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This index refers to the 492,915 individual tune titles (1,487,712 total entries) included in over 231,514 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2017.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abigaah
Page A2 Abigaille to Abstrusions
Page A3 Abstrutions to Ack lilla vera
Page A4 Ack Lilla Vera Du Smakar Mera to Ada maica cea cheita
Page A5 Ada ode to Adolescence
Page A6 Adolescencia perdida to Afirah majimn
Page A7 Afire to Afro cube
Page A8 Afro Cuber to After the day is done
Page A9 After the dazzle of day to Aggatar
Page A10 Aggie war hymn to Ai Glatson
Page A11 Ai leik et to Aintcha glad
Page A12 Aintcha glad that I want you to Aki and Ukthay
Page A13 Aki callin to Albays
Page A14 Albayzin to Algaliar cateter
Page A15 Algarade to All by my ownsome
Page A16 All by myself to All or nothing blues
Page A17 All or nothing t all to All tones
Page A18 All too soon to Allontanarsi dalla vita
Page A19 Alloplasty to Along came Joe
Page A20 Along came John to Alto chop suey
Page A21 Alto cumulus to Amaia
Page A22 Amaizmi to American complex
Page A23 American concerto to Amour amour
Page A24 Amour ange ange amour to An HK guitar solo
Page A25 An homage for Luiz Gonzaga to Ancestral residue
Page A26 Ancestral seeds to And so it is
Page A27 And so it seemed to Andreina
Page A28 Andrej rubljow to Angklung okro
Page A29 Angkor to Annie Mays cakewalk
Page A30 Annie Moore to Another part of me
Page A31 Another passing spring thing to Antigravity
Page A32 Antigreen plate gives Mr H more power to Aodanga
Page A33 Aoi me no ningyo to Apprenez le Francais avec Trenet
Page A34 apprentice to Arabi shuffle
Page A35 Arabia to Are you for real
Page A36 Are you forgetting love to Arlene
Page A37 Arlequin to Ars Flventis
Page A38 Ars gratia artis to As evenings dawn
Page A39 As everybody sees Im old fashioned to Ascendant vierge
Page A40 Ascendante to Assemblage III
Page A41 AssembleMelancholy to At seventeen
Page A42 At sige verden ret farvel to Atlas shrugged
Page A43 Atlasnaja kukla to Audela de soi
Page A44 Audela du vent to Ausencia
Page A45 Ausencia Absence to Aux quatre coins
Page A46 Aux sources du jazz to Away and away again
Page A47 Away and home to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby dear I dont want noone but you
Page B2 Baby Dee to Bacante
Page B3 Bacao to Back to Bauru
Page B4 Back to Bayview to bad dream
Page B5 Bad dream baby to Bahnhofswing
Page B6 Bahrain to Balancoire part 14
Page B7 Balancoire part 2 to Ballad for Mr H
Page B8 Ballad for murdered student to Ballade for Jeannie
Page B9 Ballade for Jessy to Bambambamy shore
Page B10 Bambambamyshore to Banksy
Page B11 Banlieue to Barfly blues
Page B12 barflys hope to Basart
Page B13 Basbanditten to Bassa marea
Page B14 Bassade to Battlefield II
Page B15 Battlefields to Be healed and uplifted
Page B16 Be hear now to Beat meat
Page B17 Beat mobile to beauty of reason
Page B18 beauty of simplicity to Bee tango
Page B19 Bee tee minor plea to Begging bowl
Page B20 Begging business to Belgrade blues
Page B21 Belgrade hangover to Bemba
Page B22 Bembae cuchara to Berend BotjeEenm twee drie vier hoedje van
Page B23 Berendts blues to Best job yet
Page B24 best jockey in town to Between shadow and space
Page B25 Between showers to Bianca Taylor
Page B26 Biancaneve to Big car people
Page B27 Big Casino to big ones
Page B28 Big onion to Bill Bailey please come home
Page B29 Bill Bailey rag to Bipolarity
Page B30 bippity be bop pony to Birth of a band
Page B31 Birth of a butterfly to Biznes changes
Page B32 Bizon to Black jazz
Page B33 Black Johann to Blackhole sun
