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Page Y9 - You never did that before to You wastin my time

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Tune nameSessions
You never did that before2
You never done it like that2
You never ever miss away1
You never forget love1
You never gave it a try1
You never gave up on me1
You never give me your money13
You never give me your pillow1
You never had it so good2
You never hear a word I said1
You never knew1
You never knew about me2
You never know31
You never know how much I care1
You never know how you look3
You never know the things you miss1
You never know whats in the next room1
You never leave my mind1
You never looked so beautiful4
You never lose an island1
You never love me the same way twice1
You never miss a good thing till its gone1
You never miss the water4
You never miss your water1
You never remember my birthday1
You never said you had to go1
You never saw me dance1
You never say yes3
You never say yes you never say no1
You never should have loved me1
You never taught me how to say goodbye1
You never tell me anything1
You never told me4
You never told me that you care3
You never told me that you cared1
You never walk alone1
You never want to tell people youre a scent1
You no expendable1
You not you1
You noticed2
You noticed too1
You now how love is1
You nut1
You of all2
You of all people6
You ol son of a gun1
You old moon1
You old Tasmanian devil you1
You on chili1
You on my mind5
You once1
You once were mine1
You only believe2
You only come out at night1
You only get one chance1
You only know1
You only know what I know1
You only live for infinity1
You only live once1
You only live twice23
You only live twice Mr Bond1
You only love me ten days a year1
You only love once1
You only see her1
You only see you1
You only want me when youre lonely1
You only want me when youre lonesome1
You only you5
You open my eyes2
You opened my eyes2
You or me4
You or no one2
You ordinary stranger1
You ougfht to be in pictuees1
You ought to be ashamed1
You ought to be ashamed of yourself1
You ought to be honest1
You ought to be in pictures6
You ought to be in the picture1
You ought to be mine1
You ought to be with me1
You ought to change your ways1
You ought to hang your heart in shame1
You ought to have a wife1
You ought to know4
You ought to know better1
You ought to see her now2
You ought to see Sally on Sunday4
You ought to think about me1
You oughta6
You oughta be in pictures13
You oughta be mine2
You oughta hang your heart in shame1
You oughta know2
You oughta know it by now1
You oughta see my gal2
You outsmarted yourself1
You owe it to yourself1
You owe me4
You owe me money1
You own me1
You own the city1
You own your own1
You pass me by1
You passed by1
You passed me like a wind1
You people1
You people intro1
You people need music1
You perfect stranger1
You perspire your social class1
You play with the night with your fingertips1
You played on my piano2
You played the game unfair1
You please me2
You poor old sausage1
You pray for me2
You pray for me and Ill pray for you1
You probably dont remember me1
You probably will1
You promise to be true1
You promised1
You promised love1
You punched a hole in my dreams1
You purr1
You put a patch in my broken heart1
You put the shine on me2
You put the spring in spring1
You r here1
You raise me up2
You rang3
You rascal you187
You rat you1
You re this new CD1
You really believe that1
You really dont know2
You really fill the bill1
You really got a hold on me1
You really got me2
You really shouldnt but1
You really started something3
You really trust them1
You reap just what you sow1
You reap what you sew1
You red hot devil man5
You remember1
You remind me2
You remind me of2
You remind me of someone2
You reminded me of passion1
You rescued me2
You restless angel1
You return therefore1
You rhyme with everything thats beautiful2
You ring my bells1
You rock my soul1
You rotten kid1
You run and tell your daddy2
You run your mouth1
You run your mouth and Ill run my business1
You run your mouth Ill run my business6
You said7
You said goodbye1
You said hello1
You said it15
You said it not me1
You said it was impossible1
You said one day1
You said she wouldnt1
You said something when you said Dixie3
You said wha1
You said what2
You said you couldnt dance1
You said you had a woman1
You said you like fairy tales2
You said you love me1
You said you loved me2
You said youd call1
You said youd never leave me1
You salty dog1
You sang my favourite song1
You sang my love song to somebody else1
You satisfy5
You saved me3
You saved my life1
You saw big mama1
You say7
You say forward Ill march3
You say good night1
You say goodbye1
You say I do1
You say I say1
You say it hurts1
You say something nice about everybody1
You say that youre leavin1
You say the sweetest things5
You say the sweetest things baby4
You say you care48
You say you love me1
You say you saw what1
You see1
You see but you dont hear4
You see me1
You see my dear2
You see that olive tree1
You see this is love1
You see you dont1
You seem familiar1
You send me31
You set me on fire2
You sexy thang1
You shaking things up1
You shall2
You shall go out with joy1
You shall reap what you sow3
You sho walk funky1
You shocked me1
You shook me all night long1
You shook me sugar1
You should be dancing1
You should be in Disneyland2
You should be nicer to me1
You should be satisfied1
You should be set to music3
You should be watching films1
You should come with me1
You should get lost1
You should have known1
You should have tangoed1
You should have told me10
You should know2
You should know better2
You should know by now1
You should know me by now1
You should like to know1
You should live so long2
You should not a done it1
You should see me1
You should see me when Im making money DBWG 31
You should see my brother1
You should see my office1
You should see my tootsie3
You should see yourself2
You should stay1
