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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page W25 - When the bees make honey down in summy Alabam to When were old

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Tune nameSessions
When the bees make honey down in summy Alabam1
When the bells go silent1
When the bells stopped ringing1
When the birds play peekaboo3
When the birds start to sing1
When the blackbird flew out of sight1
When the bloom is on the sage5
When the blossoms bloom1
When the blue of the night1
When the blue of the night meets the gold of the day2
When the blue starts to be grey1
When the blues come on3
When the blues come out1
When the blues comes on1
When the blues goes away1
When the blues leave1
When the blues turn purple1
When the blues were born1
When the blues will leave1
When the body feels good1
When the boogie met the woogie1
When the bough breaks2
When the boys hang out1
When the boys were out on the western plains1
When the breath bids the body goodbye1
When the breath bids your girl friends body goodbye1
When the bridegroom comes1
When the buccaneers left old dixies land1
When the butterflies kiss the buttercup1
When the cat is asleep the mice will creep1
When the cat is out1
When the cats away1
When the cents go marchin in1
When the children are asleep2
When the children are sleeping1
When the children play1
When the circus came to town1
When the circus comes to town1
When the clock strikes twelve1
When the clowns cry1
When the conductor looks you in the eye1
When the cookie jar is empty3
When the cows lie down1
When the crocodile smiles beware1
When the curtain comes down2
When the curtain falls on the jazz theatre1
When the daffodils begin to peer1
When the Danes1
When the day is all done1
When the day is done2
When the day is new1
When the day turns into night2
When the deal goes down1
When the dear old summer goes1
When the devil danced on the ruins of Fredrikshald1
When the Dixie stars are playing peekaboo1
When the doctors go marchin in1
When the dog bites1
When the dreams come1
When the drum speaks1
When the drums1
When the drums come rolling in1
When the dusk was wet with dew1
When the dust is falling1
When the earth was flat1
When the elephant walks1
When the end comes1
When the ending meets the beginning1
When the evening comes1
When the falling leaves1
When the feeling hits you3
When the feeling moves you1
When the fever has gone down1
When the fire burns low3
When the fog lifts1
When the folks high up1
When the folks high up do the mean lowdown3
When the folks highup do the mean lowdown1
When the funk hits the fan1
When the going gets too tough1
When the going gets tough the tough get going1
When the golden gate swings open1
When the gooses come back to Massachusetts2
When the gooses comes back to Massachussetts1
When the grass grows1
When the grass grows over me1
When the green leaves turn brown and fall2
When the grey cloud descends upon the mountain1
When the groove is low1
When the hands of the clock pray at midnight1
When the hearbeat went up to nine1
When the heart dances1
When the heart starts singing1
When the heather is in bloom1
When the hen stops laying1
When the ink ran dry1
When the internet breaks1
When the jazz band starts to play1
When the judge pounds the gavel1
When the kitchens closed1
When the lady dances2
When the lady sings1
When the laughter of sun fades1
When the leaves come falling down3
When the leaves fall1
When the leaves turn into fall1
When the Lehns go marching in1
When the levee breaks2
When the light comes1
When the lights are low4
When the lights are soft and low2
When the lights go down2
When the lights go down low1
When the lights go on again4
When the lights go out8
When the lights shine through1
When the lights went out1
When the lilacs bloom again5
When the little bird sings1
When the little red roses1
When the little red roses get the blues for you2
When the lost becomes found1
When the love is over1
When the major plays those minor melodies1
When the meadow was bloomin2
When the mice are away1
When the midnight choo choo leaves for Alabam21
When the midnight choochoo1
When the midnight choochoo leaves for Alabam5
When the mighty Mississippi sleeps1
When the mission bells ring1
When the moment sings1
When the monarchs come to town3
When the mood is right1
When the moon asks the sun for red light1
When the moon came watchin her passin by1
When the moon comes over the mountain12
When the moon comes over the mountains1
When the moon goes deep1
When the moon hangs high1
When the moon hug the shore2
When the moon is in the sky1
When the moon jumps1
When the moon people come1
When the moon plays beekaboo1
When the moon plays peekaboo1
When the moon shines down on sunshine and me1
When the moon shines in Coral Gables1
When the moon shines on Coral Cables1
When the moon shines on Coral Gables3
