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This index refers to the 499,130 individual tune titles (1,507,949 total entries) included in over 233,951 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abie Abie my boy
Page A2 Abie my boy to Abstractions in blue
Page A3 Abstractions in lime caverns to Acida song
Page A4 Aciddropping Nobel prize winner to Ad libitum
Page A5 Ad libitum no 1 to Admiral Byrds blues
Page A6 Admiral drive to Affinity minus one
Page A7 Affinity rag to Afrique kane
Page A8 Afrique tango to After sunrise
Page A9 After sunset to Age of everything
Page A10 age of illusions to Ahmads turban
Page A11 Ahmads waltz to Aint that funk for you
Page A12 Aint that good to Akai michi ga hashiru kuni
Page A13 Akaikas fourth to Alas poor John
Page A14 Alas poor Yorick to Alexis
Page A15 Alexis Cadillac to All across the nation
Page A16 All across the universe to All my tomorrows
Page A17 All my trials to All the young dudes
Page A18 All the young ladies to Allez
Page A19 Allez ali to Alone and in a circumstance
Page A20 Alone and together to Altered ego
Page A21 Altered egos to Am I in love
Page A22 Am I intruding to Ambulance and gas provided by Mutilation Bros Inc
Page A23 Ambulance car part 1 to Amor ciego
Page A24 Amor con voce to An die fliegenden fische
Page A25 An die freude to Anamorphic images
Page A26 Anamorphose to And its forever
Page A27 And its goodbye to Andalusian skies
Page A28 Andalusite to Angelique & Hellen
Page A29 Angelique and Ellen to Ann and Mary
Page A30 Ann Arbor to Another divergence
Page A31 Another dome session to Antares
Page A32 Antares the Star to Any truth left
Page A33 Any tune but Fats tune to Appalachian soul camp
Page A34 Appalachian trail to Aquafricare
Page A35 Aquafriction to Archery
Page A36 Arches to Aria of the forgotten guest
Page A37 Aria of the photo book to Around the block in Glendale
Page A38 Around the block with Wally to Artillery Billy
Page A39 Artillierie lourde to As summer falls winter springs
Page A40 As summer into autumn slips to Ask anybody
Page A41 Ask anyone to Astronautilo
Page A42 Astronautus to At the tortilla factory
Page A43 At the track to Attilas lake
Page A44 Attimi to August in Saratoga
Page A45 August in September to Autumn & spring
Page A46 Autumn 87 to Avenue Des Arts classic take
Page A47 Avenue Des Arts jazz take to Ayciao
Page A48 Aycrigg to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby cries over the ocean
Page B2 Baby crow to Bac n chips
Page B3 Bac street to Back to Africa
Page B4 Back to America to Bad case of love
Page B5 Bad case of the blues to Bahia by night
Page B6 Bahia calling to balance of the rhythm
Page B7 Balance out of life out of balance to Ballad for Lamont
Page B8 Ballad for Lana to Ballade dans le vieux Paris
Page B9 Ballade de ballet to Baltonimo
Page B10 Balu to Banjo tango
Page B11 Banjo twang to Bare jeg turde
Page B12 Bare knees tune to bartenders just like mother
Page B13 Bartenders swing to Bass line street
Page B14 Bass lines to Battery power
Page B15 Battery surf to Be bop medley
Page B16 Be bop mon amour to Bearded world
Page B17 Bearden to Beautiful trip
Page B18 beautiful truth to Beddua
Page B19 Bede gangsterem to Before the time
Page B20 Before the tsars to Bekepipa
Page B21 Bekes express blues to Belly buster
Page B22 Belly button to Bent a szivem melyen two step
Page B23 Bent banana to Beryl loves to dance
Page B24 Beryls bounce to Betterboon
Page B25 Betters and bads to Beyond tomorrow
Page B26 Beyond twilight to Big banjo band
Page B27 Big baritone to Big Jim blues
Page B28 Big Jim does the tango for you to Biggs tune
Page B29 Biggus D to Bimbo bop
Page B30 Bimbo mambo to Birds day
