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This index refers to the 491,174 individual tune titles (1,481,633 total entries) included in over 230,797 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of February, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abilene
Page A2 Ability to Absurd bird
Page A3 Absurd encounters to Ackakaplakakpla
Page A4 Acker Bilk introduces to Adade
Page A5 adage to Adolphus Hailstork and the Barlow composers
Page A6 Adom to AFL
Page A7 Aflat blues to Afro fire
Page A8 Afro five to After the fall
Page A9 After the fast food to Aggression and regression
Page A10 Aggressive passivity to Ai quem me dera
Page A11 Ai quem mebera to Air 1
Page A12 Air 2 to Akili
Page A13 Akima to Albert et Yves
Page A14 Albert in green to Algiers blues
Page A15 Algiers bounce to All clad in Lincoln Green
Page A16 All Clare to All over the soundtrack
Page A17 All over the town to All ways lead to you
Page A18 All we can do to Alls fair in love and war
Page A19 Alls well to Along the Niger
Page A20 Along the night to Alto saxophone + hubkaphone duet 3
Page A21 Alto saxophone + hubkaphone duet 4 to Amand Amada
Page A22 Amanda to American gyro
Page A23 American Haikus to Amourlogy
Page A24 Amourouxs boogie to An inner place an inner sound
Page A25 An innocent man to Ancient Africa
Page A26 Ancient African horns to And thats final
Page A27 And thats for sure to Andrews theme no 8A
Page A28 Androgene to Angora
Page A29 Angora Dora to Anniversary of a nonmarriage
Page A30 Anniversary song to Another road to Timbuktu
Page A31 Another roadside attraction to Antiqua and all that jazz
Page A32 Antiquanova to Apache
Page A33 Apache dance to Apres la visite
Page A34 Apres lamour to Aracion de rumba
Page A35 Aracs to Are you ready Sextet for the end of now
Page A36 Are you ready Teddy to Armed and dangerous
Page A37 Armed observation to Art is gone
Page A38 Art is in the groove to As I watched you leave
Page A39 As I woke to Asfalto
Page A40 Asfalto rovente to Assum
Page A41 Assum branco to At the dock of the bay
Page A42 At the drive in to Atonal adventure
Page A43 Atonal dance party to Auf den Flugen bunter Traume
Page A44 Auf den offs to Auswartsspirale
Page A45 Auszeit to Avantdernieres pensees
Page A46 avante garde of 1921 to Awright already
Page A47 Awright awright to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby Dee blues
Page B2 Baby did you hear to Bacao
Page B3 Bacardi to Back to Bayview
Page B4 Back to begin to Bad dream of Mr Pussy
Page B5 Bad dreams to Bahyoop
Page B6 BAI to Balancoire part 8
Page B7 Balancoire part 9 to Ballad for my soul
Page B8 Ballad for namne to Ballade for Nanou
Page B9 Ballade for Queen Anna to Bambini salvate la terra
Page B10 Bambino to Banquers
Page B11 Banquet to Barges in a mist
Page B12 BargKristis polska to Base three
Page B13 Baseball to Bassclarinet
Page B14 Bassclarinet introduction to Batts vision
Page B15 Battuto to Be lazy
Page B16 Be left to Beat panic
Page B17 Beat Ray to Beauty sleep
Page B18 Beauty so difficult to Beedle um bum
Page B19 Beedleumbo to Beginner rock
Page B20 Beginners to Believe it or not
Page B21 Believe me to Ben blew
Page B22 Ben Casey to BergKirstis polska
Page B23 BergKistis polska to best thing
Page B24 best thing for me to Between the raindrops
Page B25 Between the rocks to Bibblin bubblin
Page B26 Bibbos tune to Big child on the loose
Page B27 Big chill to Big pond rag
Page B28 Big pop vision to Bill Harris blues monologue
Page B29 bill has been paid to bird bounces in
Page B30 Bird boy to Birth of yellow eggs
Page B31 birth pangs of spring to Bkei
Page B32 BKs brother to Black man MOPE
Page B33 Black man tripoverWomens takeover to Blackwell