When the moon shines on the moon1
When the moon swings low1
When the morning comes5
When the morning glories1
When the morning glories wake up in the morning8
When the morning rolls around2
When the nation was sound1
When the new moon shines2
When the night1
When the night comes1
When the night comes rolling long1
When the night is done1
When the night is right1
When the night is young1
When the night loses itself1
When the night rolls in2
When the night turns into a day1
When the night turns into day4
When the Nylons bloom again2
When the old gangs back on the corner1
When the one I love belongs to somebody else3
When the one you love4
When the one you love belongs to someone else1
When the one you love is gone3
When the one you love loves somebody else1
When the one you love loves you1
When the organ played O promise me1
When the organ plays at twilight1
When the pale moon shines1
When the parades go passin by1
When the partys over2
When the passion is played1
When the piano played alone1
When the poppies bloom again6
When the pussy willow whispers to the catnip3
When the quail come back to San Quentin4
When the rain falls1
When the rain is falling down1
When the rain is over1
When the rain stops1
When the rain turns into snow1
When the rains fall1
When the real thing comes your way1
When the red red robbin comes bob bob bobbin along2
When the red red robin7
When the Red Red robin comes bob bob bobbin along40
When the red red robin comes bob bob bobin along1
When the red red robin comes bobbobbobbin along1
When the red red robin goes bob bob bobbing along1
When the red red robin goes bobbobbobbin along1
When the red sun turns to gray1
When the rest of the crowd goes home1
When the right cats come along1
When the river overflows1
When the river spoke1
When the Robert comes to town1
When the robin sings his song again1
When the rocks are meltin1
When the roll be called in heaven2
When the roll is called up yonder13
When the rooster crows1
When the roses bloom1
When the roses bloom again11
When the saings go marching in1
When the saints6
When the saints come marching in4
When the saints go boogin1
When the saints go marchin1
When the saints go marchin in32
When the saints go marching1
When the saints go marching home1
When the saints go marching in1282
When the saints go marching in Cuban comparsa1
When the saints go marching in second line1
When the saints go marching in strut1
When the saints go marching out1
When the saints go marcing in1
When the saints go out1
When the saints go rockin in1
When the Saints go shufflin in1
When the saints go twistin in1
When the saintsphonie1
When the sea1
When the sergeant Jef come marchin home1
When the shepherd leads the sheep back home1
When the shepherd lost his sheep1
When the shift was over1
When the ship comes sailing1
When the ship sails away1
When the ship went down1
When the shuffle party begins1
When the silence speaks1
When the sirens sing1
When the skill lacks1
When the sky cries rainbows1
When the sky is clear1
When the sleeper wakes3
When the smile shines through1
When the smoke clears1
When the snow1
When the snows fall1
When the song is home1
When the spell is broken1
When the spirit comes1
When the spirit comes back to me1
When the spirit hits1
When the spirit hits you1
When the spirit moves1
When the spirit moves me1
When the spirit moves you2
When the spirit returns3
When the stars are twinkling up above1
When the stars begin to fall1
When the stars come out at night1
When the stars fell1
When the stars go to sleep1
When the steamboat whistle is blowing1
When the storm comes1
When the storm is over1
When the street band played that ragtime melody1
When the summer comes1
When the summer is gone2
When the summer rolly by1
When the sun1
When the sun begins to smile1
When the sun come out1
When the sun comes down2
When the sun comes out127
When the sun comes up2
When the sun goes down30
When the sun goes down in Dixie1
When the sun goes down in Harlem2
When the sun goes down no 23
When the sun goes home2
When the sun has begun to shine1
When the sun lights up the future1
When the sun meets the sea1
When the sun refuse to shine1
When the sun rises1
When the sun rises the guava turns red1
When the sun says goodnight to the mountains3
When the sun sets1
When the sun sets down south9
When the sun shines I can see your mind1
When the sun turned radiant1
When the sun turned radiant blue1
When the swallows1
When the swallows come back3
When the swallows come back from Capistrano1
When the swallows come back to Capistrano30
When the swallows come to Capistrano1
When the swallows fly back to Capistrano2
When the swallows return to Capistrano4
When the time has come1
When the time is right4
When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound1
When the trumpet sounds1
When the Vetos go marching in1
When the wagon comes1
