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This index refers to the 525,213 individual tune titles (1,576,463 total entries) included in over 242,134 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2019.

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Page Y10 - You wear love love so well to Young play

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Tune nameSessions
You wear love love so well1
You wear love so well2
You wear your hair too long1
You went away4
You went away once too often1
You went away too far1
You went away too far and stayed away too long1
You went to my head7
You went too far and stayed too long1
You were always on my mind1
You were always there1
You were born to be kissed1
You were born to be mine1
You were born to smile1
You were born with sun in your eyes1
You were great last night1
You were just here2
You were just there1
You were lyin to me1
You were made for me2
You were marvellous darling2
You were meant for love1
You were meant for me75
You were mine1
You were my first love1
You were my love1
You were my teacher1
You were never lovelier5
You were on my mind1
You were only foolin4
You were only fooling3
You were only passing by1
You were only passing the time with me1
You were only passing time with me5
You were out1
You were revealed1
You were right in the first place1
You were right next door1
You were sent down from Heaven1
You were someone1
You were the light1
You were the one1
You were the one who drew first1
You were there10
You were there for me1
You were with me inside the wind1
You were young1
You werent in love with me2
You werent true1
You who2
You who brought me love1
You who have forgotten us1
You will4
You will always be around1
You will always be my girl1
You will always be the one I love1
You will always have a friend2
You will always hold my heart1
You will always live in our memory1
You will always remain1
You will be happy without jealousy1
You will be hypnotized twice1
You will be in my heart1
You will be loved2
You will be loved again1
You will be mine1
You will be mine tonight1
You will be my music8
You will be shot1
You will come back to me4
You will eat hot lead1
You will find2
You will find peace1
You will know5
You will know when you get there1
You will like it1
You will look for yours on Earth1
You will lose all fear1
You will need me1
You will never know another love1
You will never know what youre missing1
You will not hear me leaving1
You will not lose1
You will Oscar you will1
You will pay1
You will remember2
You will rise1
You will rise again1
You will wait a long time1
You will wear velvet1
You win again9
You win this time2
You wind me up1
You wind of March1
You wish2
You with me2
You within me within you1
You without a song1
You wonderful gal2
You wonderful guy1
You wonderful thing1
You wonderful you7
You wont be alone1
You wont be around to see it1
You wont be coming home tonight1
You wont be satified1
You wont be satisfied12
You wont be satisfied until you break my heart2
You wont be sorry1
You wont believe it until you do1
You wont believe me when I tell you this1
You wont forget1
You wont forget me29
You wont go when I go1
You wont have no mamma at all2
You wont hear me say goodbye2
You wont know when when you wont know where you wont know who and you wont know why1
You wont let me go20
You wont see me5
You wont see me anymore1
You wont trouble me no more1
You worked your spell on me1
You worry me2
You would rather have the blues4
You wouldnt2
You wouldnt be you1
You wouldnt believe4
You wouldnt cross the street1
You wouldnt fool me1
You wouldnt fool me would you6
You wouldnt forget me1
You wouldnt know2
You wouldnt you couldnt1
You wouldn’t fool me would you1
You wrecked my life1
You yangs1
You yeo yough1
You you3
You you and especially you3
You you darlin5
You you I love1
You you you13
You you you are the one1
You youre driving me crazy2
You youre the one2
Youc all it jogging1
Youd be1
Youd be frantic too1
Youd be my baby1
Youd be satisfied1
Youd be so easy to love3
Youd be so happy to love1
Youd be so nice7
Youd be so nice to come home to743
Youd be so nice to come to4
Youd be surprised21
Youd better believe me3
Youd better change your tune1
Youd better change your ways2
Youd better go man1
Youd better hold on1
Youd better keep babying baby1
Youd better keep the home fires burning1
Youd better know it3
Youd better leave me1
Youd better leave me alone1
Youd better leave me alone sweet papa1
Youd better love1
Youd better love him1
Youd better love me30
Youd better love me while you may1
Youd better mind1
Youd better mind what youre saying1
Youd better sit down kids1
Youd better stop2
Youd better think twice1
Youd better watch out1
Youd fall in love with me1
Youd never know that old home town of mine1
Youd never know the old place now1
Youd never know you know1
Youd rather have the blues1
Youd think I would have learned by now2
Youd think Id learn2
Youden square1
Youe got me crying again1
Youg been a good old wagon1
Yougoslavian railroad song1
Youkai kappa konnichi izuko sumi ya1
Youkali tango2
Youll always be mine8
Youll always be my baby1
Youll always be my friend1
Youll always be my sweetheart1
Youll always be the same sweetheart to me2
Youll always have part of me1
Youll always have the blues1
Youll always knowIll follow you1
Youll always miss the water when the well runs dry1
Youll always need friends2
Youll answer to me1
Youll be crying1
Youll be fine1
Youll be here2
Youll be in my heart2
Youll be mine in apple blossom time2
Youll be mine tonight1
Youll be my love1
Youll be my lover1
Youll be reminded of me4
Youll be rich1
Youll be seeing me1
Youll be seeing me again1
Youll be some wonderful girl1
Youll be sorry10
Youll be stuck on the bus for the rest of your life1
Youll be surprised1
Youll be there1
Youll be with me1
Youll believe in love1
Youll call it love1
Youll come back someday1
Youll come back to me someday2
Youll come to me1
