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This index refers to the 498,273 individual tune titles (1,505,136 total entries) included in over 233,664 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abientot
Page A2 Abif to Abstracts
Page A3 Abstrakt 1 to Acidolem ou le blues de Ravel
Page A4 Acidolphilus to Ad ofengnum skaldalaunum
Page A5 Ad olam ahake to Admission of guilt
Page A6 Admit it to Affres et balafres
Page A7 Affrettando to Afro abstraction
Page A8 Afro abstractions to After the almonds fell
Page A9 After the American dream to age of the locusts
Page A10 Age pl @ mandarin court to Aho dze
Page A11 Ahoana to Aint that so
Page A12 Aint that something to Akara moi moi
Page A13 Akara moimoi to Alaskan suite
Page A14 Alasko to Alf S Zik
Page A15 Alfa to All alone in love
Page A16 All alone Monday to All night long
Page A17 All night long blues to All things are possible
Page A18 All things arise to allies
Page A19 allies arrive to alone house
Page A20 Alone in a corner to Altering unisys
Page A21 Alterior motive to Am I wasting my time
Page A22 Am I wasting my time on you to Ame no blues
Page A23 Ame no getsuyobi to Amor fascinate
Page A24 Amor fati to An Eilen Dhu
Page A25 An einem grauen Vormittag kam Gott to Ananse sem
Page A26 Ananta to And maybe youll be there
Page A27 and me me and you to Andante deciso
Page A28 Andante dolce to Angels and satellites I
Page A29 Angels and satellites II to Anna im winter
Page A30 Anna in Indiana to Another fly
Page A31 Another fool sings the blues to Antenne 62
Page A32 Antenne Justine to Anybodys blues
Page A33 Anybodys love song to Appearance
Page A34 Appearance and speech to Aquarian groove
Page A35 Aquarian lady mothers waltz to Archipelago away
Page A36 Archipelago of days to Arianne
Page A37 Arias prance to Around the world
Page A38 Around the world in 234 to Artists
Page A39 artists are leaving to As the petals fall
Page A40 As the rain falls to Ask possum
Page A41 Ask something else to At 10 oclock pm
Page A42 At 14th to At your best you are love
Page A43 At your command to Attrapance sans gravite
Page A44 Attrape to Aujourdhui in Paris
Page A45 Auk and dromedary to Autumn drizzle
Page A46 Autumn dusk to Avevo paura
Page A47 Avezvous bien compris to Aylabah
Page A48 Aylan to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby crows
Page B2 Baby cry to Bacachaonne
Page B3 Bacaimi per domani to Back to Bach
Page B4 Back to Bach to Bock to Bad city
Page B5 Bad clowns to Bahia honda
Page B6 Bahia hottie to Balanced battle
Page B7 Balanced forces to Ballad for Line
Page B8 Ballad for Lo to Ballade de lesclavage des sens
Page B9 Ballade de linstant to BalueBolivar baluesare
Page B10 Baluebolivarbaluesare to Banjonera
Page B11 Banjorama to Bareback rider
Page B12 Barefaced thieves to Barto
Page B13 Bartok to Bass notes
Page B14 bass of bad intentions to Battle at Vicksburg
Page B15 Battle axe to Be by me tonight
Page B16 Be by my side to bearmash blues
Page B17 Bears to Beautiful world
Page B18 beautiful yesteryear to Bedlam reprise
Page B19 Bedo to Before we leave
Page B20 Before we lose tomorrow to Bel ascoltare
Page B21 Bel astre que jadore to Belly up
Page B22 Belly up the bar boys to Benten and the serpent king
Page B23 Bentleys blues to Beschwingt
Page B24 Beschworung to Betty CodeBreau interview
Page B25 Betty Coed to Bfevnov monastry
Page B26 BFF to Big Ben
Page B27 Big Ben blues to Big K
Page B28 Big Kalimba to Biguila
Page B29 biguina bayou to Binary motion
Page B30 binary smirk to birds near her house
Page B31 Birds nest to Bitter blue
Page B32 Bitter cake walk to Black Diamond strut
Page B33 Black diamonds to Black street