Page B34 Blackhouse to Blessed instant
Page B35 Blessed is the match to Blood of an Englishman
Page B36 Blood of cities to Blue and esoteric
Page B37 Blue and evil blues to Blue Farouk
Page B38 Blue Farouq to Blue moments
Page B39 Blue monastery to Blue star kachina
Page B40 Blue starfish to Blues ad lib
Page B41 Blues adagio to Blues en minuer
Page B42 Blues en peinture to Blues for Clyde
Page B43 Blues for CM to Blues for Jorg
Page B44 Blues for JOS to Blues for Phil
Page B45 Blues for Philly to Blues for two thirds
Page B46 Blues for twos to Blues in the closed
Page B47 Blues in the closet to Blues PG
Page B48 Blues pianist and juke joints to Bluesstund
Page B49 bluest blues to Bobbys bet
Page B50 Bobbys blue Sunday to Bokkenrijder
Page B51 Bokkenrijdersvariatie to Bongo Betty
Page B52 Bongo bip to Boogie fur Geige
Page B53 Boogie fur Mr HH to Boom town
Page B54 Boom town echoes to Bored
Page B55 Bored stiff to Bossa nostra
Page B56 Bossa nouveau to Bouna
Page B57 Bounce to Boy from Witbank
Page B58 boy full of thoughts to Branquinho
Page B59 Bransle du chien to Breakdown boogie
Page B60 Breakdown boulevard to Breve
Page B61 Breve amore to Briguinha de musicos malacos
Page B62 Briguinha de musicos malucos no coreto to Broken down mama
Page B63 Broken down man to Brother Rudolph
Page B64 Brother Sam to Brusseler 2
Page B65 Brussels to Budds idea
Page B66 Buddy to Bulgare box
Page B67 Bulgaria to Burgeoning
Page B68 Burger and draw to business end
Page B69 Business goes on as usual to Buttermilk
Page B70 Buttermilk 1 to Byebye off we go
Page B71 Byebye pretty baby to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadillac kid
Page C2 Cadillac man to Calebs song
Page C3 Caleche to Calle princesa
Page C4 Calle schewens vals including alskliga blommor SMA to Camels riding in the desert
Page C5 Camels tango to Canadian dixie
Page C6 Canadian domino to Cannonballs theme
Page C7 Cannonbird to Canticles of ecstasy
Page C8 Cantico to Cappuccini Klang
Page C9 Cappuccini Stimmen to Cardio
Page C10 Cardiogram to Carnet de root
Page C11 Carnet plein dhistoires to Carthagene
Page C12 Carthago to Castros
Page C13 Casual to Cats is it fish or finite
Page C14 Cats kittens to Ceanothus
Page C15 Cearta to Cengo cengo
Page C16 Ceniza to Cest le son qui fait la scene
Page C17 Cest le temps to challenge
Page C18 Challenge blues to Chango moti awa
Page C19 Chango ta beni to Chapter green
Page C20 Chapter I to Charukeshi Monday
Page C21 Charukesi to Check upon my baby
Page C22 Check US out to Chestnut bird
Page C23 Chestnut Glen Drive to Chicken breath
Page C24 Chicken byriani et chicken korma to Childrens dream
Page C25 Childrens episode I to Chinoir
Page C26 Chinois to Chopin prelude no 13 OP 28 in F sharp major
Page C27 Chopin prelude no 14 OP 28 in E flat minor to Chris in love
Page C28 Chris is how we drew it to Chuck Domanico
Page C29 Chuck Es in love to Cilantro samba
Page C30 Cilantro soup to Circularity
Page C31 Circulatin in C to Civilization after Coltrane
Page C32 Civilization and its discontents to Claudes tune
Page C33 Claudette to Climbin free
Page C34 Climbin the peak to Cloud people
Page C35 Cloud quilt to Cobalt purview
Page C36 Cobalto to Coffy sauna
Page C37 Cofnod pen boreMorning records to Collective no 9
Page C38 Collective overture to Colurile toammei
Page C39 Colville kids to Come out and meet me tonight
Page C40 Come out and play to Comme en java
Page C41 Comme en prison to Complex 8Wam
Page C42 Complex area persisting to Composition N366a
Page C43 Composition N366b to Concerto Aus der tube
Page C44 Concerto blues to Conference call
Page C45 Conference des animaux to Conservatorismo puro
