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This index refers to the 512,589 individual tune titles (1,544,453 total entries) included in over 238,546 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abgedreht
Page A2 Abgekapselt to Abstract no 2
Page A3 Abstract no 4 to Achmet
Page A4 Acho so to Acts of love 103
Page A5 Acts of love 104 to Adieu Paris
Page A6 Adieu printemps part 1 to Aerobatics 3
Page A7 Aerobatics 4 to African shells second interlude the dream
Page A8 African shells third interlude happiness to After hour creep
Page A9 After hour rock to Afterture
Page A10 Aftervision to Ah Henry
Page A11 Ah hvor jeg ih hvor jeg uh hvor jeg vil to Aint it funky now
Page A12 Aint it funny to Airlock
Page A13 Airluft to Al ritmo del cha cha
Page A14 Al Sabri to Aldas travelling
Page A15 Alddagasat ipmilat to Alice in the Congo
Page A16 Alice in the sky to All Heaven broke loose
Page A17 All heaven in a rage to All that dies gladly dies
Page A18 All that dust to Alla turka
Page A19 Allaan with two LLs to Alma en transito
Page A20 Alma Espanola to ALP
Page A21 Alp doodler to Altonality
Page A22 Altons blues to Amandas bossa
Page A23 Amandas house to American green
Page A24 American gsus to Amour mon cher amour
Page A25 Amour musique et paix to An hour a week
Page A26 An hour ago to Ancestors dance
Page A27 Ancestors dance part 1 divination to And see
Page A28 And sevens to Andes blue
Page A29 Andes breeze to Angels of peace
Page A30 Angels of plastic to Annabergit
Page A31 Annabri to Another grey day
Page A32 Another groove to Anteroom
Page A33 Antes da chuva to Anybody up there
Page A34 Anybody wanna buy my cabbage to Apparentemente
Page A35 Apparently to Aquamarin visit
Page A36 Aquamarina to Archaion mellon
Page A37 Archange to Aria cantilena
Page A38 Aria condozionatta to Around about way
Page A39 Around again to Arthur rainbow
Page A40 Arthur son of Martha to As of now
Page A41 As of yet to Asia
Page A42 Asia beat to Astra
Page A43 Astra Brazilia to At the jazz bears jamboree
Page A44 At the jazzband ball to ATs groove
Page A45 Ats in there to Audio_0153x multi
Page A46 Audio_0153xy multi to Auroras flame
Page A47 Auroras voice to autumn project
Page A48 Autumn rain to Avris tune
Page A49 Avroa televizier to Aziel dance
Page A50 Azil to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby car
Page B2 Baby Caretta to babys lullaby
Page B3 Babys making duck to Back seat witch
Page B4 Back seater to Bad Agnes
Page B5 Bad alchemy to Bags Barney blues
Page B6 Bags blues to Balada para liduvina
Page B7 Balada para Mauro to Ballad for Dee
Page B8 Ballad for Djole to Ballad to an old bass
Page B9 Ballad to Ann to Ballroom steps
Page B10 Ballroom time to Bandrecorder eenvoudig
Page B11 bands last stand to Barbes
Page B12 Barbes blues to Barraque grounge
Page B13 Barre Phillips to Basking tiger
Page B14 Baskisk vals to Bate coxa
Page B15 Bateau to Bazarbar
Page B16 Bazaruto to Beach time
Page B17 Beach to the bass lounge to Beaus blooze
Page B18 Beausdeil to Bebop theme
Page B19 Bebop to hip hop to Beer song
Page B20 beer that I left on top of the bar to Behind
Page B21 Behind a grand piano to Bell Isle daze
Page B22 Bell jar to bending attitude
Page B23 Bending bars to Berin
Page B24 Berin melody to Best time of life
Page B25 best time of my life to Between the silence
Page B26 Between the stars to BIB & little waltz
Page B27 Bib and I to Big cat blues
Page B28 Big cat little cat to Big ol head
Page B29 Big ol tears to Bilious anabas
Page B30 Biljana to Bionic sax meets Red Top
Page B31 Bionic superfly to Biri bi kum bi
Page B32 Biribinya nos states to Bium bium bambalo
Page B33 Bivacco tartaro to Black garlic
Page B34 Black Genghis to Black waltz
Page B35 Black warrior to Bleak beauty
Page B36 Bleak bleak to Blobs burning
Page B37 Bloc to Blowin for kicks
Page B38 Blowin for people to Blue corn
Page B39 Blue corn bop to Blue Joe
Page B40 Blue John to Blue rocky
Page B41 Blue rol to Bluebird of happiness
Page B42 Bluebird sing a song to Blues by the bags
Page B43 Blues by the river to Blues for Benneorita
Page B44 Blues for Benny to Blues for Gil
Page B45 Blues for Gilad to Blues for Michael
Page B46 Blues for Miche to Blues for Suze
Page B47 Blues for Svend to Blues hyway
Page B48 Blues I to Blues mixture
Page B49 Blues mocking to Blues to Jimi
Page B50 Blues to Lee to bl_1
Page B51 bl_2 to Bodies and souls
Page B52 Bodies at rest and in motion to Bolle winkel
Page B53 Boller to Bonnie sat
Page B54 Bonnies to Boogie stop shuffle
Page B55 Boogie Street to Boot heels
Page B56 Boot Hill to Born in a suitcase
Page B57 Born in a zoo to Bossa nova west
Page B58 Bossa Nova York to Bouncin at the Black Rose
Page B59 Bouncin back to Boy hunt
Page B60 boy I love to Branedrane
Page B61 Branetu to Break take
Page B62 break tapper to Brendance
Page B63 Brendas blues to Bright road ahead
Page B64 Bright roads to Broadway two step
Page B65 Broadway walk to Brother Bob and brother John
Page B66 Brother Boesack to Brugge 2631975
Page B67 Brugge suite to Buckeyes
Page B68 Buckgutted to Bugdbree
Page B69 Bugesera en feu to Bumpn
Page B70 Bumpn on sunset to Burning up
Page B71 Burning well to But Im in love with you
Page B72 But Im weak to By baby told me
Page B73 By blue heaven to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadenza for Christina
Page C2 Cadenza for nationz to Calco
Page C3 Calcolo to Call to Sarabande
Page C4 Call to the ancestors to Cambridge excavation
Page C5 Cambridge place to Can you feel the love tonight
Page C6 Can you find a place to Candys place
Page C7 Candys ride to Cant yo heah me callin Caroline
Page C8 Cant yo hear me callin Caroline to Capanitsa
Page C9 Capativa to Caracas
Page C10 Caracas nights to Carlisle