Page B34 Black street nightmare to Blaues wunder
Page B35 Blaugrau to Bliv kvar hos mig
Page B36 Blix to Blowed
Page B37 Blowed and gone to Blue concept
Page B38 Blue conclusion to Blue Jew
Page B39 Blue jewels to Blue rol no 2
Page B40 Blue roller to Bluebone
Page B41 Bluebonics to Blues changes
Page B42 Blues chant hoodoo revival to Blues for Big Fred
Page B43 Blues for Big Jim to Blues for Gugi
Page B44 Blues for Guillaume to Blues for moment
Page B45 Blues for Momma Lynn to Blues for TH
Page B46 Blues for Thad to Blues in a bottle
Page B47 Blues in a closet to Blues no 4
Page B48 Blues no 5 to Blues under the influence
Page B49 Blues unison to BO Plentys return
Page B50 Bo po to Body talk
Page B51 Body temperature to Bombasto march
Page B52 Bombay to Boo boo coming
Page B53 Boo boo de doop to Boogie woogie king
Page B54 Boogie woogie Kurt to Bop boy
Page B55 bop brothers beach party to Borrowed light
Page B56 Borrowed love to Boston visit
Page B57 Boston whaler to Bourbon Stret parade
Page B58 Bourbourelia to Brac
Page B59 braccio to Brave up
Page B60 bravest little pilot no 2 to Breakthrough
Page B61 Breakthrough attempt to bridge of Avignon
Page B62 Bridge of birds suite to Bring that friend of yours
Page B63 Bring the axe to Bronca Buenos Aires
Page B64 Broncho bustin blues to Brown bottom Bess
Page B65 Brown boy to Bubbers boogie
Page B66 Bubbins rock to Buena fortuna
Page B67 Buena gente to Bullfrogs and fireflies
Page B68 Bullfunk to Burners blues
Page B69 Burners desire to Busy line
Page B70 Busy lines to Buzzard keep on flyin
Page B71 Buzzard lope to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadillac Bolero
Page C2 Cadillac boogie to Caldonia medley
Page C3 Caldonia no 1 to Calle 32
Page C4 Calle 6 to Camelback drive
Page C5 Cameleon to Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street
Page C6 Can you tell me what I am dreaming to cannery walk
Page C7 Cannetella to Cante del barco
Page C8 Cante hondo to Capitano Nemo
Page C9 Capitao do asfalto to Carbow
Page C10 Carbuncle to Carnal appetite
Page C11 Carnal concupiscence to Carson City
Page C12 Carson City stage to Casting
Page C13 Casting for gravity to Cathys theme
Page C14 Cathys tune to CD502
Page C15 CD503 to Celona bar
Page C16 Celona II to Cesar go back home
Page C17 Cesar le chien to Chain of souls
Page C18 Chain of steel to Changes in boogie woogie
Page C19 Changes in motion to Chaos in 3 movements
Page C20 Chaos in America to Charlies world
Page C21 Charliesmile to Che cose
Page C22 Che fare to Cherry box
Page C23 Cherry brandy to Chicago strut
Page C24 Chicago style to Childhood toy
Page C25 Childhood walk to China town drugs
Page C26 China town suite to Choix mixed
Page C27 Choke boogie to Choro para Piazzolla
Page C28 Choro para Thalia e Steve choro to Chromatic fourths
Page C29 Chromatic foxtrot to Ciceros prelude
Page C30 Ciceros prelude no 2 to Circle modern way
Page C31 Circle moon to City mouse & country mouse
Page C32 City movement to Clarinete nocturno
Page C33 clarinetist is a dancing fool to Cleopatra rock
Page C34 Cleopatra through to Closer closer closer closer
Page C35 closer dance to Clybourn strut
Page C36 Clyde to Coda static
Page C37 Coda to man and boy to Cold thrills
Page C38 Cold to colder to Colors
Page C39 Colors and rhythm to Come fue
Page C40 Come Fule to Comibra
Page C41 Comic to Como cenidas
Page C42 Como come to Composition 308 I
Page C43 Composition 308 J to Con carino
Page C44 Con chord to Conclusion of Billy May show
Page C45 Conclusion of the matter to Congolese sermon
Page C46 Congolese women to Contemplation X for Paris
Page C47 Contemplation XI for Paris to conversationg
