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This index refers to the 501,492 individual tune titles (1,515,357 total entries) included in over 234,733 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abiding
Page A2 Abiding unicity to Abstraction lyrique
Page A3 Abstraction no 1 to Acid style
Page A4 Acid test to Ad infinito
Page A5 Ad infinitum to Adlib
Page A6 Adlib blues to Affections of alienation
Page A7 Affectious to Afrikani
Page A8 Afrikanische zunge to after Schumann Dichterliebe
Page A9 After session conversation to Agbamurero
Page A10 Agbannon blues to Ahiel
Page A11 Ahimsa to Aint she mean
Page A12 Aint she pretty to Aka moves
Page A13 Aka na dlani to Alap in Raga Bhairav
Page A14 Alap introduction to refuge to Alexanders dixieland band
Page A15 Alexanders dragtime bunk to All = One
Page A16 All a kapun to All my better days
Page A17 All my born days to All the things your are
Page A18 All the things your mother didnt tell you to Alles ist moglich
Page A19 Alles klar to Alo
Page A20 Alo alo to Altalena
Page A21 Altalene to Am abachiedsgrat
Page A22 Am abachiedsgrat P Celan to Ambitious
Page A23 Ambitious for a motley coat to Amoebas dance
Page A24 Amoebe to An apple a day
Page A25 An apple blossom wedding to Anagami
Page A26 Anagma to And I cant make him understand
Page A27 And I cry from within to and William danced
Page A28 And with the sorrows of this joyousness to Angel voice
Page A29 Angel voices to Anitra dance boogie
Page A30 Anitras boogie to Another blue
Page A31 Another blue Monday to Answer Kalho answer
Page A32 answer man to Any given number
Page A33 Any given time to Apollo 13th
Page A34 Apollo 17 to April wind
Page A35 AprilApril to Arc two section D
Page A36 Arc two section E to Argentinia
Page A37 Argentinian slow drag to Arnyas u5
Page A38 Arnys blues to Arterium
Page A39 ArteSano to As long as youre there
Page A40 As love does to Asi es el amor
Page A41 Asi es la humanidad to Astra
Page A42 Astra Brazilia to At the La Villa
Page A43 At the ladies yard to Atta atta
Page A44 Atta baby to Audio_025 trio
Page A45 Audio_026 trio to Aus der reihe
Page A46 Aus Der sechste sinn to Autumn tune
Page A47 Autumn twisted walk to Awake my love
Page A48 Awake nu to Azulito
Page A49 Azungu sa ndi tsitsi to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby come home
Page B2 Baby come on to Babysitter
Page B3 Babysitters playground to Back stump stomp
Page B4 Back talk to Bad boys of Belleville
Page B5 Bad breakfast to Bahamian street dance
Page B6 Bahar to Balancamba
Page B7 Balance to Ballad for John
Page B8 Ballad for John Carter to Ballade au bout du monde
Page B9 Ballade au doigt to Baltimore breakdown
Page B10 Baltimore brothel to Banjo boy
Page B11 Banjo drifters to bardo of life
Page B12 Bardolino to Barrys blues
Page B13 Barrys boogie to Bass house
Page B14 Bass impro to Batsume
Page B15 Batsumi to Be Bach
Page B16 Be back to Bear Mountain blast
Page B17 bear on the ball to Beautiful sad song
Page B18 Beautiful sadness to Becoming metal
Page B19 Becoming partly cloudy to Before the dawn
Page B20 Before the deal goes down to Being in love with you
Page B21 Being in nothingness to Bells for the wedding
Page B22 Bells hung in a tree to Bennys idea
Page B23 Bennys introduction to Bertas song
Page B24 Bertchens blues to Better than dreams
Page B25 Better than ever to Beyond the mist
Page B26 Beyond the moon to Big bad boogaloo
Page B27 Big bad bounce to Big H
Page B28 Big hair to Big wide smile again
Page B29 Big wig to Billys beat
Page B30 Billys blues to Birdie namnam
Page B31 Birdies for Lulu to bit of soul
Page B32 Bit of staying to Black but sweet oh god
Page B33 Black butterflies to Black rock
Page B34 Black Rock Park to Blanket statement