Page C11 Carlisle wheeling to Carrera
Page C12 Carrera septima to Cashmere cutie
Page C13 Cashmere sweater to Catch love and money dont mix
Page C14 Catch me to Cavas 2 Die musik des Erich Zann
Page C15 Cavas 3 Ungeist und geist to Celebration two and
Page C16 celebrationquiero amanecer to Century 21 tomorrows world
Page C17 Century note to Ceu sem sol
Page C18 Ceux du brueau to Champagne and caviar
Page C19 Champagne and false eyelashes to Chanson de Solange
Page C20 Chanson de travail to Charcoal chorale
Page C21 Charcoal flower to Chasin Leroy
Page C22 Chasin my tail to Checkpoint Charly
Page C23 Checkpoint museum to Chet Baker stomp
Page C24 Chet e Liz to Chicken bone bone
Page C25 Chicken breath to Children sleep softly
Page C26 Children song to ChineseCuban question part 3 the human color
Page C27 Chineser galopp to Chop chop boom
Page C28 Chop chop Charlie Chan to chotto matte
Page C29 Chotto nagai kankei no blues to Chronology of the Chilean Coup 1973
Page C30 Chronometers to Cidigie dicesui
Page C31 Cidrolin to Circle without end
Page C32 Circlechant to City of million dreams
Page C33 city of my dreams to Clarion call
Page C34 Clarion call Chorale to Cleopha two step
Page C35 Cleos A train to Closer and closer
Page C36 Closer closer closer closer to Clusterwolken
Page C37 Clustery to Cocpick
Page C38 Cocquette to Cold rain
Page C39 Cold rain dna to color the sea was at night
Page C40 Color therapy to Come be my love
Page C41 Come be with me to Comedy
Page C42 Comedy break to commune of Brooklyn
Page C43 Communicando to Composition 175
Page C44 Composition 181 to Composition on the theme of a Jewish song
Page C45 Composition one to Concerto for voice
Page C46 Concerto for voice and orchestra fragments to Conflict of interests
Page C47 Conflict resolution to Constant pictures
Page C48 Constant Pud to Contrejour
Page C49 Contrejours to Cool David
Page C50 cool day to Cora Jobege
Page C51 Cora like a rose to Correlative amnesia
Page C52 Corremos despues saltamos to Coto
Page C53 Coto donana to Country John nostalgia
Page C54 Country lake to Cozy and the bossa
Page C55 Cozy apartments to Crazy freilach
Page C56 Crazy from the heat to Crescent crawl
Page C57 Crescent mood to Cross over two
Page C58 Cross patch to Cry baiao
Page C59 Cry box to Cuba si Cuba no
Page C60 Cuba si Yankee no to Cuori sotto la pioggia
Page C61 Cup to Cyanogene
Page C62 cyans to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadeyada
Page D2 Dadi to Damerance
Page D3 Damerania to Dance of some broken glasses
Page D4 dance of stars to dancers melancholy
Page D5 Dancers of joy to Dandylion dictates
Page D6 Dandylion forgives Freaka to Danse pour un kangourou
Page D7 Danse pour une paix interieure to Dark delishious dreams
Page D8 Dark desert to Darshon
Page D9 Dart to Davenport brownskin
Page D10 Davenport stomp to day of the bear
Page D11 Day of the celestials to De donde vengo
Page D12 De donde vienes to Dead man blues
Page D13 Dead man polka to Death letter
Page D14 Death letter blues to Deconstructing postmodernist dilettantism
Page D15 deconstruction to Deep in your heart
Page D16 Deep in your love to Dejectedness
Page D17 Dejection to Demens sapiens I
Page D18 Demens sapiens II to Departed hymn
Page D19 Departed voice to Der tisch ist gedeckt
Page D20 Der Tod to Desengano
Page D21 Desengano de los roncos to Det ar sajnd att saga aj
Page D22 Det ar tid for en lang resa to Devil woman
Page D23 Deviled ham to Dialogics
Page D24 Dialogie to Did you see my bow
Page D25 Did you see my glass eye to Die ursache
Page D26 Die venus antwortet nicht to Dijiribludu
Page D27 Dijon & nectarine sorbet to Dionysia
Page D28 Dionysian to Discoboats at two oclock
Page D29 Discodust to Distinguishing marks
Page D30 Distinquitive to Dixierag
Page D31 Dixies to Do it right now
Page D32 Do it the hard way to doberman
Page D33 Doberman attack to dog says ruffruff
Page D34 Dog seven to Doloso
Page D35 Dolph line to Donkey tango
Page D36 Donkey walk to Dont ever move a woman into your house
Page D37 Dont ever say goodbye to Dont mean maybe
Page D38 Dont mean you no good blues to Dont turn me around
Page D39 Dont turn on the light to Dopey Ted
Page D40 Dopjes to Double excursion 3
Page D41 Double exposure to Down Beat theme
Page D42 Down below to Downstairs apartment
Page D43 Downstairs blues upstairs to Dragon lady
Page D44 Dragon man to Dream pal
Page D45 Dream palace to Dreamwork
Page D46 Dreamworld to Driving me south
Page D47 Driving me to drink to Drum solo from Composition 96
Page D48 Drum solo in 54 time to Du bist meine erste Liebe
Page D49 Du bist nicht die erste to Duende y ache
Page D50 duendes to Dumplings
Page D51 Dumplins to Dust of doubt
Page D52 Dust of light to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early in May
Page E2 Early in Paris to East Illumination Eagle Yellow
Page E3 East India to Easy rock
Page E4 Easy rocker to Echoes of Carolina
Page E5 Echoes of Cordoba to Editrevise
Page E6 Edivad to Egyenes zene Straight music
Page E7 Egypic to Eine kleine Nachtmusik Minuetto
Page E8 Eine kleine Nachtmusik Romance to El carrito
Page E9 El carrosel de Juana la loca to El noi de la mare
Page E10 El norte to Elazig
Page E11 Elba to Elegy for Wilber Morris
Page E12 Elegy for William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg to Elistikotita
Page E13 Elite to Elvinesque
Page E14 Elvinessence to Emotion
Page E15 Emotion appearance to En honor de Jack Torrance
Page E16 En hribcek bom kupil to Encounter III
Page E17 Encounter in Cagnes to Enfer
Page E18 Enfield surge to Entlassung
Page E19 Entomological souvenirs to Episode rag
Page E20 Episode THREE to Erlanger
Page E21 Erle of Madison to Esclave
Page E22 Esclavo triste to Estar ahi
Page E23 Estar entre nosotros to Eternal triangle 1