You should tell me1
You should too1
You should try again1
You should we1
You should worry over me1
You shouldnt do that1
You shouldnt have2
You shouldnt scorn your wife1
You shouldve been there1
You shouldve seen the way1
You showed me1
You showed me the way23
You sing1
You sleepy head1
You slipped away1
You slippin1
You smell so good13
You smile I cry1
You smile the song begins2
You smiled1
You so far away1
You so gentle1
You so good and you so bad1
You so its you1
You so nice1
You so tender and wistful1
You span the distance1
You sparkle1
You speak1
You speak and speak and colegram1
You speak I fall asleep1
You speak my language2
You spin me round1
You spoiled your baby1
You spotted snakes4
You St1
You stand accused1
You stap on my sole1
You start 21
You start 31
You started all over again1
You started me dreaming6
You started something20
You stay in my heart1
You stay in my mind1
You stay on my mind1
You stay with me1
You stayed away too long4
You step out1
You step out of a dream1
You stepped into my dream1
You stepped into some changes1
You stepped out1
You stepped out a dream4
You stepped out for a smoke1
You stepped out of a dream513
You stepped out of a drink1
You stepped out of a nightmare1
You stepped out of dream1
You stepped out of my dream1
You stepped out of my dreams1
You still believe in me1
You still dont know me1
You still fascinate me1
You still feel the need1
You still hear1
You still make me nervous1
You still need me1
You stole my cherry2
You stole my heart6
You stole my heart the last encore1
You stole my man1
You stole my wife you horse thief1
You stole my wife you horsethief1
You stood there in silence having no words1
You sun in my heart1
You sure been good to me2
You sure do puzzle me1
You sure drive a hard bargain1
You sure know how to hurt a guy1
You sure look good to me3
You sweet and fancy lady2
You swing1
You swing baby1
You take me away2
You take me home1
You take me places Ive never been before1
You take my breath away3
You take my heart away1
You take my soul1
You take romance1
You take the sunshine1
You talk1
You talk a little trash5
You talk holes in my clothes1
You talk that talk2
You talk to me1
You talk too much15
You talk you get killed1
You talkin to me1
You Tarzan me Jane1
You taste1
You taste like a song1
You taught me2
You taught me everything I know1
You taught me how to cry2
You taught me how to love1
You taught me how to smile again1
You taught me how to speak in love1
You taught me to love2
You taught me to love again12
You taught my heart how to sing2
You taught my heart to sing52
You tell em1
You tell em Im blue6
You tell em ivories6
You tell em KwaiChung1
You tell her I stutter7
You tell me8
You tell me your dream29
You tell me your dream Ill tell you mind1
You tell me your dream Ill tell you mine6
You tell me your dreams50
You tell me your dreams and Ill tell you mine1
You tell me your dreams Ill tell you mine2
You tempt me3
You that knew him1
You the child1
You the man1
You the moon and I1
You the moon and the sea1
You the night and the music2
You the queen2
You the whole you and nothing but you1
you then me then you then me then you1
You there1
You think1
You think I dont care1
You think I killed Big Lurie1
You think of everything12
You think of evrything3
You think of her2
You think of him1
You think she aint1
You think so1
You think too much2
You think you been redeemed1
You think you know me2
You think youre funny1
You think youre something Mr Man1
You thought I was blind but now I see1
You thought me to love again1
You three1
You three are a right pair if ever there was one1
You thrill me4
You thrill me so1
You thrill me so much1
You to love1
You to to my head1
You told another lie1
You told me1
You told me 5 6 7 times1
You told me but half of the story1
You told me so1
You told me that you loved me2
You told me to go6
You told summertime1
You told your mama not to worry1
You too4
You too can be a dreamer2
You too or2
You too you too1
You took advantage of me426
You took all my love1
You took care of me1
You took it1
You took me by surprise5
You took me to the cleaners1
You took my breath away2
You took my coffee and left1
You took my heart2
You took my love2
You took my love too fast1
You took my man3
You took my teeth3
You took my woman1
You took the part1
You took the sunshine1
You took the words right out of my heart13
You took the words right out of my mouth1
You took your love from me1
You tore me up inside1
You tore up my heart1
You touch me1
You touch my brain1
You touched me3
You touched my heart1
You tradition yes of course1
You treat me like a yoyo1
You treat me so good1
You try somebody else6
You turn1
You turn me on2
You turn me on baby4
You turn me on Im a radio1
You turn me on sumpin fierce1
You turned me around2
You turned my world around1
You turned the lamps too low1
You turned the tables on me185
You turned the tables on you1
You turned your back on me5
You twisted my heart1
You two4
You ugly son of an animal1
You understand4
You understand me1
You upset me baby2
You upset my soul2
You upset the grace of living when you lie1
You urchin you1
You used to look like a lion1
You used to say I love you but so what now1
You usta be sugar blues1
You vivendo1
You wa le1
You wait1
You wait here2
You waited too long3
You walk by9
You walk in my dreams1
You walk purposefully1
You walked by1
You walked in1
You walked out2
You walked out of my dreams1
You walked out of the picture1
You wanna bet2
You wanna play a blues or something1
You wanna rain2
You wanna something green1
You want it1
You want it you got it1
You want let me go1
You want lovin1
You want lovin and I want love2
You want me to stop loving you1
You want more1
You want some tea grandpa1
You want what you cant have1
You wanted someone to play it1
You wanted someone to play with2
You was5
You was right baby9
You was wrong1
You wastin my time1

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