand
Page B70 But on the other hand baby to By the book
Page B71 By the brook to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadillac convertible
Page C2 Cadillac Jack to Caldonias party
Page C3 Caldos revenge to Calle del soul
Page C4 Calle Estrella to Camelots lean
Page C5 Cameloupe to Canada
Page C6 Canada drive to Cannon from the nothing suite
Page C7 Cannon indie to Cantemos a la luna
Page C8 Cantemus to Capo di buona speranza
Page C9 Capo Ortano to Cardas swing
Page C10 Cardboard to Carnavale
Page C11 Carnavalesco remix to Cartas de amor que se queman
Page C12 Cartas e livros to Castle rock
Page C13 castle rocks to cats all showed
Page C14 Cats and a chicken to Ce nest que votre main madame
Page C15 Ce nest quun au revoir to Cely den si zpivam
Page C16 Cely svet sa mraci to Cest ca lamour
Page C17 Cest ca quest bon to chairs story
Page C18 Chaise a bascule to Changing my mind
Page C19 Changing my scene to Chapi chapo
Page C20 Chapitre 3 to Charmaine
Page C21 Charmane to Cheater man
Page C22 cheaters to Chertsey mead
Page C23 Cheru to Chick it out
Page C24 Chick Lorimer to Children of gravity
Page C25 Children of Harlem to Chinese jumble
Page C26 Chinese kitchen to Choo choo train
Page C27 Choo choof to Chorus uit Nabucco
Page C28 Choruses repetition to Chronofiles
Page C29 Chronology to Ciel bleu
Page C30 Ciel couvert to Circles on the water
Page C31 Circles part 2 to City planning
Page C32 City prelude to Clash of the clans part 1
Page C33 Clash of the clans part 2 to Click piece
Page C34 Click piece + sustain = to Closing medley
Page C35 Closing melody to Coachella blue
Page C36 Coachmen dont hurry horses to Coeur de puma
Page C37 Coeur de trefle to Colimacons
Page C38 Colin to Coloured eye
Page C39 Coloured love to Come mornin
Page C40 Come morning to Coming for to carry me home
Page C41 Coming forth to Companions
Page C42 Companions 2 to Composition 69G
Page C43 Composition 69H to Conceicao
Page C44 Conceive a man to Condition Alpha
Page C45 Condition blue to Connection part 1
Page C46 Connection part 2 to Continuation
Page C47 Continuation of the general explanation to Coo Coo U
Page C48 Coo dinny coo to Cop a fifth
Page C49 Cop girl to Cornered
Page C50 Cornered coach to cosmik intro
Page C51 Cosminc rock to Counterpoint a la mode
Page C52 Counterpoint carnival to Cowbell strut
Page C53 Cowbellings to Crazy 5
Page C54 Crazy about a woman to Creole lady
Page C55 Creole love call to Crooked waltz
Page C56 Crooked world blues to Crushed ice
Page C57 Crushed little baby to Cuando ya me empiece a quedar solo
Page C58 Cuando yo me muera to cunning stroke
Page C59 Cunningbird to Cyber cyber
Page C60 Cyber herod to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadoodadoday
Page D2 Dados game to Damn my feet hurt
Page D3 Damn nam to Dance of the chief
Page D4 Dance of the clones to Dancin Piazzola
Page D5 Dancin shoe to Dangerous temptations
Page D6 Dangerous times to Dany smokes Virginie
Page D7 Dany tune to Dark mountain
Page D8 Dark moves to Das ist Alice
Page D9 Das ist Berlin to Dawn and dusk
Page D10 Dawn and Lizz to Dayo
Page D11 Dayom to De nativitate
Page D12 De nieuwe slurf to Dear God
Page D13 Dear green place to Decagon
Page D14 Decal to Dee Dees dance
Page D15 Dee Dees dilemma to Defenses down
Page D16 Defensive care to Deliver the word God loves you
Page D17 Deliverance to Denis birthday
Page D18 Denis dor to Der namenlose Held
Page D19 Der narr to Descarga Ocurriencia