Page E24 Eternal triangle 5 to Eu procurareio por
Page E25 Eu quera um samba to Evenement 1 LSpontaneist
Page E26 Evenement 10 Lettrisme to Every now and then
Page E27 Every offence to Everything has its time
Page E28 Everything here is possible to Evry time we say goodbye
Page E29 Evry time you say goodbye to Exit 13
Page E30 Exit 16 to Exterieur nuit
Page E31 Exterior palettes to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fade in fade out
Page F2 Fade infade out to Fall fall fall
Page F3 Fall falling forward to Fanatango primo
Page F4 Fanatango secondo to Fantasyland
Page F5 Fantaziagep to Fars lilla
Page F6 Fars pige fra Mors to Fate in our hands
Page F7 Fate introduced me to you to Feast in Milano
Page F8 Feast of fire to Feeling well
Page F9 feeling within to Fernando de cordoba
Page F10 Fernandos fantasy to Fiddlin the blues
Page F11 Fiddlin the fiddle to Figs and honey
Page F12 Figueritas to Finch chimps and mushy bees
Page F13 Finch eye to Fire dance IV
Page F14 Fire down below to First hit
Page F15 First hit second fall to Fish out of water
Page F16 Fish plan for Australia to five pennies cent
Page F17 Five Pennies saints to Flash memoire
Page F18 Flash mob to Flight number one
Page F19 flight of a bird leaves no trace to Flor de liz
Page F20 Flor de luna to Flues
Page F21 Fluette et legere to Flying dragon
Page F22 Flying dream to Folk players
Page F23 Folk prelude love sick to foolish lament
Page F24 Foolish little boy to For Bynthorne
Page F25 For C to For JMZ
Page F26 For Jo Fell & Patrick Charlton to For rainbows
Page F27 For Ramona to For when tathagatas walk the earth
Page F28 For which it stands to Forever recurring image ALP
Page F29 Forever runs slow in cold water to Forth quadrant
Page F30 Forthcoming to Four lane clover
Page F31 Four lane refuge to Fox hunting in Manhattan I
Page F32 Fox hunting in Manhattan II to Francy frogs
Page F33 Francyne to Frederic the one and only
Page F34 Frederica to Free time
Page F35 Free times to French girl
Page F36 French girls to friendliest thing
Page F37 Friendliness to From Bahia to Ceara
Page F38 From Bali to Blokhus to From the sticks
Page F39 From the street to Fucked up people and selfcentred mutations with an urge to assert them self and nothing to say
Page F40 Fuckin crumble to fullbodied portrait
Page F41 Fullbodies naked hug to Funkaruso
Page F42 Funkasaurus to Funny rolls
Page F43 Funny rumble to Future past tense
Page F44 Future percussion to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallinara
Page G2 Gallion stomp to garden is a woman
Page G3 Garden lane to Gathering the ancestors
Page G4 Gathering the harvest from my field to Geheimnis
Page G5 Geheimnisvoll to Gentle is the breeze
Page G6 Gentle Jim to Germanium
Page G7 Germannation to Get real
Page G8 Get recycled to GHJ
Page G9 GHK go to Miles to Gigaku
Page G10 Giganotasaurus to Gipsy tango
Page G11 Gipsy touch to Giunto ti
Page G12 Giuoco to Glad its you
Page G13 Glad lad to Globe
Page G14 Globe city to Go crystal tears
Page G15 Go cup to God save the earth
Page G16 God save the goat to Going once going twice
Page G17 Going out to Goldfish blues
Page G18 Goldfish bowl to Good cake
Page G19 good cat to Good Suzie
Page G20 Good sweet love to Goody
Page G21 Goody good to Got them lowdown blues
Page G22 Got til its gone to Gradual disappearance
Page G23 Gradual impulse to Grants pass
Page G24 Grants stand to great equalizer
Page G25 great escape to Green meadow
Page G26 Green meadow waltz to Grey rose shores
Page G27 Grey sea to groove_001ab
Page G28 groove_001abc to Gruss
Page G29 Gruss am Mai to Guimauve aleatoire
Page G30 Guimbarde and Tombak duet to Gutboys ord
Page G31 Gutbucket blues to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hair of shame
Page H2 Hair of the bop to Halling nr 1 etter Martinius Helgesen
Page H3 Halling nr 2 etter Martinius Helgesen to Hand full of five
Page H4 Hand grenade to Hannya plain
Page H5 Hano Hano Hawaii to Happy major
Page H6 Happy mama to Hard to speak out
Page H7 Hard traveling to Harmonized
Page H8 Harmonizer to Hatakambari
Page H9 Hatake song to Have you seen my horse
Page H10 Have you seen my Kitty to He he he
Page H11 He hears the cry to Healing mind body and spirit
Page H12 Healing of a broken heart to heat of moments
Page H13 Heat of the beat to Heidenheim
Page H14 Heidenroshein to Hello FriscoTanko
Page H15 Hello from Ipanema to Hentai nana byoshi
Page H16 Henya to Here comes the sphexes
Page H17 Here comes the sun to Hersals blues
Page H18 Hersals rats to Hey engineer
Page H19 Hey engineer is this train going South to Hic Sunt Leones
Page H20 Hic up to High over sand
Page H21 High pass tipped red to Hilltop stomp
Page H22 Hilltop view to Hiroshima memorial
Page H23 Hiroshima mon amour to Hngute lube
Page H24 HNIC to Hold tight
Page H25 Hold tight boogie to Holzschlag
Page H26 Holzschnitte to Homey dripper
Page H27 Homeys idea to Honky the Christmas goose
Page H28 Honky tonk to Hopin
Page H29 Hoping to Hortobagyi csiko
Page H30 Hortons lament to Hot time in the old town
Page H31 Hot time in the old town tonight to house that Rouse built
Page H32 house theyll never live in to How high the sky
Page H33 How high the stars to Howling blues
Page H34 Howling circle to Human angel
Page H35 Human atmospheres to Hunting foxes
Page H36 Hunting goose to Hydrofoil
Page H37 Hydrogen to Hyva bandi
Page H38 Hyva Margot to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I bet you want blood
Page I2 I bet you wonder to I cant take my eyes off you
Page I3 I cant take you nowhere to I dont gamble
Page I4 I dont get around much anymore to I feel like loving you today
Page I5 I feel like lying in another womans husbands arms to I got the same old blues