Page B35 Blankets to Blindfold test no 2
Page B36 Blindfold test no 3 to Blousons noirs
Page B37 Blouverdure to Blue bru
Page B38 Blue bubbles to Blue horizon
Page B39 Blue horizons to Blue pile
Page B40 Blue pinhead to Blue wave
Page B41 Blue waves to Blues at Xmas
Page B42 Blues attitude to Blues for an old new age
Page B43 Blues for an unknown gipsy to Blues for Faruq
Page B44 Blues for Fatha to Blues for MacNeil Breaux
Page B45 Blues for mad Mary to Blues for Sir Charles
Page B46 Blues for Sita to Blues fugue
Page B47 Blues function to Blues larmoise
Page B48 Blues Latinese to Blues studio no 1
Page B49 Blues suite to Blush
Page B50 Blushing bride to Bochten algemeen
Page B51 Bochten naar beneden to Boleronez
Page B52 Boleroro to Bonneville blues
Page B53 Bonnfetti blues to boogie Rob
Page B54 boogie rocks to boot
Page B55 Boot camp to Born in the 80s
Page B56 Born in the air to Bossa oseris
Page B57 Bossa Palma Nova to Bouncin with Wes
Page B58 Bouncing to Boy what a joy
Page B59 Boy what a night to Brasilian bossnova
Page B60 Brasilian carol to Breakfast boogie
Page B61 Breakfast boogieNightmare ballad to Brew for the birds
Page B62 Brew meister to Brilliant
Page B63 Brilliant action to Broken dreams
Page B64 Broken dreams of you to Brother Rick
Page B65 Brother Roj to Brushin it
Page B66 Brushin off the boogie to Buddahead blues
Page B67 Buddahs gong to Bukharas ornament
Page B68 Buki Yamaz to Buon volo ovvero uno chorinho a New York
Page B69 Buona fortuna to Buseve
Page B70 Bush to Buttercups
Page B71 Buttercups and gumdrops to Bye Baiji
Page B72 Bye Bernie to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadillac assembly line
Page C2 Cadillac blues to Caldera galeras
Page C3 CalderSnake eyes to Callarinette
Page C4 Callas to Camel road
Page C5 Camel sand and caravan to Can you sew cushions
Page C6 Can you sleep to Canned beer
Page C7 Canned chicken to Cantar del alma
Page C8 Cantara to Capetown strut
Page C9 CapetownPalermo to Caravana extranjera
Page C10 Caravane to Carmens blues
Page C11 Carmens caddie to Carrying on
Page C12 Carrying the cross for my boss to Cast the first stone
Page C13 Cast your fate to Cathedral blues
Page C14 Cathedral boogie woogie to CCAS blues
Page C15 CCC to Cellfone malphunkshun
Page C16 Celli to Certain villages
Page C17 certain way to Chaconne
Page C18 Chaconne a son gout to Change of perspective
Page C19 Change of phrase to Chantage
Page C20 Chantal to Charlie Johnson stomp
Page C21 Charlie Juliet to Chattanoogachoochoo
Page C22 Chattanoogie shoe shine boy to Cher capitaine
Page C23 Cher frere blanc to Chicago eight
Page C24 Chicago fanfare to Child at heart
Page C25 Child at heart Beautiful E to Chimes at Echigoyuzawa
Page C26 Chimes at meeting to Chocolate chip
Page C27 Chocolate chips to Chorinho no 15 Summer days
Page C28 Chorinho no 16 The boat pond to Christmas shopping
Page C29 Christmas ska to Ciaccas vibe
Page C30 Ciaccona to Cinquescento
Page C31 Cinqueterre to Citrus my love
Page C32 Citrus season to Claredad
Page C33 Clareity to Clear night
Page C34 Clear of clouds to Close by a waterfall
Page C35 Close call to Club Cindy
Page C36 Club contrafact to Cocky coocooclock
Page C37 Cocky Scott to Cold brains
Page C38 Cold breeze to Color 1
Page C39 Color 2 to Come baby lets go
Page C40 Come Bach with me to Come unto these yellow sands
Page C41 Come up and see me sometime to Common cause
Page C42 Common crisis to Composition 158
Page C43 Composition 159 to Composition on the theme Every time we say goodbye
Page C44 Composition on the theme of a Jewish song to Concerto grosso modo
Page C45 Concerto grosso no 6 to Confrontation in East Oakland
Page C46 Confrontation with Amfortas to Constellation du grand chien
