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This index refers to the 535,170 individual tune titles (1,600,370 total entries) included in over 244,847 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2020.

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Page W31 - Who knows about tomorrow to Whos for Edward

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Tune nameSessions
Who knows about tomorrow1
Who knows all the answers1
Who knows best1
Who knows Billy Bang1
Who knows blues1
Who knows how much1
Who knows how much I love you1
Who knows if youll see me again1
Who knows Juno1
Who knows motel1
Who knows now1
Who knows them1
Who knows Ville1
Who knows what goes when the doors close1
Who knows what is known1
Who knows what love is1
Who knows what love will do2
Who knows what might have been1
Who knows what tomorrows gonna bring1
Who knows what will be tomorrow1
Who knows when silence begins1
Who knows where love goes1
Who knows where the blues was born1
Who knows where the time goes9
Who knows why4
Who let the cat out of the bag1
Who let the cats out1
Who likes Chopin1
Who loved you best2
Who loves the sun1
Who loves you8
Who loves you better2
Who made you cry Sugar Babe1
Who may climb the mountain1
Who me14
Who meets who1
Who might that be1
Who needs a man1
Who needs a plane1
Who needs brakes1
Who needs forever4
Who needs it7
Who needs Manhattan1
Who needs music2
Who needs spring1
Who needs words1
Who needs you4
Who never came back1
Who Nose1
Who ordered that elephant1
Who owns the joint1
Who owns the world2
Who paid the rent for Mrs Rip van Winkle1
Who parked the car2
Who pays the piper1
Who planted this tree1
Who played poker with Pocahontas1
Who plays first1
Who pulls the strings1
Who pumped the wind in my doughnut1
Who pushed the button Children of creation1
Who put a hole in my head1
Who put the benzedrine in Mrs Murphys Ovaltine3
Who put the benzedrine in Mrs Murphys Ovomaltine1
Who put the funk in my trunk1
Who put the sleeping pill in Rip Van Winkles coffee1
Who put the ungh in the mambo1
Who put you behind the wheel1
Who r u when u r asleep1
Who Ray1
Who reads reviews1
Who remembers the Lestans1
Who robbed the gene bank1
Who rolled that stone away3
Who rolled the stone away2
Who RU1
Who said1
Who said Baobab1
Who said blackbirds are blue1
Who said forever1
Who said herb1
Who said its tight like that1
Who said Its tight like this1
Who said Monopoly was fun1
Who said Shorty wasnt coming back1
Who said swing1
Who said that1
Who said what when1
Who sang the songs we always sing1
Who says1
Who says they dont care1
Who says words1
Who sends orchids1
Who serves the servant1
Who shall excel them1
Who she do8
Who shot John3
Who shot the lala2
Who shot the Lala 891
Who showed my baby how to love me1
Who sit1
Who slammed the door2
Who sleeps4
Who snows1
Who snuck the wine in the gravy1
Who spiked the eggnog1
Who started love3
Who stepped on my dream1
Who stole my car1
Who stole my soul1
Who stole the beat1
Who stole the jam3
Who stole the kishka1
Who stole the lock14
Who stole the lock from the henhouse door1
Who stole the lock ]1
Who stole the mambo1
Who stole the polka1
Who stole the sky1
Who stole the tigers rug2
Who struck John4
Who takes care of the caretakers daughter9
Who taught you that1
Who the @90 Is Robert Peterson1
Who the fuck1
Who the hell1
Who the hell is Bob Zieff1
Who they wish I was1
Who thought up this song1
Who threw that rug1
Who threw the blame1
Who threw the glue1
Who threw the overalls1
