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This index refers to the 515,361 individual tune titles (1,551,833 total entries) included in over 239,386 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2018.

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Page W32 - Why knot to Wig blues

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Tune nameSessions
Why knot1
Why little boy blue was blue2
Why lontano1
Why make a fool out of me1
Why me8
why me suite1
Why me why now1
Why me why them1
Why mess1
Why must I adore you1
Why must I be lonely1
Why must I be tormented2
Why must I love you1
Why must it be so hard1
Why must love wait1
Why must this be love1
Why must we part2
Why must we say goodbye1
Why must you be that way1
Why must you go1
Why must your love be so dry1
Why my baby1
Why my guitar gently weeps1
Why name it1
Why nameless1
Why no gales1
Why nobody just dont wanna do what I ask them to do1
Why not134
Why not a bear1
Why not admit it2
Why not better talk instead of screaming like beasts1
Why not blues1
Why not come over tonight1
Why not dance1
Why not friends1
Why not love1
Why not make the first move1
Why not me2
Why not now4
Why not samba2
Why not scrambled1
Why not take all of me1
Why not that whot1
Why not Thats what3
Why not to Steve McCall1
Why not tomorrow1
Why not us1
Why not Wayne1
Why not you1
Why now1
Why oh why14
Why oh why oh why1
Why on earth1
Why people always laugh about serious things1
Why Phillis1
Why Phillis waltz1
Why pretend1
Why put the blame on me1
Why put the blame on you1
Why really1
Why regret1
Why remind me1
Why run away2
Why say dreams are white1
Why say why1
Why scat alone Ian1
Why she couldnt come1
Why she went away2
Why should I2
Why should I be blue2
Why should I be tall1
Why should I beg for love2
Why should I believe in you1
Why should I care15
Why should I cry3
Why should I cry for you2
Why should I cry over you16
Why should I dream1
Why should I fall in love1
Why should I feel lonely2
Why should I forget1
Why should I grieve after youre gone1
Why should I love you3
Why should I pretend3
Why should I remember1
Why should I say Im sorry1
Why should I stay1
Why should I wake up1
Why should I want you1
Why should I weep about one sweetie5
Why should I worry1
Why should we try anymore1
Why should we wonder1
Why should you watch a strikers bat1
Why shouldnt I75
Why shouldnt I care1
Why shouldnt I love you1
Why shouldnt it1
Why shouldnt you cry5
Why sighs wise eyes1
Why so1
Why so blue3
Why so long1
Why so many words1
Why so pale and wan fond lover1
Why so sad1
Why someone tell me why1
Why South Africa1
Why stars come out at night5
Why stop now1
Why takes my fancy1
Why talk about love4
Why tee1
Why tell me now1
Why the caged bird sings1
Why the car dont go1
Why the dreams2
Why the monkey1
Why the moon is blue1
Why the stars come out at night1
Why the trumpet1
Why they call it falling1
Why they call Switch The Doctor1
Why things float1
Why think about tomorrow4
Why this sudden blues1
Why this woman1
Why to date with you1
Why to search1
Why toast1
Why trio1
Why try1
Why try to change1
Why try to change me4
Why try to change me now54
Why wait7
Why wait die now1
Why wait for the saints1
Why was I born119
Why was I left under the sky1
Why was I thinking of springtime1
Why was that2
Why wasnt I advised1
Why waste time1
Why waste your tears1
Why we are here1
Why we cant have nice things2
Why we rusted1
Why we sing1
Why we smile1
Why weep2
Why were you here1
Why where and when1
Why whisper2
Why why not1
Why why why1
Why women go wrong1
Why wonder why1
Why wont my baby treat me right1
Why wont we dont1
Why wont you1
Why wont you be mine1
Why wont you dance1
Why wont you let me love you1
Why wont you listen to reason1
Why wood you not be Shaw1
Why worry4
Why worry blues1
Why worry bout the snow1
Why would a whale act like this1
Why would you not want us to know1
Why wouldnt I1
Why wouldnt you1
Why you7
Why you are1
Why you been gone so long1
Why you cry )1
Why you gotta worry1
Why you guys laughin1
Why you here1
Why you wanna scream on me1
Why you want to1
Why young men go wild2
Why ypsilon1
Why yw gonna spoil a good time1
Whyd ya do it1
Whyd ya make me fall in love6
Whyd you do it4
Whyd you do it baby1
Whyd you have to1
Whyd you have to say that L word1
whYeXpliCitieS part 11
whYeXpliCitieS part 21
whYeXpliCitieS part 31
WhylifeHilife experiment1
Whys and wherefores1
Whys life got to be this way1
Whys your skin so white1
Whyso light hands1
Whyte and White1
Whyte Avenue1
Wi fi1
Wiazanka tematov jazzowych1
Wib fibby wap1
Wibble wobble1
Wibur choral1
Wibur for efzeg1
Wibur pendelt1
Wibur schmalzt1
Wibur sucht stelzn1
Wibur walzt1
