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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page W32 - Wholesale love to Why did you lie

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Tune nameSessions
Wholesale love1
Wholesome recreational activity1
Wholetone 121
Wholey afternoon1
Wholl answer1
Wholl be a witness1
Wholl be the first to phone1
Wholl be the fool1
Wholl be the fool from now on1
Wholl be the next one to cry over you1
Wholl be the one3
Wholl be the one this summer1
Wholl buy a rose for Margareeta1
Wholl buy a rose from Margareeta2
Wholl buy an old gold ring1
Wholl buy my bublitchki3
Wholl buy my bublitchky3
Wholl buy my dream3
Wholl buy my dreams1
Wholl buy my violets5
Wholl chop your suey1
Wholl chop your suey when Im gone6
Wholl drive my blues away1
Wholl drive your blues away1
Wholl get it when Im gone2
Wholl save you1
Wholl take my place7
Wholly cats23
Wholly earth8
Wholly G1
Wholly ghost1
Wholly here holy hear1
Wholly roller1
Wholly swing1
Wholy holy1
Wholy holy I1
Wholy holy II1
Wholy Moses1
Whom can I turn to1
Whom do you work for1
Whoo doo voo doo1
Whoo wee1
Whoo wee sweet daddy1
Whooee whooee the bumble bee1
Whooh Africa1
Whooo youoo thats who5
Whoooo Youoo thats who1
Whoop & sputter1
Whoop and holler blues2
Whoop and holler stomp1
Whoop dee dee1
Whoop em up blues1
Whoop it on up1
Whoop it up4
Whoop this wolf away from my door1
Whoope yer tal1
Whoopee blues2
Whoopee for a fine orchestra1
Whoopee mama1
whoopee stomp6
Whoopee Tie O1
Whoopee youre mine1
whoopeehat brigade1
Whooper dance1
Whoopie blues1
Whoopin blues22
Whoopin n hollerin2
Whooping blues4
whooping swan1
Whoopit off blues1
Whoops a daisy2
Whoops a doodle1
Whoops now1
Whoopsie doodle1
Whooz blooz1
Whooz blues1
Whop whop1
Whopper stopper1
Whoppin blues2
Whorefying experience1
whores all love the way I drive1
whores all love the way I ride1
Whores is funky1
Whoring with my pants on1
Whos afraid7
Whos afraid of Anthony Braxton1
Whos afraid of Elliott Ness1
Whos afraid of Frank Wolff1
Whos afraid of love2
Whos afraid of the big bad Bao1
Whos afraid of the big bad wolf11
Whos afraid of the big band wolf2
Whos afraid of the big black wolf1
Whos afraid of Virginia Wolff2
Whos afraid of Virginia Woolf7
Whos after you1
Whos at talkin2
Whos beatin my time with you2
Whos beating my time1
Whos beautiful1
Whos beautiful II1
Whos been breaking up somebodys home1
Whos been eatin my porridge1
Whos been gone and what is left1
Whos been here1
Whos been here since Ive been gone2
Whos been jivin you1
Whos been loving you1
Whos been playin papa round here while Ive been gone1
Whos been polishing the sun1
Whos been talkin2
Whos been talking3
Whos blue13
Whos blue now1
Whos blues10
Whos Bob4
Whos bossa now1
Whos bridge5
Whos calling who1
Whos calling you sweetheart tonight1
Whos coming1
Whos controlling whom3
Whos cool1
Whos counting1
Whos crazy1
Whos crying now3
Whos crying sweet papa now1
Whos dis heah stranger1
Whos done it1
Whos excited5
Whos first2
Whos fooling who4
Whos fooling you1
Whos for Edward1
Whos free2
Whos fresh and whos funky1
Whos goin to take the weight1
Whos going steady with who3
Whos going to take care of me1
Whos gonna break the news1
Whos gonna cry for me1
Whos gonna do your lovin1
Whos gonna help brother get further1
Whos gonna help me now2
Whos gonna hold me now2
Whos gonna last1
Whos gonna love me1
Whos gonna love you1
Whos gonna pay the check1
Whos gonna play this old piano1
Whos gonna reel who in1
Whos gonna shoe your pretty little feet1
Whos gonna take the weight1
Whos gonna take you home tonight2
Whos got a tent for rent3
Whos got it2
Whos got rhythm10
Whos got the ball2
Whos got the batteringram1
Whos got the bread1
Whos got the funk1
Whos got the other half of heaven1
Whos got you1
Whos groove1
Whos hipper than Bill1
Whos holding Donna now1
Whos holding her now1
Whos in control2
Whos in love here1
Whos in the window1
Whos in whos out2
Whos it25
Whos it gonna be1
Whos kiddin1
Whos kidding who6
Whos kissin who1
Whos knockin at my door1
Whos knocking1
Whos Koo Koo1
Whos laughing1
Whos life1
Whos Lily1
Whos little girl1
Whos little Liza1
Whos lost note1
Whos lovin you1
Whos loving you1
Whos mad1
Whos makin love1
Whos making love6
Whos making love to your old lady1
Whos next7
Whos on first5
Whos on stage1
Whos on the playlist1
Whos our master1
Whos outside1
Whos pimpin who1
Whos Prokofiev1
Whos rhythm1
Whos right whos wrong2
Whos rockin the boat2
Whos rockin whos rollin1
Whos Sam1
Whos screamin1
Whos screaming1
Whos seen Katty Page1
Whos she jazzin now1
Whos sleepy1
Whos smiling now1
Whos smokin2
Whos smoking4
Whos sorry know2
Whos sorry now428
Whos takin care of baby1
Whos targeted1
Whos telling you lies1
Whos that1
Whos that drummer1
Whos that from1
Whos that fucking bloody singer1
Whos that girl1
Whos that guy2
Whos that knockin at my door8
Whos that knockin at my heart4
Whos that knocking1
Whos that knocking at my door2
Whos that lady1
Whos that man1
Whos that pretty baby4
Whos that woman1
Whos the enemy1
Whos the fat man1
Whos the fool now1
Whos the looser1
Whos the meanest gal in town1