Who threw the whiskey1
Who threw the whiskey in the well13
Who to be1
Who to hear1
Who to salute1
Who told you I cared2
Who told you that1
Who told you that lie2
Who told you to do that1
Who too1
Who took me home last night1
Who took my place1
Who took my roses1
Who took my shopping cart1
Who took the happiness out2
Who turned out the light1
Who u wit1
Who up in Heaven1
Who used to dance2
Who walked1
Who walks2
Who walks in8
Who walks in when I walk out30
Who wants1
Who wants a bad little boy2
Who wants ice cream1
Who wants love2
Who wants the evening rose1
Who wants to be a millionaire3
Who wants to be a millionare2
Who wants to be alone1
Who wants to fall in love3
Who wants to know1
Who wants to live forever1
Who wants to sing my love song1
Who wants what for America1
Who was it4
Who was King Solomons favorite wife1
Who was left1
Who was that2
Who was that girl2
Who we are to say1
Who we R1
Who we werent1
Who were you with1
Who were you with last night2
Who weve known1
Who what when where now1
Who what when where why1
Who what why where when1
Who who1
Who will accept this1
Who will accuse1
Who will be the next fool1
Who will be the one1
Who will be with you1
Who will be with you when Im far away1
Who will believe1
Who will buy27
Who will come1
Who will comfort me2
Who will get it1
Who will I love today1
Who will know1
Who will plead for us1
Who will rescue you3
Who will sing1
Who will take care of me2
Who will take my dreams away1
Who will the next fool be6
Who will watch the watchmen1
Who will your next fool be1
Who would have dreamed1
Who would have thought that1
Who would imagine a king1
Who would know1
Who would think1
Who wouldnt4
Who wouldnt be blue4
Who wouldnt be jealous of you5
Who wouldnt love1
Who wouldnt love you11
Who writes all those love songs1
Who wrote this song1
Who wrote this thing1
Who Wu1
Who ya for2
Who ya gonna blame it on1
Who ya hunchin2
Who ya with1
Who you8
Who you are1
Who you gonna blame1
Who you gonna call2
Who you gonna love1
Who yuh hunchin1
Whoa Baba1
Whoa babe20
Whoa babe + encore1
Whoa baby every day I wake up with the blues1
Whoa ditty1
Whoa Jack1
Whoa mule get up in the alley1
Whoa Nelli1
Whoa Nellie5
Whoa the stones1
Whoa Tillie take your time8
Whoa you Heifer6
Whoa you heiffer1
Whoah doggone1
Whoawhoa baby1
Whod a thunk it1
Whod be an eskimos wife1
Whod be blue5
Whod of thunk1
Whoever invented love1
Whoever you are1
Whoever you are holding me now in hand1
Whoever you are I love you4
Whoevers thrilling you2
whole and the good1
whole and the half1
whole ball of wax1
whole bit1
Whole blues1
Whole broken glued1
whole bunch1
whole bunch of something1
whole darn things for you1
whole darned things for you1
Whole dat tone1
Whole earth chant3
whole enchilada3
Whole grain1
Whole hearted half the time1
Whole hog or none2
Whole in one1
Whole light1
Whole lot of blues1
Whole lot of love1
Whole lot of lovin1
Whole lot of shakin goin on1
whole lot of sun light1
whole lot of sunshine1
whole lot of women1
Whole lotsa blues1
whole Lott of you1
Whole lotta blues2
Whole lotta dog1
whole lotta drum in me1
Whole lotta love7
Whole lotta nothin1
Whole lotta r1
Whole lotta shakin1
Whole lotta shakin goin on7
Whole lotta somethin1
whole lotta woman3
Whole majesty1
Whole man1
whole mes1
whole moon rests in a dewdrop on the grass1
Whole movement1
Whole Nelson2
whole new amount of interactivity1
whole new world12
whole new you6
whole nother story1
whole of tomorrow1
Whole operation1
Whole or by the slice1