Page C47 Constellation fragments to Convalescence
Page C48 Convalescent to Cool in Cuba
Page C49 Cool in flight to Corazon acustico
Page C50 Corazon amplio to Corroboreeidiot grin
Page C51 Corrobores to Cottonwood corners
Page C52 Cottonwood rag to Coup de cone
Page C53 Coup de foudre to Crackdown
Page C54 Crackdown dialogue to Crazy stuff
Page C55 Crazy Sue to crillon controller
Page C56 Crimcum cramcum to Crossing waiting
Page C57 Crossing Wes to Crying in the mist
Page C58 Crying in the rain to Cubop city
Page C59 CuBop City Big Band theme to current underneath
Page C60 Current wave to Cyngus
Page C61 cynic to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadlo
Page D2 Dadme creditos to Damisela encantadora
Page D3 Damisi to Dance of the bees
Page D4 dance of the bike ride from Shinanagh Bridge with the wind at his back to Dancin for a dime
Page D5 Dancin for singles to Dangerous duet
Page D6 Dangerous gal to Dante Jones
Page D7 Dante sontana to Dark lake
Page D8 Dark land to Das geheimnis
Page D9 Das gehirn am abend to Davor and dzeneta
Page D10 Davor dahinter danach to Daybreaknightshift
Page D11 Daybreaks to De lautre cote du miroir
Page D12 De lautre coteDjorolen to Dear Africa
Page D13 Dear after one after dear to Deborahs journey
Page D14 Deborahs theme to Dedication revisited
Page D15 Dedication song to Deeper than happy
Page D16 Deeper than sad to Delicious and lovely
Page D17 Delicious chemistry to Den lille Malcolm
Page D18 Den lille mand fra bjerget to Der gelbe drachen
Page D19 Der glater bulgar to Des jours meilleurs
Page D20 Des kaisers heimkehr to Desiresearch
Page D21 Desiring to Deutschland
Page D22 Deutschland deine sternchen to Dhiresha
Page D23 DHM to Dick trace
Page D24 Dick Tracey to Die liebe eines schmetterlings
Page D25 Die liebe einses schmetterlings to Dig those feet
Page D26 Dig those vibes to Dingue li bangue
Page D27 dingus to Disappointed in love
Page D28 disappointed person speaks to Distant clouds up close
Page D29 Distant cousin to Dixie moon
Page D30 Dixie my dear to Do dia pra noite
Page D31 Do dirty blues to Do you take this woman for your lawful wife
Page D32 Do you Thats all I want to know to Dog BBQ
Page D33 Dog bebop and Mister Swing to Dollars jungle op 51
Page D34 Dollars mood to Donegals health
Page D35 Donegan walk to Dont drink on an empty head
Page D36 Dont drink so much to Dont love me
Page D37 Dont love me blues to Dont trade the old for the new
Page D38 Dont tread on me to Doozandazzy
Page D39 Doozy to Double dutch
Page D40 Double Dutch boogie to Down at the Mardi Gras
Page D41 Down at the moon to Downstairs 1
Page D42 Downstairs 2 to Dragonfly and peanut
Page D43 dragonfly and the pearl to Dream seeker
Page D44 Dream seen later to Dregs of the keys
Page D45 Dreh dich nicht um to Droit devant
Page D46 Droit vers la mer to Drumbolero
Page D47 Drumbone to Du gar icke ensam
Page D48 Du gehorst zu mir to Duet for soprano saxophone and piano 3rd movement
Page D49 Duet for tenor saxophone and double bass to Dunkirk Festival stomp
Page D50 Dunkle nacht to Dutchmen
Page D51 Dutchness of Weidville to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early June
Page E2 Early June in Central Park to East of Baghdad
Page E3 East of Benares Mother Ganga to Easy to believe
Page E4 Easy to breathe to Echoes of the heart
Page E5 Echoes of the jungle to Eduardo goes shopping
Page E6 Educacao sentimental to Eh Bahia
Page E7 Eh bebe to Einmal etwas werden
Page E8 Einmal heisst es Abschied nehmen to El corazon al sur
Page E9 El corazon de la tierra to El petit cuic
Page E10 El petit princep i cadaques to Electra song intro
Page E11 Electra song outro to Elenoor Roodby
Page E12 Elenor as in a dream to Elle etait la