Page I6 I got the spirit to I heard the bells on Christmas day
Page I7 I heard the bluebirds sing to I left a good deal in Mobile
Page I8 I left a note to I love you and dont you forget it
Page I9 I love you and you dont to I never know when to say when
Page I10 I never left to I sang a bright green tear for all of us this year
Page I11 I sang the blues for nothin to I think its understood
Page I12 I think its wonderful to I want more
Page I13 I want more than this the Albert Jenkins story to I will wait
Page I14 I will wait for love to Ible
Page I15 Ibliss to ICHN
Page I16 Ichnatons daughters to IES
Page I17 Iesnu to If Im without you
Page I18 If it aint Baroque to If you dont somebody will
Page I19 If you dont swing dont ring to Igors revenge
Page I20 Igors uturns to Il dormatore di pulci
Page I21 Il Dottor Thomas non ein sede to Ile hareng
Page I22 Ile ife to Ill never love you
Page I23 Ill never make the same mistake again to Im a hundred per cent in love
Page I24 Im a hundred percent for you to Im glad theres you
Page I25 Im glad to be unhappy to Im in tune to you
Page I26 Im in you to Im ready for you
Page I27 Im ready for your love to Im your boogie man
Page I28 Im your boogie woogie man to Implacabale Venus
Page I29 Implacable to Improvisacion libre and a tree grows in Treptow and Albanian summer
Page I30 Improvisacion libre II to Imren
Page I31 Imres glue to In Baselgia
Page I32 In basso to In love and memory
Page I33 In love and vain to In search of a sound
Page I34 In search of a standard to In the gutta
Page I35 In the gutter to In the velvet
Page I36 In the victims absence to Incidental
Page I37 Incidental 1 to indigenous artifact
Page I38 Indigenous clone farm to Ingen kanner dig nar du ar pantad och sald
Page I39 Ingen kender dagen for solen gar ned to Innocent blues
Page I40 Innocent bystander to Instant blue
Page I41 Instant blues to Interlude Gecka
Page I42 Interlude green to Interview Peter Rasmussen
Page I43 Interview Svend Asmussen to Intro for Kampei
Page I44 Intro for Nardis to Introduction to Paint brushes
Page I45 Introduction to people to invisible thread
Page I46 Invisible threads to Iron scales part 2
Page I47 Iron sharpens iron to Isabella kissed a fella
Page I48 Isabella kisses a fella to Israelites
Page I49 Israelites shoutin in heaven to It is so good to be a drunkard
Page I50 It is solved by walking to Itable
Page I51 Itaca to Its all so good but this is better
Page I52 Its all so new to me to Its me you know
Page I53 Its mean to Its time to jump and shout
Page I54 Its time to keep away from you to Ive got a new heartache
Page I55 Ive got a new lease on love to Ivys tune
Page I56 Iwa to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackyard
Page J2 Jackying to Jakutzi
Page J3 JALAFL to Janas delight
Page J4 Janas song to Java in jazz
Page J5 Java indigo to Jazz jamboree
Page J6 Jazz jazz to Jazztown joys
Page J7 Jazztracks to Jeannie
Page J8 Jeannie and Jamie to JEP
Page J9 Jepettos despair to Jeu theme
Page J10 Jeudi to Jingabulajingjingjing
Page J11 Jingalingaling to Joddelswing
Page J12 Jodedera to Johnny blue
Page J13 Johnny boy to Jonas vals
Page J14 Jonathan to Journey to Ixtian
Page J15 Journey to Ixtlan to Juan pescao
Page J16 Juan Sebastian blues to Julies waltz
Page J17 Juliet to Jumping on the couch
Page J18 Jumping on the drums to Junto a tu corazon
Page J19 Junto al mar to Just as good as it gets
Page J20 Just as I am to Just listen
Page J21 Just little things to Juste un peu
Page J22 Juste un peu de brume to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kaleidostride
Page K2 Kalelua to Kaori
Page K3 Kaorole to Katarinas prayer
Page K4 Katarrh to Keemo kymo
Page K5 KeeMoe to Kehinde
Page K6 Kehoa to ketchup song
Page K7 Ketchupkryddad glass to Kid Thomas boogie woogie
Page K8 Kid Thomas double boogie woogie to Kinder
Page K9 Kinder heute Abend such ich mir was aus to Kinky kids parade
Page K10 Kinky Spanky Lee to Kitchouka III
Page K11 Kitchouka IV coda to Klub 1
Page K12 Klub rytmu to Koauau koiwi kuri
Page K13 Koauau ponga ihu to Konferansjerka 1
Page K14 Konferansjerka 2 to Kournelia time will tell
Page K15 Kourouts nota to Kuin
Page K16 Kuin meren hiekkaa to Kwela blues
Page K17 Kwela for Carol to KZ


Page L1 L to La catedral Estate
Page L2 La catedral Prelude to La desirade
Page L3 La desiree to La Ikbey
Page L4 La ilaha il allah to La muerta del angel
Page L5 La muerte de rocamadour to La quince anera
Page L6 La quinta to La trampera
Page L7 La tranquillite dame to Lace embroidery
Page L8 Lace work to Lady of Heaven
Page L9 Lady of hope blues to Lakeview love song
Page L10 Lakewood to Lampigong
Page L11 Lampion to Lanstan
Page L12 Lanta to Lascension dun nuage de bonheur
Page L13 Lascerta to Last of the low country
Page L14 Last of the MoRicans to Late night living
Page L15 Late night long drive to Laudate Psaume II
Page L16 Laudation to Lay back Daddy
Page L17 Lay back stay back to Le borgne et le manchot
Page L18 Le bossu de Rossignol to Le grand derangement
Page L19 Le grand est to Le piege de meduse 2
Page L20 Le piege de meduse 3 to Le theme dAlexandre
Page L21 Le theme dAlice to Leave him alone and hell come home
Page L22 Leave it to Left home when I was a kid
Page L23 Left hook to Lemons brand new shiny skyboat blues
Page L24 Lemons comin on strong blues to Les adieux
Page L25 Les adventures de pinpin au togo to Les Maures
Page L26 Les mazagrans to lessentiel
Page L27 Lesser to Let slip
Page L28 Let some love in to Lets get out of here
Page L29 Lets get Pommard to letter from stillness
Page L30 letter from the past to Lhommecanon
Page L31 Lhomnme est une petite montre to Lied vom sich drehenden wind
Page L32 Lied von der guten laune to Lifes backward glance
Page L33 Lifes bits to Lightnin struck a pine
