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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page W23 - When a St Louis woman goes down to New Orleans to When Im alone chicks go wild

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Tune nameSessions
When a St Louis woman goes down to New Orleans2
When a star falls down1
When a swan goes to sleep1
When a walk becomes a vibration1
When a woman cries2
When a woman gets the blues1
When a woman is blue1
When a woman loves a man93
When a woman loves her juice1
When a woman say she ready1
When a womans in love2
When about to leave1
When afternoon returns1
When again1
When Ahmed rides the elephant1
When Alexander takes his ragtime band to France2
When all else fails2
When all is lost1
When all is sad1
When all is said and done6
When all is well1
When all paths meet1
When all the lights in the sign worked1
When all the love has gone1
When all was Chet1
When almonds blossomed1
When am I blue1
When am I to go1
When amber flashing1
When Amiri was in Africa1
When an angel sheds a feather1
When and if I fall in love1
When and then1
When angels cry1
When angels fall1
When angels speak of love2
When Apollo smiles1
When April comes1
When April comes again8
When are we going to wake up1
When are you comin home2
When are you gonna pop the question1
When arrows meet1
When Ash meets Henry1
When autumn comes6
When autumn leaves1
When autumn leaves are falling1
When autumn leaves us1
When autumn sings3
When baby sleeps1
When baby when1
When bad luck is on you1
When Baden meets Trane1
When banana skins are falling1
When bars are closing1
When beauty reigns1
When bells stop ringing1
When Berts not here1
When Big Jaon sets up1
When Bird meets Fats1
When birds dream1
When black man ruled this land1
When blackbirds fly1
When blue gets blue1
When blue serpents refuse to dream in prison1
When blue turns gold1
When blue turns red1
When blues is only a prayer1
When boy meets girl1
When Buddah smiles2
When Buddha smiles23
When Buddy comes to town1
When Budha smiles1
When by sugar walks home1
When can I kiss you again1
When can I see you1
When Cassavetes hit Reagan1
When cherry trees bloom in winter you can smell last summer1
When Chick came around1
When children find2
When children smile1
When Chinaboy meets Chinagirl1
When Christmas morning glistens1
When church bells ring1
When colors play1
When colors turn1
When Cootie left the Duke1
When cracks appear1
When creatures reigned1
When crime becomes an option1
When cry of gipsy violin1
When dad is coming1
When daddy gets on my mind1
When daisies pied1
When darkness comes1
When darkness falls1
When darkness turns the world to midnight blue1
When darkness turns to dawn1
When day is done113
When day is done and shadows fall I think of you1
When day is ended1
When day is gone2
When daylight dawns1
When death comes1
When Dee Dee is blue1
When destiny calls1
When did I choose you1
When did I fall in love6
When did this happen1
When did you know1
When did you learn1
When did you leave heaven65
When did you leave heaven angel1
When did you lose your love for me1
When did you stop loving me when did I stop loving you2
When did you stoploving me when did I stop loving you1
When Dixie stars are playing peekaboo1
When Django does the tango in Durango1
When do I count the clock1
When do I think about you1
When do the bells ring for me4
When do we dance1
When do we start2
When do you try1
When Doc hit the fan1
When doves cry3
When dreams come true9
When dreams start to fade out1
When drums stop1
When Duke met Schani The story of Edward Ellington & Johann Strauss1
When Dvorak meets Miles1
When earth becomes desert1
When elephants1
When elephants fly1
When elephants then come waltzing through your living room1
When Emaline said shell be mine1
When ends appear1
When enno means yes1
When Enrico met the Pink Floyd1
When Erastus play his kazoo1
When Erastus play his old kazoo1
When Erastus played his kazoo1
When Erastus plays his old kazoo48
When Eric met Ornette1
When evening comes1
when evening draws her curtain1
When evening falls2
When evening jazz starts to fall1
When every voice shall sing1
When everybody mellows out1
When everyone has gone1
When everyones gone1