Page D20 Descarga on Las Palmas to Dest en Wes
Page D21 Destandardising everything to Devil Daisy
Page D22 Devil dance to Dialectical Jones
Page D23 Dialectics to Did you get the secret
Page D24 Did you get your milk Stewart to Die tuilerien
Page D25 Die tur muss zu to Dikes
Page D26 Dikke konte to Dip stick
Page D27 Dip your brush in the sun to Discoverers
Page D28 Discoveries to Dithers for Schwitters
Page D29 Dithyramb to Dizzy with success
Page D30 Dizzyest to Do right blues
Page D31 Do right mama to Docogo
Page D32 Docs blues to Dogshit blues
Page D33 Dogstar to Domination switch
Page D34 Dominator to Dont be ashamed
Page D35 Dont be ashamed of a teardrop to Dont go
Page D36 Dont go away to Dont say love has ended
Page D37 Dont say nevermore to Dont you Manny
Page D38 Dont you miss your baby to Dorsey dervish
Page D39 Dorsey medley to Doubletalk
Page D40 Doublethink to Down lonely roads
Page D41 down low to Dr Jeh
Page D42 Dr Jekyl to Dream child
Page D43 Dream city to Dreaming your eyes every night
Page D44 Dreamingablues to Drink to me only with thine eyes
Page D45 Drink tolly only with meat pies to drug store cabaret
Page D46 Drug store cowboys to Drunt in der Lobau
Page D47 Drunter und Druber to Duck walk
Page D48 Duck you sucker 1 to Dukes suite
Page D49 Dukes theme to Durhams turn
Page D50 Duri to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early man
Page E2 Early Maria to East of ginger trees
Page E3 East of Haden to Easy to remember
Page E4 Easy to riff to Echoes shadows
Page E5 Echoes wind transpire to Edward the IIIrd
Page E6 Edward the mad shirt grinder to Ehh hor ma
Page E7 Ehhe to Einundfunfzig
Page E8 Einundvierzig to El dia de la corrida
Page E9 El dia en que me quieras to El rada
Page E10 El Rado scuffle to Electric elephant dance
Page E11 Electric excentric to elephant sleeps but still remembers
Page E12 Elephant song to Ellington fantasy
Page E13 Ellington I Folkets park to Embreaceable you
Page E14 Embreceable you to Empty states
Page E15 Empty street to En till Hill
Page E16 En tillrackligt stor summa pengar to Endeveras
Page E17 Endgame to Enough
Page E18 Enough already to Epeleptika
Page E19 Epenthesis to Eremitage
Page E20 Erendira to Es waren zwei konigskinder
Page E21 Es webert schon am Koglberg to EsSeee
Page E22 Esseesse to Ete dsver
Page E23 Ete en France to Etude op2 no 1
Page E24 Etude Op25 No2 to Even dust sparkles on the moon
Page E25 Even Eivind to Every hour
Page E26 Every hour every minute to Everyones song but my own
Page E27 Everyones sweet on my sugar to Evolvement
Page E28 Evolvent to Exiled rainbow
Page E29 Exiles to Exterminating angel
Page E30 Extern sound to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Faded beauty
Page F2 Faded blue to Fall out
Page F3 Fall prelude to Fancy that
Page F4 Fancy this fancy that to Far East Express
Page F5 Far East ferry to Fast and furious
Page F6 Fast and good to fathers stomp
Page F7 Fathers tale to Fed up
Page F8 Fedayn to Feldman meets Dolphy
Page F9 Feldman@5spot First set to Festoon
Page F10 Fet to Fiesta siesta
Page F11 Fiesta time to Filo di lana
Page F12 Filomeel and Procne to Finger blues
Page F13 finger breaker to Firewater
Page F14 Firewater air to First story together
Page F15 First Street West to Five dees
Page F16 Five definitions of love to Flake 0
Page F17 Flaker spann eln to flesh is weak
Page F18 flesh the bone the dirt the stone to floating bear
Page F19 Floating bow to Flowers all over