Page L34 Lightning to Like the end of a movie
Page L35 Like the fall to Limehouse
Page L36 Limehouse blue to Lingos fanfare
Page L37 Lingotieres et concressions lourdes to Listen to my song
Page L38 Listen to my story babe to Little boy blue
Page L39 Little boy blues to little history for 5 clarinets
Page L40 little home to Little pigs
Page L41 Little pink elephants to Little Willie blues
Page L42 Little Willie Green to Living my dream
Page L43 Living my life to Lobelia euphorbia rock
Page L44 LObelisque to Lola la la la
Page L45 Lola Lola to Lonely peopleBallad
Page L46 Lonely Pircus to Long long way
Page L47 Long long way from home to Look for the real thing
Page L48 Look for the red door to Loop for Susan
Page L49 Loop for Susan R to Los Angeles CA
Page L50 Los Angeles Freeway Killer Avoidance Tactics to Lost in the attic
Page L51 Lost in the Black Forest to Louis introduces musicians
Page L52 Louis Kappa to Love dance rag
Page L53 Love dancin to Love is real
Page L54 love is reborn to love serene
Page L55 Love shall be eternal to Loved by millions
Page L56 Loved one to Lovestar
Page L57 Lovetann to Ltrain
Page L58 LTs express to Lueur de la nuit
Page L59 Lueur eteinte to LUltimo ospite
Page L60 Lultimo perdono to Luscious
Page L61 Luscious delirium to Lzy smoka
Page L62 L’accordeoniste to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Maceos blues
Page M2 Macero to Made in Pole land
Page M3 Made in Praha to Magic flee
Page M4 Magic flower to Mahlzeit
Page M5 Mahmouds memory to Makaahaa
Page M6 Makada to Malach haSopher
Page M7 Malachi to Mama like to do it
Page M8 Mama like to take her time to Mami ayiko
Page M9 Mami gato to man with diava
Page M10 man with foggy fingers to Manhattan plaza
Page M11 Manhattan polka to Many years ago
Page M12 Manya to March of the Russian children
Page M13 March of the sad to Maria de Verdade
Page M14 Maria Dolores to Markens blomster
Page M15 market to Martins theme
Page M16 Martinsamba to Massay
Page M17 Massaya to MatuluMother
Page M18 Matum Jam to Maybe its because I love you too much
Page M19 Maybe its because Im Londoner to McPartlandWilder introduce Mabel Mercer
Page M20 McPartlandWilder introduction to meaning of meaning
Page M21 meaning of metre to Medium medley
Page M22 medium part 1 to Mein Lied klingt ubers Meer zu dir
Page M23 Mein madchen to Melodia para Alejandra
Page M24 Melodia para de la luna to Memories of being very angry
Page M25 Memories of Benny to Mensch
Page M26 Mensch blues to merry widows got a sweetie now
Page M27 Merry Xmas baby to Metallique
Page M28 Metallische Gebilde to MGFPLN I
Page M29 MGFPLN II to Microburst
Page M30 Microbuzele to Midnight snack
Page M31 Midnight snatcher to Mikhailov le peintre
Page M32 Mikhailovsky Castle at night to Million midges
Page M33 million miles to Mindwalk
Page M34 Mindwalking to Minnow bucket
Page M35 Minns du to Minuet in G Major From Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach BWV114
Page M36 Minuet in G majorJoyDominique to Misery and the blues
Page M37 Misery blues to Miss you Mr Mercer
Page M38 Miss you people to Mister Moe
Page M39 Mister Mongus to MixLex
Page M40 Mixolidian soul frog to Modaladom
Page M41 Modalic blues to Moi padre
Page M42 Moi pas laime ca to Momento improvisado IV
Page M43 Momento improvisado V to Money in your pocket and a room with a view
Page M44 Money is a thing of the past to Monks tune
Page M45 Monks tunnel to Montmartre Rose
Page M46 Montmartre song to moon is made of gold
Page M47 Moon is mine to Moonshine blues
Page M48 Moonshine dancer to More sounds
Page M49 More spare time to Morning meeting
Page M50 Morning melody to Most distant galaxy
Page M51 Most emphaticll yes to Motorcycle blues
Page M52 Motorcycle boys to Move it along
Page M53 Move it around to Moving steadily
Page M54 Moving subject to Mr Elvin
Page M55 Mr English to Mr Person
Page M56 Mr Personality to Ms JP
Page M57 Ms Julie to Muldoon’s mood
Page M58 Mule to Murrina Latina
Page M59 Murring to Music is the key
Page M60 Music is the magic to Mustang Dimitri
Page M61 Mustang no 1 to My bluebirds back again
Page M62 My bluebirds singing the blues to My favourite year
Page M63 My feeling to My indiscretion
Page M64 My injun from Brazil to My man string
Page M65 My man Sustain to My rosary of broken dreams
Page M66 My rose to My wife is on a diet
Page M67 My wife Maria to Mystical Mary
Page M68 Mystical northern desolation A la claire fontaine to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nahm
Page N2 NahmaschinenBoogie to Nansika
Page N3 Nant nana to Nat and Em
Page N4 Nat batucada da vida to Naumachia
Page N5 Naupaj tiemposjinan tatay to necessary evil blues
Page N6 Necessary illusions to Nelson Mandela
Page N7 Nelson Mandela is coming 2 to Neurojazz
Page N8 Neurolingus ting to Nevermind
Page N9 Nevermind sweetheart to New hideaway
Page N10 New hieroglyphics to New scientists
Page N11 new Scotch tune to New YorkParis railway
Page N12 New YorkPhilly junction to Nicas dreem
Page N13 Nicas prelude to Nieve en el fondo
Page N14 Nieve y heladas to Night music
Page N15 Night music 1974 to Nightripper
Page N16 Nightrope dancing to Ningana
Page N17 Ningbo to No 3 Piazza di luna
Page N18 No 3 road house blues to No game
Page N19 No games to No more white gloves
Page N20 No more women blues to No seven
Page N21 No sex please to Noble reasoning
Page N22 Noble sentiments to Nocturno en la celda op 9 no 2
Page N23 Nocturno no 1 op 15 to Nonau
Page N24 Nonbeliever to North country diatribe
Page N25 north country lass tells her sorrows to Not all olives have pits
Page N26 Not alone to Note crochet
Page N27 Note dautomne to Notorious pastorious
Page N28 Notorious thugs to Now hes gone
Page N29 Now hes miles away to Nu matrix
Page N30 Nu mess to Nunes tanzchen