When everything gets quiet1
When everything is just the same1
When everything is over1
When everythings mellow1
When evil escapes1
When evil shall cease1
When eyes are smiling1
When eyes meet eyes1
When eyes of blue are fooling you1
When eyes speak1
When face gets pale4
When fiction comes to life1
When fire meets moonlight1
When first we met3
When flooded1
When flowers blossom in spring1
When flowers still1
When folks stop walkin and talkin1
When force meet1
When forever is over1
When fortresses fall1
When fortune smiles1
When four equals one1
When Frances dances with me1
When Frankie shot Lara1
When Fred1
When freedom swings1
When Friday roll around1
When full daylight arrives1
When Gabriel blows his horn5
When Gerry met Alice1
When ghosts were young1
When Gimbal hits the cymbal1
When Gimble hits the cymbal3
When girls do it2
When God created the atheist1
When God created the coffeebreak3
When god created woman1
When God cries1
When God put a smile upon your face1
When good zithers do bad things1
When Grandma danced the polka1
When grandpa steps out1
When green eyes turn blue1
When gypsies stop1
When Hamburg and KC meet in Vienna1
When hands are tied1
When hands fail1
When happiness reigns1
When Harry met Martin1
When Harry met Sal1
When Hawk meets Pablo1
When he calls me I will answer1
When he comes home1
When he comes home to me1
When he embraced me with his eyes1
When He is near1
When he makes music7
When he returns1
When hearts are young9
When Helen dances1
When hell was fun1
When her lips collapsed1
When Hermann meets Hari2
When hes near my piano1
When hes next to me1
When Hilma smiles1
When history sleeps1
When Hollywood goes black and tan1
When Homer goes to Madrid1
When I am alone with you1
When I am dead my dearest2
When I am gone1
When I am laid in earth2
When I am laid in heart1
When I am not around1
When I am on my way1
When I become a butterfly1
When I been drinkin1
When I behold the Heavens2
When I call your name1
When I can1
When I can get it1
When I cant be with you2
When I close my eyes10
When I closed my eyes2
When I come back crying1
When I come home2
When I come out of the wilderness1
When I come to the end of my journey29
When I come to you1
When I couldnt seeYou carried me1
When I cry3
When I cry again2
When I dance to the Mardi Gras1
When I dance with the person I love1
When I dance with you1
When I departed1
When I did sing this song for you1
When I die5
When I disappear1
When I do the blues1
When I do the hoochy coochy in the sky1
When I dont want you1
When I dream8
When I dream of old Tennessee blues1
When I dream of the last waltz with you1
When I dream of you13
When I fall2
When I fall asleep1
When I fall down upon my knees1
When I fall in love592
When I fall in love and when I lost my baby1
When I fall in love Conception1
When I fall in love with you1
When I feel this way1
When I fell in love1
When I find you2
When I first came to town1
When I first heard Bird1
When I first met Luc Duprey1
When I first met Mary3
When I first met you4
When I first saw you1
When I first saw you there1
When I first started hoboing1
When I found you5
When I found you in somebody elses arms1
When I gave my smile to you1
When I gave you all my love1
When I gave you my love1
When I get back home1
When I get drunk1
When I get famous1
When I get home2
When I get home Ill change that lock1
When I get it1
When I get low I get high6
When I get lucky1
When I get my name in lights1
When I get my wings1
When I get over you1
When I get the devil in me3
When I get the time1
When I get there2
When I get to Heaven1
When I get to the mountain1
When I get to where Im goin1
When I get you alone tonight6
When I get you alone tonite1
When I get you baby2
When I give my love to you2
When I go1
When I go adreamin8
When I go away1
When I go dreaming1
When I go I go all the way3
When I go to Bembasha1
When I got1
When I got disconnected1
When I got home I lost it1
When I got the blues all around me do1
When I got ya1
When I got you1
When I got your wave Pathetique1
When I grew too old to dream1
When I grow1
When I grow to old to dream9
When I grow too old to dream297
When I grow up4
When I had a good woman1
When I had money2
When I had my money1
When I have you5