Page F20 Flowers and birds to Fly off
Page F21 Fly on to foil is not soft
Page F22 Foilage at night to Fool burro
Page F23 fool can always break your heart to For bearings
Page F24 For being nice to the wrong people to For Ike
Page F25 For ikke dengang to For Patriece
Page F26 For Patrik L to For Val
Page F27 For Velasquez to Forever Lulu
Page F28 Forever mine to Forties in the eighties
Page F29 Forties medley to Four minutes of fun
Page F30 Four modes to Foxtrott
Page F31 Foxtrott studie to FrankfurtMaputo
Page F32 Frankie to Free Angela
Page F33 Free as a bird to Freedom at sunset
Page F34 Freedom bass dance to Frere monk
Page F35 Frere sourire to frimelos like Pierluigi
Page F36 Frimfram sauce to From here to paternity
Page F37 From here to the moon to Frontin’
Page F38 Frontlash to Fugue 1978
Page F39 fugue 2 to Fundamental mind
Page F40 Fundamental mood to Funky jazz walk
Page F41 Funky jhaptal to Furrow 5
Page F42 Furrow 6 to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gally house blues
Page G2 Galo + schirglo to Garden party
Page G3 Garden party time to Gaucho
Page G4 Gaucho Joe to Gelo e poi sento
Page G5 Gelobet seist du jesu to Gentlemans blues
Page G6 gentlemans gentleman to Geschiebemergel
Page G7 Geschlechtsumwandlung to Get with
Page G8 Get with it to Ghost walkin blues
Page G9 ghost walks on the cool side to Gimme gimme blues
Page G10 Gimme gimme gimme to girl of stone
Page G11 Girl of the moment to Give me more
Page G12 Give me my dime back give me my money to Glass woman
Page G13 Glassbaren to Glucksgau
Page G14 Gluckwunsch to Go your way and Ill go mine
Page G15 Goa to Goin down south
Page G16 Goin down the levee to golden era
Page G17 Golden era of elders to Gonna find my way
Page G18 Gonna fix your wagon to Good morning no milk here today
Page G19 Good morning of France to Goodbye sadness
Page G20 Goodbye Sally Brown to Gosto sinho
Page G21 Gostop to Gozum
Page G22 Gozwell to Grandmas boogie
Page G23 Grandmas coffin to Greasy greens
Page G24 Greasy kid stuff to Green green
Page G25 green green grass of home to Greuzi wohl Fray Stirnima
Page G26 Greve revolte to Groove therapy
Page G27 Groove thing to Grunge piano
Page G28 Grunge Street to Guilty your honor
Page G29 Guimares to Gute nacht Teddy
Page G30 Gute Reise to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hairless Joe
Page H2 Hairletters and hipswingers to Hallo Joe
Page H3 Hallo Jose to hand that signed the paper
Page H4 Hand to hand to Hapa Haole Hula girl
Page H5 Hapana kuti mbijana to Happy sad happy
Page H6 Happy sad hip folks to Hardy bar song
Page H7 Hardy duet to Harpsody in blues
Page H8 Harpsychora to Haunted house blues
Page H9 Haunted houses to Hawaiian harmony blues
Page H10 Hawaiian heat wave to He taxi
Page H11 He tells himself hes happy to Heart beam
Page H12 Heart beat to Heavy
Page H13 Heavy accent to Heleginus
Page H14 Helemaal to Help me blues
Page H15 Help me Brother to Herbie Honecker
Page H16 Herbie in the doghouse to Herido
Page H17 Herilase hukkFarewell to Hornet to Het verdriet van Belgie
Page H18 Het vrije western to Hey you yes you
Page H19 Hey young fella to High Barn stampede
Page H20 High beam to Hiho the merrio
Page H21 Hiipata to Hipnosis
Page H22 Hipnotation to Hitting streak
Page H23 Hitting the bottle to Hold everything here comes my girl
Page H24 Hold fast to holy euphonic stompers
Page H25 Holy faith to Homenaje a Ellington
Page H26 Homenaje a Emiliano to Honeysuckle Sam