Page B34 Blackwell Street beat to Bleu et vert
Page B35 Bleu fonce to Bloodsucker
Page B36 Bloodsucking babies to Blue ballad
Page B37 blue ballad in a bittersweet mood to Blue Friday
Page B38 Blue frog to Blue n boogie theme
Page B39 Blue n green to Blue thing
Page B40 Blue things to Blues and girl of my dreams
Page B41 blues and I to Blues for a fantasy train
Page B42 Blues for a four string guitar to Blues for dirty violins
Page B43 Blues for Dithers to blues for KT
Page B44 Blues for Kurtchen to Blues for Rob
Page B45 Blues for Robert to Blues for Ya Ya
Page B46 Blues for Yaho to Blues in yankee flat
Page B47 Blues in yellow to Blues rock
Page B48 blues rocking to Bluin the black keys
Page B49 Bluin the blues to Bobs century
Page B50 Bobs chops to Bolero der 5 sinne
Page B51 Bolero di petra to Bonjour Mito
Page B52 Bonjour mon amour to Boogie Parisien
Page B53 Boogie party to Boot straps
Page B54 Boot tah la zah to Born of stale air
Page B55 Born of water and the spirit to Bossa sketch
Page B56 Bossa Slovinska to Bouncing with Barry
Page B57 Bouncing with Bean to boys
Page B58 Boys and girls to brass city IV
Page B59 brass city V to Breakin out
Page B60 Breakin the blues to Bricka
Page B61 bricker incident to Bring it all down
Page B62 Bring it back to Broken sticks
Page B63 Broken stone to Brothers to brothers
Page B64 Brothers together to BSVZ
Page B65 BT to Buds beaux
Page B66 Buds beaux arts to Bulles
Page B67 Bulles damour to Burn for Bern
Page B68 Burn for Ern to Busy beaver
Page B69 Busy bee to buzz song
Page B70 Buzz theory to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadillac kid
Page C2 Cadillac man to Calediscopico
Page C3 Caledonia to Called game
Page C4 Called love to Cameo
Page C5 Cameo for Tova to Canadian sunburst
Page C6 Canadian sunset to Cannots
Page C7 Cano canoe to Cantiga por Luciana
Page C8 Cantigas de Santa Maria to Capri caprice
Page C9 Capri cest fini to Cardshark
Page C10 CardsThree and open to Carnival Black Orpheus
Page C11 Carnival bongo to Cartoon music
Page C12 Cartoon shouter to Casvavelo
Page C13 cat to cats walk
Page C14 Cats waltz to Cecelia does your mother know youre out
Page C15 Cecelia is love to Centenarian waltz
Page C16 Centennial to Cest Paris
Page C17 Cest parti to chamada do Rio
Page C18 chamada dos ventosCancao noturna to Channel four
Page C19 Channel Island to Chapultepec
Page C20 Chaputin to Chase me around
Page C21 Chase me catch me polka to Checking out at the inn
Page C22 Checking out the bullets to Chets habit
Page C23 Chets maze to Chicken Joe
Page C24 Chicken juice to Childrens song 1
Page C25 Childrens song 10 to Chipper
Page C26 Chipper and bing to Chopins Fantasie
Page C27 Chopins ghost to Christ was born on Christmas day
Page C28 Christa to Chudies dance
Page C29 Chudo be to Cincinatti capers
Page C30 Cincinatti daddy to Circus balouni
Page C31 circus band to ClacriBadou
Page C32 Clad like birds to Clavechord
Page C33 Clavecin blues to Clinic troll
Page C34 Clinical picture to Clouds in green
Page C35 Clouds in my head to Cobra libre
Page C36 Cobra moon to Cohobitation
Page C37 Cohue de reve to Collegiate stomp
Page C38 Collegiates to combination of passion and feelings
Page C39 combination of power and passion to Come slowly day
Page C40 Come so quietly to Commendation to our women
Page C41 Commensal to Composite motion
Page C42 composite portrait to Composition no 316
Page C43 Composition no 316 version a to Concerto for jazz drums and orchestra
Page C44 Concerto for jazz ensemble and taiko to Confidential report inc personal statement
Page C45 Confidentiality to Constance and Georgia
Page C46 Constanchita to Contrition
Page C47 Contrivance to Cool feeling
Page C48 Cool flame cumbia to Corale blu