Page C46 Consider to Contrapuntal
Page C47 Contrapuntal blues to Cool boots
Page C48 Cool breeze to Coq a lane
Page C49 Coqgirouette to Corredores de sombra
Page C50 Correlation to Cottage groove
Page C51 Cottage in the rain to country practice
Page C52 Country preacher to CPs blues
Page C53 CPs theme to Crazy mama
Page C54 Crazy man to Criana nova
Page C55 Criancas to Crossing messages
Page C56 Crossing minds to Cryin the boogie blues
Page C57 Cryin through the night to Cubicq
Page C58 Cubio to Curse of the aching heart
Page C59 Curse of the lucky man to cyprus tree
Page C60 Cyprys to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dados game
Page D2 Dados theme to Damn right
Page D3 Damn right Im somebody to Dance of the concubine
Page D4 Dance of the CosmoAliens Sometimes I feel like a motherless child to Dancination
Page D5 Dancing to Dangling manifesto
Page D6 Dangling W to Danza curuana
Page D7 Danza damore to Dark passage
Page D8 Dark passenger to Das kliene rote gebetsbuch
Page D9 Das komische buckel to Dawn dreams
Page D10 dawn exalted as a flock of doves to Days in our lives
Page D11 Days in Paris to De Pigalle a New York
Page D12 De pijp to Dear Lijah
Page D13 Dear lil pal to Deceitful eyes
Page D14 Deceitful friend blues to Deedledeedledum
Page D15 Deedledydle to Definitivo
Page D16 Definity to Delphinium
Page D17 Delphinium consolida to Dennis is driving
Page D18 Dennis Jeter waltz to der ruf der wildnis
Page D19 Der rumsisker maggid to Description 5
Page D20 Description automatique dun paysage desole to Destructures 6
Page D21 Destrukcije to Devil woman
Page D22 Deviled ham to Dialogue 6
Page D23 Dialogue 7 to Diddy you know and luv
Page D24 Diddywadiddy to Die zwei farben gehen
Page D25 Die zwei Schlittenpferde to Dim mask
Page D26 Dim scales 8 bars each random root movement 27 in book to Direction home
Page D27 Direction in glass to disenchanted
Page D28 Disenchanted lady to Divertiment
Page D29 Divertimento to Djangos Island
Page D30 Djangos jump to Do ti
Page D31 Do tmy to doctor said
Page D32 Doctor said not to to Doin the sally long
Page D33 Doin the samba to Don at midnight
Page D34 don atahualpa to Dont bring me down
Page D35 Dont bring me poses to Dont knock it
Page D36 Dont knock le Zoot to Dont stop believin
Page D37 Dont stop believing to Doobadoop
Page D38 Doobahdoo to Dotdotdot
Page D39 Dotheboys hall to Douglas hop
Page D40 Douglas Mountain to Down the road
Page D41 Down the road a piece to Dr U
Page D42 Dr van Helsings laboratory to Dream mother
Page D43 Dream my little ones to Dreams of the Nile
Page D44 Dreams of the red chamber to Drive time
Page D45 Drive to the beach to Drum n dream
Page D46 Drum negrita to Du a Ferdinand
Page D47 Du and I to Duende
Page D48 Duende del baile to Dun dum ba
Page D49 Dun dun mix to Dusts
Page D50 Dusttongued bell to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early man
Page E2 Early Maria to East of ginger trees
Page E3 East of Haden to Easy to riff
Page E4 Easy to say to Echolalia
Page E5 Echolalic to Edwd
Page E6 Edwige to Ehm
Page E7 Ehornuhu to EIOI
Page E8 Eipper to El don del Conocimiento
Page E9 El dopa to El retorno
Page E10 El rey to Electric guitar interlude
Page E11 Electric guitar rag to Elephants graveyard
Page E12 Elephants have brains to Ellinida
Page E13 Ellinors sang to Emer
Page E14 Emeral blue to Emulsified
Page E15 Emuna to En ville
Page E16 En vilsen folkvisa to Endless feeling
Page E17 Endless fields to Ensaslayi
Page E18 Ensayo a las tres to Epidemie
Page E19 Epiece to Eric Flo & Harry
Page E20 Eric Jermane to Escandinavia bar
Page E21 Escapada to Esspi
Page E22 Essu to Eternal moment
Page E23 Eternal moments to Eu e voce
