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Page Y13 - Youre not the only oyster in the stew to Youve let yourself go

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Tune nameSessions
Youre not the only oyster in the stew9
Youre not the same1
Youre not there1
Youre not what you said you are2
Youre off my list1
Youre off the beat2
Youre OK3
Youre okey1
Youre older1
Youre on Hans1
Youre on my mind5
Youre on my side1
Youre on the right track baby1
Youre on your own1
Youre once1
Youre one of a kind2
Youre only a baby1
Youre only as old as you look1
Youre only dreaming1
Youre only happy when Im blue1
Youre only human1
Youre out1
Youre out of this world3
Youre out of this world to me1
Youre outa here1
Youre part of me2
Youre part of my heart1
Youre precious to me3
Youre puttin me on1
Youre reading my mind2
Youre really someone to write home about1
Youre reported1
Youre right about me1
Youre right as rain2
Youre right I dont1
Youre right Im wrong5
Youre runnin wild1
Youre running away again1
Youre sensational31
Youre sentimental1
Youre simply delish6
Youre simply drivin me mad1
Youre sixteen3
Youre slightly less than wonderful1
Youre slightly terrific1
Youre snoring1
Youre so bad for me3
Youre so beautiful2
Youre so cool1
Youre so cute2
Youre so damn mean baby1
Youre so darn charming4
Youre so delightful1
Youre so desirable4
Youre so different2
Youre so easy to dance with1
Youre so easy to forget1
Youre so far above me2
Youre so far away from me1
Youre so good1
Youre so good to me1
Youre so indiffrent3
Youre so influential2
Youre so kind2
Youre so near1
Youre so near and yet so far1
Youre so nice2
Youre so now1
Youre so perceptive1
Youre so precious1
Youre so pretty amazing graces1
Youre so retro1
Youre so right1
Youre so right for me5
Youre so simpatico1
Youre so special1
Youre so sweet to remember2
Youre so tall1
Youre so understanding4
Youre so vain1
Youre so wholesome1
Youre so wonderful1
Youre so worth the waiting for1
Youre so you1
Youre solid with me1
Youre some pretty doll5
Youre something2
Youre something else3
Youre somewhere thinking of me1
Youre sorry1
Youre spoiling me1
Youre standing on the outside now1
Youre starting to feel like home1
Youre starting too fast1
Youre stepping on my toes1
Youre still a young man1
Youre still here1
Youre still in my heart3
Youre still my baby6
Youre still my girl in spite of everything1
Youre still on my mind1
Youre still out of sight1
Youre still the one3
Youre still you1
Youre stuck till I call1
Youre such a comfort to me4
Youre such a cruel papa to me2
Youre such a heart throb1
Youre such a sweet thing1
Youre surrounded1
Youre takin my bag1
Youre taking up another mans place1
Youre talkin too loud1
Youre tall1
Youre tearing my heart1
Youre teasing me3
Youre telling me5
Youre that dream1
Youre the answer to my prayer1
Youre the apple of my eye1
Youre the berries2
Youre the best2
Youre the best of all ladies1
Youre the best there is1
Youre the best thing that ever happened to me3
Youre the bop1
Youre the boss5
Youre the cats1
Youre the cause of it all4
Youre the centre of me1
Youre the cream in my coffee79
Youre the cream in my cofffee1
Youre the cure for what ails me1
Youre the cutest one3
Youre the dangerous type3
Youre the doctor1
Youre the dream of a lifetime1
Youre the dream on my coffee1
Youre the dreamer Im the dreamer1
Youre the first the last my everything2
Youre the first thing I think of in the morning1
Youre the first to know1
Youre the fly in my soup1
Youre the fool2
Youre the girl2
Youre the great one1
Youre the greatest2
Youre the greatest discovery3
Youre the limit3
Youre the maker of rain in my heart1
Youre the moment in my life2
Youre the moment of a lifetime1
Youre the most2
Youre the next1
Youre the one47
Youre the one and only1
Youre the one for me27
Youre the one for me sweetheart1
Youre the one I care for22
Youre the one I think I waited for1
Youre the one of my dreams1
Youre the one that I want2
Youre the one to blame2
Youre the only dream1
Youre the only girl1
Youre the only girl in the next world for me1
Youre the only girl that made me cry1
Youre the only one3
Youre the only one for me7
Youre the only one I love3
Youre the only star in my blue heaven2