Page C49 Corale di San Luca to Corrines blues
Page C50 Corrinne across the sea to Cottontail rag
Page C51 Cottontop to Coup de griffes
Page C52 coup de hache to Cracked sidewalks
Page C53 cracker to Crazy way of lovin
Page C54 Crazy Winnie to Crimes & misdemeanors
Page C55 Crimes against the elders to Crossword puzzle
Page C56 Crossword puzzle blues to Cryptozoology
Page C57 Cryptzoology to cuddlin song
Page C58 Cuddly to Custard puff
Page C59 Custer gets it to Czy pani kocha Hagaw
Page C60 Czy powie mi pan dzien dobry to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dados game
Page D2 Dados theme to Damn slam
Page D3 Damn somebody stole my pants to Dance of the cuckoos
Page D4 dance of the day of observance to Dancing and dreaming
Page D5 Dancing and jumping to Daniel et les lions
Page D6 Daniel Humair to Danza de los sentidos
Page D7 Danza dei bottoni to Dark prince
Page D8 Dark rag 1 to Das Leben ist so schon
Page D9 Das leichtfussige to Dawn of a new day
Page D10 Dawn of a new dayFuneral to days of Greenwood Avenue
Page D11 days of guns and roses to De registo
Page D12 De regreso to Dear Mac
Page D13 Dear Mae to December 7
Page D14 December 7th to Deep beigeFor Dereks kids
Page D15 Deep black mystery to Degeneration
Page D16 Deggen McBobben to Delta Queen
Page D17 Delta rambling to Dental melodica
Page D18 Dentdale dawn to Der shtlier Bulgar
Page D19 Der siebente streich to Desemberlys
Page D20 Desemrascar to Det er godt a ikke gjore noe og hvile etterpa
Page D21 Det er hipt a vaere nykter to Devils game
Page D22 Devils gameLabbra bianche to dialogue with percussion
Page D23 dialogue with tenor saxophone to Didnt I tell you
Page D24 Didnt I tell you so to Diesel shortbread
Page D25 Diesel train to Dimensional shift barten space
Page D26 Dimensione terra to Dirt ass pie
Page D27 Dirt bag shuffle to Disjunct realities
Page D28 Disjunction to divination of the bowhead whale
Page D29 Divination reprise to Djingis Khan
Page D30 Djingle to Do ya do
Page D31 Do ya love me to Dodekaeder
Page D32 Dodeshkaden to Doing the frog
Page D33 Doing the gorgonzola to Don no more
Page D34 Don one to Dont change on me
Page D35 Dont change this mood Im in to Dont let it end
Page D36 Dont let it end this way to Dont take you love from me
Page D37 Dont take your love to Doohrehtorb No 2
Page D38 Dooie hoek to Double B on 3
Page D39 Double bad to Dove sei
Page D40 Dove song to Down tuning
Page D41 Down twice to Draggie mama blues
Page D42 Draggin blues to Dream of the old
Page D43 dream of the pursuit of happiness to Dreamwire
Page D44 Dreamwise to Driving wheel blues
Page D45 Driving while black to Drum transition III
Page D46 Drum transition IV to Du findest viele nochDu findest viele noch
Page D47 Du fond de mon coeur to Duet for sixteen
Page D48 Duet for sopranino saxophone & trombone to Dunkler ruhm
Page D49 Dunkler Sepp to Dva supi
Page D50 Dvanactka to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early May
Page E2 Early meeting to East of Isar
Page E3 East of Jaffa Florentin dusk to Easy transition
Page E4 Easy trigger to Echonitus
Page E5 Echonomia 44 to Ee bah lickey doo
Page E6 Eeah to Eia Haiti
Page E7 Eibreh to Eisblumen
Page E8 Eisemo to El encanto
Page E9 El enchanter to El Rojo
Page E10 El rojo bajo to Electric madness
Page E11 Electric magnetism to Elephen elephants
Page E12 Elephteria to Elliptical Axis 15
Page E13 Elliptical axis 5 to emerald pool
Page E14 Emerald queen to En aout a SaintGermaindesPres
Page E15 En aout a St Germain des Pres to Enamorado a la primera mirada
Page E16 Enamorata to Endless sky
Page E17 Endless sleep to Ensormasque
Page E18 Ensounded to Epilogue 99
Page E19 Epilogue A to Erics madness