Page C48 ConversationImprovisaction to cooler suite
Page C49 Cooler than cool to Corky rides again
Page C50 Corky stomp to Cosmic creation
Page C51 Cosmic Curtis to Count Hubert
Page C52 Count II to Cousin Jimbos between 3 and 7 am
Page C53 Cousin Jody to Crash & burn
Page C54 Crash 1 to Crebe de Chet
Page C55 Crebwalk to critics song
Page C56 Crittendude to Cruel is the swallow now
Page C57 Cruel mama blues to CS waltz
Page C58 CSA to Culboto
Page C59 Culculine dAncone to Cute
Page C60 Cute and sixy to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dado the dog
Page D2 Dadom dadim to Dammit
Page D3 Damn to Dance of the butter
Page D4 Dance of the butterflies to Dancin is making love
Page D5 Dancin love affair to Dangerous mind
Page D6 Dangerous modes to Danube River blues
Page D7 Danube stroll to Dark memory 4
Page D8 Dark memoryshreds to Das grosse spiel
Page D9 Das grosse tor von kiew to Dawda sane
Page D10 Dawdas dream to dayley dash
Page D11 Daylie double to De mayo
Page D12 De me tierra son to Dear dear dear
Page D13 Dear dear what can the matter be to Debue
Page D14 Debunking to Dedicato a Pastorius
Page D15 Dedicato a Shorter to Deers leap
Page D16 Deerslayer to Delikatessen in 12 parts part VI
Page D17 Delikatessen in 12 parts part VII to Den Tex
Page D18 Den ti to Der kleine kobold rotzepuh
Page D19 Der kleine Li to Desbande III
Page D20 Desberato to Desperate Dan
Page D21 Desperate desire to Deuxsesto
Page D22 Deuxsettimo to Diablo en musica
Page D23 diablo rag to Did I hear you say you love me
Page D24 Did I know you to Die reise nach tschangpai
Page D25 Die riesen to Digging for windows
Page D26 Digging in to Dinora
Page D27 Dinorah to Disco dance for draft dodgers
Page D28 Disco dancing to Distinguishing marks
Page D29 Distinquitive to Dixon
Page D30 Dixons dilemma to Do laachs do dich kapott
Page D31 Do lado de edu to Dobre drums
Page D32 Dobre mzimu to Doggerel
Page D33 Doggers to Dom Cerulli interview
Page D34 Dom de illudir to Donogo tonga
Page D35 Donoussa to Dont forget the poor
Page D36 Dont forget the way home to Dont play daddy
Page D37 Dont play dice with the devil to Dont worry bout that mule
Page D38 Dont worry bout the flavor to Dorian way
Page D39 Doriana to Double Scotch
Page D40 Double secret to Down home on the moon
Page D41 down home outing to Dr Bob
Page D42 Dr Bobs nightmare to Drawing down the moon
Page D43 Drawing from the pool to Dreamers rag
Page D44 Dreamershe dreams to Drickusman total loss
Page D45 Drie gravinnen to Drop two
Page D46 Drop your blinders to drums in me
Page D47 Drums in my heart to Duality Nenads sonata
Page D48 Duality of opposites suite to Duke Ben og Jimmy
Page D49 Duke Bey to Duo2
Page D50 Duo3 to Dying slowly trapped in a ventilation duct
Page D51 Dying to confess to DZZM


Page E1 E to early life of Larry Hoffer
Page E2 Early light to East of Eden
Page E3 East of el son wes del tres to Easy to love you
Page E4 Easy to move to Echoes of time
Page E5 Echoes of Webster Hall to Edwaa
Page E6 Edward to Eh Ya ya
Page E7 Eh yep nous voila to Einstein daydream
Page E8 Einstein jtaime to El desayuno del pterodactilo
Page E9 El desembre congelat to El profe
Page E10 El Professor to Electric configuration
Page E11 Electric configuration again to elephant is slow to mate
Page E12 Elephant joy dance to Ellies night out
Page E13 Ellies theme to Embraceable blues
Page E14 Embraceable excuses to Empty now full
Page E15 Empty oceans to En sommardag for langesen
Page E16 En sommargrej to End titles
Page E17 End to a beginning to Ennazus
Page E18 Enne to EO
Page E19 Eo boi to Eratosthenes sieve
Page E20 Eravamo piccoli e cattivi to Es regnet
Page E21 Es regnet leise to Esqualo