Page B31 Birds do it to Bits and pieces of hard coal
Page B32 Bits for bitz to Black coral
Page B33 Black cow to Black spaniard
Page B34 Black spatch blues to blaub
Page B35 Blaublumig regnen lasset ichs vorgetauscht im Traum to Blister
Page B36 Blister blooze to Blow to the head
Page B37 Blow top to Blue Chu
Page B38 Blue church blues to Blue Island blues
Page B39 Blue it grows to Blue rhythm swing
Page B40 Blue ribbon to Blueberries
Page B41 Blueberry to Blues but not
Page B42 Blues by 4 to Blues for BC
Page B43 Blues for Bea to Blues for Gertie
Page B44 Blues for Gerty to Blues for Michel
Page B45 Blues for Michel Petrucciani to Blues for Swingo
Page B46 Blues for Sybille to Blues I like to play
Page B47 blues I love to play to blues my baby gave to me
Page B48 Blues my girl friend taught me to Blues to the left
Page B49 Blues to the lonely to BN blues
Page B50 BN et les sept nains to Body heat
Page B51 Body language to Bom dia meu amor
Page B52 Bom dia Rio to Bonta
Page B53 Bontempi to Boogie woogie country girl
Page B54 Boogie woogie cruise to Booze party
Page B55 booze rush to Bornholm i Bb
Page B56 Bornholmervals to Boston 2
Page B57 Boston after dark to Bouquet
Page B58 Bouquet blues to Bozzy
Page B59 BP to Brat no 2
Page B60 Bratek to Breaking silence V
Page B61 Breaking silence VI to bride
Page B62 Bride and groom to Bring me
Page B63 Bring me a bluebird to Broken time summer teen
Page B64 Broken toe boogie to Brothers under the skin
Page B65 Brothers under the sun to BSOP
Page B66 BSP to Budmo
Page B67 Budmo hay to bull walked around ole
Page B68 Bull woman to Burlington
Page B69 Burlington Bertie to Buster rides again
Page B70 Buster Royal to Buy the way
Page B71 Buy this record to Byrds word
Page B72 Byril to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadillac blues
Page C2 Cadillac Bolero to Caldonia blues
Page C3 Caldonia boogie to Callaway went thataway
Page C4 callback to Camel walk
Page C5 Camel walkin to Can you take it from here
Page C6 Can you tame wild wimmen to Cannelle
Page C7 Cannelloni to Cantate 147
Page C8 Cantate 159 to Capital news
Page C9 Capital of the world to Carbon
Page C10 Carbon 60 to Carmina Napeletana
Page C11 Carminas dance to Cars & variations 3
Page C12 Cars & variations 30 to Castello magico
Page C13 Castelo to Catherines theme
Page C14 Cathexis to CD24 Untitled
Page C15 CD25 Untitled to Cellorganic
Page C16 Cellos no 1 to Cerveza
Page C17 Cervezita to Chai kinda day
Page C18 Chai peimot to Changeable day
Page C19 Changeable skies to Chantquartet 1
Page C20 Chantries to Charlies drive in
Page C21 Charlies fear to Chavin
Page C22 Chawak to Cherokee samba
Page C23 Cherokee shuffle to Chicago slow dance
Page C24 Chicago slow drag to child runs free
Page C25 Child song to China chambers
Page C26 China chicken to Chogolo
Page C27 Chohon to Choro do Adeus choro
Page C28 Choro does migrantes to Christos theme
Page C29 Christs face to Ciceros ave Maria
Page C30 Ciceros bacarole to Circle and line
Page C31 Circle and square to City in the air
Page C32 City in the desert to Clarinet madness
Page C33 Clarinet marmalade to Cleito
Page C34 Clematite to Close your eyes and listen
Page C35 Close your eyes and look within to Cluniac
Page C36 Clunker to Cocor ritam
Page C37 Cocorico to Cold rolled
Page C38 Cold room to Colore
Page C39 Colore Italiano to Come down baby
Page C40 Come down easy to Comes winter
Page C41 Comes you comes love to Communion structures no 24
Page C42 Communion structures no 25 to Composition 26F
Page C43 Composition 26F Kelvin to Computer music I
Page C44 Computer music II to Conchiglie per dimore ingannevoli VIII