Page E20 Erics samba to Escape to breathe
Page E21 Escape to darkness to Estamos aqui
Page E22 Estamos escuchando to eternal turnon
Page E23 eternal variation to Eu yuou a pi ati la
Page E24 Euabalong ball to evening hour
Page E25 Evening hours to Every year I get the blues
Page E26 Every year there to Everything must go
Page E27 Everything my sweetie does pleases me to Ex temp
Page E28 Ex tempore to Expansions
Page E29 Expansions combinations contractions to Eye dance
Page E30 Eye dazzler to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Faded love
Page F2 Faded raws to Fall tones
Page F3 Fall water to Fandanguito
Page F4 Fandangy to Far from Freetown
Page F5 Far from fugin to Fast bucks
Page F6 Fast but soft to Fato consumado
Page F7 Fato consummado to Fee clochette
Page F8 Fee fee fi fo fum to Feliciaadjo
Page F9 Feliciano ama to Feu et rythme
Page F10 Feu follet to Fifteen minutes to Regina
Page F11 Fifteen or sixteen to Fimbriata
Page F12 Fimbulheimen to Fingerfarben Teil 1
Page F13 Fingerfarben Teil 2 to First audition & others pianists
Page F14 First avenue to First time I saw her
Page F15 first time I saw you to Five for you
Page F16 Five forms to Flamenco surf
Page F17 Flamenco tune to Flexum
Page F18 Flexus to flock of sheep and a flute
Page F19 Flocks to Flowery prison cell
Page F20 Flowing to Flying around you
Page F21 Flying arrow to Folk forms no 1
Page F22 Folk forms no 2 to Foolish fun
Page F23 Foolish girl to For Carol
Page F24 For Caroline to For Juan
Page F25 For Judy to For Satch
Page F26 For Satie to For your love
Page F27 For your lover give some time to Forgetting for now
Page F28 Forgetting myself to FortySix West FiftyTwo
Page F29 Fortythird and Pluto to Four shades of a Tartarian lifeline
Page F30 Four shades of darkness movement IV to Fragility
Page F31 Fragility itself to Frappe la route
Page F32 Frappeefessee to Free four
Page F33 Free four all to Freein up
Page F34 Freeing my mind to Fri himmel
Page F35 Fri hornsolo 1 to Frog jump
Page F36 Frog leg blues to From street to street
Page F37 From strength to strength to fruit fly
Page F38 Fruit flys to Full court press
Page F39 Full CSS to Funk for fun
Page F40 Funk for life to Funny
Page F41 Funny & uprising to Futura
Page F42 Futura for 4 phase II synthesizers and orchestra to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Galop
Page G2 Galop cz A to Garden wall
Page G3 Garden where the pratees grow to Gauguin
Page G4 Gauguins regret to Gemachlich
Page G5 Gemachlich RMX Tilman Ehrhorn to Gently but firmly
Page G6 Gently does it to Gestalten
Page G7 Gestapo she wolf barbie to Get your ticket here
Page G8 Get yourself a broom and sweep your troubles away to Ghosts meeting
Page G9 Ghosts of a chance to Gimmie a Melvin
Page G10 Gimmie a pigfoot to girl who dreams out loud
Page G11 girl who makes you cry is always love to Give me the love
Page G12 Give me the man to Gleedom strikes
Page G13 gleeker to Gmoong
Page G14 GMS to Goblins
Page G15 Goblins gone goofy to Goin to church
Page G16 Goin to DC to Golden moments
Page G17 Golden monarch to Gonzales
Page G18 Gonzalos Rubiks cube to Good old days at a New Orleans soiree
Page G19 Good old easy street to Goodnight Angeline
Page G20 Goodnight baby to Got my mental
Page G21 Got my mind made up to Gracelight
Page G22 Graces grace to Grans blues
Page G23 Granskogsfolk to Great exhibition
Page G24 Great expectations to Green of greens
Page G25 Green of the east to Grido silenzioso
Page G26 Grids and patterns to Groovin slow
Page G27 Groovin song to Guaguanjira
Page G28 Guaguanrock to Guitarra picante
Page G29 Guitarra salvaje to Gwon train
Page G30 Gwotet to G’bye now


Page H1 H to hairpin crawl
Page H2 Hairsomething to Hallo Mr Puccine