Page E13 Elle etait si jolie to Embankment midnight
Page E14 Embarcadere to Empty bed
Page E15 Empty bed blues to En postgris
Page E16 En presence to end of the carnival
Page E17 End of the circle to Enjambee
Page E18 Enjambing to entsorgung teil 2
Page E19 Entspannung to Equivoque sur fashoda
Page E20 Equus to Erwing blues
Page E21 Erwins boogie to Esperango
Page E22 Esperanto to Esviagotor
Page E23 Esy to Ett glatt humor
Page E24 Ett I taget to Eutemia
Page E25 Euterpe to Ever ready for bed
Page E26 Ever since to Everybodys got something to hide
Page E27 Everybodys got something to hide except me and my monkey to Evidence VI
Page E28 Evidence VII to Excitement among the indians
Page E29 excitement machine to Explusion of the triumphant beast
Page E30 Expo to Eyes of innocence
Page E31 eyes of Jesuys Christ to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fade to frenzy
Page F2 Fade to gold to Fall line flow
Page F3 Fall medley to Fancy living
Page F4 Fancy loving you to Far away island
Page F5 Far away land to Fase
Page F6 Fase 7 to father stone
Page F7 Father swing to Februar
Page F8 Februari fadontes feelings in February to Feijoada de chocos
Page F9 Fein mein to Festival dance
Page F10 Festival dancer to Fields of moons
Page F11 Fields of play to Fill me
Page F12 Fill me now to Fine in 69
Page F13 Fine jelly blues to Firedance
Page F14 Fireeater to First recording date
Page F15 First recordings to Fitz
Page F16 Fitz tune to Fjeldet
Page F17 Fjeldhymne to flea and a fly in a flue
Page F18 Flea as a bird to the mountain to Flipity
Page F19 Flippant to Flow seven
Page F20 Flow six to Flutura iku
Page F21 Flutz to Focales
Page F22 Foch tangosu to Fomoires
Page F23 Fompei to For Alec from pappy
Page F24 For Alec Wilder to For four lines
Page F25 For four on two two to For Mr Schoenberg
Page F26 For Mr Stubb to For the peanuts in the people gallery
Page F27 For the people to Foresight preparation and subterfuge
Page F28 Forest to Formiformidable
Page F29 formiga to Four banana
Page F30 Four bar intro with tag to Fourth excursion
Page F31 Fourth expression to Framing contractor
Page F32 Framing X to Fred eats it
Page F33 Fred Flageolet and his gang to Free piece
Page F34 Free piece along the way to Freight yard blues
Page F35 Freighter from Mars to fried dairy pig
Page F36 Fried eggs to From a home with a piano
Page F37 From a jack to a king to From the Nacia mountains
Page F38 From the neck down to Fu pfu
Page F39 Fu Xing to Full spectrum response
Page F40 Full speed to Funka after death
Page F41 Funka flat to Funny old hills
Page F42 Funny paper to future pressing in
Page F43 Future primitive to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallows humor
Page G2 Gallows humour to Garden of silence
Page G3 garden of souls to Gatos tune
Page G4 Gatsby to Gelaut
Page G5 Gelb to Gentle winds
Page G6 Gentle words to Gertji
Page G7 Gertjie to Get up and hustle
Page G8 Get up and start doin it to Ghost of yesterday
Page G9 ghost of you to Gills theme
Page G10 Gilltraps auto museum to girl I adore
Page G11 girl I call baby to Give me a heart to sing to
Page G12 Give me a hit to Glass ceiling
Page G13 Glass ceiling paper floor to glory of love
Page G14 glory of modern history to Go pretty daddy
Page G15 Go Red to Godzilla a les blues
Page G16 Godzilla and Rodan to Gold on silver
Page G17 Gold on the ceiling to Gone sailing
Page G18 Gone shopping to Good luck darling
Page G19 Good luck Dodo to Goodbye Ipanema
Page G20 Goodbye is a lonesome sound to Gorus gunubugun pazar
Page G21 Gory details to Gotta right to sing the blues
Page G22 Gotta say goodbye to Grand pa
Page G23 grand parade to Gravy flavored
Page G24 Gravy night to Green and orange night park