Page E22 Esquat to Et resilles
Page E23 Et resurrexit to Etude for Laura
Page E24 Etude for Ricky W to Evanston
Page E25 Evansville to Evertime I feel the spirit
Page E26 Everwhat to Everyday music
Page E27 Everyday Niagara to Evlenmek
Page E28 Evleri var hanahana to Exercise 15
Page E29 Exercise 23 to Exquisite corpse
Page E30 Exquisite corpse I Foreshadow to Ezells precious five
Page E31 Ezenkiviil to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Faded
Page F2 Faded beauty to Fall of love
Page F3 Fall of night to Fancy of the future
Page F4 Fancy our meeting to Far beyond
Page F5 Far blue globe to Fashions flower
Page F6 Fashions out of style to Fathers & daughters
Page F7 Fathers and mothers to February dreaming
Page F8 February drops to Fekete feilhobol esik az eso
Page F9 Fekete gep to Festival of strange affinity
Page F10 Festival of the evergreens to Fiesta de Andalucia
Page F11 Fiesta de bogo en la calle to Film 1
Page F12 Film 2 to Fine washer and dryer
Page F13 Fine weather to Firenze
Page F14 Firenze under stars to First side story
Page F15 First sight to Five before four
Page F16 Five bells to Fladoemfladaf
Page F17 Flaflu to Fleeting Choro
Page F18 Fleeting despot to Flitters
Page F19 Flittin out to flower is the lovesome thing
Page F20 Flower market to Fly fly
Page F21 Fly fly butterfly to Fogg
Page F22 Foggy to Fontana Barberini
Page F23 Fontana di trevi to For Ann Version 1
Page F24 For Ann Version 2 to For Grace
Page F25 For Grachan Moncur to For no reason at all
Page F26 For no reason at all in C to For those who care
Page F27 For those who chant to Forestquartet
Page F28 Forests to Forsiktigt
Page F29 Forskellen to Four Formation
Page F30 Four four to Fourty and tight
Page F31 Fourty days and sermon on the mount to Franconia
Page F32 Francophone to Frederica
Page F33 Frederick to Free too long
Page F34 Free trade blues to French quarter stroll
Page F35 French Quarter strut to Friendly travelers
Page F36 Friends to From Configurations in darkness
Page F37 From confusion to order to From whence I came
Page F38 From whence it came to Fuga for den skaeve engel
Page F39 Fuga fuga fuga to Fun circuits
Page F40 Fun city to Funky business
Page F41 Funky but to Fur H Burger
Page F42 Fur Haronn to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallows song
Page G2 Gallup to Garden of the moon
Page G3 Garden of the sea to Gatur bait
Page G4 Gatur i Christiania to Gelismek
Page G5 Gelispies comin to town to gentleman obviously doesnt believe
Page G6 Gentleman of four outs to Gesamtspielzeit
Page G7 Gesang der erde to Get up those stairs
Page G8 Get up those stairs madamoiselle to Ghost strokes
Page G9 Ghost talk to Gimme a little shock
Page G10 Gimme a little sign to girl in the window
Page G11 girl is mine to Give me back my dynamite
Page G12 Give me back my heart to glass of absinthe
Page G13 Glass of beer to Glow worm
Page G14 glow worm idyll to Go to sleep slumber deep
Page G15 Go to the Mardi Gras to Goin away and leavin my baby
Page G16 Goin away baby to golden boat
Page G17 golden bough to Gongen
Page G18 Gongfetti to Good morning folks
Page G19 Good morning freedom to Goodbye Mr Schulz
Page G20 Goodbye Mr Shearing to Gospel prayer
Page G21 Gospel rake to Govalle
Page G22 Govannis mission to Grande por gusto
Page G23 Grande salto to Grazie Giancarlo dei fiori in Tunisia
Page G24 Grazie per averci seguito to Green dreams
Page G25 green dress to Gregory is here
Page G26 Gregory is there to Groove for Willy
Page G27 Groove from heaven to Groznjan 1214
Page G28 Groznjan blue to Guia
Page G29 Guia de cego to Gush
Page G30 Gush of gush to G’bye now


Page H1 H to haircut
Page H2 Hairdrying to Hallo Heinz