Page N31 Nunimbos sang to NZZ


Page O1 O to O son of spirit
Page O2 O sonho to Obsesion intro
Page O3 Obsess with Cuak to October walk
Page O4 October waltz to Odelias blues
Page O5 Odell Moselle to Off to school again
Page O6 Off to somewhere else to Oh its you
Page O7 Oh ja oh nein to Oh yes I will
Page O8 Oh yes its so to Ol blewh moon
Page O9 Ol Blu to Old Lace
Page O10 Old laces to Old world new world
Page O11 Old wyne to Omaha barbque
Page O12 Omaha Beach to On Green Pepper Street
Page O13 On Green Street to On the mirror
Page O14 On the Mississippi to Once in a blue moon a decent wolf comes along
Page O15 Once in a dream to One finger snap
Page O16 one finger symphony to One for the people
Page O17 One for the pot to one more time suite
Page O18 One more time to say goodbye to One tune
Page O19 One turnip green to Only the grave can straighten the hunchback
Page O20 Only the heart knows to OP blues
Page O21 Op de een to Opening tomorrow 4
Page O22 opening tune to Orange afternoons
Page O23 Orange alert to Organizer theme
Page O24 Organizin to Orpheo
Page O25 Orpheo negro to Other anthem
Page O26 Other bag blues to Our brief duet
Page O27 Our bungalow of dreams to Out of blue
Page O28 Out of body to Outpost nine calling
Page O29 Outposted to Overmate full av nade
Page O30 Overnight to O’new


Page P1 P to Paff der zauberdrachen
Page P2 Paftastique to palace of memory
Page P3 palace of pleasures to Panchita
Page P4 Panchito to Papas got your bath water on
Page P5 Papas got your water on to Paradise Alley shakedown
Page P6 Paradise and you to Paris fashion
Page P7 Paris froisse to Part 1 Redwinged blackbirds
Page P8 part 1 Serpentine to Part ten
Page P9 part that you may play to Pas Syracuse
Page P10 Pas touch to Passing train falling leaf
Page P11 Passing trains to Pathological
Page P12 Pathological music to Pavas dream
Page P13 Pave pause to peaceful resolution
Page P14 Peaceful retaliation to Peepfreak patrol car
Page P15 Peephole to Pensando en agua
Page P16 Pensando en Jane to Per diminuzione
Page P17 Per dir adeu to Period suite
Page P18 Periode to Peruvian chant
Page P19 Peruvian folk song to Petite soeur
Page P20 Petite soeur Angelique to Phenomenal
Page P21 Phenomenal generation to Pian del lago
Page P22 Piana dei greci to Piccola Italy
Page P23 Piccola jam to Piece of mind
Page P24 Piece of mine to Pilipinas suite
Page P25 pill to PINY
Page P26 Pinyin to Pizza pie boogie
Page P27 Pizza swing to Planters punch
Page P28 Planters song to Playin some really heavy hits
Page P29 Playin sweet to Please stop breaking down
Page P30 Please stop me now to Pluton alltimes hit
Page P31 Plutone to Pogo 2
Page P32 Pogo 3 to Polizeikontrolle halb 3
Page P33 Polizia to Pony walk
Page P34 Ponya rouye to Por eso no debes
Page P35 Por fandangos to Portrait of an eremite
Page P36 Portrait of an ermite to Post resonance 1J736
Page P37 post said to Pour on the heat
Page P38 Pour oublier to Pragma
Page P39 Pragmatico to Precinct 3
Page P40 Preciosa to Prelude no 15 BWV 860
Page P41 Prelude No 15 in E major to Preparation 1
Page P42 Preparation 12 sec to Pretty paper
Page P43 Pretty Paul to Prince of peace
Page P44 Prince of pentacles to Procession song
Page P45 Procession to the Terreiro to promise keeper
Page P46 promise kept to Psalm 119 jod
Page P47 Psalm 119 lamed to Puerta San Juan
Page P48 Puerta sur to Purdy lily dont die
Page P49 Purdy much done to Put on your pipe
Page P50 Put on your red silk stockings pretty baby to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quarantine
Page Q2 Quarantine for the aggressor to Que vamos a hacer con este amor
Page Q3 Que venga el dia to quibble
Page Q4 Quibus to Quint
Page Q5 Quint essentials to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio hit number four
Page R2 Radio house requiem to Ragtime from Parade
Page R3 Ragtime funeral march music to Rainbow valley
Page R4 Rainbow visions to Rampaging down
Page R5 Rampaging mama to Rashied
Page R6 Rashim to Rays time
Page R7 Rays tribute to Harry to Real progress comes slowly
Page R8 Real real to Reciprocal night
Page R9 Reciprocation to Red eye
Page R10 Red eye blues to Red yellow green
Page R11 Red zinger to Reflex
Page R12 Reflex 121 to Rek rap
Page R13 Rekelecterak to Remembering dad
Page R14 Remembering Dan to Repeal the blues
Page R15 Repeat to Respira piano
Page R16 Respirando to Return to Earth
Page R17 Return to five to Rex Stewart on Peck Kelley
Page R18 Rex Stewart on Stuff Smith and Allie Ross to Rhythm of the islands
Page R19 rhythm of the jeep to Ricordo di Vanessa
Page R20 Ricordo doce to Right across the way
Page R21 Right after 4 to Ringside stomp
Page R22 Ringside suite to Rita de Panama
Page R23 Rita Hayworth to Rivers run deep
Page R24 rivers soul to Robert Charles story
Page R25 Robert DeNiro to Rock this house
Page R26 Rock this house tonight to Roebuck
Page R27 Roell to Roman nights
Page R28 Roman notes to Rons meditation
Page R29 Rons muse to Rose curve
Page R30 Rose dance to Rotten Ron
Page R31 Rotten tie to Roy meets horn
Page R32 Roy rag to rude awakening
Page R33 Rude awakeningPeur bleue to Rumba para Senegal
Page R34 Rumba para ti to Running water
Page R35 Running wild to Ryukyu
Page R36 Ryusei to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to sacrifice
Page S2 Sacrifice and myth to Sagaren
Page S3 Sagarmatha to Salaam Bombay
Page S4 Salaam my child to Salty mama blues
Page S5 Salty mama cassoulet to Samba de la noche
Page S6 Samba de la Tootes to Samba tala
Page S7 Samba talk to Samu
Page S8 Samuel to Sandys boogie
Page S9 Sandys bossa to Sapphire Island
Page S10 Sapphire sky blue to Satellites are spinning tk 1
Page S11 Satellites are spinning tk 2 to Savannah mama
Page S12 Savannah moon to Say blow by blow backwards