Page E24 Eu fui a Europa to Evenement 10 Lettrisme
Page E25 Evenement 11 Jacquerie to Every Saturday night
Page E26 Every screaming ear to Everything in a dream
Page E27 Everything in America is ragtime to Evrythings peaches
Page E28 Evrytime to Exmental patient
Page E29 Exmod 1 to Extraordinary machine
Page E30 Extraordinary popular delusions to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Faded flowers
Page F2 Faded love to Fall time
Page F3 Fall to call to Fandango
Page F4 Fandango de Montreuil to Far from alone
Page F5 Far from Bilbao to Fast blues medium
Page F6 Fast boat to China to Fatimas garden
Page F7 Fatimas last dance to Fedis in vogue
Page F8 Fedj to Felice Navidad
Page F9 Felices para siempre to Fett & frei
Page F10 Fetter mond to FiFis rock
Page F11 FIFO to Filthy habits
Page F12 Filthy lucre to Finger snappin
Page F13 Finger snappin good to Firnfern
Page F14 First to First thoughtsThis nearly was mine
Page F15 First thread to Five folk blues
Page F16 Five foot even to Flame thrower
Page F17 Flame to fire to Fleurette African
Page F18 Fleurette Africane to Floating point
Page F19 floating red wall to Flowers in the water
Page F20 Flowers in your dressing room to Flyfisher
Page F21 Flyg ande to Folie dure
Page F22 Folies to fool was I
Page F23 Fooladiooweedot to For BP
Page F24 For Brad to For JK
Page F25 For JL to For Rieko
Page F26 For Rita to For you E
Page F27 For you everything to Forget B
Page F28 Forget Domani to Fortuosity
Page F29 Fortusicksninenine B to Four pieces for Orchestra 3
Page F30 Four pieces for Orchestra 4 to Fractions
Page F31 Fractious fingering to Frans back
Page F32 Frans efraim to Free duet Thursday
Page F33 Free eats to Freedom right now
Page F34 Freedom road to Fretless
Page F35 Fretless & petless to Frittery
Page F36 Fritto misto to From Paris to Mosterhamn
Page F37 From Paris with love to Frozen pool
Page F38 Frozen pp to Fujara fujara
Page F39 Fuje to Fungus
Page F40 Fungus amongus to Funky stroll
Page F41 Funky strut to Fusion blues
Page F42 Fusion buffet to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Galop
Page G2 Galop cz A to Garden view
Page G3 Garden wall to Gaudryoles
Page G4 Gaudsarang to Gema
Page G5 Gema oculta to gentlest one I know
Page G6 Gently to GEST
Page G7 Gestalt to Get your mind outta gutter
Page G8 Get your money where you spend your time to Ghosts dance
Page G9 Ghosts have to Gimme time tiempo
Page G10 Gimme time to dream to girl upstairs
Page G11 Girl watcher to Give me that old malpractice
Page G12 Give me that old slow drag to Gleaming white porcelain
Page G13 Gleaners to GMM
Page G14 GMM 1 to Gobbliesation
Page G15 GobburaCamarrau suite to Goin out of my head
Page G16 Goin out the back way to golden king shuffle
Page G17 Golden ladders to Gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
Page G18 Gonna start lookin for a man to treat me right to Good night sweetheart sweetheart
Page G19 Good night Vienna to Goodbyes
Page G20 Goodbyeskeia to Got high too soon
Page G21 Got into some things to grace of Vishnu
Page G22 Grace sleeps I to Grangarde
Page G23 Grange to great constellations
Page G24 great crusade to green man
Page G25 green man and the French horn to Grey waters
Page G26 Grey whale cove to Groovin for little V
Page G27 Groovin for Mr G to Gua cha rum
Page G28 Gua guao to Guitar opener
Page G29 Guitar parts to GVK 1 alt
Page G30 Gvoove to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hairloss
Page H2 Hairpin to Hallo Misha dag Paul
Page H3 Hallo Mr BeBop to Handblown
Page H4 Handclapper to Haply happy
Page H5 Hapnin to happy sheik
Page H6 Happy shoes to Harem girl
