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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page W27 - Where can she be to Where the roads are red

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Tune nameSessions
Where can she be5
Where can that somebody be3
Where can UB1
Where can we go3
Where can you be3
Where charity and love prevail1
Where coconuts fall1
Where could I be without you1
Where could I go3
Where could I go but to the Lord3
Where could love have gone1
Where Cupid got new fire1
Where deep calls to deep1
Where did all the girls come from4
Where did all the magic go1
Where did all the music go1
Where did April go1
Where did everyone go1
Where did I find you1
Where did it go4
Where did my 10000 hours go1
Where did my baby go1
Where did our love go5
Where did our summer go1
Where did Robinson Crusoe go2
Where did Robinson Crusoe go with Friday on1
Where did Robinson Crusoe go with Friday on a Saturday night1
Where did Robinson Crusoe go with Friday on Saturday night6
Where did Sally go1
Where did she go1
Where did summer go2
Where did the blues go1
Where did the gentleman go3
Where did the good times go1
Where did the love go1
Where did the magic go2
Where did the monkey go1
Where did the people go1
Where did the summer go4
Where did the time go2
Where did the wild west go1
Where did they go3
Where did this love go wrong1
Where did those chickens come from1
Where did tomorrow go1
Where did we go Out1
Where did we go wrong1
Where did we got out1
Where did you come from1
Where did you get that hat2
Where did you get that name1
Where did you go11
Where did you hide your key1
Where did you learn to love7
Where did you sleep1
Where did you sleep last night4
Where did you stay1
Where did you stay last night57
Where did you stayed last night1
Where did your heart go1
Where did your wife go1
Where do I begin5
Where do I belong1
Where do I go12
Where do I go from here18
Where do I go from you16
Where do I go to1
Where do old friends go1
Where do our hopes lie now1
Where do the angels go1
Where do the bop go1
Where do the children play2
Where do the lonely go1
Where do the peoples say are the beautiful girls1
Where do they go2
Where do they go in the fall1
Where do those legs end1
Where do U want 2 go1
Where do we begin1
Where do we get the dollar to save our children1
Where do we get the money to save our souls1
Where do we go7
Where do we go from here29
Where do we go now1
Where do we go Out1
Where do we start2
Where do we take it1
Where do you come from wandering nightingale1
Where do you feel at home1
Where do you go20
Where do you go from here1
Where do you go from love3
Where do you hide when you hear me1
Where do you keep your heart5
Where do you live1
Where do you roam1
Where do you run to1
Where do you send the poem1
Where do you start88
Where do you think you will be1
Where do you think youre going1
Where do you want go1
Where do you want to go1
Where do you worka John4
Where does a stranger go on Christmas Eve1
Where does it lead4
Where does love come from1
Where does love go2
Where does that leave me1
Where does that tunnel go1
Where does the blame lie1
Where does the joke come in1
Where does the time go2
Where does this come from1
Where does time go2
Where dreams are kept1
Where dry desert ends1
Where dyou get your whiskey1
Where eagles dare1
Where eagles fly2
Where East meets West1
Where else1
Where endless meets disappearing1
Where Europe begins1
Where ever1
Where ever U go1
Where ever you are1
Where ever you walk1
Where everything comes from1
Where everything is music1
Where extremes meet2
Where eyes converge1
Where flamingoes fly2
Where flamingos fly31
Where flowers grow1
Where folly walks2
Where fortune sits1
Where fortune smiles6
Where future lies1
Where giants dwell1
Where go1
Where go the boats2
Where green is blue1
Where has it gone to1
Where has mammy gone2
Where has me darlin dearie gone1
Where has my father gone1
Where has my little dog gone7
Where has my money gone blues1
Where has my old gang gone1
Where has summer gone1
Where has the future gone lately1
Where has the melody gone1
Where has Tom gone1
Where have all the black men gone1