Page S13 Say Bob to Scaredy cat coward you are
Page S14 Scaremonger to Schicksalsmarsch
Page S15 Schieb ab to Schwanz
Page S16 Schwarma death to Scrapbook
Page S17 Scrape to Sea cap samba
Page S18 Sea captain to seaside of the street
Page S19 Seaside postcard 1951 to Second tableau
Page S20 Second tale to Seduna in Wallis
Page S21 See to Sehnsucht nach dem fruhling
Page S22 Sehnsuchtig to Seminola
Page S23 Seminole to Sentient baiao
Page S24 Sentient beings to Sequentiae
Page S25 Sequential to Serious wishing
Page S26 Seriously to Seven bofors
Page S27 Seven boxes to Sewer lady
Page S28 Sewer system to Shadow of the sun suite
Page S29 Shadow of the sunset to Shall I see you again
Page S30 Shall I wake you from your sleep to Shawn O Shea
Page S31 Shawnee to Sheer
Page S32 Sheer delight to Shes just right for me
Page S33 Shes just the baby for me to Shipbuilding
Page S34 Shipoopi to Shore thing
Page S35 Shore up to Shoutin baby blues
Page S36 Shoutin blues to Shut up peaceful
Page S37 Shut up sit down to Side steppin
Page S38 Side stepping to Signal flow
Page S39 Signal hill to Silent ways
Page S40 Silent weapons for quiet wars to Simbeeoobop
Page S41 Simbi to Since I love you
Page S42 Since I met her to Singing to the earth
Page S43 Singing to the leaf to Sisi nova
Page S44 Sisi vijana to Six dimensions
Page S45 Six down to Skar
Page S46 Skara brae to Skippy das buschkanguru
Page S47 Skippy Doe to Slabs blues
Page S48 Slack to Sleepy boys
Page S49 Sleepy chipmunk to Slippery horn
Page S50 Slippery Jim de Grize to Slow rumpel blues
Page S51 Slow run to Small winner
Page S52 Small wonder to Smokey Joe
Page S53 Smokey Joe blues to Snapshot II What they look like
Page S54 Snapshot III to Snowplow
Page S55 Snowqualime jojo to So me fez bem
Page S56 So mild the wind so meek the water to Social club Buena Vista
Page S57 Social confusion to Sognando Helene
Page S58 Sognare ad occhi aperti to Solfege syncope IV Ending
Page S59 Solfeggetto to Solomon
Page S60 Solomon chief of wise men to Some other thing
Page S61 Some other things to Someone loves you after all
Page S62 Someone loves you honey to Something unknown
Page S63 Something unseen to Somtimes its best that way
Page S64 Son to Song E
Page S65 Song eleven to Song for Jo Jo
Page S66 Song for Joanne to Song for the boys
Page S67 Song for the bride to Song of silent footprints
Page S68 Song of Simeon to Songs my mother taught to me
Page S69 Songs of a road to Sooney
Page S70 Soonish to SOSB
Page S71 Sosbun Brakk to Soul system
Page S72 Soul systems to SoundDance pt 2
Page S73 SoundDance pt 3 to South Philly Willy
Page S74 South pole to Space church
Page S75 Space circus to Spanish phases for strings and bass
Page S76 Spanish picture to Special ones
Page S77 Special order to Spiderbite
Page S78 Spiderhole stomp to Spirits
Page S79 Spirits alike to Spooks ball
Page S80 Spooks holiday to Spring valley
Page S81 Spring walk to Squinky Pete
Page S82 Squint blues to Stadtmitte
Page S83 Stadtnachtlauf to Stanley Park
Page S84 Stanley Spencer to starspangled gospel
Page S85 Starstepper to Steady Fijo
Page S86 Steady Freddy to Step into the night
Page S87 Step into the projects to Sticks and cymbals
Page S88 Sticks and hats to Stinkler
Page S89 Stinkler FATS to Stone shake
Page S90 Stone shift to Storm stories
Page S91 Storm surge to Strandgut
Page S92 Strandinsky to Strawberry moments
Page S93 Strawberry moon to Strictly stern
Page S94 Strictly strings to Structure 3
Page S95 Structure 4 to Stumblin Henrys divorce march
Page S96 Stumblin home satisfied to Subversive
Page S97 Subversive resurrektionen to Sugar Hill strut
Page S98 sugar hill suite to Suite for trio +
Page S99 Suite for trumpet to Summer burn
Page S100 Summer bygone to Sun brimmers blues
Page S101 Sun burn to Sunday story
Page S102 Sunday stroll to Sunset promise
Page S103 Sunset rising to Sur 8 notes
Page S104 Sur 9 notes to Sushi lounge
Page S105 Sushi monster to Swamp seed
Page S106 Swamp stomp to Sweet chariot
Page S107 Sweet charity to Sweet pain
Page S108 Sweet painted lady to Sweetry
Page S109 Sweets to Swing star
Page S110 Swing state to swinging meditation
Page S111 swinging monk to Symmetry I
Page S112 Symmetry II to Szeretom e tancba
Page S113 Szerettelek nem tagadom I loved you I dont deny it to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Tage
Page T2 Tage des Freidens to Take him off my mind
Page T3 Take home pay to Takin a break
Page T4 Takin a chance to Talk time
Page T5 Talk tme to Tamotua
Page T6 Tampa to Tango ritzo
Page T7 Tango rock to Tapping the foot tapping the brain
Page T8 Tapping the reed to Tattersfield stomp
Page T9 Tattiebogle dance to Teach you to rock
Page T10 Teach your children to Teen age
Page T11 Teen age baby to Tell me something good
Page T12 Tell me something new to Tempo comodo
Page T13 Tempo d aperdere to Tenerife
Page T14 TeneriffaKakerlaken to Terra madre
Page T15 Terra me siente to Texas rider
Page T16 Texas rocks to That afternoon in Harlem
Page T17 That afternoon in Paris to That telegram
Page T18 That tempest to Thats the way of the world
Page T19 Thats the way she feels to Theme for alchemia
Page T20 Theme for alto to Theme from symphony 5
Page T21 Theme from Taras bulba to There and now
Page T22 There and then to Theres a little bad in every good little girl
Page T23 Theres a little lump of sugar down in dixie to These things I offer you
Page T24 These things shall be to Things aint going to be like they used to BE
Page T25 Things aint like they used to be to third house on the right
Page T26 third I to This is Bordeaux
Page T27 This is called love to This poem is in memory of
Page T28 This poem is part cartoon to thought that counts
Page T29 thought that lingers to Three for B