Page C45 Conchiglie per dimore ingannevoli X to Conglomerate
Page C46 Conglomerates to Contact metamorphism
Page C47 Contact point to Conversation with
Page C48 Conversation with a baby to Cool sweat
Page C49 Cool sweets to Corfu
Page C50 Corfu blue to Cose vechie cose nuove
Page C51 Cosecha lo que has sembrado to Couleur
Page C52 Couleur bleu soleil to Courtcircuit 1
Page C53 Courtcircuit 2 to Cranberry bog
Page C54 Cranberry jazz to Creative petrol
Page C55 Creative reconstruction company to Crispy critters
Page C56 Criss cross to Crown royal
Page C57 Crown Royale to Crystal river
Page C58 Crystal room blues to Cuerdas tristes
Page C59 Cuernavaca to Cut 4
Page C60 Cut 5 to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dado
Page D2 Dado tango to Dammerung im park
Page D3 Dammgommor to Dance of the bromeliads
Page D4 Dance of the brooding slave to Dancin in the sunshine
Page D5 Dancin in the van to Dangerous kiss
Page D6 Dangerous land to Danube boogie
Page D7 Danube daze to Dark marine
Page D8 Dark materials to Das grobe testament
Page D9 Das groose glas to Davy the baby
Page D10 Davys crock to Daydreams in the night
Page D11 Dayee to De manha
Page D12 De mann to Dear Chan
Page D13 Dear Charles to Debs garden
Page D14 Debsh to Dedications to the humble player
Page D15 Dedicato to deer huntress
Page D16 Deer land to Delightful precipe
Page D17 Delightful precipice to Den siste laurdagskvelden
Page D18 Den Sjenerte to Der intelligente lernt vom Dummen 58
Page D19 Der jakobiner to Desafinada
Page D20 Desafinado to Desorientado
Page D21 Desoriental to Deux Xango
Page D22 Deuxieme to Dia bom
Page D23 Dia da liberdade to Dicty blues
Page D24 dicty glide to Die namen
Page D25 Die nebel der welt to Diggin for Diz
Page D26 Diggin from the bottom to Dinner jazz
Page D27 Dinner music to Discipline discovers a world of mallets
Page D28 Discipline gets lost in a world of mallets to Distant vibes
Page D29 Distant view to Dixieland one stop
Page D30 Dixieland onestep to Do it nice for me
Page D31 Do it now to doberman
Page D32 Doberman attack to Dog tired
Page D33 Dog town blues to Dolphins don’t dance
Page D34 Dolphins fly by to Donnas waltz
Page D35 Donnavia to Dont fool with me
Page D36 Dont fool yourself to Dont move your shadow
Page D37 Dont mow your lawn to Dont want to lose you
Page D38 Dont want to see you to Doreens blues
Page D39 Doreens delight to Double mystery
Page D40 Double nature to Down goes the day
Page D41 Down goes the river to Doze tickle toze
Page D42 dozen blues to Drastic tone
Page D43 Drat recurring dream to dreamcastle
Page D44 Dreamcatch 22 to Dressage movimento secondo
Page D45 Dressed in solitude to Drop me off at 96th
Page D46 Drop me off at Harlem to Drums & bass
Page D47 Drums & flute to Dual
Page D48 Dual 1 Bou to Dugan manor house
Page D49 dugite strikes to Duo in London Ontario
Page D50 Duo in seven to Dyb & stille
Page D51 Dybbuk to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early Libra
Page E2 Early life to East of Brooklyn
Page E3 East of Cadiz to Easy to live
Page E4 Easy to love to Echoes of the South Side
Page E5 Echoes of the spring to Eduquons eduquons toujours eduquons partout 328
Page E6 Eduquons eduquons toujours eduquons partout 530 to Eh Lio
Page E7 Eh mladi godini to Einsames madchen am meer
Page E8 Einsamkeit to El cumbancherito
Page E9 El cumbanchero to El preciso aprender a ser so
Page E10 El pregunton to Electric bird
Page E11 Electric blanket to Elephant ego
Page E12 Elephant feast to Elleque
Page E13 eller to Embora
Page E14 Emboscada to Empty hoop
Page E15 Empty horse box to En shakawt al hawa
Page E16 En si bemol to End point
Page E17 End rap to Enlightenment 1