Page H27 Honeytime to Hopeful impressions of happiness
Page H28 Hopeful instead to Horses neck
Page H29 Horses run to Hot summer night
Page H30 Hot summer nights to house that might have been
Page H31 house that my father built to How I got overrelaxing on the riverside
Page H32 How I hate to see Xmas come around to Hows the flowers medley
Page H33 Hows the horn treating you to Human feel
Page H34 Human feeling to Hurdle races
Page H35 Hurdles to Hymn for Easter Thursday
Page H36 Hymn for fall to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I better not
Page I2 I better thank her to I cant think
Page I3 I cant think of anything but you to I dont have to ride no more
Page I4 I dont have to take it to I feel so good
Page I5 I feel so good today to I got to know
Page I6 I got to learn to do the mambo to I hope I can love again
Page I7 I hope I die before I go bald to I lift up my finger
Page I8 I lift up my finger and I say Tweet to I love you more each day
Page I9 I love you more every day to I often dream of how we went together and spring wind played on your golden hair
Page I10 I often think they have merely gone out to I see all shades of you
Page I11 I see altitudes to I too sing America
Page I12 I took a chance on loving you to I want to go back to the farm
Page I13 I want to go home to I wish you were waiting for me
Page I14 I wish you would to Ice palace
Page I15 ice pick cometh to Id love to call you my sweetheart
Page I16 Id love to fall asleep to If I could sleep
Page I17 If I could soar like a lark at sunrise to If six was nine
Page I18 If six were mine to If you see something say something
Page I19 If you seek a fox to IIII
Page I20 IIIIII to Il peschin
Page I21 Il peso delle nuvole to Ill drink to that
Page I22 Ill drive my blues away to Illimani
Page I23 Illingen to Im checking out goombye
Page I24 Im clappin and shoutin to Im gonna stop Mr Henry Lee
Page I25 Im gonna stop this nite life to Im not falling
Page I26 Im not falling in love with you to Im thinkin about buyin a chainsaw
Page I27 Im thinking about it to Immer im Traum
Page I28 Immer Lacheln to Impromptu ensemble
Page I29 Impromptu ensemble no 1 to Improvised song 12
Page I30 Improvised song 13 to In a way
Page I31 In a way she goes to In his name
Page I32 In his place to In pursuit of hip
Page I33 In pursuit of matter to In the fast lane
Page I34 In the field to In the synagogue
Page I35 In the tagine to Incerteza
Page I36 Incertezze to Indide section
Page I37 Indidental gaucho to Ingen blive skal til skamme
Page I38 Ingen dalig kappa att axl to Innocent one
Page I39 innocent ones to Instant joy
Page I40 Instant judgement to Interlude no 948
Page I41 Interlude Nocturne to Intervju med Sigbjorn Obstfelder
Page I42 Interwoven to Intro to Black and tan fantasy
Page I43 Intro to Blue pepper to IntroSufi walk
Page I44 IntroSunny day to Io fragment 2
Page I45 Io fragment 3 to Is difficult to fly without whisky
Page I46 Is dis it or whut to Island in the sky
Page I47 Island in the sun to It always seemed to be sunny
Page I48 It always starts to rain to It seems
Page I49 It seems easy to Its a fine howdoyoudo
Page I50 Its a fine life to Its getting real dark
Page I51 Its glory to Its psychological
Page I52 Its purely coincidental to IV Sarabande
Page I53 IV Secuancia to Ive got your love
Page I54 Ive got your number to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to JacMac talking