Page G25 Green and pale to Greeting from the angel
Page G26 Greeting from the land of amateurs to Groningen again
Page G27 Groningen bells to Grove
Page G28 Grove City groover to Guerre 1
Page G29 Guerre 2 to Gunjoh
Page G30 Gunk and funk to Gypsy swing
Page G31 Gypsy tales to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hairache
Page H2 haircut to Hallo hallo Fraulein
Page H3 Hallo hallo ich suche eine Frau to Hand on heart
Page H4 Hand on the plow to Hanuman
Page H5 Hanumans dance to Happy P
Page H6 Happy pal stomp to Hardliner
Page H7 Hardly to Harp
Page H8 Harp a gleaming sama to Hatton Avenue and Gayoso Street
Page H9 Hattori to Having tea with swamp thing
Page H10 Having time to He plays trombone Chicago style
Page H11 He pressed me to Heard a mockingbird singing
Page H12 Heard and seen to Heaven tries to coopt Monkey
Page H13 Heaven will protect the working girl to Heitertannli
Page H14 Heitor to Hello to the season
Page H15 Hello to the wind to Her powerful locs
Page H16 Her precious youth to Heres Jackie
Page H17 Heres Johnny to Hes that hard hearted revenue man
Page H18 Hes the best little Yankee to me to Hey old friend
Page H19 Hey open up to Hiding in plain sight
Page H20 Hiding in public to Highland song
Page H21 Highland stroll to Hip hip hooray
Page H22 Hip hip hora to Hit in the head
Page H23 Hit it to Hoggormen
Page H24 Hoggs blues to holly and the ivy
Page H25 Holly chant to Home pt I
Page H26 Home pt II to Honey honey
Page H27 Honey honey honey to Hop blues
Page H28 Hop bop to Hornflakes diner
Page H29 Hornful of blues to Hot licks
Page H30 Hot licks and all to house in the country and a girl on the side
Page H31 house in the mountains to How cute
Page H32 How cute can you be to How to murder your life
Page H33 How to open at will the most beautiful window to Hugs
Page H34 Hugs and kisses to Hungarian mountain girl
Page H35 Hungarian pictures I to Hver var vals
Page H36 Hverandre to Hyperragmania
Page H37 Hypersensitive me to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I betcha a rainbow
Page I2 I betcha gonna like it to I cant tell New Orleans goodbye
Page I3 I cant tell why I love you but I do to I dont have a care in the world
Page I4 I dont have an answer unless its God to I feel pretty
Page I5 I feel pretty good to I got to dance
Page I6 I got to find my way to I hob kan hohm
Page I7 I hob kan zins no dsoid to I let the song go out of my heart
Page I8 I let u to I love you just because
Page I9 I love you just the same to I never want you
Page I10 I never was a cowboy to I say goodbye
Page I11 I say hello to I thought you had gone
Page I12 I thought you had it to I want to be lonesome I want to be blue
Page I13 I want to be loved to I wish Id never seen New Orleans
Page I14 I wish it so to Ice cream Konitz
Page I15 Ice cream man to Id fight the world
Page I16 Id fly to If I can just make it into heaven
Page I17 If I can live to see the day to If need be
Page I18 If not ecstatic we refund to If you love somebody set them free
Page I19 If you love someone set them free to II Transition
Page I20 II Trio A Adagio B Andante C Agitato to Il mercato dei pazzi
Page I21 Il mercenario to Ill be there when the time is right
Page I22 Ill be there with bells on to Ill take you all the way there
Page I23 Ill take you as you are to Im an unemployed sweetheart
Page I24 Im anchored in old Delta Gamma to Im gonna keep my eye on you
Page I25 Im gonna keep my eyes on you to Im lucky to have you
Page I26 Im mad to Im still in love with you
Page I27 Im still in the dark to Imagolux pista
Page I28 Imaharat to Imprint XIII
Page I29 Imprints to Improvisation on Subatomic dominant
Page I30 Improvisation on Sweet Space to In a mystery mist