Page H7 Harem over bolgerne to Harris me
Page H8 Harris mood to Haunting by now
Page H9 Haunting me to Hawg for you
Page H10 Hawg jawz to He walked the world no more
Page H11 He walks 2 steps ahead to Heart for children
Page H12 Heart for sale to Heavy dreaming part I
Page H13 Heavy dreaming part II to Helene A
Page H14 Helene av marmor to Helping hand rag
Page H15 Helping hands to Herbs and roots
Page H16 Herbs blues to Herman kept playin away
Page H17 Herman Leonard to Heut Abend wolln wir Bummeln gehn
Page H18 Heut bin ich gut aufgelegt to HFR
Page H19 HG and Pretty to High dark sea
Page H20 High dee to Hilda Francisco Acena
Page H21 Hilda melodia to Hippparippp
Page H22 Hippsippi blues to Hjert loft din glaedes winger
Page H23 Hjerte loft din glaedes vinger to Hold on Im comin
Page H24 Hold on Im coming to Holy trinity
Page H25 Holy unto the Lord to Hometown melodies
Page H26 Hometown shout to Honky tonk bibi
Page H27 Honky tonk blues to Hoppala
Page H28 Hopparen to Hospitalityman
Page H29 Hoss to Hotel
Page H30 Hotel 17 to Hovikodden index 2
Page H31 Hovikodden index 3 to How long can you survive
Page H32 How long can you take it to HU
Page H33 Hu die to Humble stumble
Page H34 Humblebrag to Hurry on down to my house
Page H35 Hurry on down to my place to Hymn of redemption
Page H36 Hymn of release to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I bin a Madl
Page I2 I bin a Schlimmer to I cant understand what she sees in him
Page I3 I cant use that thing to I dont hurt anymore
Page I4 I dont intend to die in Egypt land to I feel that old age comin on
Page I5 I feel that old feeling coming on to I got what it takes to bring you back
Page I6 I got what you looking for to I hope in time a change will come
Page I7 I hope its spring for you to I like a little girl like that
Page I8 I like a sleighride to I love you oh darling
Page I9 I love you on the microphone to I only eyes for you
Page I10 I only feel good with you to I see myself in your eyes
Page I11 I see no leader to I traer
Page I12 I traici e la vite to I want to learn to speak Hawaiian
Page I13 I want to lie by myself to I woke up with a teardrop in my eye
Page I14 I won her heart to Ice time
Page I15 ice trade to Id rather be burned as a witch
Page I16 Id rather be dead and buried in my grave to If I dont know what it is that you crave
Page I17 If I dont leave to If the cap fits
Page I18 If the cap fits wear it to If you walked away
Page I19 If you walked into my life again to Ijlings
Page I20 Ijo to Il primo pensiero
Page I21 Il primo pensiero damore to Ill get by without you
Page I22 Ill get even to Illuminations
Page I23 Illuminations bass to Im crazy over Daisy
Page I24 Im crazy over you to Im grazy about my baby
Page I25 Im grieving for you to Im not talking to you
Page I26 Im not that way anymore to Im torn down
Page I27 Im touching a star to Immortal soul
Page I28 Immortality to Improtale 3
Page I29 Improtale 4 to Improvvisazione I
Page I30 Improvvisazione II to In an oldworld garden
Page I31 In and of itself to In leaf
Page I32 In Lesters scrapbook to In Salzkammergut
Page I33 In samba to In the gutta
Page I34 In the gutter to In the wee small hours
Page I35 In the wee small hours of morning to Incision 3
Page I36 Incision 4 to Indiscretion stomp
Page I37 Indiscretions to Inhale stale air
Page I38 Inhaling the image to Inquietudes
Page I39 Inquietudine to Instrumental boogie
Page I40 Instrumental closing to Interludio due
Page I41 Interludio Experiencias tec efeitos secundarios to Into green
Page I42 Into hava nagila to Intro Windsegel bewegen die muhlsteine
Page I43 Intro zone to Invencao para trombone e tenor
Page I44 Invencion a 3 voces to Iphigenie