Page E18 Enlightenment part 1 to Envoi Section I
Page E19 Envoi Section II to Eramos tao iguais
Page E20 Eramu in campu to Es kisher
Page E21 Es klapper die muhle to Espresso a oriente
Page E22 Espresso crescent to Et lite barn sa lystelig
Page E23 Et lite sekund to Etude 7
Page E24 Etude 7 ballad to Evanology
Page E25 Evanrude to Everlasting flowers
Page E26 everlasting knock to Everyday affair
Page E27 Everyday blues to Evil olive
Page E28 Evil on your mind to Excusezmoi
Page E29 Exectation to Expression of a feeling
Page E30 Expression of hope to Eywat setenafegagn
Page E31 EZ to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Faded
Page F2 Faded beauty to Fall of day
Page F3 Fall of leaves to Fancy Miss Nancy
Page F4 Fancy Nancy to Far away story
Page F5 Far away Texas blues to Fashion statement
Page F6 Fashion storage to Fatherly
Page F7 Fatherly advice to February 8th
Page F8 February brings the rain to Feito em casa
Page F9 Feito nos to Festival journey
Page F10 Festival jump to Fiery mirror
Page F11 Fiesta to Fillin waltz
Page F12 Filling in the blanks to Fine tales
Page F13 Fine thanks to Firelight
Page F14 Firely to first set area 1
Page F15 first set area 2 to Five angels
Page F16 five animals to Flabby Dick
Page F17 Flabula to Fleece market
Page F18 Fleece of clouds to Flirtations
Page F19 Flirtatious to Flower garden blues
Page F20 flower girl to Fly boy
Page F21 Fly brook to Fog in the goldenrod
Page F22 Fog in the highlands to Fonky I
Page F23 Fonky II to For alto saxophone
Page F24 For Alun Lewis Hedd Wyn and the others to For Gillian
Page F25 For Gina to For myself
Page F26 For Naima to For these memories thanks
Page F27 For these things to Forest road
Page F28 Forest scorpion to Forsaken mysteries
Page F29 Forsaken population to Four five
Page F30 Four five six to Fourth time around
Page F31 fourth tonight to Francis waltz
Page F32 Francis who to Freddy C
Page F33 Freddy did it to Free the Red Sea
Page F34 Free the Toronto nine to French kiss for Valerie
Page F35 French lace to friendly game of basketball
Page F36 Friendly ghosts to From Broadway to 7th Ave to Fulton St
Page F37 From Broadway to 7th Avenue to From time to time free
Page F38 From time to time suite to Fuer die Katzs Deli + Starbucks
Page F39 Fuer Olivia to Fumees
Page F40 Fumei a vida to funky avocado
Page F41 funky Avocados to Fur Donaueschingen ever
Page F42 Fur drei Groschen to Fuzzy wuzzy woo
Page F43 FV to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallows pole
Page G2 Gallows song to Garden of the happy dead
Page G3 Garden of the heart to Gattone animato
Page G4 Gattox to Gelflings parable
Page G5 Gelinotte huppee to Gentleman Jimmy
Page G6 gentleman just wouldnt say goodnight to Gerunonius
Page G7 Gerus blues to Get up off your knees
Page G8 Get up off your knees papa to Ghost soldier
Page G9 Ghost soldier blues to Gimme a break
Page G10 Gimme a dollar to girl in the bonnet of blue
Page G11 girl in the grey flannel suit to Give me a ukulele and a ukulele baby
Page G12 Give me a winter to Glass leaf
Page G13 Glass light to gloves hunting march
Page G14 Gloving it to Go to boardwalk
Page G15 Go to far to GoGoB
Page G16 Gogobop to Golden apples part III
Page G17 Golden arcs at TJs borders to Gong doina
Page G18 Gong for Ida to Good morning Bill
Page G19 Good morning birds to Goodbye MP
Page G20 Goodbye Mr Anderson to Gospel interlude
Page G21 Gospel introduction to Gourdo lobo
Page G22 Gourdtopmouse to Granda
Page G23 Grandad to Graylen epicenter
Page G24 Graylon to Green coral
Page G25 Green corn to Gregori stomp
Page G26 Gregoria to Groove drops
Page G27 Groove dues to Growling dog
Page G28 Growling face to Gug mug
Page G29 Gugan to Gurup vakti