Page H3 Hallo ole to Handcuffed
Page H4 Handed down to Happenin
Page H5 Happening to Happy soul time
Page H6 Happy soul with a hook to Harfingrinder
Page H7 Hargalaten to Harrison county
Page H8 Harrison Ford chord to Haurses in trouble
Page H9 Haus to Hawk over traffic
Page H10 Hawk talk to He was one of us
Page H11 He was someone like you and I to Heart is a melody of time
Page H12 Heart is beating pitapat to Heavy heavy
Page H13 Heavy Henry to Helgmalsringning
Page H14 Helgt to Helt om
Page H15 Helt rundt pa gulvet to Herbstnebel
Page H16 Herbstnovelle to Hermetica II
Page H17 Hermetico agosto to Hevhetia part III
Page H18 Hevilo to Hi fi pie
Page H19 Hi fi Spanish dreams to High flying woman
Page H20 High force to hill can rule itself
Page H21 Hill climb to Hiram becomes Ulysses
Page H22 Hiram Brown suite to HMG blues
Page H23 HMM to Hold the line
Page H24 Hold the lions to Homage a Bud et Francis
Page H25 Homage a Frederic Chopin to Hommage a Dave Brubeck
Page H26 Hommage a DE to Honky tonk women
Page H27 Honky tonkin to Hoquetus pocetus
Page H28 Hor den lille staer to Hot and cold blues
Page H29 Hot and cold runnin tears to Hotel Jesus
Page H30 Hotel Lazard Cafe to How are ya fixed for love
Page H31 How are you to How low
Page H32 How low can u go to Hubies lament
Page H33 Hubiot to Humming the Thoughts
Page H34 Humming to myself to Husers blueser
Page H35 Huset to Hymn to Spike
Page H36 Hymn to spring to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I better not
Page I2 I better thank her to I cant trust myself alone
Page I3 I cant turn you loose to I dont hear sweet music
Page I4 I dont hear the music anymore to I feel sure
Page I5 I feel that old age comin on to I got what you looking for
Page I6 I got what youre looking for to I hope its spring for you
Page I7 I hope its you to I like Bach
Page I8 I like bananas to I love you Samantha
Page I9 I love you says it to I only had a little
Page I10 I only have chicken eyes for you to I see the flowers
Page I11 I see the great mountain to I tre magi
Page I12 I tre mostriciattoli to I want to love and be loved
Page I13 I want to love you to I wonder how it feels
Page I14 I wonder how youre spending your evenings now to Iceberg Mississippi
Page I15 Iceberg Slim to Id rather be with you
Page I16 Id rather call you baby to If I ever had a dream
Page I17 If I ever had a home it was a slide trombone to If the moon was green
Page I18 If the motif is right to If you want joy
Page I19 If you want love to Ik ben verliefd op een keukenmeid
Page I20 Ik ben zo eenzaam to Il ragazzo della via Gluck
Page I21 Il Ragno to Ill get you yet
Page I22 Ill give it all to you to Illusion boogie
Page I23 Illusion desillusion to Im dancing with tears in my eyes
Page I24 Im dancing with the girl of my dreams to Im happy go lucky
Page I25 Im happy just to dance with you to Im nothin without you
Page I26 Im nothing if it wasnt for you to Im turm
Page I27 Im turning blue over Turnham Green to Imogene
Page I28 Imogne to Improv 4 Hugh Davies
Page I29 Improv 5 to Improvviso
Page I30 Improvviso 1 to In appreciation
Page I31 In appreciation a celebration song to In love for keeps
Page I32 In love for Kiki to In search of love
Page I33 In search of magic to In the house of Williams
Page I34 In the hush of the night to In the world again
Page I35 In the world of glass teardrops to Incompatibilidade de genios
Page I36 Incompatibility to Indonesian dock sucking supreme
Page I37 Indonesian folk song to Initials to a ballad
Page I38 initiate to Inscenes
Page I39 Inscordatura to Insurance rep
Page I40 Insurgency to Intermezzo cavalleria rusticana
Page I41 Intermezzo for a dance to Into the flow
Page I42 Into the fog to Introduction & glissandi I