Page H3 Hallo Hella to Hand picked from her garden
Page H4 Hand picked rose of a fading dream to Hao
Page H5 Haomanna to Happy rabbit
Page H6 Happy rag to Hardshoe
Page H7 Hardt of the rein to Harpies bazaar
Page H8 Harplyness to Haulita de la Gorj
Page H9 Haunged house blues to Hawaii five0
Page H10 Hawaii FiveO to He sent an angel
Page H11 He shall feed his flock to Hearsay
Page H12 Hearsay or Orson Welles to Heavenly sunshine
Page H13 Heavenly sweetness to Hekhal
Page H14 Hekkto tekkno to Helly Dolly
Page H15 Helly Suzy to Herald days
Page H16 Herald of zombies to Heres to that
Page H17 Heres to that rainy day to Hessionsessiona clue to pronunciation
Page H18 HessStrasse to Hey Stop kissin my sister
Page H19 Hey stop kissing my sister to Hifi woman
Page H20 Hifitz to Highway A1
Page H21 Highway and byways to Hip shakin boogie
Page H22 Hip shakin mama to hitchhiker of Karoo
Page H23 Hitchhikin woman to Hojas
Page H24 Hoje to Hollywood special
Page H25 Hollywood stampede to homecoming A jazz coda
Page H26 Homecoming blues to Honey where you been so long
Page H27 Honey where you been so song to Hope for Junior
Page H28 Hope for love to Hors
Page H29 Hors bois to Hot pursuit
Page H30 Hot rain to House of my dreams
Page H31 House of Peck to How do you like your love
Page H32 How do you like your tornado sir to Howard asylum
Page H33 Howard Beach to Hullhat ram a jegeso
Page H34 Hullie & Zullie to Hunt for the elephant
Page H35 hunt is on to Hydepth
Page H36 Hydne to Hysterical woman
Page H37 Hysterics to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I betcha I getcha
Page I2 I betcha never thought to I cant tell you to begin
Page I3 I cant tell you why to I dont have to do what I dont want to do
Page I4 I dont have to dream any more to I feel so bad
Page I5 I feel so blue to I got to have it
Page I6 I got to have it daddy to I hope
Page I7 I hope a change will come to I lie waiting
Page I8 I lied to I love you mama
Page I9 I love you Mary Lou to I nodi al Pettine
Page I10 I nodi e il pettine to I scream u danza
Page I11 I scream you scream to I told lies to my heart
Page I12 I told my baby with my ukulele to I want to dance
Page I13 I want to dance this foxtrot with you to I wish wed all been ready
Page I14 I wish you could see me now to ice is breaking
Page I15 Ice is nice to Id like to melt your ego for dinner
Page I16 Id like to poison Ivy to If I could let you go
Page I17 If I could love only you to If Ornette grew cacti
Page I18 If our love is real to If you really need me now
Page I19 If you remember me to III Part three pictures
Page I20 III Placide to Il ny a pas de fumee sans le chant dune sirene
Page I21 Il ny a plus dappret to Ill come back for you as sure as the sun rises
Page I22 Ill come back to you to Ill whistle your name
Page I23 Ill wild to Im bringin a red red rose
Page I24 Im bringin all my lovin back to you to Im gonna put you in your place
Page I25 Im gonna put you right in jail to Im nobodys sweetheart
Page I26 Im nobodys sweetheart now to Im the greatest
Page I27 Im the guy to Immagini del tempo
Page I28 Immanence to Improline 5
Page I29 Improline 6 to Improvisations on Hungarian peasant songs op2 no3
Page I30 Improvisations on Hungarian peasant songs op20 no2 to In a spring way
Page I31 In a stars arms to In great haste
Page I32 In grossen und kleinen zugen to In piena vita
Page I33 In pinetops footsteps to In the early autumn
Page I34 In the early hours to In the stage door canteen talking with Bud
Page I35 In the stars to Incantation and ascent
Page I36 Incantation des vivants to Indiana stroll
Page I37 Indiana tones to Informatoren
Page I38 Informel to Innisfree