Page G30 Gurus for sale to G’bye now


Page H1 H to haircut
Page H2 Hairdrying to Hallo Heinz
Page H3 Hallo Hella to Hand picked from her garden
Page H4 Hand picked rose of a fading dream to Hanza soul
Page H5 Hao to happy put on
Page H6 Happy rabbit to Hardship
Page H7 Hardship & deprivation rain to Harpe dherbes
Page H8 Harpege to Haugh
Page H9 Haukku haluaa to Haw haw
Page H10 Haw hee to He said she said I said
Page H11 He said so to Hearing Ella sing
Page H12 Hearing noises & imagining things to Heavenly love
Page H13 Heavenly love on a planet to Hej tatta gorem
Page H14 Hej te szep kemeny legeny to Hells angel
Page H15 Hells backbone to Her touch
Page H16 Her ved aen to Heres the olden meesaur
Page H17 Heres the one to Hesitacao
Page H18 Hesitate to Hey Russ
Page H19 Hey Sam to Hieroglyph
Page H20 Hieroglyphica to Highup
Page H21 Highvalued mama papas gonna lowrate you to Hip Mr Henderson
Page H22 Hip neighbor to Hit the rewind
Page H23 Hit the road to Hohou speaks
Page H24 Hohronen to Hollywood hotel
Page H25 Hollywood house party to Home town
Page H26 Home town blues to honey pig
Page H27 Honey please dont turn your back on me to Hopalongs cavity
Page H28 Hopcat to Horos fuzivikos
Page H29 Horos kaval to Hot pants girl
Page H30 Hot papa to house of goth
Page H31 House of green lights to How do you do
Page H32 How do you do Honolulu to How ya going
Page H33 How ya gonna keep em down on the farm to Huldrans sang
Page H34 Huldrans tranad to Hungry voices
Page H35 Hungry wind to Hya
Page H36 Hya duchess to Hypotenuse
Page H37 Hypothenuse to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I betcha I getcha
Page I2 I betcha never thought to I cant tell you to begin
Page I3 I cant tell you why to I dont have to
Page I4 I dont have to do what I dont want to do to I feel so alone
Page I5 I feel so bad to I got to get me some ZZZ
Page I6 I got to go to I hold out my hand
Page I7 I hold the key to I liassat Kirschen fur di wachsen ohne Kern
Page I8 I liasset kirschn fur di wachsen to I love you love
Page I9 I love you Lucille to I never will marry
Page I10 I never would have made it to I say yes
Page I11 I say you say to I thrill when they mention your name
Page I12 I tin whistle at you to I want to be with you tonight
Page I13 I want to be your lovin man to I wish that love would last
Page I14 I wish that your picture was you to ice floe winter water lilieswater lilies 6
Page I15 Ice flow to Id like to eatcha
Page I16 Id like to find the guy that wrote the Stein song to If I could give you more
Page I17 If I could have my way to If only one could see
Page I18 If only she could to If you only knew what beauty is
Page I19 If you only know to III Impro
Page I20 III Intermezzo in Aflat major to Il navait jamais fait si beau si longtemps
Page I21 Il ne chante pas to Ill buy you a star
Page I22 Ill buy you gold and silver to Ill wait and pray
Page I23 Ill wait for you to Im believing
Page I24 Im better off without you to Im gonna mess around
Page I25 Im gonna miss you to Im needin you
Page I26 Im never alone to IM Thad
Page I27 Im thankful to Imitation of astral traveling
Page I28 Imitation of life to Impro Still
Page I29 Impro tamapiao to Improvisations for George Riste 1
Page I30 Improvisations for George Riste 2 to In a shady nook by a babbling brook
Page I31 In a shanty in old shanty town to In Geneva
Page I32 In geniuslee to In out
Page I33 In out and around to In the deep blue sea
Page I34 In the deep of it to In the situation
Page I35 In the sky to Inbetwinxt
Page I36 Inbjudan till Bohuslan to Indian winter
Page I37 Indian witch hunt to Influential friends
Page I38 Influential Mann to Innerchange