Page I43 Introduction & Kalina to Invention III Gwens dance
Page I44 Invention in A minor to Irama
Page I45 Iran into Tulsa to Is she my girl friend
Page I46 Is she real to Isnt it a lovely day to be caught in the rain
Page I47 Isnt it a pity to It had to be Bird
Page I48 It had to be me to It was Red
Page I49 It was Richs race to Its a very good year
Page I50 Its a virtual world to Its just like a dream
Page I51 Its just love my sweets to Its the rhythm we want
Page I52 Its the right thing to Ive got a bone to pick with you
Page I53 Ive got a brandnew girl to Ivory rag
Page I54 Ivory romance to I�ll remember you


Page J1 J to Jaco Reggea
Page J2 Jaco shuffle Mr Papagayu to Jam and jive
Page J3 Jam at JATP to Janet and Corina
Page J4 Janet and John to Jay Jays jump
Page J5 Jay Leno secret agent to Jazz n blue
Page J6 Jazz n kas to Jcess
Page J7 JCJSB to Jeff con Lisa
Page J8 Jeff Davis highway to Jerusalem my happy home
Page J9 Jerusalem my love to Jig blues
Page J10 Jig for Joshua to Jive time bounce
Page J11 Jive turkey to Joes tune
Page J12 Joes vacation to Johnson rag
Page J13 Johnson rag blues to Josefines hemlangtan
Page J14 Josefines vals to Joybutton
Page J15 Joyce to Jugglers parade
Page J16 jugglers theme to Jumpin at the Left Bank
Page J17 Jumpin at the Lochness to Jungle pipe
Page J18 Jungle plum to Just a roaming man
Page J19 Just a rockin to Just groove me
Page J20 Just groovin to Just this
Page J21 Just this side of blue to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalidromo
Page K2 Kalif to Kaputt for keeps
Page K3 Kaputter waltzer to Kathy
Page K4 Kathy blues to Keep it going dontcha stop
Page K5 Keep it greasy to Kelin keldi
Page K6 Kelita to Keyif the relaxed minute
Page K7 Keying in your bank to Kill flo
Page K8 Kill flow to King Jones
Page K9 King Judas to Kiss and fly
Page K10 Kiss and make up to Klankast
Page K11 Klankcontrole to knockabout trolls
Page K12 Knockan Crag to Kolmelle rummulle
Page K13 Koln to Kora invention song
Page K14 Kora song to Kroeg A
Page K15 Kroeg B to Kurvmakeren
Page K16 Kurz to KZ


Page L1 L to La chanson de Juanita
Page L2 La chanson de lan mil to La duchessa nei caraibi
Page L3 La dud to La la means I love you
Page L4 La la peace song to La nonna di Beethoven
Page L5 La nostalgie de la boue to La Rosita
Page L6 La rossa to La valse taciturne
Page L7 La valsle vosgienne to Ladies surprise
Page L8 Ladies tap to Lageical conclusion
Page L9 Lagelude to Lament and wild dance
Page L10 Lament chak to Landmarks
Page L11 Landmarks along the way to Larliguin
Page L12 Larma to Last hour blues
Page L13 Last illusion to Lata udda vara jamt
Page L14 Lata vin colindatori to Latin turkey
Page L15 Latin twist to Lavori Casalinghi
Page L16 Lavoro to Le beau Joe
Page L17 Le beau reveil de Laura to Le foto prohibite di una signora per bene
Page L18 Le fou saxophonisant to Le physique de lemploi
Page L19 Le piano mecanique to Le train en la
Page L20 Le train est parti boogie to Leave some
Page L21 Leave Stacy to Legacy of the flying eagle
Page L22 Legacy of the flying eagle 2 to Leng tche
Page L23 Lenger sor to Les chats
Page L24 Les chats bleus to Les poetes
Page L25 Les points scintillants to Let it all go
Page L26 Let it all hang out to Let youth be served
Page L27 Leta dellOro to Lets move on
Page L28 Lets move out to Level three
Page L29 Leveland to License complete
Page L30 License to groove to Life is the song we sing
Page L31 Life is too short to Light over dark
Page L32 Light over darkness to Like iguana without the G
Page L33 Like Im loving you to Lilly Marlene
Page L34 Lilly of the valley to Lines for lyons
Page L35 Lines for Oles to Listen 99 BIS
Page L36 Listen 99 TER to Little blue jug