Page I31 In a mystic silence to In fear of harvest
Page I32 In fede walzer to In nianco e nero
Page I33 In Nickelsdorf to In the chains of fate
Page I34 In the chapel by the side to In the real Apple
Page I35 In the real early morning to Ina it
Page I36 Ina mambo to Indian lady
Page I37 Indian looking west to Infinity blue
Page I38 Infinity fragment to Inner rhythm
Page I39 inner room to INSMZ
Page I40 Insolacao to Interkontinentale luftschiffahrt
Page I41 Interlace 27 to Interstellar lowways
Page I42 Interstellar signals to Intro ambience
Page I43 Intro and devils workshop to Introduction of the members of the quartet
Page I44 Introduction of the musicians to Invisible face
Page I45 Invisible fish to Iron and solder
Page I46 Iron band dance to Is you or is you aint my baby
Page I47 Is you or is you ain’t my baby to Isotopo
Page I48 Ispaghula husk to It is now
Page I49 It is now officially a big rock show to Itai doshi
Page I50 Itaiitai to Its all worn out
Page I51 Its all you to Its more by hit than wit
Page I52 Its morning Jesus its morning and heres that light and sound all over again to Its tomorrows world
Page I53 Its too bad to Ive got a warm spot for you
Page I54 Ive got a warm spot in my heart for you to Iyawo
Page I55 Iyesa to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys place
Page J2 Jackys stuff to Jallada baka
Page J3 Jallaludin to Jane likes Chinese food
Page J4 Jane Street to Javille
Page J5 Javisst to Jazz mambo
Page J6 jazz man to JB
Page J7 JB blues to Jedeli
Page J8 Jedem narr sy chappe to Jerome camp
Page J9 Jerome Kern medley to Jewish dance party
Page J10 Jewish doctors tale to Jippi Browns 18th birthday
Page J11 Jira eclectic to Joe knows
Page J12 Joe Lieberman reads John F Kennedy to Johnny reitet wieder
Page J13 Johnny remember me to Jooms jooms
Page J14 Joone to Jovial Jasper
Page J15 Jovial Joe to Judas
Page J16 Judas Bolero to Jump boogie jump
Page J17 Jump boys jump to June Street
Page J18 June summer rose to Just a closer walk with thee
Page J19 Just a closer walk with thee King to Just count the days Im gone
Page J20 Just crazy to Just out of reach
Page J21 Just over and now to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kali Ipso
Page K2 Kali la nuit to Kaponota
Page K3 Kapoor to Kater mikesch
Page K4 Kater Peter to Keep casting rods
Page K5 Keep changing to Keishas coy
Page K6 Keishaz to Key Largo
Page K7 Key laser to Kielgasten blues
Page K8 Kielon jaahvvaiset to King Alok
Page K9 king among men to Kirk out
Page K10 Kirkareli to Kiz hatice
Page K11 Kiziroglu Mustafa to Knife in the water 1
Page K12 Knife in the water 4 to Koibito yo ware ni kaere
Page K13 Koid9 to Kontrabandisty
Page K14 Kontrabass to Kratissa ti zoi mou
Page K15 Kratka zgodba to Kumquat
Page K16 Kumquat kids to KZ


Page L1 L to La chambre
Page L2 La chambre bleue to La diva de la nevrose
Page L3 La divetta to La javanaise
Page L4 La javs bleus to La na casa da madame eu vi
Page L5 La naissance du roi soleil to La reine enlacee rit
Page L6 La reine reve rouge to LA underground
Page L7 La unio ortopedica to Lacquer
Page L8 Lacraia to Lady speed stick
Page L9 Lady Stinta to Lalit
Page L10 Lalita to Land of dreams
Page L11 Land of enchantment to Lapres
Page L12 Lapres midi dun taureau to last border
Page L13 Last bottle to Last stop Grand Central
Page L14 Last stop LA to latest light of love
Page L15 latest news to Launching pad
Page L16 Launching rockets) to lazy farmer boy
Page L17 Lazy feet to Le cimitiere marin
Page L18 Le cinema to Le manifeste du FLQ
Page L19 Le manine di primavera to Le rive gauche
Page L20 Le rive rosse to Lead me saviourLead me on
Page L21 Lead me Savious to Leaving us
Page L22 leaving wakes to Lehet hogy eltevedtunk