Page I39 Innercoast whispers to Inspired
Page I40 Inspired by to Interlude at the gang
Page I41 Interlude B to Interview Meeting Sun Ra
Page I42 Interview Minor and major to Intro from Mahagonny Songspiel
Page I43 Intro Gene Harris to Introduction to the window
Page I44 Introduction to toasts to Invitation to a river
Page I45 Invitation to a trance to Iroquois sky
Page I46 Irr to Ishe olu wah
Page I47 Ished to Iswahdis
Page I48 It to It might as well
Page I49 It might as well be to Item 4 DIT
Page I50 Item 5 DIT to Its blowing
Page I51 Its blowing half a gale to Its not just mud
Page I52 Its not like Im going to get addicted to Its you whom I adore
Page I53 Its your career to Ive got the blues for home sweet home
Page I54 Ive got the blues for my baby to I’m ready for love
Page I55 I’m scared of you to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys stuff
Page J2 JacMac talking to Jallaludin
Page J3 Jallow in the moon to Jane Street
Page J4 Jane Street 2 AM to Javisst
Page J5 Javor to Jazz man in the world of ideas
Page J6 Jazz man strut to JB deep down blues
Page J7 JB dilemma to Jeden a ctyri
Page J8 Jeden Abend to Jerry
Page J9 Jerry & Baris tone to Jewish tale
Page J10 Jewish warrior to JIs a la freedom
Page J11 Jish to Joe mama
Page J12 Joe Martin blues to Johnny take my wife
Page J13 Johnny The Brain Torrio attorney at law to Joplin rag
Page J14 Joplins new rag to joy and sorrow
Page J15 joy and the strength of the Lord to Judes cake walk
Page J16 Judes mood to Jump for Gerd & Marlies
Page J17 Jump for Jeff to Junes a word
Page J18 Junes blues to Just a dixie melody
Page J19 Just a dream to Just dont listen
Page J20 Just dont mean a thing to Just pickin
Page J21 Just plain Bill to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kali lo
Page K2 Kali mist to Kapp def gode hap
Page K3 Kappa to Kath meets Humph
Page K4 Katharina to Keep dreaming
Page K5 Keep drinkin to Keiths blues
Page K6 Keiths coming to town to Key of scarlette
Page K7 Key of sea to Kif kif Bourricot
Page K8 Kifaru to King Bee
Page K9 king behind the mask to Kirmizi
Page K10 Kiro kiroci to Kjell Nordeson solo
Page K11 Kjell plays marimba to Knight of nights
Page K12 knight of swords comes & cuts away to Kokarde
Page K13 Kokee to Konyu Darab No 5
Page K14 Konzentrat to Kreislauf
Page K15 Kreisler to Kung bore
Page K16 Kung erik leker pa luta to KZ


Page L1 L to La chambre rouge
Page L2 La champagne to La dolce vita slow
Page L3 La dolce vita Via Veneto to La jornada
Page L4 La jota to La nebuleuse de loeil de chat
Page L5 La nebuleuse dOrion to La reviere du present
Page L6 La revolte to La vallee
Page L7 La vallee de la mort to Lacuna
Page L8 Lacuna blues to lady who sang the blues
Page L9 lady who swings the band to Lalternatore
Page L10 Laltra faccia della medaglia to land of old
Page L11 Land of our father to Laranja azeda
Page L12 Laranjeiras to Last chair blues
Page L13 Last chamber to Last theme
Page L14 last theme song to Latin bondage
Page L15 Latin boogie to Lauras dream
Page L16 Lauras eyes to Lazy mood
Page L17 Lazy moon to Le conservatoire
Page L18 Le conte de fees naura pas lieu Epilogue to Le metro de B
Page L19 Le metro J to Le secret
Page L20 Le secret des longitudes to Lean bridge Magere Brug
Page L21 Lean loud and lovely to LEcrevisse dans la crevasse
Page L22 Lecrin bleu to Leise rieselt de schnee
Page L23 Leise rieselt der schnee to Leonid B
Page L24 Leonids delight to Les forets de bambous du Sud Vietnam
Page L25 Les forts de la tour to Les vieux chapeaux
Page L26 Les vieux croutons nont pas damis to Let me into your heart
Page L27 Let me introduce you to my Rosie to Lets do it again