Page I45 Ipimp to Is it summer
Page I46 Is it sweet to Isle of 99
Page I47 Isle of Capri to It doesnt matter anymore
Page I48 It doesnt matter now to It was a girl
Page I49 It was a lonely day in Selma Alabama to Its a million to one youre in love with me
Page I50 Its a minor thing to Its hurting me
Page I51 Its I feel to Its surely Will
Page I52 Its sweet like so to Ive been taught by experts
Page I53 Ive been there to Ive thought of leaving too
Page I54 Ive thought of you to I�ll remember you


Page J1 J to Jaco Morocco
Page J2 Jaco past to Jam 1
Page J3 Jam 2 to Janes little waltz
Page J4 Janes monolog to Jay & Kay
Page J5 Jay and Jay to Jazz mikrokosmos
Page J6 jazz mind to JC Moseis
Page J7 JC Moses to Jeeps blues
Page J8 Jeep’s blues to Jersey Shore
Page J9 Jersey shuffle to Jiair und JE
Page J10 Jib jive to Jive master M
Page J11 Jive me baby to Joes intervallic blues
Page J12 Joes intro to Johns piece
Page J13 Johns preference to Joschi n you
Page J14 Jose to Joy spring
Page J15 Joy sprung to jug or not
Page J16 Jug stop to Jumper
Page J17 Jumper cables to Jungle kids
Page J18 Jungle king to Just a melody out of the sky
Page J19 Just a memory to Just funky
Page J20 Just funny to Just the end
Page J21 Just the facts to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalidromo
Page K2 Kalif to Kaput
Page K3 Kaputt to Kathryns song
Page K4 Kaths blues to Keep it down
Page K5 Keep it fresh to Kelf visan
Page K6 Keli atoh to Keyed up
Page K7 Keyf to Kilindini docks
Page K8 Kiljanderin polska to king is the man who can
Page K9 King Jacob to Kiss a few frogs
Page K10 Kiss a girl to Klangkizze
Page K11 Klangmauer to Knock on the door
Page K12 Knock on the door look for happiness to Kollektiv 4
Page K13 Kollektiv 5 to Kopi luwak
Page K14 Kopjafak to Kriti
Page K15 Kritische studie to Kurt Ernst
Page K16 Kurt Havasi to KZ


Page L1 L to La chanson de Delphine a Lancien
Page L2 La chanson de Juanita to La doyenne
Page L3 La drogue et lamour to La la land
Page L4 La la leo to La nochera
Page L5 La nomenklatura to La rose danjou
Page L6 La rose du sable to La valse mauve
Page L7 La valse minime to Ladies of Azerbaijan
Page L8 Ladies of Calcutta to lag
Page L9 Lag an ljods to Lame souer
Page L10 Lamellair to Landliches
Page L11 Landliches konzert to Larkin Street blues
Page L12 Larks and loons to Last goodbye blues
Page L13 last goodbye Mr Mags to Lastly
Page L14 Lastno 4 to Latin sunrise
Page L15 Latin sunset to Laventos
Page L16 Laventura to Le barbier de seville
Page L17 Le barbu sans barbe to Le feutre taupe
Page L18 Le fiacre to Le petit macabre
Page L19 Le petit monsieur triste to Le theatre de la cruaute
Page L20 Le theme dAlexandre to Leave me alone
Page L21 Leave me alone blues to Left turn
Page L22 Left turn only to Lend me your life
Page L23 Lend me your love to Les bons hommes
Page L24 Les bons temp rouler waltz to Les parents terribles
Page L25 Les Parisiennes to Let em ring
Page L26 Let em roll to Let us drink a toast together
Page L27 Let us go into the house to Lets live in harmony
Page L28 Lets look to Levante en calma
Page L29 Levantine to Liberty Inn drag
Page L30 Liberty lunch to Life is a song to sing
Page L31 Life is a spree to Light leaving the spirit bridge
Page L32 light left on to Like blues
Page L33 Like Bobby to Lille Lise let pa ta
Page L34 Lille Lise Lille Lise to Line one
Page L35 Line out to Lisboa en gris
Page L36 Lisboa for beginners to little bit of John
Page L37 little bit of Judas to Little girl from St Louis
Page L38 Little girl from the Andira River to Little one groove
Page L39 Little one Ill miss you to Little ugly one
Page L40 Little umbrellas to Living in misery