Page L23 Lehidy to Lenvoi
Page L24 Lenvoi deole to Les elfes
Page L25 Les Eliba to Les sons de lespace
Page L26 Les sons du Tlalim to Let love lead the way
Page L27 Let love rule to Lets all be fairies
Page L28 Lets all be happy together to Lets roll one
Page L29 Lets roller skate to Levrette
Page L30 Levyj marsh to Lickin center
Page L31 Licking stick to Life love and death in Varanasi
Page L32 Life love and light to light returns
Page L33 Light rolls the darkness to Like ice cubes in a glass
Page L34 Like iguana without the G to Lillo e la mosca
Page L35 Lillo e la mosca epilogo to Lined with a groove
Page L36 Lined with a grove to Lisi
Page L37 Lisi krok to Little bit south of North Carolina
Page L38 little bit square to Little girl on fire
Page L39 Little girl that loves me to Little ostrich
Page L40 little out of control to Little unhappy boy
Page L41 Little unknown one to Living in dreams
Page L42 Living in harmony to Loads of change
Page L43 Loads of love to Loisson
Page L44 Loitering near a burning doughnut wrapper to Lonely moskito
Page L45 lonely mountain to Long lonesome road
Page L46 Long lonesome whistle to Look for stars
Page L47 Look for the asteroid to Loop of distinction
Page L48 loop of love to Los bibilicos
Page L49 Los blank to Lost in the vastness of the universe
Page L50 Lost in the village to Louise you tease
Page L51 Louises shack to Love ends
Page L52 Love endures to Love is too much to touch
Page L53 Love is touching to Love song from Brazilian suite
Page L54 Love song from Houseboat to lovely day
Page L55 lovely day to be caught in the rain to Loving
Page L56 Loving a person to Luca
Page L57 Luca enea to Luke and Leia
Page L58 Luke and Leonie to Luminous reflections
Page L59 Luminous staircase to Luviano
Page L60 Luvin Blume to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach 2
Page M2 Mach 6 to Made of sound of joy
Page M3 Made of tenderness to Magic labyrinth
Page M4 Magic ladder to Mahur blues
Page M5 Mahur saz semaisi to Make believe ballroom
Page M6 Make believe ballroom time to Malaria endless night in a five star hotel
Page M7 Malariazz to Mama vieja
Page M8 Mama wailer to Mammy omine
Page M9 Mammy o’mine to Managua children
Page M10 Managua Nicaragua to Manifestaforum
Page M11 Manifestation to Maqueda
Page M12 Maqueque to Marche pour la paix
Page M13 Marche pour lenfer to Marias raga
Page M14 Marias request to Marocco
Page M15 Marodorerna over Bagdad to Mary waiting
Page M16 Mary wore a golden chain to Matata
Page M17 Matatape to Maxera
Page M18 Maxfield to Maytanca
Page M19 Maytime to Me je sramTrese se trese
Page M20 Me Jeff & Tony to Meddle my minor
Page M21 Meddler to Meet the beat
Page M22 Meet the beat of my heart to Melanitas waltz
Page M23 Melankoli to Melody with mirror
Page M24 Melody won to Memphis man
Page M25 Memphis march to Mercy blues
Page M26 Mercy days to message to the children
Page M27 Message to the enemies of time to Meu ser elastico
Page M28 Meu sonho douro to Michael freely
Page M29 Michael from mountain to Midnight extortion
Page M30 Midnight fantasy to Mighty lonesome feeling
Page M31 Mighty long road to Milk cow blues
Page M32 Milk for Mezz to Mind confusion
Page M33 Mind control to Minimal fur Christian Morgenstern
Page M34 Minimal I to Minorette
Page M35 Minorias to Mirrored in the tears
Page M36 mirrored self to Miss PB
Page M37 Miss PC to Mister Dollar
Page M38 Mister Don Cherry comprit que leur esprit etait abattu et repeta dune voix musicale quelque blagues reservees pour le temps de detresse to Mix & match
Page M39 Mix and match to Moci blues
Page M40 Mocicade to Mohabbat ka khazana
Page M41 Mohair mambo to Moment spatial
Page M42 moment spiritual to Mondstaub
Page M43 Mondstein to Monks moment