Wiburs red cross1
Wic wac1
Wiccan prayer song medley1
Wicheta lineman1
Wichi tai1
Wichi tao to1
Wichita blues1
Wichita breakdown1
Wichita Falls1
Wichita fog2
Wichita headed east1
Wichita linemam1
Wichita lineman52
Wichita mind control1
Wichita moocher1
Wichita toe jam1
Wichita windstorm1
Wichlinghauser blues1
Wichtige begebenheit1
Wick dippers1
Wicked blues2
Wicked child1
Wicked daddy1
Wicked devils blues1
Wicked dirty fives3
wicked fives blues1
Wicked game3
Wicked good1
Wicked late for nite blooming but not dusk1
Wicked messenger1
Wicked Monday morning blues1
Wicked park1
Wicked places I1
Wicked places II1
Wicked race1
wicked shall cease1
wicked shall cease their troubling1
Wicked walk1
Wicked walrus1
Wicked whispers1
Wicked wicked man1
Wicked William1
Wicked wine1
Wicker basket2
Wicker woman1
Wicki wacki woo1
Wicks kicks1
Wicky wacky1
Wicky wacky woo blues1
Wickys waltz1
Widdecombe fair1
Wide and awake1
Wide and blue3
Wide around1
Wide asleep3
Wide awake6
Wide awake in a dream1
wide Baltic plains are shining1
Wide beat2
Wide berth1
wide blue yonder1
Wide but not tall1
Wide circle1
Wide dark troubled waters1
Wide eyed4
Wide eyes kissing1
Wide face1
wide field1
Wide fields1
Wide flower1
Wide green eyes1
Wide horizons1
Wide load2
Wide look1
Wide meander1
Wide nickel roll1
Wide not deep1
Wide one2
Wide open18
Wide open country style1
Wide open door1
Wide open eyes1
Wide open gate1
wide open places1
Wide open sky1
Wide open spaces10
Wide open window1
Wide opening1
wide point2
Wide river to cross2
Wide scope1
wide sea1
Wide sky2
Wide Slide1
Wide stance dance1
Wide stripes1
Wide unclasp1
wide wanderer1
Wide Willy1
Wideeyed and legless1
Wideeyed and so noble1
Widely known1
Widely separated in space & time1
wideness of depth and white maiden1
Widening circles reach across the world1
Widening gaps1
widening gyre1
Wider appeal1
Wider open1
Wider vision1
Widow bird plants and trees1
widow in the window8
Widow Jenkins blues1
Widow maker1
widow with the black fur1
Widows bar1
widows daughter1
Widows lament1
widows last penny1
widows of Metvo1
widows tale1
Widows walk10
Widows weed1
Width of the world1
Widzial I podziwial1
Widzialem widzialem1
Wie auch immer1
Wie Axel1
Wie beim falb die kuckucksuhr tickt so tickt sie nirgendwo1
Wie bist die gewesen vor prohibition1
Wie das leben so spielt2
Wie die Krahe1
wie die zeit vergeht1
Wie du1
Wie du dir so ich mir1
Wie du mir so ich dir1
Wie du mir so ich dir noch lange nicht1
Wie du willst1
Wie ein baum1
Wie ein pfeil1
Wie ein Roman1
Wie ein seltsam geschriebenes Buch1
Wie ein Wunder kam die Liebe uber Nacht1
Wie eine Dachtraufe1
Wie einst im mai1
Wie es das licht macht1
Wie gehts mein Fraulein1
Wie gut wars2
Wie ich hore sind sie taubseit ich weiss1
Wie is Loesje2
Wie jeuk heeft als moet men zich krabben1
Wie krank sind doch die menschen1
Wie lange lebt man1
Wie lange noch3
Wie Leif Erickson Amerika entdeckte1
Wie man sich bettet1
Wie man wunsche beim schwanz packt1
Wie mans macht man machts verkehrt1
Wie mans nimmt1
Wie schon war heut fur mich die Welt1
Wie sjoen os Limburg is1
Wie soll ich meine sele halten1
Wie stark ist nicht dien Zauberton1
Wie war denn damit1
Wie wie wie1
Wie zal dat betalen1
Wie ziet je zitten als je nergens bent1
Wieczorem po Marszalkowskiej1
Wieczorne wspomnienie1
Wieder da1
Wieder im gefangnis1
Wieder rote rosen1
wieder Sahara1
Wiederholung 1211
Wiederholung 1221
Wiederholung 1231
Wiederholung 1241
Wiegelied voor en balorige dertiger Deel I1
Wiegelied voor en balorige dertiger Deel II1
Wiegelied voor en balorige dertiger Deel III1
Wiegenlied D498 op 981
Wiegenlied from Lullaby1
Wiegenlied fur 2 kleine monster1
Wiegenlied fur einen schlaflosen1
Wiegenlied op 49 nr 41
Wieldin for D Sharpe1
Wielding for cutting1
Wielding for D1
Wielding the rod of truth being vajradara the holder of indestructibility1
Wiele nocy wiele dni1
Wien 11
Wien bleibt wien3
Wien bliebt Krk1
Wien bliebt Wien1
Wien du Stadt meiner Traume2
Wien heldenplatz1
Wien modern1
Wien Wien nur du allein2
Wiener blues4
Wiener Blut3
Wiener charleston1
Wiener dog1
Wiener melange1
Wiener mood1
Wiener Praterleben2
Wiener schnitzel2
Wiener trilogie1
Wiener walzer wiener schitzlen1
Wienerwald impressions1
Wienerwald walk1
Wienhiem blues1
wierd beard1
Wierd interlude1
Wierd nightmare1
Wierdness quotient1
Wierdo waltz1
Wiersz ksiezycowy1
Wiesviller swing1
Wieviele Engel1
Wieviele kinder1
Wieze znikalace1
wife and kid1
wife and the kid1
Wife du jour1
wife is the last to know1
Wife life1
Wife of Chango1
Wife or mistress1
Wife repellent1
Wife veto1
Wifes and lovers1
Wifes life1
wifes story1
wiffenpoof song6
Wig alert1
Wig blues2

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