Page L41 Living in my neighbourhood to Loaning on the everlasting arm
Page L42 Loarwenn to Lola gets
Page L43 Lola la la la to Lonely shepherd
Page L44 Lonely side to Long night
Page L45 Long night blues to Look not in my eyes
Page L46 look of Laura to Loose caboose
Page L47 Loose calypso to Los inclassables
Page L48 Los indios to Lost my woman
Page L49 Lost my world to Louizalaan
Page L50 Loukhoum party to Love has gone
Page L51 Love has gone away to Love lines
Page L52 Love lips to Love the difference
Page L53 Love the drums to Lover come back to me
Page L54 Lover come back to me NP to Low down feelin
Page L55 Low down gal blues to Luck around the corner
Page L56 Luck be a lady to Lullaby for Imka
Page L57 Lullaby for Imke to Lunares
Page L58 Lunari vision to Lydiom
Page L59 Lydios to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach weiter ich komme
Page M2 Macha to Madeline
Page M3 Madeline at Ernies restaurant to Magic mountain
Page M4 magic muddle to Maid in Sweden
Page M5 maid is pretty to Make it like it was
Page M6 Make it mine to Maldita noche
Page M7 Maldito primitivo to Maman
Page M8 Maman les ptits bateaux to Man aint supposed to cry
Page M9 Man alive to Manchmal scheints als ob
Page M10 Manchuria to Mankiller tango
Page M11 Mankind to Maracatu nacao do amor
Page M12 Maracatune for Chalco to Marcia dei gladiatori
Page M13 Marcia dei Mamelucchi to MarieT
Page M14 MarieTherese to Marrow
Page M15 Marrow bone to Mas major
Page M16 Mas mano to Maties trophies
Page M17 Matiga go gundora to May be wrong
Page M18 May bell to Mbira
Page M19 Mbira maki to Meals for millions
Page M20 Mealtime to Meditation fur Glenn Gould
Page M21 Meditation GakuAmchitka to Megaira
Page M22 Megalith to Mellow dreamin
Page M23 Mellow fellow to Memoires da
Page M24 Memoires de guerre to Menima Moca
Page M25 Menin aeide Thea to Merry Christmas Michael
Page M26 Merry Christmas Mr Laurence to Metal roots
Page M27 Metal scatter to MG
Page M28 MG blues to Microcosm for two
Page M29 Microcosme to Midnight strangers
Page M30 Midnight stream to Mikstuur
Page M31 Miktav to Milonga en re
Page M32 Milonga for Mami to Ming age
Page M33 Ming and short cart to Minor differences
Page M34 Minor dilemma to Mira bolse njet
Page M35 Mira como es to Miss bitch
Page M36 Miss Black to Missionerita
Page M37 missions statement of promise to MisturadaTombo
Page M38 Misturando to Mo bass
Page M39 Mo betta blues to Modes pivoting
Page M40 Modesque to Moll pately
Page M41 Mollblues to Mon petit prince
Page M42 Mon petit punk to Monkey Blake
Page M43 Monkey blues to Monster man
Page M44 Monster mobbin to Moog town
Page M45 Moogie boogie to Moonlight and roses
Page M46 Moonlight and shadows to More bruised blues
Page M47 More bubbles to Morning after celebration
Page M48 Morning after the carnival to Moscow container lid
Page M49 Moscow drug club to Motility
Page M50 Motion to Moussaka
Page M51 Moussayi to Moving clothes
Page M52 Moving clouds to Mr Dennis Houlihan
Page M53 Mr DePriest to Mr Or in pivot
Page M54 Mr Os groove to Ms blues
Page M55 Ms Butterfly to Muldoon’s journey
Page M56 Muldoon’s mood to Mus mus mis mis
Page M57 Musa to Music music everywhere
Page M58 Music music music to Mutatio
Page M59 Mutation to My Brooklyn boogie
Page M60 My Brooklyn love song to My friend Andamo
Page M61 My friend Andano to My lady Lodie
Page M62 My lady love to My mothers eyes
Page M63 My mothers eyes II to My soliloquy
Page M64 My solitude to Myro
Page M65 Myro praal to M’selle Laurence


Page N1 n to Nail it
Page N2 Nail it down to Nao me ame
Page N3 Nao me conte to Natalies lullaby
Page N4 Natalina to Navy blues