Page L37 little blue man to Little happy tune
Page L38 Little harbour to Little piece in fugue
Page L39 little piece of heaven to Little Willie weeps
Page L40 Little Willies boogie to Living out loud
Page L41 Living out of a suitcase to Local announcements
Page L42 local bar to Loma Hill
Page L43 Lomahongva to Lonesome and sorry
Page L44 Lonesome as the night is long to Long tall mama
Page L45 Long tall momma to Look up to the sky
Page L46 Look what a fool Ive been to Looyse
Page L47 Loozahville to Los tiburones
Page L48 Los tiempos del hombre to Lost up in loving you
Page L49 Lost Valentine to Love a little
Page L50 Love across time to Love in the cemetary
Page L51 Love in the city to Love me please
Page L52 Love me please love me to Love till the end of time
Page L53 Love time to Lovers night
Page L54 lovers of Alhambra to Low tide camber sands
Page L55 Low tides to Lucky number
Page L56 Lucky number 7 to Lullaby in Birdland
Page L57 Lullaby in black to Lune rousse
Page L58 Lune sans nuit to Lyostraini
Page L59 Lyou mad to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macha
Page M2 Machaca to Madelines party
Page M3 Madelon to Magic mystery tour
Page M4 Magic mystic faces to Maid of the mist
Page M5 maid with the flaccid air to Make it shine
Page M6 Make it simple to Male drug
Page M7 Male male to Mamani
Page M8 Mamanicara to man and his soul
Page M9 Man and machine to Mandalay
Page M10 Mandalay express to Manneberg
Page M11 Mannehole march to Maraine XII
Page M12 Marais maison to Marcias waltz
Page M13 Marcie to Marilu
Page M14 Marilyn to Mars mellows
Page M15 Mars momma to Masai warriors dance
Page M16 Masaka Tsara to Matinee ensoleillee
Page M17 Matinee hour in New Orleans to May I have a talk with you
Page M18 May I have dis dance to MC blues
Page M19 Mc Braff to Mean it
Page M20 Mean Jean to Meditation on a theme by Fritz Pauer
Page M21 Meditation on a vow of compassion to megoldas lehetetlen valtozatai The impossible variations of solutions
Page M22 MegpihenekBen to Mellow pot blues
Page M23 Mellow raw dog swing to Memories are made of this
Page M24 Memories boogie to Menneske forst og kristen sa
Page M25 Menneskehjernen to Merry saxophones
Page M26 Merry taxi to Metamor
Page M27 Metamora to Mi basta un raggio di sole
Page M28 Mi bel joune mim to Microwave woman
Page M29 Microwaveable empty highway to Midnight whistler
Page M30 Midnight with Samson to Milano e Nadia
Page M31 Milano Monchaltorf Paris to Milou et balu
Page M32 Miloud to mingus I knew
Page M33 Mingus in Ftone to Minor goes muggin
Page M34 minor goof to Miracolo
Page M35 Miraculas dance to Miss Dr Shino
Page M36 Miss Dubois to Mississippi mud blues
Page M37 Mississippi mudslide to Misunderstanding
Page M38 Misunderstanding at the bait shop to Moaden on the gayden
Page M39 moan to Modul 22
Page M40 Modul 23 to Molto bella
Page M41 Molto espressivo to Monark
Page M42 Monarque to Monkey talkchim chim
Page M43 monkey The monkey time to Montana banana
Page M44 Montana blues to Moon bees
Page M45 Moon bells to Moonlight on a baldhead
Page M46 Moonlight on Congo Square to More lasting than bronze
Page M47 More lemonade to Morning fog
Page M48 Morning fox to Mosquitos 1
Page M49 Mosquitos day to Motocross
Page M50 Motodrum to Move baby
Page M51 Move closer to Moving with Lester
Page M52 Moving with the window open to Mr Freddies blues
Page M53 Mr Freddies boogie to Mr Radio man
Page M54 Mr Rainbow to Mt Rundle
Page M55 Mt Semba to Multi trill
Page M56 Multiamerica to Mush
Page M57 Mush head to Music to sin by
Page M58 Music to the 5th power to Mutumishi
Page M59 Muturn to My Christmas dream
Page M60 My Christmas list to My geegee from the Figi isle
Page M61 My generation to My little buckaroo
