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This index refers to the 525,213 individual tune titles (1,576,463 total entries) included in over 242,134 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2019.

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Page Y7 - You did it to You gotta take your time

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Tune nameSessions
You did it3
You did it to me1
You did it you1
You did it you did it6
You did me wrong1
You did not come2
You did the wrong mistake1
You did what2
You didnt ask me1
You didnt have to be so nice4
You didnt have to say I love you1
You didnt have to tell me4
You didnt know1
You didnt know me1
You didnt know me from Adam1
You didnt know me when1
You didnt know the music2
You didnt know what that meant1
You didnt like it not much1
You didnt mean me no good1
You didnt mean what you said1
You didnt tell me1
You didnt tell me it was wrong2
You didnt think1
You didnt want me baby3
You didnt want me then1
You didnt want me when I wanted you3
You didnt want me when I wanted you Im somebody elses now1
You didnt want me when you had me2
You didnt want what you had2
You dig13
You dig I hear you you know what I mean etc1
You dig it6
You dig that1
You dig you dog1
You dingbat1
You dirty dog5
You dirty F minor you1
You dirty mistreater2
You dirty no gooder1
You dirty rotten bitch1
You disappoint me1
You discover youre in New York1
You displaced me by your singing1
You do8
You do have money dont you1
You do it2
You do it again1
You do it cause you wanna1
You do know what love is1
You do mean Grouch Marx dont you1
You do my sould good1
You do not know what love is1
You do something for me1
You do something to me232
You do the darndest things baby4
You do the darnest things baby1
You dog2
You done lost your good thing now7
You done me wrong1
You done played out blues1
You done to me1
You done tore my playhouse down1
You done tore your pants with me1
You done tore your playhouse down2
You done turned salty on me1
You dont believe me1
You dont belong to me1
You dont bring me flowers2
You dont call me1
You dont care4
You dont care a row boat1
You dont care what happens to me1
You dont even know2
You dont even know my name1
You dont exist anymore1
You dont exist no more1
You dont fear1
You dont fool me1
You dont have a name1
You dont have to2
You dont have to be a baby to cry3
You dont have to be a tower of strength1
You dont have to be alone1
You dont have to be brilliant1
You dont have to be crazy to love her1
You dont have to believe2
You dont have to cry1
You dont have to drop a heart to break it1
You dont have to go11
You dont have to know1
You dont have to know the language9
You dont have to learn1
You dont have to ride this train1
You dont have to say1
You dont have to say you love me9
You dont have to say youre sorry2
You dont have to see it to believe it1
You dont have to see me1
You dont have to strive anymore1
You dont have to tell me1
You dont have to tell me youre leaving1
You dont have to treat me like a stranger1
You dont have to understand existence1
You dont have to win me over1
You dont have to worry1
You dont hear no drums1
You dont know26
You dont know about love1
You dont know him3
You dont know how blessed you are2
You dont know how much I can suffer3
You dont know how much I love you2
You dont know how much you can suffer7
You dont know how much you can suffer Until you fall in love1
You dont know like I know1
You dont know love1
You dont know me99
You dont know me at all1
You dont know me like you think you do1
You dont know my mind24
You dont know my mind blues6
You dont know nothing1
You dont know nothing about love2
You dont know par1
You dont know Paree1
You dont know that1
You dont know the life1
You dont know the reason1
You dont know what is inside me1
You dont know what it means to miss New Orleans1
You dont know what jazz is1
You dont know what love is1137
You dont know what love is O yes I do1
You dont know what love it was1
You dont know what the Lord told me1
You dont know what the middle ages were like1
You dont know what youre doin3
You dont know what youre doing1
You dont know what youre getting1
You dont know whos shakin your tree1
You dont know you dont know1