Youre the only world I know1
Youre the picture1
Youre the prototypical1
Youre the rainbow2
Youre the reason1
Youre the reason Im living3
Youre the river too1
Youre the summer peach1
Youre the sunshine2
Youre the sweetest girl on this side of heaven1
Youre the sweetest girl this side of heaven1
Youre the thing1
Youre the top78
Youre the top crust1
Youre the type I love1
Youre the very last word in love1
Youre there1
Youre there I am here1
Youre through1
Youre tickin me1
Youre ticklin me1
Youre tired of me1
Youre too beautiful6
Youre too dangerous cherie2
Youre too fussy1
Youre too good for goodfornothing me2
Youre too good for me1
Youre too good to be true1
Youre too late2
Youre too lovely to last1
Youre too much2
Youre too perfect1
Youre too sure of me1
Youre too tall Im too small1
Youre toots to me2
Youre tough1
Youre trying to leave me1
Youre trying too hard1
Youre turning my greens around1
Youre twice as nice as the girl in my dreams1
Youre under arrest5
Youre vibing me1
Youre walking in my sleep1
Youre welcome9
Youre welcome stop on by3
Youre welcome to a prayer1
Youre welcome to come back home1
Youre welcome to the club1
Youre what1
Youre what I need2
Youre what matters to me1
Youre what the doctor ordered1
Youre what this day is all about1
Youre whats happening1
Youre why1
Youre wicky youre wacky youre wonderful1
Youre with me3
Youre with me baby1
Youre wonderful2
Youre worrying me1
Youre worth the wait1
Youre wrong1
Yourre driving me crazy1
Yourre laughing at me1
Yours A lovehate letter to my hometown1
Yours all your1
Yours all yours3
Yours alone2
Yours and mine45
Yours eternally1
Yours for a song2
Yours for sure1
Yours for the asking2
Yours forever2
Yours into mine1
Yours is in the moon tonight1
Yours is mine1
Yours is my heart alone134
Yours is the light2
Yours next to mine1
Yours not mine1
Yours or mine2
Yours or mine or blues3
Yours saviour1
Yours sincerely12
Yours too1
Yours truly6
Yours truly is truly yours2
Yours truly Rosa1
Yours with love and kisses1
Yourself elsewhere1
Yous a viper1
Youse a viper3
Youssefs song1
Youth against fascism1
youth and a girl1
Youth and fame1
youth brigade triumphs again1
Youth eternal1
Youth hostel1
Youth hostel on Jupiter1
youth in Asia2
Youth never returns1
Youth of a new day1
youth of Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood1
Youth oriented1
Youth want to know1
Youthful bliss3
Youthful diary1
Youthful foundation1
Youtta praise him1
Youve altered your attitude2
Youve become habitual to me1
Youve been a good ol wagon2
Youve been a good old wagon38
Youve been a good ole wagon11
Youve been a naughty boy1
Youve been alone too long1
Youve been around too long1
Youve been away too long1
Youve been flirting again1
Youve been gone five years1
Youve been gone too long1
Youve been good old wagon1
Youve been grand1
Youve been had1
Youve been haunting my dreams2
Youve been having a rough night huh1
Youve been here since then1
Youve been on my mind1
Youve been reading my mail1
Youve been so good1
Youve been so good to me daddy1
Youve been so nice to come home to1
Youve been squeezin my lemons1
Youve been taking lessons in love5
Youve been talkin1
Youve been talkin bout my baby1
Youve been watching me1
Youve broken my castle of dreams1
Youve broken my heart1
Youve changed505
Youve changed my life1
Youve changed my life completely1
Youve changed my world1
Youve changed your mind1
Youve come home2
Youve come to my world1
Youve conquered me with postcards1
Youve cooked your goose with me1
Youve done it again1
Youve done something to my heart4
Youve faded1
Youve flipped out1
Youve forgotten how good I am1
Youve go a friend1
Youve gone2
Youve got a bad case of the blues1
Youve got a date with the blues4
Youve got a friend68
Youve got a friend in me7
Youve got a friendFire & rain1
Youve got a hot line to my heart1
Youve got a job to do1
Youve got a moustache and everything1
Youve got a problem1
Youve got a special kind of love1
Youve got a thing1
Youve got another heart on your hands1
Youve got be modernistic1
Youve got Buckleys1
Youve got dust on your coat1
Youve got everything2
Youve got everything a sweet daddy needs but me1
Youve got everything a sweet mama needs but me3
