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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page W39 - Wisdom fattens the soul of men to With Li on the beach

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Tune nameSessions
Wisdom fattens the soul of men1
Wisdom in the wings1
wisdom of a baobab tree1
Wisdom of insecurity1
Wisdom of notes3
Wisdom of Oz1
Wisdom of procreation1
wisdom of rocks1
wisdom of Sam Kinison1
wisdom of starting where you are1
Wisdom of the ages1
wisdom of the heart1
wisdom of the sands2
Wisdom of the water1
Wisdom scene1
wisdom sisters1
Wisdom through music1
Wisdom through time2
wisdom to know1
Wisdoms path1
Wisdoms star1
Wise and true1
wise and wonderful book2
Wise band and huff1
Wise Charlies blues1
Wise children1
Wise creatures work1
Wise eye1
Wise fool1
Wise guise1
Wise guy16
Wise guy eh1
Wise guys10
Wise guys fall1
Wise heart1
wise heron of English Bay1
Wise in time1
Wise is water blues1
wise Latina1
Wise man5
Wise man blues2
Wise man Willis1
Wise man wiser woman1
Wise men1
Wise mind1
wise old head on young shoulders1
Wise old man2
Wise old man blues1
Wise old men1
wise old owl8
Wise old souls1
Wise old wine1
wise one65
wise one speaks1
Wise ones3
Wise or well1
wise raven1
Wise river1
Wise sisters rise1
Wise to myself1
Wise up4
Wise up baby1
Wise way1
wise woman2
Wise woman blues2
Wise women know1
Wise young man1
wised up fanfare1
Wiseman Weidman1
wiser man than me1
Wiser than I2
wisest of us are fools for love1
wish away1
wish come true1
wish fearing monkey1
Wish for my brother1
Wish for the earth1
Wish for the folks1
Wish for the spirits1
Wish from the heart1
Wish I could5
Wish I could be there now1
Wish I could feel1
Wish I could make some money1
Wish I could say1
Wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate1
Wish I could talk to you baby2
Wish I didnt love you so1
Wish I had a dollar1
Wish I had never1
Wish I had you7
Wish I hada died in Egypt land1
Wish I knew6
Wish I may2
Wish I may wish I might1
Wish I never loved you at all1
Wish I was1
Wish I was a cradle baby1
Wish I was in heaven sitting down1
Wish I was who1
Wish I were a child again1
Wish I were in love again2
Wish I were somebody else1
Wish I were there3
wish I wish tonight5
Wish Id said that1
wish in one hand1
Wish it wasnt true1
Wish list5
Wish luck star1
Wish me a rainbow4
Wish me happy new year darling1
Wish me luck5
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye1
Wish me well13
Wish of moon1
Wish on us1
Wish someone would care1
Wish song1
Wish that I could but I cant forgive you blues1
Wish the children would come on home2
Wish them well1
wish to be less wretched1
wish to Erzulie1
Wish to fly1
wish under my pillow1
Wish upon a canvas1
Wish upon a star2
Wish we could be there today1
Wish you a good night1
Wish you love1
Wish you stayed1
Wish you sunshine8
Wish you well1
Wish you were here30
Wish you were here avec moi1
Wish you were here with me1
Wish you were mine1
Wish you were there1
Wish you were waitin for me2
Wish you were waiting for me7
Wish you with me1
Wishbone 21
Wishbone pony1
wishbone rag1
Wishbone suite3
Wished for you1
Wished on the moon1
Wishes and dreams1
Wishes are starting to dont come true1
Wishes come true1
Wishes for you1
Wishful thinkin1
Wishful thinking41
Wishful thoughts1
Wishful wistful1
Wishin and hopin6
Wishin well1
Wishing and crying for you1
Wishing and honing1
Wishing and waiting1
Wishing and waiting for love4
Wishing bell1
Wishing book1
wishing doll2
Wishing for 2 at 531
Wishing for contentment1
Wishing for dry heat1
Wishing for you1
Wishing hoping1
Wishing like children1
Wishing longing waiting1
Wishing merry Christmas to you1
Wishing on a sdtar1
Wishing on a star5
Wishing on the moon3
Wishing peace2
Wishing song3
Wishing star8
wishing star dream1
wishing stones1
Wishing tree1
wishing waltz2
Wishing we could get together blues1
Wishing well35
Wishing Willie well1
Wishing wont make it so1
Wishing you well1
Wishing you were here4
Wishing you were here again1
Wishing you were somehow here again1
Wishing you were somewhere here again1
Wishingpapir is dokh vays1
Wishinguwere here1
wishon line1
Wisht I was in Peoria1
wishtinker ring1
Wishy washy3
Wisp & whisk1
Wisp a blues1
Wisp after wisp1
Wisper not1
Wispercussion movement 41
Wisps of an unknown face1
Wisps of thought1
Wisrod nocnej ciszy1
Wissen Sie warum1
Wistari Reef1
Wisteria hysteria blues1
Wistful and blue14
Wistful and blues1
Wistful moment3
Wistful samba3
Wistful thinking7
Wistful thought1
Wistful vista1
Wistfully yours2
Wit en blauw1
Wit hit1
Wit in fools1
Wit of the staircase1
witch & the wedding1
Witch and Gnome1
Witch blaze1
Witch doctor14
Witch doctor dance1
Witch doctor in the alley1
Witch doctor is which1
Witch doctor no 21
Witch doctor no11
Witch doctors son1
Witch fire2
Witch gong game1
Witch gong game II102
Witch Hazel2