Page L28 Lets do it lets fall in love to Lets talk about Mr Charles Mingus
Page L29 Lets talk about my sweetie to Lharka li jeya
Page L30 Lharmonispiralifere to Liebes kleines Fraulein
Page L31 Liebes lied to Life within
Page L32 Life without to Lighthouse 64
Page L33 Lighthouse blues to Like somebody
Page L34 Like someone to Limbuke
Page L35 Limburg allein to Linguine
Page L36 Linguine lovers lullaby to Listen to the loon
Page L37 Listen to the melody to Little Brian
Page L38 Little bridge to Little island
Page L39 little island of calm to Little queen
Page L40 Little queen of spades to Litton on the keys
Page L41 Litty city slickers to Living waters
Page L42 Living well to Local to planet earth
Page L43 Local transfer to lombre des forces obscures
Page L44 Lombre dor to Lonesome bedroom blues
Page L45 Lonesome Bill to Long tall gal
Page L46 Long tall mama to Look to the star
Page L47 Look to the stars to Loosening up the queen
Page L48 looser to Los peregrinitos
Page L49 Los Pericos to Lost someone
Page L50 Lost something to Lous good dues
Page L51 Lous good dues blues to Love I once knew
Page L52 love I see in your eyes to Love makes you suffer
Page L53 Love man to Love theme from Cinema Paradise
Page L54 Love theme from Cinema Paradiso to Lover rainbow
Page L55 lover serenade to Low fat love
Page L56 Low features to Lucky 13
Page L57 Lucky 28 to Lullaby for Julia
Page L58 Lullaby for Jumbo to Lunaria
Page L59 Lunarputians to Lydias dance
Page L60 Lydias lament to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach bawp
Page M2 Mach die augen zu baby to made truth
Page M3 Made up to magic light
Page M4 magic line to Mai lei
Page M5 Mai Lien to Make haste
Page M6 Make hay while the sun is shining to Malayalam
Page M7 Malayen boogie to Mama yemo
Page M8 Mama Yi says hello to Mamouche
Page M9 Mamouchki to Manana es mejor
Page M10 Manana iguana to Manig danse
Page M11 Manigances to Mar elastico
Page M12 Mar grande to Marcher
Page M13 Marcher sur des braises to Marie Antoinette
Page M14 Marie Betsy to Maroschek
Page M15 Maroska to Maryland my Christmas tree
Page M16 Maryland my Maryland to Matching rings
Page M17 Matching shoes to Maxims bellboy
Page M18 Maximum to Mazes
Page M19 Mazes counterpoint to Me n them
Page M20 Me n you to Media dreams
Page M21 Media event to Meetcha at the moat
Page M22 Meetcha round the corner to Melchior der riese
Page M23 Melchior Kimmel to Melons
Page M24 Meloodia to Memphis twist
Page M25 Memphis twostep to Meredith
Page M26 Meredith Ann to Messer
Page M27 Messerschmisk to Mexicaly nose
Page M28 Mexican afternoon to Michaels theme
Page M29 Michaels turn to Midnight in Manhattan
Page M30 Midnight in mayfair to Mignone
Page M31 Mignonette to Mill ogutcher
Page M32 mill on the floss to Mind projects
Page M33 mind quake to MiniRock
Page M34 Minis azaka to minstrel
Page M35 minstrel band to Miscelania
Page M36 Miscellaneous to Miss Thang
Page M37 Miss the Mississippi and you to Mister Lee
Page M38 Mister Leuning to Mixed up rag
Page M39 Mixed up world to Modal Tranesition
Page M40 Modal tune to Moide ani
Page M41 Moie to Moments deternite
Page M42 moments energy to Money punch
Page M43 Money Rollins to Mono lake II
Page M44 Mono Monk to Montuno my head
Page M45 Montuno pa la flauta to Moon on my pillow
Page M46 Moon on my shoulder to Mooon river
Page M47 Moor to More than satisfied
Page M48 More than seven wonders to Morning snooze
Page M49 Morning sojourn to Motely mountebanks
Page M50 Moten blues to Mount Terror
Page M51 Mount Wellington to Movement 5 End of the night
Page M52 Movement 5 Save us to Mr & Mrs Cat
Page M53 Mr & Mrs Fitch to Mr Hubbards shock installation
Page M54 Mr Huckerby to Mr Smoothie