Page J2 Jacmel to Jalopy
Page J3 Jalopy cat to Janek
Page J4 Janel to Jawn Henry
Page J5 Jawne to Jazz me blue
Page J6 Jazz me blues to JBs dilemma
Page J7 JBs dreamtime to Jeds blues
Page J8 Jeds place to Jerrys birthday
Page J9 Jerrys blues to JF blues
Page J10 JF drums to Jitterbuggin
Page J11 jitterbugs to Joe Turners blues
Page J12 Joe Venuti talking to Phil MacKellar to Johnnys in town
Page J13 Johnnys jitters to Jorens dance
Page J14 Jorens jungle to Joy in the Lord
Page J15 Joy inside my tears to Judy Anne
Page J16 Judy at the festival to Jump Monk No2
Page J17 Jump n jive to Jungle bolero
Page J18 Jungle boogie to Just a kiss away
Page J19 Just a lazy old tune to Just for a day
Page J20 Just for a friend to Just say cheese
Page J21 Just say goodbye to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalians way
Page K2 KaliAu to Kaprona
Page K3 Kaptain Krunch to Katherines song
Page K4 Kathexis to Keep holding
Page K5 Keep honkin Im reloading to Keko smile
Page K6 Keks ist fortschritt to Key to the city life
Page K7 Key to the forbidden city to Kikoki
Page K8 Kikos special to King David swing
Page K9 King Davids blues to Kis egyszeru
Page K10 kis eipotisztito fiu to Klactoveedsedstene
Page K11 Klactoveedsetene to Knitting harmonix
Page K12 Knitting needles to Kokoro bosoina
Page K13 Kokoro no umi to Kool and the gang I
Page K14 Kool and the gang II to Krim 3
Page K15 Kriminologie to Kura
Page K16 Kura kura to KZ


Page L1 L to La chanson de Broadway
Page L2 La chanson de cinquante sous to La donna che voglio
Page L3 La donna del bar to La kulla des hotes
Page L4 La la to La nina cuando va a misa
Page L5 La nina de Guatamala to La Romandie
Page L6 La ronda to La valse de nos renedezvous
Page L7 La valse de Sierro to Laddie lad
Page L8 Laddio di saba to Ladys in love
Page L9 ladys in love with love to Lambent
Page L10 Lambent calm to Land one
Page L11 land only dreamed of to large S
Page L12 Large song to Last daysHands
Page L13 Last detail to Last turn
Page L14 Last turn around the room to latin line
Page L15 Latin liver to Lautre chose
Page L16 Lautre cote to LC blues
Page L17 LC on the cut to Le depart final
Page L18 Le dernier bonnet to Le paon
Page L19 Le paon elegiaque to Le sunset
Page L20 Le supercool to Learning curve
Page L21 Learning curve blues to Leewise
Page L22 Leey Linda Lou to lemon bird
Page L23 Lemon bitter to Les 2 enfants
Page L24 Les 2 magots to Les marins de la rue GayLussac
Page L25 Les marquises to Lesson III
Page L26 lesson in bop to Let the feeling flow
Page L27 Let the flower grow to Lets go down to the river
Page L28 Lets go downtown to letter to Mom
Page L29 Letter to my baby to Liars
Page L30 Liars dice to Life as crystals
Page L31 Life as it is to Liftoff
Page L32 Lig niet te zeuren to Like a bird on the wing
Page L33 Like a black riverbed to Lil Jeannie
Page L34 Lil Joe to Linctus
Page L35 lind sonata to Lions boogie
Page L36 Lions boogie woogie to Lithuanian stomp
Page L37 Lithuanian whirl to Little dog blues
Page L38 Little dog running to Little man theme
Page L39 little man wasnt there to Little soul sister
Page L40 Little soul song to Live to love
Page L41 Live to tell to Llevatela
Page L42 Llews blues to Lof tussendoor
Page L43 Loff to Lonely blacks
Page L44 Lonely blue to Long come Tutu
Page L45 Long continum to Longshort long
Page L46 Longshot to Looking for the boy
Page L47 Looking for the climax to Lord Vader
Page L48 Lord Walton to Lost for generation