Witch hazel in the dark afternoon1
Witch hunt53
witch man1
Witch of Agnesi1
Witch of Salem1
witch of Samoa1
witch song1
Witch stitch1
Witch tai to1
witch vs the magician1
Witch walk1
Witch waltz1
Witch way1
Witchcraft blues1
Witchdoctor of Accra1
Witchdoctors son1
Witches & devils1
Witches and devils4
Witches and vampiresdream and fear1
Witches brew1
Witches butter1
Witches cauldron1
Witches fair and foul1
Witches Goblins etc1
Witches grove1
Witches in eggshells1
Witches in our fingers1
Witches kitchen1
Witches pit2
Witches sabbath1
Witches stew1
Witches woo1
Witchi tai to7
Witchi tai too1
Witchi tia to8
Witchin moon1
Witching hour7
Witching hour blues1
Witchita lineman2
Witchs beads1
Witchs brew3
Witchs butter1
witchs dance1
witchs Sabbath1
witchs unveiling1
Witchs witch1
Witchy woman1
Witch’s samba1
With a bad back1
With a bag of swing1
With a banjo on my knee2
with a big cigar in his mouth1
With a bit of your love1
With a chicken wing2
With a childs heart1
With a childs steps1
With a dream of love1
With a dull knife1
With a E please1
With a flag we wave good bye to the past and welcome in our future1
with a fortune cookie1
With a gentle touch2
With a grain of salt1
With a heart in my song2
With a hey and a hi and a ho ho ho1
With a hey and a hi and ho ho ho1
With a high hope1
With a hole in her stockin1
With a knife in her hand1
With a light heart1
With a little bit of luck19
With a little help1
With a little help from a friend1
With a little help from my friends56
With a little help from my friends drop in1
With a little help from my girl friend1
With a little help from my girlfriend2
With a little help of my friends1
With a little song1
With a little time2
With a little ukelele in my hand1
With a mellotone1
With a mellow tone1
With a message2
With a mythador1
With a new kind of love for me1
With a pack in my back1
With a pack on my back3
With a pirate smile1
With a plenty of money and you1
With a pocket full of sundrops1
With a prayer1
With a single step1
With a smile6
With a smile and a song9
With a smile on my face2
With a song3
With a song in my heart187
With a song in my soul1
With a sweetheart like you2
With a swing1
With a touch of fresh mental1
With a turkey in the country1
With a twist1
With a twist of a rist1
With a twist of the wrist6
With a twist of your wrist1
With a view1
With a wiggle1
With a wink and a smile1
With abandon1
With all beautiful love1
With all due respect3
With all my heart21
With all my heart and soul9
With all my heart deploring the torment of my soul1
With all my heart I love you Lord1
With all my love10
With all of my love1
With all our love1
With all that I am1
With all the bells and whistles2
With all the people1
With all these things to remember1
With all your faults1
With all your heart1
With all your sorrow sing a song of jubilance1
With an H1
With an IE1
With an open heart2
With an open mind1
With and against1
With any luck at all1
With apologies to Oscar1
With apologies to Woody1
With art and fun1
With bells and drums1
With bells on4
With benefits1
With beside against1
With birds1
With Borah Bergman piano1
With Bordeaux1
With both feet on the ground1
With bounce2
With boundless spirit1
With breath1
With broken heart1
With care1
With catlike tread upon our prey we steal1
With Charon1
With chimes1
With circle1
With closed eyes1
With communicado 1 method1
With communicado 2 breakdown1
With communicado 3 um om1
With communicado 4 so busy1
With communicado 5 music is1
With communicado 6 time marches1
With compassion1
With compliments Frank1
With condolences1
With crickets1
With crossing bell and whiff1
With custard1
With David Darling cello1
With different colours1
With dignity1
With discretion1
With due respect1
With each beat of my heart2
With each breath1
With each passing moment1
With ease2
With egg1
With em3
With er ead tucked underneath er arm1
With every beat of my heart1
With every breath3
With every breath I take65
With every flower that falls1
With every smile of yours1
With every wish1
With expanded eyes 31
With eyes closed1
With eyes peeled1
With eyes within1
With fear and trembling1
With feeling1
With fire and sword1
With Fletcher Henderson in New York1
With forks and hope2
With Friday on Saturday night1
With friends2
With friends like these5
With full heart and teary eyes1
With full of love1
With gaiety1
with Glass inside1
With God on our side2
With gratitude2
With greazie aprons1
With grey and blue1
With her head tucked underneath her arm1
With hindsight2
With His grace1
With hope3
With horses1
With hot lips & sticks1
With hunt1
With imagination1
With immediate effect1
With indifference1
With JDR1
With Jo D1
With John in mind1
With joy unbounded con funebrio1
With joy we await1
With Kelly1
With Kenny in mind1
With lady and friend1
With Li on the beach1

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