You dont know you just dont know1
You dont known what love is1
You dont knwo what love is1
You dont learn that in school7
You dont like Beethoven1
You dont like it not much17
You dont like not much1
You dont live here no more2
You dont look good1
You dont love jazz but I love you1
You dont love me17
You dont love me anymore2
You dont love me blues1
You dont love me like you used to2
You dont love me no more9
You dont love right1
You dont love what no is1
You dont mean me no good3
You dont mind Woody1
You dont miss your water4
You dont move me1
You dont need 2 know1
You dont need a license to drive1
You dont need glasses2
You dont need glasses to see Im in love1
You dont need me1
You dont need to cry anymore1
You dont own your love1
You dont remember1
You dont remember me1
You dont remember our love1
You dont say11
You dont say anything of love1
You dont say Aunty Ronnie1
You dont see into the blues like me1
You dont see me4
You dont see me cry1
You dont see my face1
You dont seem to care1
You dont tell me2
You dont understand20
You dont wanna rile me man1
You dont want me honey1
You dont want much2
You dont want to do that1
You dont want to live1
You dont what what love is1
You dont worry my mind1
You don’t have to be a baby to cry1
You don’t know me1
You don’t know this man1
You don’t know what love is9
You don’t love me1
You don’t mean me no good1
You don�t understand1
You dream flat tires3
You drink too much3
You drink until you are mayor1
You drive2
You drive me crazy1
You drive me wild1
You dropped me like a red hot penny3
You drove a good man away1
You drove the gloom away1
You eat my food you drink my wine you steal my girl1
You eat them pears1
You eat too much1
You either have it or you dont1
You enter the fountain1
You ever saw birds gather and lift off1
You excite me1
You excite me baby1
You excite me so1
You fade away1
You fall from your body1
You fall in love with everybody1
You fascinate me1
You fascinate me so44
You fascinating you5
You feel da goema riddam1
You feel good1
You feel good all over1
You feel it2
You feel like laughing but I dont1
You feel like laughing I dont1
You feel the song1
You first1
You fit into the picture3
You fit perfect to me1
You fixed my heartache1
You flip me baby1
You fly around my skin1
You fly in my brain like an airplane1
You follow me1
You fool1
You fool you1
You fooled me1
You foolish thing1
You for me22
You for me me for you4
You for meme for you2
You forget to answer1
You forgot about me7
You forgot all the words1
You forgot to close the door when you left1
You forgot to remember1
You forgot your change1
You forgot your gloves15
You found me1
You ga1
You gat me losing your mind1
You gave everything but love1
You gave me a love untrue1
You gave me a mountain1
You gave me everything but love10
You gave me evrything but love1
You gave me love2
You gave me part I1
You gave me part II1
You gave me the answer1
You gave me the blues2
You gave me the flow1
You gave me the gate1
You gave me the goby1
You gave me the runaround4
You gave me your heart5
You gave me your love1
You gave me your wings1
You gave my heart a song to sing1
You gave my heart the chance1
You gave to me1
You get cha1
You get mad2
You get me baby1
You get me crazy1
You get me nowhere1
You get off on me1
You get the picture1
You get to me1
You get to me like you do1
You get wet sleeping in the park1
You get what you want1
You gimme thum2
You girl1
You give good love2
You give me hold1
You give me joy1
You give me nothing but the blues1
You give me something2
You give me the blues1
You give me the heebie jeebies1
You give me the runaround1
You give me what I want1
You give your love to me1
You glory1
You go2
You go first1
You go I go1
You go the power1
You go there first1
You go to my head804
You go to my heart2
You go your way6
You go your way and Ill go crazy1
You gonna cry1
You gonna hear from me1
You gonna miss me baby1
You gonna need my help1
You gonna quit me baby1
You gonna quit me blues1
You gonna worry too1
You good thing1
You goofed1
You got1
You got a friend2
You got a glow1
You got a hold of my heart1
You got a long way to slide2
You got a lot of soul1
You got a mean streak1
You got a pay day1
You got a puppy1
You got a time1
You got another thought coming1