Page I39 Inniskilling dragoon to instance
Page I40 Instance of memory to Interlude for solo violin
Page I41 Interlude four to Interview with Art Farmer
Page I42 Interview with Ben Webster to Intro Lever du soleil
Page I43 Intro liquido 2 to Introductiontuning
Page I44 Introductory announcement to Invocation I
Page I45 Invocation II to Irresistible force
Page I46 Irresistible forces to Isis sun
Page I47 Isis unveiled to It aint necessarily blue
Page I48 It aint necessarily blues to It must be love
Page I49 It must be me to Itinerancy
Page I50 Itinerari to Its dangerous to be a bastard
Page I51 Its dark to Its now or never
Page I52 Its now that it was to Ittapanna
Page I53 Ittari kitari to Ive got the sun in the mornin
Page I54 Ive got the sun in the morning to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys stuff
Page J2 JacMac talking to Jallaludin
Page J3 Jallow in the moon to Jane jetster
Page J4 Jane likes Chinese food to Javille
Page J5 Javisst to Jazz man in the world of ideas
Page J6 Jazz man strut to JB deep down blues
Page J7 JB dilemma to Jeden Abend um halb zehn
Page J8 Jeden z dvoch to Jerry B & knew edge stompers
Page J9 Jerry boy blues to Jewisher
Page J10 Jews & Gypsies suite II to Jit it
Page J11 Jit jit to Joe Narcissus and the girl
Page J12 Joe Nathan to Johnny versus Sherman
Page J13 Johnny Walker to Joram
Page J14 Jord to Joy at the jail
Page J15 Joy at the Jazzland to Judge give me time
Page J16 judge he pleaded to Jump Georgie jump
Page J17 Jump in to Jung 4
Page J18 Jung and the restless to Just a fairweather friend
Page J19 Just a feelin good to Just dropped by
Page J20 Just dropped in to Just plain Meyer
Page J21 Just plain Sam to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kali lo
Page K2 Kali mist to Kapp def gode hap
Page K3 Kappa to Katharina
Page K4 Katharina hop to Keep em flying
Page K5 Keep em guessing to Keiths mood
Page K6 Keiths piece to Key of the moment
Page K7 key of water to Kig ha farces
Page K8 Kigeria to King boogie part 1
Page K9 King boogie part 2 to KirschWhisky
Page K10 Kirsebaer i haret to Kjhnkjhn
Page K11 Kjole hole to Knight to Knight 2
Page K12 Knightinarmour to Kokkenmoddinger
Page K13 Kokko to Konzert in Amsterdam
Page K14 Konzert in Zurich to Kresna pesem
Page K15 Kress to Kungali
Page K16 Kungfu lovin to KZ


Page L1 L to La champagne
Page L2 La chance du onze to La dolce vitasuite 1
Page L3 La dolce vitasuite 2 to La juderia
Page L4 La jugadora to La negra
Page L5 La negra Tomasa to La rhumba di Armando
Page L6 La rhune to La valse a larshet
Page L7 La valse a mamine to Lacy chord
Page L8 Lacy connected speed to Lady with child
Page L9 lady with the black dress on to Lam
Page L10 Lam into to land of spirit and light
Page L11 Land of sunshine to Larbre Lumumba
Page L12 Larbre mort to Last chance to say goodbye
Page L13 Last chapter of dreaming to Last time I checked I wasnt a sea horse
Page L14 Last time I felt the sun to Latin delay
Page L15 Latin department to Laurecy ate ja
Page L16 Laureen to Lazy Robinson
Page L17 Lazy Sal to Le corps detienne
Page L18 Le corps triomphant to Le miroir noir
Page L19 Le miserere to Le serpent python
Page L20 Le serpent qui danse to Leaning boots
Page L21 Leaning in towards tomorrow to Led tyftelin
Page L22 Led Zeppelin suite to Lejana esperanza
Page L23 Lejana tierra mia to Leopardskin pillbox hat
Page L24 Leopold to Les gobelins
Page L25 Les goelanmds to Les yeux fermés
Page L26 Les yeux grands fermes to Let me off
Page L27 Let me off uptown to Lets eat more meat
Page L28 Lets eat the bread of idleness to Lets turn the lamp down low
Page L29 Lets twist to Lhistoire de lours
Page L30 LHistoire de Mme Tasco to Liebling was wird nun aus uns beiden