When I hear that conga drum1
When I hear the beguine1
When I hear your name1
When I hit the number1
When I hold you2
When I imagine Heaven1
When I kissed you I kissed the blues goodbye1
When I knew1
When I knew Emilie1
When I know if I know1
When I land1
When I lay down and die1
When I lay down and die do die1
When I lay my burden down4
When I lay next to you1
When I lear to love again1
When I leave the world behind71
When I leave these prison walls1
When I leave this world1
When I leave this world behind20
When I leave you1
When I live my dream1
When I look at you7
When I look in your eye1
When I look in your eyes46
When I look into your eyes5
When I look to the West1
When I looked again1
When I lose my way1
When I lose myself in the darkness and pain of love no this love1
When I lose you1
When I lost my baby4
When I lost you24
When I love again1
When I loved you1
When I march in April with May2
When I meander in the meadow1
When I meet you1
When I met Chet1
When I met Connie in the cornfield4
When I met my wondergirl1
When I met Sally1
When I met the moon1
When I met you2
When I met you in town1
When I miss you1
When I most needed you1
When I move to the sky33
When I need to smile1
When I need you4
When I part1
When I pass on1
When I play my harp1
When I put on my long white rob1
When I put on my long white robe2
When I reach there1
When I realized1
When I remember3
When I return2
When I ring your front door bell1
When I run2
When I said1
When I said goodbye1
When I sat down to play piano1
When I saw her standing there1
When I saw you3
When I saw you dance1
When I say1
When I say good bye forever1
When I say goodbye1
When I see all the lovin1
When I see all the lovin they waste on babies1
When I see an elephant fly11
When I see her again1
When I see mommy I feel like a mummy1
When I see that look in your eyes1
When I see the moon1
When I see the water1
When I see you6
When I see you again2
When I see you dancing2
When I see you smile again1
When I see your face2
When I sing3
When I sing alone2
When I sleep1
When I smile1
When I start to thinking1
When I started kissing you1
When I steps out1
When I stop crying1
When I stop dreamin2
When I stopped runnin I was at home1
When I survey1
When I survey that wondrous cross1
When I survey the wondrous cross1
When I swim I think of nothing1
When I take my leave1
When I take my sugar to tea106
When I take my vacation in heaven1
When I think about home1
When I think about loving you1
When I think about you2
When I think back1
When I think of all the times1
When I think of Christmas1
When I think of her name1
When I think of Miles1
When I Think of One1
When I think of Tom1
When I think of us1
When I think of you18
When I tip tip toe1
When I told the village belle1
When I trilly with my filly1
When I wage battle next1
When I wait1
When I wake2
When I wake up in glory1
When I walk down the street1
When I walk with Billy1
When I walk with you3
When I walked1
When I was1
When I was 171
When I was 181
When I was a boy I love When I was a youth My studies1
When I was a child6
When I was a cowboy2
When I was a freeport and you were the main drag1
When I was a girl1
When I was a kid1
When I was a lad1
When I was a little child3
When I was a little one1
When I was a river1
When I was a young girl6
When I was a young man1
When I was at AsoMountain1
When I was drunk was he handsome1
When I was in Heaven1
When I was in my prime3
When I was king of Boethia1
When I was loved1
When I was lovin changed my mind blues1
When I was one and twenty2
When I was one year old1
When I was seven2
When I was seventeen1
When I was shiny1
When I was the dandy and you were the belle1
When I was there1
When I was what1
When I was with you2
When I was you1
When I was young11
When I was your age1
When I went back home1
When I will hear from you1
When I woke up this morning2
When I wore a tulip1
When I wore my daddys brown derby1
When I write my song4
When icicles hang by the wall1
When Icky Morgan plays his organ1
When Icky Morgan plays the organ1
When if not now1
When Ill be gone1
When Ill fall in love1
When Ill find you1
When Im 6411
When Im all alone1
When Im alone6
When Im alone chicks go wild1

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