Where have all the children gone1
Where have all the dreams gone1
Where have all the flowers1
Where have all the flowers gone16
Where have all the good times gone1
Where have all the happy endings gone1
Where have all the rememberance1
Where have I1
Where have I been here before2
Where have I danced with you before1
Where have I heard2
Where have I known you before2
Where have I loved you before1
Where have I seen your face before1
Where have we met before3
Where have you been30
Where have you been all my life3
Where have you been Billie Boy1
Where have you been Billy boy1
Where have you been hidin1
Where have you beenSweet Lorraine1
Where have you gone5
Where have you gone Jimmy Dean1
Where have you gone Mr Squeegeeman1
Where hawks fly1
Where he leads1
Where he leads me36
Where he leads me I shall follow2
Where he leads me I will follow3
Where he leads me Ill follow1
Where he leads meI will follow1
Where he used to go1
Where he walked1
Where heart revives1
Where hello means goodbye1
Where here1
Where his third eye could be1
Where home is1
Where homes at1
Where I am roaming about1
Where I belong8
Where I came from1
Where I come from3
Where I dont know1
Where I end1
Where I hang my hat is my home1
Where I know my name1
Where I live1
Where I lived and what I lived for1
Where I love1
Where I need to be1
Where I never was2
Where I offered your worth in pearls1
Where I should be1
Where I stand1
Where I started1
Where I wander1
Where I wanna be1
Where I wonder2
Where I wonder where1
Where Im at1
Where Im bound1
Where Im calling from2
Where Im coming from2
Where Im drumming from1
Where Im from1
Where Im going to1
Where improvisation comes from1
Where in the world17
Where in the world are you1
Where is Aldo1
Where is Alexander1
Where is all the rain1
Where is April1
Where is baseball1
Where is Big Joe Williams blues1
Where is Bink1
Where is by duck1
Where is Carmela going now1
Where is China1
Where is Cinderella1
Where is E1
Where is Gemma1
Where is groove1
Where is here1
Where is here love1
Where is home5
Where is it1
Where is Joe1
Where is Johnny1
Where is Kinga1
Where is Lester1
Where is Linda now1
Where is lonesome1
Where is love107
Where is Magdalena1
Where is Maxim1
Where is me1
Where is Miss J1
Where is my Christmas1
Where is my coffee1
Where is my cowboy hat1
Where is my daddy now blues1
Where is my funny Ballantines1
Where is my glove1
Where is my heart2
Where is my house1
Where is my lady1
Where is my little old New York1
Where is my love1
Where is my lovely garden1
Where is my man2
Where is my Meyer1
Where is my mind3
Where is my soul1
Where is my sweetie hiding1
Where is my wandering boy tonight3
Where is my wife1
Where is my yellow lighter1
Where is now1
Where is one2
Where is our caddy1
Where is Paul1
Where is Ron1
Where is Sam1
Where is she1
Where is she now2
Where is spring1
Where is that1
Where is that girl2
Where is that girl who was stolen from me1
Where is that old girl of mine4
Where is that rock2
Where is that star1
Where is the blues1
Where is the blues 11
Where is the blues 31
Where is the blues 41
Where is the circle1
Where is the dream1
Where is the edge1
Where is the exit1
Where is the joy1
Where is the key1
Where is the light1
Where is the light at the end of the tunnel1
Where is the line3
Where is the love60
Where is the moon2
Where is the music2
Where is the one10
Where is the party1
Where is the peace1
Where is the police5
Where is the real Japan1
Where is the song1
Where is the song of songs for me2
Where is the station1
Where is the summertime1
Where is the sun7
Where is the west1
Where is the wisdom1
Where is this worlds peace1
Where is tomorrow1
Where is Trane2
Where is Wanda Skutnick1
Where is was if it is1
Where is where is the home of the sad1
Where is why1
Where is Wolfgang1
Where is Wonderland1
Where is your child1
Where is your heart7
Where is your husband1
Where is your husband at1
Where is your laughter1
Where is your watermelon1
Where is your woman1
Where it all begins1
Where it all starts1
Where it at1
Where it comes from4
Where it ends1
Where it goes1
Where it is1
Where it lives1
Where it snows1
Where it starts again1