Page N5 Navy Girl to Need you forever
Page N6 Need you so to Neon blue
Page N7 Neon canyons to Never fall in love
Page N8 Never fall in love again to new boss
Page N9 New bossa to New monsters
Page N10 New mood to New warrior
Page N11 New Washington and Lee swing to Next one rising
Page N12 Next page to Nickel days
Page N13 Nickel eyes to Night folk
Page N14 Night food to Night train to Wildwood
Page N15 Night train to you to Nimtree
Page N16 Nimue to Nivesana
Page N17 Nivia to No dancing on Saturday night
Page N18 No dark to No mind at all
Page N19 No minor affair to No promises
Page N20 No promises no tomorrows to No way to hide
Page N21 No way to stop it to Nocturne 3
Page N22 Nocturne 4 to Non posso sognarti come sei
Page N23 Non potho reposare to Norte
Page N24 Norte sur este oeste to Not a spec of cereal
Page N25 Not a star in sight to Note ev
Page N26 Note felici to Notre tetes
Page N27 Notre valse a nous to Now is forever
Page N28 Now is leaving to Nubes
Page N29 Nubes doradas to Nursery rhyme dancer
Page N30 Nursery rhyme jump to NZZ


Page O1 O to O sweet gaze
Page O2 O tannenbaum to Obstinato in yellow
Page O3 ObstinatoFlutesLes irasciblesQuelque chose de beau to Odd behavior
Page O4 Odd birds to OdP
Page O5 Odpadne mi noha to Ofzohobor II
Page O6 OG to Oh min dara
Page O7 Oh Minnie to Oidipus blues
Page O8 Oif to Old boyfriends
Page O9 Old bridge town to old ox road
Page O10 old pail to Oliva
Page O11 Olivas girls to On a lite tip
Page O12 On a little balcony in Spain to On the ancient road
Page O13 On the Atchinson Topeka and Santa Fe to On the yacht
Page O14 On the zavalinka to One big happy family
Page O15 One big nut to One for Milton
Page O16 One for Mingus to One mans view
Page O17 One meat ball to One step song
Page O18 One step to heaven to only girl I ever loved
Page O19 Only gold to Ooooh
Page O20 Ooooh boom to Opening and theme
Page O21 Opening announcement to Or not
Page O22 Or not to be to Organic flute
Page O23 Organic freedom to Oroba Tjarno farvel
Page O24 Orobop to OTF tune
Page O25 Oth to Our chance at life
Page O26 Our changing weather to Out of diversity
Page O27 Out of dream to Outro lonesome blues
Page O28 Outro lugar to Overtonal
Page O29 Overtone song to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagan paradise
Page P2 Pagan poetry to Palaquine monkey bearer
Page P3 Palaquins pole to Pandoras revenge
Page P4 Pandore to Paper money
Page P5 Paper moon to Paraduson holo
Page P6 Paraffaza Oczy czarne to Paris Woody and me
Page P7 Parisamba to Part 3 Prayer and meditation Evening
Page P8 Part 3 prelude to Particles
Page P9 Particles 3 to Pass the Dutchie
Page P10 Pass the gravy to Past splendor
Page P11 Past sprits to Patterns in nature
Page P12 Patterns in the rain to PDs dream
Page P13 PDSS to Peau de peche
Page P14 Peau deuce to Penal colony at Galcon9
Page P15 Penalty 5 pounds to People people
Page P16 People people blues to Perfect imperfections
Page P17 Perfect in the pocket to Persistence of a memory
Page P18 persistence of Dr Youngs theory to Petit homme
Page P19 Petit homme cest lheur de fair dodo to Pharaoh in the age of hypocrisy
Page P20 Pharaoh land to Phrazzled
Page P21 Phrenies window dance to Pica mosquito
Page P22 Pica pau to piece for Richard
Page P23 Piece for rock orchestra to Pileau
Page P24 piledriver to pint for Herbie
Page P25 pint of bitter to Pizza time
Page P26 PizzAb clarinet to Planxty
Page P27 Planxty Charles OConnor to Playing for the Red Cross
Page P28 Playing for the troops to Pleasing you as long as I live
Page P29 Pleasingly plump to Po breef
Page P30 Po burzy to Point of fortune
Page P31 point of infinite destiny to Polo in the Palisades