Whos the slave1
Whos the war for1
Whos the we1
Whos there2
Whos there out there1
Whos there to know that you passed em around1
Whos to answer1
Whos to blame4
Whos to know1
Whos turn now1
Whos uniting who1
Whos vacant1
Whos valentine1
Whos walkin who2
Whos watch is it anyway1
Whos watching the watcher1
Whos who16
Whos who is it1
Whos wonderful Whos marvellous1
Whos wrong2
Whos Yehoodi2
Whos yer lil fren1
Whos yo mama whos yo daddy1
Whos you tellin1
Whos your daddy1
Whos your dentist1
Whos your hoosier5
Whos your little whozis4
Whos your mama1
Whos zat1
Whosa Mwatana1
Whose afraid of the big bad wolf1
Whose ancestors1
Whose arms are you missin1
Whose babe are you1
Whose baby are you1
Whose bag is it1
Whose been here since Ive been gone1
Whose been talkin1
Whose big baby are you1
Whose blues12
Whose broad stripes1
Whose chicken1
Whose darling are you gonna be1
Whose dream are you1
Whose falling drops from high did strain the soyl with ruddy hue1
Whose fool are you1
Whose got the other half of heaven1
Whose hat is that1
Whose heart are you breaking now1
Whose honey are you16
Whose Izzy is he1
Whose life2
Whose life is this1
Whose little angry man2
Whose little angry man are you2
Whose little who are you1
Whose loving you1
Whose mind has1
Whose motor bike is it anyway1
Whose news1
Whose reality is this anyway1
Whose shadow1
Whose shoes2
Whose side are you on1
Whose side are you on anyway1
Whose streets1
Whose to know1
Whose whats where now1
Whose who are you5
Whose wolf art thou1
Whotta deal licks1
Whou would you like me to be1
Whoz surprize1
Whoza mtwana5
Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf1
Who’s sorry now3
Whupin it1
Whurly burly1
Whut rough beast1
Why 2 K3
Why 2K1
Why A2
Why a man goes wrong1
Why aint you been around1
Why am I3
Why am I alone2
Why am I blue2
Why am I happy1
Why am I here4
Why am I so1
Why am I so short1
Why am I still dreaming2
Why am I the last to know1
Why am I treated so bad65
Why and how1
Why are all the good ones taken1
Why are some cricket coaches better than others1
Why are the best looking guys all gay1
Why are we afraid5
Why are we sleeping3
Why are you blowing my mind1
Why are you blue10
Why are you bluekitch1
Why are you falling down1
Why are you leaving1
Why are you lonely1
Why are you looking at me1
Why are you so blue1
Why are you sobbin my dear1
Why are you sobbing my dear1
Why are you such a jerk1
Why are you yelling1
Why arent you excited1
Why arent you laughing2
Why arent you listening1
Why arent you with me1
Why as I born1
Why ask1
Why ask why3
Why baby why2
Why bail them out1
Why be blue1
Why be like everybody else1
Why be scared of a hat1
Why be so blue2
Why Because1
Why begin again7
Why believe1
Why birds always sing2
Why blue1
Why bother4
Why Buddha1
Why Bye1
Why call it a night1
Why call it amnesia1
Why cant everybody be nice like Gareth1
Why cant he be you2
Why cant I15
Why cant I be there1
Why cant I be with you blues1
Why cant I be your back doorman instead1
Why cant I be your man1
Why cant I come to you1
Why cant I ever think of something clever1
Why cant I find somebody to love1
Why cant I fly1
Why cant I forget about you1
Why cant I go to him1
Why cant I speak1
Why cant it be2
Why cant It be me1
Why cant it be poor little me1
Why cant it wait till morning1
Why cant she lower the alimony1
Why cant the English1
Why cant this night go on forever8
Why cant we2
Why cant we all get along1
Why cant we all just get along2
Why cant we be friends3
Why cant we do it again2
Why cant we get along1
Why cant we live together5
Why cant we make it1
Why cant we see1
Why cant we share what we have2
Why cant we take a chance1
Why cant we talk1
Why cant you8
Why cant you be like everyone else1
Why cant you behave34
Why cant you do it now1
Why cant you honey1
Why cant you love that way2
Why cares1
Why certainly1
Why change2
Why Charlie Brown1
Why choose1
Why coffee1
Why come to me sad lover1
Why couldnt be poor little me1
Why couldnt it be poor little me23
Why couldnt it have been me1
Why couldnt it last last night5
Why cry4
Why cry blues2
Why daddy why1
Why dance3
Why darling why2
Why daughter how are you1
Why dear2
Why deny1
Why did I1
Why did I always depend on you2
Why did I choose thee1
Why did I choose you109
Why did I choose you for M1
Why did I chose you1
Why did I do it1
Why did I have to fall in love with you1
Why did I kiss that girl4
Why did I still love you1
Why did it have to be me3
Why did it have to end so soon4
Why did it have to rain1
Why did it take so long1
Why did kiss that girl1
Why did Mrs Murphy leave town1
Why did my baby put me down1
Why did she choose you3
Why did this happen to me1
Why did we have to part1
Why did you avoid me1
Why did you come into my life2
Why did you do it3
Why did you do that to me2
Why did you fool me1
Why did you get so high shorty1
Why did you go4
Why did you have to die1
Why did you have to go1
Why did you leave3
Why did you leave heaven1
Why did you leave me5
Why did you leave me alone1
Why did you let me go1
Why did you lie1

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