Youve got everything a sweet momma needs but me1
Youve got everything a sweet papa needs but me1
Youve got everything I want1
Youve got evrything1
Youve got eyes lets make it1
Youve got her1
Youve got it3
Youve got it all1
Youve got it bad1
Youve got it bad girl13
Youve got it coming to you1
Youve got it made1
Youve got mail1
Youve got me3
Youve got me cryin1
Youve got me cryin again5
Youve got me crying again44
Youve got me crying my heart out1
Youve got me feeling your love1
Youve got me humming2
Youve got me in the palm of your hand3
Youve got me jumpin1
Youve got me licked1
Youve got me now1
Youve got me out on a limb6
Youve got me pickin petals off o daisies1
Youve got me this way12
Youve got me this way NP1
Youve got me tremblin1
Youve got me under your thumb5
Youve got me voodood4
Youve got me voodooed2
Youve got me walkin and talkin to myself1
Youve got me where you want me2
Youve got my baby1
Youve got my heart on a string1
Youve got my love1
Youve got no time for me1
Youve got nothing left1
Youve got possibilities1
Youve got something2
Youve got something I want1
Youve got something there4
Youve got that flava1
Youve got that look3
Youve got that something2
Youve got that thing11
Youve got the feeln1
Youve got the fever1
Youve got the indian sign on me1
Youve got the laugh on me1
Youve got the longest leaving act in town1
Youve got the papers1
Youve got the power4
Youve got the right eye but youre peeping at the wrong keyhole1
Youve got the right key2
Youve got the right key but the wrong keyhole24
Youve got the right key now1
Youve got the right of way1
Youve got the right touch1
Youve got those Wanna go back again blues2
Youve got to be a football hero1
Youve got to be carefully taught6
Youve got to be loved1
Youve got to be modernistic18
Youve got to be strong1
Youve got to be there1
Youve got to beat me1
Youve got to beat me to keep me1
Youve got to believe1
Youve got to believe in yourself1
Youve got to blow your own trumpet1
Youve got to change your mind1
Youve got to dig it to dig it you dig1
Youve got to do it1
Youve got to do what youve got to do1
Youve got to eat you spinach baby1
Youve got to find a rhyme for moon1
Youve got to get high to sing1
Youve got to get hot1
Youve got to get it1
Youve got to give me room1
Youve got to give me some12
Youve got to give me sone1
Youve got to go home on time1
Youve got to have freedom8
Youve got to have power1
Youve got to have the blues sometime1
Youve got to have what it takes1
Youve got to hide your love away4
Youve got to hurt1
Youve got to hurt before you can heal1
Youve got to hurt before you heal3
Youve got to know1
Youve got to learn1
Youve got to love her with a feeling1
Youve got to love her with feeling1
Youve got to love the world1
Youve got to pay1
Youve got to pay the band1
Youve got to pay when the deal goes down1
Youve got to pick a pocket or two1
Youve got to play the game1
Youve got to prove it to me1
Youve got to prove yourself1
Youve got to quit your low down ways1
Youve got to recognize me1
Youve got to save that thing1
Youve got to see every night1
Youve got to see mama every night67
Youve got to see Mama evry night1
Youve got to see Mamma evry night1
Youve got to sell it1
Youve got to serve somebody1
Youve got to show it to mother2
Youve got to survive1
Youve got to take your pick and swing1
Youve got under my skin1
Youve got ways blues2
Youve got ways Im crazy about1
Youve got what1
Youve got what gets me2
Youve got what I want1
Youve got what it takes2
Youve got what Ive been looking for1
Youve got your socks mixed up1
Youve got your spell on me1
Youve got your trouble Ive got mine1
Youve got your troubles10
Youve gotta eat your spinach baby1
Youve gotta have friends1
Youve gotta have what it takes1
youve gotta play straight with me1
Youve gotta see1
Youve gotta see baby tonight1
Youve gotta see mama every night1
Youve gotta try1
Youve had your day2
Youve had your last good time with me1
Youve had your way3
Youve hurt me for the last time1
Youve just been bitten1
Youve just got what it takes1
Youve laughed at me for the last time1
Youve left me2
Youve let yourself go2

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