Page L31 Liebling weisst du noch to lifelong moment
Page L32 Liferaft earth to Lightnin boogie
Page L33 Lightnin bug to Like the morning
Page L34 Like the nut trees to Limestone
Page L35 Limestone cave to Link to o
Page L36 Link to z to Listen with mammy
Page L37 Listen with my feet to Little C
Page L38 Little Caesar to Little John ordinary
Page L39 Little John special to Little red rooster
Page L40 Little red shoes to Live and let die
Page L41 Live and let live to Liza
Page L42 Liza & Fascinating rhythm to Lock stock & barrel
Page L43 Lock stock & shuffle to London boogie
Page L44 London bridge to Lonesome hour blues
Page L45 Lonesome hours to Long train runnin
Page L46 Long train running to look within
Page L47 Looka heah to Lopppeatus
Page L48 Lopra to Lose a good thing
Page L49 Lose againgain one to Lost wedding
Page L50 Lost weekend to Love affair
Page L51 Love affair forever and ever to Love in the city
Page L52 Love in the darkness to Love me or Levey
Page L53 Love me or please let me be to Love this is love
Page L54 Love this way again to Lovers leap
Page L55 lovers lie to low road
Page L56 Low sco to Lucky lips
Page L57 Lucky little devil to Lullaby for the naive ones
Page L58 Lullaby for the newborn to Lunch with Eric Sati
Page L59 Lunch with John to Lynbrooklyn
Page L60 Lynces B to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach bawp
Page M2 Mach die augen zu baby to made truth
Page M3 Made up to magic light
Page M4 magic line to Mai lei
Page M5 Mai Lien to Make hay while the sun is shining
Page M6 Make hay while the sun shines to Malayen boogie
Page M7 Malayisha to Mama yo no tengo visto hit ragut
Page M8 Mama yo quero una to Mamoune song
Page M9 Mamounia to Manana la vida juntos
Page M10 Manana pasada manana to Manigances fantastiques
Page M11 Manigua to Mar humano
Page M12 Mar i sol to Marcheta
Page M13 Marchetta to Marie Crozet
Page M14 Marie Daniele to Maroua
Page M15 Marouchka to Marylou
Page M16 Marylyn to Matchmakers
Page M17 Matchstep to Maximum penalty
Page M18 Maxin to Mazin Ennit
Page M19 Mazinka to Me on the seesaw
Page M20 Me part II to Media noche
Page M21 Media studies to meetin with Scott Joplin
Page M22 meeting to Mele kalikimaka
Page M23 Mele Kalikimaki to Melossa
Page M24 Melostinato to men
Page M25 Men ae haw den dundrer to Merengana
Page M26 Merenguafrica to Messier
Page M27 Messieurs to Mexican folk song
Page M28 Mexican George to Michel Meergaerts
Page M29 Michel Petrucciani to Midnight in Savoy
Page M30 Midnight in Spanish harlem to Migrant workers
Page M31 Migranti to Mille lire piu mille meno
Page M32 Mille luci a New York + scena comica to Mind talk
Page M33 Mind the gap to Minitrue
Page M34 Minitrue reprise to Mint julep
Page M35 Mint julip to Mischungen aus Csardas
Page M36 Misconception to Miss Whitney
Page M37 Miss who to Mister memory maker
Page M38 Mister Mingus to Mixolydian dance
Page M39 Mixolydian highlander to Mode for damo
Page M40 Mode for DD to Moitie de truite
Page M41 Moito Mato Grosso to Moments of joy
Page M42 Moments of love to Monga
Page M43 Monge limita to Monody
Page M44 Monody in a moonlit night to MonxA train
Page M45 Mony mony to Moon over Florida
Page M46 moon over his crazy rock garden to Moormans blues suite for piano
Page M47 Moorpark rumble to More than youll ever know
Page M48 More than your dog to Morning tala
Page M49 Morning tea to Mother and child reunion
Page M50 Mother and father to Mountain caravan
Page M51 Mountain City blues to Movement for piano players on a break at 130 AM Saturday night in a big city
Page M52 Movement for string orchestra to Mr and Mrs Clef take a vacation