Page M55 Mr Snaps to Mucho dinero
Page M56 Mucho gusto to Mumbo jumbo dumbo gumbo
Page M57 Mumbo jumbo in your gumbo to Music conquer power
Page M58 Music DNA to Musica originale dal film della mia vita
Page M59 Musica para cordas to Mwindo
Page M60 MWM to My Daddy was a horn playa
Page M61 My daddy was a lovin man to My grey Heaven
Page M62 My groove to My little red top
Page M63 My little red wagon to My only crime
Page M64 My only friend to My sweet man from Caroline
Page M65 My sweet my dear one to Mystery bus
Page M66 Mystery child to M’selle Laurence


Page N1 n to Naide
Page N2 Naidni Remmus to Nao diga nada
Page N3 Nao e to Nata bissau
Page N4 Nata lagal to Navigation pacifique
Page N5 Navigation system crash to Need a little sugar in my bowl
Page N6 Need a touch to Neo boogie
Page N7 Neo bop to Never close your door
Page N8 Never come back to me to new beginning myth
Page N9 New beginnings to New life suite
Page N10 New light to New three and one boogie
Page N11 New tiare to Newton the fig
Page N12 Newtones to Nice work if you can ge it
Page N13 Nice work if you can get it to Night club
Page N14 Night club boogie to Night sound blues
Page N15 Night sounding to Nikola
Page N16 Nikolaj to Nisshimbo
Page N17 Nisshin joma to No caipira
Page N18 No caipira expresso 222 to No looking back
Page N19 No Louis to No ordinary woman
Page N20 No other to No time to waste
Page N21 No time to wonder why to Noce chimique
Page N22 Noce chimique 2 to Nomad land
Page N23 Nomad pt I to Nordeste
Page N24 Nordic to Noskon fi Vence
Page N25 Nosmo king to Not that easy
Page N26 Not that I care to Nothing or all
Page N27 Nothing or nothing at all to Novemberabend
Page N28 Novemberblues to NSA
Page N29 Nsaa ni Maa to Numbers
Page N30 numbers and the date to Nymphalis antiopa
Page N31 Nymphea to NZZ


Page O1 O to O store gud
Page O2 O strangere de mana to Obsoderso
Page O3 Obsolescence programmee to Oda al Rey de Harlem
Page O4 Oda Eugenia to Odjezd je presne v deset
Page O5 Odjezdzajac rzeki to Offrande 2ieme parti
Page O6 Offrandes to Oh lovey be mine
Page O7 Oh lucky me to Ohne worte
Page O8 Ohnedaruth to Old as the hills
Page O9 Old as trains to Old monks dream
Page O10 Old Montmartre to Olga polka
Page O11 Olga the brolga to Omry part 3
Page O12 Omry part 4 to On returning
Page O13 On returns to On the swing shift
Page O14 On the table to One
Page O15 One & half to One for jazz
Page O16 One for Jazzbeaux to One leg missing
Page O17 One leg standing to One rainy night in Tokyo
Page O18 One rainy wish to Onion skin song
Page O19 Onion stew to Ooh daddy
Page O20 Ooh girl to Open shore
Page O21 Open side to Opus cook
Page O22 Opus D to Ordinary
Page O23 Ordinary awful feeling to Oriole blues
Page O24 Oriolus oriolus to Ossuary
Page O25 Ossuary dub to Ou est ti
Page O26 Ou est tu mon amour to Ourobouros
Page O27 Ouros e talhas to Outbound
Page O28 Outbound south to Over the river into the woods
Page O29 Over the river under the bridge to Oyfn pripetshik
Page O30 Oyfn vey shteyt a boym to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagan
Page P2 Pagan dance to Palais royal
Page P3 Palais stroll to Pandemonium
Page P4 Pandemonium architecture to Paper cone
Page P5 Paper cranes to Paradito
Page P6 Parado to Paris sera toujours Paris
Page P7 Paris shuffle and the vibes to Part 2 They dont wanna hear it
Page P8 Part 2 Time traveler to Partance
Page P9 Partance immobile to Paso en tampa
Page P10 Paso En Tampo to Passy home
Page P11 past to Patrizio Disco stomach
Page P12 Patrizio Fortune cookie to payoff
Page P13 Payoff double to pearl for Louie
Page P14 Pearl for Merle to Pelerinage
Page P15 Pelerinage a lile de Cythere to Penzi