When the waltz was through1
When the war breaks out1
When the war breaks out in Mexico5
When the war is over1
When the water is gone1
When the waters came to life1
When the weather breaks winter bones1
When the whistle blows1
When the white lilacs bloom again2
When the wind blows5
When the wind blows north2
When the wind cries Mary1
When the wind makes connection with your dry goods1
When the wind stops1
When the wind was green6
When the winters gone1
When the wood speaks1
When the word is given1
When the words touch you1
When the work is done1
When the work is done Ill dance1
When the world blows a fuse1
When the world is at resst1
When the world is at rest5
When the world stays still1
When the world turns blue2
When the world was new1
When the world was one1
When the world was ruled by fishes1
When the world was young82
When the worlds on fire1
When the worst is over1
When their hearts were full of spring1
When then was now1
When there is light in your window1
When there is love3
When there is no sun5
When there is not enough technique1
When there was now1
When there was royalty1
When there were trains1
When theres light in your window1
When theres love1
When theres love around2
When theres nothing left to burn1
When theres nothing left to say1
When theres only me1
When theres time1
When there’s a breeze on Lake Louise1
When they ask about you20
When they ask you1
When they changed my name to a number1
When they drink they drink1
When they get a little money1
When they get lovin theys gone1
When they play them blues1
When they played the polka1
When they ring the golden bells2
When they ring them golden bells2
When they rock and roll down yonder1
When they said that I cried over you1
When they took the sky1
When things dream1
When things fall apart1
When things get real1
When things go wrong11
When things go wrong with you1
When things like these go wrong1
When things were different1
When things will change2
When this love affair is over1
When this night is over1
When this song starts playing1
When time approaches1
When time is all1
When time is over1
When time is vanishing1
When time passes by1
When time sleeps1
When time stands still1
When time stood still1
When time stops1
When time takes its share1
When time was1
When times are hard1
When times comes1
When to love1
When to the sessions of sweet silent thought1
When Tokyo1
When Tom Brokaw says lozenge1
When tomorrow comes5
When tonight is just a memory1
When truth fades1
When tulips were gold1
When twilight comes3
When twilight speaks1
When two are one1
When two hearts meet1
When two lovers touch1
When two trees fall in love1
When two worlds collide1
When u left1
When uncle Joe plays a rag on hs old banjo1
When uncle Joe plays rag on his old banjo1
When Vienna doesnt waltz3
When villains ramble far and near1
When villains wander far and near1
When Vince meets Monk1
When Wacos1
When was Jesus born1
When was that1
When was the day1
When was the last time1
When was the time1
When water burns air1
When waves sing1
When we all get to Heaven2
When we are a part1
When we are all alone1
When we are dancing I get ideas1
When we are lost1
When we are together1
When we begin drinking1
When we cry1
When we dance7
When we dance at the Mardi Gras1
When we dance at the Mardis Gras1
When we danced at the Mardi Gras19
When we dream at the old cocktail bar1
When we eat this bread1
When we feather our nest1
When we feel the wind1
When we fell in love1
When we find ourselves alone1
When we first left the oceans1
When we first met6
When we get back1
When we get rich1
When we go5
When we go away1
When we go down1
When we go to San Francisco1
When we grow up1
When we jammed with El Rushbo1
When we kiss2
When we kiss another angel gets her wing1
When we kissed at night2
When we last meet1
When we last spoke1
When we leave the riverbank1
When we live on the stars1
When we make a home1
When we make love1
When we meet again9
When we met5
When we need it bad1
When we next meet1
When we next say hello1
When we passed1
When we return2
When we say goodbye2
When we say hello1
When we shall go away from here let there be a pile of rose petals between us as a symbol of our gratitude1
When we share1
When we touch2
When we two love each other1
When we two parted2
When we two walked1
When we wake up well be somewhere else1
When we walk1
When we walk through the streets of the city1
When we walked in the sun1
When we were2
When we were alone1
When we were free3
When we were happy1
When we were kings1
When we were lovers2
When we were one26
When we were paying attention1
When we were schoolmates1
When we were sixteen1
When we were small1
When we were there1
When we were trees1
When we were young2
When we were young and we were freaks1
When Wellman Braud plays that bass violin1
When were alone13
When were gone1
When were old1

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