Page M53 Mr and Mrs Discobolas to Mr James
Page M54 MR Jazz to Mr Stanley II
Page M55 Mr Steel guitar to Mud mapped
Page M56 Mud marchin boots to Munchen
Page M57 Munchies to Music for anglo saxes
Page M58 Music for bass clarinet to Musical offering to Sergey Prokofiev
Page M59 Musical outro to My angels smile
Page M60 My Anne to My dear friends
Page M61 My dear groovin to My Hawaiian bathtub melody
Page M62 My Hawaiian song of love to My lord what a morning
Page M63 My lord What a mournin to My own way out
Page M64 My own world to My Tallulah
Page M65 My Tani to Mystery of Mr G
Page M66 mystery of Mr Monkenstein to M’selle Laurence


Page N1 n to Naide
Page N2 Naidni Remmus to Nao e
Page N3 Nao e desgracia ser pobre to Nata lagal
Page N4 Natacha to Navigations
Page N5 Navigato to Need elp
Page N6 need for essence to Neo housing
Page N7 Neo kamikaze to Never defeated
Page N8 Never did it to new big bang
Page N9 New bird blues to new llama walk
Page N10 New Look to New times
Page N11 New times are coming to Newtown tango
Page N12 Newts in space to Nicene creed
Page N13 Nices queen to night comers
Page N14 Night comes to Night splendor a certain moon flow
Page N15 Night spot to Nil all
Page N16 Nil desperandum to Nitas waltz
Page N17 Nitchevo to No cash
Page N18 No cause to No love so true
Page N19 No love song at all to No other side
Page N20 No other thought but love to No tonic press
Page N21 No tonic Prez to Noche
Page N22 Noche antigua to Nomali
Page N23 Nomalizo to Nordiskt samarbete
Page N24 Nordix to Nostalghia
Page N25 Nostalgi to Not there
Page N26 Not there right there to Nothing stays the same
Page N27 Nothing stopped but a future to Novo Ano
Page N28 Novo ceu to Ntsano
Page N29 Ntshaks to Numero sette
Page N30 Numero uno to Nystagmus
Page N31 Nystev to NZZ


Page O1 O to O strangere de mana
Page O2 O strummolo to Obsolete
Page O3 Obsolete principle to Odaat
Page O4 Odakove to Odla
Page O5 Odlac to Offshoot
Page O6 Offshoot 1 to Oh Mable oh
Page O7 Oh Madeleine to Ohodaani
Page O8 Ohoh to Old baldy
Page O9 old ball and Trane to Old Mother Nature calls
Page O10 old motiv to Olha pro ceu
Page O11 Olha quem chega to Omulu
Page O12 Omunno gira to On Rosh Hashanah
Page O13 On Rue Clark to On the top of the mountain
Page O14 On the top of the prud to One 4
Page O15 One 4 Count to One for Joan
Page O16 One for Joan Two to One letter perfect
Page O17 One level below plant life to One remains
Page O18 One rhythm one melody to Onisoroji
Page O19 ONJ express to Ooh mop
Page O20 Ooh nah nay to Open story
Page O21 Open string to Opus due
Page O22 Opus eleven to Ordnung
Page O23 Ordosz to Orita
Page O24 Orivia to Osteoblast
Page O25 Osteology to Ou vastu petit garcon
Page O26 Ou veuxtu aller to Out among the stars
Page O27 Out and about to Outeme
Page O28 Outer to Over the wire
Page O29 Over the years to Oysterjungle
Page O30 Oysters to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagan
Page P2 Pagan dance to Palais royal
Page P3 Palais stroll to Pandemonium
Page P4 Pandemonium architecture to Paper cone
Page P5 Paper cranes to Paradito
Page P6 Parado to Paris shuffle and the vibes
Page P7 Paris smiles to Part 2 Variant V Mountain sheep deer
Page P8 Part 2 Viento estancado to Parte capital
Page P9 Parte I to Paso triple
Page P10 Pasodoble to past aerated
Page P11 Past and beyond to Patrizio Second serving of snail
Page P12 Patrizio Snail roulette to Pays Cathare
Page P13 Pays daccueil to Pearl of Malabar
Page P14 Pearl of ring to Pelican
Page P15 Pelican blues to People and love
Page P16 People and places to Perdido Street blues
Page P17 Perdido Street blues rap to Perritos
Page P18 Perro hambriento to Peters theme
Page P19<