Page M44 Monks monastery to month of goodwill
Page M45 Month of May to Moon in the night
Page M46 Moon in the sky to Moonrail
Page M47 Moonraker to More precious than roses
Page M48 More questions to Morning love
Page M49 Morning lovely to Most high
Page M50 Most holy mother of God to Motorik
Page M51 Motoring along to Move on the Bartok scale
Page M52 Move on up to Mowen
Page M53 Mowgla to Mr Free G
Page M54 Mr Freeman to Mr Queer Mr Shane
Page M55 Mr Quigley to Mt Harrissa
Page M56 Mt Hebron to Multani
Page M57 Multani baby to Musette harp
Page M58 Musette in D to Music style product
Page M59 Music syndicate to Mutron
Page M60 Muts to My Carmenita
Page M61 My Carolina hideaway to My friends and I
Page M62 My friends and neighbors to My laugh
Page M63 My Laurie to My name is Curtis Dubois Fuller
Page M64 My name is Hula Lou to My song of the Nile
Page M65 My song too to Mys Chindli Chum Weidli
Page M66 Mys dach isch de himmel vo zuri to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Naiads
Page N2 Naibu to Nao caio noutra
Page N3 Nao compra mais to Nat King Cole medley
Page N4 Nat meets June to Navidad blanca
Page N5 Navidad navidad to Neds dream
Page N6 Nedyalkos eleven to Nenon
Page N7 Nenory montage incidental to Never before some more
Page N8 Never better to New bag blues
Page N9 New bag exporations to New klezmer band
Page N10 New lamento to New tango
Page N11 New teles to news travel fast in the desert
Page N12 News tune to Nice to know
Page N13 Nice to know you to Night breath
Page N14 Night breed to night shines through
Page N15 Night side to Nikas dowry
Page N16 Nikas love ballad to Nisamehe
Page N17 Nisan valsi to No booze blooze
Page N18 No bop hop scop blues to No lies
Page N19 No light to No one there
Page N20 No one there at all to No time for daydreams
Page N21 No time for dinner to Nobodys song but Kennys
Page N22 Nobodys song but my own to Nojis tune
Page N23 Nok to Nor dzaghig
Page N24 Nor Easter to Nos funerailles
Page N25 Nos Galan to Not sentimental
Page N26 Not serious to Nothing is
Page N27 Nothing is always good to November 25th
Page N28 November 29 1963 to Noynyos waltz
Page N29 Noyuri to Number 4
Page N30 Number 44 to NYC E & K
Page N31 NYC foreseen to NZZ


Page O1 O to O space heater My space heater
Page O2 O species of nosegay to Obsidian flow
Page O3 Obsidian mirrors to Octubre 22
Page O4 Octubre del 96 to Odinochestvo
Page O5 Odinoshestvo to Offertory The father
Page O6 Offertory The Holy Ghost to Oh Lord dont drop that atomic bomb on me
Page O7 Oh Lord dont let them drop that atomic bomb on me to Ohla Maria
Page O8 Ohlednuti VI to Old Adam
Page O9 Old Afro a baba to Old market
Page O10 Old marsh pals to Ole Virginny
Page O11 Olea to Omnibus RioBahia
Page O12 Omnibus two to On of those love songs
Page O13 On old Cape Cod to On the slick side
Page O14 On the slip to Oncle Benny
Page O15 Oncle braud to One for Gabor
Page O16 One for Gamal to One is a lonely number
Page O17 One is a lonesome number to One Onine station west
Page O18 One or more to onethree invention
Page O19 Onetrack mind to Oo what you do to me
Page O20 oo X = 1 to Open mind
Page O21 Open minds to Opus 11
Page O22 Opus 11 Flight home to Orchestra is come
Page O23 Orchestra no 1 Prayer for peace to Original Mr Freddie blues
Page O24 Original Mr Freddies blues to Osiris wobble
Page O25 OSK to Otro viaje
Page O26 Otrov to Our soldiers are soft as babies and they squander
Page O27 Our soldiers are soft pianos to Out pours
Page O28 Out right now to Over in out
Page O29 Over in the glory land to Oxtail soup
Page O30 Oxumare to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagala
Page P2 Pagamoyo to Palais de la decouverte
Page P3 Palais des fourmis to Pandeiro