Page M62 My little bunch of happiness to My ocean of dreams
Page M63 My odarlin my olovely my OBrien to My success
Page M64 My suffering to Mysterious maiden
Page M65 Mysterious Marie to M’selle Laurence


Page N1 n to Nail soup
Page N2 Nail that turkey to Nao me toques
Page N3 Nao obrigado to Natalya
Page N4 Natangue to Navy Swings Program 11
Page N5 Navy Swings Program 12 to Needful things
Page N6 Needin you to Neon monkey
Page N7 Neon night to Never forget the good ones
Page N8 Never forget to say thank you to New Caldonia jump
Page N9 New call to New Mr Freddie blues
Page N10 New Muddy Water blues to new winner
Page N11 New winter to Next stop Soweto
Page N12 Next stop titan to Nickelsdorf 5
Page N13 Nickelsdorf 6 to night has 1000 eyes10000 eyes
Page N14 night has a thousand eyes to Night warblers
Page N15 Night warrior to Ninas love
Page N16 Ninas lullaby to Njeri
Page N17 Njeshnost to No divaguen
Page N18 No diving to No more auction block
Page N19 No more beer to No reason to play the blues
Page N20 No redemption without attention to No yesterday
Page N21 No you to Nocturne in Eflat major op 92
Page N22 Nocturne in Eflat major op92 to Non toxic love
Page N23 Non troppo to north country lass tells her sorrows
Page N24 North crystal to Not by the elbows
Page N25 Not Celia that I juster am to Notes and values
Page N26 notes are yellow to Notturno blues
Page N27 Notturno dAltalanga to Now must be another
Page N28 Now nice to Nucular
Page N29 Nuda e cruda to Nuther futher
Page N30 Nuther nocturne to NZZ


Page O1 O to O tannenbaum o tannenbaum
Page O2 O tannenbaum salsa to obstruction
Page O3 Obstructions to Odd dance
Page O4 Odd decision to Odspecial blues
Page O5 Odu ifa suite to Ogadh dett
Page O6 Ogalala to Oh mother
Page O7 Oh mother dear mother to Oil man blues
Page O8 oil of gladness to old castle
Page O9 old castle blues to old pianola rag
Page O10 old pianoroll blues to Oliver Jr
Page O11 Oliver Lake to On a Persian market
Page O12 On a planet to On the beach at Bali Bali
Page O13 On the beach at BaliBali to On tone yet part II
Page O14 On tone yet part III to One calm day
Page O15 One casual song after another to One for Newk
Page O16 One for Nick to One mistake
Page O17 One mo to One sweet kiss
Page O18 One sweet letter to Only love beauty
Page O19 Only love can break your heart to Oopy doo
Page O20 Oorlogspad to opening of a rose
Page O21 Opening of Bass Club to Orais
Page O22 Oraison to organizer
Page O23 Organizer theme to Orphic machine
Page O24 Orphic mystery to Other hours
Page O25 Other impressions to Our feelings
Page O26 Our festival to Out of namakemono
Page O27 Out of necessity to Outside pleasure
Page O28 Outside rules to Overture of Sugar is a friend
Page O29 overture osceola to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagan Spain
Page P2 Pagan star to Palarebop
Page P3 Palas Barias to Panduro
Page P4 Pane caiente to Paper of pinstheme and variation
Page P5 Paper or plastic to Parafraza Kolysanki Brahmsa
Page P6 Parafraza kolysanki z filmu Rosemarys baby to ParisChartres
Page P7 Pariscope to Part 3 Shock and hope
Page P8 Part 3 Spiral to Partido in mar vista
Page P9 Partido leve to Pass the work around
Page P10 Pass the yuice to pasta parade
Page P11 Pasta touch to Pattis song
Page P12 Pattis swing to Pea soup
Page P13 Pea vine whistle to Pecado dulce
Page P14 Pecado primero to Pendant le 70s
Page P15 Pendant que tout le mond dort to people who hate wind
Page P16 People who laugh to perfect space
Page P17 Perfect specimen to Personal call
Page P18 Personal colour to Petit prelude BWV 934
Page P19 Petit prelude BWV 939 to Pharos of Alexandria
Page P20 Phasar to Phugurit
Page P21 Phuh to Picassos weeping woman