whole point of no return1
Whole scale1
Whole souls1
whole step dance1
Whole steps2
Whole sweet1
Whole sycamore1
whole thing3
Whole tone area1
Whole tone blues2
Whole tone stomp1
Whole town1
whole tree gone1
Whole trees in motion1
whole truth3
Whole tzimmes1
whole Volga1
Whole wheat groove1
Whole wheat heroes1
whole wings1
whole world2
whole world in her hands1
Whole world in his hand1
whole world in his hands2
whole world is dreaming of love1
whole world is everywhere1
whole world is singing my song5
Whole world is watching over you1
whole world knows I love you1
whole world must change1
Whole zone1
Wholesale and retail1
Wholesale love1
Wholesome recreational activity1
Wholetone 121
Wholey afternoon1
Wholl answer1
Wholl be a witness1
Wholl be the first to phone1
Wholl be the fool1
Wholl be the fool from now on1
Wholl be the next one to cry over you1
Wholl be the one3
Wholl be the one this summer1
Wholl buy a rose for Margareeta1
Wholl buy a rose from Margareeta2
Wholl buy an old gold ring1
Wholl buy my bublitchki3
Wholl buy my bublitchky3
Wholl buy my dream3
Wholl buy my dreams1
Wholl buy my violets5
Wholl chop your suey1
Wholl chop your suey when Im gone6
Wholl drive my blues away1
Wholl drive your blues away1
Wholl get it when Im gone2
Wholl take my place7
Wholly cats23
Wholly earth7
Wholly G1
Wholly ghost1
Wholly here holy hear1
Wholly roller1
Wholly swing1
Wholy holy1
Wholy holy I1
Wholy holy II1
Wholy Moses1
Whom can I turn to1
Whom do you work for1
Whoo doo voo doo1
Whoo wee1
Whoo wee sweet daddy1
Whooee whooee the bumble bee1
Whooh Africa1
Whooo youoo thats who5
Whoooo Youoo thats who1
Whoop & sputter1
Whoop and holler blues2
Whoop and holler stomp1
Whoop dee dee1
Whoop em up blues1
Whoop it on up1
Whoop it up4
Whoop this wolf away from my door1
Whoope yer tal1
Whoopee blues2
Whoopee for a fine orchestra1
Whoopee mama1
whoopee stomp6
Whoopee Tie O1
Whoopee youre mine1
whoopeehat brigade1
Whooper dance1
Whoopie blues1
Whoopin blues22
Whoopin n hollerin2
Whooping blues4
whooping swan1
Whoopit off blues1
Whoops a daisy2
Whoops a doodle1
Whoops now1
Whoopsie doodle1
Whooz blooz1
Whooz blues1
Whop whop1
Whopper stopper1
Whoppin blues2
Whorefying experience1
whores all love the way I drive1
whores all love the way I ride1
Whores is funky1
Whoring with my pants on1
Whos afraid7
Whos afraid of Anthony Braxton1
Whos afraid of Elliott Ness1
Whos afraid of Frank Wolff1
Whos afraid of love2
Whos afraid of the big bad Bao1
Whos afraid of the big bad wolf11
Whos afraid of the big band wolf2
Whos afraid of the big black wolf1
Whos afraid of Virginia Wolff1
Whos afraid of Virginia Woolf7
Whos after you1
Whos at talkin2
Whos beatin my time with you2
Whos beating my time1
Whos beautiful1
Whos beautiful II1
Whos been breaking up somebodys home1
Whos been eatin my porridge1
Whos been gone and what is left1
Whos been here1
Whos been here since Ive been gone2
Whos been jivin you1
Whos been loving you1
Whos been playin papa round here while Ive been gone1
Whos been polishing the sun1
Whos been talkin2
Whos been talking3
Whos blue13
Whos blue now1
Whos blues10
Whos Bob4
Whos bossa now1
Whos bridge5
Whos calling who1
Whos calling you sweetheart tonight1
Whos coming1
Whos controlling whom3
Whos cool1
Whos counting1
Whos crazy1
Whos crying now3
Whos crying sweet papa now1
Whos dis heah stranger1
Whos done it1
Whos excited5
Whos first2
Whos fooling who4
Whos fooling you1
Whos for Edward1

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