Youll cry for me but Ill be gone1
Youll cry someday2
Youll do2
Youll do it some day so why not now2
Youll fall in love again1
Youll finally understand1
Youll find her name written there1
Youll find me1
Youll find me there1
Youll find my theory is logically sound1
Youll find old Dixieland in France3
Youll find out2
Youll find the answer1
Youll forgive me if you love me1
Youll get by1
Youll get it back1
Youll get me in trouble1
Youll get them blues3
Youll get yours1
Youll happen along1
Youll have one heart less1
Youll have that1
Youll have to put a nightie on Aphrodite1
Youll have to swing it38
Youll hear about me soon2
Youll hear it2
Youll kiss and run away1
Youll know1
Youll know just how I feel1
Youll know the first time1
Youll know what I mean1
Youll know when you get there6
Youll know when you see her2
Youll know who I am when Im gone1
Youll long for me14
Youll long for me when the cold wind blows1
Youll long for me when the cold winds blow1
Youll lose a good thing2
Youll love France1
Youll love it1
Youll love me yet1
Youll love New York1
Youll love old New York1
Youll miss me2
Youll miss me someday3
Youll miss me sures youre born1
Youll miss me when Im gone1
Youll miss my pettin1
Youll need me when Im long gone1
Youll never be for me1
Youll never be mine1
Youll never believe2
Youll never break my heart again1
Youll never change1
Youll never fall in love again1
Youll never find1
Youll never find a fool like me1
Youll never find another kanaka like me1
Youll never find another love1
Youll never find another love like mine8
Youll never get away4
Youll never get away from me6
Youll never get me out of your mind1
Youll never get to east egg2
Youll never get to Heaven9
Youll never get to Heaven if you break my heart1
Youll never get to heaven with those eyes4
Youll never get up to heaven that way3
Youll never get your hooks in my man1
Youll never go to heaven4
Youll never grow1
Youll never guess1
Youll never have no luck by quittin me2
Youll never have to dance alone1
Youll never know142
Youll never know enough1
Youll never know sweetheart1
Youll never know that old home town of mine1
Youll never know the difference1
Youll never know what you mean to me2
Youll never learn1
Youll never lose the love you give to me1
Youll never make it1
Youll never miss the water1
Youll never miss your jelly till your jelly rollers gone1
Youll never miss your water1
Youll never miss your water till your well runs dry1
Youll never remember and Ill never forget1
Youll never say yes1
Youll never steal my spirit1
Youll never walk again1
Youll never walk alone46
Youll never want to leave again1
Youll never work a day in your life1
Youll pay1
Youll recognize my baby2
Youll remain forever1
Youll remember me1
Youll say tomorrow1
Youll see27
Youll see what a kiss can do1
Youll see when you see1
Youll see you1
Youll soon be singing the blues1
Youll stay1
Youll stay in my heart1
Youll still be by girl1
Youll take care of me1
Youll thank me later1
Youll think of me blues1
Youll wake up wiser1
Youll walk alone1
Youll want diamonds1
Youll want me back2
Youll want me back again2
Youll want me back some day1
Youll want me back someday1
Youll want me back someday mama1
Youll want my love2
Youll wind up a top1
Youll wish you had1
Youll wish youd never been born2
Youm malquaqdelhi1
Youn grap rev2
Youn me1
Yound no more1
Young & fine1
Young & foolish1
Young & fresh1
Young afro brown1
Young and ambitious1
young and cinema1
Young and dangerous1
Young and fine17
Young and foolish175
Young and free1
Young and healthy14
Young and Holtful1
Young and in love2
Young and innocent2
young and lonely1
Young and lost1
Young and old2
Young and playful1
Young and pretty bride1
Young and resilient1
Young and tender1
young and the old1
Young and wild2
Young and willing1
Young angel1
Young at heart95
Young at play1
Young Bean1
Young Benjamin1
Young Billy Young1
young blade1
Young blood38
Young bloods2
Young bloods blues1
Young blue eyes1
Young blues2
Young boy1
Young boy in the woods1
Young brother1
Young Bucks1
Young Bud1
Young buddy1
Young buds1
young child1
young cigar1
Young Confucius1
Young Dan1
Young date1
Young Dr Trumpet1
Young drummer1
Young embrace1
Young emotions1
Young energy1
Young enough to dream1
Young experts1
young explorer1
Young fashioned ways7
Young feeling1
Young Filly1
Young folks3
Young folks should get married4
Young folksTwo for the road1
Young for ever1
Young forever1
Young forever forever young1
Young generation1
Young genius1
young get old and the old get cold blues1
Young gifted and black1
young girl6
Young girl blues2
Young girl in flower1
young girl made a crown of forest flowers1
Young girls1
Young girls blues2
Young girls coming to the canyon1
Young girls dream1
Young girls from the country1
Young girls jumpin dance1
Young heart1
Young hearts1
Young Heffer blues1
Young Heifer blues1
Young ideas5
Young in New Orleans1
Young in the 80s2
Young jazz1
Young Jean1
Young John1
young knight1
Young lady1
young ladys vision1
Young leaders1
Young Lee1
Young Lesley1
Young like1
Young lions in the meat market1
Young lions old tigers1
young Louis1
Young love9
Young love go wrong1
Young lovers1
Young lovers at first sight1
Young lovers waltz1
Young maestro1
Young maidens prayer1
Young Malcolm1
Young mama1
Young man2
Young man blues1
young man is gone1
Young man on the way up1
young man sings1
young man who couldnt hoe corn1
Young man with a horn13
Young man with flute1
Young man with the blues1
Young man with the horn6
Young man young woman blues1
Young mans blues5
young mans fancy10
Young mans fool1
Young mans lament1
Young married man1
young Mexican puppeteer1
Young mice1
young mind1
young monk1
Young mother1
Young mums bums1
Young night1
Young no more2
Young one7
young ones3
Young pale man step away otherwise I will1
Young Paolo1
Young people1
Young people with faces1
Young peoples tune1
Young Peter1
Young play2

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