Page T30 Three for BE to Three scenes
Page T31 Three scenes for five tenors to Through the ages Jehovah
Page T32 Through the arcade to Tibetan mystery
Page T33 Tibetan national anthem to Tighten up zydeco
Page T34 Tighten your belt to Time collapse
Page T35 Time colors to Time traveler
Page T36 Time traveling to Tintindeo
Page T37 Tintinnabulum to Title 11
Page T38 Title 12 to To day and to morrow
Page T39 To DC to To sink in posture
Page T40 To Sir from Sir to Tocsin du jour
Page T41 Toctickiss to tole
Page T42 Tole road to Tonal vibrations
Page T43 Tonal weights and blue fire to Too late to be good blues
Page T44 Too late to be passive to Top stuff
Page T45 Top ten to Toti
Page T46 Totiri mundachi to Tout passe
Page T47 tout petit pas de loup to Tracks in the sand 6
Page T48 Tracks in the sand 7 to Trance
Page T49 Trance & fire to Transportation of Nudles
Page T50 Transported to Tre abandonati
Page T51 Tre accordi to Tres joli
Page T52 Tres lindas to Tribute to the sun
Page T53 Tribute to the ticklers to Trio minus one
Page T54 Trio music to Tritonis
Page T55 Tritons dance to Tropical love
Page T56 Tropical lust to Trufo
Page T57 Trugs blues to Ts dance
Page T58 Ts dream to Tudathasadas
Page T59 tudatlan macska to Tunesmith
Page T60 Tunesville to Turning
Page T61 Turning 2000 to Tweedly dum
Page T62 Tweek to Twinkling darkness
Page T63 Twinkling notion to Two for the price of one
Page T64 Two for the road to Two sides to the story
Page T65 Two sighs a reply to Tziacco
Page T66 Tzibeles bulgar to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to Ukie dukie
Page U2 Ukies tune to Un ano de amor
Page U3 Un ano de juventud to Un tout petit pantin
Page U4 Un train bleu dans la nuit to uncles
Page U5 Uncles 12 to Underling
Page U6 Underlying to Unforgotten
Page U7 Unforgotten times to Unknown password
Page U8 Unknown path to Until I get an answer
Page U9 Until I left Chicago to Up country
Page U10 Up de Straat geiht n Jung mit n Tudelband to Upstairs downstairs blues
Page U11 Upstairs downstairs hobbit to Use
Page U12 Use 2 to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valium
Page V2 Valivan to Valse pour Leonie
Page V3 Valse pour les gauchers to var te enkebal i gar
Page V4 Var tid med vin och rosor to Variationseven
Page V5 Variationsix to Vein melter
Page V6 Vein melter cyclops to Ver llover
Page V7 Vera to Very east round
Page V8 very end to Vibe boogie
Page V9 Vibe bucks to Vierundfunfzig
Page V10 Vierundvierzig a to Vincents ear
Page V11 Vincents other ear to Virtue is gone
Page V12 Virtues of the well to Viva la cassa del mezzogiorno
Page V13 Viva la danzarina to Voice of the people
Page V14 voice of the people is the voice of God to Voodoo lady
Page V15 Voodoo logic to Vuilvlerk
Page V16 Vujaday to Vztek


Page W1 W to Waiter waiter call the manager
Page W2 Waiterpastafazoo to Wakerasuka
Page W3 Wakeup to Walkin n rhythm
Page W4 Walkin off the blues to wallflower in the Amazon
Page W5 Wallflower lonely to Waltz for Lena
Page W6 Waltz for Lenny to Waltz with me
Page W7 Waltz with me Della to Wardell walks
Page W8 Wardells riff to wash house
Page W9 Wash it clean to Water in tubes
Page W10 Water ink to Way back when we didnt understand
Page W11 Way behind the sun to We are always chasing phantoms
Page W12 We are always together to We never knew
Page W13 We never know to wedding in Cherokee County
Page W14 Wedding in gold to Welcome new warmth
Page W15 Welcome part 1 to Wenn hier een Pott mit Bohnen steiht
Page W16 Wenn i mal alt bin to West side nights
Page W17 West side radio to What a song
Page W18 What a sun to What happens is next
Page W19 What happens now to What shall we do
Page W20 What shall we do with the child to Whats happening now
Page W21 Whats happening Roi to When darkness turns to dawn
Page W22 When day is done to When its Thursday night in Egypt
Page W23 When its Thursday night in Egypt its half past three in Spain to When the moon comes over the mountains
Page W24 When the moon goes deep to When you lover is gone
Page W25 When you make a home to Where here
Page W26 Where his third eye could be to Wheres Montgomery
Page W27 Wheres Moore to Whisper
Page W28 Whisper a prayer to White Pontiac
Page W29 White power blues to Who threw the glue
Page W30 Who threw the overalls to Whose falling drops from high did strain the soyl with ruddy hue
Page W31 Whose fool are you to Why should we try anymore
Page W32 Why should we wonder to Wikope
Page W33 Wilaphant Winnie to Will you dance
Page W34 Will you die to Wind of the spirit
Page W35 Wind of water to Winkie
Page W36 Winkiland to Wis for wheel
Page W37 Wis50 pracuje to With love inside
Page W38 With Maabud Allah to WMC autumn
Page W39 WMD to women of South America
Page W40 Women of the veil to Woody II
Page W41 Woody III to world is ours
Page W42 world is round to wow signal
Page W43 Wow wow to Wuz up
Page W44 Wuziprak to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yano Akiko
Page Y2 Yano mori to Yellow carousel
Page Y3 yellow cars to Yesterdays past
Page Y4 Yesterdays rain to Yoruba word for Two
Page Y5 Yoruban paradise to You brought me love
Page Y6 You brought me more than sunshine to You do something for me
Page Y7 You do something to me to You havent hurt me
Page Y8 You hear to You or no one
Page Y9 You ordinary stranger to You will look for yours on Earth
Page Y10 You will lose all fear to Your bodys callin
Page Y11 Your bones are hollow now to Youre a mistery
Page Y12 Youre a mystery to me to Youre still my baby
Page Y13 Youre still my girl in spite of everything to YT
Page Y14 Yta to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zbop
Page Z2 Zborenka to Zijwindgevoelig
Page Z3 Zikidibang to Zookie cookie
Page Z4 Zool to Zydeco second line
Page Z5 Zydeco stroll to Zzzzzip