Page L49 Lost for words to Louana
Page L50 Louange to Love bug hit me
Page L51 love bug will bite you to Love is here tonight
Page L52 Love is hip to Love Poem nr 23
Page L53 Love Poem nr 24 to Love you didnt do the right thing by me
Page L54 Love you for life to Loves so cruel
Page L55 Loves so far away to Ls bop
Page L56 LS drive to Ludwigs dilemma
Page L57 Ludwigsburg blues to Lultimo valzer
Page L58 Lultimo volo to Lusignolo dellimperatore
Page L59 Lusine to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach mirs night so schwer
Page M2 Mach nichts to Madeleine
Page M3 Madeleine after prayer to Magic Moe
Page M4 Magic moment to Maianthemum bifolium
Page M5 Maias to Make it better
Page M6 Make it break it Beni riamba to Malcolm X El Hajj Malik El Shabazz
Page M7 Malcolme to Mamadeira
Page M8 Mamadou to Mamzelle Josephine
Page M9 Mamzelle Nicole to Manatee woman
Page M10 Manaus to Manis
Page M11 Manis sambo to marabou
Page M12 Marabout to Marching on
Page M13 Marching orders to Mariechen sass weinend im Garten
Page M14 MarieFrance to marriage of Figaro
Page M15 Marriage of Figaro overture to Marz society
Page M16 Marzamemi to Maternal instinct
Page M17 Maternity to Maxwells silver demon
Page M18 Maxwells silver hammer to Mazurka opus 6 no 1
Page M19 Mazurka Presto to Mead drinker Lolo
Page M20 Mead on my mind to medio camino
Page M21 Medio de nada to Meeting of the spirits
Page M22 Meeting of the twain to Mellan K1 9 och 11
Page M23 Mellanmarsch to Melvin truss
Page M24 Melvina to Menagerie dreams
Page M25 Menaitole to Merl in Cuba
Page M26 Merle to Met titel
Page M27 Met wel beleefde groeten van de Kamel to Mezhegei
Page M28 Mezi tichem a tmou to Mickey Mouse Birthday Party
Page M29 Mickey Mouse march to Midnight plane
Page M30 Midnight plea to Mikes blues
Page M31 Mikes bossa to Million dollar blues
Page M32 Million dollar cha cha to Mine a little deeper
Page M33 Mine again to Minor aspects major idea
Page M34 Minor attempts to Minus mint
Page M35 Minus one to Misinformation
Page M36 Misinterprotato live video to Missing links
Page M37 Missing man to Mister Yang
Page M38 Mister youve gone and got the blues to Mkis
Page M39 MKJ to Modern day blues
Page M40 Modern day heroes to Mokrets blaest
Page M41 Mokrokosmos no 108 to mon age tout est permis
Page M42 Mon amant de Saint Jean to Monk D motion
Page M43 Monk delight to Monrovia blues
Page M44 Mons klint to Mood swings
Page M45 mood that Im in to Moon with a view
Page M46 Moon woman to Moral cards
Page M47 Moral dassier to Morgen not
Page M48 Morgen um 7 to Morrocco
Page M49 Morrock to Mother to son
Page M50 Mother told me to mountains edge
Page M51 Mountains Expression I to Movements no 1
Page M52 Movements no 2 to Mr Brakesman
Page M53 Mr Bricolage to Mr Lowe
Page M54 Mr Lowry and the shrill note to Mr Wrong
Page M55 Mr Wu to Mug shot
Page M56 Mug shots to Muppets
Page M57 Muppetshow to Music for Valentines day
Page M58 Music for walking to Musique pour 8
Page M59 Musique pour cage descalier to My BB
Page M60 My beard only grows red to My eyes that cried
Page M61 My face to My heaven
Page M62 My heaven on earth to My mama socks me
Page M63 My mama told me to My remembered muse
Page M64 My reminiscence to My way to India
Page M65 My way to sphere to Mystical friend
Page M66 Mystical games of the young maidens to M’selle Laurence


Page N1 n to nail
Page N2 Nail dogs by ears to Nao esta colando
Page N3 Nao fala de Maria to Natale allItaliana