You got another thought coming to you1
You got dat wright1
You got em2
You got everything a sweet mama needs but me1
You got evil1
You got evry thing a sweet mama needs1
You got evry thing a sweet mama needs but me3
You got in your soulness1
You got it23
You got it all1
You got it bad girl2
You got it comin to ya1
You got it coming1
You got it Diz2
You got it in your soulness2
You got it made3
You got it now1
You got me8
You got me calling1
You got me cryin again2
You got me crying1
You got me crying again1
You got me dizzy1
You got me drinkin1
You got me fallin1
You got me floatin1
You got me good1
You got me jumpin1
You got me knockin1
You got me movin1
You got me on so bad1
You got me reeling and rocking1
You got me rockin1
You got me rollin1
You got me runnin1
You got me running11
You got me singing the blues1
You got me there1
You got me this way1
You got me to the place1
You got me way out chere1
You got me when you want me1
You got me where you want me1
You got me wondering1
You got me woodooed1
You got me worryin1
You got me wrong1
You got money2
You got my crying again1
You got my life in your hands1
You got my nose open1
You got my wife but I got your dog1
You got nothin1
You got possibilities1
You got rhythm1
You got something there1
You got soul2
You got style2
You got that right2
You got the best of me1
You got the devil to pay1
You got the key to my heart1
You got the love1
You got the move1
You got the power1
You got the right idea1
You got the soul1
You got the wrong number1
You got to be a good man1
You got to be satisfied1
You got to beat me to keep me1
You got to drop the sack1
You got to feed the fire1
You got to get it1
You got to get out of there1
You got to get up early in the morning1
You got to get yourself a job girl1
You got to git the gettin while the gettins good1
You got to give it to me1
You got to go when the wagon comes2
You got to have a job2
You got to have a mother for me1
You got to have that thing1
You got to have the blues sometimes1
You got to have the two1
You got to head out to space one day1
You got to help me some1
You got to know how5
You got to laugh1
You got to learn to do it1
You got to love me baby1
You got to low it babe3
You got to me crazy1
You got to move3
You got to my head3
You got to pay1
You got to pay to play1
You got to pay when the deal goes down1
You got to play ragtime1
You got to play the game2
You got to play your hand1
You got to pray1
You got to run1
You got to straighten it out2
You got to swing and sway3
You got to talk me into it baby1
You got to walk that chalk line1
You got to want me enough1
You got to wet it1
You got troubles1
You got we got1
You got what2
You got what I want1
You got what it takes3
You gotta b fly1
You gotta be1
You gotta be a football hero7
You gotta be careful1
You gotta be good to me3
You gotta be good to yourself1
You gotta be kiddin1
You gotta be modernistic1
You gotta beat me to keep me1
You gotta believe5
You gotta change1
You gotta crawl before you walk4
You gotta cry1
You gotta dance1
You gotta dig it to dig it1
You gotta do what you gotta do1
You gotta eat your spinach baby1
You gotta exercise caution1
You gotta get it while you can1
You gotta get lucky sometime1
You gotta get yourself a job girl1
You gotta give credit for love1
You gotta give credit to love1
You gotta give me some1
You gotta go2
You gotta go home1
You gotta have a gimmick1
You gotta have heart3
You gotta have love1
You gotta have that green1
You gotta hit it1
You gotta hodeho3
You gotta keep gotta keep dancin1
You gotta know how7
You gotta know how to dance1
You gotta know how to love3
You gotta love everybody1
You gotta love life1
You gotta make a choice1
You gotta make it1
You gotta make me cry1
You gotta move3
You gotta pay the band4
You gotta pay those dues1
You gotta pay to play1
You gotta pep my pup1
You gotta quit cheatin on me1
You gotta quit your low down ways1
You gotta reap just what you sow1
You gotta rock n roll1
You gotta see baby tonight5
You gotta see it1
You gotta see KC1
You gotta see your mama1
You gotta see your momma1
You gotta shake that thing1
You gotta show it to me baby1
You gotta show me3
You gotta take a little love1
You gotta take your time1

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