Where it stops nobody knows1
Where itd go1
Where its at8
Where its sunny1
Where jazz lived1
Where karma curdles & hurts Dharma1
Where land meets sky1
Where legends dwell1
Where lies the final harbor whence we unmoor no more1
Where lines converge1
Where lived reedlings1
Where lotus bloom1
Where love begins1
Where love forever shines1
Where love goes1
Where love has gone1
Where love is2
Where love is king1
Where love is the norm1
Where love surrounds us1
Where love will be1
Where loves a grown up God1
Where Mainz is your unna1
Where man at1
Where Monk and Mingus live1
Where my advantages can be advanced1
Where my caravan has rested1
Where my soul can be free1
Where next1
Where no man has gone before2
Where no one can win1
Where no one is at home1
Where no one stands alone1
Where now1
Where of when1
Where oh where3
Where one is1
Where or Wayne6
Where or were1
Where or when548
Where or where1
Where our hearts stay1
Where our love has gone1
Where past and present collide1
Where pathways meet1
Where peaceful waters flow1
Where pelicans fly1
Where pies go when they die1
Where poppies bloom1
Where R U2
Where rivers flow1
Where rivers join2
Where rivers meet1
Where sacred lives1
Where sea meets sky1
Where seacreatures slowly dance1
Where seagulls fly1
Where shadows fall2
Where shadows meet1
Where shall I be6
Where shall I go4
Where shall I live now1
Where shall we be1
Where shall we go tomorrow1
Where shes dreaming1
Where springs1
Where still waters flow1
Where stories are1
Where that ol man river flows2
Where that old man river flows1
Where the angels sing1
Where the arrow points to home1
Where the babbabbabbling brook1
Where the bamboo babies grow3
Where the blackeyed susans grow1
Where the blackeyes susans grow1
Where the blessed waters flow1
Where the bloody hell has Mary gone2
Where the blue begins1
Where the blue of the nigh1
Where the blue of the night12
Where the blue of the night meets the gold of the day10
Where the blue of the night meets the Storyville Dandies dozo yoroshiku theme1
Where the blues begins1
Where the blues was born in New Orleans1
Where the blues were born in New Orleans8
Where the boys are1
Where the buffalo roam2
Where the cities gleam in darkness1
Where the clouds go1
Where the cotcotcotton grows1
Where the cotton grows1
Where the dew glistens1
Where the dog sits on the tucker box1
Where the dog sits on the tuckerbox4
Where the dream wabash flows1
Where the dreamy Wabash flows2
Where the earth embraces the sky1
Where the earth meets the sky1
Where the elite meet to beat their feet1
Where the ends begin1
Where the fish are this big1
Where the flamingos fly1
Where the foot falls1
Where the four leafclovers grow1
Where the four winds blow1
Where the gardenia grows1
Where the gold of the day meet the Storyville Dandies dozo yoroshiku theme1
Where the golden daffodils grow2
Where the good ones go1
Where the grass is greener3
Where the hammer hangs1
Where the heart beats1
Where the heart is3
Where the heck is Klaas man1
Where the hell are you1
Where the hell is Tommy Hall1
Where the huckleberries grow1
Where the Hudson meets the East1
Where the jade Buddha lives1
Where the jazz is hot1
Where the lanterns glow1
Where the lazy daisies grow4
Where the lazy river goes by15
Where the leaf has been1
Where the light falls1
Where the lilies bloom1
Where the lillies grow1
Where the magic is1
Where the moon goes4
Where the mooon goes1
Where the morning glories grow2
Where the mountains meet the moon1
Where the mountains meet the sea1
Where the ocean meets the shore1
Where the ocean misquotes the sky1
Where the ocean stops1
Where the ol man river flows1
Where the once never blues1
Where the path ends1
Where the path goes1
Where the poet lives1
Where the poppies bloom again1
Where the rain begins1
Where the rain falls1
Where the rain shines1
Where the rainbows ends1
Where the river ends1
Where the river goes1
Where the river meets the hills1
Where the river meets the sea1
Where the river shannon flows16
Where the rivers meet2
Where the road ends1
Where the road leads1
Where the road will lead us1
Where the roads are red1

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