Page N4 Natale in casa Capelli to Navl Gazr
Page N5 Navlen min to Need some ice
Page N6 Need some pettin to Neodome 1
Page N7 Neodome 2 to Never ending January
Page N8 Never ending love for you to New blues
Page N9 New blues for old to New man new place
Page N10 New marks to New tune blues
Page N11 New twist to Next door blues
Page N12 Next door man to Nicht von nirgendwo
Page N13 Nicht wandle mein licht to Night dreamer
Page N14 Night dreams to Night ties
Page N15 Night time to Nils Tallefjorden
Page N16 Nils walksong to Nite spice
Page N17 Nite spirit to No comment 4
Page N18 No comment 5 to No mans zone
Page N19 No mar das tuas pernas to No picnic
Page N20 no piece to No use crying
Page N21 No use kickin to Nocni ptaci
Page N22 Nocni toulka to Non ce tempo da perdere
Page N23 Non check to Norma Jeanne
Page N24 Normal to Nostalgic lady
Page N25 Nostalgic marigold to Not wanting
Page N26 Not waving but drowning to Nothings better than love
Page N27 Nothings blue but the sky to Now dance
Page N28 Now darling to Nu ha vi ljus has i vart hus
Page N29 Nu har jag fatt den jag vill ha to Nuninas
Page N30 Nunna daul sunyi to NZZ


Page O1 O to O Susanna
Page O2 O Susannah to Obstinate
Page O3 Obstinate in C to Odd aardvark
Page O4 Odd and awkward to Odno I to Sche
Page O5 Odnorafip duo to Offwhite rhapsody
Page O6 OFO to Oh Marie Oh Marie
Page O7 Oh Mariel to Ohthe glitch
Page O8 Ohtli to Old black Joes blues
Page O9 Old black magic to Old new year
Page O10 Old news to Oliam
Page O11 Olie en water to On a coconut island
Page O12 On a coconuts island to On Sonnys side
Page O13 On sound infinity spheres to On the way
Page O14 On the way back to One and one is one
Page O15 One and one is three to One for Leonardo
Page O16 One for Leroy to One long day
Page O17 One long minute to One sided love affair
Page O18 One silent moment to Only a year ago
Page O19 Only ahead to Oohwee miss GP
Page O20 Oohweebaby to Open up the golden gates to Dixie
Page O21 Open up the pearly gates to Opus number zero
Page O22 Opus ocean to Organ donor
Page O23 Organ eyes to Ornedaruth
Page O24 Ornella to Ostrich itch
Page O25 Ostrich season to Oui et non
Page O26 Oui free to Out in the Middle East
Page O27 Out in the open to outing
Page O28 Outis to Overlapped hazes
Page O29 Overlapping conversations to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagan deity
Page P2 Pagan fantasy to Palan
Page P3 Palanca to Pandora
Page P4 Pandora awakened to Paper flowers
Page P5 Paper folding to Paradox waltz
Page P6 Paradox X to Paris tango
Page P7 Paris Texas to Part 3 Blues
Page P8 Part 3 Coming about to Partially
Page P9 Partially overdone to Pass me by
Page P10 Pass me not to Past loves
Page P11 Past meets present to Patsy
Page P12 Patsy fot to PBGD
Page P13 PBH factor to Pearly Mae
Page P14 Pearly shells to Pelog
Page P15 Pelog rhapsody to People in sorro
Page P16 People in sorrow to Peretz syndrome
Page P17 Perez mambo to pershing woman
Page P18 Persia to Petes tune no2
Page P19 Petes waltz to Phantom friend
Page P20 Phantom guitar to Photo op
Page P21 Photo session to Pias boogie
Page P22 Pias daydreams to Piece a Lanam
Page P23 Piece apudding to Pigs in mud
Page P24 Pigs in space to Pinkie
Page P25 Pinkie below to Pivot pals 1
Page P26 Pivot point to Planit
Page P27 plank to Playful intentions
Page P28 Playful lambs on a sloap to Please send me someone to lvoe
Page P29 Please send me sweet Chariot to Plutology
Page P30